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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  January 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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t this point. we do have kenneth moton who just arrived on the scene, kenneth what can you tell us here? >> reporter: well we got on the scene five minutes ago, i can take you to it and show you where firefighters are on the scene here at lulu lemon, can you see the roof collapse there a 10 to 25 foot hole inside and those bricks came down from the neighboring building. you can see the divot there were the bricks came down and crashed on to the neighboring building. and opened up a wide hole into the business and a lot of that debris fell on to several shoppers inside of the store. they were looking for clothes and shopping and then the roof came crashing down, we were here when several shoppers and employees were taken out of the store on a stretcher we
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understand that the injuries are minor, i want to bring in a shopper inside of that store at the time, her name is christine, can you step around here for me. walk me through what happened when you were inside of this business. >> was looking around and i heard a huge crash and i said to the girl that works there what was that? it was huge and she goes yes it was huge and two seconds later the ceiling caved in. >> what went through your mind at that point? >> i was worried about my husband because he has a bad knee and we couldn't breathe because there was so much dust, i don't know if it's sheetrock dust or asbestos. i hope it's not asbestos.
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>> you heard people screaming? >> we asked the girls to open the back door so we could get air because there was so much dust. >> did you see anybody under the debris? >> i didn't but one of the lighting fixtures may have hit her and i heard her screaming, i can't get up. that may have been one the girls that were hurt. >> are you okay and your husband? >> yes, yes. >> stay there we'll talk to you more, thank you again i'm glad you are okay. i'll take you again inside of that building obviously lni and a number of officials are examining this building to make sure it's stable and at this point we understand that everyone is out safe, because literally four or five minutes ago we saw them pull two more people out. we have a couple of "action news" crews passing by at the time a producer for our special
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projects team saw people running out of lulu lemon and they jumped out of the van and saw the roof partially collapsed there. i'll take you up and see where the bricks came down here from the neighboring building i'm trying to figure out what that building is next door, it looks like a law firm, we are trying to learn more about that, those bricks came down and crashed on to this building this clothing store. we are trying to learn the extent of the injuries now and when we do we'll bring it to you. people heard the bricks crashing down and we'll get their eyewitness accounts. kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." >> thank you kenneth for that. meanwhile it may not have been a direct hit but people in our area still spent the day digging out from the big jobs
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like plowing the roads to the small scale work like cleaning off cars, people had to deal with the latest blast of winter before going about their day. it's tuesday afternoon and i'm brian taff. >> it's the cleanup from nor'easter that moved through last night into this morning. some spent the day sledding and others played catchup, that is true of the philadelphia international airport that is where annie mccormick is today and david henry has more in bucks county and here is more from adam joseph on what happened. >> what is happening now southern new england where they had the blizzard warnings they continue to be pummeled by this historic nor'easters it's wrapping up in the western suburbs of boston and southwestern areas of boston closing in on three feet of snow
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with this storm. with blinding snow squalls and also the really harsh hurricane force winds. here locally from the very beginning on sunday we showed you totals of what could happen in time to give us snow, but at the same token we talked about the low confidence and bust factor if things did not come together, that is what happened. we had a lot of sinking air on the western side of the storm developing off the coast. where the storm rammed up because it was too late, we did see snow across the region but not the extreme amounts, we had all the rising air with the low to the east, and where the low through the atmosphere into a tail spin they saw snowfall rates of 2 inches per hour at 12 hours per time, that continues around boston and cape cod. locally here in new jersey we
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had healthy amounts in ocean county. trenton 4 inches and toms river 5 inches and in the state of pennsylvania and delaware, 1.2. near five inches in furlong. >> we'll talk about the bitter cold windchills when we come back tonight. >> the biggest impact of this storm was at philadelphia international airport, airlines canceled flights throughout the day today but are scrambling to get their planes back in the air now that the weather moved out. annie mccormick continues the coverage live at the airport where they are getting caught up. >> reporter: and brian it really depends on the airline carrier you use we see more arrivals at baggage claim d. philadelphia international
