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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 21, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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great wednesday. good morning, america. and breaking news super scandal. espn reporting an nfl investigation has revealed the new england patriots did use illegal footballs in their blow-out victory this weekend. 11 of the 12 balls were underinflated. what does this mean with the super bowl fast approaching? >> i have no more campaigns to run. i know because i won both of them. >> following president obama on the attack defending his presidency claiming credit for the fast-moving economy vowing to fight the republican majority in congress. winter weather warning. another big storm hitting this morning and a nor'easter on the way dumping snow and creating a dangerous commute. concern about more scenes like these, cars pinballing on the road. we'll have the latest. and bradley cooper is up for
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an oscar so why is everyone buzzing about his tiny co-star, the real story behind this little scene stealer. why everyone is talking about the fake baby blooper. and we do say good morning, america. and we have so much to get to this morning. george he's still down there in washington for the president's big speech last night. good morning, george. >> good morning robin. that was the president's sixth state of the union. tone confident, even cocky. you would never know the democrats took a beating. no olive branches and the president laid out what he wants to do and we'll have more on that ahead. >> back to you in a moment but we'll begin with that breaking news overnight. the so-called deflate-gate
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the patriots did use underinflated balls in their win over the colts this weekend, it is reported. abc's ryan smith is here with the latest. >> this is at the center of the controversy. a huge mess for the patriots and now we're learning their championship game losing opponent tipped the refs off and with the super bowl less than two weeks away some are questioning whether the air was let out of the patriots' integrity. overnight a major deflate-gate development, nfl sources tell espn 11 of the new england patriots' 12 game balls in sunday's win over the colts were underinflated by two pounds per square inch. >> they probably don't know how they became underinflated but the fact that there were 11 out of the 12 balls was certainly a big disappointment. >> reporter: the colts grew suspicious after d'qwell jackson intercepted tom brady late in the second quarter. jackson then gave the ball to a member of the colts equipment staff who immediately notified his head coach and general manager.
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seconds after the opening kick of the third quarter with the patriots leading 17-7 officials held up the game. the refs switched out the game ball and pats went on to outscore them in the second half for a 45-7 victory. over two hours before kickoff each of the team's 1 game balls were required to be inspected and approved by the referee. league rules state after that no alter rag are allowed. each team uses their own balls and they're allowed to slightly doctor them to their preferences. aaron rodgers admitted to overinflating his football. less air makes it easier for the teams to catch. this development coming just a day after pats quarterback tom braid den a head coach bill belichick denied accusations they intentionally deflated them making them easier to catch and grip but the findings setting off a firestorm. indianapolis punter pat mcafee
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tweeting if new england was to be dq'd he'd be their replacements right. in 2007 belichick was fined for videotaping sideline signals during the game. with super bowl xlix less than two weeks ago could it derail their road to the big game? >> one dumb thing that doesn't matter. it'll mean more to the legacy of what the patriots are trying to do than the actual infraction. >> this morning the league isn't commenting. the investigation is still under way but the patriots tell abc news they've been in complete cooperation with the league and will continue to do dough. this is the regular football and this you can see the flattened one. this game was raining. so that makes it even harder to catch. so the conspiracy theorists will say this was a plan and that's how they won this game. >> well because 11 of the 12 -- >> that's a lot. >> you heard steve young say, really. it may damage their reputation
quote quote
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but that's not going to prevent them from going on to the super bowl nor should it. >> still people will say is there going to be an asterisk on them. it does make the grip easier and an issue a lot of people bring up. thank you very much. >> back now to george in washington. >> thank you, robin. we turn to the state of the union and aggressive speech from the president saying the shadow of crisis has passed. he took credit for the economic recovery offered up an uncompromising liberal agenda for his last two years. abc's jon karl is there. there was not a lot of love there. >> i didn't hear any concessions from the president. he seemed so confident you would have thought he had just won another election. the president who campaigned saying yes we can has a new theme, yes, we did. >> we've seen the fastest economic growth in over a decade. our deficit's cut by two-thirds. a stock market that has doubled and health care inflation at its
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lowest rate in 50 years. [ applause ] that's good news, people. >> reporter: the press's was most obvious when he went off script during the most memorable line of the night. >> i have no more campaigns to run. [ applause ] >> my only agenda -- i know because i won both of them. [ laughter ] >> reporter: almost immediately the #iwonboth set a for the next two years the president vowed to fight republican efforts to roll back any of his policies from immigration to obamacare. >> if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things i will veto it. >> reporter: striking a pop lift tone he called for higher taxes on the wealthy and new programs to help the middle class including free community college for all and vowed to continue to fight for things he couldn't get
quote quote
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done even before the republicans took over like raising the minimum wage. >> if you truly believe you can work full time and support a family on less than $15,000 a year try it. if not, vote to give millions of the hardest working people in america a raise. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: closing the guantanamo bay prison. >> i will not relent in my determination to shut it down. it is not who we are. >> reporter: republicans didn't applaud much at all and the president said nothing to acknowledge the republicans had just won a big victory in the midterm elections. but the entire chamber did cheer guests in the first lady's box. especially alan gross, released just last month after being sdwraled for more than five years by the cuban government. it was up to joni ernst, the pig castrating new republican to give the response. she reminded everybody that the
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president's party was trounced in november and promised a big change in direction from the president's policy saying quote, we heard the message you sent in november loud and clear. george it was clearly a different message than the message the president heard. >> yeah sounds like a recipe for stalemate. >> absolutely. >> jon karl thanks very much. i spoke with the vice president moments ago. mr. vice president, thanks for joining us this morning. you were sitting next to speaker boehner all last night. he didn't seem too impressed with the president's speech and called them the wrong priorities for the country. doesn't seem like much of anything the president will propose will go anywhere. >> i disagree. you know the republicans are now even some taking credit for the recovery so they must think something we did went pretty well. secondly they're talking about the middle class. that's not been part of their political vocabulary up till now so there's going to be some stark choices. they'll have to decide whether
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they'll step up help the middle class, the tax cuts with education and on those issues and i believe there is a significant core republicans who believe now is the time to make this recovery good for everyone and stronger for the middle class. >> a year from now which of the president's big proposals will be law? >> i think -- i hope a year from now all the proposals relative to the middle class tax cuts as well as education. look there are -- here's what's happening. you know the economy is growing. you know like i said everybody seems to be embracing what's happening now, particularly relative to the rest of the world, jobs are coming home. we're talking about in-sourcing. we have to focus on two thing to continue the momentum. one is make sure we have the best infrastructure in the world so people keep coming back and people invest here and companies invest here in the united states and come home and, secondly we have to have the most skilled workforce in the world and there are things that the republicans
