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tv   Action News  ABC  August 22, 2014 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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5:00 a.m. on this friday, august 22. matt o'donnell is off, nydia han is joining us. here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking spotty showers and thunderstorms moving through the area. >> developing this morning a liquor store clerk is shot on the job during a robbery attempt in delaware. >> fight to the finish, the taney dragons try to stay alive in the little league world series, but their courageous come from behind effort fell just short. >> we have breaking news coming to us from camden. the action cam is on the scene of a two-alarm fire in the city. crews were called to the 900 block of south 4th street about an hour ago. two vacant buildings you can see them there are involved. it caused a wall to partially collapse. one person has suffered from smoke inhalation. >> let's take a look at weather and traffic and let's head over to meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we
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had rain over parts of south jersey and delaware. 47 lighting strikes in the total view. the vast majority are off the coast. we're seeing heavy downpours pushing toward atlantic city, that should be off the coates this batch, anyway -- off the coast, this batch, anyway, should be pushing off south jersey. i will warn you up in here you have wet roads. we have had heavy enough rain in burlington county and ocean county where there's a flood advisory, we'll keep this up until things get better. hopefully that will be in the neck hour or so.ffo a muggy start and temperatures alle towutay about, 4th and spruce streets. abandoned building fire, avoid 4th and spriewts altogether, stick -- spruce ws tmht ihehar
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kensgtan teahecteme awhomstto as afrdrel,d sover malibu. drivers caught running redlights did not receive their violation notice. state law said if a ticket has not been served in 90 days, it must be dismissed. towns in our area, lawrence, east windsor, gloucester and
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glassboro. it's move-in day for the class of 2018. the university of pennsylvania will greet freshman walking into the dorm. chestnut hill college and arcadia university welcomed their students. i can only imagine what it is like to see your baby go off into theorld. >> our daughterst stormte timrg olpi h thl k ativ eritave for i wchnorteenilk noaehlen un
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