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airport says that they are open and operating but they don't expect to be back up to normal operations until at least tomorrow afternoon. >> we started in the sunny state of florida, and woe were suppose to be in newark yesterday. >> the sisters got diverted to detroit and then philadelphia while trying to get home to north jersey. >> horrible would be the way to describe the last couple of days. it's been a nightmare we are trying to wake up from. >> their flights were one of 8,000 canceled across the nation. philadelphia international airport looks desolate but by mid-day began to pick up and frequent flyers understand the precautions. >> better safe than sorry. >> delta kept saying they are running running on time. i just kept checking. >> you have time to get back to argentina
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argentina? >> yes i am. >> but the stranded sisters are helping her get home. >> they have a friend that will pick us up and they will take me with them. >> reporter: and like we said it really depends on what airline you are using not all are flying today. you need to check out if you have another flight. many carriers are waiving the change fees and if they tell us monday through wednesday with the flow of people and the cancellations call the airline and check for that as well. reporting live from philadelphia international airport, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> i'll take it from here, this is the scene from parts of northeast, boston is one of the places that saw the worst areas of massachusetts, connecticut and long island are digging out from 20 inches or more of snow. boston is still getting pounded by the storm that was barrelling
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up the east coast in marsh field a sea wall crumbled into the sea with the weight of the snow, both massachusetts and maine who declared a state of money are expecting one to three feet of snow. and the conditions in long are hazardous, falling up to 2 inches per hour creating whiteout conditions, in new york city everything came to a stop, streets and bridges and the subway system a ghost town completely closed. this was not the storm of the century that folks up there were expecting they did not back down. >> based on the forecast two feet of snow there is nothing to discuss. >> you act on the information you have at the time. because the roads were empty we could plow the roads. >> just to give you an idea of the magnitude of this storm look at this photo from space from the national oceanic
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association showing the blizzard at peak levels at 2:00 a.m. just to give you an idea of what the neighbors up to the north are dealing with when it comes to digging out today. for a lot of people today a chance to break out the sleds and play around in the snow, that was the case in bucks county where they made snow angels. david henry is live, a popular sledding spot. >> it may not have been a blizzard but enough snow for the kids to enjoy a day of snow sledding in doylestown the kids were loving this and the adults faced the day with a mixture of relief and disappointment. >> i'm disappointed i like one good snow storm a year. >> the deeper it gets the more they get paid. but this time the streets were
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not paved with white gold. >> we when out from the beginning and had to stay out. we didn't know what was going on. >> if you have a lot to do? >> not as much as we were hoping. >> not getting paid as much as you want? >> no definitely not. >> not enough work for them. and the kids were off from school. >> we enjoyed making snow angels and snow men. >> savannah demonstrated her snow angels for us. 3 inches or 3 feet, the kids were just glad to have a snow day. >> are you a happy third graders yes. >> because there is no school. >> what will you do today? >> eat some soup and watch some tv. >> watch "action news" okay? >> okay. >> these teens had the job of shoveling their hill town
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driveway but dad did the heavy lifting. >> it's pretty light and my dad most of the shoveling my brother and i have the light stuff to do. >> it was light stuff for this guy with a snow blower the snow was a nuisance more than anything else. >> it was nice, we walked and got breakfast and it was a good day. >> good day to not be at work? >> exactly. >> we may not have gotten hammered by the snow but a lot of folks are enjoying a day off thankfully without the back breaking work of digging out. live in doylestown, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> nice to see everyone in good spirits, we just gained a young viewer, thank you david. no matter what the weather brings be ready with and our latest accuweather forecast is there for you and check out our list of school
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closings and delays. we want to give you back to the scene of the breaking news that led the newscast this afternoon the roof collapse in center city philadelphia we are circling the spot now where the bricks on the building next door to lulu lemons crashed through the building apparently strikes two people inside rendering them minor injuries police are very much on the scene now with the first responders for fear perhaps that bricks could give way to the structure next door, they have cleared the way and the building is empty and the store is empty. we are gathering more details and we have more video coming in as well. we'll show you that and get to the latest.
