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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 6, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. happening now, winter whiplash. a big blast of snow for parts of the country. flooding rain and landslides in the northwest, forcing evacuations as life-threatening cold moves in. temperatures in the 0s as far south as florida. the latest right now. swept away. tragedy on the slopes. two promising young members of the u.s. ski team killed in an avalanche while training for the world cup. caught up in the fast-moving snow. how some of their teammates made it out alive. wall street murder. the son of a hedge fund manager staging the crime scene to look like a suicide. why a fight over his allowance may have set him off ♪ hey baby i think i want to marry you ♪ >> there's something about cameron who finally got the
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superstar to say yes to tying the knot. the surprise overnight wedding for the most eligible bachelorette in hollywood. now all the details on her real-life mr. right. the a-list guests and how they kept it all top secret. ♪ let the choir bell sings ♪ and good morning, america. happy tuesday. happy day for cameron diaz. i guess that was a surprise huh. >> when you know you know. >> that's right. >> and benji madden they got engaged around christmas and only have known each other since -- started dating in may. >> must be fun double dates. nicole richie dating his brother. as you said when you know you know. couldn't be happier for her. >> yeah. >> he's a sweetheart of a guy. he really is. i'm happy for both of them. she's a sweetheart of a girl as
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well. we want to get right to the first big blast of winter for most of us the coldest weather of the season moving from the midwest to the east and south and, ginger you have been mighty busy. >> with the cold air comes this blinding snow what you may see over your dashboard. this is from fulton new york where they picked up almost 30 inches of snow and it's still going on. let me take you right to the radar. multiple accidents reported around washington, d.c. it is that clipper system that's driving through even new jersey philadelphia this morning. and look at this video. so many crashes after four to even eight inches of snow fell in eastern iowa. that was part of i-80 westbound that was shut down for a time and now we're dealing with it again. indianapolis had 4 to 5 inches all moving to the east. the heaviest of which will be in parts of west virginia up in the mountains and this is nothing, guys compared to what's about to happen tomorrow and thursday. >> oh. >> a little tease for you. >> we've been warned.
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we turn to that tragedy on the ski slopes. two promising young american skiers prepping for world cup competition killed by an avalanche in the austrian alps. four others managed to escape and abc's alex marquardt is on the scene in austria. good morning. >> reporter: it's almost hard to believe such a tragedy could happen in such a beautiful place but this morning, the u.s. alpine ski team based here in this small austrian town is reeling from the loss of two of their own in that deadly avalanche. >> my name is bryce astle. i'm an alpine ski racer out of sandy, utah. >> reporter: bryce astle was with 20-year-old teammate ronnie berlack and four others skiing near a glacier in this austrian ski resort when disaster struck. snow swallowing up the two and four others skiing to safety. astle and berlack of two of america's most promising skiers. astle posted this youtube radio
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to raise the money he needed to follow his dreams. >> helping me hopefully get that much closer to reaching top of the world cup circuit and olympic podium. >> reporter: berlack was a new hampshire native who had just been named to the development team the son of two ski coaches. this morning we met the u.s. ski team's men's head coach who said he and the team are stunned. >> i was in tremendous shock. i was just the avalanche, your worst nightmare comes true. >> reporter: avalanches in europe are common carrying tons of snow and debris moving as fast as 80 miles an hour even the best skiers in the world are often no match. last year in the alps avalanches took the lives of around 100 people. the coach told us the slope where it happened while off the groomed trails was nothing out of the ordinary for these skiers even for tourists. he says those who made it out are shaken and now the team's focus is on how to move on. >> we found strength in each
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other and we're working through it. >> reporter: this morning, the u.s. ambassador to austria is here in town visiting the team to pay her respects and later tonight seven members of the u.s. ski team will compete in a slalom race and wear black arm bands in honor of their friends. george robin. >> boy, such a tragedy. >> it really is. now to some real jitters on wall street. markets tumbling on monday 401(k)s taking a big hit. the dow plunging more than 330 points. abc's rebecca jarvis is here to explain what's behind this big drop. good morning, rebecca. >> good morning, robin. prices are pointing lower again today. two things behind this the oil picture and the economic picture, pump prices are now down 103 days in a row down 50 cents in the last month which is great news if you're filling up. the typical family saved more than $100 last year. but if you're an energy company, this is not good news. oil prices are tanking this morning. at nearly six-year lows and wall street is afraid that we could
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be facing a global slowdown and that is exactly what is weighing on stocks but context here is so important when you're looking at that nest egg. last year stocks ended 11% higher meaning they are up on the year and if you stayed the course robin, things are looking good. >> what is next? what is wall street watching right now. >> veteran investors tell me this is not panic, just like so many of us are, they are reassessing this year. they are looking at their portfolios. they are looking at stocks and there are watching oil prices. they will be concerned if oil prices get below $40 a barrel. now they're just below 50. still a ways off and also be following the jobs report on friday robin. >> i know you will be too. rebecca, thank you. >> we'll go to politics now. washington back to work this morning. new congress will be sworn in. republicans taking control of both the house and the senate for the first time in eight years promising to move fast on their agenda and that's setting up confrontation with president obama. jon karl tracking the showdowns. good morning, jon. >> reporter: not only in are the
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republicans fully in control for the first time under obama of both the senate and the house and the house they have the biggest majority that the republicans have had in nearly a century so, yes, look for confrontation, not cooperation, the first thing republicans are saying they'll act on is the keystone oil pipeline. the white house hasn't said what they'll do in response as the bill will probably pass but i expect that will be the first presidential veto of this new congress. >> looks like that could come. john boehner expected to be elected speaker but has a bit of a challenge. >> reporter: there will be some drama. the house will elect their new speaker. boehner almost certainly will be re-elected but, george ten republican house members have already said they will vote against boehner and i am told that number could get to be as high as 20. really an extraordinary show of rebellion by tea party members of the congress. >> you guys already getting hit by that know in d.c. >> reporter: yeah we've got snow quite a bit of it. we had the snowplows behind me
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on the white house grounds. >> get inside jon. >> to amy with the top stories. we begin with breaking news. a manhunt for the suspect who shot two new york city police officers responding to a robbery. police say this surveillance video shows the gunman inside a restaurant firing through the window. the officers returned fire and that suspect fled on foot. later police recovered this gun near a carjacking scene. the shooting comes just weeks after two nypd officers were shot and killed in air squad car. but the officers shot overnight are expected to survive their injuries. police say the driver of a school bus in north dakota failed to stop and look before crossing railroad tracks and, unfortunately, this was the result. the bus colliding with a freight train killing the driver and a 17-year-old student. a dozen others were injured and the crossing did not have lights or gates. well a fiery crash near tampa. a tanker carrying 10,000 gallons
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of fuel collided with a utility truck and took crews more than an hour to put out the fire. the driver of the tanker suffered serious burns. and divers trying to find the wreckage of airasia flight 8501 are facing more bad weather. the search area has shifted slightly as strong currents drag parts of the plane that may contain the black boxes, so far, only 37 bodies have been recovered. indonesian authorities have now suspended the airport official who allowed the flight to take off without proper permits. and important news for pet owners. dog and cat treats made in china are now being removed from the shelves of two major pet stores. the treats are suspected of making thousands of pets sick and killing 1,000 dogs since 2007. although government testing so far has failed to prove a link. pet p petco says it removed the jerky and raw hide treats from their stores and our website,
7:10 am on yahoo! has all details. tough luck for a man. he thought he truck it rich. john wines hit what he thought was a jackpot on a lottery scratch ticket. when he went to collect the money he was told, i'm sorry, that's a misprint. >> ooh. >> take a look the winning numbers, 1 and 2. and when you see the 1s on his ticket there appears to be a faint marking next to each of them perhaps part of another number. he says the 1s are clearly marked and deserve the money. lottery officials are not budging. here's what they decided to offer instead. $100 in free lottery tickets. >> oh no. >> and an apology. >> where is the 2? >> i know. >> i think it's their mistake. he deserves the money. >> my two cents. my one cent. >> she'll take the commission. >> that's right. >> thank you there, amy. now to the man who put a pennsylvania town on edge for
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nearly two months. accused cop killer eric frein in court monday for the first time in nearly two months looking much different than when he was finally arrested in late october. abc's linzie janis is here with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a clean-cut looking eric frein appeared before a packed courtroom for the preliminary hearing. a judge ordering him to stand trial after prosecutors presented a mountain of evidence. accused cop killer eric frein clean shaven and wearing glasses as police escort him through the back door of a pennsylvania courthouse monday. >> eric are you sorry. >> reporter: a stark contrast to the 31-year-old with the banged up face and facial hair first appearing here in october after being captured. frein stands accused of killing two pennsylvania state police officers killing one. appearing stone-faced and still and wearing shackles during his preliminary hearing. witnesses describing ieds and other weapons recovered after the september shooting.
