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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nd bridgeton in cumberland county so how much snow do we expect? well we are about to tell you. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the snowy evening in most of the tri-state area, and we'll be checking in with kenneth moton john rawlins in chadds ford but first latest facts and figures from meteorologist, cecily tynan and adam joseph. >> as we say all along this is a light snow event and the relatively heavier snow amounts were across south jersey i'm in a wide view of stormtracker 6 live double scan to show that you this clipper is a fast moving system and it's offshore it's intensifying indicating by the lightning strikes we have more than 150 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes but they are all over the ocean, it's pulling away and we are just really dealing with the left overs right now it's dropping heavier snow still across south
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jersey, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we have light snow around philadelphia beginning to shut off in lancaster and our far northwestern suburbs and finally light snow in buck county but bic bucks county hasn't seen much snow at all today. those white bands are heavier snow near ocean city and the garden state parkway and that is pushing out to sea and the snow is tapering off in the evening hours, the problem is the timing with this, happening with the rush hour, the visibility is a factor. 1 mile in philadelphia and 1 in allentown and 2 in wilmington. and we could be dealing with frozen fog and drizzle tonight. lets head over to adam joseph. >> you talk about the temperatures below freezing and it's a bad combination nows that
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the sun has set we are looking at 27 allentown and 30 philadelphia and 29 degrees in dover, by tomorrow morning if you haven't cleaned off your car it requires scraping by tomorrow morning untreated surfaces will turn on the slick side total snowfall accumulations from a coating to an inch, through much of the area, chester county and to philadelphia and again the southern areas from wilmington to dover and atlantic city, we saw between 2 and 3 inches of snow this afternoon. slippery travel overnight tonight as the temperatures drop into the lower 20s by tomorrow morning but the snow will end by 10:00 and there is still some possible freezing drizzle and fog that develops little drop lets can adhere to all surfaces when cecily tynan comes back this is a taste of winter weather and there could be
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something bigger in weekend in the seven day. lets go live to chadds ford and "action news" reporter john rawlins snow normally turns chadds ford into a beautiful picture is that what you are seeing tonight? >> that is for sure. it's a light snow as you heard so after four hours of snow take a look at the ground it's just barely covering the grass here, now frankly chadded ford is more than just rolling hills and barns, its home to route 202, when you find the traffic it's moving quite nicely the roads have been clear certainly up to now. penndot is ready for whatever mother nature throws our way tonight, loaded salt trucks at the ready before the first flake, visions of the damage before the freeze words of caution to drivers, slow down allow extra time to get to their destinations and this is key to
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maintain plenty of space between the vehicles in front of them. >> this is ace hardware stocked with all kinds of winter supplies salt, shovels and sleds. jennifer came looking for winter boots for obey. >> his feet gets cold, winter boots for his little toes and this is a great store. >> they had them and they fit. >> but you got the zrink idea that obey was not crazy about his new winter wear. this could take a while to get used to. >> hopefully he keeps them on there they will keep him toasty and dry tonight if he goes outside. very light snow here jim, you look behind me route 202 gets into trouble because of snow moving nicely at this point in time. john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> switching live to ben franklin parkway and "action
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news" reporter kenneth moton. is it coating the blacktop? >> it's clear but drivers should not be fooled because the roads are wet and it could be slippery in spots. the snowfall has not been too bad in center city. the wintery mix started at 2:30 in the heart of the city. >> i hate it i like the warm weather and it's just too cold and i'm walking to the train station. >> it's not so bad. >> it could be worse. >> do you get this in ireland? >> not as bad. >> not bad for the ireland native or these guys that thought it was a good time to get in a run. others spilled out of office buildings trying to make it home before conditions get worse. >> i live in downingtown, i know it will be rough when i get home. >> do you plan to leave earlier?
