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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 8, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news, terror in paris. elite police units conduct raids this morning. the massive manhunt for these two men suspected in that brazen daytime attack. 12 killed as the gunmen storm a weekly newspaper. arrests made overnight. high alert around the world this morning. security stepped up here at home and what we're learning about those gunmen in the worst terror attack in france in decades. also happening now, another blast of dangerous cold. near-record lows this morning. temperatures 25 degrees below normal. school canceled for a million students. and snow and powerful winds making it nearly impossible to drive. >> it was snow blinding. we ran into the back of a semi truck and he's not stopping and our car is embedded underneath of it. >> a family in this minivan
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pinned by a semi dragged for 16 miles and a massive 40-car pileup. abc news exclusive. bill cosby's tv wife comes to his defense. what phylicia rashad is saying about the women who made those allegations as the comedian takes the stage for the first time in weeks, protesters lined up outside. on the edge of the those two climbers so close to history hitting a wall. the razor sharp edges battering their hands. one of them completely stuck. will he be able to go on? a true cliffhanger right now. and good morning, america. everyone on point this morning and this is the scene in paris right now. there have been raids going on at this hour and the hunt
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continues with one reported sighting of the gunman as gas station in northern france being sealed off by the police. french officials reporting several areeses but the gunmen still on the loose. >> after the worst attack in decades in france massive vigils overnight. so many people pouring into the streets to show their support. just moments ago, a moment of silence at notre dame right in the center of paris. >> and abc's terry moran is right there. he begins our team coverage. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. fast breaking developments on this story often this rainy and sad day in partial. overnight, the youngest of the suspect, 18-year-old hamyd mourad turning himself in. the prosecutors here saying as of now he is still being held for questioning. but the focus clearly on those two gunmen as you say. police investigating reports they have been sighted in the north of paris. there's -- in the north of france. there's been a shootout in the
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south of this city one police officer killed. not clear if that is connected to the attack. but it contributes to the sense here that this is a city and a country in shock and on edge. this morning, an urgent manhunt for the two gunmen responsible for the terror attack that stunned paris and the world. authorities also releasing this wanted poster of the two suspected gunmen still at large. [ gunshots ] the attack began at 11:30 a.m. paris time when two gunmen and an accomplice pulled up in a black citoren a mile from notre dame cathedral and across the city from the eiffel tower. the two opened fire on two doormen killing one. then forcing cartoon istist corrine
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ray to open the door with her security code. inside their targets, the staff of the paper was having their morning meeting when the masked men walked in calling out some editors and cartoonists by name shooting them execution style. stephane charbonnier and nine others killed in the methodical and ruthless attack. five minutes later, the gunmen exiting the building while shouting allahu akbar, god is great. they shoot and kill one police officer. then moving swiftly but calmly into their car they speed off leaving behind a chaotic scene of wounded on stretchers neighbors in shock that something like this could happen here. the suspected gunmen's car was found a mile and a half from the shooting scene. "charlie hebdo" magazine had been the subject of repeated threats from al qaeda leaders over its cartoons that the terror group said mocked the prophet muhammad. the magazine was even firebombed three years ago but no one was
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hurt. at the time the magazine's editor stephane charbonnier was put under police protection and he told abc news he would not be intimidated. >> without freedom of speech we are dead. >> reporter: those are haunting words stephane charbonnier among those killed in yesterday's attack. but the surviving members of "charlie hebdo" including some of the wounded declared this morning they will publish their magazine next week on schedule. robin. >> all right, terry. now to the suspects. new clues this morning about the brothers believed to be behind the attack. what authorities are calling a carefully planned massacre. abc's brian ross is here with much more. good morning. >> good morning, robin. as the hunt continues for those two brothers u.s. counterterror officials say the attack had all the trademarks of a well-planned and targeted combat operation. overnight, the manhunt spread across france for the two masked men. identified by officials as these two brothers 34-year-old said
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kouachi and 328-year-old cherif kouachi. in 2005 the younger brother was featured in a french public tv documentary. portrayed as an aspiring rap musician convicted on terror charges that put him in prison for a year and a half. this morning, french officials say he and his older brother should now be considered armed and dangerous. officials say the eyewitness video reveals the two to be highly trained in weapons and combat techniques. they are dressed in black combat outfits carrying automatic weapons, difficult to obtain in france and they appear to have extra ammunition magazines strapped across their chests wearing special shooting gloves to steady their aim. >> they were disguised. they had the right equipment. they had the right clothing on. >> reporter: the tight cluster of bullet holes in the police car windshield an important clue. according to former u.s.
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counterterrorism official john cohen. >> this is a very tight grouping of shots. this suggests that the person who fired this weapon has experience and training in using a firearm of this type. >> reporter: the video also shows one of the attackers calm calmlycalm calmly executing a police officer lying on the street. >> this was a hit, a professional hit. they had fire discipline. their bullets hit the targets. they didn't spray the neighborhood and they made a very cool calm and effective escape. >> eyewitnesses said they said they were from al qaeda in yemen. so far no substantiating claims of responsibility from al qaeda or the isis group in syria. george. >> thanks brian. joined now by the deputy mayor of paris, mr. klugman. thanks for joining us. our condolences for the victims of that horrific attack and i know the french president said paris has been truck in the heart by this and you've just observed a moment of silence.
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tell us the mood in paris this morning. >> well the moment is terrible in paris. we as you said we just made a moment of silence, but it's also a time for action. >> no idea where the suspects may be? there have been some reports un unconfirmed that they were seen driving in the north. >> yeah there's been some leaks about they've been identified in the north of france but i cannot confirm at this stage. >> there's also been a shooting in the% suburbs of a police officer and another witness there. any idea whether that is connected to what happened yesterday? >> the suspect still i think on the loose but at this stage it's far too early to speak about any connection in relation with what happened yesterday at "charlie hebdo." >> are the police learning anything useful from the suspect who did turn himself in? are they confident that individual actually was part of this operation? >> unfortunately i don't have much information to cover on
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that but what i would like to say is here in paris we keep on fighting time for mourning time for commemoration and time for action and time also to preserve freedom of speech freedom of thinking the values of the french republic politic that you also share in the united states. >> those are values we do indeed share. mr. mayor, thanks very much for your time this morning. all right there, george. seems like the whole world is reaching out to paris today. they're using the #jesuischarlie to show support and security really stepped up in cities here across the u.s. you can see the extra protection at the french consulate in new york. president obama calling it an attack on freedom of speech and the press. abc's pierre thomas is in washington with more on the security here at home. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that image of police at the consulate in new york is a stark reminder of concerns right here at home about the same kind of attack.
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new york is not the only location taking precautions. france has consulates in nine other u.s. cities and we're being told that police in atlanta, boston and chicago are also stepping up security at french installations in their cities. we've also learned that the fbi and homeland security officials are planning to hold a conference call in the next 24 hours with the nation's top police chiefs to update them about the massacre in paris, local authorities want to know how the attack was conducted. the tactics used and guidance about the suspects. >> tell us more about the concern here at home. are there any credible threats? >> reporter: no credible threats but u.s. officials have been warning media outlets for weeks about isis using social media to call on radicals to assassinate western reporters including right here in the u.s. no specific threats are identified but this is a real concern, robin. >> everybody is still staying on alert. pierre thank you. >> robin, thank. now to the dangerous arctic blast spreading east and south sending temperatures plunging well below freezing and so much
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of the country, heavy snow and whiteouts for drivers. ginger tracking it all. >> so many people getting in their cars this morning and seeing this subzero temperatures. that was in minnesota. actual temperature of 22 below, the windchills reached 50 plus below. it's not just there. of course it's in new england this morning. records have been broken from vermont down to mobile alabama. it feels like 29 below in worcester, boston schools are closed. nashville's schools are closed. cleveland's schools are closed. look at the single digits all the way to the gulf atlanta, subzero windchill. add that plus some snow, it's a dangerous combination. blinding snow on i-80 in western pennsylvania leaving three dead and dozens injured. in muskegon county michigan a 40-car pileup including four semis, an ambulance and an armored truck. >> sounded like a big explosion behind me. >> reporter: in northern michigan a whiteout leading to white-knuckle terror for the menz family.
