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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 29, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, storm fury. a man struck by lightning at a stadium. blinding rain, making driving almost impossible. flying debris hitting cars like missiles. and when will the rivers stop rising? we'll tell you who is getting hit next by the wild weather. facing justice. the suspected mastermind of the attack that killed four americans in benghazi faces a judge in federal court. what happens now that he's finally on u.s. soil? caught on camera. brazen break-in. two women climb a narrow ledge to slip into the office of washington state's governor. even grabbing a seat at his conference table. the items looted. and how the suspects were finally caught. and flying saucer.
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nasa style. a high-tech test of the gear that could eventually let us land on mars. >> you've got to be a little crazy sometimes if you want to do the crazy things. >> the amazing test flight right out of a sci-fi movie. and good morning, america. dan harris is taking some well-deserved time off this weekend. we're happy to have "nightline" co-anchor dan abrams here. the other dan at abc. >> it's great to be here with you. but it is another severe weather sunday. the heart of the country facing threats from hail and possible tornadoes. >> one of the scariest moments happening in ohio. where a man was struck by lightning at a major league soccer game. linzie janis is here with more on that and the devastating flooding and tornadoes. that have already cause sod much
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damage. linzie? >> reporter: good morning, bianna and dan. the man who was struck by lightning went into cardiac arrest. had to be resuscitated. and is still in critical condition. it's been a weekend of wild weather. and for about seven states in the waterlogged midwest and plains, it's set to get even worse. in columbus, ohio, a shocked soccer stadium. after man was struck by a bolt of lightning. minnesota's pryor lake overflowing at a rate residents have never seen before. >> we've got a constant inch or two in the basement. >> reporter: neighbors banding together to place sandbags to try to protect their homes. the severe weather bringing blinding rain. take a look. this driver in st. paul, minnesota, barely making his way through the torrential downpour. in wisconsin, a downed tree setting power lines on fire.
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and a tornado in texas that brought down this wall. >> and all of a sudden, the wind started picking up real bad. i heard a noise like a train real loud, you know, and, all of a sudden, everything started shaking. >> reporter: the twister also destroying roofs, cars, and shattering window. in tulsa, oklahoma, high winds gusting. shredding apart this building and sending debris flying. look out for the severe storms. even some potential tornado activity. there have be about a dozen twisters since friday. >> thank you, linzie. tracking all the weather has been a full-time job. the last few weeks. it's a busy day once again. meteorologist bill kelly is here from our columbus, ohio, station, wxys. these storms literally hitting close to home for you. >> yeah, crew stadium. i pass it every day going the work. it's a scary situation. we look back over the last 12 hours on the radar.
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we had over 70 reports of severe weather across the country. we're focusing on you folks in central and western parts of tennessee. three to six inches of rain already this morning. widespread flooding. there will be more violent storms today. seven states under the elevated risk. the best chance for that, the moderate risk is central parts of iowa. northern parts of missouri. the potential for very large hail, damaging winds, and even the possibility of tornadoes. other thing we've been talking about, seemingly for weeks and weeks and weeks is the rainfall. many of you have had at or near record rain for the month of june. you'll add more to the bucket today. coming up, the potential for tropical weather as well. dan? >> all right, bill, thanks very much. now to a rare saturday federal court session in washington where the suspected leader of the embassy attack in benghazi, libya, that killed four americans pleaded not guilty. he left the courthouse under heavy security. let's get to pierre thomas. pierre, he was nabbed in libya and now on u.s. soil.
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>> reporter: good morning, dan. after the dramatic capture in libya two weeks ago, ahmed abu khattala has been on a slow boat ride. he's undergone two interrogations. asked questions about his organization. a week ago, he was read his rights by the fbi. we're told he's cooperated. offering some details but never admitting guilt. >> what is next? >> reporter: he'll be treated like a common drug dealer. he'll face the pressure of the government in terms of proving their case in open court. and the pressure of a death sentence. he'll have to decide whether he's going to plead guilty or face trial. let's bring in george, who is hosting "this week." great to see you. you sat down with the president. you talked about terror in the middle east. >> the president conceded it's a growing threat.
