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tv   Action News  ABC  June 28, 2014 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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and for dark spots rapid tone repair. >> it is friday night. and the big story on "action news" tonight is road rage murder on the streets of philadelphia. police say a man got out of a van tonight and proceeded to shoot another man to death. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live on the 2800 block of north 5th street. dap what are the details here? >> reporter: jim, right now crime scene investigators are on the scenech the area surrounded by yellow crime scene tape as a 32-year-old man lies dead on his stoop in front of his home in kensington.
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here's what happened according to police. sometime around 9:00 the victim was arguing with exgirlfriend in middle of the street in the 200 block of north fifth. they were blocking traffic and cars were honking and trying to get around them. suddenly a man gets out of a green mini van upset they were blocking traffic and pulls a gun. chief inspector scott small picks up the story. it appears at this time this shooting is motivated by road raim. our shooting victim was on foot blocking traffic while arguing with his girlfriend causing people to back up in traffic. not be able to drive around them for some reason our 3-year-old victim was standing in the middle of the street and shooter in this green mini van got into an argument with him and it appears the motive is road rage, which resulted in a homicide. >> reporter: now the green mini van was later found abandoned in front of a convenience store 5 0 0 block of indiana police are
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holding it as part of the investigation. police believe they were out there people in the area, in this van, there were at least three people in the van. they're being sought right now. police have surveillance of the van at the scene. they're analyzing the footage further. so just to wrop things up a 32-year-old man arguing with his girlfriend in middle of the street was shot dead apparently by motorist upset they were blocking traffic. live in kensington, dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news."" >> thank you, dann, owe gloucester township police say road rage is behind an incident on the 1200 blackwood, clem mondayton road 4:40 this afternoon. carl constantino approached michael brown. police say that when brown swung a box cutter and slashed constantino in the hand. brown fled from officers and was can toured. both refused to cooperate with the investigation. brown is facing charges for eluding police.
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the driver of hyundai is in critical condition tonight in the wake of this crash in coyton, bucks county, the car crossed center line of new portville road 6:00 tonight and plowed into a ford wind star coming in the opposite direction. the driver of the windstar is stable. police say a burglar was so comfortable inside the business he had targeted that he made himself a cup of coffee. surveillance pictures show the man in his green pickup truck brianers cheverolet in jenk untone and walked around the business until found unlocked door, went inside, made coffee and walked out with a bunch of tools. abington police are looking for the suspect and his green ford ranger. salem police released a new picture of the woman they say beat a young mother was victim's 2-year-old son looked on. 25-year-old latiah harris continues to elude police. the victim suffered a broken nose and mild conclusion in the
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attack tuesday in the video captured by cellphone you can seat victim's 2-year-old son try to stop harris. police say they are look ago cross south jersey and philadelphia for harris. a lehigh valley dentist says a 6-year-old girl's teeth are so dedavid could kill her. now her parents are facing charges of neglect. the girl from lehigh township is suffering from 14 in23ebg9ed f infected abscessed teeth. the girl was scheduled to ungo surgery in march. her parents kenneth juan maker and jessica hoffman say they want aid second opinion and the father says while her teeth need help he and the child's mother are raising a happy, well adjusted child. wawa welcome america celebration begins tomorrow and plans are in place to make sure everybody stays safe while they're having fun. police, fire and other public safety officials in philadelphia will be monitoring hundreds of cameras looking for anything
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suspicious, the city is also getting help from cell sue lar networks that set up five mobile towers to boost broad band capacity. officials asked that people leave their back packs or coolers at home and bring beverages and bottles and food in clear bags. >> the new has the details about this year's wawa welcome america festival. you'll find day by day listings of major events and slide show of performers for the largest free concert in america. the night of jewel 4. it is all there on the new right now. they made official announcement today in atlantic city. the showboat casino hotel is closing at the end of august. the big you blow here, 2100 people will lose their jobs. >> i'm devastated how do i feed my family pay my mortgage and go on with my life. >> it is the second casino to close in atlantic city. the atlantic club shut down last january and revel casino will
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close if it does not find a buyer by mid-august. penn national gaining company withdrawn its bid for city second casino license. it wanted to build a casino south philadelphia nair the sports complex but ceo said it's calling quits because the city voysd emphatic support port for a casino to be built in center city and market potential in philadelphia has declined. starting tomorrow the fire station housing engine company 7 and deputy 2 will be out of service stem rarely. the closure will allow scheduled replacement of apparatus floors and the work will take 6 to 8 weeks. firefighters there will be relocated to surrounding stations so the district remains covered. tonight there is reason to celebrate an education milestone in the city of camden. it's all about the leap academy university charter school and young scholars that graduated tonight.
