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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 15, 2014 2:11am-2:59am EDT

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comic actor tracy morgan is back home, out of the hospital, more than a month after that deadly truck accident that critically injured him. >> he's now embarking on an aggressive outpatient rehabilitation program at home as he gears up that lawsuit against walmart. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> how are you doing, tracy? >> hey. >> reporter: while visibly weak while leaving his new jersey home, tracy morgan's spirits seemed strong. flashing a peace sign in some of the first images since being critically injured in a car accident last month. even responding to photographers' well wishes. >> you look great, man. >> i love you. thank you. >> thank you. >> the 45-year-old comedian continues recovering after spending five weeks in the hospital with a broken leg, nose, and several ribs. morgan was injured when walmart
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truck driver kevin roper alle d allegedly fell asleep behind the wheel, crashing into the van the actor was riding in. now morgan is suing, claiming "walmart knew or should have known that mr. roper was awake for more than 24 consecutive hours immediately before the subject accident." experts say drivers falling asleep is one reason large truck crashes are so common on america's highways. in fact, recent numbers show an average of 200 people are injured and 11 killed each day in large truck crashes. >> these individuals are overworked, and me take their eye off the road for a nanosecond they can have a horrific crash. >> reporter: in response to the lawsuit, walmart says, "we are deeply sorry that one of our trucks was involved. as we've said, we're cooperating fully in the ongoing investigation." that investigation is moving forward. as is tracy morgan's recovery. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york.
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>> so fascinating. these truck drivers are supposed to be -- they can drive for ten hours, 14 hours, and then they've got to take off for ten hours, but you've got things like caffeine, red bull, things that can mask when you're kind of slightly tired. >> right. and these are federal regulations. they've been in place for a while. but i imagine it's got to be very hard to enforce these things. companies pushing truckers to get stuff there faster. and if you want to get paid, you want to get there, you want to get home, crawl into bed i'd imagine something you want to do. we'll see how this case plays out. >> mm-hmm. and coming up, a british nanny is touching a nerve on both sides of the pond. why emma jenner says today's modern parenting is in crisis and what she says parents today are doing wrong. and ahead in our next half hour, taking pimping your ride to a whole new level. what in the world did they do to this classic cadillac? you're watching "world news now."
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if you're a parent you know it's hard to raise your kids these days without getting some sort of criticism, no matter how well meaning it may be. you have two kids. >> yeah, that's right. but touching a nerve this morning, a british nanny pulled no punches with her scathing assessment of modern moms and dads, and she's gathering quite a following. here's abc's deborah roberts. >> you've left the tabling. so so to me that says that you're done. >> come on. >> sound familiar? >> they eat they eat. and if they don't they don't. >> i am kind but extremely firm.
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>> reporter: emma jenner's sort of a modern-day mary poppins. a proper english nanny but with a fresh take on good old-fashioned common sense. after years in the home trenches emma says in a new book "keep calm and parent on" that modern parenting is in crisis. first problem, fear. >> you say that we're afraid of our children. how so? >> toddlers that have a tantrum i see a lot of moms literally -- i see fear in their body language, in their face. and kids are clever. they know gosh, if i throw a tantrum right now then my mom's going to give me exactly what i want. so that's what they do. >> reporter: emma says we allow bad behavior because we've lowered our expectations. >> i feel that children are capable of so much more than we expect of them today. >> reporter: and that ipad that keeps your kids so quiet in a restaurant, she says it's a shortcut parents shouldn't be taking. >> so what do they do then? >> well, you have to show them how to behave. and if they don't on that first instance you say we're leaving
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p. we're done with dinner and we're leaving the restaurant because you're not going to ruin it for everyone in the restaurant. and you leave. >> reporter: and worst, we've lost the village. these days parents don't want to get involved in another family's troubles, leaving us without support. but this mom welcomed the help. >> i'm always looking for better ways to parent. having someone here to observe and, you know, kind of guide us and point us in the right direction, you know, that's great. i wish i could have that all the time. in fact, could you move in? because i have a spare room. >> reporter: emma says there is hope, though. if parents are willing to set clear boundaries. stand firm and remind their children who's boss. oh, and one more thing. after 17 years of caring for other kids emma's having a baby. >> so are you going to remember to put yourself first? are you going to practice what you preach? >> i am. i am indeed. at least i hope so. >> reporter: deborah roberts, abc news, new york.