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a u.s. marshal testifying about the journals frein wrote during that 48-day manhunt. >> it's the start of answers to questions for the public the victims and their families. >> reporter: also shown in court but not released to the public chilling surveillance video showing corporal byron dixon shot and falling to the ground near the barracks entrance that night. and trooper alex douglas rushing to his aid before being shot as well. dixon later died of his injuries. douglas hospitalized and now recovering at home. outside -- >> no tablets, no computers, no cameras. >> reporter: inside the courtroom at least a dozen fellow state troopers alongside the families of dixon and the accused killer. >> it affected the town greatly. >> reporter: frein's defense now says its main goal keep him from being sentenced to death. well frein has not yet entered a plea.
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authorities say he confessed to what he described as an assassination designed to quote, wake people up. they say he also wrote a letter to his parents calling for revolution to get us back the liberties we once had. george? >> okay thanks. the latest on that explosive scandal rocking the royal family. prince andrew's ex-wife is defending himself. we learn more about the woman making the charges. abc's matt gutman tracking it all. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. the woman at the center of these underaged sex allegations lived in australia for many years now back in the u.s. and reportedly writing a tell-all memoir but already she's facing mounting denials and this morning legal action, as well. this morning, virginia roberts, aka jane doe number 3 revealed the now married mother of three pictured near a denver area home where she's holed up. but it's another photo that's splashed all over british
7:14 am
tabloids. that's allegedly roberts with prince andrew in 2001. the now 31-year-old roberts claiming in newly filed court documents in florida she was forced to have sexual relations with the prince on several occasions when she was just a teenager. all by this man, the filing says prince andrew's billionaire friend jeffrey epstein ordered her to give the prince whatever he demanded. >> prince andrew is not being sued not being prosecuted. as a legal matter he's not in any jeopardy. as a public relations matter he wanted to make sure he got out in front of the story. >> reporter: prince andrew fifth in line to the throne and the queen's second son, denying the claims. his ex-wife, sara ferguson stepping out to his aid. during a hike near the $30,000 a week ski lodge where she was vacationing with prince andrew and their daughters when the scandal broke, fergie telling
7:15 am
british reporters, the york family are a tight unit. he is the greatest man there is. and buckingham palace not backing down. issuing multiple denials. harvard law professor alan dershowitz also caught up in the sex scandal swinging back. overnight filing a motion to intervene. explaining to us that this sworn statement subjects him to -- >> perjury prosecution if i'm lying categorically denying all of the allegations and categorically asserted that it was made up by the lawyers in order to gain a litigation advantage. >> reporter: the prince and the professor are both trying to call roberts' bluff. this morning dershowitz is working to try to get her attorneys disbarred and we are already seeing some in her camp backing away from allegations like the one that she met the queen. it turns out that never happened george. >> we'll have to watch what happens with this story. matt thanks very much. to michael. what do you got? >> i got a lot. the future is on display in las
7:16 am
vegas. the hottest new gadgets are being shown off at the giant international consumer electronics show and abc's neal karlinsky has a preview of some amazing innovations that could be coming your way soon. >> reporter: it is the super bowl of gadgets, the consumer electronics show kicking off this morning in las vegas. selfies are so 2014. >> nice. >> reporter: how about a selfie drone? >> imagine a camera that goes past your arm's reach. >> reporter: your own personal flying camera to capture your every move. if it works as planned you can wear it like a bracelet and when you want to use it it unfolds and takes off. >> set your camera free. >> reporter: or you can let your fingers do the walking. >> see if i can turn on the lamp. here we go. look at that. we were given a sneak peek the ring a remote control for phones tvs, lamps, just about anything built into this ring. keep it by the couch and just swipe your finger in the air.
7:17 am
the ultimate lazy remote. louder. softer. there are new wearables being announced by the truckload. the eye on snap cam is a body camera that will stream video and pictures of you, your child child's or dog's entire life. >> like selfies to the nth degree photographing everything at all times. >> it's photo, video and also live streaming. >> incredible sounding super walkman. >> reporter: what's old is new again. sony's classic walkman is back as a sleek high-end music player for audio files with a price tag over a thousand dollars. and new robotic vacuums and connected appliances are being launched in what's called the internet of things a world where even your lightbulbs are connected to the web. >> it's really kind of a glimpse into the future while also a snapshot of where the industry is headed. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, las vegas. >> really amazing gadgets out there. but the one thing that made me
7:18 am
realize i need to go home and start going through boxes is that walkman. a thousand dollars for that walkman? >> does anybody else feel totally intimidated? looking at all those things i get nervous. >> when i see another new selfie device yeah. >> i'll probably be the only person to say this. i felt like that's too much for me to turn on and off a light. i'm too lazy. >> come on now. >> that's why you have kids. go turn off that light, kids. >> we were the remote control. >> exactly. >> turn the chapel robin. >> mine are still my little gofers. >> i'm hearing from people down south it is cold everywhere ginger. >> everywhere but here. how about i turn it up and go to miami. that's right. yeah miami, >> miami 72 degrees this morning. >> aww. >> i know and yesterday it felt like 80 at the same time in miami that it felt like 40 below in international falls minnesota. that's one 20's degrees in case you didn't do that quick math. freezing line dipping all the way includes dallas.
7:19 am
look at this 20's from little rock single digits for places like paducah and viewville. cold by thursday. first the tuesday trivia brought to you by burlington. >> ♪♪ it felt like 40 below in here's something something cameron who >> hi, everyone, dave murphy here with an update from accuweather. snow has arrived across most of the region and some roads here and there are beginning to get partially snow covered so take it easy if he encounter that. right now we're looking outside some snowflakes making the picture in center city a little bit on the hazy side. 29 is your high today.
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we're in the low 20's right now. we'll have periods of snow showers up until about 2 or 3 o'clock before they start to fall apart. 1 to 2 inches accumulation. blustery and cold tomorrow, 28 ng his father. why he allegedly did it. and cameron diaz ties the knot overnight in a surprise wedding. the man who got her to say yes and how they kept it top secret. plus up close for the climb of the century. you don't want to miss this. see the danger from 3,000 feet high in yosemite. corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i wish i'd looked some more." that's why walgreens makes it easy to switch your prescriptions and save money. just stop by. and leave all the legwork to us. switch your prescriptions to walgreens where you could save even more on medicare part d with copays as low as zero dollars.
