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tv   Action News  ABC  December 23, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EST

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g c burn brightlyt the citizen shrine in brooklyn, new york. they are burning for two police officers that were shot to death on saturday.
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it show a different battleg w york police officers turning their backs on mayor de blasio. accusing him of creating a clima of mistrust. the i a cauldron of mistrust and creeping partisanshi all in the wake of two officers that are the sitting in their car. a man that followed up the shooting in his suicide at the nearby subway station. they released the video of ismaaiy brinsley. he was in the mall in brooklyn hoursor the shooting. the mayo has been the target of anger or members of the pol depament because of his response to e icarr case. the officers turned their backs
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after he returned back from the shootin >> i am asking everyone and across the spectrum, to put aside t protests and demonstrn tse funera are passed. let's c on the families on what they have lost. >> thii the widow of liu. >> thi a difficult time for both of our families. but we will stand together and get through this together. [crying] >> of the situation in new york is having an impact on the po departments everywh keeth mo is live at philadea police headqua kenneth >>repoji vigilance is the word. rely on your training.
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ask an officer. he or she will tell you there is never a routine shift. we are reminded to stay alert. >> yo always careful. there is that sense in the air you have to take the extra step. dowstep. don't take anything for granted. >>repoaerory in trenton. the poli are investigating a crediblatst the officer >> e may be some potential problem out in the western sector. >>repthce direct would not go into detail. they are trying to identify the person made that threat. the department reissued an order for all patrols to wear body armor and don't be afraid to call backup. the suspt killed th, the officer
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not seriously injured. they have bn etg with the clergy. charlam the head of the policin force says that is one of many steps that need to be taken. >> et's protestors or police government officials take a deep breathe. calm wn we need thtl scsion. >>rep:w hearing of changes for other police deparen in the commonwealth. in pittsh e officers are doubli up. jim, we are reporting live at the philadelphia headquarters, kent moton "channel 6ion news." asan officer he or she will te you there is never a routine shift. now the police officers across the area are reminded to stay alert. ae state trooper that
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survive an ambush shooting at the hands of eric frein is home for the holidays. alex douglass was shot in blooming grove. douglass a road ahead for recovery he spent christmas with his family in lackawanna county. he thanked people for their well wishes. ma amens are expecd to be greeted with a wet, not white cma this week. over th rockies they are dealing with heavy snow. on our side of the country a storm is brewing our way. it's a concern for 40 million traveng by air and on the roads f the holiday. it was nothing of that nature to worry ab here tonight. just li drizzle that will keep the roads wet through the morning and made an outdoor scroll in
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collings a little damp. and mis magee is tracking it. first the big board with the precion overnight. meliss >> yes, jim. we are tracking light precitin delaware valley. south philadelphia into south jersey. and north and westbrook west ofd lehigh counties. 2.5 in allentown. up to 5 miles in the philade it gives you an indication of the moisture overhead. we are looking a prolonged period of precipitation this week. stormac6 double scan 3d showing you off to the west you are talking about the snow off the four corners and rockies.
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it dips down to the south. the moisture from the gulf of mexico and south and north direcon we have round two on the day. a tenth to a quarter inch of rainfal halfn inch to an inch of rainfal the way. a closer look at this system with the full accuweather forecas t morning team will start at 4:30 tracking the wet weather for the morning commute and holidayle toth search continues for a person that shot a 3-year-o boy and a man in the grays ferry sex. section it happened in newkirk. the man named moe got into an argume with william pug hand shoh andcouncilman cenetta john.
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>> th cannot let the thugs take ove the neighborhood. >> a 10-year-old is recovering from se injuries after struck a truck in bristol townshi chopper over at the 1500 block of lakeland avenue. the poli investigated. the truck driver is not facing charges tonight. t a the trail of a bank robber that struck this afteron the photos of the bandit were taken on the 300 block of haddon avenue he passed a threatente the teller.
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no one was hurt. t classrooms remember the youngesim in montgomery county. soudern ig school students prayed for nina flick and brother anthony. nina and five other members were skilled bkilled by bradley stonn took his own life. nore is sweeping the outage they are not sure if this countr responsible. the problems in north korea began the weekend. the internet was down until a short time ago. preside obama said that the u.s. expt to respond to t hacki of sony entertainment. fecme days a driver plowed into a crowd of people in france, injuring 11
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ey we gathered at the christma market in the western town of nanes. the officials are urging calm. while t drivers crashed into people, there is no evidence that th are connected or were acts of terrorism. a delta airlines baggage handler is accused of smuggling guns on a flight. 18 guns were carried from atlanta to jfk on decembe. the man snuck the firearms past the sety to a former employeet t on the plane. he was also arrested. the fe federal authorities say s not the f time that they did this. they smuggled on seven other flights. san a party for their birthda. mia montgomery is not like most
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7 year olds. dann cuellar has her story. >>repmet mia montgomery. this is how she was celebrating her seventh birthday. she was helping to feed men and women. her desire to do this came three months ago on a trip to new york. she saw homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk. somethit she never saw before. >> wn went to new york, i saw a homeless on the floor. it broke my heart. i wanted to use it. >> really upset her to know we are walking an we are go to go to a beautiful 49th store apartmen it didn't sit well with her. >>repco she give up hear birherbirthday presents ane
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homeles miss montgomery said in lieu of birthda gifts she wanted to feed the homeless. >> lot people came in eating moms, dads, babies, other people, they got really happy. >>reporn' ask for anythinr her birthday. the chur gave her a birthday cake. the scripture. >> mer christmas and help everybod need. >> wep everybody that helps mia with her birthday blessin. it'sn amazing thing she is s is letting everybody know that christmas is still alive. s to come on "action news" tonight. more of the holiday spiri comg to the aid of those in need. how a community rallied for
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victim this huge fire. pho tho u-haul temple takesp 10 opponent. what a game this turned out to be. why chip kelly is not down and out at t that is what he coughing can really be disruptive.
