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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  December 1, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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grooms claiming that they got nothing in return. they are following the story. and in the wake of the grand jury decision. we are live what president obama wants to do to restore peace. a woman thought that she would never see her wallet again with cash in it. a surprise from septa. we'll share her story. a photographer accused of taking money but never delivering appeared in court. the trouble shooters were there as michael walked outside of a bensalem courtroom. he promised to take tickets but then handed over the goods. >> we told you about mike dalvo back in august. today he was arrested by bensalem police. over the summer a number of
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newlyweds contacted us for help. they told us that many had paid up front and in full. he vanished. jennifer acre and stacy hartman mendez got their videos. we helped to get their videos edited. >> i get emotional every time i watch it. >> dalvo never showed for at least a couple of weddings. the "action news" came was there as they took him into handcuffs to his first court appearance. >> i hope that you guys spends a much time doing this to me once you find out what happened. >> tell us what happened? >> if i had time i am sure i could. >> can you say anything about
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what happened? >> you really need to go and ask my father. >> dalvo said that his father left for florida and left him in his position. he sold his son the business. they gave their money directly to the younger mike dalvo. >> 44 victims that we had today. after this airs i am hoping that more people will see the story. he is charged with theft by taking and unacceptable business practices. he stole more than $40,000. >> if you think that you have case ben salem police want to hear from you. you can call them. and dalvo is in bucks county prison and $75,000 bail.
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thank you, nydia. >> they took to the streets across the country in response to the turmoil in ferguson, missouri. they walked outoms and jobs coast to coast. karen travers has the latest. >>reporter:good evening, monica. president obama spoke a few moments ago. he wants to start and open conversation about the lessens from ferguson. one part of the american family is hurting it's the problem of the entire nation. one week later and the fallout from the ferguson grand jury decision continues. marching takes place across the nation. the peaceful demonstrators blocked the traffic. >> people have to understand that lives matter not only black lives but all lives.
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>>reporter:in new york and in philadelphia. at the white house president obama was holding a series of meetings what could be learned from ferguson. there was a $3 million spending package that includes expanded police training programs and $75 million subsidized for body cameras. thethey will not punish the rams with their hands raised in an iconic pose. >> it's a positive message. hopefully something good will come out of it. >> they say the gesture was senseless and inflammatory. >> the new. >> formed commission met for the first time today. the commission has a very ambition goal to bridge deeply routed divisions.
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i am karen travers. thank you, karen. there was a call on tax on american soil by isis sympathizer. they released a joint bulletin. they are looking for former members of the military of the u.s. they are urging you to get rid of anything on your social media accounts that may compromise their identity or bring isis to your attention. more on the newest threat from isis and as well the current situation in ferguson, missouri and the impact it's having across the nation. you can watch that at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00. a man and a woman are in hospital after both were shot while in a moving car in delaware county. chopper 6h.d. over the moving scene. the victims in their 20s were
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driving on morton avenue when three people in a black car started to shoot at them. the victims escaped with graze wounds. not sure if they were the intended targets. a philadelphia man is awaiting charges. thomas muller downloaded images from a child pornography website. they tracked down the suspect. muller was taken into the custody and charged with 40 counts of distribution and possession. his hear something december 11. the septa officials prof that their lost and found really works. he put it on the dashboard of the bus while she went to her seat to get change from her bag. they were able to find and contact that passenger. this afternoon "action news" was there as she picked up her wallet.
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she never thought she would get it back. >> there was money. there was a reason for that god know. if i di i deserve this money. it will come back to me. >> several hundreds of dollars were in the wallet. if she had not got continue back, she hoped it would go to someone that really needed it. >> philadelphia water department in partnership with the philadelphia industrial corporation provided the 2.7 million plant to be done at the services warehouse facility. another ribbon-cutting in north philadelphia. daryl clark helped to celebrate the renovation of a popular bill today. he played ball with some of the kids that were there. columbus field has been re-opened followings $2.5 million project. it will be used by the north
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america blackhawks and st. joseph's preparatory school and the crowding surroung community. very nice. the byways on a busy night. over to matt pellman. thank you matt. >> it should have been a fresh new start rick and monica. now we have wet conditions slowing things down on the schuylkill expressway. and 34 minutes on the travel time. that is a 20-minute delay on the vine from the blue route. 10 minute delays at the jefferson station. that is the old market east station. 15 minute delays on the river line. this is in camden. each night starting at 10:00 they are boarding trains from the eastbound platforms. don't say on the westbound
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platforms. you will miss the train. we have one in wrightstown near mcguire air force base road. back to you rick and monica. thank you, sir. the firefighters are joining the forces with marines to make this holiday season extra special for children in need. how the pontiff can be part of your special occasions. melissa is in for adam tonight. hi, there, melissa. hi rick and monica. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. it's bringing with us the colder air. and sixers news in sports when "action news" comes back. a holiday greeting from a local service women that is serving overseas. >> i want to say happy holidays to my family and friends back in pennsylvania. mom, dad i love you.
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looking festive. they painted the windows at location along route 33 here in hamilton today. the young artist created scenes was christmas and hanukkah and kwanza. they were treated for lunch. the collection boxes toys for tots gift drive are set up the city firehouses at 4th and race. you can donate unwrapped toys every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day. the eagles are on top of the east conference tonight. they are facing the seahawks. that is because of the big win on thanksgiving day. appeal jamie apody has the next challenge for the birds are, jamie. >> cowboys week is over.