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99 cents. that's all it takes to get a refreshing deal at dunkin' donuts. just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't enjoy any sized iced tea or iced coffee. just 99 cents all month long. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning i'm tamala edwards. it's 7:26 on this january 6 and it is snowing. let's head over to karen rogers, see what that means for the roads. good morning. >> it may be light but we're certainly seeing it in our traffic cameras. looking live on 422 past oaks. we're seeing it kind of constantly blow across the screen right here. you can see even on the main highways we're seeing some
7:27 am
snow on the highway. mostly off to the sides but you can still see it some on the highway. secondary roads are covered. 422 past oaks, that's eastbound traffic jammed from 29 to 23. so slow it down with the slick roads out there with the snow cover. we could advance our camera once again and check out 202 at paoli pike. looking at slippery conditions right here. you can see traffic pretty heavy especially careful on the ramps that seems to be one of the big issues that we're dealing with. not getting reports of lots of accidents but here on the schuylkill expressway look how you see those flurries really blowing across the roadway. here on the schuylkill at conshohocken the roads staying mostly wet tam. >> thank you karen. let's take another live look around the area. this is the action cam live in upper merion montgomery county and you can see the snow there on the sides of the road. it's been falling here for about an hour here on route 202. let's go on outside to meteorologist, david murphy. he's got the latest on what we can expect throughout morning and the day. >> light snow on the terrace and roads partially snow
7:28 am
covered. so far so good on pretreated is your pages be careful whenever you see the snow adhering. it's a broken pattern of snow showers coming through and again we're looking for this to continue for a good portion of the day. my twitter follower david in perkasie shows you particle shallly snow covered roads there and my twitter follower in quakertown melinda also showing you snow on side roads there as well. so this is what we're seeing and the winter weather advisory spiers at 4 expires at 4 o'clock today tam. >> thank you david. we'll take you back to "gma". see in you 30 sniglets
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good morning, america. and right now on this tuesday morning, the son of a millionaire hedge fund founder accused of killing his father inside his luxury apartment. uproar growing over a new reality show critics fear will send a dangerous message about being gay. new details on the surprise wedding of one of hollywood's most famous single ladies single no more. and not a secret anymore. >> welcome back everyone. we have a lot to get to including this is happening out of yosemite. two thrill seekers thousands of feet above yosemite attempting a daredevil climb on one of the most sheer rock faces in the world. t.j. holmes is going to show us how it's done. there he is. >> not at yosemite. >> at all. >> sleeping on his feet.
7:31 am
>> a little bit different there. >> he looks really happy to be up there. >> when am i going to stop being the new guy? >> exactly. we'll begin with that high-powered new york hedge fund manager shot to death in his luxury apartment. his son in court last night charged with his murder. allegedly trying to make it look like a suicide. abc's linsey davis is at the scene of the alleged crime. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it may have been staged to look like a suicide but in this case there was a damning 911 call where the victim's wife allegedly said my husband has been shot by my son. thomas gilbert jr. stone-faced and silent escorted to court charged with murdering his hedge fund father thomas gilbert sr. after an alleged dispute over a decrease in the 30-year-old's allowance. in night court gilbert arraigned
7:32 am
on charges charge you murder and criminal charges of a weapon. his 70-year-old investor father was killed by a single shot to the head sunday afternoon inside this manhattan apartment. >> be advised it says the son shot the father on his head male white, 6'3" wearing jeans, blue eye, brown hair left the location. >> mr. gilbert jr. asked to speak to gilbert sr. by himself and asked the mother to leave. the mother left. 15 minutes after that she had a bad feeling and decided to return. >> reporter: police say shelly gilbert says when she returned her husband was shot in the head in their bedroom and their son was gone. >> she also found a gun resting on his chest with his left hand covering it. >> reporter: police say the crime scene was staged intended to look like a suicide. they immediately tracked down gilbert jr. at his manhattan apartment where they say they found him hiding inside. also discovering a skimming device and 21 blank credit
7:33 am
cards. >> we have a shell casing envelope with a serial number of the gun that was recovered at the crime scene. >> reporter: detectives say the 70-year-old recently discussed no longer paying his son's rent and planned to reduce his weekly allowance from $400 to $300 a week. gilbert sr. was once named in the annual who's who list for five years in a row recently starting his own multimillion dollar hedge fund his son a princeton graduate was regarded as a socialite with previous run-ins with the law including an arrest for violating an order of protection for which he pled not guilty and another on drug charges. gilbert jr. is reportedly the prime suspect in an arson that destroyed a home in september. at last night's arraignment he was ordered to be held without bail, robin. >> such a tragedy. thank you. we'll lighten the mood michael. >> i don't know how light it is. it's actually pretty tough. can you imagine being on a wall of rock for weeks trying to get to the top using nothing but
7:34 am
your hands and feet? well that's what two american rock climbers are doing in yosemite right now trying to make history on one of the hardest climbs in the world. now, let's go back to t.j. holmes, he's hanging for us on that wall. t.j. what's the story? >> here's a story, strahan. i'm only about 30 feet up and i called my momma, twice. can you imagine -- i'm on what's called a port-a-ledge secured to the wall. these two climbers are using one secured to a flat surface, all right, and they're having to sleep on one of these things for weeks possibly trying to make an impossible climb. i have holes here i can use to try to climb the wall. all they have is a flat surface and all they're using are their hands and feet. a half mile swath of granite razor sharp edges and frigid winds. that's what professional climbers tommy caldwell and kevin jorgeson are waking up to this morning. 3,000 feet above yosemite national park. ♪ >> there's this crazy arctic
7:35 am
windstorm happening today. >> reporter: 11 days into their record-breaking attempt to free climb the largest single piece of granite in the world. el capitan, one of the toughest routes in the world. >> kind of gives me fits. it's easy to get frustrated because you'll feel totally fine then your foot will unexpectedly pop off. >> reporter: inch by inch using only their hands and feet to grasp, hoist and pull their way across 32 seconds of treacherous terrain, hopes only used for protection from plugging below. >> if you look at that wall it looks like glass. it's really difficult to imagine how anyone could free climb it. >> reporter: their only shelter these seven-foot wide nylon tents suspended from a single point and cliffside dining. >> we've got hard boiled eggs we've got little breakfast sandwich with cream cheese and salmon and cucumber and flask of coffee for the day. >> reporter: this morning jorgeson and caldwell are 1500
7:36 am
feet from making history. >> i'm proud of the guys. it's been a long journey and it'll be really exciting if they can finish it and we can see this thing through. >> pretty exciting. but it's far from over yet. >> all right. well stra they could complete this thing by the end of this weekend but right now one of them is trying to rest resting on one of these things for a day so his fingers, he could regrow skin on his fingers, a serious and danger thing they're doing. yes, it's a serious and dangerous thing and a flat surface, nothing but hands and their feet that they're using. >> you know what t.j. we appreciate you hanging in there and giving us yore report. your momma called and said get my baby down so get down safely okay. >> get my baby down. >> i'm on my way down. >> baby is on the way down. >> baby is on the way down. >> there you go. >> he didn't wait long for that. >> no. >> didn't have to ask twice. >> all right, michael, thank you. another check of the we >> serious situation in the
7:37 am
southwest olympics. just west of seattle this is aberdeen washington. look at that video. that's a landslide. up 212-inches of rain fell in the mountains, three to 8-inches over all. they had flood watches avalanche warnings. now the system has moved to the north and west. today warmth. porter handle going for a high of 56. mount shasta 60. the southwest has warmed up. remember all that snow and cold they were dealing with. los angeles today 81, fresno 67 and las vegas 67, too. that's big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> thanks, ginger. dave murphy on the terrace where it's slowing. roads becoming partially snow covered so take it slow. 29 is your high today with periods of snow up until about 2 or 3 o'clock this afternoon. then 28 blustery and cold tomorrow
7:38 am
xlte. my new goal is to put a new city on. this is tonopah or tonopah. >> i'm sure you'll get it right next. >> thank you, nevada. >> we'll find out real fast. coming up the new reality show under fire before it even airs. why critics say it's sending a dangerous message about being gay. plus the shocking new invention that could jolt you into breaking your bad habits. how it could help you keep your new year's resolutions. don't settle for 4g lte coverage that's smaller or less reliable when only one network is america's largest and most reliable 4g lte network: verizon. with xlte, our 4g lte bandwidth has doubled in over 400 cities. and now, save without settling. get 2 lines with 10gb of data for just $110... or 4 lines for just $140. and get a $150 bill credit for each smartphone you switch. only on verizon.