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e si in shock after this massive barn fire last night in h hockessin,
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delawar 12 of the prized horsed made it out alive. damage the barn is estimated at $60,000. the tota lo is to be in the million the cause is under investio dnse been pouring in for a family that had a fire in delaware. it happened at claymont yesterd morning. one pers was killed. they rallied to collect all of the clothes and necessities for those displaced. >> al a sudden, everyone called. all the tenants reached out we don't know the people that lost their homes. but this is our community. >> six children were among those that were left homeless. the cause of the fire has not been determined. he south jersey college studen suing her parents for not paying her tuition were back in court.
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she asked the judge in condition tempcontemptof court. they will not pay $16,000. he will not make anyone pay. until the case law is -- dupont announced it moving its corpora headquarters outsid of t city. the move is not expected to include job cuts. dupont consolidates it's corpora operation in greenvi the chemical business is spinning next year and renamed kenmore's company. it moves into dupont's old buildi downwn in rodney square. oe cocker lost his battle with cancer. his success began in 1964. his hits "you are so beautiful"
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and "with a little help from my friends" one of his most famous appearas was at woodstock. joe coc was 70 years old. no one has heard this before from a pope. he read a blistering indtme accusingh cardinals an bishops priests to use their caree t build power and wealt he accud them of living double lives. reform of church power structus but be accompanied by reform of the men involved. [ speg n ge ] it is certainly worth singing about. the biggest lottery picked its winners. they wil be splitting $3 bilonn cash. the children sing out the number unlike powerball and mega
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is split among thousands of spanids they get about half a million dollar the christmastime lottery is call el gordo or the fat one. w abo the christmas week accuweather forecast. melisa magee. we are tracking rain. it's a prolonged period of unseted weather. we'll talk abo the details. the live double scan rad light rain and drizzle scattered about the lehh valley and delaware counties along route 22 it's close to easton. oust of easton along route 611 into areas of doylestown and quakert fleetwood light precipi continues in the overnight hours. the picte outside. the action cam was outside in lansdowe on owen avenue.
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the home is democrated nicely d. 45 is the high temperature in philalp it 43 currently. the teere is rising. it continus to do so as you wake up the morning. upper 30s in lancaster. 41 in dover. satellilh tn radar, we'll track the moisture round nene moving in right now. we fly you out to the west coast. we are tracking the second round moving through. there i storm coming out the rockies it dips from the south. it colle as lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico. and the first batch is overhead. we are showing you at 7:30 light rain and drizzle around. visibit can be reduced. you want to give yourself extra
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time. 5:00 tueg a lull in the activity. cloudy acr the wedge. wednesda ae tracking the moisturf the west that moves in as we move into wednesd morning. 8:00 in the morning heavier pockets rainfall moving across the delaware to lehigh valleys an inch to half an inch much rainfa it contin to keep on through as you wake up on thursday morning. don't be surprised christmas morningrl the day at least, you have left over rainshow here is the set up for us as we get in the day on christmas. we say merry christmas earn happy holidays everyone. 9:00 a., is 3. 54 at 1:00. 50 at 5:00 in the evening. this ti last year on christmas day a high of 32 degrees. a big flip-flop in our
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temperate this year. a call from accuweather, on tuesday,n the morning. 50 in the afternoon. the forest showing you morning shower drizzler drizzly. thursday christmas day, 55. we say stay in the 50s next wee. >> an you. they teamed up to deliver chrisas t a deserving girl. 8olk watched in wonder as presents came in her home in harleysville. she is battlin
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d-g ar thats what the high scho homo pe proved in the asaskskating rink in havertown.
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and temple were look for a signare win and they got one. th owls face the two top ten teams. they lost combining 43 points. a chance to get on the map with kansas. the owls take the septa to wells fargo center. and one way to beat the traffic. eight points. owls up 10 at the break. second half, philadelphia's jesse morgan. one of three owls and double figures he scores 17 points. the lea ballns to 20. and wilt cummings. of 119 for him. the rout is on.
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storm t court. why not? >> it was our night. i loved to tell you that, you know, o offense was i was in st. 59-50 defeat. irony and karma. we poke fun for tony roma. roma an company will be playing in january. despite the situation his team will give its all against the giants on sunday. >> it gut-wrenching. whe owe lose in the playoff or lost in this fashion they are gut-wrenching we frustrated. we underd that.
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but we still have to play one more fo game. hey, n york let's not worry about it. they are not like that. we are going to we ready to play on sunday. >> moe eagles' coverage ahead. l an ugly bwl in a bowl game coughing can really be disruptive.
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it pay be time to start with younger players. chip bristles at that notion. >> we go to win a footba game. that is what this organization is about. it's not trying to see what the future is. we have a game. i would not be fair in any of my beliefs or any football player if i said to one guy, i know you are a bett player. i am going to play a younger guy now. that isha we are about. >> thmi beach bowl, who knew th was such a thing, no one will remember the outcome. they wiem this. the tigers are celebrating a fight breaks out. both sidelines are empty. the defensive back sucker punches allen while restrained. no word on any disciplinary action. that ot good to see. o assumes there will be disciply action. a collingsville restaurant
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steppedp to help a church serve ours. they treated a family at a cafe. grace baptist church was forced to shutdown its food pantry. tonight famili were left with chrisas cheer. an we continue at 4:30. for duc rodgers, melissa magee, cy tynan, and the entiriow team, i am jim gardner. good night. >>annoer news is sponsed elkins
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