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can agree on and i think now that they actually have to lead i mean they own the congress they are the ones who are in the majority. and i think the public is going to insist that we work together. >> it hasn't been a historic consensus for tax increases, has there? >> here's the deal there are $300 billion in tax increases on things we don't need to do. a thing called up stepped up basis. why should somebody be left $10 million in stock that in fact when they bought it now worth 50 million why shouldn't they pay tax on it if they inherited itty if someone is in the stock market and they, in fact make $10 on a stock, that's a capital gain. you know that's $210 billion and it's a real easy choice. want to continue to help trust fund babies or go out -- good people -- those's not a pejorative term last thing they need is another $210 billion tax cut when you can put that money
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into making sure people get tax cut to help first with child care help with sick leave, help with be able to own their homes, et cetera. >> mr. vice president, as you know the presidential campaigns are heating up on both sides, secretary clinton is lining up staff and support includes many members of president obama's team. our latest poll shows she's the overwhelming choice of democrats. is there any chance you can challenge her? >> yes there's a chance but i haven't made up my mind about that. we have a lot of work to do between now and then. there's plenty of time. look, the person who is going to end secretary clinton is really competent competent, capable person and a friend. the person who is going to be the next president of the united states is the one that's going to be able to articulate the clearest vision of where they'll take the country. >> there is a chance you'll challenge her. eight years ago you put yourself into the race. when do you have to make up your mind? >> well i don't think i have to make up my mind until the summer. i think there's -- i think this
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is wide open on both sides. and -- but look right now my focus is getting implemented what the president talked about last night to nail down this recovery and get the middle class back in the game. >> mr. vice president, thanks very much for your time this morning. >> thanks, george. >> so robin, there you heard it vice president biden still hasn't given up going for the white house. >> you haven't given up on trying to get him to answer that question. okay george back to you in a moment. the latest on the final moments of airasia flight 8501. the investigation now revealing the plane made a sudden steep climb before stalling and plunging into the java sea. abc's david kerley is in washington with the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is our first official solid indication of what happened to that airasia flight. but there are still many questions. they have pulled up the tail the black boxes and found the
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fuselage but it is the radar data that the transportation minister now says it was climbing too fast a rate stalled and then plunged into the java sea. the pilots encountered severe weather and wanted to climb but approval was delayed. the indonesians say the jet started climbing at a rate of 6,000 feet a minute that is at least three times faster than a normal ascent. >> for the passengers the g-forces necessary to get that airplane into a precipitous climb would be very scary. >> reporter: climbing that fast means forward air speed is lost the wings lose their ability to lift the plane so it stalls and starts falling to earth. >> when an airplane stalls it can end up spinning and that spin may be unrecoverable. >> reporter: well it's been a week now since the indonesians recovered the black boxes and have yet to release specific data. the cockpit recorder does show there were no other voices in the cockpit or threats ruling
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out terrorism and no indication of a bomb. now, the indonesians are required to file a 30-day report. that's next week but this morning they are saying they will not make that public. safety experts are getting concerned about the secrecy and what they see as a conflict of interest in this investigation, robin. >> many are concerned about that. david, thank you. now to amy has the other top stories for the morning. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with what authorities are calling a terror attack in israel's second largesty this morning. police in tel aviv say a palestinian man boarded a bus and went on a rampage stabbing at least nine passengers before he was chased down shot and arrested. four people were seriously injured. it is the latest in a string of attacks in which palestinians have used knives acid and vehicles as weapons. also breaking overnight the government of france has announced it will hire nearly 3,000 new counterterrorism officers and supply police with better weapons in the wake of the paris attacks this month. much of western europe remains
7:15 am
on edge. just today four men accused of helping the paris grocery store attacker were booked on terror charges. and the doctor shot inside a prestigious boston hospital has now died. cardiac surgeon michael davidson was shot twice at brigham and women's hospital tuesday. the suspected shooter found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. his mother was reportedly one of davidson's patients before she died. but authorities have not confirmed a motive for the deadly attack. and new details about the mases outbreak in california which is now spreading to four other states. health officials confirm five workers at sdizny land have been diagnosed with the disease although most have been cleared to return to work. at least 51 people have been sick in the last month. the latest case is in oregon dozens of unvaccinated students at a california school had to be sent home after a classmate came down with the disease. and turning now to the economy this morning, now may be the best time in months to
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refinance your mortgage. rates have hit a new low and abc's rebecca jarvis is here with the details. >> reporter: good morning, this is very significant. this morning the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage is close to its rock bottom lows. right thousand at 3.6% and for many refinancing could mean huge savings. take a look at this. if you have a $200,000 mortgage at 4.6% right now and you can refi it at 3.6% you will save $118 a month which is more than $40,000 over the life of your loan. but before you race to refi take a look at those fees and remember if you're going to be moving in two years or less refinancing, it doesn't usually make sense. plus it is time to shop around. there are some great websites to check out, and bank rate a buyer's market and means you, the homeowner is in the driver's seat. >> all right. rebecca, thanks so much for that. and more shaking in the dallas area. four more earthquakes have hit in the last 24 hour the most
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powerful was a magnitude 3. some experts blame oil and gas drilling for the three dozen quakes since october. and new video this morning of a massive fire engulfing this natural gas plant in south texas. fireballs shooting into the sky. the initial blast was felt for miles but no serious injuries reported. also caught on video, a wild crash as a car goes careening into this florida taco stand. the driver passed out before hitting a truck and flipping. her boyfriend had grabbed the wheel to keep them from hitting anyone. finally, a mystery surrounding tiger woods' new look. we told you yesterday that tiger lost a tooth while visiting his girlfriend lindsey vonn on the slopes. his agent said a cameraman at the awards ceremony bumped into tiger and knocked out his tooth but now witnesses and organizers of the ski are denying that. they say tiger seen earlier in the mask wasn't even at the
7:18 am
awards ceremony so now the big question is how did he really lose that tooth? i mean no photographer has come forward. there are no videos or photographs of the alleged bump and there were people that said no bleeding, no swelling, no discomfort on his face so the mystery swirling. >> tooth-gate. >> toothgate. >> what's the problem. y'all don't take tiger at his word? >> all right, t.j. >> you don't take him at his word? what's wrong with that? >> i just -- >> yeah we're going to -- >> t.j.! >> you don't trust. he's told you -- >> we'll leave it at that, t.j. how about that? >> maybe he slipped and fell much that's what people could do this >> maybe slipped and fell because that's what people could be doing. outside chicago there's a thin layer of ice and snow on top of it and that's why we see w.s right here grand rapids to fort wayne indiana.
