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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  March 18, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. >> good morning it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday march 18. here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking gusty winds that will bring back a winter chill. >> some students in montgomery county relocating classes this morning after an arsonist forced them off their school's campus. >> a former u.s. veteran accused of trying to join isis and he has ties to several new jersey neighborhoods. >> technically spring is in the offing but dave murphy talking about snow. karen is taking a look at your traffic. good morning. >> for now it feels more like winter certainly as we have plenty of sunshine on the way. ones the sun comes up over the horizon a few of these scattered clouds will probably try and filter in later on. but we are starting out on the cold side. currently 34 degrees in philadelphia. 32 the freezing mark in wilmington.
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31 in allentown. and below freezing in reading and trenton. we're down to 29 in lancaster 34 in wildwood and 31 in atlantic city. there is still a wind blowing the same wind that you felt yesterday as we dug through the afternoon and that's giving a wind chill making it feel like it's 25 in the city, 19 in allentown 17-degree wind chill in reading, 23 in wilmington, 20 in trenton and 25 in millville so everybody needs to bundle up a bit. as we roll through the day you can see we're going to be fairly sunny with a few high clouds digging in later today. 32 degrees by 9 o'clock. then by noon 38. we are going to get up into the 40's with a high of 45. we'll probably hit that rather late in the day, perhaps around 4 o'clock and then back to 42 by 6:00 but there will be a pretty blustery wind blowing and you'll need coats from start to finish. more on that possible wintry mix for friday coming up with future tracker 6. karen. >> as we look outside we have early morning problems. you can see the flashing lights with penndot blocking off the ramp. this is i-95 at academy road. the northbound and southbound ramp are blocked until further
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notice because of yesterday's apartment complex fire. so you want to watch for that. you can use cottman avenue or woodhaven road, those ramps instead of the ones right here at academy. northbound academy closed near 95. looking at the big picture right here we continue to have in haverford that big paving project that is so much needed but it causes problems. from 9:00 until 3:00 they block one of the two lanes there in both directions between 9:00 and 4:00 they're working today here on route route 1 on township line road. so look for that to cause huge delays once again between far wood road and haverford road. deal with in if you're heading right there. sixers play tonight at 7:00 you can take the sports express trains to avoid any problems there matt. >> thanks, karen. brand new here on "action news" a fast moving house fire injures three people in mercer county new jersey overnight. the fire broke out on the unit block of carolyn drive in hopewell township at 1:00 a.m. crews had to rescue one person from the roof.
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investigators say the fire started in the basement. it took crews just over a half hour to get the fire under control and so far no word on a cause. happening today students from wyncote academy will return to class in a new building while investigators continue to look for the person who intentionally set fire to the montgomery county school leaving it destroyed. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live outside their temporary home in melrose park. good morning annie. >> reporter: good morning matt. i want to show you a sign over here behind me. it might seem small but that little plastic sign saying welcome wyncote academy students is a huge hug to those students who have nowhere to go right now. they are expected to come back to their classes here on the campus of gratz college who are graciously donating a building here so that they can get back to class. take a look at this video video of the fire that happened over the weekend at wyncote academy. that building, that stone building built in 1885 completely destroyed.
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the school has been in place since 1973 and currently has about 65 students a lot of those students who decided to go to that school because they really struggled at other schools and this was a great outlet for them, many of them going on to college. once there was a handshake agreement in place that they would be able to continue their classes here at gratz college while they rebuilt they got a lot of help from the community but the head of the school is still saying why would somebody intentionally set a fire at their school? >> who would want to hurt kids? who would want to hurt a school? i mean, no. >> reporter: we're still waiting to hear more details about the investigation the arson investigation into that school. they're expected to be bulldozers that are going to be coming there if not today in the coming days so they can sift through the debris. for now they're happy they have somewhere to go and thanking those members of the community who not only donated
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supplies but also donated their time to equip many of the classrooms here. reporting live annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> we hope today is a wonderful day back in school for those children. philadelphia homicide detectives have a new lead in the murder of a man who was walking his dog in overbrook last week. they're looking for three men in connection with the death of 51-year-old james stuhlman. he was shot on woodcrest avenue. family and friends attended his viewing last night in havertown. a philadelphia woman indicted hack exude of hiding the death of her disabled daughter so that she could collect benefits from the federal government. authorities say nikia kalicat collected more than $26,000 in social security benefits the little girl died at children's hospital back in 2010 at the age of three. her trial is set for may. >> an air force veteran with ties to south jersey is due in court this morning on charges of trying to join isis. tairod pugh is said to be
