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tv   Action News  ABC  June 29, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> good afternoon it's sunday, june 29 i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. >> here's some of the stories
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we're following on "action news." philadelphia police are looking for both the armed robbers who targeted a 7-eleven and a wawa overnight. >> the national constitution center just announced whole receive this year's prestigious liberty medal. him. cobbs creek golf ought is remembering fallen marines. >> this afternoon it's a beauty. >> a nice day for golf. it's a great day for golf and down in cape may, people are on the beach we're seeing temperatures in the mid 70s with the onshore wind with the sea breeze kicking in. 80 degrees for millville. trenton, 80. philadelphia, 83. poconos 75. reading, 83 degrees a nice comfortable afternoon we're seeing a lot of sunshine that's part of the reason the
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temperatures are climbing so quickly. we have a few puffy cumulus clouds building from the west. from this point on we'll go sun and clouds. it will be warm, but pleasant, the humidity is still nice and low. 88 degrees is the forecasted high. all this pleasant weather is about to change dramatically as we move along into the new workweek from tuesday on. the oppressive humidity arrives, maybe our first heat wave arrives tuesday, wednesday, thursday, there could strong thunderstorms out there, as well. when i come back in just a few minutes, i'll have the details and the forecast for the 4th. >> two convenience stores in philadelphia were targeted by armed robber overnight. this wawa at spruce street in university city was held up at 5:00 a.m. he demanded scash from the store
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two other men robbed the 7-eleven demand money from the clerk and ran off. a three-year-old is dead after a security gate at a rita 's in brewery town fell. winter larkin died when a 500-pound medal gate fell and broke off the wall. complaints were made built gate being loose. the lag bolts should have been 6 to 8 inches long, but only
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2-inch long, one heart broken resident sated you don't expect a child's trip to water ice turns into a tragedy. >> you don't thing about sending your child out to get a water ice and a sign falls on your child. it's ridiculously sad. >> investigators say the incident appears to be a horrible accident. >> we have learned whole receive this prestigious national constitution liberty medal, it will go to malala, a young pakistani girl who was targeted for being outspoken about the taliban's oppression of girls. she is considered a crusader for women's right to education. >> the taliban shot me on the
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left side of my forehead, they shot my face, too, they thought that the bullet would silence us, but they failed. >> the president and ceo jeffrey rosen called malala anen spiring -- inspiring voice for people across the globe. you can find the slide show of past medal recipients at 6abc is the broadcast partner for liberty medal presentation we'll have live coverage with action anchor jim gardner from the national constitution center on october 21. the day malala receives the medal, the celebration starts at 7:00 p.m. there's community paint day 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. on the 1100
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block of north 41 street with the mural arts paint day. thousands took over the descreets -- streets of center city yesterday. legendary pop group new edition was there, mayor nutter declared it new edition day and gave the group their own liberty bell. has all the details on the wawa welcome america festival, you'll find day by day listings of the event plus a slide show of the performers on july 4 all there at you can watch the wawa america july 4th bash on 6abc. a10:00 a.m., matt o'donnell and tamala edwards host the celebration of freedom ceremony followed by the independence day parade. don't miss the 4th of july jam hosted by rick williams and
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cesily tynan and adam joseph and karen rogers. it will lead into "action news" at 11:00 p.m. much more to come, including sports, the franklin institute has a new exhibit and smart expansion,. >> there's swimming biking and running through atlantic county. >> reporter: the first heat wave of the year is on the way later this week. i have the toasty numbers in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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>> traffic is being diverted in
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and around atlantic city an other shore resorts this morning to clear the way for one of the most grueling sporting events it's it is atlantic city triathlon. the race starts at 6:00 a.m. it will not end for many until 11:00 p.m. athletes from around the world competing in the 140, -- 146-mie course. they have swim, bike and then run. >> did you say at 11:00 p.m. it would be ending. some of those who are not as fast. >> reporter: let's go live on sky 6 and show you the view we're down in south philadelphia. it's a gorgeous day, fortunately humidity levels are nice and low, the weather is not that bad for them to take part in something like that.