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"action news" reporter sharee williams is here with friday night success story. >> excellence would be a perfect way to describe hard work from teachers and students in camden. tonight's graduation marks ten years straight that every high schooler has graduated and then gone on to college. on top of that, this is leap's largest graduating class yet with 120 students. >> high school graduations are familiar scene this time of year. but this group in camden has a unique story. >> it's really important for the community. it's a big deal. >> these graduates are part of leap academy university charter school and for the tenth consecutive year, 100% earned their high school diploma and 100% heading to college. >> $10,000. >> including senior marko lopez heading to rutgers to study engineering. >> this school gave me the integrity i needed to push
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through and i felt like i'm ready for college. >> it's a joe us occasion in camden one of the poorest, most violent cities in the country. this woman is founder of leap. >> kids from camden they're the miracle in many ways the children nobody ever believed could do it. >> teen rerz more dedicated and more intune with students and really care not only about our education but us personally. >> it's a proud night for parents. vanessa jones's son has been here through schooling. >> this is unbelievable a statement there's powner camden. >> they come from the city and same neighborhood everybody comes and it really shows we can break a cycle of povrerty every time you graduate a child and send them to college. and this young people are going all over for college. anne marie, princeton, university of pennsylvania, rowane to name a few and other
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great things about this, jim, most are going to college on scholarships, leap actually had four million dollars in scholarship money being rewarded to this class alone. the most they've ever had. >> founder said it's breaking a cycle of poverty with excellence. >> yeah it's a great things they're doing. >> thank you so much. >> well, she has been tripped of the crown but now miss delaware organization says amanda longacre will get the keep the scholarship money and other awardsch the organization just realized that longacre was too old for the title. lightningacre didn't do anything wrote and accurately reported her birth date on application so there was a mixup. miss delaware title now goes to britney louis. still to come on "action news" tonight, gm issues more recalls plus fired nanny refuses to move out and family says they're victims in their own home. actress amy adams making waves on social media for giving up
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her first class airplane seat and we'll tell who you got the chair. >> good news in the weather department if you like cooler temperatures we're stepping down from 94 to 28 today. >> and nhl draft tonight and philly's, braves, jeff skversky >> and nhl draft tonight and philly's, braves, jeff skversky with the stories when "action male announcer: hit the road with our new
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maryland scenic byways guide and map to explore all the beauty, history and culture along our 18 byways and other driving tours. order yours today at land of wonder. a california family says their live in nanny refuses to work and refuses to leave. the couple says they have tried everything including legal matters to get her outch the first couple months with staton were good and she soon stopped working and complained of health issues. when asked to go she said no. >> when i called the police,
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they're telling me it's now civil matter and i have to evict her. so this lady is welcome inside my house any time she wants to eat my food any time she wants and harrah me basically i'm now a victim in my own home and it's completely legal. >> while they proceed with eviction, straighton and fighting back and says she's legally protected tenant. >> more problems for general motors tonight the company just issued three more recalls covering 474,000 vehicles. largest covers almost 467,000 four wheel drive cheverolet silverado and gmc sierra pickups and u con and receive lay tahoe and suvs. the transmissions can snivt neutral on their own. that ka cause lots of power and trucks to roll away if parks and cheverolet rear shock observers
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and cheverolet windshield wipers for police vehicles and gm recalled more than 20 million vehicles this year for various issues. a 55 million verdict against honda. in 2010 carlos martinez was in rollover accident that left him paralyzed. a faulty seat belt design in his acura integrity ra caused his injuries. honda denies any defect in the restraint system and said it will appeal. >> a consumer alert for reason to check the freezer. necessarily recalled 10,000 cartons of hag an was ice cream and the problem is the list of ingredients doesn't say the package contains peanuts which could pose a hazard for people with peanutal early. it affects gallons of ice cream with best buy date of may 13, 2015 districted in ten states including delaware, new jersey and pennsylvania.