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the road week is not easier for the eagles. they are back to work tomorrow. sunday the seahawks come to town. and russell wilson are 8-4. and this game a big one when it comes to locking up the seed in the nfc. the two teams that may see each other again in the playoffs. it's going to be tough to simulate the talent. >> we don't have a richard sherman he can simulate. you are getting used to the scheme and how they run their operation. you are never going to assimilate players of that caliber no matter what you are facing. >> you get tired of it. >> jeremy maclin made a lot of friends today. he spent time with the st. james school in north
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philadelphia. he shared lunch with the kids and reverse roles with them playing quarterback. it means so much to give back. >> it's everything. i think once you do that you are reaching your maximum potential as a person. not only doing the thing that you like to do but helping kids and helping people and changing their lives. >> maclin invited lucky opportunities to a bowling event on monday night. more of his day coming up at 6:00. the franchise record four losses to start a season. the 0-9 sixers are one loss away from tying a utility mark. the win is tough to come by, that is because brett brown's team is in town. they beat them by 25. it's a four-game homestand. it's little to cheer for.
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they lost by 7. he is a glass half full kind of guy. he is seeing things are better. >> i think we are getting close. we are improving every day, every game. i think we have to have more room for improvement. >> and back to the nfl. ryan fitzpatrick is a smart guy. he brought his 7-year-old son brady. check this out. >> brady i am going to put you on thon the spot. give him two numbers. 93, 97. >> he will multiple them for you. >> 9,021. can you look at your calculator.
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does that say 9,021. boom. thank you. how about that. is excited that my 2-year-old could count to 10. 91 and 94. >> 9,000 let's see 112 112 i t. close enough. excitement is building here over pope francis's meeting with families. if you think it's impossible to get up close. think again. cutout is 5'11". we are told it is to scale. you can take pope francis to pose with your friends and family. part of the proceeds goes to charity. >> we know that cools, parishes and families would want to have a pope francis that they can take home for the holidays. >> the life-sized pope sells for
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with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless. take a look at this dramatic video out of the china. two men whose carmen felice inta
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sinkhole. the left front wheel ran into the sinkhole. the driver and passenger ran out minutes before the car overturned right there. it was caused due to collapse of sand beneath the road surface. melissa is back where all the rain is going to be. that is right. the rain is going to move in. it changes to light wintry precipitation. talking about that. and we are showing you we do have moisture to the north and west of philadelphia to the south and east. we go in tighter on double scan street level you see the missouri at 322 north of the coatesville and en rout route 3. down to the areas of south jersey we are tracking light moisture from lakehurst to mays landing into smyrna in delaware.
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this is the initial cold front moving on through. and more moisture on tuesday. a nice start to our day. the high in our city climbs up to 65 degrees. we are coming in at 52. 60 in millville. you notice the cooler air arriving. 36 in the poconos. 45 in allentown and the lehigh valley. here is satellite 6 along with action radar, we have a fair amount of cloud cover ove over . we have the cloud cover moving on through. you look to the south and west, precipitation is moving across southern sections of ohio. this is our concern as we get throughout the day on tuesday. that is why the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory for lancaster county. for this county we are calling for snow and sleet. and a gradual change to rain as the day progresses on tuesday. we time things out for you. make sure you have the wet
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weather gear close to you. along the i-95, at 8:30 in the evening along the areas of souths and east. on tuesday at 7:00, it's mostly cloudy. most locations stay dry tomorrow. the coastal section was jersey and down to delaware. we watch a secondary wave of energy. you see it's not a steady shield of precipitation. snow and speed for areas of lancaster and reading. it moves northward as we get into monday night and changing into all liquid for most locations. it's a chilly rain with the high pressure to the north. and from the southwest to the north. light mix north and west. and high in the city 4 42 degre. it turns colder. dropping down to 36. 30 in the suburbs to the north
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easternly wind. i hope you had a chancnortheast. on wednesday back up to 55 degrees. it's a mild day with a passing shower around. 48. on friday 44 degrees late rain around. periods of rain is arriving. high of 52. the eagles are at home on sunday. a high of 54. 50 as we get into next monday. watch out for the rain and mixed precip. to get the latest join matt, tam, david and karen. it all starts at 4:30 a.m. right here on 6abc. >> a leading front is due to an air mass.
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we talk about three air types cold, warm and stationary. we have temperature and precipitation and wind speeds. whatever coming your way this evening we keep you powered to be prepared.
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a very scrawny much maligned
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christmas tree. it had a journey rejected by the city and residents being too ugly. the punny pine was almost replaced. it has not been replaced but embraced by the community. in the weekend before christmas it will baddecit will will be da single bulb. bill cosby resigns from the temple university board of trustees. we are following the reaction from campus. and the award increases on the whereabouts of the missing westchester student shane montgomery. damaged homes, that is coming up at 6:00. for melissa sharrie williams, monica, i am rick williams.
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have a nice evening good night. >> closed captioning brought to you by fulton bank. offering a relationship rewards debit card. it's that easy. visit fulton bank online to learn more.
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it is monday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is the bill cosby scandal. finally hitting north broad street and temple university. the long-time favorite son of temple university has resigned from the schools board of trustees. the of the severing of his relationship with his alma mater comes after 20 women have
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accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting them. we are going to have kenneth moton in a second. there we go. cosby refused to responded to any of the allegations. he issued this statement i have always been proud of my association with temple. i have always wanted to do what is in the best interest of the university and its student. as a result of have tendered my resignation from the board of trustees. and kenneth moton live on the campus tonight. many students felt a bond with cosby. that bond is now strained? >>reporter:it truly depends who you ask on temple's campus. some students continue to support bill cosby. others say this the right move. bill cosby has been one of the gg


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