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roof collapse at lulu lemon on walnut street. this is chopper 6 hd live over scene bricks from the building caused it to go through the roof of the building next door and hitting two people and causing them minor injuries, lets look at what is happening on the scene, fire crews and police and lni trying to secure the situation right there on the ground. the entire area there has been roped off to pedestrians and to traffic and we want to pull in matt pellman to let us know the latest on that. >> i'm being told that we can update that total to a third person injured. three people with minor injuries we saw in the ground video, we saw it for the first time as you did. the roof inside really did give
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way significantly, not just from the top but from the bottom rather astounding and fortunate just three people with minor injuries at this point. matt pellman is standing by with a look at how to get around that and other traffic issues. >> we hope to the best for those three people that sustained the minor injuries you want to avoid walnut between 15th and 16th this afternoon stay up on market as an alternate. but the big story is what is not happening, we don't have much traffic out there. looking live at 95 at allegheny avenue, we are moving freely there, which is rare for this chunk of 95 and the schuylkill is looking nice and clear, a lot of speeds around 50 miles per hour. i don't want to hear any complaints about driving on the schuylkill or 95 today. but a crash in king of prussia, at chip chipotle and one going
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on in the mass transit front a saturday schedule on the regional rails they are not running so they are now overcrowded. expect that if you are taking a train home. and the cynwyd line is not running whatsoever. lets look at the ipad this tuesday afternoon. it's an interesting day. lots of potholes one along monmouth road, in springfield. can you see the list when you download the waze app for free. >> matts thank you. >> up next adam is back with a look at the accuweather forecast for the rest of the week. and a frsh coat of paint can give your house a makeover but which brands are best, we put them to the test.
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well, we have the storm behind us and got away unscathed what does the rest of the week hold for us. adam joseph has the accuweather forecast. >> the numbers drop especially overnight tonight and tomorrow. but the blizzard continues for eastern and southern new england, this will end up being a historic storm for southern new england and even here in philadelphia we got 1.2 inches it was our biggest storm this season. as we look at the numbers up north with this blizzard around boston worchester in the higher hills, an hour west 31 inches so far for them. boston closing in on two feet and in fact, the outer cape and nantucket winds reached speeds over hurricane force with the snow 78 miles per hour and chatham 75 it's a good thing we
4:22 pm
didn't have to come close to what they are dealing with now. allentown right now 29 degrees, 33 in wilmington, 33 in millville and 34 in wildwood and lancaster, 2 or 3 below the freezing temperature. and the winds out of the northwest with speeds of 15 and 22 miles per hour and we did pick up a few inches of snow it's blowing around and it's that light fluffy snow with little moisture in it. right now the lows are to the east and high pressure from the west, as the storm continues to slowly drift to the north and wind up sending the winds in the northwesterly direction and that continues through the night tonight and it does turn clear and breezy and it's cold and we go back down to 12 in allentown and 18 in millville and wilmington 15 degrees, that doesn't tell the true story we factor in the winds at 9:30 tonight, 9 in allentown and 13 in philadelphia with some of
4:23 pm
the sunshine we melted a little bit of that snow so it will refreeze here after sunset. early tomorrow morning, there could be patchy areas of ice with the windchills of 5 in allentown and 7 in trenton and 8 in wilmington and in the afternoon tomorrow windchills remain in the lower to mid-20s with the exception of the poconos feeling like 8 in the afternoon, the four day at 4:00 forecast crystal clear sky tomorrow and windchills in the teens in the morning and 20s in the afternoon and clouds in the afternoon of 35 and thursday night an arctic boundary comes through with snow showers and a temperature of 38 degrees and we drop to 9 in the city friday night. saturday it is sunny and bitter cold with a high of just 24 degrees with that system thursday night and early friday morning, it's fast moving because it's an arctic boundary we get a coating of 1 to 2 inches of snow on friday guys. >> thanks adam.
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back to our breaking news in center city. chopper 6 hd is live over walnut street where there was a roof collapse at the popular will you lemon athletic store bricks falling next door on to the roof of lululemon and crashing through the building and injuring three women we are told all of them minor injuries but from this view you can see the hole, the gaping hole that caused all of that. >> we have another view now this one from the ground this is raw and it does move around a bit. we want to draw your attention, to where the camera pans, look at the roof of this building inside right there you saw it there for a second the roof of that building really did give way under the crushing weight of the bricks coming down, right
4:27 pm
there in the corner the center of your screen where the bricks fell from at that building next door we believe it's a law firm and kenneth moton is on the scene gathering details and talking to people that saw it happen. we'll hear from him as the evening of news continues and as shirleen mentioned, three women injured
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it is 4:30 and "action news" continues, with breaking news we are following sin the top of the hour. are you looking at the 1500 block of center city. where three women were hurt within a loof collapsed at the lululemon lululemon athletic store. you can see the hole in the ceiling and splintered wood coming down from it here is what happened from a shopper inside of the store at the time. >> i heard a huge crash. i said to the girl that works there, what was that, and that was huge. she goes it was huge, and then two seconds later the ceiling caved in. >> now officials say that all the injuries were minor and city
4:30 pm
officials are still on the scene working to figure out what caused the partial collapse of the building and the bricks to give way. chopper 6 hd over the scene i want to draw your attention to the vantage point you see the pictures from inside we are circling and it's out of your view and as we zoom in can you start to see it the hole in the roof of that building is very sizeable. and obviously that is toward the back of the store but the roof collapse was very evident from the front of the store and you can imagine the intensity with which these bricks came down to render that damage not just the store but the ripple effect to the front of store. the three women were injured inside and others were inside at the time as you heard one woman describe what she heard and saw when the bricks hit and the roof gave way.
