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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  October 11, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> it's pretty miserable. i'll be outside soon enough. let's go live at sky6 and show what you is going on. we have a lot of events. it's the weekend. lots of fall activities and off to a rainy start. quite a bit of cloud cover out there. patchy fog. rain, and lot of wet roadways. make sure you take it slow. that's view of center city sky line and let's go over to stormtracker 6 double scan. heaviest pulling through now resumed to southern portions of viewing area you can see the line of of yellows extending from central portions of south jersey all the way down through delaware and delaware dell bay region. all that is pushing east. this is western atlantic county, hammonton, buena, shades of orange and yellow here. this is steady to moderate rain falling down. ponding on the roadway. because it's moving quickly we're not seeing any flooding. just dealing with steady to moderate rain now. the idea is for gradual drying as the afternoon wears on. 10, 11:00 this morning, 54, 5
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5rbgs cloudy skies, patchy foingz, periods of rain. some heavy. we get to lunchtime hopefully at that point everything is working its way out to sea. cloudy skies. we see drying taking place. 55 degrees. so here's the headlines. saturday is damp. sunday belter, more showers arrive as we get monday and wednesday. matter of fact wednesday not looking pretty at all. several days in 7 day forecast after today that could feature rain. i'll have details when i come back in a bit. erin. >> thanks so much, chris. don't forget you can take the new with you wherever you go and the new smart design changes the layout to fit any device including tablets and your smart phone no matter how small or large the screen. check it out by visiting any time anywhere. >> new overnight gunshots riddle a car killing a driver. he may have been shot 9 times. bullets shattered the window and the car wept two belongs before
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crashing into another vehicle. that's in philadelphia's brewerytown section. the driver was pronounced at temple university hospital and investigators are trying to figure out who shot him and why. and there's a major break in the hazing investigation surrounding hower house high school football team in energy until 7 players on sayreville stream now facing serious charges three players are caused of aggravated sexual assault and criminal restraint. prosecutors say some of the suspects held other players against their will while other accused players touched the victims in a sexual manner. according to police the alleged attacks occurred at 4 separate occasions on school property. all the suspects are under the age of 18 and the team's football season is cancelled. fire severely damaged a north philadelphia hair salon and hair salon corner of north 22 and west lippincott street.
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when firefighters arrived heavy smoke was pouring from heads turn salon. they were able to douse the flames in 20 minute but there was already extensive damage from inside the shop. one person that lives in apartment above the salon was not home at the time. so far no word on what caused the fire. >> in philadelphia police are investigating a brazen and bizarre drug store theft. they say thieves literally opened up their own store in their home complete with surveillance video stocked with $50,000 worth of stolen goods. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the details. >> this is 36-year-old juan agosot of hunting park. police say he and cohort edwin burgos maintained for what all intents and purposes looked like well stocked convenience store in the bottom of the home. everything you need, shampoos, happened lotions, baby products
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you name it. they were amazed by the sophistication of the operation. >> upwards of $50,000 was stolen from rite aid. it appears the men had a deal with miguel or tells who drove trucks to and from the rite aid warehouse. a loss prevention officer saw ortiz park his truck in darkened parking lot on canal road. she then saw misdemeanor being taken from rite aid truck and loaded into green dodge pickup police say was occupied by juan agosot and burgos. >> they admitted they bought the misdemeanor from the rite aid tractor-trailer driver. >> they paid $400 tore 2 to 3,000 of misdemeanor and sold it treep cheaper than at a store. he was so concerned about being robbed he fortified the front of his home and puts in an elaborate security system.
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>> he had a better system than probably rite aid had in their stores. >> there was surprise from the neighbors and -- >> i'm shocked, i'm shocked, 50eu78 shocked i live next door to them. i saw nothing coming in or out. >> and one residents said she could not possibly understand how shoppers at the makeshift store did not know the misdemeanor was stolen you. >> know when you're buying stolen misdemeanor because it's saying rite aid labels i would think the store labels are on the product. how would you not know you're purchasing illegal goods. >> whoever bought stuff it was captured on the owner's surveillance system. me will look at the individual quo to see who is in there and there could be more arrests coming. in hunting park. dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> the federal government will begin new measures today to screen passengers for the ebola virus. jfk airport will the first to implement enhanced screening for passenger from liberia, new guinea and sierra he lon.