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he said this group, now acting in syria and iraq, is gaining strength. the militants have become battle-hardened. we know that they want to attack the united states. they've developed new kinds of explosives. that's led to increased anxiety, especially around the july 4th holiday. >> you're looking at new developments on the border crisis as well. >> breaking news from the white house. a surge of children from central america across our border. created a real humanitarian crisis. the white house is going to ask congress for $2 billion in emergency funding to deal with this crisis right now. and increased powers to allow them to deport these children more quickly back to their home countries. this is going to cause some trouble for the president on immigration reform. he's getting pressed by immigration reform advocates to slow the deportation process of those immigrants already here. he's caught in a bit of a vise right now. >> a sensitive topic given that we're talking about children. it was rare to see the president step out and tell the chunts to
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keep their children out of the u.s. borders. >> i asked him directly. he said don't send your children here. it's not a safe journey. if they make it, they'll be sent back. it was a clear message from the president followed on with this new request for funding today. >> a big top wick the elections coming up. thank you, george. be sure to join george later on abc's "this week." meantime, let's get this week's other top stories. we begin with pope francis making a public appearance at the vatican this morning. the pope celebrated mass at st. peter's basilica. this is following concerns about his health after he canceled an appearance at a rome hospital. on friday. the vatican saying only then that he was suddenly indisposed. at today's event, he appeared tired and spoke softly but was later seen hugging and talking to bishops. firefighters out west are battling two separate wildfires this morning. the san juan fire, already burned over 5,000 acres.
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nearby communities, most of them summer homes, are under mandatory evacuation orders. no structures have been burned so far. and no reports of injuries so far. and in colorado. the so-called eight-mile fire is still 0% contained. new reports of fighting in the iraqi city of tikrit north of baghdad. government security forces began an attack on the city on saturday. it was captured by militant sunni forces earlier this month. security officials claim that government troops reached the outskirts of tikrit but residents there reported that militants from isis are still in control of the city as of night fall on saturday. and meanwhile, a south korean news agency has reported that north korea's test-fired missiles. they were reportedly fired into the country's eastern waters early sunday. this comes just days after in the countries say they test-fired three newly developed three precision-guided missiles. nba star lebron james is
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being joined in free agency by some of his miami heat teammates. dwyane wade said saturday he'll opt out of the remainder of his contract and udonis haslem. as all-star chris bosh is expected to make the same move before monday's deadline. all of those moves could give the heat increased payroll abili flexibility to potentially re-sign them all. and now, on -- from our -- you gotta check this out file. a bizarre sight. from north carolina. yep. you're seeing that. a man -- the car is on interstate 77 with a guy clinging to the outside of the trunk. authorities say they got several calls about this. by the time they responded, the car, oddly enough, was gone. witnesses said the man eventually broke the rear window and climbed back inside. must have been an interesting conversation inside that car. the investigation is ongoing. finally, it's a weird one. >> i'm sorry, that was. >> no doubt prince harry has gotten his share of marriage proposals.
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this one could be a first. an offer from a middleton. harry was this chile at the start of his three-day tour when chilean tv reporter bernardina middleton proposed. harry laughed it off. that's not exactly a no. later in the visit, he visited the city of valparaiso, which was hit by a devastating wildfire he fixed one family's tv just in time to watch the brazil-chile world match. you say, hey, can you fix my tv? >> why not. >> and he did. multitalented. >> jack of all trades. >> thanks, ron. now caught on camera. a daring duo, two women breaking into in the washington governor's office and making off with some rather interesting items. the question is, how were they able to make like cat women with no one noticing them? here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: two burglars busted on camera.
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brazenly prowling through a bold target, the office of washington state governor jay insley. surveillance video shows two women they identify as 22-year-old emily hunsicker and 29-year-old rachel camilla parking near the capitol building june 15th. they wait outside as people pass by. then, climb on narrow ledge and make their way in through a window. once inside, the two allegedly spend ten minutes going from room to room, signature at the governor's conference table and allegedly looting the office. taking a native american blanket and mask. a bolt of wine. even a framed picture of the governor and magic johnson. authorities say the women were captured by no fewer than ten security cameras. yet police never saw the women
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come in, never saw them throwing loot out the window. or making their escape. it wasn't until the next day that anyone even realized there had been major security breach. >> it should tell the state of washington, look, we have to tighten up security. this could have turned bad for us. fortunately, it ate peers to be two women that were just sort of out for a lark. and not there to actually do any harm to anyone. >> reporter: police later arrested both women. allegedly finding a hat taken during the break-in and other items in hunsicker's car, after she was pulled over for speeding. neither woman returned our phone calls. both are facing burglary charges and expected to enter a plea next month. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> that is one bizarre story. >> taking the wine? >> a blanket, wine. >> and then speeding later. >> we're waiting for them to call clayton back. >> okay. now to the trial of blade runner oscar pistorius. which is finally set to resume tomorrow, six weeks after the judge ordered he undergo mental health tests.