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>> word has come legendary soul singer bobby womack had cancer and alzheimer's and will not disclose the death of the 70-year-old womack he influenced top performers like rolling zones and his come back album was called the bravest man in the universe. >> for the third time this month pope francis cancelled or scaled back event due to illness or fatigue. this was to celebrate mass today gimeli hospital and the vatican said the pontiff's weekend appointments were concerned and there were no concerns for his health. the 77-year-old has only one full lung and suffer from a bad back that can make walking painful. actress amy adams gave up a first class seat to american soldier she said it was not to garper attention. according to a fellow passenger
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adams noticed a man in uniform at her gate in detroit. she privately asked to switch sweets him and even though he was booked in coach and she was in first class. when asked about it at her destination she simply said she did it to bring attention to the troops. >> on "healthcheck" at 11:00 1.1 million them united states are living with hiv and according to c d c nearly 1 in 6 don't know they're infected. national hiv testing day is aimed to change all that. today sites across the united states offered free screenings and fewer than half of all americans have been tested for hiv. >> hip-hop brought young people together in chinatown tonight in philadelphia and this event had another mission. hip-hop for philly concert encouraged people ages 13 to 24 to get tested for hiv and got free tickets in exchange for taking hiv test at sites throughout the city feet furd
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artist wally rocked the stage at the tracadero sglont here's a view most of us will never see. what a lightning storm looks like from face. manner astronaut reed wiserman took this video aboard the international space station than lightning filled storm blew over houston, texas tonight and that's quite a sight. >> first i've ever seen it like that. spectacular to see at the from the ground up. >> base up to the ground. >> really cool. >> you know what's really cool, temperatures tonight dropping and we have a nice weekend on the way. in fact we look now at stormtracker 6 double scan around the region. all is quiet own this friday night and it will remain that way through the weekend. as we look at numbers north and west down to 65 st. david and kennett scare 69 oxford two sixs on the board and martin's creek 72 and chester 67 as we head to the state of new jersey and
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delaware 61 hammonton and vineland 6 and pine barrens much cooler than areas north and glassboro and areas along the shore which temperatures now are lower 70 s. state of delaware big difference to dover and smyrna temperatures through in the mid 60s. >> how it feels this upcoming weekend the dew points again a measure of moisture in the area. two days ago with 90 degree temperature it was in the 70s. now we're going into the 50s. it will remain comfortable with that really dry air as canadian high pressure is coming in from the north. right now that high pressure is over new england again squashing cloud cover especially way down to the south. all of the downpours and thunderstorms have been suppressed into north and south carolina and that's where they stay for the next few days. as we look at future tracker early tomorrow morning at 6:00, 60 allentown and 60 lancaster and 61 millville and 64 tren stone if you are up early taking
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a walk, with the dog, you know what it will be on the coolish side tomorrow morning. no harm in that. and then by 10:00 in the morning we warm to 75 allentown and 78 philadelphia and 77 in millville. mid 70s at the shore. and so if you are lucky enough to be by your neighbor's pool or own pool in the backyard, lot of sunshine, lather on sunshine as uv index is on a scale of 9 out of 10. so on very high side meaning you can burn in less than 15 minutes. noontime temperature of 80. by 4:00, 84. ocean temperatures jumped up a couple degrees in the last few hours and more than likely should bounce back to the 70s this weekend with easterly ily wind and seabreeze both days, 79 saturday and sun and sun and in poconos looking good there temperatures 80. both days sun and clouds and low humidity even in the mountains. >> as we look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast again
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beauty of a weekend, both days comfy and both days mimicking one another, 84, 85 degrees and humidity up a bit 86. heat, humidity, fuelling afternoon scattered storms why the forecasts. first of july, 90, tuesday and thursday 86. right now the early call for 4th of july low humidity, sunshine, pleasant, 84 degrees. we could have another beautiful weekend in store for next week. >> we better keep it that way. >> we'll try. >> thanks, adam. >> the the mann september were a classical piece. >> the philadelphia orchestra contained beethoven symphony number nine this is the first broadcast of the season and third of 8 featuring the orchestra. in two weeks someone's