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passengers will be questioned and screened for sin toms of ebola such as fever. it all stems from the death of thomas dunkin who traveled whl west africa. he was suffering from a high fever and pain when initially september home a few days after he arrived in u.s. and was then admitted in critical condition a few days later. he died wednesday. ebola virus now claimed lives of more than 4,000 people in west africa. >> while -- meanwhile a show kmukpo new camera man of "abc news" is showing some up improvement. they issued a mandatory guarantee for rest of nbc crew he was with in liberia. they issued the order because crew violated voluntary 21 someday isolation agreement the crew including reporter will remain confined until october 22
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and crew members have not shown signs of the disease. don't shoot! >> hundreds of demonstrateers walked streets of furgeson, missouri, last night in first night of what is expected to be a weekend of protests in the city. and at one point, protesters stood within a few inches of police in riot gear. they were protesting the shooting last month and other police related shootings in missouri. they want wilson charged until the brown case. prosecutor is awaiting results of grand jury investigation. president obama is once again stepping into septa contract dispute. president has established second emergency board to try to resolve longstanding contract dispute. the first emergency board was appointed in mid june to address the strike that shut down rail lines. it was not accepted by the
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engineers. they have 30 days to submit final offers to the board which will make another recommendation. >> 9:07 and much more to come on "action news" for saturday morning a child falls into a jaguar exhibit and the big cats attack him. what his father did to help save his life. >> karen rogers visits a philadelphia eye wear store where frames come with names chris. >> storm traing tracker 6 double scan heavy rains pushing through delaware and south jersey this morning and lights at the end of the tunnel. i'll let you know when this the tunnel. i'll let you know when this comes out of here when we come
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is >> as you predicted my kids soccer games did get cancelled this morning in surprise sfwliingt it was coming down g a lot of events are emailing me a lot of events with being delayed because of heavy rains. let's go live on sky6. here's a view of atlantic city. that doesn't look pretty does. it lot of clouds and raindrops hitting lens and moderate range to the west of atlantic city and it looks like it will stay this way for the next let's say 45 minutes an hour or so. miserable start to the saturday. we're sitting at 53 in philadelphia. dew points up to 50. wind out of north east at 13 miles an hour and our pressure reading holding steady 30.03" and all the clouds and northerly
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breeze and all rains temperatures really kind of chilly out there this morning. poconos 45. poconos have frost advisory in effect overnight tonight. trenton 52. millville 53 wilmington 53 and dover 54. there are winds. i'll step out quick so you can see. it here it is there. that's center of circulation low pressure system bringing rain this morning. winds on backside out of the northeast right now 10 to 15 miles an hour occasionally higher gusts. good news low already hit the coast. it's already working its way out which means moyingts tour here should follow along and we'll see clearing midday or so. in the meantime here's the view. we have heavier stuff push ago cross south jerz write and central and southern portions of delaware and lightning up a lit bl bit -- i should say lightsing up ail little west of d.c. and baltimore meto areas. portions of atlantic county white horse pike 322 coming gown
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good and express way looks like slow government steady to moderate rains at this point and further south shows we're still seeing more heavy rain across cape may and southern atlantic county and route 9 delsey drive reporting and poppeding on roadway and little further to the northwest getting into philadelphia the i-95 corridor door from wilmington to trenton moderate rain including chester, media and over on the other side of the delaware river places like woodbury, gibbs town all reporting steady to moderate rain. dreary start to the morning and quickly working its way out. by lunchtime nothing more than clouds or scattered showers and holding on towards the coast. otherwise patchy drizzle. this will try to clear. we may see a sliver of sun late in the day. by 5:00 especially north and west and i think most part the idea for today will be gray and gloomy and morning rain. we get into the overnight hours. skies clear out nicely. temperatures plunge and first thing tomorrow morning we start
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with sun only to see clouds increase ten as we get to tomorrow afternoon. and here's the low. surface maps today pulling away, miserable day. into sunday. high pressure in control winds out of the north. chilly di day and sun hitting the great lakes. warm front coming through and could trigger showers. monday afternoon and tuesday temperatures soar again. we could be as warm as 76 or 77 degrees by tuesday afternoon. so for today rain early and otherwise clouds, cool, chilly wall, damp, 59 in philadelphia, millville 59, trenton 58, allentown 59, formally we you be around 68. dover 60 and wildwood about 61. partly cloudy overnight tonight turning colder, 36 outlying suburbs places like reading, allentown, poconos, 34, and fog developing late and 45 in the city and winds north at 5 to 10. here's the exclusive accu weather 7 day forecast 59 today.