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as nydia mentioned you get into tuesday and wednesday, the humidity will crank up there. it will be awful with the heat and humidity. here's what we're looking at over the next couple of days, not so much tomorrow it will start tuesday. the temperatures will climb up to 90. it will range from 90 to 94. you add on top of that the humidity it will feel like 93 to 99. make sure you have the air-conditioners going and the fans ready to go. 83 degrees dewpoint, 57. pressure reading 30.22. inland mid 70s for the jersey shore that's how much that will play out later this afternoon. we'll see cooler numbers on the beach. highs close to 90 in some locations in and around the city. dewpoints 57 in philadelphia. allentown, 59. trenton, 62. millville, comfortable.
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reading, comfortable. lancaster comfortable with a dewpoint of 58. most locations are ranging anywhere from comfortable to slightly humid. again, it's not a bad day at all. it's tuesday, wednesday and thursday when we get into this steam bath category. it feels awful out there. satellite and radar composite a few clouds starting to enter the picture from the west. we'll see a decent amount of sunshine from this point on, it's the warm front right here that changes the game, once that punches through that will do so tomorrow you'll notice the increase in humidity and it gets hotter tuesday and wednesday. that low pressure starts to crank up and get going. counter clockwise winds around draw all that heat and humidity northward from the dixie south. that will be the main player during the course of the week. we have our first potential heat wave on the way. three state days of 90-degree plus heat. warm in reading, 88 degrees,
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downingtown be, 85. pottstown, 86. philadelphia, 888 degrees. salem, 86. millville, 84, dover, same thing, bay breeze kicking in, that's why you're cooler down there. cape may, sea breeze, 77. sea isle, 78. will also, 78 degrees. poconos, 80 degrees is the forecasted high, and for the jersey shore remains comfortable down there, as well. ocean temperature, 71. air temperature 78 and then the numbers pull back after 3, 4:00 p.m. mostly sunny skies, don't forget to apply the sunscreen. the uv index is very high. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today is nice, even though it's warmer. tomorrow, 88 degrees, we'll do it all over again you'll notice a slight increase in the humidity, monday night, tuesday,
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wednesday, thursday, the humidity is outrageous. tuesday, hazy hot and humid, 892. wednesday, hazy hot and humid, 94. and thursday, 90 degrees, friday, 85 degrees, saturday, 84 degrees. icialgdz go outside -- i should go outside, i'm freezing in here. >> today several marines are being remembered with a special golf ought who were killed by a roadside bombing in baghdad. annie mccormick joins us with more. >> reporter: the event raises money to help other people in the military who are in need and it falls on the tenth anniversary of the day that several marines in one company did lose several of their own. one thing that is very special about today is that one of the families of the fallen marines did arrive to this event. >> they were the last people to
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see our son alive, we didn't see him for 6 months. they are our children and our friends and family just as much as anybody else else. >> the family came to the outing force first time. it is important to them, it helps military families. >> the guys who come home they are hurt and wounded. they need our support. we need to support them anyway possible. june 29, 2004 an ied planted in a watermelon stand killed three marines and injured two more. the three killed including todd and lance corporal.
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the marines of the vfw are hosting the golf outing for the 6th year. matt crawford survived the explosion and keeps this going for the memory of his friends. >> last year we donated to a house down in the villas that caught fire and two years ago we donate to do a soldier who was paralyzed who was killed in a humvee. we span back to any veteran in korean war, doesn't matter, if you're a vet you can get help. golfers are starting to wrap up. last career they raised $25,000. this year they are confident that they will surpass that because they have 30 to 50 goalers who came to the event.