7:19 am
it will move into pennsylvania. winter weather advisory from d.c. to baltimore. philadelphia getting in on it. that's tonight through early thursday morning you have to watch out for those slick spots but another storm we're watching. coldest new new mexico. first this morning's snowy cities brought to you by mazda. >> good morning everyone, dave murphy here. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you a little snow shower north of baltimore pushing in toward dover but the main bulk of our snow will
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>> good morning it's 7:26 on this wednesday morning. let's check traffic and our dry commute in the morning with karen rogers. >> that's right, matt we're starting with an accident that just happened on the roosevelt boulevard. it is southbound near winchester avenue. chopper 6 was overhead. it was a single vehicle accident that is causing a
7:27 am
problem here in the center lane as you look at i-95 and this is on the boulevard southbound here near winchester avenue. we can see they have police and emergency workers on the scene. a couple lanes restricted with this. a single vehicle looks like it's facing the wrong way causing problems on the boulevard southbound so watch for that as you're headed in the area. let's go right outside and talk about another accident scene. this is in bucks county here. the right lane is blocked southbound route 1 right at 413. you can see police here and i think they're moving away that vehicle as we speak. it was kind of facing sideways right here and it wasn't our only accident like that out there. we're watching for any areas of black ice here or there. tacony palmyra bridge in the process of going back down right now so traffic has been stopped nearby on i-95 southbound. we had an accident that cleared on i-95 southbound so traffic moving better but this accident in atlantic city expressway matt involving a an overturned vehicle westbound past the garden state garden state parkway. >> the morning commute is dry. it's the evening commute we could see some precipitation. let's go to dave murphy for the timing. hey, david. >> want to start you with
7:28 am
storm tracker 6 live double scan this morning matt. there's a light snow shower that popped up north of baltimore and some of this is crossing i-95 through the eastern shore of maryland and starting to push into areas of southern new castle county, delaware. now, this has not -- is not the main body of snow today but it's possible you see a bit of that. later this afternoon we expect the more significant snow and you saw that winter weather advisory that will go until 10 o'clock tonight matt with about 1 to 3 inches on the way. >> okay. we're back to "gma." we'll be back with another update in about 25 minutes. >> ♪♪
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good morning, america. right now, espn reporting an nfl investigation has found 11 of the 12 footballs used by the new england patriots in their victory over the colts were illegal. we're tracking the developments. also right now, federal investigators are getting their first upclose look at that mysterious mansion fire saying it's too early to rule out foul play. and two former wrestlers are suing the wwe claiming they have brain damage from countless blows to the head from all of those activities in the ring. as we do say good morning, america, on this wednesday morning as you know covering a lot of ground and george is there in washington after last night's state of the union and so many people are talking about -- i know george this caught your attention to what the first lady was wearing. george was tweeting -- no he
7:31 am
wasn't. where have we seen that before and amy, i know you'll bring that to us >> that's right. put your thinking caps on. >> allie noticed where that came from. a lot of others did. that's part of the ritual to comment on the first lady's wardrobe. the president will hit the road heading out to iowa after that speech last night. it was uncompromising. the president laying out his agenda and i'll hit the road and get on the train before that norris easter ginger is talking about and see you tomorrow. >> it was a long night for you. early morning. thank you. see you soon. safe travels. >> clothes, they're talking about bradley cooper and the fake baby that's stealing a lot of the buzz from his latest movie and, t.j. i know you'll bring us that story. >> it's not just that the baby was fake it was so obviously fake. did you see that baby? this is an oscar nominated film bradley cooper -- oscar nominated for an oscar and the baby steals the scene here so
7:32 am
it's a hit movie at the box office right now but the #fakebaby is blowing up. so we'll talk about that and other flaws in films. >> you'll get to that. first in this half hour we begin with that mysterious mansion fire. federal investigators are on the scene in maryland trying to determine what caused the massive blaze and they are not ruling out foul play. abc's bazi kanani has that story. >> reporter: this morning, federal investigators getting their first up-close look at the charred evidence as they try desperately to figure out what caused the intern another at this 16,000-square-foot maryland mansion, a crime scene at least five times the size of an average house. >> the amount of evidence that we're going to be collecting and analyzing, there's going to be a lot of that because of how big it is. >> reporter: don pyle his wife sandy and four visiting grandchildren still unaccounted for. believed to be inside the home when fire alarms sounded at 3:30
7:33 am
a.m. monk. it was the home security company that called for help. the four-alarm blaze raging uncontrollably in part because the $9 million mansion didn't have fire sprinklers. >> we have no witness that can tell us where this fire started. >> reporter: abc news learning there were no reports of previous trouble at the home and no records of recent lawsuits or serious financial trouble. but the atf speaking exclusively with abc news says it's still too early to rule out foul play. >> we're going to sift through pieces of evidence. every piece in there room by room. so that's going to take time. >> i don't believe it's happened. i mean even staring at it it's not real to me yet. >> reporter: grieving friends are placing flowers at the estate say they can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt pyle or his family. >> my experience working with him was a couple of the best years of my life.
7:34 am
he was a terrific leader. >> reporter: this morning, some of the debris is still smoldering but do expect there will be some areas safe enough for investigators to enter. at this point they say it's too early to have an opinion about whether this was a cruel arson or a horrific dent. >> bazi thank you so much. now we want to turn to a major new lawsuit against the wwe. former wrestlers claiming they've suffered brain damage from years of doing dangerous stunts. abc's tom llamas has our story. >> reporter: it's signature stunts like in that now has two former pro wrestlers filing a class action suit against world wrestling entertain many. this morning vito lograsso claiming that after nearly a decade of crushing blows in the wwe ring he now has brain damage. the same for evan singleton. this 40-page complaint body slamming the wwe for alleged
7:35 am
mistreatment of its wrestlers and claiming it negligently or purposefully failed to diagnose concussions. the lawsuit echoes similar legal action against the nfl which could settle at around a billion dollars in concussion-related damages from former players. >> the nfl lawsuit articulates a lot of the issues that are present in the wwe, namely ignorance and downplaying of risks of repetitive concussions relationship the wwe plaintiffs claim wrestlers are encouraged to get hurt and those famous chair shots inflict a dangerous level of force to the skull and cite several cases where wrestlers were knocked unconscious lieshs this 2007 incident with candace michele fell from the top turnbuckle. a lawyer for the wwe saying "wwe has never concealed any medical information related to concussions or otherwise from our talent. we will vigorously contest this lawsuit." the wwe knows how to put up a
7:36 am
fight in the ring it may now have to show some of that muscle in court. for "good morning america," tom llamas abc news new york. >> ooh. >> you have to imagine things like the pile driver would have some kind of impact. >> our thanks to tom. to amy in social square square with the speed feed. >> trending big, #iwonboth referencing the president's remark he already won both campaigns so why in the middle of the state of the union was "the good wife" popping up in social media themes. take a look at first lady michelle obama's outfit last night. that gray suit where have you seen it before? well if you were on twitter, you saw that mrs. obama was channeling "the good wife" wearing a michael kors suit that julianna margulies debuted on the show identical and not to be outdone the republican response included perhaps the boldest fashion statement of the night where shoes were louder than words. senator joni ernst and her camo
7:37 am
pumps, there they are right there, telling us what's filling up your feed sweet us with #socialsquare and i am a big fan of camo fashion. i've never tried the camo pumps. >> i don't know where you'd find them but they were fabulous. >> she pulled it off. amy, thank you. another check of the weather and, boy, we just see this more >> exact. i want to clear this up. george is like i want to get here before the nor'easter. you will george. that's not until the weekend and this is the storm that will eventually become a nor'easter. amarillo texas happening today through early tomorrow. you could pick up a month's worth of snow just today and tonight. so that's the snow end. the rainy side of it going to bring some heavy rain from houston to new orleans to tallahassee in the coming days. there's the timing. going through friday night into saturday and that's when we start to see the nor'easter form and drop snow jersey through connecticut. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> thanks, ginger. dave murphy on the terrace. we have some sunshine mixing
7:38 am
with clouds but clouds will be getting thicker as the day goes on some snow is expected this afternoon and this evening. we're near freezing now going to a high 36 before dipping back to the freezing mark. pretty quickly after the snow moves in it'll be a rain/snow mix. >> do you think george is angling for a day off? that nor'easter. >> coming saturday george. >> ginger busted him like that. coming up "gma investigates" the little known rewards from your credit cards that may be able to save you hundreds of dollars. we'll explain. also coming you, the hilton health benefits in that cup of coffee you're probably enjoying right about now.
