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tv   Action News  ABC  June 25, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> fire forces a family out of their home and sends several people to the hospital in south jersey. >> bullets fly on a philadelphia street leaving two teens hurt. we are live with the latest on the search for the gunman. >> accuweather says a muggy morning could then be leading to some drenching downpours later today. >> good morning, it is 5:30 on later today. >> matt o'donnell is off. erin o'hearn is joining us. let's go over to david murphy. he's got a lot on what we're expecting today and karen rogers is watching the roads. good morning. >> our first change today is obvious as soon as you step outside. it just feels a lot more muggy out there all because of a cold front out to the west encourageing a southerly flow. this has been going on all night. now we're fairly humid ahead of this. notice rain out to the west of us. might be a shower this afternoon but the bigger issue will be in the northern and western suburbs later this evening when heavy downpour producing thunderstorms are possible. my twitter follower karen in west chester pennsylvania reports 73 muggy degrees right now and in fact across the
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region most of us are in the low 70's. 73 in philadelphia, 72 in wilmington, 74 in reading, 70 in allentown and 72 in sea isle city. as we head out the door this morning, staying in the 70's between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock. by 8 o'clock we'll be into the mid 70, muggy conditions, partly cloudy skies to maybe mainly clear. there is going to be some sunshine early. as we roll through the day, 77 and humid by 9 o'clock. up to 84 as soon as noon. and your high today 88 degrees around 4 o'clock. later this afternoon a spotty shower is possible with those storms more likely later this evening. again, centered mainly in the northern and western suburbs. karen i'll have future tracker 6 tracking those storms coming up in a couple minutes. >> all right. so the roads are dry right now. we made it halfway through the week. let's get this day started and look outside. this is i-95 here at girard avenue. the overnight construction is clear so if you're coming in from bucks county or northeast philadelphia you've got a little bit of building volume southbound on i-95 but no big problems and the big picture
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reflecting that. we're not seeing any accidents or issues on the blue route, schuylkill or i-95. we have 13th street still blocked in center city so watch for that near race. you can stick to broad or 11th street as your alternate to deal with that one. we've got this downed traffic signal causing an issue in hamilton township mercer county on 33 eastbound just past 295. it's out there on the right lane. and in camden county, we've got construction in a tricky spot new jersey turnpike southbound near exit three so that's busy as you come off from 168, it's blocking the left lane and that will be out there for a couple more hours, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. we're following some breaking news right now. "action news has just confirmed two people have been stabbed in olney. a woman was stabbed at least 15 times, a man was that stabbed as well. this scene is the 5900 block of north fourth street. we're working to confirm the victims' conditions. katherine scott is leaded to some scene. she'll have a live report shortly. new this morning two police officers an firefighter suffered smoke inhalation
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while battling a house fire. viewer video shows the flames late last night along the 600 block of kaighn avenue in camden. the fire started in an abandoned home. a squatter was injured and flown to the hospital and the family next door was forced to evacuate but they were able to go back to their home overnight. the firefighter and two police officers are expected to be okay. and philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who shot two teens late last night t the action cam was at the scene of the shootings, the 16 hundred block south 30th street in the grays ferry section of the city. less don't know yet if the teens were actually the targets or if they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. investigators say at least 11 shots were fired, two of them hit a 15-year-old boy on his bike, another bullet wound add 14-year-old boy. they're both in the hospital now in stable condition. officers say the gunman and another man ran off after these shootings. police are hoping surveillance will lead to these suspects. >> another new story this morning, a driver in delaware could face dui charges after
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crashing into a house. it happened around 2:00 this morning on the 28 hundred block of ferris road in price's corner. police say the driver lost control, ran off the road, then hit a stone embankment plowing into the front porch of a house. the house was moderately damaged. fortunately no one was seriously injured. police say the driver is being tested for drugs and alcohol. from our delaware news room delaware governor jack markell will sign into law a bill today that would make it easier for communities get a lifesaving drug. the drug is called naloxone also called narcan. it quickly reverses the effects of a heroin overdose. police officers and other first responders travel with the drug and administer it in emergencies. >> it is now 5:34. an illegal immigrant behind bars charged with that weekend rape and home invasion of a 26-year-old doctor in center city. investigators say 28-year-old milton garcia had the victim's keys on him and her phone in his house.
