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tv   Action News  ABC  July 31, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon, in the news this noon, a new jersey mother
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shot outside of her apartment while her children slept inside. and a plane crashes in a costco parking lot, hear from the man that tried to save the pilot. >> but the big story this afternoon is the concern over the spread of the deadly ebola virus. the peace corps is pulling volunteers from the area because of outbreak. for the latest we go live to marcy gonzales in new york. >> reporter: sara, leaders in the impacted countries are declaring this a public health emergency and experts say that medical professionals need to be alert. >> it's the worst ebola outbreak in history. outbreaks in new guinea and sierra leone more than 6-
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600 people have died. people have to be checked before boarding flights. one emergency room in charlotte closed before they would clear a patient that returned from west africa. some doctors fear it could happen. i would not be surprised that isolated cases arrived here. you could have no symptoms for three weeks before you are affected and they would not spread it around the country. ebola is not spread through the area but with close contact. dr. kent brantly and nancy rightbold, their conditions are improving. >> she was trying to recover and still feeling the affects of the virsz. >> but at least one family here in the u.s. is feeling the heart
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breaking affects of the virus that has no vaccine and no cure. >> i have three girls. they will never get to know their father. >> patrick sawyer was suppose to travel to minnesota to visit those daughters later this month. but died after contracting ebola in liberia. and now they are traveling to washington, d.c. for the africa summit but leaders are staying behind to deal with the outbreak. >> all right marcy thank you. back here, charges have been filed against two men that allegedly stole millions of dollars from pennsylvania taxpayers, the suspects surrendered to authorities in bridgeport montgomery county this morning. the consultant is accused of stealing the money from penndot.
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54-year-old robert slay mont is charged with bribery and corruption. and that they received maintenance contracts from penndot since 2009 and during that time they allegedly billed the agency for $4.6 million for litter clean up. to falsify records and cover up the scheme. >> accuweather is tracking a humid change on the way for the fine a day of july and right now it's dry out there, as we look live at penn's landing from sky 6, the sum ever humidity is making a come back from the humidity arrives, david murphy is at the big board with the latest conditions. we have satd light and radar showing you a lack of any real significant cloud cover. and there is fair weather cumulous overhead and the main clouds are north and the precipitation is curling away from us, we are keeping an eye on this area of the country however, around the great lakes
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and northwestern pennsylvania, another spoke of precipitation can make its way around to the north but this would be nothing more than a spotty shower or thunderstorm. as we take a look ahead of all of that. we have warm air in place, 81 is the high and the current temperature in philadelphia, and 80 in wilmington and allentown up to 78 degrees, down the shore we are holding in the mid-70s, not all that humid just yet and a comfortable enough afternoon but sunny enough to require sunscreen, up to 84, and some of you may go higher than that. a little bit below it, tonight's overnight low is below average and that gives you an idea of changes about to take place. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, a couple of areas of precipitation today and tomorrow and a frontal boundary may trigger showers and thunderstorms and real spotty stuff the next couple of days.
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and after that a wave of low pressure grabbing this moisture and it comes past us to the south and on saturday morning we expect our next chance of significant rain because of that low and there could be heavy downpours and the question becomes do we get that out of here in time for the afternoon. we'll have details in all of that for the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. thank you, stay on top of the weather situation by using the new, use for radar and both the hourly and seven-day forecast and the video from our meteorologists and our collection of weather related photos and videos. >> in camden, new jersey, the search continues for a mother who was shot outside of her home while her children were inside. she was standing here on teal court when the bullet struck her in the neck. show only recently moved in and
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the woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. a hit and run is under investigation in northeast philadelphia, a dark colored vehicle stuck a man while he was walking near f street and he was taken to the hospital with serious head and chest injuries. and a man was arrested here in southwest philadelphia this morning for attacking a woman on the street. authorities say it happened just before 1:00 a.m. on the 400 block of melville street, the victim came up and put wire and rope around the neck and put up a fight and screamed for help, and a task force saw what was happening and ran away. and there was another report of an assault of a woman on sunday. red light cameras will keep an eye on three of the most dangerous intersections and those caught will pay a $300
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fine. john rawlins live now. >> reporter: i'll tell you we had a briefing from police, we are at old york and susquehanna, and it may not look like it, but it's the most dangerous place in abington township. one of three sections where red light cameras are focused, they are the first three in the suburbs only philadelphia is authorized to have them. they say that red light cameras used in philadelphia and elsewhere cut the number of serious accidents at intersection and we talked to chief bill kelly for his hopes on what they will see here. >> we are looking for people to be alert and obey the law. >> we'll have to try to make the intersections safer and reduce the injuries occurring from the accidents. automated red light enforcement.
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that is the name for it, three intersections here in abington. old work and old welsh and the abington side of moreland and fitz watertown. if you are an offenders after october 1st there will be actual finds of $100 for folks that run red lights. back to you all. >> today will mark the closing chapter of an epic real estate battle at the jersey shore. donald trump tried to buy a boarding house from vera coking for decades and she refused the offer of more than $1 million, and she is now living in california and the family is having trouble finding a buyer and the house is on the auction block this afternoon and the house is starting bid is
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$199,000. we are waiting to find out which players will ride out this disappointing season and who is leaving for greener pastures, the phillies begin a series against the nationals tonight. >> and still to come on "action news" at noon, a close call on i-95, incredible images of the accident that rattled one couple on the busy highway. and a plane crash in a costco parking lot. >> and meteorologist, david murphy with a closer look at the seven-day forecast.