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>> it was snow blinding. we ran into the back of a semi truck and he's not stopping and our car is embedded underneath it. >> reporter: their minivan pinned dragging for 16 miles behind that semi truck. >> are you able to like honk your horn or nothing. >> no we have nothing. we've lost everything. >> reporter: matt menz was behind the wheel. he and his two children heading home after the holidays. he hit the centralsemi and latched on. >> 16 miles of complete and utter hopelessness. we had no control of anything. >> reporter: at first the menzes weren't even sure what happened. the snow was blocking their view. matt's wife to clear it while calling 911. >> our windshield is completely shattered. i can't see nothing. >> reporter: daughter jennifer wasn't sure they'd make it out alive. >> i told my brother and my mom and dad that i loved them all because i didn't know. >> reporter: finally after 30 horrifying minutes, help arrived. stopping the truck and its
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driver who was totally unaware he'd been hauling the menzes for miles. >> a good ending to a bad situation. >> we are so happy. there will still be snow squalls moving through in the plains. check this out, atlanta, everyone. frozen this morning, the fountains throughout the deep freeze in the south and, yes, it's happening everywhere. and robin, 26 in new orleans. it's cold. >> everywhere. okay ginger thanks very much. let's go to amy with today's other top stories. we begin with authorities in texas making emergency preparations after nearly a dozen earthquakes near dallas in a 24-hour period. the strongest a 3.6 magnitude quake. that's enough to crack walls and ceilings and shatter windows. scientists are trying to determine if wastewater from oil and gas drilling is to blame. some schools are now conducting earthquake drills to prepare students. well the fbi says it is considering all possible motives including domestic terrorism
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after the explosion tuesday outside the offices of the naacp in colorado springs. a gas can placed next to the explosive device failed to ignite and no one was injured thankfully. agents are searching for a middle aged white man seen leaving in a truck. a possible medical breakthrough. scientists have discovered a powerful antibiotic that could be a new weapon against so-called superbugs. the drug was found in soil. researchers found it killed a wide range of germs in mice without those germs becoming resistant to the drug. it will now be tested in other animals before eventually human trials begin. this next video shows the importance of wearing your seat belt. albuquerque police say this truck crashed into a city bus which hit a road sign sending the driver flying into the windshield. look at that. oh my goodness. the impact that you see launching him through the glass. thankfully remarkably he suffered only minor injuries. what's being called a freak hailstorm forced a group of
7:15 am
skydivers to make emergency landings. this happened near the beach in australia. many had no choice but to crash into the water at full speed blown down by this 60-mile-per-hour wind. five skydivers remain hospitalized but are recovering. finally, we've all heard of snakes on a plane. but this is scarier. a woman working at a san diego office building need a bathroom break. do you know where i'm going? she went in and noticed the water level was a little high. she's a modern woman. she got a plunger out, started plunging it and then she saw this. it turned out to be a boa constrictor more than five feet long animal control came to the rescue. i shutter to think if she hadn't thought about that plunger. >> look before you sit. >> oh. >> that is great advice amy. >> i just want to help the people. >> everybody, as you start your day remember amy's words of wisdom. look before you sit. >> i can't even look. that is -- snakes -- oh.
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>> i know how much you love snakes michael so that was for you. >> i stopped looking at the story. >> now your day only gets better from here. >> i won't go to the bathroom all day. >> thank you. >> come on, guys. >> we came so close. all right, take it away michael. oh, boy, well you know history, we talked about this yesterday. in yosemite national park where some call it yosemite. those two climbers trying to complete one of the hardest climbs in the world are hitting a wall because one of them is stuck. we have abc's t.j. holmes in the social square with more. good morning, t.j. >> hey there, strahan, stuck, because listen to this in his last post the climber said, ripped the tape and skin right off my fingers trying to hold on to those razor sharp edges. he's on stage four. tried this four times. he's stuck right now so the question is will his fingers let him move forward? this morning, a cliffhanger
7:17 am
literally. professional climber kevin jorgeson desperately trying to hold on to his record-breaking dream with bare battered hands. the rocky edges he struggles to grasp are only as deep as a single match stick but as sharp as cut glass. >> i've got to tape two of those three fingers which definitely makes it hard to feel what you're hanging on to. >> reporter: his injuries so so swear he's fallen off this section eight times. the narrow two-inch razor sharp edges are the only thing between him and a six-year quest. >> i feel like it's only appropriate that this route put up a little bit of a battle and we don't climb every pitch on our first day of asteps in if kevin gives a couple more days of effort and doesn't succeed at that point he'll probably make the decision to kind of throw in the towel on his behalf so tommy can succeed. >> reporter: jorgeson is now three seconds behind his partner tommy caldwell who is well past
7:18 am
the halfway point to a historic finish. >> cold and a lot of ice built up. >> reporter: caldwell's fingers taking a beating too so he wakes up every four hours to apply a special sanding chalk to his hands. he posted wednesday, to think that the skin on our fingertips could be the limiting fact towards success or failure. >> if they reach up for a handhole and slip and their finger gets caught in a crack and they damage their finger the climb is over. >> all right, again, strahan, they are weigh on pitch 15 considered the most difficult on the wall and, remember, guy they've been up there two weeks so far. no word on how long they'll be able to hold out. >> wow. well you know hopefully heal up and both of them can make it. >> what an amazing feat if they get up. >> that's the truth. to more snow and wind from the midwest and ginger back with the latest. >> i warned you of the snow. already the next round of snow has begun so we have blizzard warnings from the rockies into the northern plains into southern minnesota up to a foot of snow possible in west
7:19 am
michigan due to lake effect. drive. >> it was snow blin >> reporter: good morning, erchl, david everyone, david murphy here with accuweather. this is the story it's cold, 10 degrees and in the single digits everywhere else. bundle up as you head outside.