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>> i had a meeting until 3:00, i was hoping to leave earlier but i couldn't. >> the city deployed 300 trucks on the vine street expressway we saw cars exercising the extreme caution the same slow approach so many say they plan to take during the evening commute. >> are you concerned about road conditions? >> i am but i'm a good driver, very to watch out for the other drivers. >> you have to be a good driver in this, it's a salting event for the city and they are ready to plow, but only 1 to 2 inches expected here. reportsing live on the ben franklin parkway, kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." >> areas south of the city are seeing heavier snow, route 1, had low visibility and drivers were taking it slow on the snowy
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roads and snow started falling in hammonton just before 3:00 this afternoon and it has not let up since before that road crews spent the day stocking salt trucks and plows to be ready when the snow starts to accumulate autumn marisa is in for matt pellman, what kind of impact is this having on traffic tonight. >> fortunately volume is light this is the schuylkill expressway at city avenue westbound things are moving along nicely but the roads are wet, watch the bridges, the ramps and it's overpasses and the secondary roads and even roads treated like the schuylkill expressway have slippery spots. we just saw an accident cleared on the schuylkill. and speeds are reduced here to 35 miles per hour because of the low visibility and moving along to the 42 freeway, this is creek road southbound and northbound
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and steady snow there fortunately salt trucks are plentiful out there. the new jersey turnpike southbound and northbound have reduced speeds as well as the garden state parkway and an accident at upper state road, the road was blocked in both directions and that has reopened. back to you jim. >> our coverage of this wintery weather continues on we have the future tracker maps to show you the panel of the snow, as always you can see the latest weather reports on "action news" along with the hourly and seven-day forecasts it's there at the action news morning team will get an early start tomorrow and can you come and join us at 4:00 a.m. matt o'donnell and tamala edwards and meteorologist, david murphy, and karen roger has the latest conditions, school closings or delays.
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coming up dash-cam video is released after a shooting in south jersey. an advocacy group says it shows that officers did not need to use deadly force and deflate-gate deepens, we have new details on the nfl controversy involving the new england patriots and cecily tynan is back with the accuweather seven-day forecast. "action news" continues in just a moment.
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don tollefson was led away in hand coughs this afternoon
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he was convicted of fraud after 12 hours of deliberations, prosecutors said he bilked people out of $350,000 buy selling bogus sports packages. he could be sentenced to 30 years in prison. the pennsylvania supreme court says that it will consider the claim of state attorney general, kathleen kane that the special prosecutors investigator her was appointed illegally and meanwhile kane vowed not to resign in the face of possible charges. documents released today detailed kane's argument against a grand jury decision that found reasonable grounds to indict her on perjury. it -- called the charges absurd
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and says that is fuhrman -- and that is kane. kane says she asked for the documents to show that her office did nothing wrong. >> now montgomery county district attorney fuhrman must decide whether to move forward with the grand jury's recommendations and move forward on the charges. and now in bridgeton, new jersey, the police department there is accused of using excessive force the controversy will only get hotter. >> the release of this police dash board video from the night of december 30th has created controversy, it shows the officers repeatedly ordering passenger jerome reed not to move.
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do not [ bleep ] move -- >> but the 36-year-old reed appears to push himself out the passenger side door, and his hands are partially in front of him when he gets out of car. and they say it was excessive force. >> if you have a gun in my face i'm nervous too it give a face to an atmosphere that exists here every day. >> when you guys leave this atmosphere is still going to be here. the altercation began with a traffic stop and reed had a criminal record and was arrested last summer by officer days for drugs and resisting arrest. the county prosecutors office is promising a thorough and fair grand jury investigation. community members say that this
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video helps to reveal a pattern of police brutality in bridgeton. everyone behind me and everyone in this community i have spoken with, are not anti-police they are anti-police brutality. the attorney general says that it's proper for the cumberland county prosecutor to proceed with her own investigation and then the attorney general will review the findings and conclusions. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." there is one less candidate in the running for mayor of philadelphia, the former federal prosecutor and city solicitor issued a statement saying that there are family matters that require my full attention. it includes nelson diaz and lynn abraham and williams. they were rushing a shooting
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victim to the hospital when they crashed with a lexus at 25th and lehigh, the cruiser hit a third vehicle and both officers and the shooting victim had expected to be okay.