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a fiery plane crashed outside of a southern california shopping center left an elderly woman dead and the pilot seriously hurt. and it went down at a target and costco in san diego last night. one person suffered minor burns within they rushed to help the victims, there were five, six or seven people that were there on that plane. they were assessing wounds right
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there. >> she told the control tower that she lost power after takeoff. it could have been much worse but they avoided hitting anyone on the ground. for the first time investigators reached the wreckage of the downed flight in eastern ukraine. fighting between russian troops and ukraine rebels were delays them until now. they are expecting to focus on retrieving bodies and victim's belongings. now to the latest on the deadly conflict in the middle east. they are vowing to destroy the hamas tunnel network in gaza. prime minister netanyahu says he is not stop until they destroy the tunnels. they have called up 16,000
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reservists to help preserve the territory. more than 1300 palestinians have been killed. now people at ucla are being treated for carbon monoxide exposure. a water main broke nearby and sent water cascades on to campus, the victims got sick from the generators exhaust fumes. look at this, a rake flew off a landscapers truck and hit a car. a retired couple from rhode island were in the car at the time, the axe came to rest on the dash board in front of the female passenger, and the couple was able to pull over safely. what can i get you?
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bank of america will pay more than a billion dollar for selling risky mortgages to fannie mae and freddie mack they imposed the fine from 2008 during the financial crisis. a jury ruled that the company was liable for the risky loans.
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"action news" troubleshooters has an important warning today for all families with small children. here is consumer reporter nydia han. >> after interviewing the family are you about to meet, my husband and i made changes in our home and i hope you will too. >> it was the worst sound i ever heard, the worst scream from my child i ever heard. >> find out what happened and how you can prevent it from happening. and the changes that one family made. it's an "action news" troubleshooter. navigating the health care system can be tricky for seniors, lisa thomas-laury tells us how seniors get help with prescription medications. pace, the pharmaceutical contract for the elderly is a benefit that helps older pennsylvanians on limited
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income. >> the qualification process is three out of four people meet the criteria. the pace program can help seniors get discounted from companies and train pharmacists to keep an eye out for problems. >> we monitor card holders for pain medications so that they are not overdosing or taking too many. >> the department has the information or call their number. and speak to a pace representative. >> most can be done over the phone with one phone call or go to of aging for more on pace or a host of other programs for seniors. lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." >> the "action news" team is working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli with a preview. >> reporter: hey guy, it's thursday and we are heading down at the shore, meteorologist,
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melissa magee, heading to wildwood to have fun at morey's pier and a local consignment shop wants your items and it's a great thing you don't have to wait for them to sell to get cash for them. and a world record attempt right mere in our area, the local group that joined with others across the country to do something that has never been done before. and to help families in need. don't forget can you take us with you on the go. if you have not downloaded the free 6 abc news app. you can watch is streaming live on our smart phone or tablet. >> accuweather coming up when "action news" at noon comes >> accuweather coming up when "action news" at noon comes right i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans.
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meteorologist, david murphy, here now with accuweather, and it's been pretty okay and now humidity returning. >> especially tomorrow, it will be a change, but not too bad tonight. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we'll see a lack of precipitation out there right now and that could change in a few corners later on. as we look outside, we have chopper 6 view of 30th street station and thinking about renaming that for senator gray if i heard correctly. but not yet. here is the schuylkill river and a lot of bright sunshine out here today as we were flying aboard the chopper, as we look at concern conditions, we are looking at a warm noon time array of temperatures, in philadelphia 81 degrees and the dew point ticked up just over 60 degrees and a tad humid out
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there and still not terribly bad, wind west at 14 miles per hour. as we look at temperatures are you at 78 in town and 80 in wilmington and we have popped up into the low 80s in areas just inland from the beach down the shore. a fair amount of sunshine out there and there are fair weather cumulous clouds around and we are watching for this area out to the west of us as a spoke of precipitation may try to ride through later on. as we take a look at the noon view going up to 3:00, most of what you see is north and west, it's a pop-up shower elsewhere across the region and by 7:00 tonight, a bit more of that. northern and western suburbs are ground zero for this. you want to take care of take cover from that, as we go into the 10:00, 11:00 period, adam joseph and cecily tynan will be on the air later on, and not a lot left to show.
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check them out and see if anything is headed to your neck of the woods. sun and clouds in allentown, not far from 80 degrees and 77 on the beach with a mix of sun and clouds, a couple of spots may go higher than that. on the way home tonight, 84 on the way home and 7:00, 78. there could be a passing shower or thunderstorm mixed in with that cloud cover. as we take a look at philadelphia, an 84 degree day. and a spotty storm in a few neighborhoods and winds 7 to 14, and an even thunderstorms in a couple of spots. tomorrow clouds increase and frontal boundary to the west is closer to us, and again there will be a chance a spotty shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening, and a better chance of rain on saturday morning. we start out with a high of 84
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and humid and not too bad today. warm and more humid on friday and a high of 82 and another chance of that afternoon storm as you just saw, a system comes from the south and we get a period of heavy rain that could produce downpours in the morning, in the afternoon 79 is your high and it remains cloudy and a lingering shower or thunderstorm, and the most pronounced rain in the morning. and a spotty shower or thunderstorm around on sunday and more of the same on monday but we may dry out for the phillies return on tuesday. we'll see how many of their players are left. >> thank you david. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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