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arraigned in brooklyn. feds say he traveled from egypt to turkey in january in an attempt to cross the border into syria and join isis. they say he converted to islam in 1998 and became increasing radical in his beliefs. pugh lived in bridgeton in cumberland county as recently as last spring and worked as an aircraft mechanic for a company in millville. a letter sent to the white house has tentatively tested positive for cyanide. the letter arrived at an off site mail screening facility on monday. officials have taken it to another facility for more testing. the secret service is not saying where the letter came from. >> it's 5:06 and a bucks county elementary school will be shut down at the end of the school year. neshaminy school board members voted seven to two to close sam yawl everett in middletown. the school wants to build a new larger one but not everybody is happy with the call. some residents are threatening to out of the board members at the next opportunity. >> turning to accuweather and
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these transitional times can offer transitional temperatures. >> and weather too. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry this morning which is nice. as we take a look outside there's still a wind blowing so every now and then you see that camera bouncing. still celebrating the aftermath of saint patrick's day with a lot of green lights on the tops of the center city sky scrapers but it is a chilly one and you're definitely going to want to bun dim. here's why. 34 degrees in philadelphia, below freezing in trenton allentown reading lancaster 32 the freezing mark in wilmington, 31 in millville 34 down the shore and of course that wind is continuing to drop down out of the northwest. not all that strong this morning everywhere but we are going to get back up to probably a 20 to 30 miles per hour wind after the sun comes up so a bundler today. lots of sunshine. you'll need sunglasses on i-95 or the pennsylvania turnpike or any of our other highways and by ways. looks like it maintains mainly sunny conditions this afternoon. so lots of sun, a few high clouds. still windy and cooler than yesterday. yesterday we got up into the mid 60's in a lot of region for at least a portion of the
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mid day. 45 degrees is your high today though so it will feel much chillier and as we roll through the day still below freezing by 8 o'clock. then 36 degrees by 11:00 and 43 by 2:00. looks like that 45-degree high will be late in the afternoon perhaps around 4 o'clock. up in the lehigh valley sunshine sun glass weather certainly but coat weather. 39 degrees gusty wind at times, lots of sunshine up in the lehigh valley and down the shore sun mixing with a few clouds and a high of 44 degrees. it will also be windy down at the shore. tomorrow we've got high pressure in control that will give us a fair amount of sunshine early before it fades off the coast. 46 degrees. afternoon high clouds building in. it will still be rather chilly and breezy and then all eyes will be down to the south and west of us for an area low pressure headed in our direction for friday and that will bring us a mix of wet snow changing to rain. future tracker 6 has this holding off until after the morning rush hour. i'll say some models have had it getting here before the rush so we'll see whether or not we're wet and then through most of this period you see
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how it's snow to the north and rain to the south. i think there's a fairly decent chance as this rolls through during the day of philadelphia starting out with some wet snow as well other areas in the i-95 corridor before changing over to rain, mainly rain to the south and if you're in the northern and western suburbs it's probably all snow. this is fairly light stuff though. maybe a 1 to 3-inch accumulation with the higher accumulations up north and the thing about this is it is march and with the high sun angle a lot of times these lighter snows tend to just make the roads wet and they really only accumulate on grassy surfaces and maybe car hoods. we'll see how that breaks down but that's what it's looking like right now. your seven day windy and chilly 45 degrees. sun giving way to clouds tomorrow, still a bit breezy and 46 is your high. and then only 39 on friday with that wet snow and rain mix arriving and continuing through the day. spring arrives at 6:45 at night. the union play at ppl park in the evening and it look like the rain will probably be dying down during that game and up in the northern and
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western suburbs the wet snow starting to taper off early in the evening. then saturday we bounce back to 55, a pretty nice start to the weekend. by sunday it's brisk and chillier, 43 and looks like we're still kind of hanging in the 40's the beginning of next week. >> thanks, david. 5:10 now. and developing this morning gunfire erupts at a grocery store out west leaving more than a half dozen people with gun shot wounds and several did not survive. >> prominent health insurer says it is the latest victim of a cyber attack. this one could affect as many as 11 million customers. karen. >> we're live on the schuylkill expressway near spring garden. that's eastbound traffic headed into the city. it's looking pretty good. we have problems in new jersey. i'll give you details coming up. >> and around here we're clean shaven. >> yes, we are. so are you. >> i was born that way. [laughter] >> but for some other people out there who like having a period some experts are saying you may be passing on more than that lumberjack look. we'll tell you a little bit
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more in the morning buzz that's a hard question. (laughing) we are the fay family from chesapeake, virginia. williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes. this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing.