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a ping from the cell led detectives to the south philadelphia home where garcia lived. garcia was working at a philadelphia restaurant as a part-time kitchen employee. police say the honduran man was deported last year but somehow returned. philadelphia police and the fbi are trying to identify this man. they say he tried to hold up the credit unity mayfair section of philadelphia late yesterday morning. investigators say he walked into the bank on frankford avenue at at 11:46. he ran off without getting any cash. a bank robber hitched a ride on a septa bus. officers responded to the branch of wells fargo yesterday afternoon they got word that someone matching the description was riding septa. police stopped the bus at roosevelt boulevard and cottman avenue and arrested the suspect. police say they recovered $500 stolen in the holdup. >> the severe storms heading our way have left their mark on parts of the midwest.
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a powerful tornado ripped through the indianapolis area yesterday. the twister lifted an rv and slammed it into a house. look at all that damage. denver was rocked by high winds and hail. the storms caused scattered damage. rivers are on the rise in minnesota which are facing historic flooding. entire neighborhoods are under water in the city of waterville. the mississippi river is 5 feet above flood stage. it is not expected to crest until tomorrow. >> wow. difficult times for those folks. let's turn to you, david, because you're saying be prepared, tonight we could be in for strong storms. >> especially north and west of philadelphia. the big issue between now and then, the humidity you can feel it out there. storm tracker 6 live double scan we've got no precipitation out there just yet. as we take a look outside, it is muggy out there and you feel it as soon as you step outside. there's the ben franklin bridge, the delaware river, penn's landing and everybody across the region right now in the low 70's and feeling on the humid side. 73 degrees in philadelphia
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right now, 72 in wilmington. even allentown and trenton, some of our typically cooler spots in the morning are holding onto 70. millville often drop but, no, you're at 72 this morning and same thing down at the shore and in delaware. future tracker 6 shows you how we're going to see clouds and sun through the morning and then we get into the noon hour, maybe a spotty shower here or there but mainly dry. now, during the afternoon there is the chance of some spotty shower activity just about anywhere across the region. by 5 o'clock you'll notice thunderstorms developing north and west of the area. it looks like most of this activity is going to be in the evening hours for us and mainly in the northern and western suburbs and those now some of these storms that form could produce drenching downpours and that has with it some related problems. so, storms today, this afternoon, this evening are worse north and west and worse at night. if you see something this afternoon it's probably more along the variety of a real spotty quick shower but these thunderstorms at night could give you a quick 2-inches of rain in perhaps less than an
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hour enough to produce localized flooding where these spotty storms hit and also frequent lightning. if you're in those northern and western suburbs this evening you want to watch out for them. in philadelphia most of the activity probably off to the north and west but we'll keep our eyes on it. the other issue today is the oppressive humidity. it is going to be really raw later on today and heavy. we're expecting dew points up over 70 degrees and any time you hit that mark that is what we would consider oppressive stuff, okay. probably gets a little better tomorrow but today pretty sticky out there. 84 degrees is your high in allentown, very humid and an afternoon shower or thunderstorm can't be ruled out and an even better chance of that in the evening hours as you just saw. down the shore, more humid, 78 degrees at noon, 82 by 3:00. that's pretty much your high temperature. you do have nice ocean water temperatures in which to get relief and i am posting late storm but really it looks like the best chance of precipitation down the shore would be a shower and not so much the thunderstorm variety. of course if you hear thunder
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we want you to head inside. very humid with spotty storms late today and tonight north and west of philadelphia, 88 degrees. a shower is possible in the city as we roll through the day. and of course very humid. there you see how those numbers are going to climb. we are going to wind up in the 80's pretty quickly. and then 84 degrees at the ball game first pitch. ninth inning temperature 77t i think the phillies and marlins get that game in. your seven-day, today's high, 88, humid, very humid in fact and then we've got that shower in the afternoon and an evening storm especially north and west of philadelphia. still unsettled tomorrow. doesn't like -- like like that front gets out of here. there's the chance avenue lingering shower or thunderstorm at times on thursday, not a washout. friday the humidity lowers. we're up to 86 degrees. sunshine though warm and with lower humidity it should be fairly comfortable summer afternoon. more of the same on saturday with sunshine and highs in the 80's. sunday more humid, 86 and a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm building back in
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at times. not a washout on sunday. notice how we stay on the warm and even hot side as we roll into next week. looks like the 90's return on tuesday. >> getting into the summer, hm. >> uh-huh, yeah. >> thanks, david. well, time now is 5:40. still ahead an arkansas inmate is on the run and police say he's possibly armed and dangerous. the new surveillance video police want you to see. and lebron james' big move with the reigning champs dee throned. will he head to a new empire. karen. >> live in doylestown, looking pretty good. state street at 611. getting word of a new accident. details coming up. >> and when it comes to stupid criminals, this guy's right up there. how facebook landed one man behind bars. that's when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. it is 5:43. you're looking live through sky 6 hd at a pretty shot there of cape may. get the hair spray out today. >> icky sticky might be the best word for it, right, karen. >> yeah, feel it as soon as you step outside. time for your suburban traffic report. let's go outside live to chester county and show you what it looks like. a good slot of the roads that are clear right now, no weather related problems affecting the roads, certainly not here on route 100