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>> in north fold benefit late each owe immigrant youth the open door in partnership with norris square neighborhood projects create aid summer program for the region without
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their families and the program gives kids a chance to take part in arts gardening and activity. >> phillies and braves begun a weekend series at citizens bank park. >> since that five game season high winning streak last week everything is going back downhill. phillys with four games in three days against the braves and carlos ruiz will not be behind the plate for i of them. ruiz placed on ace able list with concussion like symptoms after getting hit in the head by a pitch. ruiz out with the braves and phillies announcers out in the booth they're calling it in the out feel and what are the odds this. kyle kendrick gives up three-run homerer to fred freddie freeman look where it nroondz tom mctammy's glove are you kidding me they don't teach that in sportscasting school. phils down 3-0. team mack won't catch this or phils. >> freeman doubles right. phils again 4-2 they lost five of 7.
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and sixers were one of worst teams in nba last year last night they pick up two, two first rounders who are not sdpekted to play it season. when will painful rebuilding process payoff even gm sam hinkey joel embiid will need five to 8 months to recover and darrell will play in turkey the next two years. sivrmz fans be patient. it may take longer than three year projection. hinkey is not taking any shortcut. >> how do we bring in more and more players that can help us move forward with a goal of trying to really build something that could be cham peepship caliber. that doesn't happen overnight we've been open about that and larger answer it's hard to know.
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>> to end up with nb and sar itch despite they won't be on the court next year this sa good thing, great things for this program and city. >> let's hope sew. brett brown believe embiid and noel could be as good as dunkin and robertson when they were together years ago in san antonio. >> did the flyers
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>> the flyers try toy move up to
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the number one overall nick tonight's nhl draft multiple times according to gm ron they could not get a deal done with floor dwaxt 17 overall pick flyers take defenseman travis san-i'm 180 pounds, 6' 6" his mother's stepbrother is related to helpy. bonnie clark was drafted 17th overall 45 years ago. by the way sidney crosby, all have to change right? >> andrew wiggins was most sought after player in nba draft. sixers tried and could not trade one cleveland. had it worked out i bet they would remember his name at a press conference. >> let's say hello to mitchell wiggins. or andrew wiggins i'm sorry. i go back. mitchell come back, andrew wiggins, could come on andrew.
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>> mitchell wiggins is father former sixer it's andrew, andrew wiggins honest mistake by the cleveland cavaliers announcer. it's live tv we've all been there. that was not the mistake he wanted to make on this day. >> finally tonight the warm night led itself to frozen entertainment. families packed hawthorne park in south fold watch disney's hit proceedsen. animated film features oscar winning 1207bg let it go. the next movie at the park jewel 25 featuring lego movie. disney of course the parent company of channel 6. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 5:30 with eva pilgrim, and meteorologist chris sowers. and now for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and i'm not going to have
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>> jack hanna's "into the wild" is brought to you by nationwide insurance and the columbus zoo. >> i'm "jungle" jack hanna. christopher columbus thought he saw mermaids swimming in the ocean, and i thought they were crazy until i saw -- are they mana tefment e -- manatees or mermaids? next on "into the wild"! ♪
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>> one of our favorite places to film is in florida because it is one of the few places left in the world where you still have an abundance of wildlife. on this visit we are visiting a unique mammal called a manatee. they weigh around 1,200 pounds. you might be surprised to learn that in 1493 christopher columbus saw three of them on his voyage to america. he thought they were something quite different. that's right, he thought he had spotted mermaids, half woman, half fish. >> when you look at the fail, it does look like the tail of a mermaid. i could see how that could come about.


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