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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  September 6, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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going on now. buy one get second at half price. blinds to go is 60. boy, time goes fast. and so will this sale. blinds to go blinds for life. >> good morning, it is 5:30, saturday, september 6. here some of the stories we're following on "action news," an officer is among those hurt when a police cruiser and car collide in camden overnight. an argument between neighbors ends in a stabbing. we're tracking stormy weather that will bring much cooler temperatures, but first we have to get through this hot and muggy saturday.
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meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a look at the accuweather forecast. it's like thick. when you walk outside you're moving through it. >> reporter: i'm calling it the tale of two seasons. it's going to feel like the middle of july today and the middle of september tomorrow. let's get you outside and show you the view in atlantic city. it's very quiet out there this morning. it's warm and soupy once again with dewpoints continuously hovering in the 70s. we're sitting at 77 degrees that's the present air temperature. dewpoint, 73. trenton, 74. allentown, 70. poconos, 71. the temperatures haven't had a channels to drop off all that much. since we're starting on the warmer side we'll finish on the warmer side. today will be a day where the temperatures climb into the 90s. storm tracker 6 live double scan the frontal system is back here
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to the left across the eastern great lake states. this weather created violent weather for the chicago metro area. they picked up 70, 75-mile an hour winds. that's the same system that will barrel through in the early afternoon and eerchl hours, we have a -- evening hours. in the meantime most of the day is dry, there could be a renegade, pop pop-up shower or storm. 79 at 9:00 a.m., him lunchtime, 87. 3:00 p.m., 91 degrees. feels-like temperatures in the mid 90s. possibility of big storms overnight tonight. very comfortable refreshing fall-like feel for tomorrow. i'll have the details in the seven day when i come come back in just a bit. new this morning, a police officer and pedestrian are in
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serious trouble when a car slam into a police car. police say the officer was responding to an emergency call around midnight when his patrol car collided with the other car. the injuries are not considered life thrittenning. in -- threatening. in pennsauken police responded to a home after an argument ended in a stabbing. one man pulled out a large steak knife and stabbed the other man in the shoulder. the victim was rushed to cooper hospital in serious condition. no word on what sparked the argument and no word on any arrests. there's more trouble for atlantic city's casino a 4th is closing in the middle of the month and now there's word a 5th is having financial trouble. david henry has the details.
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>> reporter: they are literally falling like dominoes. the revel closed. and the trump is on the wring leaving thousands -- brink leaving thousands of workers wonders what's next. wayne is the general manager of white house sub in the taj. the trump has filed financial statements with the state indicating it won't be able to pay its debt obligations on time. that raises the possibility of bankruptcy and another casino closing. the union is helping thousands of laid off workers to navigate the unemployment process. another closing is the last thing they need. >> we're tracking down the rumors to see what the truth is. >> reporter: thousands are out of work with the closing this week.
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2800 work at the taj. many other work for franchises like white house subs which leases space here. >> we have 34 employees that work for us, i hate to say it, if a big corporation like this, their employees are numbers to them, these are family to us. >> reporter: taj employees have not been told to expect the 60 day mandated notice of a possible closing. >> if it is true that the taj is filing for chapter 11 this will be the 4th filing it hadn't closed in the past, we have no reason to believe that it would close now. >> reporter: nothing definite yet, but a lot of uncertainty for casino work hes and a lot of hopes are pinned on the atlantic city summit. >> meanwhile, trump plaza is
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set to shut down on september 16, but the rain frs calf may -- forest cafe wants to remain open. they are demanding to remain open and operate independently. the company said it's trying to save 200 jobs. new jersey's credit rating has been downgraded to a from a-plus. the decision is based on on the garden state's failure to close the budget gap. liabilities are draining the budget and will for several years. governor chris christie and lawmakers have debated the issue. it could mean a lowering of borrowing costs to the state. schools get back to work. yesterday we found teachers
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getting ready for their students. the discretionary budget is 2% of what it should be, so teachers are getting creative. one teacher we spoke to raised $4,000 for art supplies through a donation website. >> i feel an obligation to carry on and get through it. >> community groups are pitching in donating stacks of paper. the school principal said it helps from preventing the children from feeling like they are in the middle of a crisis. >> "action news" monday morning we'll help you get out to school, we'll have weather and traffic and all you need to know. at the start of the school, philadelphia leaders announce the 2014 national million father march. the city will be one of 800 cities participating in the march that asks father to escort
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their children to school and meet teachers and get a copy of their child's roster. fathers and local leaders will walk the to the charter school and john berry elementary school. >> today marks the 56th anniversary of one of the most notorious crime at a university. >> reporter: on the morning of september 6, 1929 howard unru dressed in a suit and bow tie shot and killed 13 people and injured 3. among the victims a 6-year-old boy getting a haircut on this hobby horse at the barber shop. it was known as the walk of death. >> it was american apple pie, after the second world war.
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>> reporter: george's mother shoed him into the house when she heard gunshots. 15 years ago i spoke with one of the survivors of the rampage, the late charles cohen and his grandmother were murdered that day. >> the reaction is strong, being i was one of the -- it was one of the first occasions of a mass murder of that type. >> reporter: 80-year-old len irwin is a volunteer of the camden county historical society where they keep all the details.
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howard unru was hospitalized in a mental institution and there for 60 years. he will be remembered as the first mass murderer of modern times. nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> coming up on "action news" saturday morning, new technology that can help diagnose concussions. the most active volcano in the world is keeping hawaiian residents on edge. >> reporter: speaking of active, we'll have big storms tonight and we'll have a cooler seven-day forecast for you when (postal worker) hey! millers!
