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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  January 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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it will send a lot of precipitation our way and bring warm air with it. if you look at storm tracker 6 is begins after midnight saturday, into the middle hours of saturday morning, the snow is breaking out and cold air is in place at first for most of us that warm takes over and this is what we expect for precipitation types. southern new jersey and delaware you saw the brunt of the snow this go around it's mainly rain for saturday. for the i-95 corridor and the adjacent suburbs it's snow and mainly to rain, have you to go toward the lehigh valley and berks county to see this start as snow and end as snow on the day on saturday. here is your timeline between 10:00 p.m. on friday to 1:00 in the morning, some of that snow and rain arrives from the south and north from 3:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m., that is the steadiest
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precipitation. from noon until 3:00 a.m. that is northeast, if we look at philadelphia and the metro area, what we think percentage wise about how much snow before it changes to rain, the highest percentage is 60% a light accumulation of 3 inches and if are you looking for 6 inches it's less at 5%. we'll have more about the storm on its heels come next week in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. follow the storm with the 6 abc storm tracker app get the latest from accuweather and access to our live radar and use the report your weather feature, to let us know what is happening and where you are, and show us photos of the snow and create a digital postcard to give to your family and friends. it started with a murder suspect and when one of their
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own stopped them from solving the case and that officer is facing charges. john rawlins live now, the story is beginning to feel a bit like a soap opera. or a cheap novel. >> that was the words of the d.a. today. the case is there is a former homicide detective awaiting arraignment he is charged with obstructing justice and that he decide evidence and for a month's time hid a criminal suspect that happened to be his girlfriend. september 15th a man is stabbed to death in the after hours club of north 5th street and police start looking for erica sanchez a former lover of the man she has a new boyfriend ronald dove a homicide detective and the d.a. does not do his officer
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as a detective. >> he jumps into action to hid evidence, shielded her and hid her and financed her flight. dove drove sanchez to rochester new york where he checked her into a holiday inn. >> williams says that dove cleaned sanchez's vehicle, a honda element like this one and took him to a garage owner and told him to store it out of sight. >> he said erica had murdered someone and police were actively looking for the car. while allegedly hiding sanchez, he told other detectives that he killed in sex defense and that his heart overruled his head. >> ron never thought he was trying to help a criminal. instead he thought he was helping someone that was a victim of domestic violence and
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acted in self defense. >> ronaldo torres and melanie cologne who was shot 12 times and her body was dumped behind this apartment building. this story is full of odd twists, the d.a. says that dove rejoined sanchez in new york and the couple took a little vacation it was described they went to niagara falls and took in the sights. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. three people are dead after their car crashed on the new jersey turnpike this morning, it happened around 7:30 in cherry hill near route 70 in the past 15 minutes, new jersey state police confirmed that the driver was 35-year-old sagundo ramiro. the car crashed into trees and lingering snow and ice made
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roads tough to navigate this morning. the action cam was in bucks county as pennsylvania state police searched a frozen over lake for a car with possibly a body inside. they used chainsaws to cut through the ice no word on what kind of car they are looking for or if anything was found. take a look at these flames that massive inferno raged in ber gan county is it broke out in an apartment complex in edgewater 500 first spornds from new jersey and new york were called into action. >> we got out safely and got the cars out, at least we are alive. that is the most important thing. >> hundreds of firefighters went door-to-door as flames moved quickly through the 240 unit structure destroying every single one of them. responders made three rescues
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and incredibly no one is missing. >> it was floor to ceiling with smoke and they had to crawl their way in the dark to get the people out of the apartments, we had a crew trapped on the balcony and rescue with ground ladders from the back of the building, that was my concern first not the building. >> investigators trying to figure out how the building burned there were sprinklers but built with light building materials that were flammable but up to code. today it continues to smolder, dozens of people are displaced but receiving tons of help. truck loads of supplies are arriving from all over the region. >> we went to the grocery store to get tooth brushes and milk and that kind of things they would not take the money they are food and drinks for everyone. edgewater schools are closed today but the children went
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there any way to deliver supplies. >> everybody's belongings were there and everything was lost, it's horrible. >> here is the incredible thing two firefighters and two civilians only suffered minor injuries despite those incredible flames you see there. the police chief says that lives cannot be replaced. but as for the structure they can always rebuild. >> a massive blaze there thank you. officials in new jersey are investigating a fast moving house fire that sent to people to the hospital. it broke out in clayton this morning. it took firefighters 20 minutes to get the flames under control and two people were take and to crozier medical center with burns. they are expected to be okay. unionized teachers won another round in court over the school commission, they ruled that the src was wrong to void
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the teachers contract and force them to pay for health care and those terms have to be collectively bargained it takes $200 million out of the school district's budget over the next few years. vernon odom has more, he'll have a live report at 5:00. delaware governor jack markell delivered his annual state of the state address and established an ambitious new goal, from a few years ago when the economy was in a free fall, but a lot has to be done to prepare for the opportunities of the future and he devised what he called delaware promise. >> this is a new goal, by 2025, 65% of our workforce will earn a college degree or professional certificate and everyone at least a high school diploma. >> the governor had a special
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guest in attendance, this dover police officer that stars in the viral video that stars singing taylor swift's shake it off. and president obama and vice president, joe biden will be here this weekend, the president will be here on saturday and the vice president on friday they will talk about their strategy for the next few years while republicans are in control and a big opportunity for the city of philadelphia one the finalists to host the 2016 democratic national convention. and a scandal in guantanamo bay, why the chief was suspended from his post. and what the pentagon says they are preparing to do next in the middle east.