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>> apparently he's never met his daughter's boyfriend. he works for a fast food chain and he's sort of saying you've got to be better than that. what i don't get is you see the mom in the background with the laundry. >> cameo. look at that. >> but mom should have sung along instead of with the laundry. but it's a funny version. i like the song by magic, that single they have. >> great stuff. >> well done, dad. >> don't be that guy's daughter's suitor. the world cup has just finished and now brazil is left with 12 empty soccer stadiums. pretty amazing. but some french architects came up with some creative uses, turning some of the stadiums into apartment buildings. take a look at that. those are colorful moduled in the side there. 1,100 square feet. enough for a family of four we're told. prime seats if they actually keep the field and play some games there. >> completely. but pretty neat. >> yeah. that's interesting. well, there was a big catch and pretty incredible for tom and holly luft.
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they were first-quarter july 9t fishing july 9th. take a look at this freaky thing they pulled out of the water. it's a paco fish. a south american relative of the piranha. and the teeth, that's the point. they look very human-like. i don't think we can zoom in on it. but it's kind of freakish. >> thankfully this fish, we're told, is a vegetarian. he is not a carnivore like the piranha. so no danger there. and fingers survived. >> i take it they don't floss, right? fish net? >> maybe that net is good for that. finally, we have to celebrate. before we go, we have to celebrate an anniversary. a big two-year anniversary for south korean pop star psy. >> oh. >> two years ago today. >> oh, boy. >> "gangnam style," baby. >> here it comes. >> 2 billion views. amazing stuff. psy of course went from a virtual unknown to global superstar just because of this video, which started on youtube. pretty amazing. can you do the dance? >> no.
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i was actually going to ask you to show me because this is your thing. go for it. >> there he is there. >> yeah. is that how you do it? there you go. okay. >> we're still watching the video. like this. and then you can -- >> and you wave your hand like that? >> yeah. pretty good psy right here, i think. >> i didn't know. >> dance party to come, my friends. >> we're just kicking it off, right? >> stay with us. we hope everybody at home is doing psy today.
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this morning on "world news now," fierce storms and dangerous lightning on the east coast to rampant floods in arizona to the big chill in the midwest. accuweather tracks it all. tough questions as former taliban prisoner sergeant bowe bergdahl returns to army duty. what happened while he was captive, and why hasn't he reunited with his parents? monster sharks. the number of great whites off american beaches. how to track these giant fish.
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some the size of trucks. and royal reproduction. the rumblings from london about another palace pregnancy. are will and kate ready to announce they have an heir and a spare? that's from "the skinny" on this tuesday july 15th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." a spare. a lot of people talking. >> sure does. you're absolutely right. >> good morning, everybody. i'm devin dwyer. >> and i'm reena ninan. what's interesting about this story is where these rumors or reports are coming from. >> not official. we'll have to bring you up to date on that. first a lot of weather to talk about. ferocious storms hammering parts of the country with drenching rain, flash floods, and powerful winds. >> the east coast got the worst of it yesterday. there were lots of fallen trees like this one crushing two cars in washington, d.c. strong storms also delivered a blow to the southwest, unleashing thunderstorms and so much hail in northern colorado that it looked more like snow in july.
2:30 am
abc's clayton sandell is following it all. >> reporter: shutting down all southbound lanes of an atlanta-area highway. at least nine people were injured. dark clouds rolled in over washington. the capitol barely visible in the afternoon skyline. a huge lightning bolt making a direct hit on the library of congress just behind it. in phoenix there are multiple water rescues under way after storms hit the area. and it turns out that tornado that hit upstate new york sunday was an ef1, up to 110 miles per hour, causing thousands of dollars in damage. from one part of the country to the next, severe weather brought on by the jet stream and a major push of cold air. folks from minnesota to wisconsin bundled up against the autumn-like chill, and more of the same is in the forecast. temperatures will drop into the
2:31 am
40s for some areas tuesday morning, helping fuel even more severe storms because as a cold front passes with all that dense cold air the warm moist summer air rises up against it, creating new storms. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> these storms were part of an unusual weather system making the midwest feel like september. >> sending storm warnings out to millions. our coverage continues now with accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. good morning, jim. >> good morning, reena and devin. an unseasonably cold air mass holds across the midsection of the nation. many spots 10 to 20 degrees below average. held in the 60s in many locations. in the fringes of that seeing some heavy thunderstorms once again. out across the corridor in the northeast some gusty winds, large hail, threat for flash flooding. the storms extend all the way down southward to the florida panhandle. again bringing the threat for flooding along with strong powerful winds. very different story across the west. heat wave continues in the northwest. reena and devin, back to you. >> thanks so much, jim.