7:20 am
high of 22. windchills in the single digits this afternoon. better tomorrow, 20s on saturday. n an abc news exclusive. we'll hear from phylicia rashad has to say. and an incredible rescue. a brave boy's quick thinking to a dispatcher. how she used social media to send help. "gma investigates" the hidden germs that could be lurking in your morning cup of coffee. what you need to know, stay tuned. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking. feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms, and help stop further
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discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. >> breaking right rescue teams have confirmed that one person is trapped after a silo collapsed in bristol township. the facility is part of an
7:27 am
industrial warehouse on radcliff street. let's go outside to david murphy for more on the dangerous cold. >> reporter: take a look at temperatures we're sitting at 10 degrees on the thermometer in philadelphia. five degrees this allentown and as you take a look at windchills the wind is picking up as we get the sun up over the horizon. it feels like 4 below. this is dangerous cold. dress appropriately today. we're looking at a cold afternoon high of 22 degrees, lots of sun windy conditions gusting as high as 30 at times. that will keep the afternoon windchills in the single digits for most of the day. >> karen rogers what are the roads looking like? >> reporter: the schuylkill expressway is heavy, we're jam from the boulevard to conshohocken. we had a disabled vehicle it's clear now. montgomery county we have an accident at ridge pike at
7:28 am
chemical cal road. news can ale county, disabled vehicle blocking the two left lanes at i-95 southbound at churchman's road. mass transit right now don't forget no express trains with the market frankford line. new jersey transit northeast corridor seeing a half-hour delay because of problems out there, tam. >> don't forget school delays running at the bottom of the screen and at we'll see you back here in 30. #
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good morning, america. on this thursday morning and right now, france is on high alert. we're tracking new sightings of those brothers suspected in that horrific terror attack. also right now, bill cosby's tv wife phylicia rashad breaks her silence. it's an abc news exclusive. and "gma investigates." a warning about what's really lurking in your morning cup of coffee so between that and the snake, well it's just a great way -- >> good morning, america. >> to welcome everybody back. chased michael outside, i think. >> i think we did. it's cold out there. >> hey, i don't need ginger out here to tell me it's freezing. we usually have a huge audience out here. nobody is out here because it's so cold we brought them all inside to join the show with us get a little closer to us. they have the best seat in the house and now i'm happy they're inside because i'm inside and i
7:31 am
am warm. oh my goodness. >> it's really cold. >> takes your breath away. >> i used to be tough. >> it's that cold. >> i always go mommy as if she can help me. >> how did you used to ed tod to play in that cold weather? supply don't even know. right now if they asked me to play i would say it's not worth it. you go enjoy yourself boys. that's nice. >> let's get michael some hot chocolate. >> so happy to have all our viewers inside. >> thanks for joining us. >> i'm happy to be in here with them i tell you that. we begin with bill cosby's tv wife phylicia rashad defending him in her first televised interview about those allegations. the comedian drugged and assaulted numerous women are the allegations. this as more accusers are coming forward. abc's linsey davis is here with the abc news exclusive. good morning, linsey. >> good morning, robin. overnight we heard from bill cosby himself saying directly to his fans who attended his
7:32 am
ontario performance last night, i would like to personally thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring laughter back into your lives and phylicia rashad's message that when it comes to cosby's accusers she did not say forget these women. bill cosby returning to the stage overnight in ontario, canada met by both rousing applause and angry protesters. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. >> reporter: the performance is his first since november when several venues canceled his appearances in the wake of more than a dozen allegations of sexual assault against him. and while cosby didn't address the scandal someone close to him is defending him. >> my lips are sealed. >> mine too. >> reporter: cosby's tv wife of 12 years, phylicia rashad talking to abc news exclusively defending her co-star and friend. >> what has happened is that declaration in the media of guilt without proof. >> how would you explain to
7:33 am
people who bill cosby is? >> he is an intellectual. he is generous. he's kind. >> reporter: rashad also addressing backlash she's received following this online report which quotes her as speaking about cost's many by's many accusers. you were quoted as saying forget those women. >> that is not what i said. what i said is this is not about the women. this is about the obliteration of a legacy. i am a woman. i would never say such a thing. >> when you first heard women were saying they had been drugged or raped -- >> i had never heard that before. and i can't even speak to those things and don't want to. >> reporter: three more women came forward wednesday. this morning, cosby who's representatives have fought back against accusations of misconduct and who has never been charged continues his tour as rashad continues to defend his legacy and her intentions. to critics who might say, well
7:34 am
of course phylicia rashad is going to come out in support of bill cosby. she has a lot to gain. >> the longer the show runs the smaller the residuals, okay so wipe that away. >> reporter: after a portion of our interview aired last night the reporter who initially wrote about rashad saying forget these women posted on his site i did not misquote phylicia rashad but she did not mean for it to be taken the way that it was. there was never the meaning that she was actually saying to forget or dismiss the women. she meant those women aside as in she's not talking about that she's talking about cosby's legacy being destroyed and that was the sentiment she kept repeating again and again. >> because when you saw it in print, it looked a certain way but those who know her knew what she meant but she wanted to clear it up. >> her daughter was the one who said i saw this online. you didn't say that. and she said no i didn't. >> that's like how e-mail doesn't get the tone. >> thanks guys. we move on to an incredible rescue story. a man was injured while hiking with his son and his 11-year-old
7:35 am
called 911 but got cut off before describing where they were. the dispatcher took quick action with the help of social media. >> 911 emergency, what are you reporting? >> my dad fell off a cliff. >> reporter: a frightened 11-year-old boy calls 911 after a scenic family hike with his dad and big brother on california's blue ridge trail sunday takes a terrifying turn. >> well we're rappelling and now he's stuck in a tree and his head is like split open. >> reporter: jake pritchard had just watched in horror as his father ryan careened off a cliff incredibly jake manages to reach him, find his cell phone and call 911. >> and does he know where you guys are hiking right now? >> do you know where we're hiking dada? he doesn't know. >> reporter: then right after, this gut-wrenching question from jake. >> when you come here can you
7:36 am
come here with my mom? >> reporter: his cell phone cuts out. >> it's kind of scary because we were you know at a loss. we had nothing. >> reporter: dispatchers found the cell tower the call came through but that led to a dead end. then a life saver. a trainee working in the dispatch center for just three weeks did something many of us do every day. >> well i plugged ryan's name into google. >> that led to ryan's linkedin page and then facebook page. >> most recent post was his sons saying they were going rappelling at the blue ridge loop trail. >> reporter: sadly his-- his time line became his life line. they airlifted him to the hospital. >> if it had been another half hour they wouldn't be able to hoist him out because of the darkness. >> reporter: overnight abc news was there when jake visited his dad in that hospital. >> you're my hero. >> reporter: a lucky man saved by his son and a tech-savvy
7:37 am
stranger. aditi roy, abc news vacaville, california. >> well done. ginger what do we got? >> let's start with the cold. breaking news of another school district closed. fair fairfax county. how cold is it? kcau did it in a new way. that's reporter fred and he is throwing that hot water in the air and in slow motion you get to see it freeze on contact with how cold it is. i just thought that was a neat new way of seeing it. my old student in sioux city iowa. good morning, scott. whether or not we're doing that frozen anywhere would be san diego. record highs or tying records from sacramento all the way to long beach. phoenix will be slightly cooler. 81 yesterday. 73 today but still nice and mild. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. sun up over the horizon. we have bitter cold in place
7:38 am
windchills below zero everywhere. windchills in the single digits, high of 22. wind tomorrow, 35. a windchill warning. i keep thinking of that michael jackson sock "you are not alone." >> we're all in this together baby. >> misery loves company. coming up the hidden germs that may be lurking in your morning cup of coffee. one of the young stars of "game of thrones" says she was the victim of cyberbullying. how you can protect your teens online.