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back now at 7:42 with a new reality show sparking debate called "my husband's not gay." it follows a group of mormon men married to women but attracted to men. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> i'm attracted to my wife for sure and i'm definitely attracted to men too. >> reporter: it's the upcoming reality show stirring a real-life controversy this morning. >> i don't know how to tell you this but i'm attracted to men. >> reporter: "my husband's not gay" set to air sunday featuring what tlc calls unconventional mormon marriages following mormon men in salt lake city utah who don't identify as gay even though they say they are attracted to men. >> so are they gay or not? >> reporter: the show also features the women who love them their wives who know about their husband's preferences and try to make their marriages
7:43 am
work. >> i was office mates with one of my best friends and i said he told me he's gay and she goes i told you that twice. >> reporter: couples like jeff and tonya introduced on a blind date and married for ten years. >> you could say i'm oriented toward doughnuts and if i was being true to myself i would eat doughnuts a lot more than i eat doughnuts but am i miserable. am i lonely? am i denying myself because i don't eat doughnuts as much as i might like to i'm not. >> reporter: brett and morgan met in sunday school 17 years ago. they've been married for nearly mine. >> every time i got to the core of who i am i knew that i wanted to be married to a woman and i knew that i wanted children and i wanted to be a father and i want to be called daddy when i come home. >> reporter: but this morning critics are fired up. some demanding tlc pull the show. more than 70,000 people even signing this petition
7:44 am
have that is "my husband's not gay" promotes the false and dangerous idea that gay people can and should choose to be straight in order to be part of tear faith communities. >> it's irresponsible to be airing a show with the content that gives the idea that sexual orientation is a choice and that's a discredited and old idea. >> reporter: overnight tlc responding telling abc news "the stars of the one-hour special reveal the decisions they have made and speak only for themselves." >> just like i can't choose not to be gay, i can't choose not to be a person of faith. so my challenge is to come to some reconciliation. >> well these men say they're doing what god would want them to do. tlc says this show is like so many others it produces about real people and different ways of life. so far even with this controversy they still plan to air it. it has a lot of people fired up. >> the gay community is really
7:45 am
fired up about it. it's just as the women said there from glaad to give the idea that it is a choice can be very dangerous especially for young people who are dealing with their sexuality and trying to figure things out. so wow. >> well, if you want to watch it yourself and make up your own mind "my husband's not day" airs sunday on tlc at 11 and we'll look at the battle of the bulge. the best battles to help you hit your goals. all the details from cameron diaz's surprise wedding overnight. the man who got her to say "yes" and how did they keep it top secret? ♪ the look in your eyes oh ♪
7:46 am
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7:49 am
put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. ♪ hey baby ♪ welcome back 7:49. first it was george clooney, now cameron diaz. two of hollywood's most eligible who many thought would never get married are hitched. cameron tying the knot to her rock star fiance in a top secret wedding. ♪ there's something about cameron, for rocker benji madden. after dating eight months the 42-year-old superstar married the former good charlotte front man in an intimate ceremony at their home in california. 90 guests attended the star-stued ceremony including reese witherspoon and gwyneth paltrow. >> thank you, charlie. >> reporter: cameron's "charlie's angels" co-star drew barrymore was reportedly a
7:50 am
bridesmaid. introduced by his sister-in-law nicole richie. diaz who often plays a woman looking for love on the big screen. >> he's got a wife okay. he's married. >> reporter: has seen as much interest in her off-screen love life linked previously to justin timberlake and alex rodriguez they wondered if she would ever find a real-life mr. right. she spoke with me about the importance of differentiating between her real and movie persona when she visited "gma" for her role in "the other woman." you said you were talking about monogamy and in relation to this film and what did you mean by that? >> oh well my character says she doesn't believe in monogamy and somehow journalists were like you don't believe in mo monogamy. that's my character. i'm acting right?
7:51 am
she needs to answer that. >> no i totally believe in it. >> oh i'm just -- >> i'm acting. >> clearly she does believe in it. we wish her congratulations and pulled it off by telling everybody she was having a pre-golden globes party. that's what the tent was for. >> congratulations, cam. coming up behind-the-scenes deleted "the bachelor" scenes. take a look. and when i finally told my doctor he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by aarp. real possibilities. and still ahead on "gma," the new trend in hair care. why you may never uss shampoo again.
7:56 am
>> gong. 7:56 on this tuesday january 6. new video of the snow falling at the wilmington train station in delaware. commuter across the tri-state area are dooling with snowy scenes like this one and there's been trouble on the roads so let's right over to karen rogers much good morning. >> good morning, today. looking live here knee paoli. the snow coming down and a new accident just popped up. this is 202 southbound approaching 29. we could see the snow covered roadway. you can also see some skid marks off to the side as well so looks like a couple people had a few skid marks over here right now and this accident mostly off to the left side. police on the scene. snow really coming down here as well. this is delaware county and you've got to watch the ramp connecting macdade boulevard
7:57 am
where it blue route. really be careful on all area ramp as that snow is coming down steadily at this point. live on the schuylkill expressway at henderson road we can see the main road ways not looking two bad. in between the lanes we get the snow and off to the side it's blowing across roadway here. this is new britain township bucks county upper state read near county line road we had a report of an accident involving a school bus reportedly minor in this area but you can see slick conditions right here, tam. >> okay, good to know. thank you karen. let's find out what else to expect with accuweather and go to dave murphy. good morning. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan tam shows us there's snow across the region. every now and then there's snow showers popping through west to east right now and in most cases we're seeing at least partially covered ground cover and streets and this is my twitter follower ann who tweets in this picture of the police administration building parking lot in philadelphia so even in center city some coverage. winter weather advisory extends until 4 o'clock this afternoon. we are looking for one to 2-inches of snowflake i think
7:58 am
the bulk of it, tam is probably over by about 2 o'clock this afternoon maybe a little later. >> okay, thank you david. a ground stop is in effect through 8:30 at philadelphia international airport. what you're looking at through sky 6. stay with "action news" and for updates. i'm tamala edwards. i'll see in you 30. >> ♪♪
7:59 am
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♪ shake it off ♪ it's 8:00 a.m. and cracking the diet code. which ones really work? they've all been put to the test. now we'll reveal the diet that really helped you lose the weight and why. >> break free. brace yourself for the shocking new way to keep your new year's resolutions. revolution accessory that's zapping away your bad habits. supermodel spills all. how you can steal their superstar lifestyle and looks. molly sims dishing on the tricks and tips that keep her on top of life, love and looking good. and "the bachelor" is back and prince farming's love story is heating up. the deleted scenes you didn't see from last night's blockbuster "bachelor" premiere. ♪ and rixton rocking the
8:01 am
house. the hot new brit band live here in times square as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ >> "good morning america" continues live from times square with robin, george lara amy, ginger and michael. >> oh they're one of the hottest bands in the world and one of the nicest. look at that rixton live in times square handing out hot chocolate from starbucks. it's mighty cold outside. >> bring them in here. >> i'm with you there. >> they're really nice. >> heating up inside. big performance coming up. the latest single off their debut album. all in just a little bit. >> yeah also ahead, hey, can this bracelet shock you into keeping your new year's resolution? you think so? well it works because i already broke a few bad habits myself so stick around to catch that. >> you showed one when you -- when it shocked you -- >> for no reason i wasn't doing anything wrong.