8:13 am
that could have a major impact on the case. lama hasan has details from south africa. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. in may, the trial was all set to wind down. then the shocking turn. as his mental and emotional health began being questioned in court. the judge ordering pistorius to have mental health checks. with these results set to come out, it's now make or break time in the case. does oscar pistorius know right from wrong? is he fit to stand trial? >> i'm sorry, milady, i'm getting confused. >> reporter: and the latest twist in his dramatic murder case. the olympic athlete's set to hear the results of his psychiatric evaluation monday morning. last month, the judge ordering the evaluation. a defense witness was saying he suffered from generalized anxiety order. >> when exposed to a threat, mr. pistorius is more likely to respond with a fight response than a flight response. >> reporter: perhaps explaining
8:14 am
why he fired his gun. that fateful night, killing his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. >> i did not fire at reeva. >> reporter: the prosecutor known as the bull tearier, going on the attack. >> if there had been another explanation, it was just lying. >> reporter: this trial, which lasted much longer than expected has witnesses describing in chilling details the night of steenkamp's death. >> it was blood-curdling. it was something that leaves you cold. >> reporter: and the olympic athlete grilled on the stand. >> mr. pistorius, your version is a lie. >> reporter: breaking down repeatedly. >> she wasn't breathing. >> reporter: now a team of psychiatrists and one psychologist are hoping to answer these critical questions. what was his state of mind when he killed steenkamp? the results could turn out to be a game-changer. while no one knows which direction this trial will go. but what we do know is that if
8:15 am
the team of doctors agrees with dr. vorster this will help his case. dan and bianna? >> look, the bottom line here is that, i don't think there's any way that the judge is going to accept a finding that says that he can't understand right from wrong. i don't think the psychologists are going to say that. the question is, will they say he's got some psychological issues? if they were to do that, that would only impact sentencing, not the actual trial. the more likely scenario is the group of psychologists are going to say that there's nothing. that psychologically, that should impact this case. we shall see. >> and the trial lasted a lot longer than initially expected. >> and another delay because one of the psychologists had a heart attack. they had to delay the results for two weeks. >> we know you'll be following this closely this week. >> absolutely. yeah. we're going to switch gears now and turn to "gma" at the world cup.
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it's heating up. exciting action kicking off the knockout round with the countdown to the usa's big win or go home match on tuesday. julie foudy is in rio right now. everyone in the office was glued to the television for the brazil versus chile match. >> oh, it was crazy, bianna. and it was the first game of the knockout round. you can imagine the pressure on the host country to win. and the entire nation watched, cheered with bated breath. ah, the pressure of hosting a world cup. all of brazil standing arm in arm, willing their team on versus chile in the first game of the knockout round. brazilian fans so worried at one point in in the game, they borrowed from the u.s. song book, chanting in portuguese, i believe, throughout the stadium. surviving the lows.