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use parental controls or the v-chip. learn how at we're back now at 7:42 with "gma investigates" and this morning the health hazard that could be lushing in your morning cup of coffee. abc's becky worley has our story. >> reporter: for millions of caffeine hungry americans morning starts like this but you may be in for a rude awakening. did you ever think who touched this lid before it touches your lips? does that gross you out? >> a little bit. >> reporter: experts say lids and other coffee shop items that lots of people touch can become breeding grounds for bacteria. some of which can make us sick. that coffee cup, do you ever
7:43 am
think of about who touched it before you did? >> you know no. i know that goes through quite a few hands. >> reporter: who knows the last time the barista washed her hands. the person who handed this to me was touching money. don't forget about the self-serve lids. >> you know they're grabbing 20 and putting 19 at the back so that's gross. >> reporter: so what's living on your lid? "gma investigates" along with dr. susan whittier a microbiologist at new york-presbyterian columbia testing lids at 10 coffee shops around 3 cities and tested the milk and sugar containers. of our 60 samples, 25% had bacteria and when left to grow in a petri dish they looked like this. >> for the most part these are not going to cause disease. it's just gross. you don't want someone else's bacteria on your coffee lid. >> reporter: but in our samples we find three that dr. whittier found disturbing. first a lid from a san francisco
7:44 am
barista grew this bacteria. it has the potential to sicken someone with a weak immune system. >> it's a marker that things aren't as clean as they should be. >> reporter: next a sugar jar from a new york coffee shop had mrsa. if it gets in your bloodstream from a cut on your hand. from another sugar from a chicago mom and pop shop a bug which whittier says you're more likely to find in feces. >> i would guess the outside of the sugar jar does not get wiped down as much as it should. >> reporter: on the plus side we didn't find any living viruses on our swabs and only three nasty bacteria out of 60 sams. >> we're not walking around in a sterile environment. it's not a dangerous environment, it's just not sterile so as you touch things you have to make sure you're not touching your face. you're not rubbing your nose. >> reporter: if germs respect your cup of tea maybe wait to drink your coffee without the lid. for "good morning america,"
7:45 am
becky worley abc news san francisco. >> can't we just leave our coffee alone? why, why the coffee, everybody? >> seriously. we want you to know. coming up on "good morning america," the one thing that you should eat every day to lower your bad cholesterol. >> and a big start to the awards season from "grey's anatomy" to "how to get away with murder." the people have spoken and they love shonda rhimes. >> who doesn't? >> that's right. d litter comes litter reinvented! tidy cats lightweight. with a clumping litter this light... and just as strong at neutralizing odor... there's only one thing to say... (woman) hey, toss me that litter! (announcer) tidy cats lightweight. all the strength, half the weight. now in lightweight instant action.
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♪ i'm on top of the world hey ♪ now to the award season which got off to a big start last night with the people's choice awards. i was honored to be among the nominees and ones who didn't win but abc's sara haines has more in the social square. good morning, sara. >> thanks for that michael. the red carpet is like a grown-up star-studded playdate. the first time many of these celebrities are seeing each other but there's much more to come as the award season has officially begun. ♪ ♪ i'm out here with my friends ♪ >> reporter: overnight stars and their friends turning up in full force at the people's choice awards. >> you look much much much better in person. >> reporter: fans doubling down on "iron man" robert downey jr. going home with not one but two favorite actor trophy. >> i'm crazy about movies and i prefer people who love my
7:50 am
movies. >> "grey's anatomy." >> reporter: but the night belonging to shandaland. "grey's anatomy" crowned favorite network tv drama, ellen pompeo walking away with favorite dramatic tv actress. >> viola davis. >> reporter: and naming "how to get away with murder"'s viola davis favorite actress in a tv series. >> we do it to move you. we do it to provoke you so thank you so much. >> reporter: the people's choice just one of the first major award shows of the season. there are 15 more, the golden globes sunday the critics choice awards hosted by our own michael strahan next thursday the pgas, the s.a.g. award, ace eddie, actor director's guild and that's just january. all before we get to the grand pooh-bah of them all, the academy awards on february 22nd. so many award shows sometimes people even win awards while working on them. hollywood logging so many miles on the radiant red carpet.
7:51 am
>> very heavy. >> reporter: -- they might not even have to hit the gym to keep in fighting shape. now, one of last night's big winners and one of my permanent favorites, robert downey jr. tweeted "oh, people, my people thank you. #peopleschoiceawards and i'm an award junkie. >> oh good for him. >> good for him. >> congratulations to all the winners and all the nominees that is awesome. a lot of award shows coming up. coming up on our show jennifer lopez sharing her secrets to looking and feeling great. i cannot wait.
7:52 am
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>> good morning an arctic mass has much. country in the deep freeze and the delaware and lehigh valleys are no exception. sky6 live hd is looking out across center city. technically it's sunny but it doesn't feel like i. >> reporter: it is an important morning to throw on all the extra gear just as i am. in malvern it's 6 degrees. ten in philadelphia. 6 in allentown. 8 in trenton. a little better down south toward the shore but weesms --
7:57 am
windchills are below zero. the windchill is 2 below in philadelphia. worst than in other spots. the windchills will get worse over the next hour or so before they start to get better. lots of sun today windy and bitter 22 degrees, windchills in the single digits the rest of the afternoon. karen, what are the roads looking like? >> reporter: we have an accident blocking the road in bensalem, bucks county. you can't see it because penndot is looking the other way. causing a problem westbound at street road we have police on the scene. an does not in plymouth township an issue ridge and chemical road a mess of a situation on the ramp from armond hammer boulevard. use 422. market frank ford line no express train.
7:58 am
patco delays. northeast corridor, half-hour delays. >> thank you for that karen. coming up on "g.m.a." how j.lo manages to look like that in her 40s. we'll be back in 30.
7:59 am
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new research revealing the fruit that could revolutionize your heart health. how an avocado a day could keep bad cholesterol away. ♪ and on the lookout for cyberbullies. "game of thrones" star mazie williams opening up about being targeted online. what you can do to protect your kids right now. ♪ and shia laboeuf like you've never seen him before battling it out on sia's new hit "elastic heart" getting 3 million clicks and counting overnight. want to look like jennifer lopez? the superstar revealing her hottest diet tip force women. >> we just want to look good and be hot. >> the secrets you'll only get
8:01 am
from j. lo. the stars of the "theory of everything" on "gma" as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> why is times square so empty? because it's absolutely freezing here in new york and so much of the country but that has not stopped tory johnson. i thought she was going to be out there. >> michael you're still warming up. >> tory is not outside. she's smart. she's somewhere in here warming up. >> i'm still drinking hot coffee. >> how are you doing up there? hot chocolate and a burning fire in the back. make sure they're comfortable. >> burning hot. >> that's really our green room upstairs? nice job. way to go. also there is tory johnson. we're going to see you, tory. there you are. there you are. >> there she is.
8:02 am
>> she's here to brighten up our look for the new year with her "deals & steals" beauty bonanza edition. the deals start at just $12. that's it. >> yeah then also looking for love? this is peak dating season. i'm not sure if you knew that but there really is someone for everyone. a lid for every pot my mom always said and a look at some of the surprising places you may find your perfect match. there are dating -- well you guys -- there's a lid for every pot. >> a lid and a pot. two things that today have been focused on too much. >> very good michael. >> which is why we'll move on to amy. >> exactly. good morning, george. good morning, everyone. we begin with the intense manhunt for the two suspects still on the loose this morning after the terror attack in paris. the worst in france in half a century. authorities are conducting raids and making arrests in connection with the shooting rampage that left 12 people dead at a paris newspaper. there are reports the prime suspects two brothers, were spotted at a gas station in northern france. so far they've managed to elude
8:03 am
police but a third suspect, the youngest just 18 years old has surrendered. meanwhile france is observing a day of mourning. the bells tolling at notre dame as the country observed a moment of silence in honor of the victims. and our big story back here at home the bitter cold spreading south and east. it is so cold from chicago all the way to boston classes are canceled today for more than a million schoolkids. heavy snow in pennsylvania and michigan blinding drivers causing pileups and accidents leaving at least three dead and dozens of others injured. that snow so heavy in northern michigan a trucker did not realize one family's minivan was pinned under his truck. they are safe today after being dragged for 16 miles. some windchills this morning have dipped to 50 below zero. the coal even reaching into florida. ginger has all your weather highlights or lowlights coming up. and a new setback for divers trying to retrieve the black boxes from that doomed airasia flight off the coast of
8:04 am
indonesia. swift underwater currents and poor visibility are hampering the search today. the black boxes are in the tail section which has been spotted upside down and partially buried in the mud. well 13 flight attendants fired from united airlines are now suing to get their jobs back. they were fired after refused to fly on this plane which had been vandalized. someone writing a threatening message saying bye-bye, with two ominous faces. the workers say they were worried about their safety. the airline insists an investigation found no credible security threat. and a stunning display in the night sky of what appeared to be a large meteorite burned above eastern europe so brightly it appeared to be daylight for a few seconds. no damage reported on the ground. wow. and finally, i know i may have brought you the grossest video you'll see all day so to kind of undo that i'll bring you the cutest video. an unlikely friendship between a little girl and monkey who
8:05 am
strayed into her home. the two have been become inseparable playing with other, doing each other's hair. the girl's parents fwhishly and understandably were worried about her safety but have now decided to adopt the monkey because they have such an unbreakable bond. did that undo the snake in the toilet? >> it did. >> yeah. >> robin is not sure. you can't unsee that. i know. >> thank you, amy. we're going to move on to health news. a study revealing new benefits of eating avocados. it turns out they can help lower cholesterol and reena ninan has more. ♪ >> reporter: avocados they're the green blobs of goodness found in guacamole and even used as hair treatment. >> they look like a salad on my head. more like guacamole. >> reporter: now a study partially funded by the avocado board suggests eating an avocado a day could even keep the doctor away. >> get me an avocado.