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:13. good morning. taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. camera may be shivering a little bit 'cause it's cold and also because it's a little breezy out there. >> let's head over to karen rogers see what things are going to look like for you as you hit the roads today. good morning. >> good morning. time to check the suburbs. made it about halfway through the week. let's see if we can get through this morning commute as well. looking in new jersey some problems to avoid sinkholes sewer collapse westbound route 70 new at cuthbert road. the right lane is blocked on
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70 westbound. eastbound 70 at springdale right lane blocked as well because of a large sinkhole a couple problem spots on 70 affecting you both eastbound and westbound right now. looking overall in delaware, wilmington route 100 is closed between kirkwood highway and new road. stick to lancaster avenue as your alternate for that one because of that emergency construction that they started awhile ago. right now we're looking at speeds though in the 50's and 60's on your majors coming in out of delaware and looking pretty good at this point. let's go outside and see what it looks like on the blue route at macdade boulevard. you can see roads clear and dry so no weather related problems affecting you this morning. we do have potholes of course through the area so this member of our 6abc team reporting in on 322 and he has in the tag line it's big. routes 322 in harrison township large pothole causing a problem. 34 degrees in philadelphia, below freezing in a lot of the suburbs like allentown reading, trenton millville. sitting at the freezing mark
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in wilmington. temperatures a good 10 to 16 degrees colder than they were at this point yesterday and our afternoon high about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday's high so 45 degrees, it's windy and kind of chilly this afternoon matt. >> thanks karen. action cam is live at a fire scene in northeast philadelphia that remains active this morning. flames damaged rita grace manor along the 9000 block of academy road yesterday evening and firefighters are there right now still putting out hot spots. the massive four alarm inferno tour through the apartment complex. we'll have much more on the investigation as well as reaction from the many people who lost their homes in our next half hour. >> developing this morning three people are dead and at least four others are hurt after a shooting in california. the gunfire rang out just before 9:00 last night outside of a market in stockton. police say it appears to have been a drive by shooting in an area that's known for gang activity. so far no arrests have been made. a fight on the campus of morgan state university end he with three football players being stabbed outside of a
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dining hall. all are expected to survive. police have the knife wielding suspect in custody and this is the third outbreak of violence at the maryland school over the past few day. on friday a student stabbed his roommate with scissors over the cleanliness of their room and a fight broke out at an off campus party friday. >> villanova wildcats in pittsburgh for round one of the tournament where they face the leopards. they departed from the main line campus for pittsburgh. they are only six wins away from their first championship title since 1985. lafayette and villanova tip off tomorrow at 6:50 p.m. the canucks handed the flyers yet another loss last night. vancouver scored two goals with 17 seconds apart in the third period to clinch a four to one victory. this was the flyers' seventh straight loss. >> it's 5:16. millions of health insurance companies are the latest
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victims of hackers and nobody knew about it for months. >> a high speed chase levers a driver riding out on rims out west. david. >> take a look at the kids. it's 45 degrees. you can see it's going to be chilly this afternoon but as we take a look at the kids we're bundling them up. it's a lot cooler this morning with some temperatures below the freezing mark. we'll have your day planner forecast and get you to the airport next.