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approaching ship road. construction is clear but crews return again at 6 o'clock so you wants to watch for that. looking pretty good right here in our cameras. how about the maps on the northeast extension northbound construction past quakertown is cleared but we still have construction blocking the right lane past lansdale so watch for the crews that are still out there. but we're seeing speeds like 64 miles an hour so not affecting too many people out there at this early hour. church street is going to close today between main street and new albany in moorestown burlington county so watch for it. it's from 8 o'clock to 4 o'clock doing water main replacement. stick to riverton road and that will help you get around that. time for your commuter traffic report. this is the one you get to be a part of when you download the free waze app. i've got it right here and i was scanning around the region and found someone talking about an accident, it was 295 southbound near route 38 in mount laurel. it was blocking the right lane so watch for that on 295 but we checked into it and right now it has just cleared so things are looking better on 295. if you check the waze app i can update that for you right now so things are looking a little bit better for you.
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how about the temperatures also a you head out the door, 73 degrees right now in philadelphia. feeling warm and muggy already out there. 70's in allentown. 73 in millville. we're dry for your morning commute. maybe a spotty shower later today but it's warm, very warm and humid, 88. we're watching for the chance for some of those storms coming through, especially later this evening and tonight and especially in the northwest suburbs, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. breaking right now, we're keeping our eye on this breaking news. two people have been stabbed in philadelphia's olney section. one victim a woman was actually stabbed at least 15 times. our katherine scott has just arrived on the scene. she's live there in the 5900 block of north fourth street. she's got the latest. let's go to you, katherine. >> reporter: well, tam, of course this is still a breaking story so we're still waiting for more information from police, but as you said, two people were stabbed here. we're told a woman was taken to the hospital with multiple stab wounds. she is in critical condition. a man was also taken to the hospital. we're told he had at least one stab wound. we do not have a condition on
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him yet and you can see this remains an active scene here in olney. the street is closed off. this investigation is under way on the 5900 block of north fourth street. investigators are here taking interviews and gathering evidence. the road is blocked off. police were called here around 4:30 this morning and the circumstances surrounding this all remain under investigation. police haven't yet said the nature of this double stabbing. we don't know if there was an intruder in the home. we'll continue to work together. new details for you but again as we know now two people taken to the hospital from a double stabbing inside of a home here in olney. a woman is in critical condition. we're told a plan was also stabbed. he is also at the hospital but we do not have a condition on him yet. this all remains under investigation. we're live in olney, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> katherine thank you for that and we'll keep checking in with you. the manhunt continues this morning for a convicted murderer who escaped from prison in arkansas and he may be out there armed. a man turned his surveillance video from his home over to police. authorities say it shows the
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escaped inmate 47 year old timothy buffington breaking into a safe room and stealing a shot gun. buffington is serving a 20 year sentence for murdering his ex-wife. he was on work duty on prison grounds on saturday when he made that break for it. the urge to check facebook made a mess of things for one criminal. a minneapolis man came home to find that he'd been burglarized. much to his surprise the 26-year-old suspect had logged in on facebook while he was in the home and never logged out. and even more unbelievable, the suspect later contacted the homeowner and arranged a meeting to get back some of the items that he left behind while he was robbing his house. as you might imagine that man was arrested during that meeting. this weekend fyi goes down the shore. our annual special featuring everything from shopping to snacking, melissa maggie checks out a new hotel built on a private pristine stretch of beach. >> ♪ reporter: tucked into the crest of wildwood just waiting to be discovered is south jersey's newest beach front resort, the hotel icon
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at diamond beach. >> melissa, diamond beach is a gem within itself. >> reporter: boasting the only privately owned beach in new jersey the white sand allows the iconic hotel to serve their guests like no other resort down the shore. >> some of the amenities that you find on our beach that you can't find anywhere else in cape may county is that food and beverage and having -- being able to serve liquor on the beach. the chef created what's known as his famous signature lobster rolls and the fish tacos and so we'll serve them out on the beach along with our coastal blue martini. >> reporter: you can partner their angus burger or roasted chicken with a signature cocktail all while dipping your toes into the sand. i got to tell you i can get used to this. >> i don't know what looks better the food or the lounging. >> i say let's go do them all. it's 5:48. and a federal judge decides if a no-fly list should be
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grounded. >> the strange case of a corvette missing since ronald reagan was president. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> that sounds good. students in montgomery county are practicing a song that we all know well here. owen j. roberts elementary school in pottstown sent us this video of students performing the "action news" theme song move closer to your world. about 73 students are fine tuning instrumental skills at summer orchestra camp playing popular television theme songs. we love the fact that for so many people their babies like to dance to it, it's their ring tone. we love it. >> we should have them perform live in the studio. >> i wonder where we would fit them in. >> i'm sure they would love getting up early.