8:06 am
>> reporter: the findings after five weeks, those who ate an avocado complained with cholesterol lowering moderate fat diet reduced their so-called bad cholesterol by 10%. compared with people on an average american diet. >> avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats which lower ldl, the bad cholesterol without negative impacting the good cholesterol. >> reporter: it suggests throwing it into your diet could offer similar benefits to the mediterranean diet. while being able to eat more good fats is good news it's wise not to indulge in too much of a good thing. >> one avocado is about 250 to 300 calories. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news new york. >> we all love them. "pop news" and weather coming up. now michael is over in the social square. >> hey there, george. now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" powered by samsung galaxy. in "pop news," why you may never
8:07 am
need ketchup with your fries again. we'll explain that one. that's exciting. plus one young "game of thrones" star revealing why she's the vic of cyberbullying and how you can protect your teens online. and tory johnson is here with great "deals & steals." beauty products to help you revamp your look for the new year. make you all pretty in 2015 all coming up live on "gma" here in times square. ♪ all day all night i'll be waiting stot. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by centrum silver multivitamins for the most amazing parts of you. with a vacation they'll never forget. it's royal caribbean's vow to wow sale, and there's no better time than now, to book your vacation. book today and get 50 percent off your second guest... ...and more money to spend on board. i vow to break the ice with my father-in-law. i vow to fly like supermom. i vow to make vacation history. it's our richest offer of the year. royal caribbean's vow to wow sale. book now and get 50 percent off
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we need a bigger car.
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hi, how's it going? whatever you're looking for, start by test-driving nearly every make and model all in one place. carmax. start here. ♪ shia not shy-ya here. >> nicely done. >> here all week. shia laboeuf. >> oh. >> as you've never seen him before. >> facing off against "dance moms" star maddie ziegler. it's the new music video for cia's "elastic heart." >> i think she did "chandelier." just has that vibe. >> wait. can't we see more? that was so good. please. no i guess not. >> we have just been denied!
8:13 am
but we can do "pop news" this morning and we have some scientific proof -- do you hear that -- i'm being very serious today. proof that beethoven may really have composed his music from the heart. scientists know beethoven was deaf which is remarkable in and of itself. now researchers at the university of michigan and university of washington say rhythms found in some of beethoven's most famous works follow a regular pattern which actually mimics an irregular heartbeat giving evidence to the theory that he had cardiac arrhythmia. his work cav tina for a string quartet in b flat major has a sudden unbalanced rhythm that why do you laugh? that mimics shortness of breath and cardiac arrhythmia and while it's impossible to prove he had a heart condition, this shows unquestionably that -- go ahead, come on, prompter. help me out here. his heart could be at the heart of some of the greatest music composed of all time. >> that was the most erudite
8:14 am
segment on "pop news" ever. >> i would have to agree. >> does anybody have a dictionary? >> did bach ever bronchitis? i want to know that next. >> thank you. that will be the next one. you can keep this on or change the music to this. ♪ do fries come with that shake. a new menu will allow you to have it that way dubbed the ketchup and fries plant. this twofer from mother nature grow tomatoes on the top of the plant will be tomatoes on the bottom of the plant, potatoes. >> wow. >> the plant produces about 100 cherry tomatoes and two to five pounds of potatoes a year. i mean this is the bofer. a twofer and cost under $20 and a reason to give you french fries. >> not mad at you. >> we are french fries fanatics.
8:15 am
>> one plant. >> that's a complete meal for me. >> all right. >> give you both. love it. >> there's a little something for everybody in "pop news." i don't know how you describe that. >> delicious. >> perhaps this one will have another adjective. speaking of perfect parenting, take a look at this and enjoy. >> he's giving him a massage. >> yes. >> who says cats are aloof. >> oh wow. >> that's amazing. >> a swedish massage feline style giving a paws-on approach to her pal who appears to have had a very rough day. >> interesting. >> rough day. >> and that is a very strange version of "pop news." >> i like that. >> thank you. so now you know a little about beethoven. you know about the hybrid plants. i mean honestly it's like a full meal. >> let's go outside to ginger. >> good time had by all. >> we're not going outside. only to the social square
8:16 am
because we brought everybody inside. can i get in this blanket with you? it's chilly in the studio. i want to tell you talking about all the schools that are closed not all schools are closed. some of our v viewers wanted to let us know that. let's take a look at this photo right here. little man telling us from maine, the temperature is 8 below. i'm still out here at the bus stop. yes, we know. several people are doing that. we see you there. temperatures windchills that we're looking at this morning are really raw. saranac lake 31 below, syracuse feels like 12 below and right there in indianapolis 24. it doesn't stop in the north. it goes all the way down to the south. 14 is the feels like in new orleans. tuscaloosa 3, breaking records from vermont all the way down into the gulf. that's the big picture. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. the sun is up over the horizon we have better cold in place. temperatures across the region are in the single digits in most spots, ten in philadelphia. and windchills below zero. this afternoon windy, bitter cold high of 22.
8:17 am
windchills in the single digits most of the afternoon. tomorrow clouds in the morning maybe a spotty snow shower up north. sun in the afternoon better high of 35. back in the 20s on saturday before back to the 30s on sunday! scarf with me. she's from alabama and is a little chilled too. >> robin has french fries still in her mouth. that's why we love you. now to the "gma heat index" and resolution revolution eat more french fries. this morning jennifer lopez is sharing her secrets to staying fit and how she's hoping to empower women to get in shape in 2015. abc's cameron mathison joined her at the launch of her new health and fitness program. ♪ ♪ i want to dance and love ♪ ♪ we ain't stopping till we're done ♪ ♪ so give it up give it up ♪ >> reporter: have you seen
8:18 am
j. lo's new video? >> the healthy you. >> reporter: it's not a music video but a commercial for her new nutrition and fitness program. >> be the girl of your dreams. >> reporter: body lab. >> body lab is a line of supplements and protein shakes and all kinds of things where you can enhance your workouts enhance everything that you're doing. you know, you have to work hard. there's no like magic pill. >> reporter: it's afternoon app, a website and for jennifer it's also her mission. >> i'm very much about women, women empower. . being the best you. >> reporter: body lab was created by women for women because women are different. >> different things about our metabolism that is totally different from men's. you know a lot of the sumps out there are made for men. it's like all about the men's supplements and them -- >> woo. >> you always want to be like the hullening. we just want to look good. we want to be hot.