4:31 pm
and unbelievable scene there in center city philadelphia. if you are trying to get by you can't because crews are closing it off and investigating. we'll bring you the latest on air and online at just as soon as we get new information. now to delaware county where mother nature helped to put an end to a crime scene. police say this couple burglarized homes and cars with reckless abandon for a weeks that is until the snowfall and the burglars got careless, falling into a footprint trap set by officers. vernon odom is here with more on this one. >> reporter: police here are calling them the bonnie and clyde of delaware county a boyfriend and his gal busted for a dozen break-ins in recent weeks in delaware county and upper darby. these are police photos of shoe
4:32 pm
prints in the snow, valuable evidence that led them to the main culprits that were rampaging along fox avenue and the surrounding drexel neighborhood. where it was open season on homes and cars last week, an operation was set up and during the predawn hours a suspect was spotted and he fled to be captured later, they found the apparent get away car. >> they found the footprints to where they originated and there is a girl in the automobile. and they grab her and says she dropped her boyfriend off. >> eventually these two suspects were arrested and his girlfriend kelly wilkinson. >> these individuals that do these types of burglaries are dangerous because they are like rats if they get caught they
4:33 pm
will fight to get away. and someone will get hurt. >> police found all kinds of loot like purses and electronic devices, it was being sold for cash to various fencing operations. police spotted him breaking into matt's car. >> there was lights everywhere and five cop cars and they had basically caught someone trying to break into my car and other cars on the street. >> he remains in the darby county prison tonight and his bail is set at $90,000. he is called a career criminal and they are pursuing accomplices. >> vernon thank you. the driver of the tractor trailer escaped serious injury after his truck flipped on to its side in newcastle county, delaware near canard and lloyd
4:34 pm
streets, where the truck overturned at 1:00 this afternoon, the driver was not hurt and refused medical treatment. newport pike is closed now so hazmat crews can clean up the spill. now parts of new england are still feeling the full force of a blizzard the system did not deliver as much of a blow around here. lets head to meteorologist, adam joseph, for how much the nor'easter dropped in our region. >> the greater delaware valley 1 to 4 inches and near a foot in ocean and monmouth county and stormtracker 6 live double scan shows this blizzard continues to stall east of the new england, bringing snow bands to boston and northern maine and we go to facebook and twitter, this was sent into my facebook page from manasquan, new jersey you can
4:35 pm
see the table and it is estimated to be a foot of snow for ocean and monmouth counties. in brick township, 10 inches whiting 8 inches washington crossing 5 inches and philadelphia despite 1.2 inches of snow this makes it the most snow from one storm this winter season this has been a lackluster year, not much going on snow-wise and we are ripped off every single storm and temperatures boston just 18 degrees and new york city 30 and philadelphia to baltimore, temperatures at 34 degrees but as that low develops to the north it will send a north-northwesterly wind in tonight and brings bitter temperatures and windchills in by tomorrow morning, we'll talk about that and the next chance of light snow coming up before the weekends in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
4:36 pm
>> thank you adam. light snow lingered but the travel band was lifted at 7:30 this morning. the shore mostly dodged the damage a sigh of relief for the coastline for concerns of erosion and flooding. >> we checked all the areas that flooded earlier today 2:00 this morning and they were the standard locations nowhere near what we thought with the 7 foot flood. >> atlantic city had two dozen trucks out salting the roads and brining to refreeze overnight. it appears that the -- is here to stay. here is philadelphia international airport where dozens of flights were canceled today adding to the more than 400,000 passengers impacted. karen travers reports it may take several days for everything to return to normal. >> reporter: this massive storm
4:37 pm
is moving out but its impact could be felt all week. >> we do expect there to be cancellations and delays over the next two to three days if not even longer there is a live flight map showing heavy air traffic, now empty skies over much of the northeast and the travel woes extend to the west coast leaving passengers frustd rated. >> we had a 3:00 flight out of here but now all the flights are canceled and we are not going home for two days. >> i'm trying to go to newark and i'm flying 12 hours. >> thousands of flights canceled and nearly a half million people effected. >> the snow totals may not have been as high as expected in parts of new jersey and new york but it was the high winds that led airlines to cancel most flights in and out of the
4:38 pm