8:17 am
and then the highs of a penalty kick victory. >> we need to win. >> reporter: as brazil celebrates, team usa trains. on tuesday, they'll face a very young, talented belgian team. >> they're a force to be reckoned with in the attacking. i think they're going to be a good matchup. >> reporter: star striker jozy altidore is back jogging. after injuring his hamstring but is still listed as uncertain. this u.s. team knows all too well the dangers of this dark horse belgian team, including the highly visible marouane fellaini of manchester united. his soccer skills gaining almost as much attention as his hair. >> fellaini! >> reporter: his hair has earned
8:18 am
him comparisons to screech from "saved by the bell." the u.s. team says they're ecstatic to get out of the group of death. their mood is interesting. they said, look, we're ecstatic. but we're not content. this is the first time they've gotten out of in the group stage in consecutive world cups. >> they're hungry. they're focused. yesterday, i have to tell you, ron and dan indulged sara and me by swooning over the male players. it's time to pay back because we're hearing brazil's supermodel gisele bundchen will be part of the festivities. right? >> reporter: yes, that was all the buzz yesterday. she's going to, at first, it was thought she was actually going to present the final world cup trophy to the captain of the winning team. quickly, fifa said, no, no, no. gisele is not going to be presenting the trophy. that goes to the two presidents. the president of the host nation and the president of fifa. she'll be carrying out the trophy with former world cup champion carlos puillos. >> i don't think the players would mind having gisele. >> if the u.s. wins, does
8:19 am
screech show up? >> that's a good question. you'll have to investigate. that big team usa round of 16 match is tuesday afternoon on espn. which has two more big games on tap today starting at 11:30 eastern. now for something straight out of a sci-fi movie. scientists at nasa playing with a flying saucer. >> you heard right. it's all to test out equipment that may one day help us land on mars. sara is here with more on the experiment. the testing was in hawaii. we couldn't send you there? >> no, hello. >> i'm angry for you. >> i'll give you three letters. u-f-o. you may have seen one if you were anywhere near hawaii. we can enjoy the mystery of it all. the dare devil scientists at nasa's jet propulsion laboratory are at it again. >> you have to be a little crazy sometime ifs you want to do the crazy things. >> reporter: as part of in the space agency's mission to mars,
8:20 am
a team of scientists took their latest cutting edge spacecraft for a test drive on saturday. >> you want to go to mars, you want to go big? you have to test big here. >> reporter: it's called the ldsd. low density supersonic accelerator. if you ask the internet, the new ride to the red planet looks suspiciously familiar. even the brainiac rebels of the jet propulsion laboratory acknowledged the ldsd borrows more than just a little from hollywood's favorite unidentified flying object. but what else can you expect from the team whose seven minutes of terror mars rover landing was infamously fronted by a former elvis look-a-like and a mohawk-sporting mission commander. >> we're safe on mars. >> reporter: it takes us one step closer to a mission to mars with humans. >> pretty cool.
8:21 am
>> i loved the cartoons in the piece. >> a ufo hearkens that kind of thing. >> brings back memories of childhood. >> how do you avoid "the jetsons." back to bill kelly from our columbus station. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to start out with a tropical system. or the potential for some tropical weather. it's that time of year. the national hurricane center giving this a 60% chance over the next five days to develop into a named storm. if you're going to florida, georgia, south carolina, for the upcoming fourth of july weekend, know that that could be a potential problem. it would be arthur if it becomes named. let's go to myrtle beach. the water temperature, 82. a good beach day. there is the possibility of a few showers here and there. still comfortable in the northeast. we're calling this a delicious day. i don't think that's overstated. temperatures in the 80s and low humidity. water temperatures into the 60s and 70s. southwest, very hot. phoenix, 109 today. 31st day in a row of
8:22 am
temperatures above 100. denver, 94, that would tie the warmest temperature you have had this year. do not get used to that. we have a major cooldown coming up. that's a look at the national picture. >> reporter: i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. storm tracker 6 live double scan crystal clear this morning, the skies are crystal clear. we'll see a decent amount of sun, clouds mixing in from time to time, temperatures on the warm side, humidity levels stay low. 88 degrees today. 88 tomorrow. tuesday wednesday, thursday, hazy, hot and humid temperatures in time >> as we talked about earlier, we have the severe weather potential as well in seven states. >> i'm still focused on the delicious day. bill, thank you.
8:23 am
coming up on "good morning america," the new chapter in what a family says is their nanny nightmare. she finally left their home. caught sleeping in her car. but is she gone for good? >> unbelievable story. plus, the hilarious chris rock, set to host tonight's b.e.t. awards. he takes us behind the scenes. and tells us who he would really like to go on tour with. and the first look at the new ad for jessica simpson's new scent. just days before she walks down the aisle.
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>> police are looking for the gunman who robbed a wawa in university city this morning. the store is on the 3800 block of spruce street. the suspect forced the checker to hand over cash. there were no injuries. 8:27 on this sunday morning, i'm nydia han.