8:19 am
>> look at this. >> okay. >> i mean i'm serious. whatever you're doing, we all should be doing it. how does she do it? she says every morning begins with a shake made with her new supplement powder. >> it gives me great energy. it's a protein shake. you have raspberries, strawberries and blueberries, the greek yogurt lemon juice, honey. mm-mm. >> you see, that is berry-berry good. you get that. but jen doesn't pretend to know it all. she has a staff of doctors and scientists. >> we need to have sustained protein throughout the day otherwise we can lose muscle mass. s that ahe why the protein is really important. >> we start losing tart getting softer. skin starts sagging and stuff. can't have that. can't have that. >> reporter: jen says she works out every single day build around our work and mommy schedule. >> kale salad. >> can i try this? >> yes. >> if i said that it wouldn't sound as good. say that again. >> gesso.
8:20 am
>> one thing i did do right as a mommy i taught my kid to eat vegetables and greens from a young age and would love the fact it has cheese on it. >> making a mess. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> watching obviously some big j. lo fans here talking about her movies and music. >> she just gets better and better with age. >> nice nice thoughtful person. mark your calendars, monday january 19th right here jennifer lopez will be live in times square. she'll tell us all about her upcoming movie "the boy next door." >> which sounds really good. also coming up right now in our "heat index" lots of people looking for love in the new year. so many of them starting their search online that it's become all the rage and if you've had trouble finding that special someone, well there might be some places you haven't thought to look. but nick watt certainly has. >> there are so many amazing women here tonight. >> reporter: the bachelor this season is a dreamy farm boy from
8:21 am
iowa. if that's a type that tickles your fancy there's a dating site for you. farmers only. >> this dating season farmers are hot. >> reporter: this is peak dating season. january 1st through valentine's day. >> right before christmas most popular time to break up. now everyone is looking for a partner. >> reporter: and so-called niche dating sites are hot. flight attendants your thing, sit back and browse tall large, bald you're covered. date british if hugh granteeness floats your boat. >> it's great and i just was wondering whether you ever thought of having more horses in it. >> reporter: horses you say. yep, there's a site for that and cats. >> online dating sites are about prequalifying. if i have 15 cats and you are allergic to cats and hate them it's going to be a nonstarter.
8:22 am
>> reporter: vegans who can't kiss someone with take in their teeth. soy soul mates. "star trek" fans that can only. >> live long and prosper. >> reporter: if you only date beautiful, here you go. >> a site for everything truly at this point. >> reporter: rednecks redheads. ship's captains. >> what these sites are doing are really focusing dating. >> you're not wasting your time. >> you're not wasting your time or their money. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> whoa. that laugh. wow. >> you guys all have the giggles this morning. >> it's cold. it's cold. >> started with the snake, amy. >> can't blame you. >> i know. >> today's "morning stir." maisie williams opening up for the first time about being a victim of bullying online and abc's mara schiavocampo here with the story. good morning, mara. >> reporter: george good morning. we know her as a tough fighter
8:23 am
on "game of thrones." but the teen says she battles a different kind of opponent in real life. cyberbullies. experts say though these attacks happen online they can affect victims in a very real way. as her role on "game of thrones" -- >> no one is going to kill me. >> reporter: -- mayes william williams is an expert sword fighter. but this morning the 18-year-old star is opening up about her battles with real-life villains online. >> troubles on the internet i encounter firsthand all the time. >> reporter: in this behind-the-scenes interview, williams confesses she struggles with the same social media torment as other teens. >> as soon as someone finds something that you're insecure about or bothers you about, they will use that against you. which is awful. >> reporter: it's exactly the kind of digital dragon she faces in her new uk nation movie
8:24 am
"cyberbully." >> no. >> reporter: in the film williams plays a teen being taunted by an online abuser using an all too common tactic anonymity. >> knock, knock. >> who's there? >> you'll never ever know. >> reporter: cyberbullying expert paula todd says in some cases virtual attacks can be even worse than face-to-face bullying. >> so you can run home after you've been pushed around at school but you can't run from cyberabuse because it's always there. >> reporter: so what can parents do? todd says awareness and monitoring are key. >> you need to stay with them just the way you would allowing them to drive a car. the internet just because it's free and it's accessible doesn't mean it's instantly safe to use. >> reporter: as for williams she admits the online taunts can be hard to ignore. >> they don't know.
8:25 am
that's okay but it does hurt. >> reporter: even for someone who knows how to put up a fight. >> you don't know the first thing about sword fighting. >> stick them with the pointy end. >> now, our expert todd says this kind of cyberbullying is only getting worse because there are simply more ways to do it with more devices and platforms and apps than ever before. >> it's almost impossible to imagine keeping kids offline completely so what do parents do? >> one thing experts note just ignore it. just don't check those sites but that's almost punishing the vic because this is how young people communicate so what they do encourage is for the online community to step up to defend people when they see them being attacked and most importantly, not to share something and not to like it and when it comes to parents just know what's going on. make sure you're checking in with your kids' on line activity. >> a great thing happened at my kids' school. some were fishing for rumors and gossip and the other kids all said no we're not going to do it it and talked about it had a school meeting and stopped.
8:26 am
>> you don't want to give bullies an audience so not encouraging that letting them know it's not acceptable is key. if you're part of the online community and see it happening, step in. >> mara thanks very much. coming up here tory is going to be here with "deals & steals." beauty products you need to refresh your look for the new year. let's take one more look at our audience in from the cold chilling out in our green room having fun. still bundled up. the hot chocolate is good. ♪
8:27 am
>> good morning, 8:27 now thursday morning i'm tamala edwards. sky6 live hd is taking a live look out across center city. don't be fooled by the sunshine, you definitely need to bundle up before you head out. in fact let's go over to david murphy for a look at accuweather, good morning. >> reporter: not only cold but the wind is starting to kick in. take a look at my twitter follower buddy from lansdale tweeted 6 that's par for the course. 6 in allentown, 8 in trenton. when you factor in the wind that's picking up it feels like two below in the city. four below in allentown and reading, 7 below in lancaster. 3 in wilmington and even down the shore where the temperatures are a few degrees better it's 4
8:28 am
below zero. this afternoon high of 22. lots of sun windy and bitter all the way. gusts up to 30 and windchills making it feel like the single digits. what are the roads looking like? >> let's go over to karen and take a look. >> reporter: we have an accident that was blocking all lanes on the boulevard at wissahickon. it has cleared traffic is moving ahead. but take a look at the backup, we continue to be northbound on the boulevard. traffic is jammed from the schuylkill to wissahickon. watch for that southbound jamming from fox to the schuylkill expressway. jamming in both directions on the boulevard. treat road westbound i-95 an accident here partially blocking the roadway with police on the scene. >> coming up on "g.m.a.," deals and steals, we'll see you in 30.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ when you're ready ♪ it's so chilly out we're bringing our lovely audience inside with us this morning. they're there in the social square and upstairs a totally redone green room. i don't remember our green room looking like this and the fireplace. liam neeson. >> oh my goodness. >> liam. >> he will tell us all about his new action thriller "taken 3." can't wait to hear about that. with us this morning, eddie redmayne and felicity jones, the stars of "the theory of everything." they're inside our social square and that movie generating so much buzz as we get into the awards season. michael. >> for a new year makeover with "deals & steals" on must-have beauty products tory johnson here with the big bargains. you can find all the details on on yahoo!