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>> residents of a rural subdivision on had hawaii i i'sg island is keeping a close on on the large flow from the volcano. if it continues on its path it could reach homes in a week. people are being advised about burning vegetation and low levels of dioxide.dvised about it's incredible to watch, though. >> here we'll have totally different days in a about a week. >> reporter: we're going from summer-like conditions to fall-like conditions. today may be the last of it,
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today may be the last of the extreme heat of the summer. i shouldn't use extreme heat, but this is will be the last of the oppressive weather. once this sweeps through, it will change, we don't see this pattern breaking. that's the view of the philadelphia international airport. nice and quiet, 77 degrees if philadelphia. dewpoint is through the roof. 70 is the number at the airport. winds out of the south/southwest. reading, 72. lancaster, 69. millville, 69. same mb for dover, sea isle 76. as eva mentioned earlier you could cut the air with the knife it's so thick. typical of what they see across the gulf coast states. look at this change we're down in the 50s, that will feel
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great with a nice breeze out of the northwest it will feel like fall. monday the numbers, comfortable again, tuesday, the numbers creep back up again, but pull back in wednesday and thursday, with the temperatures in the 70s you'll not notice the humidity as much as what we're feeling now. there is the cold front sweeping across the eastern great lake states. doesn't look too impressive, as the sun climbs and we get the heat of the day, this will start to activate. numerous showers possible during the afternoon and evening hours. most of the day is actually dry. for the the most part the main event arrives later in the even. this front system slams through overnight tonight. we get into sunday, high pressure in control. cool canadian high, mild conditions in the upper 70s low 80s. we get into monday, high
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pressure holding on, it's another nice day, the high, thin clouds overspread the sky. temperature on the comfortable side with highs in the 70s. here's future tracker 6 there could be an isolated thunderstorm from lunger time. we get into the evening hours here comes this broken line of showers or thunderstorms, some of them could be on the stronger side maybe even severe. the storm prediction center has severe weather notice for the poconos and the lehigh valley. if you get underneath one of these storms, they will not be moving quickly, they could produce flash flooding issues. if you live in a flood-prone area be mind of this. cleansing out the atmosphere as we get into sunday. the jersey shore, cooler and pleasant high of 78 degrees on the beach. inland locations, 90, 91,
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oppressive, hot and humid, late heavy thunderstorms are possible. evening thunderstorms, otherwise partly cloudy tonight, 59 degrees outlying suburbs, 66. eagles take on the jacksonville jaguars sunday. kickoff temperature, 77, 4th quarter 80 degrees. 80 degrees tomorrow, 77 monday, 73 tuesday, warm muggy, wednesday, 79. next sunday, the models have highs in the low 60s. >> that's going to feel cold. >> reporter: big reality check. >> good to hear, we're coming into fall. thanks chris. don't forget you can take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting
5:48 am we want to tell you about the exiting changes to our 6abc lineup starting monday, "action news" at noon goes to an hour broadcast beginning monday on 6abc, more news and weather from noon to 1:00 p.m. five days a week. "action news" will be followed by the chewological remain -- the chew which will remain in its 1:00 p.m. time slot. millionaire, 2:00 p.m., daytime jeopardy, 2:30, t?yzím&nedññh6 .
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>> welcome back back, it is still dark outside at 5:50, 77 degrees right now. concussions continue to be
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a topic in youth sports. "healthcheck" reporter and registered nurse ali gorman tells us how a local company is testing new technology. >> at this time i will place the head set on for you. >> reporter: the mind reader it was created by a lehigh valley company. it aims to objectively answer three key confess about head injuries -- questions, about head injuries. many schools use impact testing a computerized test comparing an athletes' mental abilities after a head injury with a baseline performance. a concussion would be harder to detect. the test takes some judgment to interpret. there's no cheating with mind reader. it measures brain waves
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comparing those with activities before a concussion to those after a hit to the head. >> it's a single active lead that sits on the forehead and two contacts on the ear and goes on quickly. >> reporter: jack bowlly is lehigh university sports medicine chief. he wanted to reduce the guesswork on concussion. >> wanted to provide stand alone or definitive objective measure. it gives us input in data that we in the past would say how you feeling, how are you sure? >> reporter: ed mind reader is portable so it can be done off the field. lehigh university was invited to test mind readers and athletes
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volunteered. again, the device is still in the testing phase, but the maker said the company plans to submit their research to the fda this year or early next year. hiiiii.
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td bank. america's most convenient bank. >> sky6 live hd taking a live look for us, the sun is coming up over cape may, new jersey, 35:55, 77 degrees right now. one major retail drugstore chain is no longer selling tobacco products. cvs stopped selling the products this past wednesday. many health experts hope others will follow cvs. it's the second largest drugstore behind walgreens. the american pharmacists
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association called on drugstores to stop selling tobacco back in 2010. cvs is the first store to make the move. walmart is known for value, but a good price is only key if you're getting a good product. nydia han has saving with 6abc. >> reporter: this saving with 6abc consumer reports takes us into the labs to get a handle on what to get and what to forget at walmart based on its latest testing. >> reporter: think shopping at walmart is a bright idea. consumer reports tests said it could be if you're in the market for led light bulbs. >> we found several that are cheap and good. >> reporter: 8-19. use it 3 hours a day and it should last 22 years. not bad for ten dollars.
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several great value flood lights are a good bargain. wild oats organic foods. >> wall matters prices for organics were cheaper than local supermarkets often 50% cheaper. >> reporter: consumer reports regularly includes walmart great value band in blind taste tests and found winners, including ranch dressing and ice cream and cheese. paper bructs are a good -- products are a good bargain. great value official location is soft. walmart paper towels are strong and absorbant. great value laundry deteernt --
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this saturday september 6. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." 6 people are homeless after a fire in their west philadelphia row home. police in bucks county look for surveillance video as they search for scam artists who scammed a man out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. meanwhile. we have tropical weather on the way.


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