8:28 am
let's go outside with meteorologist chris sowers with the latest from accuweather. chris. >> reporter: all right, nydia, getting warmer with the sun is up, the temperature are in the 70s shooting for a high of 88 degrees today. the humidity levels are nice and low we'll see a combination of sun and clouds. monday it's more humid there's another 88 there. tuesday, wednesday and thursday looks like our first official heat wave of the season at least the forecast models are hinting toward that, all three days in the 90s. high humidity. >> that's it for "action news," we're back in a half-hour. i'm nydia han. ms. harris: camden students face a lot of challenges but they meet them with determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship.
8:29 am
ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
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♪ you can't touch this ♪ you can't touch this is that a grape? >> what other channel can you turn on at 7:30 in the morning and hear m.c. hammer. >> that's a grape? >> and see a really cute dog. >> why is he eating it? >> who knew grapes weren't just for eating? to answer your question, mr. legal man. this little guy finding it a lot better to play with your food than to eat it. this dog's owner says her pup, george, saw the grape as a threat and went into attack mode. defending his turf. from the looks of it, he's having a, i'm not going to say it. >> do it, do it, do it. >> he's having a grape time. you get it? get it? >> i don't believe he saw that as a threat. come on.
8:31 am
>> good morning, everybody. dan harris is on vacation. dan abrams is here. >> it is very nice to be here. coming up, more game-playing. this time, one for the record books. we'll tell you about a super mario milestone. sara has that coming up in "pop news." first, the latest on a bizarre story about the truly live-in nanny. >> one family claimed she's turned their life into a nightmare. she'd been refusing to leave and threatened to sue. finally this morning, signs their ordeal may soon be over. ryan owens is in los angeles with more. you can't make this stuff up, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. what a story, right? we have some movement to report in the standoff between this family and their nanny who has not returned to their home since thursday. yes, there may be a deal in the works to end this soap opera in the next couple of days. we want to hear what you have to say. after spending several nights sleeping in her pontiac grand am, the 64-year-old woman dubbed "the nanny from hell" seemed
8:32 am
ready to throw in the towel. >> i hired a nanny. and she refuses to leave. >> reporter: three weeks after the family fired her and begged her to leave. >> let's just read the e-mail. >> reporter: late saturday night, diane stretton called the family's attorney and offered to move out of their upland, california, home, but only under her conditions. >> she said she could be out by july 4th. >> oh, no, no, no. >> we'll be out of town. then she -- if no one is here she could do a forced lockout on us. >> reporter: this morning, it's unclear if either side will budge. meanwhile, the nanny's belongings are still behind this bedroom door. >> this is now, by court, by law, this is her domain. >> reporter: this all started in march, when the family hired her. she was at first great with their three kids then complained of health problems and spent all day locked in her room. when you asked her to leave, what did she say to you? >> she smiles and shuts the door
8:33 am
at me. >> reporter: which is what she did to station kcbs wednesday night when the father served her with court papers. >> they've asked you to leave. why won't you leave? >> reporter: she wouldn't talk to us either. but in court, she's argued she's a tenant, with all the legal protections that come with it. >> i think that she actually spends her day trying to ruin people's lives. misery loves company. >> reporter: now she says that because the family has since learned this nanny apparently really likes to sue people. her name is on dozens of civil lawsuits all across southern california. the family thinks she does this for a living. in this case, we should point out, stretton is acting as her own attorney. she still has not commented to us. we want to make that crystal clear just in case she decides to sue us, too. >> get our lawyers in line. >> the problem is, it takes
8:34 am
awhile, um, to evict someone. i mean, because she was invited into the home. that was part of the deal initially. the wheels of justice don't move that quickly. she's clearly using that to her advantage. >> makes me want to go home and give my babysitter a big hug and a kiss. someone else i wouldn't mind giving a hug to is ron claiborne. >> hi, everybody. hi, bianna, dan, sara. we begin with the wild weather across much of the country. in minnesota, heavy and blinding rain adding to the flooding that's devastated that state for days. and in texas and oklahoma, damaging winds september debris flying and damaging roof tops and cars. and a suspected leader of the 2012 attack in benghazi that killed four americans, including the american ambassador appeared in court in washington, d.c. on saturday. ahmed abu khattala pled not guilty. before a federal judge. he was captured two weeks ago by american commandos in libya. security in the courtroom was very, very heavy. a huge wimbledon upset. five-time champion and
8:35 am
top-seeded serena williams is out, ousted by alize cornet. in the third round. williams' worst showing at that slam since 2005 and comes on the heels of her second round loss in the french open last month. going back to the australian where she was bounced out in the fourth round. the worst three grand stretch in her career. and a pair of world record attempts in los angeles on saturday. first this one. close to 1,000 ukulele players came together. sadly, they fell short of the 2135 needed to break that world record. >> dan harris. >> there's dan harris, hey! hey, dan. in wisconsin, a record was broken. kemp's dairy constructed the world's largest ice cream scoop weighing in at a whopping 3,010 pounds. and we have this breaking news update. that guy clinging to the automobile. he's back out there again.