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-- golfers, who came to the event. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> if you're looking to take a break from the heat for a freshing treat head to delaware they are offering their best scoops at the old fashion ice cream festival at rockwood park on the 4600 block of washington street and he thinks. it features vendors and wide variety of food. franklin institute is home to the largest variety of exhibits in the country. >> reporter: the franklin institute has been staple in philadelphia for the past 80 years now with the addition of the newest exhibit it's primed for the future.
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the pavilion is the most significant expansion ever made to the institute. your brain promises to be the most inter active yet. >> we were able to to go in and see from our investors -- visitors that the brain is what they wanted to know about. >> reporter: there's educational space and climate controlled top floor for traveling exhibits. >> the conference and educational space digital and wiring connections allows us to do not only conferences here, but around the world. we're able to bring world class traveling exhibition to philadelphia. >> reporter: the shimmering wall on the outside of the building, the president and ceo said the
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museum is better than ever. >> this is the place to come this summer and fall in philadelphia. >> reporter: your brain is a permanent exhibit and available to view year round. for tickets visit for more on this and other area events just click on the sections tab at the top of the homepage you'll find arts under categories. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers.
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>> on "healthcheck" this morning when you're trying to get fit it's not just the number on the weight scale, your body fat is a an important number. >> body fat let's you know if you're on the right track to better health. registered nurse and correspondent ali gorman has more. >> jessie was always in tiptop
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shape until -- >> about a year ago i was severely injured and it really set me back, i couldn't eat, i couldn't work, i couldn't exercise. >> reporter: he ended up losing a lot of weight mostly muscle when he gained it back, it was mostly fat. this is him at his heaviest, when he was millionly cleared to work out, his goal was to lose fate gain muscle. to help keep on track they used body metrics ultrasound. it measures body fat more accurately than other systems. it's held about three spots. it differs for men and women. >> basically it's able to detect how much faculty you have on your faculty and how much muscle and water. >> reporter: gentlemeny saw his -- jessie saw his body fat drop
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from 21% to 14%. the more muscle mass the faster your metabolism. >> make sure you get enough protein in your diet which helps you keep lean muscle mass on there. >> i feel more like myself. >> reporter: there's a slightly less accurately way to calculate your body fat at home using a tape measurer. that's at along with this chart to show you where you should be for
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>> in sports the phillies finish a bad home stand this afternoon against the braves.
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they will avoid getting swept. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: we are at the halfway point of the season and the phillies are on pace to lose 90 games. you have to wonder if this will be the end of the road for the core group. will they blow it up by next month the trade deadline. put away the cameras, jimmy get out of the way, photo day ugly. freddie freeman under ryan howard's legs. justin upton the soft grounder to howard. fans are booing, howard knows it. braves scored 9 straight runs, braves blow it wide open in the 8th. phillies swept in a double header by the braves outscored 15-4 they are now in dead last losing both of those games.
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the sixers clog began together we build, but together we wait may be better. they are waiting for the draft picks to get healthy. him introducing some of there are rookies, first around, sarci will play to work on his game, to get bigger and stronger and promises he will eventually play for philadelphia. >> i make the choice because the team is better for me for philadelphia to believe next two years in europe to try to bring my game to another level because of the three years i will come here. >> gm ron hextall is not putting his feet up and relaxing after a bills nhl -- a busy nhl draft. they are over the salary cap. flyers wrapped up the draft this