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we are back now at 7:42 with "gma investigates" credit card perks. we've uncovered good thus. your credit card may entitle you to benefits you do not know about that could save you money. gio benitez has our story. >> reporter: high interest rate late fees and hidden costs can
7:43 am
make credit cards seem overwhelming but we uncovered some little-known advantages. >> the hidden rewards behind the card. >> reporter: "gma investigates" saving you big bucks with five perks that many credit card holders could put to good use with the help of jason oxman. first, guaranteed returns. >> the merchant says no i'm not going to give you your money back. you have backup. >> reporter: the power of the credit card company. some cards will fullny refund your purchase if the store refuses. in most cases extending the return period 90 days. >> there are little pieces of glass sticking out. >> reporter: harry campbell dropped his brand-new iphone but was smart taking advantage of the second perk cell phone replacement insurance. >> i had to go and get a notarized letter that said i didn't have any other form of insurance and they refunded my money. they cut me a check for $200. >> reporter: americans spend an estimated $1.6 billion every year on extended warranties. but with your credit card guess what -- >> you've got an extended
7:44 am
warranty. >> if you've used it and purchased a product that's covered, your credit card will extend it for perhaps another 90 days. every card is different but the bottom line you have that extra protection. >> reporter: fourth tip, rental car insurance. most cards offer some type of coverage but you have to be careful and read the fine print. >> some programs will exclude rentals of particular types of cars or trucks 5 in some cases. >> reporter: one last perk to check out, roadside assistance. you might already have it with your card. >> people right now may have that protection and they're paying extra fees for roadside assistance. >> that's absolutely right. >> reporter: and have a flat tire most people never think to call their credit card company. but they'll often send you help for free. those credit card terps could be pages and pages but you can call the bank and get a one-pager. >> your bank wants your business and wants you to understand the perks you get. >> reporter: they can save you hundreds but keep in mind each bank can have different terms
7:45 am
and conditions so check your card to see what might be available to you. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news new york. >> did you guys know about the one-pager? >> no i didn't. >> good to know. >> gio, always bringing us the great tips. coming up here how to revive your new year's resolutions. 21 days in what you can do to get back on track. >> it is award season. why is that doll getting so much attention this morning? we'll tell you when we come back? >> is it really a doll? ion they'll never forget. it's royal caribbean's vow to wow sale, and there's no better time than now, to book your vacation. book today and get 50 percent off your second guest... ...and more money to spend on board. i vow to break the ice with my father-in-law. i vow to fly like supermom. i vow to make vacation history. it's our richest offer of the year. royal caribbean's vow to wow sale. book now and get 50 percent off your second guest. call 1-800-royalcaribbean today.
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♪ ♪
7:49 am
we all know it's not unusual for a baby to steal a scene in a movie. we see that happen. but don't work with them. but a fake baby? now, that turned into a real scene stealer. t.j.'s in the social square square with that. >> robin, bradley cooper's performance being called a performance for the ands good enough to earn him on oscar nomination but not good enough to make a fake baby look real. there's plenty of buzz and controversy over "american sniper" but moviegoers are highlighting one flaring issue in particular. do you see it? the baby. it's a fake. it's a prop doll.
7:50 am
for one minute and 13 seconds bradley cooper pats, cuddles and cradles and oh so gently lays down that fake baby now twitter erupting with #fakebaby. do not not trust bradley cooper with a real baby? had cpr class the other morning and found the baby used in "american sniper." >> everyone is so used to seeing things realistic. you don't expect to see a prop doll. >> reporter: this is the latest prop problem eagle-eyed fans have caught. remember this seen from "gladiator." i'm pretty sure the chariots weren't fueled by gas engines during the battle of carthage? >> i take that as a compliment. >> must have said it wrong. >> it's not just movies. "doun ton "downton abbey" fans spotted a plastic water bottle. "american sniper" screenwriter
7:51 am
jason hall writing in a since deleted tweet, real baby number one showed up with a fever. real baby number two was a no-show. clint voice, gimme the doll kid." part of the problem, there are strict laws in california you have to be 15 days ole at least, and you can only work a couple of hours a day between 9:30 and 11:30 and 2:30 so to 4:30 so there was strict guidelines. >> that one looks more real. >> it is make-believe. >> jennifer aniston coming up. ( ♪ )guidelines. >> that one looks more real. >> it is make-believe. >> jennifer aniston coming up. there was strict guidelines. >> that one looks more real. >> it is make-believe. >> jennifer aniston coming up. grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. with no artificial ingredients. del monte. bursting with life. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪♪, hey everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. the ride home could be snowy and slippery. let's talk about that morning commute with karen rogers. hey, karen. >> we wish it were accident free but it's not. we have one on i-95, this is southbound on 95 near 320 in delaware county the accident blocking the two left lanes. one lane getting by off to the right side at this point. looks like an accident, couple vehicles involved kind of slammed into the guardrail right here. i've 95 southbound. any other seeing a lot of emergency workers on the scene with this one so just use a little caution. 95 southbound thirty four 320. another accident scene the backup from this vantage point. this is new jersey, 42
7:57 am
northbound is really jammed. we've got an accident northbound past 295 and that's out there blocking the right lane. that's a bad spot for an accident 'cause you're jammed up anyway in that area so now you're extra slow on 42. an accident in cinnaminson as well on southbound 130 past church road blocking the right lane and a downed pole in gloucester county still causing a problem here on tuckahoe road. stick to clayton road as your alternate. >> thank you karen. taking a live picture here, hey, it's the river rink at penn's landing getting going at 1:00 p.m. and dave murphy is here with the accuweather forecast. david. >> all right matt, let's start on storm tracker 6 live double scan. we have a light snow shower pulling north of baltimore and pushing in toward new castle county delaware. there's a little bit of light stuff on the southern portion of that county crossing the delaware basement looks like we might get a little action down to the south. might change over to rain later. most of the snow holds often until the afternoon and there's a winter weather advisory that extends until 10 o'clock tonight because of light snow. it looks like about one to three. s overall. right now ahead of that matt it's cold, 29 degrees in
7:58 am
philadelphia. >> thank you david. see the photo of a group on the top of the rocky steps that beats any other taken before because sill vest stallone is in it. head to to take a look and we're back in about 25
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning america. it's 8:00 a.m. and attention coffee lovers. hidden health benefits from your morning cup of joe. do good habits die in january? why so many call it quits at the gym and how you can fight not to waver on those workout resolutions. why one woman is banning leggings from her wardrobe. >> i want to be as modest as i can. >> she says they're lustful. the heated debate right now. and jennifer anistonislive dishing on her dramatic performance in "cake." ♪ all that a horror story"'s sarah paulson here
8:01 am
oh dogs all morning long outside. wednesday morning, halfway home. halfway during the weekend. george is on his way back to washington and, again, does not have to worry about the nor'easter. >> a little clipper. the big one is not till the weekend. >> he'll get back here. >> back here tomorrow. then the "gma" paw-lympics are back this morning. look at our canine contenders arriving in times square. got a green carpet rolled out for them. delilah and jenna. the most epic puppy stupss ever and there's howard paw-sell. >> back by popular demand. >> half closed. he might be drooling but he is assisting us with our naulal paw-lympics and, robin, you said it best shake it
8:02 am
>> he's with us this morning. hello, jeff davis. the famous lip-syncing "shake it off-icer" cruising down 44th street. look at him bringing it to new york city heating up times square. >> they say he is a cut-up on the force. we'll turn first of all to amy with the top developing stories. good morning, amy >> that's right. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news affecting a key u.s. ally in the fight against al qaeda. word coming in rebel fighters have captured a military base in yemen's capital that houses ballistic missiles and are now reportedly holding yemen's president captive inside his house. those fighters have seized control of the palace. the big concern al qaeda could benefit from this violent power struggle. u.s. naval ships standing by in case the u.s. embassy needs to be evacuated. more details as we get them.
