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tv   Nightline  ABC  January 17, 2015 12:37am-1:08am EST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, catch me if you can. >> dr. harris? do you concur? >> can it really be this easy to pass as a doctor? for one 17-year-old the answer was yes. he's not the only imposter who could be posing at your local hospital. katy perry shows her love of kittens. if you're into dancing robots there's a spot for that too. whatever floats your boat you can find. welcome to the weird world of concept cafes. red carpet rivalries. jennifer aniston can rock a red carpet, even if she has to share it with angelina jolie. aniston opens up about their supposed feud. first, the "nightline 5."
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good evening. thank you for joining us. one of the last things you want to hear when you visit the doctor is it's his or her first day on the job. but a 17-year-old recently managed to give new meaning to the phrase fake it till you make it. this child scheme had a hospital
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treating him like a member of the staff. how to get away with and it why they do it. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: most doctors endure years of school and training before treating patients in a hospital. but for one 17-year-old in west palm beach, florida, all it took was a white lab coat and a stethoscope. at st. mary's report the police report says he was walking around the hospital dressed in a white lab coat. >> i believe it said department of anesthesiology on it. >> reporter: dr. sebastian kent met the 17-year-old last week. >> they told me he was a doctor. >> reporter: police say unreleased video shows him walking inside the hospital acting like a doctor. witnesses reported he'd been coming there for a month. but the hospital insists he never treated any patients. in a statement tonight the hospital said, "the individual never had contact with any hospital patients and did not gain access to any patient areas."
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it insists the safety and security of patients is our highest priority. the day he was arrested at this outpatient building he was with a relative who actually had an appointment. >> he introduced himself as this patient's husband. >> reporter: he was not a doctor, and she was not his wife. >> he said, "oh, dr. kent i really would like to follow you as an intern." i asked him, "well, you know, what position are you in now?" there the story started to get more vague. >> reporter: that's when dr. kent figured he was a fraud. his story fell apart. about 30 minutes later he was arrested right here. but this isn't the first time a 17-year-old was busted for channeling his inner do you goy houser. august 2011 matthew shida, fresh-faced young man, reports for duty in the e.r. scrubs, stethoscope, a badge identifying him as a p.a. a physician assistant, as close as you can come to being a doctor without an m.d.
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>> do you know if they're hiring here at the hospital? >> what do you want to do? >> i'm a doctor. >> reporter: like chan in "catch me if you can," sheid oozes office. >> he's very charming. >> reporter: unlike leonardo dicaprio, who gets queasy in the emergency room, sheid is drawn to the action. >> he performed procedures on patients. >> reporter: reporter nancy alvarez with channel 9 in orlando. >> this kid touched patients. this kid held a child who was getting stitches. >> he actually administered cpr? >> yes, he administered cpr to one patient. >> reporter: apparently unsatisfied, sheid demands additional privilege he kept on going back to human resources saying, i need the access. that's when they're like he's not even a physician assistant or a student. >> i appreciate you coming down. >> reporter: he talks his way from emergency room into a police interrogation room. >> no i don't sign off on
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anything, i just did the circling -- >> reporter: confident he can talk his way out of anything. sheid waives his right to a lawyer and begins to tell his tale. >> what do you think it is? and i told him it could be a kidney infection, it could be eti -- >> he was talking, talking, talking, talking. >> i have an interest in the medical field. >> reporter: an interest yes. a license, no. in fact, sheid had no education, medical or otherwise, beyond a diploma from an online high school. he is not a physician assistant. what he is is a 17-year-old kid with a summer job at a doctor's office. >> i just did clerical work. i knew one of the physicians. i'm good friends with his daughter. >> reporter: he used to run errands to the hospital, so he asked him for an i.d. badge. and somehow obtained the one that let him prowl the e.r. for a total of nine days.
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eventually gaining his medical knowledge from an app. >> i'd see anatomy and stuff like that, all the anatomy and stuff. >> reporter: but the seriousness of his masquerade is soon apparent. >> one of the teches had to run out of the room to get something and i was told to do it by a physician. >> reporter: there's no evidence it was his fault but the elderly patient he did cpr on died the next day. nancy alvarez broke the news to the deceased woman's husband. >> when you told him his wife had been under the care of sheid, what did he say? >> he was shocked. i think he felt pe trayed more than anything. >> reporter: confronted by police, sheid blames his charade on the hospital for handing him that incorrect i.d. badge. >> what's it even say that i'm a physician's assistant? let's just say that i was. are you that stupid that you're just going to put me into the system with that? without any credentials or any paperwork or nothing?