8:31 am
all right, tory let's get going. >> let's get going. all about the face. >> the face. >> yeah the face so first up from dr. dennis gross, one of my favorite dermatologists here in new york these are all products to add a little glow and so who doesn't need that in january? right? you don't want that sort of pasty white look at least i don't want that. >> i never have that pasty white look. >> you don't have to worry about that but for the rest of us there's all kinds of lotions. there's these body -- you swipe it all over. there you go. amazing deal on this today. normally 38 to $45. >> what is it at? >> today slashed by 50% starting at 19 bucks. >> wow. great deal. okay next up this is from dermadoctor. this is their wrinkle revenge line so i think the best kind of revenge, right, should be directed at our wrinkles and there are a variety of products seven specific options for redness, for eye area all over the face depending on sort of what your special needs are. normally these start at $26.
8:32 am
>> what did you do? >> today only slashed in half $13, starting at plus free shipping from dermadoctor. >> okay. >> right. okay. so this is a "gma" viewer favorite but we brought back a brand-new addition of this. it's called pmd pro, a microderm device designed to remove a layer -- the top layer of dead skin so you, you know have that fresh skin especially winter when you get all dry and, you know your skin is not feeling so fabulous so this has all kinds of new advancements in the pro option plus two different colors taupe or pink depending on your preference normally expensive, $199. this baby is slashed by 60%. $79, plus free shipping. >> i'm all over it. i prefer taupe. >> taupe is it. >> what do we got next. >> this is called juice beauty. it's been seen in all the big magazines from "o" magazine to "women's health." all organically formulated
8:33 am
beauty products. six different options to choose from. lots of serums and really rich treatments from eye masks to age-defying serums like i'll take one of those, right? really good deal on these. normally starting at $29. everything is slashed by at least 53% so $12 to $35 plus free shipping from juice beauty. and then last but not last. >> the new year look like a new person. last. >> last but not least gosmile. i love this. for teeth whitening, brushing whitening and maintaining, six-day program. you see results -- there you go. you see results in as little as a day so i love this. there you go. perfect. you don't need this one at all. i'll take this. normally for the three different products $107. these are slashed by 67%. you get all three products for $35, all the links and codes you'll find at on yahoo! >> you are amazing, as always making everybody look so much
8:34 am
better and people better in the new year. now we're going to send it over to ginger with the final check on weather. >> ah thank you, michael. we have such a great crowd inside. gabrielle, what do you think about this cold? >> i think it's disgusting. >> girl america applauds you because i think they agree with you but guess what it is not as cold in seattle, washington, but there's the space needle with very heavy fog dealing it with for a couple of days. what's happening as far as those fog advisories. some of the air stagnation or quality alerts out there and the temperatures because they've been rather mild 50s for seattle, both today and tomorrow. but dropping off, spokane, you'll drop back to the freezing mark and quick look mt. washington up in new hampshire 80 below overnight the windchill. that's that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger are david murphy on the terrace bundled up. the temperature in time single digits and windchills blow zero.
8:35 am
the high 22 degrees, windchills in the single digits later. very cold today bundle up! back as brian mills in "taken 3" fighting for his family any means possible but the third time around he's no longer the hunter he's the hunted. take a look. >> by now i'm sure you know who i am. you know what i'm capable of. >> i am beginning to. let me ask you something just so i'm clear. cia operative, a 6, a 7 or what. >> all you have to know is i'm innocent. give me two days and i can prove it. i can find out who did it. >> you may very well be innocent mr. mills but that's the court's job to decide. it's not mine. my job is to bring you in and let the law take its course. that's it. >> good luck. >> oh. respect you just ready? please welcome back our good
8:36 am
friend liam neeson here to "good morning america." always a pleasure to have you here. >> great to be here. thank you. >> i watched it last night. you know big fan of the first two but i was wondering what you were going to do different this time. >> was i different? >> yes, yes. in a nice twist at the end but you also had some reservations because you didn't want to be a bad parent and have your daughter taken for a third time. >> a third time would have been too much robin. but the writers were clever. i think they came up with a good story. finish the series, i think. >> i know it said the end at the end but i refuse to believe that. >> i think the audiences will make their minds up. >> they always do. i have to say, at the heart of this always it's about family. >> sure. >> it's about family. you think your character -- that really resonates, you're willing to do whatever it takes to protect them. >> i think we all would actually. you know maybe not kill people and stuff like that that's the fantasy. but, yeah i think that's what audiences related to certainly in the first two films was this
8:37 am
bond certainly between a father and his daughter you know. with my guy there's a certain amount of guilt there because he was away on operations when she was a kid and he missed a lot of her growing up so he's kind of trying to make up for it you know. >> he does it in a fine way and even for rest whitacre. fantastic. >> i could not believe from the writers said we've got forrest whitacre for this part. he's terrific. >> what is about him? singing your praises as well, what you bring to the character, security and comfort which makes us root for you. >> he's a class actor. you know i mean you saw the film just normal police procedural lines you would hear and any tv cop show forrest just gives it an extra twist. that's what great actors do. they flavor it with some other characteristic. you know. >> he did have one disappointment though. he wanted to go -- he wanted a
8:38 am
little action with you. >> maybe we have to have a sequel in that case. >> oh, see, that would bring a fourth. what i did appreciate i like a good action flick like everybody else but it wasn't gratuitous. there was a purpose between every action scene. >> i'm glad you brought that out but i do think the basis of it is this love affair between a father and his daughter and certainly his ex-wife and once you've got that and you believe in it and you have that emotional heart then you can take the action wherever you know. when that relationship is jeopardized. >> your daughter maggie grace. >> sure. >> she's been in all three films and do you feel like she really is your daughter. >> oh she is my daughter absolutely. yesterday i had to meet her new boyfriend. that was quite tricky. he was actually a very sweet guy actually but i tried to kind of be stern with him. you know, say, what are your intentions, you know. maggie of course started giggling so i couldn't keep it up. >> it's a wonderful reelship but
8:39 am
we love you in these films and the fact it's been holiday season. you know what they played over and over again. >> "love actually." >> okay it seems to be a christmas favorite. yeah for 10 11 years now. >> it's just -- the way that you're able to go from these action roles and these type of roles like this is that something that as an actor that you just welcome? >> i've been blessed, robin. yeah that's certainly "love actually" was a terrific little film to make and, you know now it sometimes hollywood are sending me a lot more action-oriented scripts but it would be nice to get back to a romantic movie. >> we'd like to see that and also the reason we like seeing you, you like irish cheddar so we have a new tradition. where is it? come on. bring it out. oh we have french fries earlier so -- >> great. thank you so much. >> life is complete. >> if you don't think it's irish
8:40 am
cheddar, check that color. >> make sure. >> well it's all yours. we'll package it to go. >> thanks robin. >> always great to see you. >> happy new year. "taken 3" opens nationwide. plus size fashion hotter than ever coming up. now you can find high fashion in higher sizes. come on back.
