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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 26, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. thursday, march 26. tam is off, nydia han joins us. we have breaking news this morning. >> military operation is underway overseas to take back a city from rebels. >> tornadoes destroys homes in okay home leaving a path of destruction. >> accuweather is tracking and
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on what is the warmest day so far this year. >> let's go over to david and karen, good morning to you both. >> reporter: good morning, we have clouds overspreading the region. we have showers down to the south that will push up during the morning rush hour and the rest of the day feerchts clouds and sunny breaks and additional showers popping in from the west and southwest. kind of damp out there and mild. a couple of cautions to talk about this morning. low clouds. there are areas of fog. we're seeing most of this down by the shore. not so much in the i-95 corridor and later in the morning scattered showers are possible. current readings, half mile in atlantic city, beach haven. half mild in wildwood. trenton we're starting to see fog develop everybody he is not seeing much of a problem. temperatures are milder, 41 degrees in philadelphia. 39 in wilmington. 46 in millville. 34 in allentown.
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as we head out to the school bus this morning it's going to be on the cool side but not as chilly as yesterday. 39 degrees by 6:00. 42 by 8:00 a.m. in that period we might feel a breeze, as of right now winds are not a issue. there's the mild high of 69 we'll hit that around 4:00 p.m. we could see a shower pop up, it won't be raining all the time, but a good day to keep the umbrella handy. >> reporter: you mentioned a touch of fog, this is 42 northbound traffic at creek road. moving just fine, but watch for reduced visibility or drizzle with that. we have a problem in new jersey and gloucester county getting more details about the accident where a vehicle ran off the road at this point into a field. a medevac helicopter has been called to the scene. we'll have to see with weather if it's able to fly look for
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this in east greenwich gloucester county new jersey stick to harmony road instead of democrat road. the ben franklin bridge, westbound traffic is coming into the city, moving okay. just a touch of fog. we have more fog at route 1 pennsylvania avenue traffic heading northbound moving just fine. give yourself a few extra minutes and remember the low beams. >> breaking overnight, saudi arabia launched airstrikes against shiite houthis rebels. the rebels swept into the south area and forced the country's president to flee by sea. that threatened to turn yemen into a proxy battle. 9 other countries have joined the military coalition but not named them. deadly twisters have ripped
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through the heart of tornado alley. >> it was coming after me. >> we've got another one. >> tornado sirens blader as the signs over oklahoma erupted. one person is confirmed dead sand springs oklahoma. schools in tulsa have canceled all the classes. >> house got the worst of it. the garage is blown in. the roof taken off this house. >> tens of thousands residents are without power today as officials assess the damage. >> there was reportedly a major clue is to what happened in the final moments of the domed germ wings flight. friends and family of the 150 people on board are preparing to travel closer to the crash site.
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eva pilgrim is live at the drexel university where one of the passengers -- went. >> reporter: they are trying to determine what happened in the moments before the german wings jet liner crashed. this is voice recorder that was recovered from the crash. a newspaper is reporting you can hear one of the pilots banging to get back inside. investigators are trying to figure out why he was locked out and what was going on inside the cockpit. all 150 people on board were killed in the crash. among them 22-year-old emily selke a recent drexel university graduate on board the flight traveling with her mother. >> what people need to know about them is that they were not two americans on the plane not mother and daughter on the
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plane, two amazing loving people who left behind friends and family who love and miss them a lot. emily selke graduated in 2013 as music industry major. drexel university released the statement saying they were deeply saddened of the traumatic loss. eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> such a tragedy eva thank you. gloucester county school district said e-mail is back to "g.m.a." after hackers took over the school district was hacked by a malware so new regular security could not protect it. no sensitive student or employee
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information was obtained. the hackers demanded bitcoins. pennsylvania is heading in the right direction since 2010. the poll was released this morning. 39 say the state is heading in the right direction but 47% say it is off track. >> we're tracking fog and temperatures is shooting upwards, and then we have storms, a lot of stuffer going on. >> reporter: a lot of stuff going on. the best thing is the mild air. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are mild. as we look outside, we have fog down by the shore. in center city easy to see sky scrapers from our sky 6 camera in center city. and temperatures not as bad. 41 degrees in philadelphia for example. 39 in wilmington. 34 degrees a little bit cooler in allentown and just above freezing mark in reading. 44 on the boardwalk in atlantic city.