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>> reporter: the medical center told abc news today in our hospital our badging process is significantly more secure." as to why he does these things? sheid drops hints. >> just i felt like i was supposed to be there, i was supposed to be learning they were supposed to be teaching me. >> reporter: the interrogation ends. sheid is charged and posts bail. then something inexplicable. >> he was picked up in miami, now as an imposter of a police officer? >> reporter: police say sheid is packing a badge, a taser, and a loaded pistol. >> miami beach cops arrested sheid. pulled up next to a real cop with all the confidence of a real cop, but he's just a kid pretending to be one. >> reporter: back in orlando, august 2012 he goes on trial for practicing medicine without a license and impersonating a physician assistant. >> i was sitting just a few feet away from him.
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and there were tears in his eyes. and he looked petrified. and i felt for him for a moment. and then i wondered, hm. could this be real? could he be performing again? >> we the jury find the defendant guilty of impersonating a physician's assistant --. >> reporter: convicted, he served a year and jail and was released in 2013. he pled guilty to impersonating a police officer. >> do you think that the punishment did not fit the crime? >> people seem to forget this is a 17-year-old child that did these acts. now you have a 17-year-old kid who made some immature decisions who has had to do time and get a conviction on his record as a felon. he's going to have to deal with that for the rest of his life. >> reporter: whatever the rest of his life holds, he will likely never be a real fit, physician, and not a real police officer. even so, some suspect his career as a professional copycat might not be over.
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>> do you think this is the last time that you will report about matthew sheid? >> i'm not convinced this is the very last time. the last time we'll see matthew sheid in the news or in our court system. >> reporter:? west palm beach the coy hasn't been charged with a crime. he was released to his mother who admits her son wasn't taking his medication and is under the care of a real doctor. i'm matt gutman for "nightline" in west palm beach, florida. next inside the crazy and creative world of concept cafes. >> thank you! >> where it's food that's on the back burner. later on "nightline," actress jennifer aniston shares her feelings about angelina jolie. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®.
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you may have heard of the cat cafe. soon there will be a space for dog lovers to mix sips with pets. when you're into animals or dancing robots there's a themed restaurant for everyone no matter how obscure your taste. abc's sa sill yeah vega got an unforgettable introduction. ♪ >> reporter: for those seeking a truly bizarre dining experience well, tokyo is calling. i'm here on a mission to see as many of these themed cafes as i can. there are several hundred all around japan, catering to just about any fantasy you can dream up. >> so cute. >> reporter: would you pay for the privilege of sipping your latte in a room full of cuddly kittens?
12:53 am
>> whoa, he bit me. >> reporter: or maybe sporting a pair of cat ears in a cafe run by cute french maids. perhaps that's your cut of tea. lost in translation? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: hardly. themed cafes straight from japan are coming straight to a city near you. feast your eyes on america's very first cat cafe. >> cats. so many cats. >> reporter: opened in october in oakland, california and quickly followed by a copycat in new york. >> oh my gosh. this one is wearing a little shirt. >> reporter: they're even showing up in katy perry's "part
12:54 am
of me." >> in japan a lot of people come there lonely. they can't own cats because their housing is too small. >> reporter: it's where i meet la carmina, a fashion blogger who wrote the book on japan's we'dest themed restaurants. >> it's where you get immerses in the insanity of the experience. there are funny cafes. i went to the owl cafe you can pet owls and have them sit on your head. >> reporter: there's a vampire cafe. or maybe a little disco jesus. some bondage? even a sexy cabaret robot dance party. >> the big question is, why? what do you get out of this? >> you get to escape your humdrum life. >> reporter: there's certainly nothing humdrum about this tokyo neighborhood. locals call it electric town. a haven for gamers and anime lovers and home to the theme cafe that started it all. >> hi! >> i've never been to a maid
12:55 am
cafe before, tell me what to do this is all new to me. >> okay. >> reporter: first i am anointed a princess of the dream land. >> three, two, one -- >> okay, okay, okay. >> reporter: and then my maid helps me choose from a syrupy sweet menu. >> what does it mean to be a maid here? what is your job? >> i give you happiness. >> you'll give me happiness? >> yeah. >> reporter: this is no children's restaurant. there are grown men here in suits. and they seem to be enjoying themselves a lot. >> it's so highly linked to the anime, the cartoons and comic books. you see cute girls wearing these outfits and the maid cafe is the setting come to life. >> is it sexual? >> no. nothing seedy goes on at maid cafes. >> reporter: i'm not so convinced of everyone's pure intentions. >> don't mind my ears.