8:03 am
president obama is asking congress to authorize the use of military force against isis militants in iraq and syria and made that appeal during last night's state of the union and used the speech to strike a confident tone taking credit for the improving economy, calling for tax cuts on the wealthy and vowing to fight any republican efforts to reverse policies on health care and immigration. a big step forward today for another of the president's initiatives. u.s. and cuban officials are meeting in havana today to begin talks on normalizing relations. the highest u.s. delegation to visit cuba in more than three decades. new details in the cheating scandal surround the patriots. sources tell espn 11 of the 12 footballs provided by the patriots during sunday's name were underinflated by two pounds per square inch. that could have made the balls much easier to grip and catch but there is to word on how the balls became underinflated. the nfl's investigation expected to take another two to three
8:04 am
days. no indication what if any, penalties could be imposed. and imagine going out to run a few errands and coming home to find your house gone. well that's what happened to a woman in middletown new york stunned to find her husband had bulldozed her house. with all of their wrongings still inside. the couple was in the middle of a renn nation. her husband told investigators the house was in such bad shape, it couldn't be repaired. but now he's charged with criminal mischief and fined $300. finally, can you call this guy the opposite of a smooth criminal. he's caught on camera selecting booze at the tore in russia. he casually walks to the checkout counter. what happens when he tries to make a run for it. oh epic fall. yes, he hit the exit gate the wrong way and fell flat on his face apparently the only thing injured was his pride because he was so embarrassed he just didn't get up. he laid there. police found him shocking. >> another one for the book
8:05 am
amy. >> another entry for you. thank you. to you to the hidden health benefits of coffee. a new study revealing it may reduce your risk of getting the most dangerous kind of skin cancer. abc's doctor jennifer ashton is here with what you need to know. you know a lot of people are picking up their coffee right now. are you guys fan? >> i'm not a fan but what are the main findings? >> this was a big study out of yale and looked the half a million people by questionnaire and found those who drank the most coffee had the lowest rick of skin cancer and they went down with every cup they drank a day. those who drank four or more cups a day like i do cut their risk by 20%. it's not all in the same hour, robin. don't worry. >> you looked scared. >> it's spread out. >> so should people start drinking more coffee? >> well, look, we have to remember cav peen is a drug and can be side effects and rinks
8:06 am
and can increase heart rate cause dehydration, lead to insomnia but the benefits have been well documented. also can lower the risk not just of skin cancer basal cell but certain types of uterine cancer and be protective to the brain so more in the net positive column. >> can they explain why? >> they can't and this is the thing. this was done by an association but that's the first step in medicine. if we see an association we ask is it real or not and if it's real which this one appears to be is it causal? are there other factors that contribute to this? for now continue the sunscreen but enjoy your coffee. >> cheers my friend. >> four cups. >> spread out, though. >> everybody can get in on the act. ask dr. jen your questions throughout the morning. tweet her at dr. j. ashton. "pop news" and weather coming up. t.j.? >> i've been watching you make
8:07 am
this move. >> do it do it do it. >> i'm always worried i'll fall but i'll get it. here's a look -- i got to do a little spin. "morning menu" coming up here viral sensation, man, it is good to see you. here he is the shake it officer himself. >> want to do it with me? ♪ and that's what they don't see ♪ >> the shake it officer, the viral sensation, a whole lot more from him and why one mom is taking a stand against leggings. a backlash. how to revive those resolutions, what you could do to get back to the good habit all that plus day two of the paw-lympics coming up live right here in times square. ♪ "gma's morning menu" brought to you by centrum silver multivitamins, the most amazing parts of you.
8:08 am
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dog hair. it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪ ♪ ♪ who let the dogging out ♪ ♪ who let the dog ss out ♪ >> the second installment of the paw-lympics coming up shortly. >> is that a fashion contest? >> the vip section. those are the -- >> ties required. >> yes and we have a lot of very special geoff upstairs coming up later. now to "pop news." let's do it. we begin with victoria secret. no secret at all. if you put incredible looking women in sexy bras and panty, people will watch and the company also notes their audience intimate apparel brand betting big on the super bowl paying those outrageous advertising fees to unveil their new valentine's day collection
8:13 am
at the big game and it's a pretty good bet, guys 2008 valentine and day spot at the time the most watched commercial ever and you can see the ultimate fantasy football ad here first. victoria's secret is giving "gma" a teaser for the commercial. you saw a little bit there and we're airing the full commercial this monk and what you saw was not what they're wearing in the real commercial. >> you don't say? >> t.j. just said i have to be here on monday. i just saw you put it in -- >> i'll put the request in. >> taking the pads off. >> yes, yes. >> among other things. >> yes. >> and in "pop news" this morning, everybody, nobody wants a boss like jennifer aniston or kevin spacey played in the movies but if you have the misfyfe tune of getting one a new study says standing up to him or her can actually help with your stress levels. researchers at ohio tate university determined employees in the study felt less like victims when they retaliated against their boss by ignoring
8:14 am
them pretending they didn't know what the hostile bosses were talking about or giving a halfhearted effort and best part a second study found when the subjects quote, stuck it to the man, it actually did not hurt their careers. >> really kr. >> i might not be here monday. i'll try this. >> is that a red light special? that last one? >> red light direct robin. >> my bad. >> somedays it feels like that. this is a very rare thing we like to do sometimes. a "pop news" pop-in with the police officer we introduced you to on monday. you've seen him rocking out to "shake it off" in his squad car. so many have watched him. even taylor swift is counting herself a big fan. just bring it on master corporal jeff davis from the dover police department, 20 million people. have watched you jam. >> how are you? >> hello. >> how are you? >> thank you so much for being
8:15 am
here. >> thanks for having me. >> 20 million views. >> that's what they say, yeah. that's what people say. >> oh. >> you're a natural, respect you? >> i guess. >> they say that you -- this is just so in your wheelhouse. >> i like to make people laugh and it's just fun. it's fun to do. no sense in walking around with a negative attitude all the type, right. >> are you a taylor swift fan? >> ever since she's been around. i'm a little older than that but i go further back than taylor swift for sure. >> we want to point out we're seeing the video right now. we talked about it on monday. everybody was safe here. you were doing this in an area -- >> we were at a parking lot during school hours, no kids were out and we were -- >> you were getting into it. >> we were perfectly safe for sure. >> do you guys -- what's the point? this was stained but what are you trying to get across here? >> initially we were just doing -- we had 10,000 likes on our facebook page meaning dover
8:16 am
is only 38,000 people so that was a big thing for us so we did the video just as kind of a thank you and it blew up and i tell you, with all the negative attention with a profession that's getting an extreme amount of negative attention, it's been great to not only go national but worldwide and affected a lot of people in a lot of ways that's heartwarming stories out there. >> humanizing -- >> some of the notes we've gotten from people from all over the world have been unbelievable. >> what do you say? can you warm our hears again? >> let's do it. >> music. ♪ on so many dates ♪ >> there we go. >> there we go. >> come on do it for us. ♪ that's what people say that's what people say ♪ >> keep grooving. ♪ keep stop won't stop moving it's like i got this music ♪ >> hey, we thank you so much. >> in our hears saying --
8:17 am
>> yeah. ♪ because the players are going to play play play and the haters going to hate hate hate ♪ >> what will be the next song? barry white. >> "shake it off." >> whatever whatever. i'll do it. >> on the heels of what you said thank you for your service. >> thank you very much for having me. >> you're a great sport. >> thanks for popping in. >> becan't wait for the sequel whatever it'll be. come here to "good morning america." >> suggests? >> great. we should do that. we got to think of somebody. >> yeah tweet us suggestions for the follow-up. >> he's bringing the heat. >> up up for anything. >> up next on "heat index," ginger has a check of the weather. >> i know we have suggestion out here. this is our little guy derek he's service dog for a veteran. he's has the sweetest face. house is everybody doing? you're a little chilly its a
8:18 am
little cold out here for sure that's why we're bundled up. let's get warm and go to myrtle beach. they're in the 40's this morning going to the low to mid 60's. so yeah, it's going to happen. 80 in miami. the southeast mild and tallahassee at 73. new orleans 67. that's ahead of that storm we have been talking about but west of there it's warming up too. los angeles goes for a high of 71 today. reno at 50. arizona you're in that light snow, so is new mexico. that's not going to be light especially in central and northeastern pennsylvania. here's a look from coast to coast. that's big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> thanks, ginger. dave murphy on the terrace. a little sun this morning but clouds increase as the day goes on and this afternoon some light snow arrives. right now we're at 29. this afternoon's high is 36. once the snow moves in perhaps after 2 or 3 o'clock from west to east, those temperatures will dip closer to the freezing mark and as the snow showers continue if you get caught in one later today or this evening you want to slow down in case roads get slippery.