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>> a high speed chase that spanned 70 miles came to an abrupt and violent end in california. the driver was driving on a blown tire on the final stretch he lost control. the suv flipped over multiple times. now, get this. the driver got out of the vehicle on his own dusted himself off and put his hands up as police arrived. >> wow. amazing nobody was hurt. >> it was scary. amazing he was able to walk away from that. that's crazy. let's take a look outside right now and see what's going
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on on the ben. it's quiet. we're looking pretty good. it's early and not as many people up and about. you're moving fine on the ben. mass transit, new jersey transit patco septa subway regional rails no problems reported with anything with mass transit just yet dave. >> all right. as we're heading to the bus stop or el station this morning, karen, we're on the cold side. 32 degrees by 9 o'clock. then up to 38 by noon. 44 by 3 o'clock. your high today is going to be 45 late in the day probably around 4 o'clock. and then 42 degrees by 6 o'clock. windy conditions out there but at least it will be bright. satellite shows you some rain developing in the central states so perhaps some delays heading to texas if you're flying. some of this is going to be the same a precipitation that affects us on friday and some of it could be light wet snow more about that in the next 10 minutes or so. for now we're talking the airport. all green aircraft. no major delays and no precipitation in any of our most frequently traveled destinations. tam. >> trader joe's recalling raw wall nuts from their stores
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nationwide. there are fears they possibly have been contaminated with salmonella. salmonella can cause serious illness and sometimes fatal infections in young children the elderly and others with weakened immune systems. no illnesses related to the wall nuts have been reported. here's another reason forgetting a second medical opinion. a new study find that is biopsy specialists frequently misdiagnosis breast tinge researchers match readings by regular pathologists with those of an expert panel. the regular group was very good at identifying invasive cancer but with some types of precancerous cells their accuracy no better than a coin toss. misdiagnosis can potentially lead to too aggressive treatment for some women and under treatment for others. >> yet another large american business has seen its cyber security systems compromised and customer data being shared with hackers. here's abc's america's money. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. topping america's money another major insurance company hacked. >> this time 11 million premiere blue cross accounts
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were hacked last movement the company didn't learn about it until january. they say the breach could have exposed names, social security numbers mailing and e-mail addresses. the company is now offering free credit monitoring. >> kraft recalling millions of boxes of mac and cheese. that's because they contain tiny fragments of stainless steel. >> kraft says affected boxes have the code c2 and use by dates of september 18th through october 11th of this year. finally white castle is keeping its veggie sliders on the menu. >> the fast food chain says its limited test run was such a success the patty is a dr. praeger made from vegetables. >> it has more calories than a regular slider. >> what's the point. >> there you. >> oh that's america's money. have a great day. >> 5:22. up next beards are growing in popularity. while they may look cool wait until you hear what may be lurking inside them. >> brand new developments in
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the israeli election. results are in and we'll have them at 5:30 a.m. with nearly 7 million investors he's right here. hold on one sec. you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a look down the shore there on sky 6 into atlantic city. boy, it feels a lot chillier this morning than here recently. it is 35 degrees out there. it's 5:25. a delaware county man's decision to stay up late may have saved his life. raymond king of ridley township says he was watching tv downstairs last night when those winds really kicked up. a 40-year-old tree on his property came crashing down onto his roof and it went right into his upstairs bedroom. >> 10 o'clock at night during
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the week but thank god i decided to stay up a little later. if not i would have been upstairs when that fell. so i guess somebody upstairs watching over me. >> king says it felt like an earthquake and sounded like a train crashing into his home there on the 2300 block of franklin avenue. he lives alone with his two dogs. he and the pooches are fine. >> a lot of guys out there growing beards these days. >> yes. >> popular thing and it's really nothing completely new but some trickologist, people that study hair and scalps say this could create an environment where you can have bacteria. it can spread germs. you can trigger infections. and some studies say that some beards will harbor more bacteria than clean shaven faces leading to skin infections, the spread of bugs but others are saying, well the bacteria on the face and everywhere else on your body is normal, poses no health risk.
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we've had beards since cave man days. there's a reason why a body grows hair in certain spots protective so -- again another study where you're like well it's saying one thing and people are saying another thing so you just got to make it up on your own. >> next there will be a study that says if you don't have a beard it will make it easier for infections to get to your face. >> yeah and you need to drink 10 cups of coffee. >> a fire forces 100 residents out of their home. >> work out like a pro right alongside the pros. "action news" will be right back
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>> ♪♪ >> developing now on "action news" a fire that raged for hours forces about a hundred people out of their homes and crews are still on that scene. >> happening today, class is back in session elsewhere for students whose school was destroyed by an arsonist. >> new developments in the robert durst case. investigators gather newed in a raid this time on his houston home. >> good morning, everyone, just about 5:30 on this
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wednesday and hey the season is still winter. >> yeah. >> here are david and karen. >> it's still feeling like it this morning,, too right. satellite shows you that there's a lack of a whole lot of cloud cover in the area. we're going start out very sunny and maybe get a couple of high clouds streaking through as the day goes on but we are starting out cold and yesterday afternoon despite the fact that it was very mild around midday and early afternoon you could feel that strong wind bringing in cooler air later in the day and now it's really here. 34 degrees in philadelphia currently, 32 in wilmington, below freezing in trenton allentown, reading lancaster and the poconos also in millville. 34 degrees in wildwood, new jersey. and there is a wind coming down out of the northwest. not all that strong right now but strong enough to give you a wind chill making it feel like it's 25 in philadelphia and in 20's in most spots. a couple of spots with wind chills in the teens this morning. if you're headed out to catch the bus over the next couple can of hours bundle up. it's going to be a chilly with a breeze blowing clear skies. temperatures around the freezing mark between 6 and 8 o'clock and this afternoon we improve bu


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