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63 tomorrow. night game for eagles 8:30 start time. no warm complaints for eagles, maybe chilly. something with sleeves. monday, cloudy, couple showers possible late with passage of that warm front and we get into tuesday, sun and clouds, 76. wednesday, periods of rain and another area of low pressure swings through 70. thursday and friday pattern breaks a little and return of sunshine and temperatures in low 70s. >> do you like chocolate. >> i love khak lot. >> i have something to do thon dreary day besides watch college football. newly vivid opening in philadelphia will sea the sweet tooth. this is chocolate the expedition at the academy of natural sciences at drexel university and organizer say exhibit shows important role iconic switas played throughout history. and from use as bitter drink to tweet taste we enjoy now. >> eventually they added sweetness to it that's where the love affair of chocolate began and after about 1800s or so that
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was when chocolate became to the masses and processes became something everybody could ep joy. >> organizeers also argue there are health benefits to eating dark chocolate. i believe you. iten kurms
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i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries
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and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers. they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone >> a judge freed a california woman from prison saying she spent 17 years in jail for a murder she did not commit. susan marie melon is 59 and convicted in 1997 of killing homeless man. a biker has now been convicted of the crime. a witness testified at that trial that melon was not present during the killing and melon told reporters after her release yesterday that she believed god would eventually bring the truth to light. >> i'm feeling overwhelmed and nervous but excited i think i'm
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just -- i don't know i'm numb it has not hit me i have not had a breakdown yet. >> melon was convicted on testimony of air algerie witness that had a long history of giving false tips to police. >> police are looking for a man suspected of robbing 14 businesss in northeast philadelphia. the crime started back in august and latest incident occurred just yesterday morning. surveillance video shows suspect wearing given disgiss in each crime. in all the suspect has stolen more than 9,000 dollars. if you have any information you're urged to call police. our coverage of the robbery spree continues on through find full details about every robbery in the case and you can see more than a dozen surveillance photos and get contact information for philadelphia police. this is new video of two men wanted for stealing if a t-mobile store in north philadelphia. police say they walked into the store on north fifth last
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saturday and one men inquired about a phone. you see him there. he looks at the phone. but a minute later runs out of the store with the phone in his hand. >> there's a definitive chill in the air and that means it's time break out fall fashions. when it comes to your accessories a brand new eye wear shop that specializes in philly frames. >> at philly eye works the frames come with names like go adrian. brotherly love. >> brotherly love and sisterly affection in there. >> and signature frame and best seller the jaws. >> big and bold, lot of attitude like philadelphia. >> that's right. >> if you want to pay homage to the hood there's fairmount and rittenhouse. >> and frames are designed assembled and colored here in philly. >> they are finished in the workshop here.
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>> the business is done on-line where you can customize your specs. >> you want to go all pink or add a splash of purple. >> once fp once you designed it they send you frames to try out on friends and family. >> i take a picture and put it on-line and get yeses or nos. >> and by operate operate operating on-line they keep it reason isn't. >> ear $9 with precipitation. >> their motto fresh and off beat just like you. >> it's fun
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>> looking at sky6hd at philadelphia airport we're reporting pine or delays. if you head out you may want to check on flight. chris showers will have the accuweather forecast in just a
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few minutes. >> the kansas city royals got to the postseason by playing small ball last night. they beat the orioles. alex gordon and mike musakas hit home nertz top of the tenth last night to power visiting royals to 8-6 win over baltimore. it was royals fourth ca inning win in postseason and cardinals and giants open nlcs tonight. eagles are preparing for sunday night game at the linc tomorrow and ducis has more on that. >> good morning, injury report is out for tomorrow night's big game against the giants and eagles. there's bad news and luke warm here with the birds. >> fellow linebacker demeco ryans is listed as question with groin issue. there's a lot of trash talking between the two teams this week.