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the same story in sea isle city. satellite and radar showing up on future tracker 6, you can see the winds coming out of the south which is a good direction for us, as it taps into mild air. a front to the west, we're unstable. 9:30 doesn't look like there's much going on, we might squeeze out the morning commute with basically drizzle around or fog. by the time we get into midday looks like there will be showers popping up the coast from the south. during the afternoon it's spotty activity for the most part. showers here and there and more down by the shore. 6:00, things may be in a lull for the afternoon morning and commute. we'll keep an eye on the line of showers and steadier rain and thunderstorms that will be dropping down out of the northwest as that front pushes through. you can see how that might supper vierve through philadelphia and -- survive through philadelphia and over by the shore. we'll have rumbles of thunder
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tonight. up in allentown showers and thunder late in the day or evening. 64 degrees is the high, that's good. down the shore we're a little bit cooler. you'll have a bit of a flow up from the south it will be enough off the water to keep you cooler this afternoon. high of 58. cloudy and showers there non obviously. in philadelphia, 6 # degrees is the high -- 69 degrees is the high might hit 70. showers later in the day and this evening. wind out of southwest at 5 miles per hour. mild in the afternoon 2:00 p.m.'s temperature, 63 and 68 by 5:00 p.m. coming down from the late day high of 69. in the morning lingering shower activity. looks like that tapers off during the morning hours and in the afternoon we'll see the return of sunshine on friday.
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69 today mild, and damp as you just saw and perhaps thunder at night. cooler on friday, lingering showers in the morning, sun returning in the afternoon and high of 52 degrees, a much different day tomorrow, it will feel like winter on saturday. we've got clouds and sun, 40 is the high, windchills will make it feel like the 20s in the morning and the 30s in the afternoon. there could be a flurry or brief snow shower. better in the afternoon on sunday, up to 48. monday, breeze and back in the 50s, looks like we stay there through the middle of next week. >> 5:10. we have more news you didn't see last night. a wall of mud is unleashed on a town in south america. >> state of indiana declared a health emergency after dozens of people are exposed to a deadly disease. >> reporter: looking clear chadds ford 202 baltimore pike. we'll check the fog in other areas and see where it's an issue coming up. >> in the morning buzz, video
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of a congresswoman's feeble attempt at pulling into a parking spot. "action news" continues.
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>> 5:13, using our sky cameras here looking for fog. we have cloud cover at the philadelphia international airport. other areas you'll need to keep the low beams on. let's go over to karen with traffic. >> reporter: good morning, you can seement fog in bristol township. bucks county, this is one of the areas where you're seeing it
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i-95 at 413 that's southbound traffic heading toward woodhaven road. no major problems coming in from yardley or langhorne. the fog is an issue. at least a minor one. we have .3 of a mile in trenton beach haven along the coast. four miles at philadelphia around and millville. you're seeing it north an east of the city of the philadelphia. so something to watch for as you're heading out. we have a serious accident here, this is in gloucester county, new jersey right in east greenwich township. democrat road is shut down at swedesboro avenue. it's an accident where a vehicle ran off the road into a field. stick to harmony road instead. democrat road a terrible accident in gloucester county. let's take a look at the temperatures, 41 degrees the current temperature. not bad, 46 in millville. 34 in allentown. it's fun to compare this to yesterday morning 28, 29 degrees warmer right now than at this point yesterday in parts
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of south jersey. 12 degrees warmer in philadelphia. you get the idea. although we have fog and drizzle out there it's at least a better start to the day matt and nydia. >> heavy rain sent mud and heavy rocks slid downhills in lima peru. 6 people were killed. the governor of indiana said he will sign a public health declaration emergency after a spike in hiv cases. the epidemic cases started last january when seven cases popped up in scott county all related to drug use. there are 72 cases. workers with the cdc are helping with screens and effort to slow the problem. in a rare confluence of events, the flyers and the sixers won games on the same day. fangs gave flier tim monon a
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standing ovation. the sixers beat the nuggets 99-85 last night in denver. robert covington tied a career high of 25 points. temple won over louisiana tech at the liacouras are a center. the owls will play miami on tuesday at madison square garden. >> efforts to save a landmark in new jersey. a study about possible threat posed by air pollution that involves risks during pregnancy. >> reporter: it's chilly this morning, i would recommend a
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decent heavy coat. this afternoon you might want to arm the kids with umbrellas because there could spotty showers, i'll have the day planner next, along with the airport call.
