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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 29, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, deadline looming. last-minute negotiations under way as we speak for the release of isis hostages despite opposition from the white house. who's the woman the terror group wants released? live with the latest. new details in the airasia crash investigation. turns out the captain was not flying when the trouble started in the cockpit. the pilot forced to ditch his plane in the ocean talking about that terrifying moment what he was thinking when the plane good thursday morning to you all. we begin with what may be the
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final chance for two hostages at the mercy of isis. a last minute deal as a new deadline approaches. >> they're promising to release two hostages in exchange for a convicted terrorist's release. they want proof its pilot is still alive first. the latest from abc's susan saulny. >> reporter: the life of this tv correspondent hanging in the balance and this pilot. a new video released by isis shows japanese journalist kenji goto shackled holding a photo of the pilot. >> i only have 24 hours left to live and the pilot has even less. >> reporter: despite u.s. opposition two countries, japan and jordan are maneuvering with the terror group to spare the lives of the hostages. in exchange for the pair isis says it wants failed suicide bomber sajida al rishawi set free. she's an iraqi woman on death row in jordan. the authorities say she was a determined killer taking part in
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a 2005 attack in which 60 people were killed. many of them attending a muslim wedding. >> what isis wants is for people to treat them like a state. it's in jordan's interests not to treat them like a state. >> reporter: they have set a new deadline and the clock is ticking and the king of jordan has already given in. >> this is a propaganda victory for isis. >> reporter: in france the government mounted the first real kouptsstrike in the information war against isis. overnight they released this video designed to steer young people away from militant radical groups. it hoes conflict and execution described as hell on earth. up to now isis has been winning the propaganda war, stopping that is a critical challenge for washington and the west. reena, t.j. >> susan saulny live in washington. thanks so much. turn to our other big story tracking another snowmaker bearing down on folks who are already snow weary in the
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northeast. >> massachusetts is braving for the new system as residents still dig out from this week's blizzard. crews are working to restore power amid brutally cold temperatures. boston schools are closed again and another storm could make the monday morning commute miserable. they're digging out on long island's east end where some areas got close to three feet. most of the schools re-opening after classes were canceled tuesday and wednesday. crews are working to restore commuter rail service to the area. yes, talking more know in the northeast, talking rain coming to southern california. >> accuweather's justin povick is joining us with the forecast. justin. >> thank you, reena and t.j. good morning. the northeast after a brief break between storms dealing with more snow and thinking that's the interstate 95 corridor will see a couple inches from new york city to boston primarily late thursday and into thursday night. interior regions across the higher terrain new york state, vermont and maine could approach half a foot. over the southwest not snow
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it's rain. that's a good thing for the drought but not so great news for traveling around los angeles and san diego. phoenix and also flagstaff, i-10 and a little piece of interstate 5 could have puddles and ponding. bigger storm also possible late this weekend over the nation's midsection midsection. reena and t.j., back to you. breaking overnight in the airasia investigation it looks like the pilot was not at the helm when things started to go wrong. the less experienced co-pilot was controlling the plane as it began to climb dangerously fast before stalling over the java sea. they believe the captain took over before they plunged into the water. new fears of another war between israel and lebanon. two killed yesterday when hezbollah attacked a convoy its most severe in eight years. they indicated it was in retaliation for a deadly israeli strike on its fighters. israel and lebanon were last at war in 006.
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horrifying details of the siege at an australian cafe. they say the manager was shot in the head by the gunman after being forced to kneel before him. that forced police to storm the cafe. others were killed by fragments of police bullets. the inquest includes an investigation of police procedures procedures. a fire burned throughout the night in the mission district. one person killed in this four-alarm fire that sent plumes of black smoke all over the area. six people treated for smoke inhalation and burns. investigators say that deadly fire at a maryland mansion was sparked by an outlet. the tree was dry since it was cut down more than two months prior. it killed the couple and their four grandchildren. mitt romney sounding like he'll be a candidate in 2016.
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he attacked a likely democratic rival in the race accusing hillary clinton of being soft on russia when she was secretary much state. calling her clueless he also said that clinton wouldn't be able pro provide economic opportunities since she doesn't know where jobs come from. even though officials say there is no credible threat against sunday's big game the super bowl security is ramping up in the phoenix area. more than 4,000 private security personnel will be deployed on game day along with thousands more police officers. special tactical teams will be there to provide warnings about nuclear or biological threats. the department of homeland security is relaunching its well-known public awareness campaign. >> this revitalized if you see something, say something effort is really part of what we believe to be a larger effort public engagement given how some of our homeland security challenges are evolving we think that public participation in our efforts is all the more important. >> the faa is calling it a
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no-drone zone telling fans to leave that drone at home and not to bring fireworks or brooms. the measles outbreak getting worse and no signs of showing up. the parachuting plane we showed you. the doomed aircraft splash into the ocean now hearing from the pilot about the ordeal. he has a new catchphrase, i'm here so i won't get fined but marshawn lynch may still have to pay up for something he's wearing.