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a terrifying ordeal for an ohio family whose car was swept away by rushing waters. the father managed to grab his 3-year-old daughter and climb a tree where they were stuck for an hour. the mother, meanwhile, was swept four miles away before climbing to safety and calling for help. each thought the other had drowned until they were reunited. our other major story this morning, a possible breakthrough to end the deadly conflict in the middle east. after one week of fighting israel has accepted a cease-fire, but hamas is rejecting the plan. the plan calls for bringing the violence to an end today, opening gaza's border crossings and holding talks in cairo within two days. president obama welcomed the idea at the white house dinner celebrating ramadan. >> we are encouraged that egypt has made a proposal to accomplish this goal, which we hope can restore the calm we've been seeking. >> so far more than 180 palestinians have been killed and nearly 1,400 injured. israel has targeted with about 1,500 sites in gaza and more
2:33 am
than 1,000 rockets have been fired at israel. the pentagon is selling $11 billion worth of weapons to the tiny middle eastern nation of qatar. the country played a key role in the release of former p.o.w. bowe bergdahl, who now has returned to active duty. abc's brian ross has more on that. >> reporter: a new chapter for sergeant bowe bergdahl. just a little over six weeks since the dramatic prisoner swap in the afghan desert that ended his five years of captivity in the hands of the taliban. the army announced bergdahl has been returned to regular duty and given a desk job at fort sam houston in san antonio. after completing what military psychologists said would be his reintegration process. >> in captivity fundamentally your decision to make any choice is taken away. so we slowly increase their chances to make choices and have a sense of control. >> reporter: during his long captivity bergdahl's parents were tireless in their efforts to gain his freedom. >> i pray this video may be shown to our only son. >> reporter: but army officials
2:34 am
said that bergdahl did not meet with his parents during the transition period. >> my name is bowe bergdahl. >> reporter: bergdahl's return to regular duty also means that the army can begin the most sensitive part of its investigation, questioning him about how he became a taliban prisoner in the first place. since his release the taliban posted this propaganda photo online showing a smiling bergdahl with a taliban leader who has since been killed. but the taliban did not release any pictures of the metal cage in which bergdahl says he was held after trying to escape. the pentagon says officials have concluded that bergdahl did not engage in any criminal misconduct while a prisoner. but as to the investigation of whether as some alleged he deserted his post, those results are not due for another month. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> so fascinating that he hasn't met with his parents yet apparently. or hasn't asked to see them after they were so instrumental in helping him get free. >> yeah, i found that incredible.
2:35 am
and also the fact that he's returned to active duty. but sometimes they say it's easier to try and go back to your old life doing some of the routine, the things that you are used to. so maybe that sort of helps with the reintegration process. yeah. moving on to major league baseball. just hours before the all-star game the league is take steps to welcome gay players. the league will be announcing a program of inclusion to combat homophobia. it will come during a news conference today with the family of one gay player who quit pro baseball more than 30 years ago. glenn burk, who played with the l.a. dodgers and oakland athletics, said it was too difficult to hide his homosexuality. the new program will be run by openly gay former player billy beane. tonight the game could be dominated by pitching. the national league will start adam wainwright of the cardinals while felix hernandez of the mariners takes the mound for the american league. the last two all-star games were shutouts. derek jeter of the yankees will lead off for the american league. the shortstop is making his 14th and final all-star appearance.