northeast. with the travel ban in place these stranded passengers could not leave the airport. at philadelphia international airport cots for travelers that got stuck and folks that were lucky enough to get hotel rooms. >> the impacted airports are expected to reopen tomorrow and things should start getting back to normal. but experts are warning travellers to be patient. karen travers, abc news washington. >> are you sending us pictures of so many cuties enjoying weather that mother nature sent to you using #~ 6 abc snow. this one is of duncan i'm okay all snuggled and warm. lucy in buck county has the same glass full attitude when you are less than a foot tall any amount of snow higher than the grass is significant. >> handsome luke is only 4 months old but a pro as bundling
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up and tina in hamilton says we are enjoying the blizzard of 2015 in our snowchariot. and that -- we sure are fun to see the pictures. if you are enjoying a snow day show us how are you spending it with the 6 abc storm tracker app you can use the app to send pictures wherever you are to "action news" news and use the app to send digital postcards to your family and friends. >> still ahead if you are looking to spruce up your home with a fresh coat of paint stay tuned. we'll happen you get the best value for your buck. and a lesbian lawmaker will fight fire with fire, what she threatens to expose about her colleagues that are against
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for two full years. and when you sign a two year agreement, get an incredible $300 bonus. this great deal won't last. visit to learn more today. police in new hope, minnesota, are trying to figure out why a gunman shot two rookie officers momented after they were sworn in. >> resolution to purchase a reader board sign -- beep beep get down get down everybody get down. >> just frighteninging that was the sound of five gunshots outside of city council chambers, most members ducked under his desk and one member pointed the gun at the door, the rookie officers managed to kill the suspect after he opened fire
4:43 pm
on them, both are expected to recover. here at the big board with the big talkers from alabama's only gay legislature to colleagues that oppose gay marriage, this is patricia todd, she has this message for lawmakers that oppose equality. she says you better have a clean marriage at home, because she will make them public. i will not let them talk about family values within they have affairs and i no many that are and have. and alabama is on its way to being the 37th state to legalize gay marriage. and blue ivy and specter, if are you looking for a different name for your unborn,
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there is a service for that, but it's not cheap. they will find you the worthy buzz name for the low low price of $35,000, are you paying for a team of 35 copyrighters and childrens name specialists they will spend 100 hours finding your baby a one of a kind name and make sure that no one else has ever had it and two trademarks will patent it so others companies can't use it but you can't stop others from having it. >> they are in the business. and it's a swedish company. >> a one of a kind. thank you alicia. now to another one of a kind as we get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> often when i say the name schuylkill, people scream and run away and hide in fear, but
4:45 pm
this afternoon there is no need to do that brian and shirleen, we look live at i-87, how many afternoons can we say this is a nice shot. the roadway is light and no issues on the mlk drive and the art museum and center city skyline is helping out the beauty of our shot. 95 is a clear shot if you are headed home to the great northeast. and the partial building collapse at the lululemon store at walnut at 15th and 16th blocked off and use sampson but that could be congested or stay on spruce. in montgomery county by the trap shopping center, there is a crash at first and third avenues and one in chester county at borden way at chester way road and one blocking newport gap pike by the cemetery. dart on a normal week schedule
4:46 pm
and patco on a modified snow schedule and emt running on a weekend schedule. no service to new york or boston. >> thank you matt. see you shortly, adam joseph back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up n.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph we move on to the next system. >> it's coming in here thursday evening into thursday night and behind that we have a true arctic boundary, the temperatures will plummet here at the end of the week, as we look at double scan live radar all is quiet and the sunshine returned this afternoon as the clouds moved on and the blizzard continues in southern new england 29 in allentown and 19
4:49 pm
in mount pocono and 33 in millville, and 32 in wildwood and beach an and coming in at 30 degrees we have the winds coming in from the northwest and that pulls the windchills back into the teens for reading, lancaster and also trenton into mt. pocono vicinity and 29 in millville and atlantic city airport it feels like 20 degrees. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar and all the vigorous air in the atmosphere and supplies the snow and wind with this particular blizzard. behind that you have substance and the warm air stinks and the sky will continue to clear overnight tonight. high pressure comes in midweek on wednesday it's a brilliantly sunny sky tomorrow but cold 33 is your high temperature with windchills in the low 20s throughout the day the high kind of fades and another clipper system arrives here late on thursday we start with sun