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well it hasn't been a very
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good week on wall street. the dow has lost nearly 500 points since monday after opening the week at 17,678. it will open below 17,200. the drop happened after the fed hinted a rate hike still possible this year. mcdonald's sales are down so it's ceo is out. they're suffering their worst slump in more than a decade. >> reporter:ing a decline in sales and earnings. don thompson there for 25 years but ceo for less than three retiring at 51. their problem is health concerns supply problems in asia. the air force is sticking with boeing for the next air force one. the current air force one jets there are two of them, are older boeing 747s. the new ones will be 747-800s. 747-800s. but won't be ready for 8 years. will get all sorts of modifications first. facebook is doing better
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than expected thanks to growth in two areas. they say more than two-thirds of its ads revenue comes from mobile devices. more than half a billion facebook users only use mobile devices to access the site. it has about 3 million video views a day and, again, about two-thirds is from mobile devices. well trying to decide where to buy a house, look for a starbucks. zillo found over a 15-year period the value of homes near those shops rose 96%. the national average only 65%. it's not that having one northeastern improves its value but starbucks has a knack for picking locations. good little tip. >> it is go where starbucks is. the veteran versus the rising star. a dramatic match with serena williams taking on a 19-year-old. drink up how drinking beer could ward off alzheimer's.
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oh it's been a rough winter for many of us including this burmese mountain dog named quinn. 'five months old which could explain his attempt to run across the ice. his owner shot the video during a walk around their new hampshire neighborhood. morning road conditions wet from phoenix to vegas. a slippery ride in parts of the northeast from philly to new england. flying just a couple airports to watch out. the weather-related delays possible in detroit and phoenix. well police in dallas are taking some extraordinary steps to combat a rash of atm thefts. >> there have been at least 20 attempted robberies this month alone primarily at convenience stores. robbers got away with two of those atms. one found a little later after it was emptied of its cash. dallas pd created a new unit and special task force to help catch
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the thieves. a fugitive treasure hunter behind one. the richest hauls in u.s. history has been captured in florida after two years on the run. back in 1988 tommy thompson found $50 million in gold bars and coins from a 19th century shipwreck after south carolina but thompson was accused of duping investors and failed to show up for a hearing two years ago. he was arrested in an upscale hotel in palm beach county. the measles outbreak has grown to 95 cases. health officials say 79 infections are in philadelphia and can be linked directly to disney parks. most had not been vaccinated. at one high school 70 students have been told to stay home through the end of next week because they may have been exposed to measles and are not vaccinated. hops which are in beer could be the secret to wording off brain disorders. an ingredient in hops has been shown to protect the brains of mice from cell damage.
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that same ingredient is also known to fend off cancer and viruses. the researchers behind the study are surprisingly recommending that you drink all the beer you want. no excuse me they just say a daily intake just have a beer maybe. >> thanks for that. sorry. we are now hearing from the pilot who ditched his brand-new plane in the middle of the pacific. we showed you this video. the plane going down about 250 miles from hawaii equipped with its own parachute. the pilot managed to capture some of it on video guided down by the coast guard and picked up by a cruise ship still, he was there and there were some anxious moments. >> there's a lot of things that could have gone wrong. if i get my pant leg or shirt leave caught on something or there's so many different things or just i get a huge swell or something that cascades over the aircraft. >> luckily none of that happened and he survived without a scratch. he even got his first ever cruise out of it. but he says next time he's on a
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cruise he hopes he doesn't have to drop in. >> all right. turning to sports now we start down under at the australian open. serena williams battling a cold these days but it didn't stop her from defeating madison keys and reaching her final australian open final since 2010. keys defeated venus in the quarterfinals. next up for williams is saturday's women's final against maria sharapova. that is going to be a good one. well speaking of colds patriots quarterback tom brady showed plenty of evidence of being under the weather while talking to reporters. he should be 100% for the showdown with the seahawks and relying on old remedies like garlic and rest to get better. >> i'll try that right now. also in arizona, tiger woods teeing off just past noon local time at the phoenix open. his first official tournament since pulling out of the pga championship last summer. we get our highlights from our guys at espn.