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we have a few problems on the roads. west conshohocken blue route southbound approaching the schuylkill, you can see penndot on the scene. it's an accident looks like to be involving that vehicle there and that truck up ahead. there was some debris and kind of broken glass on the highway and they were out there sweeping it. looks like they cleared the debris up but the accident scene still blocking the right lane southbound on the blue route approaching the schuylkill so watch for that one. and pottstown weaver got a disabled vehicle now. route 100 northbound at shoemaker road. this is the same spot that was closed earlier because of a truck fire, dave and now a guy stuck out there this morning. >> all right, on the big board this morning, twitter follower lynn checks in from blackwood, new jersey. 70 degrees and muggy in blackwood and in fact temperatures across the region right now are all in the low 70's at our reporting stations outside of the poconos anyway and you can definitely feel that it's more muggy out there. 73 right now in philadelphia. if you're running errands definitely a good idea to try doing them early. it will be muggy this morning but not as bad temperature-wise. by 9 o'clock, up to 77 degrees. by noon, though, up to 84 degrees.
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in fact we'll probably hit 80 by about 10 o'clock and then by 3 o'clock, every degrees with a high of 88 and that will hit probably around 4 o'clock this afternoon before we dip to 85. oppressively humid through the afternoon. there's a spotty shower through the afternoon but the best chance of thunderstorms is probably after dinner and north and west of philadelphia drenchers on the way, tam and erin and lots of lightning up there as well. >> okay, thanks so much, david. a federal judge ruled the u.s. government's no-fly list violates constitutional rights. u.s. district judge anna brown ordered the justice department to redraft procedures with the requisite due process and without jeopardizing national security. 13 plaintiffs mostly muslim americans challenged their inclusion on the list. they said they were not allowed to board flights, were not given any explanations and were not given a chance to demonstrate they were not a threat to public safety. >> three decades after considering it a lost cause, a detroit man is reuniting with
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his dream car. george tally says his 1979 corvette was stolen in july of 1981. he made a police report and moved on, fearing he'd never see it again. last friday he got a call from aaa saying the car had been found in mississippi and that it supposedly was until pretty good shape. at ally is still trying to figure out exactly how he's going to go pick up his corvette. >> 5:54 now. up next the question swirling this morning is lebron james leaving miami. >> and we'll get a live update on a breaking story. a double stabbing in olney. a live report on this is coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> get the top stories any time. download our free 6abc news app at the apple and google app stores. >>
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>> lebron james has declared he'll abfree agent july 1st. >> lebron james has declared best offer from teams that want him including the miami heat. those close to lebron say he's looking for a team that will do the best job of surrounding him with players that can compete for an nba title. they say he's open to returning to miami. and we learned overnight that one of the most celebrated character actors in movies theater and television has died. eli what lack's career spans more than 60 years. he appeared some dozens of films from the good, the bad and the ugly in 1966 to a mafia boss in the godfather part three. what lack received an honorary
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oscar in 2010. eli what lack was 98 years old. >> seen him in so many movies. it's 5:57. many kids are settling in into those lazy days of summer but that's not stopping one retailer from already offering back to school bargains. we will tell you more about that when we come right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning. 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday june 25th. matt o'donnell is off. erin o'hearn is joining us and breaking right now. >> we are gathering details on a double stabbing in philadelphia. one of the victims was stabbed more thaa


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