8:36 am
he's been spotted on the new jersey turnpike. >> no. >> headed this way. >> oh, my -- >> get that guy back in the car. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm joking. >> not really. >> i was like, come on. >> he got nervous. >> lock the doors. >> ron, know your audience. i totally believed you. >> i sold it. didn't i? he could be out there, you never know. >> you're going to investigation. meantime, let's investigate in the weather. one more check with bill. hey, bill. >> that was funny. you couldn't see it because the video was on. i'm watching you all watching ron like, really? hey, let me start you out in chicago. look at the live shot from wls. where again, we have a little bit of some fog out there. naming it, renaming it the foggy city it seems. today, the high around 90. we have only been at 90 or above twice. we're looking at more severe storms in this region of the country. this cold front bringing a lot of rain. i will say, a little bit of good news. in minnesota, the first time in
8:37 am
three years that no part of the state is in any kind of drought. there's at least a little bit of good news. the cold front will bring very cool air, relatively speaking. a maybe 20 to 25-degree drop. 94 in denver today. 71 by tuesday. 64 on >> reporter: i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. we're looking at another gorgeous day with temperatures in the 80s. tomorrow, 88 degrees will feel a little bit more humid, tuesday, we >> and this weather report bought to you by daisy sour cream. >> you have proven we're a gullible bunch. >> yeah, yeah. >> well, trust us. coming up, chris rock takes center stage as host of the b.e.t. and talking a new tour. the big name he would like to see headlining with him. and major cuteness alert. the tiger cubs who think it is play time all the time, up ahead in "pop news." ws."
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it is a big night for chris rock. just hours from now, he'll be hosting the b.e.t. awards, the grand finale to a larger b.e.t. weekend experience.
8:42 am
with concerts, celebrity panels, cultural workshops. >> he's so funny. a huge gig to be sure. he's also looking ahead to doing something he hasn't done in years. getting back on tour. maybe with another big name. rachel smith has more. >> chris rock. >> reporter: he's played the hosting gig numerous time for the mtv video music awards. >> chris rock. >> reporter: even hollywood's biggest night, the oscars. >> it's kind of like the def oscar jam tonight. >> reporter: tonight, he's taking the b.e.t. awards stage. >> i'm inviting everybody to meet me at the b.e.t. awards. >> reporter: as host for the very first time. why now? >> i have a lot of jokes i want to get off my chest. i have always liked the b.e.t. awards. >> reporter: it's an awards show jam-packed with star power, including performances from pharrell, john legend, nicki minaj, robin thicke, and lionel
8:43 am
richie, who is taking home the lifetime achievement award. ♪ all night long >> reporter: how are you prepping for this big awards show? >> i'm going on stage at a bunch of comedy clubs, working on jokes. >> reporter: really? >> same way i prepared for the mtv awards. same way i prepared for the oscars. >> reporter: he's preparing for a comedy tour, too. possibly kicking off this fall. >> the name is the black plague tour. >> reporter: and kanye helped you out. >> the name black plague came up and i said are you going to use that? he said, no. i said, hand it over. >> reporter: i'm hearing dave chappelle could get in on this act? >> we're trying. >> reporter: do your kids think you're cool? >> my kids think i'm, you know, a dork for a lack of a better -- no kids think their parents are cool. >> reporter: chris will likely be racking up major cool points with his kids when he rocks the b.e.t. awards tonight.