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leaders from the u.s. and
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cuba held their second day of talks in havana in normalizing relations, they talked about lifting diplomatic restrictions and allowing americans to have access to an embassy in havana, the talks are harsh at time, they have resisted allowing legal residents to cubans that have entered u.s. soil. meanwhile the navy has relieved the commanding officer at guantanamo bay of his duties they say they lost confidence in john nettleton's ability to lead. he was apparently having an affair with the man's wife, and is he not a suspect in the man's death. yemen's government has stepped down as the crisis in that country continues the
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prime minister and cabinet all resigned. that leaves rebels in control after a coup last week they are awaiting a possible evacuation of the embassy there america is a key ally in the fight against terrorism. they consider al qaeda in yemen the most dangerous terror group in the world. lets get you caught up in business check the numbers on wall street green arrows all around and they get a boost from the central bank and the dow is soaring 2 64 points and the s&p up 34 points on the day. ebay plans to cut 2400 jobs this quarter as it gets ready to split their businesses. ebay also plans to spin off or
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sell an online site for brick and mortar sites. it's time for the "action news" traffic report on a thursday the the band is back together because matt pellman is back from his brief vacation well deserved one. >> thank you, good to have everybody back in the house i went in search for sun and warmth over the next few days, i found some but this afternoon we are finding a crash approaching the vine street expressway and the good news is it's off in the construction zone and as we watch being towed away on the flat bed tow truck as we watch no more accident on i-5 southbound but still southbound delays with speeds in the 20s and single digits. a crash on the kelly drive
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underneath the twin bridges by ferry road in east falls that too just cleared out but we are still watching a wreck with a bus in east norton and in the spring house area, emergency construction the result of an accident of a dump truck that struck the overhead sign, at norristown road and the right lane is belonged and it will stay that way through the evening rush. so expect delays from the ambler area this afternoon. one delay at rogers and in newark, a wreck along route 40 at scotland drive. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday almost friday a pothole along lancaster avenue a spot where we saw some many of them last year. we'll check it again in the next half hour. a teenage girl says she was attacked by a plan on a trolley
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and police are hoping that the video will lead to an arrest. rick williams is live in the newsroom with that story. >> that is right the 17-year-old victim says there was an altercation and was only trying to defend herself, she says her name was shay but would not give us her last name. here is the cell phone video of the attack and it shows the man believed to we in his 30s hitting shay repeatedly, the victim, shay, describes exactly what happened. and the flu season continues to hit the country hard and some fine the illness especially difficult ali gorman tells us what is behind a cough syrup shortage. that and more when we see you on "action news" at 5:00. >> see you then rick thank you. up next at 4:00 today adam is back with a look at the nor'easter heading our way. >> and will ferrell goes to a
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nba game and throws a basketball at a cheerleaders head. find out about the story behind this viral viral video. ♪♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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an iconic childrens book advocate was in center city. the berstein bears unveiled their latest invention, they teach kids about earning and saving and spending their money. >> why conthey come out with that book when we were kids. >> i need that credit union book. >> i loved the bearstein bears. >> they haven't aged a bit that is not fair. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan a lot of precipitation in the gulf of mexico the one thing we are not seeing if we were expecting a
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major winter storm in new england we would see the northern end of this be precipitation and snow and ice there is a lack of cold air and a lot of warmth coming up with this storm. the temperatures are seasonable. 40 degrees in philadelphia, 40 in dover 36 in reading and the poconos it's cold there that is where they want it cold 29 to make snow and 30 at the atlantic city airport. the mid-atlantic temperatures from the south where the storm is coming from and pull air in it's 50 degrees in richmond binghamton is cold at 25 degrees and the cold air lingers in the poconos to the north and we have some hint of sunshine and clouds are holding strong as we fly to the south that is gathering in texas and amarillo saw decent amounts of snow last night and all of this heads towards the carolinas and off the coast. if you want to see the snow you