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weekend at the wells fargo center in the second round yesterday. 48th overall nicholas k ubell. former flier ron hextall wanted a goalie, but ended up with defenseman including travis sanheim in the first round. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. >> another half-hour of "action news" is just ahead. coming up we'll take a look at some of the top stories. plus, meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather five-day the exclusive accuweatr seven-day forecast including your july 4th forecas
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>> new details emerge into the investigation of a accuweather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers it's going to be heating up for us this week. >> reporter: not so much today today is gorgeous. it's one of the these days you want to kickback and kind of do nothing all day long, maybe fire up the grill and listen to the
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phillies game on the radio. it's one of those days, it's gorgeous out here, jersey shore if you're looking for something to do, temperatures are in the 70s, 75 in beach haven. seaside heights showing 75 degrees, lots of sunshine. ocean temperature 72. you can see the temperature difference here inland. the atlantic city airport close to 80 degrees, we're right there on the boardwalk they are only at 73. ocean city, 75. sea isle city avalon, 73. wildwood cooler at 72. waves are generally 1 to 2 feet. not much surf out there. a nice breeze out of the east/southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. there's the clouds on the radar, we have generally mostly sunny skies, sun and clouds the rest of the way. don't forget to apply the sunscreen you'll get a burn in
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15 minutes with the uv index, it's a 9 right now. 4:00 p.m., temperatures top out around 87, 8. as eva mentioned things will change dramatically this week it includes heat and humidity and the possibility of strong storms. i'll have the details in the seven-day forecast when i step back inside. >> we have new information for the search on a hit-and-run driver in south jersey. a 76-year-old man was hit on south white horse pike about 10:30. the man was rushed to cooper university hospital with serious head injuries. police are looking for an older dark color ford pick up with a silver tool box across back. it should have damage to the front passenger side. fire damaged a row home in the points breeze section of
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philadelphia. the action cam was at the 1500 block of south 20th street. when firefighters arrived they found smoke pouring out of the second story. one person was treated for smoke at the scene. that person refused to be taken to the hospital. investigators are looking for the cause of the fire. >> fire investigators in delaware are searching for what sparked a deadly blaze this weekend. it happened at 8:30 on the 500 block of a street in newark. you can see significant damage to the roof of the home. a man was brought out by firefighters and rushed to christiana hospital where he later died. a montgomery county dunkin donuts may not be serving coffee and donuts after a car slammed into the store. it happened at 1:00 had a -- on bethlehem pike in hat field. the driver was not hurt. the buildings -- the building was damaged a health and
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buildings inspector will determine if the store will be open for business today. one man was admitted to the hospital after a fight, one man beat the other with a two by four. the victim is expected to be okay. pope francis was back to work celebrating a special mass at st. peter's about basilica ar canceling an event due to fatigue. he prayed in a much sort of than usual voice, he cancel an event at a hospital on friday. the vatican said the pope was fatigued, but added there are no concerns for his health. president obama is planning to ask congress for $2 billion in response to the flood of immigrants who are coming into america through the rio grande
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valley. meanwhile, the city of dallas is taking action to lessen the plight of many of the children coming across the border. dallas will offer temporary housing for two thousand children. they are central american children caught coming to texas without parents. >> we're going to take they also children from chain link enclosures and put them in compassionate care. >> since october more than 50,000 children have crossed the border separating mexico and texas. president obama is calling central american parents to stop their children from coming north. he said they will be sent back. he said else helping them flee gang violence and crushing poverty. >> a crews ship returned to seattle after a fire broke out in one of its boiler rooms.