4:50 pm
late on thursday and 31 for your high and the clouds build in the afternoon, the evening commute looks good, and any snow showers that break out later in the evening we look at 10:00 on thursday night can you see the swath of snow that passes through and it's warming up in southern areas at the shore and rain down there and it will only snow for a few hours here thursday night we are looking for a coating to 2 inches that passes on by morning and for the rush hour it is clear and the rush hour returns and friday afternoon is when a strong cold front from the north comes through to drop temperatures. tonight clearing and cold and windchills in the single digits and air temperatures 12 to 16 degrees your exclusive accuweather forecast a crystal clear sky tomorrow it's clear until thursday early evening and then later on at night we'll see
4:51 pm
the rain and snow showers pass through and then the cold front comes through friday afternoon and the 38 is dereceiving because the temperatures fall in the afternoon and with the arctic boundary there do be more showers friday afternoon and then a bitter cold start to the weekend and single digits in the morning and afternoon and looking good on sunday and rain and snow is possible and another arctic blast on tuesday with the high of just 20 degrees, so hello february. bring the cold and a couple of rounds of minor snow events. >> it is still winter. >> we have to make up for the lack of winter. well, thank you adam for keeping an eye on that, and saving with 6 abc is next.
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resistance. but it was pretty good. and lowes top performer was $44 a gallon. but for $10 less can you get val spar signature that gives impressive results. >> you give up stain resistance but if you use the satin or semi gloss you are good to go. >> lowes -- was not good at hiding dark color. ace hardware stores offer they are brand too clark and kensington a good paint for $32 a gallon you can get tips on the best way to paint a room at i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> dover delaware's most famous cop is at it again and this time his lip-syncing antics are doing more than generating likes on facebook. ♪♪ ♪♪ love that guy thark is master
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corporal jeff davis rocking out to the taylor swift hit that made him an internet sensation you remember this video it has been viewed more than 26 million times but this new dance route on at a charity event in delaware last week raised more than $60,000 to help single parents help with their child care. corporal davis appears to not shake off his new found fame. hope we see him and more videos to come. >> you only live once, got to live like him. love it. that is it for "action news" at 4:00 for adam joseph brian taff and alicia vitarelli join me along with adam joseph and ducis rogers for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. we are have more coming up with the roof collapse in center city, philadelphia, kenneth moton is live on the ground.
4:57 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass.
4:59 pm
tuesday night and the big story on "action news" is breaking news from center city where bricks fell off of one building and crashed through the roof of north at the lululemon athletica store. three women inside of the store were injured and taken to the hospital. kenneth moton was at the scene minutes after it happened. he joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: we still have quite a scene leer on the 1500 block of walnut street right now, here in center city shopping district and investigators are trying to figure out what caused this partial roof collapse at will you lemon, you can see the 15 to 20 foot wide hole when bricks from a neighboring building fell and caused the roof clap. it happened on the 1500 block of walnut and the store was filled with employees and customers at
5:00 pm
the time. paramedics responded and found people under the rubble and pulled three women out of here on stretchers, we understand the injuries are minor but are looking to learn more. some people were employees, but we are not sure if any are customers. >> we spoke to a customer and an attorney that works in the neighboring business. >> said to the girl that works there, what was that it was huge? she goes it was huge and two seconds later the ceiling caved in. >> looked outside and kept an eye on what was going on and nothing else fell but something else large fell off the top of the building as best we can tell, there are firemen up there now. they evacuated our offices but now they have let us go back in. >> that last man there was with the law firm of this building can you see where the bricks fell off the building and w


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