8:41 am
8:42 am
tt2wút3n@2d bt@q)v0 tt2wút3n@2d "a@q9zt tt2wút3n@2d bm@q2qx tt4wút3n@2d " dztq c8h tt4wút3n@2d " entq 3
8:43 am
and nowhere more so probably than the plus size market where a whole new crop of designers are making some trendy fashion-forward looks. abc's juju chang has a preview. >> reporter: for plus size women shopping for high fashion cannot only be difficult but downright demoralizing. >> go to the store and it only comes in a size 10 and you might be a 12 you might be a 16 you might be an 18 or 20 and it crushes you. >> reporter: her struggle to find trendy outfits in plus sizes inspired fashionista courtney smith to follow her heart. starting her own clothing line called rum and coke. sold online and through social media. >> i think it's about time that we shine the light on bigger women on plus size women. >> reporter: yeah so no more m ochlt ochlto ochlt mumus. indicating to plus size women who are often overlooked. >> we had a little bit of a misconception in the plus size
8:44 am
fashion market before that women really wanted to cover themselves become invisible and what is changing now is the plus size customer is saying that she doesn't have to abide by those old-fashioned rules and she's breaking out in stripes and great prints and bright colors. >> reporter: the average american woman we are wears a size 14 which means 67% of the population and that majority is silent no more. demanding high fashion in higher sizes, one fashion blogger even creating a hashtag, plus size please which took hold across social media pressuring stores to take notice. >> this is very va va voom. like it's very sexy. >> reporter: another popular brand, partnering with nordstrom enjoying a loyal following due to their high fashion sensibilities. >> they've taken a dip and will see success. >> reporter: creating positive figures for both women and for the fashion industry. for "good morning america," juju
8:45 am
chang, abc news new york. joining us now is fashion blogger and contributing editor for "marie clair" magazine nick let -- >> thank you. >> love this look. >> it was fascinating that social media has played such a huge part in this shift. how so? >> it's been pretty amazing. social media has been used for something good and positive. we love hearing about that. and we actually had target announce two days ago for the first time they will be include including plus sizes in their next design partnership and that's a direct response to petitions that we've seen women put out asking for better plus sizes. >> hey, what about us? >> we're customers. we have money to spend and we want great clothes. >> speaking of great clothe let's see some. we have two looks to show everybody. first is perfect for daytime. wear it to work and maybe even a cocktail afterwards. >> it's from eloquii which my dress is from also. we have this great mini skirt and per rated leather. >> i want that skirt. that's great. >> i love the color being worn
8:46 am
with a horizontal stripe. girls are scared of a horizontal stripe but this is an example of how to wear one, high waist, jacket on top. good to go. >> you look fantastic. >> i love that is there let's take it up a notch and do an evening look, shall we? >> let's. >> wow. >> yeah. >> i love this look. it's such a showstopper. this is from indy designer rum and coke and does her line in a huge range of size from extra small to 3x and this is an example of how anyone can wear a crop top and look fantastic. we have just a little bit of skin showing at the midriff, the high-waisted ball skirt. this great hunter green color that looks phenomenal on everybody. this is a fantastic look. >> can i ask you, how do you feel? you look like you feel good? >> very good. very sexy. >> we can confirm that is correct. so rum and coke is the designer. >> yes. >> so great to hear about target
8:47 am
and thank you for bringing us these great looks and great outfits. >> thanks for having me. >> come on out here beauty. >> coming up everybody, we have the stars of the hot new movie "the theory of everything." don't go anywhere. i love this. discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. thank you, cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for fewer video on demand titles. for taking longer to upload our movies. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you, cable. thank you, cable. because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie.
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8:49 am
"the theory of everything" is the extraordinary uplifting story of one of the world's greatest living minds, it's already garnered four golden globe nominations, two for the performance of eddie redmayne and felicity jones as renowned astro physicist stephen hawking and the woman who made it possible his wife jane. i sat down with both of them. we look at a scene that marks the turning point in their relationship. >> blink for the group of the letter thaw want, stephen. green green, blue pink.
8:50 am
red. >> what a powerful scene and one of so many but the acting i mean you all really showed that emotional pain and love between stephen and jane. tell me what it was like filming that. >> well it was emotional, you know that scene is the moment when their relationship is breaking down actually. it takes some years before they actually split up but that's where the moment, you know where they've lost the communication with each other and it's incredibly difficult because by that point they'd almost become like one person. >> you didn't have any lines. stephen wasn't speaking at that point. >> what was so extraordinary because the film takes place over 25 years, felicity and i have been playing jane and
8:51 am
stephen young and sort of vital, full of life. such funny people vibrant people and when you're playing the latter stages and more complicated stages because we've been working together and were old friends for so long it does end up having sort of -- it does feel emotional when you're playing it. >> i would imagine it would have to be intimidating for both of you to play such powerful roles. >> well you do -- it's the responsibility because you're playing real people who are alive and are going to eventually see the film. >> you met stephen. what was that like? >> i did. i met stephen just before we started filming and it was weird because i had sort of four months of preparing and i had read everything watched all the documentary material. he'd taken on really like idol-like status in my mind and you suddenly meet this man and now it takes him even longer to speak than he does in the film. he uses just this muscle beneath his eye to communicate so there's a very sort of unique rhythm. there are long pauses and i'm
8:52 am
someone that has a bit of a fear of silence and so i basically made a fool of myself for the first half an hour. i spent half an hour telling stephen hawking about stephen hawking which was awful but then i calmed down and he's been so generous. >> it's been said this movie is about the love of physics and the physics of love. >> yeah absolutely. it's actually in many ways it's about all different kinds of love you know, not just a love between a couple but also the love of family and it's -- it was -- it is extraordinary. i think when people are in very difficult circumstances, you always -- what comes out of that is great human goodness and you see beyond everything is a need for true love for one another. >> well i can't let you go eddie, because i understand it's your birthday. >> it's my birthday. >> it's your birthday. we have a little gift. we have a pg version which we can actually share at this moment coming in right here and then we have the adult version for you to take home. >> that's amazing.
8:53 am
thank you so much. >> in the meantime, we have sparkling cider. let me pass it out. i will like to toast a remarkable performance had by all and, of course your birthday. >> thank you. >> cheers to you. >> thank you, thank you for having us. lovely to see you. thank you. >> and that was two days ago so happy birthday to eddie but want to make note today is stephen hawking's birthday. he is 73 years old so happy birthday to him, as well. "the theory of everything" is in theaters right now. we'll be right back. this is turkey? yep. turkey sausage. good, right? it's great. like really great. tastes like... sausage? turkey sausage. yep. get big taste with dunkin's turkey sausage flatbread. it's a delicious way to start your day. woman: i was tired of my chronic constipation and the way it made me feel the discomfort the bloating the straining. i'd just felt this way for too long. so i finally talked to my doctor about my symptoms. i'd tried laxatives before. he prescribed amitiza (lubiprostone) for
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. start the search for your next car at carmax. start here. >> oh. hot, hot, hot. >> that's liam neeson doing his part in our warm coats and warm hearts coat drive. we've already collected more than 130,000 thanks to liam and everybody else. >> we need every single one of them today. have a great day, everyone. >> good morning, it is 8:56 on this frimed thursday morning i'm i'm tamala edwards let's look out across l where
8:57 am
temperatures feel feel like they are below zero. let's go outside to david murphy who is bundled up in time frigid weather, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to be bundled up. it is 10 in allentown, 12 in wilmington. as we look at windchills they are below zero in most cases, 3 below in philadelphia. so obviously it's important to stay bundled. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, this afternoon's high is 22. single digit windchills most of the way. tomorrow we improve to 35 and back to the 20s on saturday before bouncing back on sunday. >> looking forward to sunday. let's go over to karen rogers with a disabled on the blue route. >> reporter: good morning, tam we had a vehicle stuck on the blue route southbound, but it's cleared. baltimore pike, we have a delay on the schuylkill expressway, with no delay it would be 18 minutes. the boulevard southbound traffic
8:58 am
is jammed from fox to the schuylkill. northbound is jammed from the schuylkill to wissahickon. an overturned tractor-trailer on the ramp to armon hammer boulevard to 422 westbound. i'll tweet out pictures of this one. coming up on the expanded "action news" of noon, we'll have a live report from bristol township bucks county where crews are searching for a man in a sly low collapse. the latest on the search for suspects after 12 people were killed in paris in a newspaper office. i'm tamala edwards have a great thursday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new action thriller "taken 3," liam neeson. and star of the series "episodes," matt leblanc. plus we continue our kickstart the new year with a work out from the biggest loser trainer jessie pavelka. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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