8:19 am
looks like snow totals about 1 to 3 inches and knocks off by midnight. dry tomorrow >> we're just taking pictures here. sit down sit down. we're just -- they were so kind to be here. >> officer, thank you, officer, davis? thanks for having me. >> any time. all right now the "gma heat index." there he goes and a woman who is causing a heated debate about wearing leggings in public. she's vowing not to wear them anymore because she says they entice men. abc's aditi roy has that story for us. >> reporter: rihanna has done it so has alivia wild. whether a fashion statement or pure comfort, some women wear leggings as pants but now one woman in oregon is taking a stand against the hip-hugging garments claiming leggings inspire lust. >> women today wearing leggings
8:20 am
often can cause men to think of them sexually or lust after them. >> reporter: veronica says she's vowed to stop wearing leggings in public after asking her husband's opinion. he told her it is hard thought to look at women wearing leggings. >> just really wanted to be honest and say, yeah actually i know men talk about it all the time. i know how men think of it's not the women's responsibility but i appreciate the idea of a woman difficult for my husband to keep his eyes focused ahead, then how much more difficult could it be for a man that may not have the same self-control? she's not the only one. a huffington post article on the issue asked what men think. the responses, i personally think it's hot. another saying i won't take you seriously as a person. >> it's called the athleisure
8:21 am
trend. wearing leggings wherever they want. >> reporter: her blog post went viral getting more than 30,000 facebook shares and sparking comments like not wearing leggings is not a magic bullet that will stop men from looking. >> i cannot control how a man thinks of me but i don't want to encourage or entice those thoughts. >> reporter: despite the firestorm on social media veronica says she's not trying to start a movement just sharing her story on how the skin tight pants are too snug for her comfort. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news stance. >> she said it well there. this is what she wants to do. she feels this is best for her. >> i took that away as well. may not be right for her but a lot of women think they're comfortable and getting the kids up hoping to get to the gym -- >> i'm a fan of leggings. i'm just going to say it. >> t.j. weigh in.
8:22 am
>> i should probably go. >> what are you supposed to do. we can't control ourselves. >> that's for me not for anyone else. >> we have a little control. more than we are given credit for. >> i agree. >> well said t.j. next up in the "heat index" how to keep those new year's resolutions from dying a quick and painful death. new story in "the wall street journal" revealing that the third week in january, right now, is when people's commitments to hit the gym start to waver a little bit so how do you make them stick? nick watt has some ideas. ♪ >> reporter: many of us begin the year like this steely-eyed new year's resolutions driving us all but by the third week of january, many of us look like this. facebook check-ins at the gym
8:23 am
surged 50% in early january but the decline, well, starts this week. let's face it it's quite boring. >> it is. >> reporter: okay harley pasternak, trainer to the stars how can we make this work? >> pick an action. don't pick a result or don't say my resolution is to lose five or ten pounds. say it is to walk an extra thousand steps a day. >> reporter: emma lynn did just that january 1st, 2013 stuck to it and how many dress sizes have you dropped? >> seven. >> reporter: seven. >> and lost 260 pounds. >> reporter: i'm impressed. i'll do ten curls a day, maybe through next tuesday. for "good morning america," nick watt abc news, los angeles. >> come on nick. hang in there. looking good. >> keep on pumping. to the"the morning stir" and the mother who sent a bill to the mother of a 5-year-old who missed a party. it raised questions about the
8:24 am
dos and don'ts of throwing a party. it's the bitter birthday backlash inciting an international debate. dad derek nash typing a bill in his son's school bag last week after his 5-year-old alex missed a friend's birthday party at a ski resort. instead spending time with his grandparents. >> it was proper english full of official details. >> reporter: the invoice not from the resort but from his son's friend's mother requesting to be reimbursed for his no-show. the topic going viral. one person writing i hi she needs to sit in the time-out chair. others citing for the mom saying it's extremely rude not to show up. >> the money wasn't the issue. it's just the way she went about trying to get the money from us. >> nash says he didn't have the mother's contact information at the time. the friend's mother telling the bbc, all details were on the party invite. they had every detail needed to contact me. >> no one likes to be stood up.
8:25 am
she could have gotten the same point across in a way that didn't become an all-out war. >> reporter: some are calling it a party etiquette foe poe. >> i've had parents returning gifts and asking for different one, kid showing up at birthday parties they weren't invited to. this is probably one of the most extreme examples i have heard of. >> reporter: mother of two, denise albers says she knows how stressful party planning is. >> i'm in the middle of planning myson's birthday and empathize with what this family went through. woo he pay by the person but sort of goes with the territory of planning a birthday party. >> reporter: but birthday parties are just the tip of the iceberg, parents dropping off two kids instead of one for sleepovers and letting sick kids play with healthy ones and using single parents as the baby-sitter. >> you always have to think about how it's going to affect your kids always. kids are number one. >> can't we just all get along?
8:26 am
and celebrate birthdays and weddings and sometimes there are no-shows and comes with the territory. >> i think it's nice to rsvp. tough does happen. let's not bill. i promise never to bill you. >> no invoices. >> invoice-fee zone. coming up next, we have jennifer aniston live. ♪ tt2wlr=[bk@%o f# e58 tt2wlr=[bk@%!!&n 55p tt2wlr=[bk@%4!f# c#$ tt2wlr=[bk@%x#á& 0
8:27 am
>> ♪♪ >> two philadelphia police officers who were transporting a shooting victim to the hospital ended up in the hospital themselves. their cruiser crashed at 25th street and lehigh avenue in north philadelphia after 3:00 a.m. police say the cruiser had lights and its siren on and collided with two other cars. authorities also say the drivers of the other cars were not licensed. it's 8:27 on this wednesday morning. let's turn to karen rogers for a look at traffic. karen. >> matt we have a vehicle fire causing problems. they've put out the fire but look at the number of police officers responding to the scene right here. this is eastbound 30 bypass just as you approach route 100 it had been intermittently blocking lanes. emergency workers police penndot on the scene with this vehicle fire. westbound they also block a lane the left lane so watch for that. let's go to the burlington
8:28 am
bristol bridge. we saw that the tacony was affected by a northbound ship and now the burlington bristol bridge is up so watch for that. traffic is stopped. on the big picture a new problem on the boulevard. this is northbound, a car a tire came off a car matt and hit another car so a problem right there on the boulevard near wissahickon. >> thank you karen. let's get ready for some snow later on today with meteorologist, david murphy. david. >> matt, storm tracker 6 live double scan right now shows a little bit of early precipitation south of philadelphia. a lot of this is changing over to rain off the coast but for now you have a little bit of a snow shower developing here or there. the main stuff though, holding off until later this afternoon. a winter weather advisory in effect until 10 o'clock tonight and all the counties you see highlighted in purple and that's where we're looking at some off and on light snow showers this afternoon into tonight and probably about a 1 to 3-inch accumulation. temperatures ahead of all this are cold, 29 degrees in philadelphia right now, 29 in wilmington. matt we'll probably get a high in the mid 30's but when that snow starts the temperatures will dip and you'll want to slow down in case of slick roads. >> got you david.