2:36 am
well, oakland's yoenis cespedes won this year's all-star home run derby. i hope i got that man's name right. i'm sorry. i'm not a big baseball fan. making him the contest's first repeat winner in 15 years. the oakland slugger hit 28. fewer than last year but enough to win. his last homer was the longest of the night. it traveled 452 feet into the third deck in left field. cespedes outslugged cincinnati's todd frazier in the final round 9-1. >> pretty nice. >> yeah. as you mentioned, this is derek jeter's last all-star game before he retires, and a tribute is going viral. >> jeter is being honored in this new ad with fans from all walks of life giving him a tip of their cap. >> there's former mayor rudy giuliani in this video, billy crystal, jay-z. even tiger woods. maybe the best part, though, is when some red sox fans, you'll see them here in a second, grudgingly show some respect to
2:37 am
jeter and tip their hats. >> how did that happen? >> it's a neat video. powerful. produced by michael jordan's brand name, jordan brands. >> it's been getting a pretty warm welcome. making his last appearance at various stadiums around the country. it's nice to see that people are doing this. >> he's a class act in baseball. i don't know a lot about baseball, but i do know that he's well regarded everywhere and it will be fun to see all those guys take the field tonight. >> big game. >> in my home town, minneapolis. the first all-star game at target field there. very exciting. >> look forward to the highlights from the espn boys. well, coming up in "the skinny," poking fun at one of the most popular songs of the year, pharrell's "happy." >> and later, it's no ordinary cadillac convertible. take a ride in this rolling hot tub. you're in for a splash. stay with us. you're watching "world news now." ♪ baby you can drive my car ♪ and maybe i love you
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♪ who doesn't have that music in the back of their head every time they jump in the open ocean? i know i do. >> yeah. and if it seems like this summer is the year of the sharks, you just might be right. scientists are saying there are more sharks in the water these days than when "jaws" first chomped into the box office 39 years ago. and of course we're talking about sharks, so who better to
2:43 am
tell us about it than our very own matt gutman? >> reporter: it sure seems like a very sharky summer. last week this california swimmer chomped by a great white. >> and it's biting your chest and you're staring at it. >> reporter: the attacks no coincidence. the number of great whites up 42% since 1997. more than 2,000 of the truck-sized fish now roaming the east coast alone. the good news -- we now know where a lot of them are. thanks to gps, scientists and fishermen tagging 6 of the apex predators just this weekend. and over the past year millions online already tracking a 2,300-pounder named catherine. from cape cod to key west and nearly to louisiana. their comeback? thanks to an increase in their favorite food, seals. thankfully not humans. swimming with sharks south of the bahamas i learned some sharks actually crave affection, even the hug of a reporter. in case you're wondering about catherine the great white, well, she's hooked a big old u-turn
2:44 am
and is heading back to south florida beaches like this one. and who knows? maybe at some point this summer she could be headed to a beach near you. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> all i hope is my beach has a tracking device to figure out where it is. i hope so. i don't want to end up in the water with one of those. but i'm glad they're on the rebound i guess. >> they said one report puts the shark population off the california coast at more than 2,000 alone. and matt was here a couple weeks ago. he says he's been out, as you see, doing numerous shark stories. they've proven over and over again that they have increased in the waters. i don't know what they're eating. >> well, seals apparently. but in the '80s they were fished pretty heavily, to the point of depletion. good to see them back. >> all right. >> if you like sharks. when we come back, big news. really big news out of buckingham palace this morning. and a take on pharrell's "happy" video. you've got to see this one. by weird al yankovic. check it out in "the skinny." yankovic. check i ut in "the skinny." it's next.
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♪ skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny time now for "the skinny" and some big news out of buckingham palace. >> that's right. reports flying around the globe this morning the duchess of cambridge, kate of course, is with child again. a childhood friend of kate's has confirmed to australia's "new day" that kate and prince william could soon be welcoming
2:47 am
their second child. >> ooh. interestingly enough, that friend jessica hayes, she's the same woman who broke the news about kate's pregnancy with prince george. palace officials are so far refusing to comment. but boy, man, i heard she's always wanted a girl because she has a sister. but what if it's twins? boy, i'm going to up the ante on that. >> on the edge of our seats here. back to news on this side of the pond. who got the heave-ho on "the bachelorette"? >> it's been a week of getaways to the dominican republic. andi and nick flying in a helicopter to a private island stripping down to their swimsuits. lots of cuddling in the ocean. but apparently that's not all. no. entry into this fantasy suite. can you believe it? >> no entry there. next josh's dominican republic date which involved shopping and of course some baseball. not just baseball but baseball with kids. that sparked a discussion about children and a trip later into the fantasy suite. >> and finally chris with horseback riding which is really not andi's thing we found.