9:25 am
the topic todd herremans borrowed our microphone. >> the new york football giants have been talking a lot of smack all week long. how do you feel about that. >> well, todd as you know, the talking happens on the field sunday night that's when talking happens. >> i agree with that. >> herremans and celek were at prime stash in old city last night they and teammates were there to raise money for the todd herremans foundation. >> nhl announced chris pronger joined league department for player safety. flyers got good news regarding coburn's injured leg they now believe he'll be out less than a few weeks. before they thought it would be worse. flyers lost first two games to start the season and today they host montreal. given the way it began last year a win would be nice. >> we need a win next game. like you said the schedule we have for the next games are
9:26 am
against tough teams and teams that will be near top of the stands this season and great test for us and great opportunity for us to beat good teams and start putting ourselves in better position. >> sixers were in minnesota for preseason action. noel sat it out. they got to see thaddeus young traded in the off season. he shows the sixers what they'll be missing. tony wroten playing more point guard and finds his way in the lane. sixers lose. that's a look at sports this morning. i'm ducis rogers. have yourself a terrific weeke d weekend. a big honor for 6abc president and general manager bernie prazenica he was inducted into the gallery of success at temple.
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he is an alum of temple. it honors top temple grads each year and their names are on permanent display in mitten hall. congratulations bernie. >> there's more to come on "action news" this saturday morning including shelter me. >> coming up on shelter me this is jolly, happy little girl looking for forever home. you'll meet her and her friends from the jericho wish animal rescue later this morning on from the jericho wish animal rescue later this morning on "action news." >> and we want to remind you to go to facebook and like the 6abc "action news" facebook page by checking like box. you will have access to all the top stories we're following, weather updates, breaking news and best and most current viral videos. go to and make sure you get everything on facebook from happening now "action news"
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saturday morning at 9 you are looking at penn's landing and raindrops open the camera lens. it's a dreary week. and a rainy start. but unfortunately we are not in for a and a father is -- who lost son to entrovirus begins a new mission in his honor. a firefighter injured battling
9:30 am
an overnight blaze there south jersey. we'll have an update on that story. first we'll go outside to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. so still have that big umbrella, don't you chris. >> rain is blowing sideways and getting ready wet. stormtracker 6 double scan several pockets of heavy rain pushing through the delaware valley. one pushing through western kent county north of dover and another batch pushing through northwestern atlantic county south burlington to ocean and into the lehigh valley. let's say quakertown to allentown also reporting steady rainfall at this point. and we're expecting this to continue over next several hours. patchy morning fog. visibility is not too terribly bad. it's lowering in part of the area. take it slow. rain through midday. rainfall ranging from a quarter to three quarters of an inch. it's enough to slow things down
9:31 am
and turns sharply colder overnight tonight. a frost advisory into effect in the poconos. day planner 53 at philadelphia international cloudy skies and period of rain, lunchtime 55. more rain 3:00 the rain shuts off and daeling with gray, 58 and then by 6:00 maybe a peek of sunshine. mostly cloudy, 53. anticipating chilly high of 59. it will stay chilly all weekend long. there's a pocket of cool canadian air and it quickly pulls out and milder temperatures return. both monday and tuesday look fantastic at this point. not so much sky condition wise but temperatures-wise high in 70s and tuesday could be some areas that flirt with 80. chill" out here now and much better and warmer next week. i'll have details when i step back inside inside in a bit. >> thanks so much, chris. a firefighters was injured in
9:32 am
clayton, new jersey, the action cam was at the scene 300 block of west high street flames probing out here 12:45 this morning and took crews an hour to get the fire under control and the injured firefighter cut his hand and was treated at the hospital and re leased. investigators are looking for the cause of the plays. camden police are also coming for clues it a late-night murder a man was shot in the head. he died on the scene. 'roiden and roberts street. so far no arrests or motive announced in this case. and a horrifying sight at a zoo. a toddler fell into a jaguar pit fracturing his skull. the big cats closed in on the boy but quick thinking saved his life. abc's michelle fran citizen has the story. >> we have a child fallen in a jaguar exhibit we need ambulance. >> listen to dramatic 911 calls staff pleading for help after a arch saw toldler fell over a
9:33 am