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kevin connors, jay harris no lebron james on wednesday night so the cavs had no chance right? >> yeah right, they had a kyrie irving. they had a good chance and kyrie irving did work against the blazers. lebron watching. sprained wrist. he's out. kyrie irving red hot. third quarter, quick pullup three. cavs up 7. fourth quarter, cavs down 3. irving off the screen. another three. game tied at 92. irving now with 50 in the game. 10 seconds left. tied at 94. kyrie over nicolas batum. yes and cavs go on to win 99-94. 11 threes and lebron loving it on the bench. the cavs red hot but nobody in the nba hotter than the atlanta hawks trying to make it 17 in a row. kyle korver off a screen. he had five threes in the game and then later in the fourth
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♪ time now to check "the pulse" with a mystery solved after a moving symbol of boston strong emerged in the middle of this week's blizzard. >> he took it upon himself to clear the iconic finish line of the boston marathon as two feet of snow covered the city's streets. now, he got a huge response and a lot of praise on social media. everybody wondering who this guy was. we now now it was him, a local bartender named chris. he says he did it because, of course he just loves his boston and everything it stands for. >> it's very special to me and the city and i didn't think it deserved to be covered under all that snow. a really special place. not just because of you know everything that happened in 2013 but the boston marathon is my favorite event, my favorite time of the year. >> he is an avid runner and as a thank you he's been offered a coveted spot to race the mar honor. >> he took it upon himself to do
4:23 am
that. >> a special moment. >> that's when you always have to take care of your bartenders. they are good folks. >> and the kind that dig you out. seattle seahawks star marshawn lynch i'm just here so i won't get fined taking a minimalist approach to the media. >> conducted another short interview session in which he said quote, you know why i'm here in response to all but one question. meantime sources tell espn the nfl could fine him for another reason. because of some attire. you see that hat he's wearing. that symbol on the top is a symbol for his nickname beast mode wore it at super bowl media day. players cannot wear brands that conflict with league partners during official league events so any decision on a possible fine will be made after the super bowl but a lot of people say they're just picking on the guy but this is a rule. this is a rule. >> i would have given him an issue -- violation for that backpack. it's a funky backpack.
4:24 am
>> you know how expensive that backpack probably was. >> maybe i'm just envious. >> let's turn to a local tv weatherman who kept his cool when his map pretty much melted down. it gets warm in phoenix but it doesn't get this warm. you see some of those temperatures in there. >> that man right there, cory mcenclose ski didn't miss a beat as he read some of those high temperatures. >> frankly, wickenburg is a total loss. you might as well just get out of anywhere along the area. very warm. surprise starting to heat up at 1300 degrees so the safe spots seem to be -- >> if the an authorizes weren't laughing you wouldn't know. he was cool as a cucumber. his advice to residents of those suburb get out while you can. maybe take whoever made the map with you too. >> i mean this is technology. sometimes it goes a little wacky. we have to give him a lot of credit. he is a pro. for some of you your local news is coming up.
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>> good morning everyone, it is thursday, january 29. time, 4:27 on the clock we're following several breaking stories including two people getting killed in a south philadelphia house fire. someone may have seen a criminal opportunity arise in the collapse of lululemon store. a vehicle slams into a house overnight. police say the two people inside the minivan had been shot. we're live. tri-state area is waking up to bone-chilling temperatures this morning and we're tracking snow tonight. weather and traffic updates next on "action news." # . their crime, sitting at a whites only lunch counter.
4:28 am
lana zak has their story. >> and that is done. now -- [ applause ] >> reporter: cheers applause and emotion as a judge throws out the convictions of the so-called friendship 9. justice 54 years later. >> i couldn't stand right there but i believed it inside. >> reporter: clarn graham and six others watched in person. their family friends and strangers packing the courtroom and hallways all witness to an old wrong finally made right. >> time is always right to do right. >> reporter: more than five decades ago the nine college students were convicted of trespassing for sitting down at a whites only lunch counter in rock hill south carolina. they were the first to use the jail no bail strategy opting to serve a month of hard labor on a chain gang instead of paying a $100 fine. >> this makes me feel real proud it wasn't in vain.
4:29 am
>> 1961 it wasn't for glory. >> this is a monumental day for not just civil rights but human rights and human dignity. >> reporter: the south carolina government now agrees saying their courage is no longer considered a crime. >> so allow me to take this opportunity to extend to each of you my heart felt apologies for what happened to you. >> we cannot rewrite history but we can right history. justice is not temporal but it's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. >> reporter: lana zak, abc news new york. >> never too late. all those year 50 plus years but it still means something today. >> it certainly does. >> for a wrong to be righted so good for you, south carolina. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." thanks for being here with reena and i. everybody, have yourself a great thursday.
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>> good morning we're following breaking news on this thursday january 29. one person is dead another injured after a shooting abbey crash in philadelphia logan section, we have a live report. >> developing this morning a massive fire at a three-story building in san francisco leaves one dead and 6 hurt. >> first comes the cold and maybe a little bit of snow. storm tracker 6 live hd tracking a clipper system moving into the area tonight. >> two people were killed in a house fire in south philadelphia overnight. it happened on the 400 block of dail


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