8:02 am
>> we were testing it. it works. more on that and also talk about spa days for 7-year-olds. why little kids are getting the luxury treatment and we ask the question how soon is too soon? i think we all have the answer there. 7. >> we'll get into it in just a little bit. >> good morning, guys. we begin with millions of americans bracing for that bitter arctic blast, some of the codest air from the midwest to the mid-atlantic. parts of upstate new york getting slammed by 30 inches of lake-effect snow. whiteout conditions and slick roads triggering a string of crashes across iowa and know is making for a messy morning commute in chicago. windchills are dipping to 40 below zero from parts of the upper plains to new england. even drivers in washington, d.c. are facing treacherous conditions this morning. meanwhile, heavy rain triggered damaging floods and landslides in parts of washington state. ginger will have more on the extreme weather coming up in just a bit. in the meantime, breaking news here in new york a manhunt
8:03 am
is under way after two new york city police officers were shot. the gunman seen in this surveillance video opened fire from inside a bronx restaurant as the officers were responding to a robbery. he and another suspect then fled on foot. the nypd has been on high alert since two officers were shot and killed last month. but these officers are expected to survive their injuries. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell once considered a possible republican presidential candidate for 2016 will be sentenced today on corruption charges. he faces up to 12 years in prison for accepting loans, lavish vacations and jewels from a businessman seeking political favors. his wife will be sentenced next month. the defamation lawsuit against bill cosby is widening. two of cosby's accusers joined the lawsuit filed by that mar green and claim they were sexually assaulted by cosby in the 1970s and now they accuse him of branding them as liars. cosby has never been charged in connection with the assault
8:04 am
accusations. well a popular winter activity may be on a slippery slope. towns in at least four states are now moving to ban sledding. dubuque, iowa, is the latest. it's too dangerous, they say and liability lawsuits are too expensive. a study found over a ten-year period nearly a quarter of a million children were injured while sledding. and finally, an unusual delay for drivers on one highway. a real-life road runner. this emu escaped from a farm and hit the roads making his daring dash for freedom down this -- >> run, forrest. >> making far better time than those cars stuck in traffic. drivers looking on in shock. beep-beep. the bird was eventually caught running towards city hall. i think maybe wile e. coyote was there. >> stopping for lights. >> do that again. >> beep-beep. >> on command. >> okay that was fantastic.
8:05 am
health news now. for you hoping to slim down "u.s. world and news report" revealed the best diets and abc's mara schiavocampo has the details. >> reporter: when it comes to diets who is winning the battle of the bulge? "u.s. news & world report" evaluated 41 plans coming up with what it considers the best diets of 2015. >> we deliver the facts on whether diets are good for weight loss or whether they'll help prevent and manage diabetes. >> reporter: when it comes to dropping pounds "u.s. news" gave top honors to weight watchers which uses a point system for all foods. number two for weight loss a brand-new diet on the list health management resources, a food delivery system. the easiest plans to follow weight watchers once again, followed by jenny craig and the mediterranean diet focusing on lots of fruits, veggies and fish. the top diet overall for the
8:06 am
fifth year in a row, the dash diet. all about portion control and balancing protein and carbs. >> when you're talking about what makes a good diet it needs three thing, it needs to be safe, it needs to be simple and it needs to be sustainable. >> reporter: one list to help you lose. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> dig in more on on yahoo! michael is over in the social square. >> yes, here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" powered by samsung gallery. in "pop news" you'll never believe meryl streep's surprise crush. old school with a funny twist. plus the star of one of the hottest shows on tv "american horror story" jessica lange is here and molly sims is here sharing her beauty fashion and wellness secrets showing you and me how to supermodel your life. i'm going to be a supermodel.
8:07 am
>> yes, you are. you are a supermodel. >> you know how to charm me. all coming up on "gma," everybody. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum silver multivitamins for the most amazing parts of you. and then those categories change every few months. one month it's the "gym"... next month it's movie theaters?! who buys that much popcorn? get the quicksilver card from capital one. it lets you call the shots. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on absolutely every purchase everywhere. now, isn't that how it should be? what's in your wallet? it's not new. and that's what you like about it. it's crunchy lettuce. creamy mayo. crispy chicken. all for just a dollar. no bells, no whistles, no apologies. the mcchicken you love. part of dollar menu & more. ♪
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ok. we'll start looking for an suv... "fire' by firenze"
8:09 am
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8:10 am
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[bassist] two late nights in tucson. blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. ♪ loving this. if you watch the show -- we're back. parody of a group of frat guys that can't get enough. singing about how they dress up like gentlemen and analyze the
8:13 am
show just for fun. what's it called? "doun ton "downton abbey" with my bros. >> the candlesticks and formal dining in the fraternity house. >> you were loving that? oh yeah. >> they know how to get girls too. >> new season just started. >> what's popping? >> funny that you use the term popping, robin and listen to the song because hey upper east siders "gossip girl" or boy because we're not sure what she had but blake lively and ryan reynolds welcomed their first child. the actress gave birth over the holidays near their home in bedford, new york. the little one's arrival was earlier than expected. no word on a name or even the sex of the baby but apparently mom and baby both doing just fine and to that we say, xo xo. >> congratulations. >> pretty funny. i read it's believed to be a girl. >> believed to be. >> i remember a story -- she had
8:14 am
a shower and a lot of the gifts were pink. >> 50/50. >> science. >> yeah. >> scientific deduction. also in "pop news" this morning -- ♪ hot stuff ♪ >> meryl strep thinks one is hot stuff. one of the mow beloved stars in the world but in the february issue of "w" she says she has a celebrity crush of her own and it's on mr. hot stuff, will ferrell. meryl admits she loves him in every movie she does and goes on to explain that ferrell is a real man, unlike every other person's crush. ryan gosling who she says could practically be her child. so there you have it. one of the biggest stars in the world confirming humor wins every time. >> i'd like to see them together. >> yes. >> i just want to see "stepbrothers 2." i'm waiting, will. >> a true classic. i love that meryl streep loves his films. finally in "pop news," it is -- well makes girls want to
8:15 am
have fun. not only the nectar of the gods but special reward for suburban moms everywhere and tom cibrowski. we're talking about white wine. experts are now trying to explain why this seemingly quiet glass of goodness can make women go a little cray cray. scientists theorize it's the higher level of sulfites in white wine which have been linked to the blues and contains up to ten types pore sugar than red so there's no specific finding linking alcohol sugar and boisterous behavior but there are plenty of stories, and, ladies you know what i'm talking about. so the moral of the story, drink vodka! >> you always give tom a hard time about his chardonnay. the man likes his chardonnay. >> you know what so does this gal. >> how about that writing this morning? quietly understated glass of goodness? >> yes. >> thank you, george for noticing my prose. >> "heat index" coming up. ginger for a
8:16 am
>> it has just started snowing very lightly. i don't know if you can see it but very pretty. these girls have been up all night waiting for rick. it's dangerous this morning where it's snowing heavier. more where that came f let's check out washington d.c. it does look pretty but we've seen several accidents some involving buses from there through upstate new york and i've got pictures of that coming up in the next half hour. here it's that clipper system. it's fast. it moved right through and tonight we get a little break and then tomorrow more bands of snow with a trough that rolls through the northeast. and if you think this morning is cold look at wind chills. 26 below in rochester minnesota. yes, 27 is what it feels like in sioux falls and minus 26. by thursday morning we'll drop some 20 degrees at least in the wind chill factor even here. come back, hang with m that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> thanks, ginger. dave murphy on the terrace
8:17 am
where we're experiencing light snow. temperatures right now are in the 20's. this afternoon a high of 29. again that snow gradually tapering off during the afternoon. blustery and cold tomorrow, 28. a spotty snow shower could be around but it won't produce any additional accumulation. thursday bitter cold, a high of just 22. wind chills down around zero for at least part of the day on thursday. you foe where that is? we love you guys too. there is a ground stop at philadelphia and delays at d.c. so, again, the snow impeding traffic this morning. let's get inside. >> we'll bundle up and get out there and say hello to everybody in just a bit but for the "gma heat index" and it was a big night for fans o of "the bachelor." new season of the hit show premiering. bigger than ever. iowa farmer chris soules kicking off his search for love. abc's cameron mathison has a look at all the drama and