12:56 am
>> reporter: so i do a little digging. >> you're a good-looking young guy. >> oh, thanks. >> did you come in here because the girls are cute and it's like kind of a fantasy thing? >> i'm not into this stuff. >> you're not into the maid thing so much? >> it's cuteness. >> meow meow. >> reporter: yes cuteness overload is an appropriate way to describe this experience. turns out there's a word for what's happening to me. >> people call that moie a term you see in japanese anime. when a guy has a crush on a girl you see the hearts coming out of his eyes. >> you're very cute. >> you're very cute too. >> like an explosion, an overdose of adorable cuteness. hearts are popping out everywhere. >> reporter: i could not keep it together. >> i'm having a moment. >> reporter: dessert was
12:57 am
followed by a lip synched jpop mashup of straight-up weirdness. ♪ >> reporter: memories i will forever cherish. >> oh, this is amazing, thank you. this is the best. >> reporter: but the night is young. and my appetite not nearly satisfied. so i venture to a place appropriately called the robot restaurant. >> they say this is the weirdest show on earth. we'll find out. >> reporter: no one could have prepared me for the bounty of strange ahead. this frenetic, super psychodelic cabaret sci-fi robot war would not be complete without christmas bunny stripper,strippers, duh. >> not so appetizing. >> reporter: but who cares?
12:58 am
we get grossted. we went from a giant spider to a panda to a shark that i think just ate a man and had a mermaid on his back. i have no idea what we just saw but it was sheer genius. >> reporter: the mind behind this brilliant creation? a former dancer turned robot queen. >> can you show me how she works? >> reporter: she invites me to board one of her more well-endowed cast members. >> are her boobs new? i feel like there's something hitting me in the head. what is this show about? i watched it and i could not understand. >> reporter: she told me the show is for middle-aged businessmen. basically a greatest hits of all their boyhood fantasies. robots galore and sex. >> so this is like every man's fantasy? i say that as i lift her boobs.
12:59 am
>> reporter: now she says plenty of women and tourists from around the world love it too. her dream is to bring the show all the way to vegas. and why not? if tokyo-inspired cafes featuring maids, cats and cuddles can thrive in american cities like new york oakland, and portland -- >> we've been open for a month and have 34 options so far. >> oh my gosh, that's kidding. more than one a day, basically. >> reporter: even manage to serve a good cause along the way. >> wow that's incredible. >> reporter: maybe we are ready for the full-throttle wonder of tokyo's weirdest themed dining escapes. brace yourselves, america. >> i want to take this home. honey, i'm bringing a robot home from tokyo. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm cecilia vega in tokyo. next, she may have lost brad to angelina but jennifer aniston
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hey, cal. snap out of it buddy. sorry. just day dreaming. about a classic truck with flames?
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acclaimed film "cake," and cuddling up with justin theroux, it's no wonder jennifer aniston has no time to feud with angelina jolie over brad pitt, a love triangle that's provided tabloid fodder for years. the 45-year-old opened up to entertainment tonight complimenting jolie's drama "unbroken." but urging everyone to get over their drama. >> i think that's slowly coming to an end. i really do. it's time people stop with that petty b.s. and just start celebrating great work. >> reporter: jolie and aniston were both at the critics' choice awards last night. walking the same red carpet for the first time since 2009. the two stars have rarely crossed paths since aniston and pitt split in 2005. when weeks later brangelina coupled up after filming "mr. and mrs. smith" together. >> i was married once before. >> reporter: but aniston saying she is more than ready to let it
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go. taking the high road good for her. thank you for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we're online at good night, america. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yeah! hey, hey, hey, hey! hey! welcome to millionaire. all this week, we've been playing with some of the most incredible guinness world record title holders of all time. it's millionaire guinness world records edition! [cheers and applause]
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and later today, game show legend and former guinness world records holder ken jennings will try for $1 million. whoo! for over a decade, today's returning contestant has held the guinness world records title for fastest time to carve a pumpkin, which is 16.47 seconds. from havertown, pennsylvania please welcome stephen clarke! hello, stephen. good to see you again. how you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> you know, how has being a world record holder changed your life? >> that's a good question, terry. you know, as my family would tell you, i was a pretty quiet kind of shy kid when i was younger, and after i got the record, i started getting a lot of tv appearances. i got invited to carve pumpkins at the vice pr


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