rolling scene clear withen closure with predators. >> we need somebody here little rock store a baby neil aen closure. >> the child stood on railing above the pit positioned between his father and grandfather slipping over 15 feet into the exhibit. >> right in front of two adult jaguars. >> he's in there with the -- >> yes. it's not good. >> witnesses tell police one of the jaguars took the toddler shirt collar into his jaws and other taking ahold of the child by his foot to distract the big cats the toddler's father throwing objects into the pit. >> authorities say workers heard cries for help coming from the jaguar exhibit. discovering the child alone deep inside the pit with a jaguar at his throat. zoo keepers rushing the exhibit and some blasting fire squivrping wishers to keep them at bay as others grabbed the toddler hoisting him up a ladder
9:34 am
to safety we was wondering why we seen a cargo by with child and head bleeding. arkansas children hospital confirming to "abc news" the child arrived in critical condition. suffering lacerations to the head. a fractured skull and puncture wounds sustained from the bites of the jaguars. and despite air strikes by u.s. allies stiff defense from curdish fighters isis grabbed a foothold in city of abani. fierce fighting is underway in the town that borders syria and turkey. curdish official called the situation dire saying they are out done by isis and they launched assault in mid september and at least 500 people were killed in more than 200,000 residents fled to turkey. the search for alleged cop-killer eric frein continues in pocono mountains.
9:35 am
he's been on the run for a month. the search is getting in the way of halloween festivities for children. barrett township says it cancelled trick or treating. hunters are band from parts of the woods but can enter lands outside the search area. frein is accused of murder of corporal brian dixon and wounding a second trooper. >> the jury gun hearing penalty phase. he shocked the judge in unusual regheingt court. "action news" david henery as details. >> it was vinca venna that went to the apartment at lunchtime after his wife was unable to reach his mother by stone. satyavathi was babysitting saanvi and he found his mother on the floor and baby missing. a family friend raghu yandamuri
9:36 am
is facing the death penalty they are hearing penalty phase testimony before besideing if yandamuri should get life in prison or death penalty. venca venna and his brother testified. he said he cannot trust anyone now and can't sleep with visions of his baby's love and mother's crime scene. >> it's heartbreaking in many respect. they've been through so much with this case. it's been two years of dealing with this. and as you might expect it's going to affect people in a dramatic way. >> before the jury was in the courtroom yandamuri told the judge he did not wanted to go through with the penalty phase sag i would rather take the death penalty. but judge persuaded him to allow the court-appointed lawyers to try to save his life. >> ultimately the theory is going to be that this was an act that occurred that was terrible and unforgivable act but not born out of evil person and that
9:37 am
he is not the worst of the worst. >> i'm david henrey, "channel 6 action news". former mob boss joseph merlino faced a federal judge. authorities claimed he violated parole by meeting with other mob members and convicted felons in boca raton florida. he was released in 2011 after a decade in prison on racketeering charges and defense attorneys argued that prosecutors missed september 6 deadline to revoke his parole. he'll remain free while the judge makes the ruling. a mercer county man whose little boy died of entrovirus is paying tribute to his son's life by helping other children. app drew waller announced a foundation in his son's memory. 4-year-old son eli died list than three weeks ago. first day of school foundation provides support for students in special education and waller says idea came partly from remembering his son's excitement on the first day of school.
9:38 am
. >> can i do something eli would be proud of and i'm trying to do something that helps me become the father and person that eli saw when he looked at me. >> eli was youngest of triplets and his death was first in which the entrovirus was confirmed cause of death. and there's more to come on "action news" for saturday morning at 9. manayunk great hope performing arts setter opens and contributes to health and culture. meteorologist chris sowers is back with more on this saturday with a lot of showers, but there is a warm-up. and david murphy and shelter me are finding forever homes for and david murphy and shelter me are finding forever homes for foster dogs.
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revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates.
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it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world. welcome back, 9:41.
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you can barely make it out there but that's the linc and it lose like they're removing tarp from the field which has been on all morning and temple plays tulsa at noon and then tomorrow eagles play. i'm wearing eagles green a little early just to get ready for the game. >> i'm wearing my eagles -- >> you'll find it. >> let's go live on sky6.