8:18 am
exclusionve scenes you did not see. >> reporter: america's favorite farmer chris soules making his debut as "the bachelor" on the much buzzed about season premiere monday night. >> i can't believe this. >> reporter: the 33-year-old iowa native embarking on his own journey to find love. >> i feel like the luckiest man alive. >> reporter: hello, "bachelor" nation. >> reporter: kicking off with our favorite stars from seasons past on the red carpet. >> andy. >> mwah. >> reporter: all counting us down to that special moment the farm boy meeting this season's crop of lovely ladies ripe for the picking. some of the first impressions, more unique than others. >> love the boots. >> my name is carly it's nice to meet you. >> so i wanted to ham it up for you. >> hi. >> that's a short skirt. >> and then a big twist. >> so we have one more limo pullup girls. >> this is crazy. >> we have so many people that
8:19 am
really want a shot at falling in love with this guy and we said why not. you know there are no rules here. why just have 25 and so we went with 30. >> yep, 30 women trying to win over prince farming. some stumbling. >> i just want to have my time. >> others soaring. brit a waitress from hollywood scoring the first impression rose and an unexpected kiss. but that first fateful rose ceremony had chris really feeling the pressure. and one contestant wouldn't take no for an answer a sure sign of a dramatic journey to come. >> hi. >> a snap like this. >> reporter: if you're already craving more from this season's "bachelor" check out this deleted scene from one of the bachelorettes. ♪ pbjs in my pjs ♪ >> reporter: cameron mathison. >> singing, pig snouts it's
8:20 am
amazing. this season has it all. >> we were saying this when we came in chris was here yesterday. what a nice guy. >> he really is. >> he really really is a good old midwestern boy. >> very sweet. as far as what happens -- you can see "the bachelor" on monday at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc. let's just say the bachelorettes were interesting. interesting. >> a nice mix? a nice mix. >> unique. >> all good words there. i'm not saying a word about this. i'm staying out of trouble this morning. in good for you. move on in the "heat index." first week of the new year so many are working to make good on our resolutions and now there is a piece of jewelry that can help. a bracelet that zaps you into breaking bad habits and kendis gibson has the details. >> reporter: from quitting smoking to losing weight let's face it a lot of people kick off the new year with new resolutions. that for some of us might come to a screeching halt. but now a shocking new idea. >> reward yourself when you fleet your daily goal.
8:21 am
commit to a penalty when you fail. >> reporter: pavlok that has one primary job, to send an electrical shock to your body every time you find yourself doing something wrong. >> there's a real power in using a little bit of pain to help you break your bad habits. >> reporter: watch as the inventor tests it out. >> that kind of hurt. >> reporter: it is designed 0 give yourself a shock any time you give in to temptation. but other people can also use an app to remotely send you a jolt to keep you in line if they catch you misbehaving of you can even program it to shock you if you don't stick to your healthy plan. it's not the sort of shocking pain a taser delivers or your pet gets from its dog collar but 350 volts isn't nothing. the first time is always the worst. ha. >> feels like if you were to touch a doorknob after rubbing your socks on the carpet.
8:22 am
>> reporter: the internet packed with testimonials from people who have used the pavlok to help quit biting their nails, eat less even stop smoking. >> i'm just more aware of what i'm doing. >> reporter: while some experts say the device is likely safe it's not a science. >> devices like this don't really work. unless these are locked on to people's wrists they're going to take them off. >> reporter: but some psychologists say it might work as a temporary fix for ill-fated resolutions. for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> how does it know when you're eating french fries? >> i think you give the app to your friend. and they buzz you. >> otherwise you're doing it to yourself. >> yes. >> you guys going to zap me. >> you should try it. >> do you know how to do it? >> i thought they were going to do it by remote control. >> this is fascinating tv. >> when it works it'll be available starting in april. we'll get back to you on that. right now it's time for the "morning stir."
8:23 am
a growing stir we read about in "the new york times" talking about spas for kids. more and more of them are popping up across the country offering everything from massages to manicures but some parents are wondering if it's too much. abc's reena ninan is here with the story. good morning to you, reena. >> good morning to you. some say it's kind of like going to the dentist, get them while they're young but others question princess facials and pedicures before potty training? really? ♪ manny ni manis, even a fashion runway child spas giving the business of beauty a much younger face. at the nationwide chain sweet sweet & sassy, salon and spa, a team of cosmetologists cater specifically to your kids. >> we do theme birthday parties for little girls. they're treated like the little princesses they are. >> reporter: salons for tweens across the country growing faster than their pint-sized patrons. according to the international spa association, about 25% of spas in the united states offer treatments for children under
8:24 am
13. with 51% offering them to teens. some moms say it's a great way to teach their children about permanent hygiene and relaxation. >> it's something for them to feel special. i want them to have that occasion because it doesn't happen every day. >> reporter: 33-year-old carrie arushman threw her a daughter with updos, a princess crowning ceremony and even a pink limo. it can be costly her bill $400 a pretty penny. >> beauty while it's not something we need to judge each other by, it is a way to boost your confidence so if you're feeling good about yourself outwardly, you feel good about yourself inwardly. >> reporter: but some parenting experts say there is a big difference between bonding over mommy mommy/daughter manis and turning your girl into a pampered princess. >> every parent has a right to pam pamper their kid but have to
8:25 am
weigh that against the message they're sending. is this putting too much on the way they look or being pretty or perfect. >> reporter: no question these girls love it. >> do you feel good when you're all dressed up and pretty? >> yeah. >> reporter: a day full of glitter and glam sealed with a princess wave. oh but it makes sol of those little girls so happy. remember when mom would take you to the skating rink and have pizza afterwards to celebrate. the year was 1985. apparently the bar just keeps going up. >> i remember going to get a manicure thinking it was such a special treat as a little girl but to go get massages together a lot say this is really going to spoil this next generation. >> some other people say it's like doing something that mommy would do so it gives the girls a sense of empower. . teach them how to put their sippy cup in the dishwasher. >> okay agreed. thank you very much. coming up the new trend in hair care. why you may never shampoo again? and then "american horror
8:26 am
story" star jessica lange is here with you live on "good morning america" so don't go anywhere. ♪ somebody loves you ♪
8:27 am
>> ♪♪ >> good morning. i'm tamala edwards. here's a live look at the snow coming down on i-95 and yes that is causing a real mess for many people with the morning commute. let's head over to karen rogers to get that look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. it's not that this snow is so heavy. but it's constantly snowing very lightly out here. looking out in west chester. it's bad tube timing and it's so cold that it will stick to the roads and not melt. this is west chester 202 at matlack street. traffic is really heavy in both directions. the snow on the roadway and even more so on the sides of the roads certainly. switching our camera view and we'll check out some of the different areas around. 422 it's snowing real good right here and again this is a shot of the roads where we see it coming down steady technological. looks a little heavier near near 422. certainly on the sides of the roads piling up. in between the lanes we're getting some of the snow
8:28 am
piling up 422 at 29 jammed there looking live outside right now this is 611 bypass at east son road in doylestown. snow piling up on the railing. traffic slow on 611 at bypass at easton road so david i see the flurries you're standing in it steadily as well. >> yeah, it's light snow here on the terrace for the last couple hours and so far karen, only about a quarter inch accumulation here and roads in philadelphia are partially snow covered at least. so, you do want to slow down wherever you find that but the conditions fairly passable considering this is mostly light snow. i see a bright burst of snow south of philadelphia and parts of # south jersey. could be the accumulation is getting a little steadier out there. i've got a lot of people tweeting in condition cans. this is dublin up north in bucks county. kyle shows light coverage on roadways there. winter weather advisory in effect until 4 o'clock this afternoon. tanks looks like a total of about 1 to 2 inches today that's it.