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sixers-knicks used to be a marquee attraction but not tonight? >> may not be the top quality basketball. the worst teams with the worst records and sixers fans who are also st. joes fans will see a familiar face. >> galloway pulls off the dribble yes, sir! >> former star langston galloway the second leading scorer in school history is trying to score a full-time job with the new york knicks the undrafted rookie is expected to make his second start against the sixers galloway is playing on his second ten day contract. >> i never lacked confidence of
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getting to the league i take it day by day to work hard and get up here. >> galloway stopped by his old stomping grounds to say hello to his old teammates and former coach who is still giving him advice. >> since he was 12 years old he dreamt of being a professional basketball player and he is. >> galloway is one of two st. joe players in the nba and he is proud to represent the hawks. >> it shows that st. joes does have some tal en. he is averaging 12 points for the knicks. jeff skversky. if espn's report is true, the patriots will be in a lot of trouble. 11 of the 12 footballs that they supplied were underinflated by 2 pounds league officials say they were checked and approved by the referee a few hours
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before the game. the nfl will soon wrap up their investigation. >> talk about hitting the all start game with a bang they got a win over penguins the game got 93 penalty minutes and it also had this, the claude giroux winner, the flyers won 3-2 and they hope this is something the team can build on. >> cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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montgomery drive in fairmount park right now headed to the schuylkill expressway, if you take this route -- quick stop. just a momentary freeze in the video. we'll be on the schuylkill expressway in just a moment as you can see the blacktop is clear driving conditions not too bad at the moment. can it get worse? >> with the untreated roads definitely. with temperatures dropping through the 20s tonight there will be icy patches and we could have freezing drizzle. a minor event mainly in south jersey but saturday could be different stormtracker 6 live double scan showing what is going on here at the moment you can see how the northwest suburbs the snow is beginning to shut off. we have steady snow around south jersey and philadelphia has light snow moving through near norristown and quakers town and
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doylestown and all areas to the west it's drying out and heading into south jersey we had the purple bands of heavier snow earlier and those have now dissipated so we have a light but steady snow across the garden state parkway. not everybody hates the snow, vineland new jersey sherry sent me that there was enough snow that the little ones could do some sledding and they have smiles on their faces. >> accuweather showing the light snow today but i'm tracking the potential for a bigger storm on saturday. the snowfall amounts really down to the south and even there we are looking at 2 to 3 inches philadelphia is calling for 1 to 2 and we'll be closer to the 1 and north of philadelphia likely only a coating of snow. this generally was a minor event, saturday show, the possibility of a northeaster there will be a lot of moisture picking up moisture from the
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gulf of mexico and the atlantic however this will have minimal cold air temperatures in the 40s ahead of it if you want a lot of snow, you have to get a bombing out of that storm system, rapid intensification to pull down the cold air more snow to the north and west and rain at the coast but that all depends on the track we are three days out and too early to tell if you have travel plans you may want to think about changing that. millville 30 and allentown and reading 31 and wildwood 32 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing this clipper continues to move off the coast all the snow should be shutting off at 10:00 and clouds behind the system it could cause freezing drizzle and the untreated roads you definitely want to be careful. waiting in the wings all of that low pressure over texas
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emerging off the coast of cape hatteras brings us the nor'easter. we don't have a lot of cold air in place where the low pressure intensifies will determine what we get. if it hugs the coast it will bring in more warm air and more liquid than frozen but it if moves offshore that pulls down the colder air and that could result in plowable snow. too early to call but it's something i'm tracking. i'll keep you posted on my twitter and facebook accounts. the snow moves out and patchy freezing drizzle and patches of black ice and secondary roads and the main concern is temperatures in the 20s and the exclusive accuweather forecast, sunshine tomorrow and 42 degrees and friday looking good with loads of sunshine and saturday the nor'easter, we get a break in the action on sunday more
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snow showers on monday into early tuesday morning then a blast of very cold air with a high of 28 degrees and this is an appetizer to the main event. >> thank you cecily. world news tonight is next on channel 6 and "action news" will continue at 11:00 for cecily tynan and we have a digital update at 7:00 and 8:00 on 6 abc, we'll be back at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot and adam joseph and ducis rogers and then join us at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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on this wednesday night, the breaking developments right here in havana cuba. an historic day, and what's coming next. tonight, new details inside the talks between the u.s. and cuba. the first disagreement here. as both sides push for diplomatic ties. the first time since the cold war. the mystery russian spy ship that pulled into port here. the u.s. coast guard tonight now patrolling off florida for cuban refugees. and of course the american cars right here from the 1950s. back home before the super bowl the super scandal tonight. the new report what it reveals about those footballs. did the patriots cheat? the new storm coming. ginger zee is standing by. and the royal mess tonight. the headline breaking now about the newest sex scandal. what they've revealed. and the prominent americans caught in the middle of it.


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