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will have to be up in the wee hours of saturday morning, as the precipitation arrives late tomorrow night into saturday 2:00 a.m. it begins with snow in philadelphia north and west and mainly starts as rain to the south and east. and watch saturday morning when most of us are getting up it's already rain, it goes quickly to rain here from philadelphia to wilmington and trenton and north and west and the lehigh valley is dealing with a sleet and snow mixture and as we look at philadelphia's model consensus for how much snow to see all agree 1 to 2 inches 1 to 3 for wilmington and philadelphia and it switches to rain there and 3 plus inches trenton to the north, unfortunately the kids
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may want to go out and sled but much of it will be somewhat washed away and just be a soming mess here saturday morning as the water gets sucked in by the snow. it's cold and a winter chill 19 in allentown and 23 for dover and your four day at 4:00 forecast leading up to the storm it's a beautiful day tomorrow and sunshine and late clouds, pretty nice and 40 degrees, on saturday it snowed to a quick mix and rain and the second half of the weekend, really nice, 42 with sunshine and then early on monday some snow is likely and we could see more in the way of just snow and no mixing at 34 guys. >> all right. we'll keep an eye on that. thank you adam. new england patriots quarterback tom brady is talking about the controversy of those deflated footballs is he speaking publically for the first time since the nfl found
4:23 pm
11 of the 12 balls used by the patriots in the afc championship game were underinflated. earlier today bill belichick held a news conference and said he and the team are cooperating with the league's investigation. we'll keep an eye on this. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with efficiency? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60
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it is time now for the buzz, super heros are battling it out on social media over the super bowl, chris prat and chris evans are waging an epic battle on twitter and it started with this tweet from chris evans well well well pratt it looks like our teams are going into battle are you not my friend you are my enemy. if the seahawks wins a seattle fan must visit seattle in his captain america hospital. and if the patriots win pratt
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must visit a pediatric hospital dressed as star lord. big news out of citizens bank park billy joel was returning to philly this summer for a show on august 13th ticket goes on sale this friday january 30th this vine video of will ferrell is going viral it's all a stunt, it's not real but you have to see it. it is a stunt for a film, he whipped a nba cheerleader in the face with a basketball. it happened last night at the game. and here he is being dragged out by two pretty big security guards it's all a movie stunt and will ferrell and mark wahlberg were filming scenes for
4:27 pm
a movie "daddy's home". >> it was a film and he hit her in the face. hopefully deflated. >> still ahead here at 4:30, saving atlantic city, we are live down at the shore with the details of governor chris christie's rescue plan. first flames and then the fraud charges, why they believe that one family tried to fund their lifestyle with fires. and how one new jersey mom made a name for herself by documenting the exhausting realities of parenting. so you won't miss a second of that movie, that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on! make your house the house when you get more from verizon fios
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph alicia vitarelli shirleen allicot and brian taff. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with ways to keep more cash in your pocket when it comes to prescriptions. >> and he reached his breaking point. >> i refused to let her go through something like that, there is no way. i won't do it. >> when a minnesota dad discovered his adopted daughter is being bullied over her race, he did something extraordinary, what made him take his family's pain public. can you frown and flex your way to younger looking skin, some experts swear by it. this is a facial workout giving
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new meaning to the word facelift. and buck county seven people including four members of same family are accused of using fire to fund a life of luxury this is the shot of the family's mansion in 2013, the attorney general's office started looking into this after the third fire in four years, they paid out $20 million for the first two fires and they were seeking another $20 million for the october fire after a lengthy investigation, they resoxed that claire and her husband and children and daughter-in-law worked with -- to defraud the insurance company and all seven are facing a number of charges, dann cuellar will have much more on this bizarre and developing story coming up tonight at 6:00. turning now to a plan to
4:31 pm
pull a shore town back from the edge of a bankruptcy cliff this afternoon new jersey governor chris christie called on a corporate turn around specialist to work as a manager. we turn now to nora muchanic live in atlantic city. nora lots of hope riding on this plan? >> reporter: absolutely, governor christie says he can't afford to wait any longer and it's time for expert and objective leadership in atlantic city to fix the fiscal nightmare here and they put an emergency manager in to pick over government. it's a controversial move on not necessarily welcomed here at city hall. >> kevin lavin on the left and kevin moore is next to him he helped detroit through