8:29 am
that. check closings to see if your school will be dismissing early because of the slippery conditions. >> ♪♪ applaud louder... free to live fuller, deeper, and closer... that's how you cruise like a norwegian. ♪ cruise like a norwegian ♪ book now and choose up to three offers worth up to $2,000 in value.
8:30 am
♪ who let the dogs out ♪ the heat is on. there is a gopro shot from one of the dogs going through the obstacles. at our paw-lympics. that would be the perspective. pickles went down hard yesterday. today agility. howard paw-sell weighing in on the broadcast booth for woof-tv. that would be of course woof-tv. getting ready for that competition. want wait to get up there and also excited because coming up "american horror story's" sarah paulson is here the season finale of that is tonight. cannot wait to talk to her.
8:31 am
look who robin is hanging out with. >> we're getting caught up on everything. we are live jennifer aniston. >> we're live. >> she wants to go upstairs. she likes the little doggies. >> i need a little puppy love. >> are you feeling the love because you in this new role in "cake," it's not even out yet and all the nominations and all the recognition that you're getting. she plays a clair, a woman suffering from chronic pain and in this scene she's not happy so learning about a guest coming over for lunch. >> i make it. you love mine no? >> that's not the point. oh. oh. well what did he say? >> he say yes
8:32 am
good. >> yeah give it up for one of our favorite guests here on "good morning america." woo. >> you wanted this role. you wanted to play clair, didn't you? >> yeah i really did. i really did. i fell in love with her when i read the script and i just -- you know it was one of those -- it's kind of that dream role for any arc because there's just so much to explore and what like beautiful human experience to sort of journey with you know and to come out at the end with hope you know after starting something that's you know it was a tough one. >> you can check a lot of bocks with that one. >> yeah. >> you know as an actor as app actor. you talk about that and the fact that you were drawn to her but you couldn't necessarily relate to her situation.
8:33 am
>> no i don't think many people could. i mean it's a pretty -- i find you know of course the human being so extraordinary resilient when you see what some people walk through and then continue to live and life after having something so tragic happen to them and yeah it was -- it was something that i related to her humor. i understood that there was, you know because i for one and i think a lot of us who have kind of gone through difficult times to varying degrees of difficulty find humor as a way to sort of get through it and i also loved that because it felt like i was -- you were getting a window into sort of this former little shadow of who she once was, you know. >> you had the layers as the movie went on. oh no am i going to be able to get through it and i'm so glad i
8:34 am
stayed with it and the hope and that many people are reaching out to you who suffer from chronic pain because they're saying thank you, because people don't think it's real. >> no they don't think it's real. they feel as though oh come on, you can fix that or go get help. stop whining. stop complaining and it's -- it's very -- there's a lot -- it's been -- it's incredible because the amount of people saying no one has ever told a story about chronic pain and, you know, whether your pain came from a tragedy -- i've had people with shrapnel they're living with and in agony every day they wake up. so many wonderful just saying i have now so much more compassion and understanding for my mother for my -- whoever it is in their life that they you know were -- had, you know exposed to who haven kroic pain. it's not something you can get diagnosed because you just are trusting the sufferer. >> yeah.
8:35 am
and your character really illustrates that very well and it's -- it's very dramatic in how you go about it but i'm sure people who are going through this really appreciate. isn't it nice that people are talking to you about things like this? because usually when you come here, how's your hair and it has to be so refreshing to talk about these types of things. >> i know it's a wonderful -- it brings up a great discussion and that's what we want to do when we make our movies. i'm not saying -- comedies we love because, god knows we need to love and escape and disappear and have a little fluff here and there but this is also important to me so i'm so grateful to our director daniel for taking a shot. >> yeah. >> saying yeah. saying yes. >> yes to you and i got to tell you, full disclosure, popped it in watching it and it ends and i turn it off and "friends" pops
8:36 am
up on my tv. i know but, no, not just that but shows the rank you have and how much of a joy it must be for you to be not be labeled -- yes we loved you as rachel but you want to do so much more and you do that with this role. >> i'm so happy you say that and i think it's -- i was saying also i feel like i went back to class doing this and all of those wonderful acting -- the exploration of a character and all that stuff, it's been so long since i've -- i mean or ever since i've had something like this to dive that so i'm -- i'm thrilled. also exciting to keep challenging myself. >> feel the love. >> feel the love. people are going to see it. "cake" opens nationwide on friday. maybe we'll get her to go upstairs and see the little puppies. >> i think can you twist my arm on that in final check of the weather.
8:37 am
>> hey, this diego you moved from where. >> from florida. >> he's a little chilly its a little cold here in new york city this morning and it's also a little cool in washington, d.c. where they're in a winter weather advisory until later this afternoon and evening. that's when the bulk of the snow is going to come through there. look for slick spots because it could start as a little freezing rain in places, some rain and then changing over to snow. it slides up overnight into new york city. again this is life. it's 1 to 3 inches overall but it's enough to make the roads a mess. we thought we should share some really beautiful scenes from vancouver, the fog and haze and wow that sunset. looking so pretty. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> thanks, ginger. dave murphy on the terrace. current temperature of twin. double snow showers down south. most of the snow holding off until the afternoon and continuing until about midnight. we're looking at a general 1 to 3-inch accumulation. today's high 36 but dropping when the snow starts
8:38 am
abc launched their magic of storytelling campaign with a program called "first book." the goal put up to 1 million brand-new books into the hands of children in need. the campaign focuses on the power of great stories and runs through the end of march. take a look. >> once upon a time there were children who didn't know the magic of books and hadn't discovered stories that would teach them incredible things. now you can give stories that change lives. go to to help give all children a chance to live happily ever after. >> get this we have something new here. you can take a sh take your favorite book and include it in your selfie. use the >> if you have a child that's struggling to read it's call understood. help or learn more please visit our website, on yahoo! >> you might recognize our next
8:39 am
guest. al madrigal senior latino correspondent on "the daily show." al's got a great new special called "half like me" where he gets in touch with his mexican roots and welcome you to "good morning america." >> i'm sorry. big letdown after jennifer aniston. you're saying -- honestly 30 people just left this studio. just so many people fled. >> i thought that was because you needed a more intimate setting. >> so many standing outside looking in the windows. everyone is gone. >> let me tell you something if that is true and it's not they would be missing out. >> they are totally missing out. >> you are a funny guy and the subject matter is very permanent to you. tell us about it. >> originally i was going to do this special, similar to my "daily show" character, latinos who are they why are they here when will they leave. we answer those questions and more and it's going to be absurd
8:40 am
and started getting into it and as a half mexican, no one has really told this story of how awkward it feels and i went through ultimately to arrive at a family reunion in tijuana saying tijuana and these guys had to correct me. i wasn't even saying my own name right. you know how hard it is to come to grips with -- how do we pronounce your name madrigal beats me. >> you never labeled yourself or called yourself -- you've never called yourself any kind of -- ? i was happily doing stand-up comedy in san francisco. go to l.a. for the very first time and they put everybody on their own show so they have all the african-american comics doing these black shows, crack them up thursdays, mo better mondays and first thing i go to l.a. and i end up on a show called refried fridays. and i'm there going, i see pie friend becky, that's your first sign no self-respecting mexican
8:41 am
last a friend named becky so i go to the show and i go becky, i'm a mexican comedian and this guy taps me on the shoulder right at that moment anticipate says, ola, i'm matteo from and he says, do you mind if i interview you in spanish? i say, you can try, bro. i don't think it's going to work out. >> that's a sample from his spanish. called "half like me." airs tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. on fusion. >> thanks for having me. >> always great to hear your opinion, share your story. >> jennifer aniston was just in this chair. >> just in that chair. the competition heating up in the locker room. it's time to get your game face on, ladies. ♪
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ oh yeah i'm back.