2:48 am
and that sparked a serious conversation about their incompatibility. of course there were tears and a merciful send-off without forcing him to wait for a rose ceremony. >> now it's just down to two of course. nick and josh. whom will andi choose? well, time will tell. well, you knew it was a matter of time before this. >> putting his own spin on pharrell's "happy," weird al yankovic's parody "tacky" is going viral featuring celebrity appearances including aisha taylor -- tyler, rather, margaret cho, eric stonestreet. it's awesome. ♪ because i'm tacky ♪ fluorescent orange pants ♪ my new resume is printed in comic sans ♪ ♪ because i'm tacky ♪ ♪ because i'm tacky ♪ everything that you'll find and you're probably tacky too ♪
2:49 am
>> it's all part of yankovic's eight videos in eight days promo. the new album "mandatory fun." and my favorite weird al video was definitely "i'm fat." a takeoff of michael jackson's "i'm bad." >> i love the outfits in this tacky remake. it's pretty awesome. eric stonestreet busts a move there too. good times. they're landing right on their feet just weeks after getting the boot from "the view." jenny mccarthy is lining up a new gig for herself. >> that's right. ahead of her official departure from the abc chat show in august, mccarthy will take to the air waves to host a live limited run one-week -- one-hour weekly series on sirius xm. >> "dirty sexy funny with jenny mccarthy" will discuss everything from sex and dating to marriage and parenting. the series debuts tomorrow. >> interesting. she's really got strong opinions. i think that makes for great talk radio. and she's got people who follow her. so good luck to jenny. were you a big fan of jenny mccarthy over the years? >> i was a big fan of "the view." i enjoyed her contributions.
2:50 am
it was a fun show with her there. let's go down to some birthdays. >> time now to check out who's blowing out the candles. >> topping our list of celebrity birthdays, linda ronstadt, 68 years old today. >> can you believe it? jesse ventura is 63. >> actor forest whitaker turns 53. >> and "once upon a time's" lana parrilla turns 37. happy birthday to each and every one of you all. coming up, pimping a ride like we've never seen before. >> what do you do when you cross a 1969 -- ping a ride like we've never seen before. >> what do you do when you cross a 1969 -- vo: this is the summer.
2:51 am
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order now and get this document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value free. don't wait until you become the next victim. ♪ ♪ ♪ baby you can drive my car ♪ yes i'm gonna be a star ♪ baby you can drive my car driving the car we're about to show you requires more than just a driver's license. >> that's right. how about a swimsuit and some sunblock? going for a spin behind the wheel is actually what makes this our favorite story of the day. and here's ctv's tom walters. >> reporter: glittering under a california sun. it could be any classic cadillac
2:54 am
convertible. but the difference is plain to see when you say fill her up. >> someone said is it a car or is it a hot tub? and the answer is yes. you know, it's 100% car. it's 100% hot tub. >> reporter: duncan forster is one of two canadians responsible for the carpool deville. with special reinforcements the engines heat to warm the water and a marine throttle in place of pedals, it's a fully drivable hot tub. not an entirely new idea for forster. he and phil wycker built the first carpool 17 years ago when they were engineering students at mcmaster in hamilton. when they both ended up in l.a. a few years later, the carpool deville was inevitable. anything that's half cadillac, half hot tub is bound to offer a certain amount of luxury. but this car wasn't just built for comfort. it was built for speed. designed from the plug up to be driven to the limit on the bonneville salt flats and become the world's fastest hot tub.
2:55 am
>> you're not afraid that people are going to think you look a little crazy? >> you know, i've been called worse. >> reporter: to get to bonneville they're trying to raise money on, where they have until friday to hit their goal and where for as little as $5 backers could be part of a run for the record books. an attempt to get the carpool deville up to 160 kilometers an hour. >> what is the land speed record for a hot tub? >> i believe it's whatever we set. i'm pretty sure there isn't one so far. >> reporter: which means we're actually setting a world record right now. and could almost hear the sounds of history being made. tom walters, ctv news, los angeles. >> oh boy, oh boy. did you see the hubcaps? >> that's my favorite part of that piece. if they went much faster, though, that water would come right out. >> i love it. and who said that engineering students are nerds? and look at you. >> i have some experience in a hot tub, i must say. >> you're all about the hot tub. >> my first car was my
2:56 am
grandmother's cadillac. >> we see. we see it. who knew it was a hot tub and a cadillac? >> only in canada. i must say. hats off to those guys. i want to get my hands on one. >> stick with us. we've got more news straight ahead. >> this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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the witnesses who spotted the crime and took him down. sensational, the newest cheerleaders standing out for more than dance moves and team spirit. welcome. tuesday morning to


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