4:32 pm
bankruptcy, they will oversea the city's operations. >> kevin and i have to work all together with the people here to get to a plan that makes sense. help us resolve the problem and get out of our job and help us help the city and return it to regular order. >> with four casinos closing and educational costs skyrocketing along with taxes atlantic city is in deep trouble. governor christie appointed the managers through executive order say that atlantic city is digging out of an enormous hole. this is not a move to supplant the mayor in any way. it's to make sure we have the tools necessary to confront the dire circumstance we are confronting. >> but some local officials are not happy about what they view of a takeover of local government. >> they will come and dictate
4:33 pm
the city without sitting down with the city fathers and getting their input. >> mayor guardian vehemently opposes the take over and is waiting to see the authority they have. >> we need to move forward but we don't know what the jurisdiction is right now other than they are working with us. >> emergency managers say it's too soon to talk about bankruptcy for atlantic city, they call that idea premature they will start out thinking about office space and working arrangementses to get down to business, they have their work cut out for them. we are live in atlantic city, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you nora. a hard working family man is struggling to survive following a violent robbery in philadelphia's german town section the 53-year-old husband and father was shot eight times as he closed up the grocery at
4:34 pm
8:30 last night. "action news" talked to an employee whose grandmother owns the store, though she asked we not show her face her grandmother was holding they are 2-year-old cousin when the gunman stormed in. >> the guy with the gun came in the front and saw my grandmother had the little child and i guess he didn't want to do anything in front of child. >> instead of hurting the woman or child the suspect went for the clerk working the deli counter and opened fire when the employee put up a fight. that clerk remains in critical condition at einstein hospital. it was one week ago that 18-year-old rebecca lynn tumbled on to gwynn from an eight story
4:35 pm
balcony. kim was taking photos on the ledge when she fell. a music teacher in the poconos turned himself in on charges that he had sex with a former student. brandon flatly appeared before a judge there morning amid accusations that he engaged in a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old high school girl. it happened when he taught the girl at strasburg elementary when she was just 10 years old and texted her naked pictures of himself and bail is set at $75000. three burglars in port richmond found unusual ways to get inside of a medical supply store, they cut a hole in the roof, these are two of the burglars they stole cash and food and got out the same way they came in. if you know anything investigators would appreciate a
4:36 pm
phone call. adam joseph is joining us with more on the precipitation you are tracking. >> if you want to see snow, most of us are not going to see a snowflake fall this weekend, because it's going to fall while we are asleep and by the time we wake up it's mainly rain for most of the us in the area. as we look outside now, ben franklin bridge it's aglow a beautiful shot and eerie how dark the sky is in the background and the hint of sun breaking through and the dew point 29 and the wind north-northwest at 29 miles per hour, and the skies are gray and still a sugar coating of snow out there at 36 and the dew point 29 and a breathtaking shot here as well in atlantic city, you can see a little sliver there. haze in the atmosphere where visibility is 3 miles down there and notice all the snow is all gone. they had 3 inches yesterday and now it's melting away with warmer temperatures for the most part.
4:37 pm
we'll talk about timing and when it changes to rain in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam, stay on ton of the changing weather situation at, you'll find the stormtracker 6 live double scan plus the hourly and seven-day forecast and the latest videos from our team of meteorologists and view our collection of weather related images. today one nonprofit received a generous gift helping them celebrate a quarter century of providing food to people battling disease, bank of america presented mana with a check for $200,000 it's part of the neighborhood builders award and the great kickoff to mana's birthday celebration they showed us where that money would go as they sorted meals for the people they serve. two middletown basketball team received new uniforms after
4:38 pm
their original gear was stolen over christmas. it was possible thanks to the group men that care from german town they are dedicated to helping the less fortunate in their community. still ahead tom brady addresses deflate-gate, what he said when asked if he was a cheater. and he stood up to his daughter's racist bullies, he went public with the family's private pain. and a new procedure for the term facelift. and adam joseph turning forward the clock as he predicts the weekend weather system coming our way. you have to predict the future adam.