8:29 am
>> we'll keep checking in with you david. we'll send you back to "gma" and see you back here in 30. >> ♪♪
8:30 am
♪ need a little love in the dark ♪ ♪ a little but i'm hoping it might kick start me and my broken heart ♪ ♪ i need a little loving tonight so i don't fall apart a little but i'm hoping to kick start me and my broken heart ♪ >> breakout british band rixton performing "me and my broken heart" fresh off their performance on dick clark's new year's rockin' eve with ryan seacrest here. oh they were hot. debut of their brand-new music video and live performance coming up of we are looking forward to that. it's nice to be out here in the snow right? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> i was going to say ginger was right about the weather forecast. >> we had to come out and say thank you for braving the cold. >> thanks everybody.
8:31 am
>> before you write us we didn't know we were coming outside so we know our shoes are not appropriate. >> inside two-time oscar winner jessica lange is live this morning talking about her big role in "american horror story" freak show. she is so magnificent and it's won two emmys for if you are just joining us "american horror story." molly sims is at our twitter mirror -- work it girl. -- her special beauty fashion and wellness secrets so we can all supermodel our lives. right, aamy? >> get that messy glamorous movie star hair the secret could be not shampooing. >> and not being out in the snow. >> abc's linzie janis has more. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence jessica biel kate hudson all fans of the undone look. hair that looks sexy tousled like they just got out of bed.
8:32 am
to achieve it top hairstylists say it's about not washing your hair not washing with regular shampoo, that is. new products known as no-poos promise to clean your hair and scalp without using ingredient there is traditional shampoo. tilists say shampoos can strip hair of its natural oils. what's it doing to my hair? >> what it's doing is stripping it, making it dry and frizzy and your scalp produce more oil. >> reporter: here at headdress in new york city the pros say many of their clients are testing this latest trend in hair care. how does it work? >> it's the same as using a regular shampoo except it doesn't lather. a lot of clients like it a one-step process. >> reporter: what happens when people first decide to say good-bye to the suds? >> i have to say i'm really skeptical. i have fine hair and i worry that it would weigh my hair down. >> a lot of my clients that do it were nervous about it at first but once they gave it a shot after a couple of weeks you
8:33 am
totally will notice the difference. >> reporter: people at home are trying it too. >> i love the no-poo. >> reporter: reviewing these online. >> it makes your hair so silky. >> reporter: but be careful how quickly you convert. >> skipping it altogether may not be the best approach but you may not need to shampoo as often as you are. it depends on your hair types and products and chemicals you use in your hair. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> all right, i made it back inside but i'm still freezing and can't take my coat off. you say it's going to get colder? >> way colder amy. the coat looks good inside. we should all do that. my new friends from great falls, >> your name. >> bruce. >> it is so good to have you here because we're enjoying the snow right now but not everyone is this morning. let's go ahead and look at what's happening around this morning. falls church virginia a school bus slid off the road there so the roads will very quickly become dangerous and then a
8:34 am
very pretty one from new york city that full moon the first the year. how about tomorrow morning? will it be warm injury no. amy it won't. those are wind chills and it's going to be 34 below the fees-like in madison wisconsin 22 below for minneapolis. bitter cold sinks to the gulf. the freezing line busts into florida by thursday. okay that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> thanks ginger. dave murphy on the terrace where it has been snowing for a couple hours. we have about a quarter inch snow accumulation out here right now and roads are partially snow covered so take it easy. temperatures in the low 20's, 29 is your high with periods of snow tapering off later this afternoon out more hand warmers. >> aim back with jessica lange, two-time oscar winner now stars in "american horror story freak show" set in the last days of america's carnival days. it has a sinister flair. take a look.
8:35 am
>> that's everything that i have done for you. everything that i have sacrificed for us. for our family and i still have not won your trust. >> elsa, calm down please. of course we trust you. >> prove it to me! >> and jessica lange joins us now. madam elsa so powerful. you say it's one of the richest roles you've ever played. >> she is a big character, you know i mean i have a lot to do and, yeah you know it's one of those characters where the emotions are always extreme whether it's her sorrow or her loneliness or rage and those kind of characters are fun to play you know i mean you don't have to calibrate. you don't have to hold back. it's always what's expected of you is to do you know big, big emotions big sweeps and she's a wonderful, you know i mean i've
8:36 am
been able to sing and she has an extraordinary back story. so, yeah it's a very complete character. >> it's set in such a fascinating time jupiter florida, 1952. the last days of the carnivals, television is about to take over. >> yeah i know i think that was ryan murphy's idea because i had suggested doing like a freak show or traveling carnival a couple of years ago to him and i had thought, you know do it during the heyday of this you know this entertainment like either the turn of the century or even you know dust bowl later, you know, '20s, '30s kind of thing but he really wanted to do it at the end of you know popular -- one popular entertainment in the beginning of the next from -- so it really was kind of like one freak show ending and the next freak show beginning. >> it's such a tricky balancing act because, you know you can possibly face these charges of, boy, you're exploiting these sideshow characters but for many
8:37 am
of them this was their only right to an independent life. >> yes, you know i mean you can argue it both ways i mean one, of course is you know the moral aspect of putting, you know these people -- >> freaks. >> but on the other hand and i read tremendous amounts of you know literature and fiction, nonfiction about this. they really did have community. they had family. they had income. they had like i mean there's a lot to say for this kind of life. >> they had a real life. >> they had a real life and, you know i think the most important thing is that they weren't isolated and then at the end of this according to a lot that i read you know they were shuffled off to institutions and to you know -- i mean living very -- so you can -- you know you can argue it both ways.
8:38 am
>> that's what makes it so much fun to watch and talk about. we had fun and went back to our video vault. your first appearance on "gma," 1976. you're talking to david hartman about your role in account king kong" and moving from -- >> it's something i always wanted to do. it's everything i ever hoped it would be except it's more work than i ever expected. >> it's more work. >> yeah. much more work. >> well, that never changed. >> any advice for that young girl? >> oh god. yeah, enjoy it. enjoy it while -- yeah no i mean it's weird to see that. but, yes it was -- it's been a great ride. that's all i can say and, you know and i mean now 38 years -- 35 36 years later, it's still thrilling. >> well, that's thrilling to hear. thank you. >> thank you. >> jessica lange, season four of "american horror freak show"
8:39 am
returns tomorrow night on fx. we'll be right back with molly sims. ♪ this is the part when i say
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ back now with day two of our series "resolution revolution." supermodel molly sims with her tips to looking and feeling your best. she shares all her secrets. it's a great new book called "the everyday supermodel" and we are thrilled molly, to have you
8:42 am
here with us. oh my goodness look at you. you on twitter. >> seven months. >> yesterday you said it's a girl. >> it's a girl i know of we're so excited. we weren't going to find out but we couldn't hold -- we couldn't do it. i'm very excited. i'm a very girl's girl as you'll see from this book. >> you do talk about it. you do talk about wellness for expecting mothers. >> right. i do. >> there was somebody on twitter who asked is it more difficult to be a super mom or supermodel. >> it's funny. it's more difficult to be a super mom. our next book is called "the every everyday super momma" i'm a real girl's girl. my mom is my best friend and made me believe we can do anything. there is an inner supermodel in all of us. i thought i would get flack for the name. oh supermodel whatever but i kind of was like no i'll take that and grasp that because i want women to challenge themselves respect themselves and this book is all about being the best version of yourself. >> you cover everything.