9:42 am
i was going to say they should hold off longer to pull the tarp off the field but it's noon kickoff. i guess they have no chase. we have mod troot steady rain pushing through the area as i speak. there's the view in cape may. not bad. heaviest moisture north in atlantic county and you see rain dloun before all is said and done. dew point 50. winds north east 13 miles an hour pressure reading 30.0" and head holding steady and temperatures holding steady as well. allentown number has not budged in several hours. philadelphia 43, millville 54. sael sea isle city 56. here's the visibility. not too bad every now and then drops off. case in point lancaster 3 miles. allentown 7, philadelphia four, millville and atlantic city both around 2. a lot has to do with the fact we have all this heavy rain pushing through south jersey and
9:43 am
delaware. lighter rains up here to the north west. there's steady rain up there as well. and here's first -- center city philadelphia, manayunk, frank ford, lighter shades of green and pockets of yellow. steadier stuff. there on the other side of delaware river getting into cherry hill and haddonfield moderate rains and driving route 130 and 95 slow go at least for next half hour, 45 minute or so. further south getting into kent county, smyrna. dover, reporting moderate rain and pushing towards northeast and should work its way to fortescue in the next half hour. bridgeton seeing steadier downpour as with mullica. and atlantic city moderate rain and somers point and ocean city same thing. we'll continue to see this over the next couple hours and things dry out. future tracker has most of this gone. most moisture gone by midday. still seeing clouds out there and maybe some leftover patchy drizal cross south jersey by lunchtime.
9:44 am
really that's about. it clouds begin to break it from northwesting to southeast by 5:30 sunshine across the far western suburbs and only to see the clouds return tomorrow afternoon. so, tomorrow morning we'll start out with sun and then by afternoon we'll see high thin clouds over spread the area again and that could give way to a couple more showers as we get into monday in the meantime tomorrow morning we see overnight lows tanking and 37 degrees and 36 give or take allentown and poconos 36 frost advisory in effect mountains tonight and philadelphia in the city about 45 or 46 millville 44 and trn ton 44 and then future tracker for monday afternoon another small system pushes through and that could trigger associated with warm front that could trigger more showers and maybe heavier downpours late in the day for monday. it's representative pattern here every other day we see wet weather. rain early. that's call from accuweather today. cloudy skies. 59 again maybe a smithen of sun before the day out.
9:45 am
winds north 15 mile an hour cloudy turning colder overnight tonight 36, places like allentown, reading, 45 center city and patchy fog developing late. here's your exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast tomorrow nice quiet day, 63. sunshine fading. behind increasing clouds. eagles kickoff tomorrow night. no issues for that. starting dry. showers developing late in the day. 73. tuesday quiet 76 and wednesday we see that rain return as another system pulls through. and high of 7 0. thursday clouds and sun 70 and we goat friday mostly sunny skies and pattern finally breaks. no more rain. 7 degrees. so kind of a up and down week. >> nice 50s are this loan number out there just today. >> just one day i agree. >> thanks chris. >> this week eliminate shelter is me is relatively new to the scene david murphy has the story.