8:44 am
>> so you know i gotta make this special. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. >> he's one of the best. do yourselves a favor at home. look up his interview with george stephanopoulos from a few years back, it was hilarious. i'm not just plugging our show. it was really funny. the b.e.t. awards air live tonight. coming up, super mario. how the speed runner became one for the recordbooks. the runner became one for the recordbooks. ♪ just a little more bright ♪ ♪ i think the stars might be hanging ♪ ♪ just a little more high ♪ ♪ come on, love ♪ a new day is calling, and it feels so right ♪ [ female announcer ] with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread the happy.
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♪ it is time for "pop news." and as always, abc's sara haines. >> thank you, dan. jessica simpson is days away from her wedding. she channeled some of the bridal glamour in an ad for her new perfume.
8:49 am
which she tweeted out to fans. she looks absolutely stunning wearing what seem to be just ferts and chris also the. not everyone can pull that off. she said her people were trying to come up with a name for the scent and she suggested maybe her own name. she's set to marry the father of her two kids next weekend. there are gamers and there are gamers. a new speed runner called blubbler, is claiming a world record for competing souper maro records. >> blubbler. blubbler. >> open mike, ron. >> his winning time according to smb leaderboards wiki shaved 0.4 off the old record. supposedly a glitch in the game helped with the timing. a glitch always helped me win in general. hard to believe but nintendo launched the game way back in 1985. when i played that music, my fiance was like, oh, my gosh,
8:50 am
did you find the mario brothers? >> it's like pavlovian, isn't it? >> it is. >> i knew i was an addict when my family wanted to get me one and i said no, because i would never leave the house. >> i got blisters from the nintendo. not a good thing. and take a look at the cutest triplet use have ever seen. the three sumatran tiger clubs are seven weeks old and the pride of the topeka zoo. they wrestle at every opportunity. they weigh about 13 pounds each. no names yet. they're expected to make their public debut in august. they grow up to be big, big animals. >> got that bianna. very large. >> i knew ron would kick in with that. they're not always babies. and speaking of babies. we're in love with the baby in love with skateboarding. yesterday, 9-month-old nate who loves to ride with his dad. we asked you to send pictures of your own sports babies. we got good ones. navea is getting her swing
8:51 am
figured out with isaac. and he says baseball is in her blood. owen seymour started skiing at 18 months old. that's better than i'm doing and i'm slightly olderer than that. when alex is good, her dad takes her around the neighborhood on their scooter. chase anderson has been riding a dirt bike since he was 3. how cute is that kid? >> since he was 3? >> since he was 3. that's in his blood. and 7-month-old aiden likes skateboarding with his dad. you don't want to hit a bump. that kid will go flying. >> they have these competitive baby bike -- motocross competitions for 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds. >> i bet it's so cool to see. >> they're fearless. watch, not doing. as long as they're not your own kid. >> we'll be right back. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america.
8:52 am
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any news on the guy who is on the car? >> he's crossing the george washington bridge. he'll be here soon. >> that sounds like a "pop news" story. >> hanging on, hanging on. thank you so much for joining us. have a wonderful weekend. great to have you here. great to have you here bill, as well. have a wonderful weekend. great to have you here. great to have row here bill, as well. >> be good morning i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. a wawa is one of two convenience stores held at gunpoint. a california family's nightmare with a nanny who won't leaved. it's hotter and humid by the minute, so much in fact it appears that the first heat wave
8:57 am
is on the way this
8:58 am
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>> good morning it's 9:00 a.m. on this sunday june 29. in the news the search is on for armed robbers who held up two convenience stores overnight. >> a big honor for a brave pakistani girl who battled back after being shot in the head for speaking on the rights of women. wall-to-wall sunshine. a gorgeous summertime day is on tap, but enjoy it now, accuweather says changes are coming. chris sowers here with all the details. >> reporter: a miserable sunday.
9:00 am
it's awful out there. look at this view live on sky 6. lots of sunshine, a nice comfortable breeze down the jersey shore. not a cloud in the sky, temperatures are pleasant, picture perfect on this sunday. 74 degrees in the city. boardwalk in atlantic city, 72. sea isle city, 74. wilmington, 76, dover 74 degrees, the humidity levels have come up a none of them, but it's comfortable out there. the satellite and radar composite showing we're clearing along the eastern seabed this right here -- seaboard. this right here that's a warm front along with the heat combined will trigger showers and thunderstorms. today is decent, and tomorrow decent, tuesday, wednesday and


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