8:43 am
>> i do because people think -- i hate when people think you look like that naturally. there ain't nothing natural about this. i am dark. there's a chubbier person just waiting -- my standing weight would easily be 10 to 15 pounds over but because i've had to be in front of the camera and the determination, but i'm from kentucky. i'm a good old southern girl. go big or go home and i really believe -- i believe in women and i believe in women feeling good. >> and women of all ages and you show yourself in all different -- you have wonderful pictures in there. >> i wanted really -- oh my god. i rocked the tank top. i'm rocking now with the belly. >> look at you. >> even taking chances and dressing when you're pregnant. this is a skirt. i have just pulled up over my belly. >> it looked like a dress. >> but it looks like a dress. >> but we're really really happy with it. it's like a girl's bible. it's like your go-to guide in part of it is food. you start right off the bat with food. >> yeah. >> food -- >> not the frenemies.
8:44 am
>> you have healthy swaps. >> i do. angel versus devil. it's all about listen there's a little bit -- my little tips are never think -- never put yourself on a diet mentally. throw away the scale, get a great pair of jeans, my last pregnancy i had to lose 80 pound, half my body weight. >> how did you do it? >> this little thing. all the little things ice cream versus yogurt. a little bit of walnuts on top for a little bit of protein. i love a greek yogurt. very filling. never want to restrict yourself from anything and i think that's the main tip that we tell people. i right now instead of eating like a chocolate bar at night because i'm craving chocolate and cake and everything anything sugar, i do cups of hot chocolate. >> that's a great idea in and still get that feeling. >> you have -- >> spaghetti squash versus noodles. we all love our pasta. if you're trying to lose weight you have to cut it down. have it only once a week. spaghetti squash is very much of a filler and it's yummy. >> yes, it is and very filling.
8:45 am
now, with salads we think about the right thing but then the things we put on it. >> this is the demon. this is the devil. everyone says the old saying it's all in the dressing. it's all in the dressings and toppings. a little sunflower seeds or walnuts to get the omegas the brain food swap the bacon bits. >> yes, for the walnuts. okay we have the food. now we're going to fashion. you don't have to break the bank. >> you shouldn't break the bank. i work with two women in the book becky -- becky klein and martina gordon and they dress everyday women. two former models and taught me and we discuss like what is your coredrobe. every girl needs one. your investment pieces you spend money on. a white shirt, great jeans, a great pair of pants, a little black dress, a trench. >> carol is here. >> how do you supermodel her. >> take -- unbutton it i'm
8:46 am
going to show you how to do a sleeve. make it a little messy. can you do a little side tuck like i taught her? do a little bit of a heel. every supermodel needs a pair of sunglasses always, always -- >> some yulery. >> i do one side four fingers, never go above. >> okay. >> it's a good little -- >> got that? >> four fingers, i don't normally do two wrists, i do one but it's all -- a lot of people look at models and are like how -- i love what they're wearing. it's not so much what they're wearing, it's how they're wearing it it's the attitude. and i love this little thing. everyone is like oh it looks tucked in but it's not. >> throw a blazer on. >> you're good. >> talk about our last thing, a little bit of beauty. >> on the face. >> carol, you want to sit down for a little bit. >> we're not able to finish. you can find it online. one quick tip on the face. >> a little bit of suntan. a little bit of dewy all the way
8:47 am
across and a little -- i'm doing this carol. because you know me. >> and a little bit of eye gloss, a little -- >> doesn't take a lot of time. >> you are a girl's girl. >> hey, mom, congratulations, again. carol, you looked good coming in. >> yeah. >> "the everyday supermodel" is valuable now. we want to give a special thanks to bloomingdale's for providing the clothing and accessories for this segment. go to on yahoo! to read her tips. a prerecipe for a free green veggie soup? >> i love that. >> okay coming up you have to stick around. rixton performing live. thank you, molly. >> thank you very much. >> i'm sorry. ♪ ♪ all i need is a little love in my life all i need is a little love in the dark a
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99 cents. that's all it takes to get a refreshing deal at dunkin' donuts. just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't enjoy any sized iced tea or iced coffee. just 99 cents all month long. america runs on dunkin'. we're back now in the breakout band rixton. their debut album is out march 3rd. about to go on tour with ariana
8:50 am
grande and here with their third single off that anticipated album called "hotel ceiling." >> thank you many sorry about that. ♪ i can see it coming round full circle my friend ♪ ♪ on the tv they said they had reported you dead ♪ ♪ it was my fault 'cause i could have sworn that you said ♪ ♪ it was easy to find another for your bed ♪ ♪ oh and how does it feel to leave me this way when all that you have has been lost in a day ♪ ♪ and everyone knows but not
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"good morning america" is
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brought to you by royal caribbean international. no one dogs the caribbean like royal caribbean. >> this is the video of rixton. you just saw a world exclusive premiere of the brand-new video. >> premiere for these guys too. >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> have you seen it? >> yeah it's fun. >> they're like this. >> that's great. >> have a great day, everyone. >> have a good day. >> that was so sweet. >> ♪♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 8:56 now on this tuesday morning. let's take a live look at philadelphia international airport. this is where ground stop is in place. it should be lifted in a few
8:57 am
minutes but it's good idea to keep an eye there on flight tracker just to be sure and we'll keep an eye on your messy commute. let's touch base with karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning tam. looking outside live. right there looking at philadelphia international airport. now we're look at 202 at matlack street. my twitter follower tells us we work near this intersection and cars are sliding past the traffic lights. it is slippery here. we can see how slowly traffic is going. snow is starting to cover the roadway and that's just on the sides of the roads but we can see it on the roadway right now. switching over to upper uwchlan we can change our traffic view and look at route 100 under the pennsylvania turnpike. i know it's black right now but eastbound near morgantown on the turnpike we have an accident. maybe we can do the blue route near plymouth meeting and check out some of the scenes. seeing snow throughout new jersey. in burlington county a serious accident on 73, multiple injuries and in general in in part of new jersey roads are slick. route 100 on the pennsylvania
8:58 am
turnpike looking right now at the snow covered roadways. you need to be care fill with your on-ramps especially as you're headed out tam. >> thank you karen. now let's find out how long the snow is going to stick around and go to dave murphy. good morning. >> it's been coming do you know foreign several hours on the terrace. we still have probably between a quarter inch maybe under a half inch here. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you a break up out to the north and west with not as much snow falling there. roads as you just saw on karen's traffic cameras are at least partially snow covered in a lot of spots so you want to take it snow. temperatures with the snow falling around the 20-degree mark. in philadelphia down to 19. today's high is 29 degrees and tam, we are expecting most of this snow to begin to wrap down target afternoon. >> okay. can come in and get warm david. now to "live with kelly and michael"
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award-winning actress jessica lange. and from the series "pretty little liars," lucy hale. plus chris powell puts the fun back in fitness as we continue our "kick-start the new year" series. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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