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4:40 pm
new england patriots coach bill belichick, was completely
4:41 pm
unaware that his team was using deflated footballs during the afc championship win and now quarterback, tom brady, is addressing the issue as well. he is talking to the media for the last 20 minutes. he was asked if he was a cheater. >> i play within the rules and i believe in fair play and i respect the league and everything they are doing to try and create a very competitive playing field for all the nfl teams -- >> earlier today coach belichick said he had no knowledge of the process getting the balls ready for the game and the accusations that the patriots deflated the balls making them easy to catch and grip, he forces his players to practice under bad ball conditions he has never talked to a player or staff member about ball pressure and he rarely ever touches a game ball but in the future he will make
4:42 pm
sure the balls are properly inflated. world news with david muir is following this closely and their live team coverage begins after "action news" at 6:00. on health check at 4:00, you work out the muscles of your body and should you work out the muscles of face as well. yes says therapists at the skin gym in new york, they help complaints work out their faces to tonight and stretch the muscles, it includes a warm-up and resistance training and this one sounds good a hot stone massage and a cool down. >> you work it out like the body and you see benefits the same applied to the muscles in the face. therapists say that the short-term is a healthy glow and in the long-term it's better muscle tonight in the face can help you look younger longer they believe that beauty looks
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younger from the inside. and $4 for a 30 minute session. here with the big talkers a heart breaking case of bullying led one minnesota dad to share his pain on youtube. his 4-year-old daughter was sent a racist message on snap chat, they contained words so strong we edited for tv. you are [ bleep ]. >> he filed a police report and called the father of the child that left the message and he also used the racial slurs. his youtube has 60000 views already. >> if i done get this out and get people to understand what is going on here especially with this individual, my daughter is not going to say anything to me and i'll find her hanging in the
4:44 pm
bedroom some day. >> i hope people understand how racism affects people. >> their parents don't see anything wrong with them or the harsh language that was used. >> if are you a parent you know it can be tough. and poor baby. deer baby, sorry i took a photo instead of helping you up. instagram first a new jersey mom has lighthearted fun at the expense of the little one dear baby, xo love you. she was pretty stressed out with her first child and created the account to give other exhausted parents a giggle. dear baby i'm sorry i said there was cheerios in there so i could have two minutes alone. and sorry baby i considered closing this door to shower in peace but it's all in good fun, the mom clearly eating the
4:45 pm
milano cookies, i all have your monitor but it's never on. hope you are okay. >> it's honest. >> it's real. >> all right alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads. matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update. >> we try to be honest this afternoon there are a couple of spots that are not so pretty like here in spring house a dump truck struck the overhead sign along 309 at the norristown road interchange and now resultsing is emergency construction, taking out the right lane and causing slowing as you head to montgomeriville on the northbound side of 309 this afternoon there is that little slowing on 309 northbound and orland a crash at bridge street and our bus accident along west norton is cleared up. and there is a crash in plymouth
4:46 pm
township to avoid along ridge pike at jefferson street and a new crash in spring city, along old schuylkill road near anderson road. so far slowing on westbound 422 by route 29, 23 miles per hour and normal stuff this afternoon on the schuylkill expressway eastbound side some moderate traffic, kind of slow away from 202 into the conshohocken curve and heavy delays on 95 especially approaching the work zone at the vine. and we are watching a crash in newcastle as well. down in delaware newcastle county at rogers road but so far no big issues on 95 we'll check it again brian and shirleen in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. we have breaking news right now, chopper 6 hd live over the scene in south philadelphia at carlyle and ritner where police are on the scene after a shooting at this intersection police were called out amid reports of shots fired they got
4:47 pm
there and found a man in his 20s on the ground with what are reported to be multiple gunshot wounds to his back, is he transported to hup, is he in critical condition at this time. they are seeking a full sized dark collared suv and no word on a motive but we'll keep you updated on this breaking story a shooting in south philadelphia.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
are er adam joseph is here now. >> sometimes it's nasty in the morning when you get the transition from snow to rain and a windy day with a lot of precipitation but the majority of the precipitation type will be liquid and not frozen, good news if you don't want your