8:44 am
this week's party on "the view" is just getting started so what will happen next? oh my don't nis "the view" this week on abc. ♪ big day, big day. day two of the "gma" paw-lympics. very skilled athletes showing off their talent their strength their determination, but only one dog can be leader of the pack. on tuesday, the competition fierce and in a moment two more contenders go head to head. let's take a look. it was a trick competition for the ages. >> bella not missing a trick.
8:45 am
>> on day one of "gma's" inaugural paw-lympics. >> special delivery from pickles. >> bella and pickles. >> wowing us with their dynamic stunt games. >> grace under pressure. >> but in the end bella and her stunning technique edged out pickles who played the cute card. >> the winner is bella! [ cheers and applause ] and bella took home the golden bone. so this morning, on day two of the competition, the stakes are even higher. as delilah, a master jumper takes on nimble powerhouse jenna. in the agility event, "gma's" paw-lympics continues live from times square right now. [ cheers and applause ] are you ready? an incredibly excited crowd here. the competition about to heat up. for the agility test. here's howard pawsell. do we have a shot of him doing
8:46 am
color commentary for woof tv and extinguished panel of judges. now it's time to meet the competitors. entering paw-lympic stadium, delilah and her trainer lori. she is small but she packs a major punch. she is crazy about roast beef and jumping. i didn't make that up. now appearing in shetland sheepdog. is that a shetland -- >> yes it is. >> it looks like lassie. jenna, master agility champ represented team usa in international competition, hold your ears to the other competitor. don't be nervous. she loves salmon and long walks in the woods. now we bring in gina dinardo. what can we expect today from
8:47 am
the agility competition. >> well it's the fastest growing stock sport in the country so we have a cool on sta cool course of jumps, seesaws, tunnels, everything in a tipple master agility contest. >> master is the operative word. who takes home the golden bone? we find out right now. delilah, are you ready? >> we're ready. >> go. [ cheers ] >> delilah. >> awesome performance. super speedy. super speedy. >> she was speedy. she is small but she packs a punch. jenna, i heard you clapping for delilah but it is now time for you. ready, go. >> wait. >> ready? >> in the tire now going through the poles really fast there's a
8:48 am
tire. seesaw. >> that's awesome, a couple of jumps and a fast finish. >> now. >> wow. >> if we had instant replay we would use it. it was very very close. apaws owe meter. who thinks delilah is the champion of today's competition? let's hear it. >> okay. and for jenna, the a-paws-o-meter, go ahead. [ cheers and applause ] >> what did you say? >> and the winner of today's golden bone goes to -- better sit down for this. jenna! [ cheers and applause ] oh jenna. >> there you go jen. >> that incredible performance by both of you and we will have
8:49 am
more coming up from the paw-lympics but first coming up on "gma," "american horror story's" sarah paulson with
8:50 am
8:51 am
♪ it's a big might for fans of "american horror story" freak show. it airs tonight. the show follows a troupe of carnal performers and emmy nominated actress sarah paulson is playing conjoined twins and neil patrick harris. take a look. >> think i do a little magic. >> ah. >> thought i'd be good are to the stage but then they told me to disappear. oh. >> oh. >> i think he's wonderful. >> he's very handsome. >> he could be the one. >> so who's interested? >> and we're delighted to welcome sarah paulson. i have to ask, what was that
8:52 am
like when you were first presented with the fact that you'd be a conjoined twin literally you would have two heads. >> it was terrifying as you might imagine. i didn't know how in the world we were going to do it. and it's a really scary thing to act by yourself. i like to look at another actor's face and eyes to help me figure out what i'm doing and i didn't have anyone to look at. i couldn't even see myself. my head was bent such a way they could never make eye contact. it was just awful. >> then how did your fellow arcs react to the two heads? how did they play off it. >> yes, it was hard. they had to use their imagination, as well and also jessica lang had a hard time keeping track of whoever she was supposed to be speaking to so i was slyly pointing when she would look in the wrong direct no. >> other head. other head. >> i love that your one request was could they have a southern accent. >> i wanted something i would feel grounded by and tethered to something i could recognize because all my family is from that part of the world. >> what an incredible cast.
8:53 am
we saw neil patrick harris obviously jessica lang. kathy bates. >> they're no good. yeah. >> i think they're overrated. what's the big deal. a couple of academy award winners. >> with such dark subject matter. a lot of levity on the set. >> we laugh in ways you can't even imagine. it's an extraordinary thing. a lot of dark stuff going on but we have plenty to laugh about. >> we're all tuning in for the dark stuff. we can't wait for tonight. it's going to be action packed. >> action packed and a lot of things are going to be wrapped up and some in not so pretty ways. >> all right. i like that. thank you. >> thank you. >> the season finale of "american
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by test paw-lympics. "deals & steals" and everything you need for your super bowl party. see you tomorrow. >> ♪♪ hey everyone, it's 8:56 on this wednesday. we're tracking snow for later today. dave murphy has the accuweather forecast. >> cloudy and cool with
8:57 am
temperature around 30 degrees, matt. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan. a couple scattered spotty snow showers change over to rain over the ocean ann little blue with wet snow down by dover. most of the main body of snow for us will probably hold off until the afternoon. we can't rule out a snow shower before then. your inclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high later of 36. once the main thrust of snow comes in during the afternoon that temperature dips back down to the freezing mark. if you get caught in any snow this afternoon or this evening slow it down in case the roads get slick. it looks like about a 1 to 3-inch accumulation and the last of the snowflakes stop around midnight. then tomorrow clouds giving way to some sun during the day, a better high of 42. 38 friday. another wintry mix is possible on saturday matt. we're watching that. >> thank you david. karen rogers tracking a backup on the cameras. what you got. >> yeah, you can see it right here. jammed on the 30 bypass eastbound jammed from 322 to route 100.
8:58 am
this is the vehicle fired. last time i showed you the shot we had a number of emergency workers. now just one or two police officers remain and penndot on the scene. they're blocking a lane. that's why the big backup on the 30 bypass eastbound. this accident on the boulevard northbound near wissahickon causing problems. slow speeds on the schuylkill expressway. slow between belmont and the vine seeing single digits at times. >> thank you karen. the new video that shows the moments leading up to a deadly police involved shooting in south jersey. the incident escalated in a matter of two minutes. plus acts 50's are planning a news conference later today. jude law and allison williams both guests on "live with kelly and michael." that's next here on 6abc. i'm matt o'donnell. be careful on the way home today. >> ♪♪
8:59 am
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>> with josh and he steps up with any back paven. all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan.


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