9:46 am
>> jericho wish animal rescue ghan 2013 name of jericho rescue german she aerd that pass away in 20 12. >> he was best dog i started this to honor all the dogs can i and try to save them. >> passion of founder shlinda hardy inspiring network of volunteers to help her. >> she cares about every individual dog with hope in future to help provide them loving life and it's the best find out what works and doesn't work and then you go around talking do you want a dog, dog, foingt air dog, please? >> and when that hard work pays off and they find frovr home jericho's wish keeps forever bond. >> i keep a good relationship weapon doctors so i watch them grow up. if they had any problems they contact me. it's a lifetime commitment for me. >> thor is looking for a family to play with. >> he'll be a year old october
9:47 am
20 and he has five siblings. >> he's fully grown and well trained. >> paw, shake, good boy. >> this is eesa a pointer sister and anita 15 weeks old. >> these pointer mixed pups named after the fan pointer sisters and they would be so excited to find a forever home. >> this is jolly who is 4-year-old boxer mix and jolly even though it's not christmas yet will bring cheer and plenty of it to anyone's household look at this dog. jolly is real people person you can tell that. if you like jolly or any other dogs you've seen today check out jericho wish web site. you can also vote for favorite shelter or add a rescue group to the list by going to shelter me section of "action news" facebook page. we'll feature top go better next saturday morning on "action we'll feature top go better next saturday morning on "action news" with jolly (barking...) (meowing... & more barking) this is just too good to keep quiet! petsmart's low prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food,
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>> a new performing arts center is open in manayunk a new state of the art facility median joe konk lynn entertained vip coach and at walter filled traition system. "action news" reporter john rawlinsings explains how it works. >> we're celebrating keeping sewage out of the schuylkill collecting storm water moving force behind the ribbon cutting. >> beneath new basketball court and parking lot a giant underground tank. >> down below us about 25, 30 street tank the tank is about 75 feet wide so it's a wider than this parking lot. >> this is it manmade calf earn longer than a football field to hold 4 million gallons of sewage contaminated water and it would
9:51 am
have run off in the river in a heavy storm. >> it's not acceptable we had to do something to stop that. >> with this pronl tekt goes to treatment. if this water project is the meat and potatoes with all the gear than this is the dessert. a new 250 seat performing arts center he are placing antiquated rec center is was decided manyunk could use a theater first managed by city park and recreation department and hope it will become -- >> jewel of arch jewel of city of philadelphia performing arts venue that is affordable and access toobl all. >> john rawlins "channel 6 action news." >> and here's a look what is happening in and around the delaware valley this weekend. st. mary inter parochial school celebrates eighth annual harvest hoedown. >> will be live music and monday
9:52 am
bounce and more takes place locust fourth and fifth from 11 to 3 today and admission is 15 dollars which gives you ten harvest hoe town tickets for food or activities it benefits st. mary interparochial schools. >> brides against breast cancer wedding charity gown sale take place today on market street. hundreds of beautiful designer and name brand wedding gowns up for grabs at huge discounts from 25% to 85% off. and proceeds of the sales will support cancer patients and their families, doors open at 11 a.m. and remain open until 5. >> and tomorrow delaware state university's music department will hold the first ever oktoberfest. it will be held at long wood auditorium bank of america building in dover from 1 to 5 tomorrow and event is free and open to all musicians a >> sounds good 2014 opening
9:54 am
9:55 am
night concert and gala of philadelphia orchestra that featured plenty of intimate mathp call moments by members of the orchestra led by music director sagon joined by french super star january ives tibdo for four hand piano perform tans was a night this audience soon won't forget. >> and hundreds of people went on a walk this morning for a worthy cause. they participated in moving day philly walk effort to raise money to fight parkinsons disease and the action cam was
9:56 am
there west river drive entrance to the philadelphia art museum. david murphy who you stlee under the umbrella was also on thoond lend his support. money raised by the three mile walk will be earmarked for education, research and services in the area for parkinson's patients. good for them. it was not the best of mornings out there but everybody was a trooper and wept out for a great cause. >> and dave remembered his umbrella i would have forgotten. >> i hope the meteorologist would not forget his umbrella. >> here's the forecast for today we'll start out with stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see already it looks better than an hour ago. rain pushing through south jersey glassboro in particular. millville, hammonton reporting rain and gradual drying trend by lunchtime 55 degrees. no rain. still damp out there and shut the faucet off. 3:00, 58 and by 6:00, 56 shooting for chilly high of 59. exclusive accuweather 7-day
9:57 am
forecast 59 today and 63 tomorrow and back into the 70s for monday and tuesday. look at tuesday's high erin, 76. that will feel fantastic. >> turn off the faucet. jax hannah child kawnt down is next. "action news" continues later tonight and we'll be back tomorrow morning beginning at 6. here are some of the stories we're working on for you why this bride's traditional walk down the aisle with her father was a miraculous event and an award winning musical, preview of news. award winning musical, preview of news. i'm erin o'hearn have a great
9:58 am
9:59 am
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." every time i go out in the field, i meet animal lovers who inspire me. >> by doing this, we're raising awareness. ok, max is done. >> veterinarians helping save some of the world's most endangered species. >> right now, the mountain gorillas are the only great apes in the world whose population is increasing. >> conservationists living in remote jungles. >> you can see these are turtles who have actually been born in the last few days. >> golly! and even a few brave crossg