4:50 pm
weekend ruined. looking at double scan live radar, all is clean and a few breaks of sun late this afternoon and it pushed the temperatures to the average. 40 in philadelphia and we hit a high of 41 and 37 in allentown and 39 in dover and 29 in the poconos. we fly down to the south this is where the system is pulling up from, out of the gulf of mexico you see a decent slug of moisture from the tennessee valley to the gulf coast states one thing you don't see though when you get the deep southern systems, in the mid-atlantic and northeast you see frozen precipitation on the end but there is a lack of cold air because there is no massive high pressure center eastern canada to drag cold air down to interact with this storm. as the low rapidly deepens to the north and east. it floods in the mild air this
4:51 pm
go around there is no blocking pattern in the open atlantic the storm lingers saturday and saturday afternoon a quick change to rain for most. it begins with wet snow in lancaster and wilmington and by the time most of us get up saturday morning it's raining from montgomery to buck county and southern berks county and all points to the shore and lehigh valley the only point on saturday morning still seeing left over snow and into saturday afternoon we dry out to the west at 3:30, still raining south and east to the shore this is how much we are expecting a coating to an inch and that is washed away quickly saturday morning and 1 to 3 wilmington to reading but you won't always have that because it flips to rain for most. on the verge of allentown and the poconos it could linger longer and see 3 inches. as we look at the forecast tonight, mainly clear and a
4:52 pm
winter chill in the air and 19 in the suburbs and 26 for center city and the exclusive accuweather forecast, sunshine tomorrow and late clouds and a nice day at 40 degrees, snow and a mix and rain for almost all of us here on saturday with the exception of the lehigh valley and 39 degrees, mild on sunday again at 42 and a clipper system pulls through sunday night into early monday morning a few inches of snow with that system before it turns cold and dry tuesday wednesday and thursday with highs generally below the freezing point. this winter of 2014, so far no big storms in sight. >> a bit of a bust so far. >> i'm okay with that. saving with 6 abc when we come back.
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time to save with 6 abc americans spend millions a year on prescription drugs consumer reports explains how to save money. the average annual cost is $700 but there are surprising ways to cut your drug costs. >> the first thing to consider is taking an over the counter medication for common ailments but you want to do that with the advice of your doctors. for seasonal allergies agrin is good and insomnia. look for generic instead of
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lunesta and paying for your prescription fourself. >> paying out of pocket could be cheaper if you use discount programs like sams club wal-mart or target. paying out right for lowering cholesterol could cost you less than your insurance co-pay if your insurance company has a preferred pharmacy you may want to shop there. and a mail order program you may want to check that out too, and shopping for over the counter medicines look for store brands they can cost a lot less. and now for shirleen allicot and adam joseph and adam joseph i'm brian taff. we are back tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here is rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead. >> coming up n on "action news" at 5:00, hundreds are displaced by a raining apartment fire in
4:57 pm
new jersey we are live on the scene with the latest. and philadelphia teachers fight back about a major contract dispute and win. we'll have the stories and more, and cecily tynan hey, cal. snap out of it buddy. sorry. just day dreaming. about a classic truck with flames?
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. she says she was attacked by a man on a trolley and has the video and injuries to prove it. tonight the philadelphia teenager is telling her story while police are investigating. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the attack on a female student by an adult man. it was caught on video chad pradelli is live at juniata park with all the details tonight. >> reporter: rick, every day many of our young students take public transportation to get to and from school rarely are any of them attacked by an adult that is what allegedly happened and yesterday and today i spoke with the victim and her mother. her eye is swollen and bruises
5:00 pm
and her nose broken after this man attacked her on the trolley. >> my nose, very to breathe a certain way and needs a certain way. i can't move my mouth in certain directions because it hurts my nose too bad. shay is 17 and is withholding her full name at the family's request. she jumped on the trolley at girard for the short trip to school. >> i bumped my bag into this man and he was mad and started calling me out and getting real smart with me. >> she ignored him and the man got up and threatened her in the ear and she saw his fist was clenched she tried to defend herself. he hit me and i hit him. >> he say cree


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