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it had just left port when the fire broke out. the fire was small and quickly contained and nobody was hurt. the ship is fully operational and will depart for alaska once all the safety checks are finished. there's an investigation into the death of a georgia toddler who died in the hot car. his mother perceive vowelsly researched such death and how they occurred. the boy's father who is facing murder charges told police that he used the internet to research child deaths in hot vehicles. he claimed he was fearful it could happen. the 22 month old toddler died two weeks ago when the father left him in the car when he was at work. the biggest push to regain over the sunni militants who are
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holding tikrit. iraqi security officials said troops have reached the outskirts of tikrit and the governor said they pushed into the at this time i felt. >> it was ten years ago today that local marines were killed in baghdad, today they are remembered by bridge company bravo golf ought. annie mccormick has more on that. >> reporter: organizer started this golf outing 6 years ago. this year it is milestone it was ten years ago that some of the organizers lost some of their fell marines in the line of duty. [taps playing]. >> taps playing and then
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three-gun salute. the marines of followsome and vfw post 928 are hosting the bridge company bravo golf outing in its 6th year. three marines died, carol todd's son was one of the them. >> they are our children and friends and family, they saw him last. >> reporter: the purpose of the outting is important to them. >> the guys that come home, they are hurt and wounded there are physical wounds and mental wounds and those guys need our support. we need to support them anyway. >> reporter: the three reservist killed are john to do and allen sherman an aidleman of maryland. a watermelon stand along a
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bagged road killed three marines and injured two more. matthew crawford is a survivor of the explosion. last year he raised $25,000 in the ought and helped several veterans from school to hospital bills. >> we lost three marines to ieds and 6 years ago we started the golf outting to raise money for veterans. >> we kind of help the veterans cut through the red tape. >> reporter: last year they raised $25,000. this year they hope to surpass. they have more golfers this year, so they think they have done that. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> a special events for our special soldiers. a charity run in south jersey today is dedicated to helping men and women get back on their feet. the runs forever recovery event
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kicks off at 8:40 at the former site of the blue heron pines. it's raised for the serenity houses in galloway and somers point. it's for drug and alcohol addiction. >> there's a recall on deli ham. homeowners in south jersey will have a safe haven. we'll take you on a tour. in north carolina they have a mystery on their hands they are trying to figure out what happened to a speeding car with a man climbing through the back windshield. looking live
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>> the earth shook in arizona this weekend, officials say an moderate earthquake struck near the new mexico line and felt across the region. there were no injuries or damages reported. it was felt as far away as phoenix and el paso, texas. >> crazy weather this year. we're normal. >> reporter: when you look at the county as a whole here, we missed out on whole lot of it. there's the peco building you can see the fair weather clouds they won't turn threatening. we'll see sunny skies and combination of sun and clouds, it should be an enjoyable afternoon with temperatures climbing into mid to upper 80s, but the humidity levels stay nice and low. we're almost into july, believe me when you feel that humidity later this week cruel wish we had this weather -- you'll wish we had this weather for several
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days to come. millville, 80. on the boardwalk in atlantic city, temperatures in the mid 70s. winds out of the southeast coming in just like that. 7 miles at the airport in atlantic city. five in trenton, four in beach haven. here's satellite and radar, really this is the system right here that we're going to be watching closely over the next couple of days having a difficult time moving this area of low pressure. it has a trailing cold front and warm front that's extending through the great lakes. it's the air mass in between these two frontal systems that's really, really soupy. that air mass will be pushing north and east over the next couple of days which will be followed by another air mass which is much, much cooler an drier on the opposite side of that front. we'll pick up the steam bath first, and then the drier
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weather in time for the 4th. future tracker 6 the roast afternoon we'll see a combination of sun and clouds, models showing some blips here, a couple of showers, accuweather think we'll stay dry the rest of the day. tomorrow morning we'll start out with clouds and increase the sun, so we'll say sun and clouds for monday, as well. same thing for tuesday. in the mountains, 80 degrees sun and clouds, the jersey shore, ocean temperature, 71. the u vivment -- uv index high, apply the sunscreen. 78 is the high probably occurring in the next hour and dropping after 1:00 p.m. 88 degrees in the city. a few clouds expected overnight tonight. this is when you will notice increase in humidity, 63 degrees
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outlying suburbs, 66 center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, turning more humid by tuesday, tomorrow not bad, a little bit humid, but not too bad. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, you'll notice the change here, 92, 94, 90, that's tuesday, wednesday, thursday, by definition you need three straight days of 90 degrees plus heat for heat wave. that's what the models are showing. 4th of july, 85 degrees, not too bad, saturday, comfortable, high of 84. nydia. thank you, chris. don't forget you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. wegmans is recalling ham produced in philadelphia. the alert is about to change organic ham sliced at the deli counter it was sliced to order and put on deli trays on june 12
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to june 25th. it could contain pieces of white plastic from a broken conveyer belt. you can return it to we go wegmans for a refund. police in north carolina are looking for the man who was caught on camera clinging to the top of a car's trunk and breaking through the window while the car was going 50 miles per hour. brenda cruz captured the scary scene. she contacted state police as she and her son watched in horror. a woman was driving the car with a child in a car seat. >> i hope she is okay with her kid. >> when troopers arrived the car was gone. police are combing the area for the vehicle. >> toronto mayor rob ford is expected to return to city hall after a two month leave of absence to deal with his
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substance abuse. this is video from a previous city council meeting. ford attracted international attention after acknowledging he smoked track. he expected to speak to the media and the public. they are expected to see a slimmer rob fjord he said said to have lost a lot of weight during his stay in rehab.