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>> efforts are underway in ocean county new jersey to give a beloved member of the community a much needed makeover. the dinosaur has been sitting along route 9 in bayville since 1930s almost suspended in time. she is falling apart. a committee is talking about fundraising and restoration. if you've been there, you know what the dinosaur looks like. >> reporter: she needed a makeover so bad we didn't want to show you. we're looking at the roads, a little damp in fort washington, a touch of fog. 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike. southbound traffic on the right heading toward flower town moving fine. the turnpike itself the construction is clear.
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lots of construction in camden county 168 black horse both lanes blocked that causes a little morning headache. that should wrap up at 6:00 a.m. 130 they have having the traffic shift again until 6:00 a.m. dave. >> reporter: all right karen we're on the chilly side this morning, but not as cold as the last couple of mornings. 9:00 a.m., 44 degrees, 54 by noon. the big part of the story is how the numbers climb. 3:00 p.m., 68. we expect a high of 69 at 3:30 or 4:00. some spots could hit 70. at the same time we have a fair amount of cloud cover and through the day there's a chance of a shower popping up. youyou'll want to keep an umbrella handy. across nation we have rain in the central state. we had tornados out here yesterday. this is now more tranquil that
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it is pushing toward the east. if you're flying to the near midwest, that could be an issue. looks like clouds in florida. we take a look at the big board. we're not looking at an major delays, all green airlines, or land doe is producing fog this morning. perhaps a delay popping up there later on. head on down to florida and have a nice day. >> a new study finds smoking and depression and absent -- obesity is linked to lower back pain. 1 million patients were diagnosed with back pertain prevent could avoid or diminish the financial or emotional cost of the condition. a new study finds a cause of behavioral problems in children could be the air pollution in the room. researchers looked at mother's
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exposure to air pollution during her pregnancy. the more air pollution the more likely the children exhibited memory issues and adhd. however the study was small. here's abc's america's money. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money the dow down for the year. >> a plunge of 292 points sending the dow into negative territory for 2015. the other major averages suffering sharp declines. here's some good economic news baby-sitters are making more money. the national hourly rate 13.44. up 28% in the last 6 years. even so, 96% of the families say they would give the sitters a raise. >> reporter: starbucks is celebrating the 20th
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anniversary of the signature drink birthday frap. frappacinno. that's america's money. >> up next, video of what some are calling the worst parking job in u.s. capitol history. breaking overnight tornados tear through the nation's mid section leaving one person dead, homes are destroyed. we have new video at 5:30 a.m. but that's precisely what we do. going up! nope, coming down. and if you switch to progressive today you could save an average of over 500 bucks. stop it. so call me today at the number below. or is it above? dismount! oh, and he sticks the landing!
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>> welcome back, good morning 5:26 41 degrees on this thursday, we're getting up to 69. it's going to feel really good i think. from our delaware newsroom. poker players in the diamond state can gamble online against players in las vegas. time for the morning buzz, abc news has obtained video of what some are calling the worse parking job ever. the driver is eleanor holmes. take a look at what she is doing here, all the other cars are angled. she is trying to pull her vehicle straight on into that spot. that's her aid to the right. they are going around, checker on it, looks good.
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the delegate just leaves it right there. the spokesperson for the delegate is saying neither of the cars on either side were damaged, but clearly angle parking is not part of her repertiore. >> not her strong suit. we're getting a clear picture of what might have had moments before the -- happened moments before the german wings plane went down in the alps. >> "action news" continues.
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>> happening now on "action news," a foggy start makes way for a warm, wet thursday. >> breaking overnight the plain states begin picking up the pieces from the first deadly storm. tornado season. >> a local college mourns the loss of the graduate who was on the domed germanwings flight. new reports of how the plane
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went down has spent aviation experts into a tailspin. >> good morning tam is off nydia han joins us and we have karen and david with weather and traffic. >> reporter: we have cloud cover with a sunny break here or there. and showers down the coast that will be passing through this morning him and more precipitation from the west that will be coming in later today. the morning commute, scattered showers are possible, but i'm expecting that to hold off until later in the rush hour or after the rush hour. in terms of fog low visibility in trenton and down through the shore communities not so bad in philadelphia millville ascertain up to the northern and western suburbs. this could change, so in general take it slow if you hit the fog. temperatures not as bad as the last couple of mornings. 41 in allentown, 46 in


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