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>> that's where i want to be right. sky6 live hd looking at cape may, new jersey at the beach. you can see the people enjoying the sunshine and people playing horseshoes today. it is 1:50, 82 degrees in the city. taylor got an emmy nod on the show.
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he appeared on the comedy dave's world. the buffalo bill and popular nickelodeon comedy. he was diagnosed with cancer. he was 67 years old. folks in one mercer county town will have a new place to reinvent themselves. it's buildings to provide housing and schooling and addiction counseling in ewing township. nora muchanic has more. >> reporter: swinging sledge ham he weres a breaking through concrete walls, home front kicked off the transformation of a 42,000 square foot buildings in ewing. it will be retrofitted to be a one stop safe haven for homeless families in mercer county. >> here you'll be able to find all the resources. >> reporter: that includes a
12:52 pm
safe place to stay, drug and mental health counseling, ged counseling and jobs and high skills training. >> for them to get the services without barriers to transportation and child care will allow them to be successful. >> reporter: this a single mother of three who last her job and home. with help from home front she is working and in her own place. >> the staff members were helpful. they prepared me to get back out on my feet and be the best i could be. it's life changing, because we empower them to get off welfare get a job, go to work and build up resilient children. the federal government gave home front the 8 1/2 acre property on scotch road for free. the organization has raised half of the $6 million it will take to retrofit the space. >> it's privilege for us to raise the money and put together
12:53 pm
this huge facility that will help thousands over many, many years. >> reporter: construction will begin soon, if all goes well it will be ready by next summer. in ewing, nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> that's terrific. >> when "action news" continues an update of our top stories. >> plus a final look of the accuweather forecast in just a moment.
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. recapping our top stories on "action news," police are looking for the gunman who robbed a wawa in university
12:56 pm
industry on the 3800 block of spruls -- spruce street. there were no injuries. that year's liberty medal will go to a pakistani girl who was shot for going to school. taliban gunmen shot malala in the head. she has been an outspoken critic women to go to school. fallen marines of bridge company honored three marines killed by a roadside bomb in baghdad ten years ago today. >> let's get a check on the accuweather forecast. it's a nice day for golf. expect a combination of sun and clouds the rest of the way and warm temperatures, but pleasant, 87 degrees by 5:00 p.m., but the humidity is nice and low, it will feel great out there, that will change come tuesday.
12:57 pm
actually tomorrow you'll start to feel the humidity a little bit. up 8 -- to 88 degrees. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, 92, 94, 90, all three days high in the humidity department. with heat indices up close to 100 degrees. the good news the 4th looks good. >> putting art on the great traffic signal boxes, the first series of works covering 15 signal boxings have a cowboy theme as you can imagine in texas, john wane and you'll -- ul brenner. eva pilgrim, chris sowers
12:58 pm
and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday!
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matt: today on sea rescue, she's a rarely seen little whale no bigger than a dolphin, and rescuers must find out what's wrong with her, or she could die. dr. whitaker: i really didn't expect her to survive the night. matt: when veterinarians look down her throat, you won't believe what they find, and then exhausted young pelicans are falling from the sky and landing in the scorching arizona desert. jennifer: sometimes they get swept off course, hundreds of miles off course. matt: can rescuers save these displaced seabirds from the desert and return them to their ocean home? i'm matt gutman, and we're on a sea rescue. ♪ music


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