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tv   Action News  ABC  June 24, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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rental? that's wha . >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> it's 4:30. happening overnight murdered by the train tracks in philadelphia. the victim's dying words may have given police a break in this case. >> only "action news" is there as several men are taken away for questioning in the rape of a doctor in center city. a live report is ahead. >> and new overnight. firefighters are called in to >> and new overnight. mountain. good morning out there, it's now 4:30. matt o'donnell is off. erin o'hearn is joining us. we'll get to all those stories in a moment. first let's go right over to
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david murphy. it sounds as though the weather is changing a bit today, david. >> a little bit, tam. more cloud cover starting to spill in from the west. you'll see sun and eventually later tonight there could be a real stray sprinkle or shower around. i think that holds off until later. it's also going to feel a tad more humid to you but not oppressive. 68 degrees to start out in philadelphia, 67 in allentown. these numbers may be a little bit milder than yesterday. 66 in wilmington, 70 in sea isle city and also on the boardwalk in ac. and as you're heading out the door this morning we expect partly cloudy skies. there will probably be some sun mixing in with clouds early. still fairly nice early on with a temperature of 66 by 6 o'clock and up to 70 by 8 o'clock and what was keep climbing today. 72 degrees by 9:00. by noon probably up around 80 and then 85 degrees by 3 o'clock. your high in center city probably about 86 and back down to 82 by 6 o'clock tonight and again feeling a little bit more humid. we might also feature a few more clouds as the day goes on. we do have more humidity
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building tomorrow and then the possibilities of some showers and perhaps some drenching thunderstorms. i'll have more on that from accuweather coming up, tam. >> thank you, david. we have a developing story out of west philadelphia. police are talking to three men who they're calling persons of interest in connection with the robbery and deadly shooting of a man. the action cam was on the 5900 block of market. police got a call around 9:30 last night that shots had been fired here. when they arrived they found a 29-year-old man lying in the street under the market street el. he had been shot twice. officers rushed him to the hospital where he died. on his way to the hospital he told police that three men jumped him robbed him, then shot him and drove off in a white minivan. officers later found that white minivan at 59th and market with the keys still in it and at that point witnesses came forward. >> while talking to some witnesses at the scene, they said that the occupants of this minivan possibly ran into a property in the 5900 block of market street.
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so, police in the 18th district knocked on the door, they were able to get three males from inside of this property. those three males at this time are just persons of interest. >> investigators say city surveillance cameras in the area captured some of the crime. they also want to get video from a private camera outside of a bar. also developing at this hour the search for the masked robber who held up a local 7-eleven at gunpoint. the action cam on the scene in the 5800 block of rising sun avenue in the crescentville section of philadelphia. the robber stole $200. no one was physically hurt. >> detectives are also questioned several -- several men in center city in the center city rape vision and only "action news" was there as police raided a home in south philadelphia. katherine scott is live with the latest on that investigation and what brought police to that home. katherine. >> reporter: erin, police say they have been aggressively pursuing this case and yesterday it did take -- they did take several
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men in custody from a hem in south philadelphia. they brought them to the special victims unit and that's where these men remain this morning. only "action news" was there yesterday in south philadelphia when police raided the moment on the 1800 block of south eighth street around 1:20 saturday morning on the 1900 block of spruce street, surveillance video captured the moment a man secured his bike and walked up behind the 26-year-old doctor from the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. police say the suspect strong armed the victim, forced her into her apartment building and then repeatedly raped her. he even left and then minutes later returned and assaulted her again. police did release two composite sketches of the rapist. the rapist took off with her keys and iphone according to police. police raided the house on south eighth street after they got a pinch offer the victim's home. investigators took evidence from the home including a bicycle. police say the person behind this rape is dangerous and that his actions sent that message loud and clear. >> the fact that he would take
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chances and exposure, being seen by others, the fact that he would enter a property where there are multiple occupants, the fact that he would remain there and possibly return a second time says something about the boldness. >> and so far no charges have been filed in this case and police are not commenting yet on this rape or on the men they took into custody. we're live in hunting park, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks so much, katherine. our coverage of the attack continues on the 6abc news app. there you'll find updates on the investigation. in addition we've posted surveillance video of the suspect. the 6abc news app is free for apple and android devices. >> police are looking for the vandals who spray painted swat particular cas on a synagogue in rhawnhurst. crews power washed the mark. the vandalism was noticed by
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worshipers yesterday morning. surveillance cameras were installed on the property last week. investigators are seeing if they provide some clues in this case. >> major victory for children awaiting a lung transplant: it comes out of the fight by sarah murnaghan of delaware county. a national transplant board permanently adopt add rule giving kids a better shot ah at adult lungs. last year sarah's mother challenged the rule that children could only get pediatric lungs from donors. after two transplants sarah is breathing on her own and enjoying normal activities for children her age. >> i go to the pool and i play at the pool with my siblings and i go to parks. >> it's very rewarding that the medical community agrees with us. >> now the transplant board says a dozen children have asked to be added to the adult list.
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most are now matched with lungs from other children. the case raised question among some health specialists and medical ej thickists about how organ donations are developed. >> great to see sarah murnaghan do so well. let's take a look at business. a new round of car recalls. this time related to faulty air bags. seven car makers including bmw chrysler ford and toyota are involved here. they will be calling back cars sold in hot humid environments. those conditions may affect the inflaters inside the air bag. we'll update you with more information as soon as we get it in. a new report says climate change is really going to take a bite out of the u.s. economy. the report is backed by a trio of businessmen including former new york city mayor michael bloomberg and the report is predicting that up to $106 billion worth of property will be below sea level by 2050. stocks fell for the first time in a week on monday. right now the futures are also
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pointing to a lower open. now we and warned you yesterday on monday morning's "action news" that starbucks they got a price hike and it's kicking in today. on average, a drink will cost between five and 20 cents more. packaged coffee prices are also going up. erin, back to you. >> i like dunkin' donuts actually so i might be safe from that. well, debate started yesterday in the pennsylvania house and is expected to continue today at a budget buildup. both republicans and democrats, they have little chance of passing by the june 30th deadline. governor corbett says any budget that reaches his desk must include pension reform and private sales of liquor. issues democrats strongly oppose. democrats say the bigger issue is finding $1.5 billion to balance the budget. corbett's budget secretary says the governor is now opened to taxing shale gas drilling and tobacco to help fill the funding gap. >> 4:38 now. philadelphia store owner turns
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the tables on a robber. he picked the wrong woman. she has more than a gun by her side. >> also ahead on "action news" a police officer's life saving flight on patrol. the rescue you have to see. >> and a tornado rips through a midwest town and that's not the only weather concern in the area. david. >> another decent day today across the region but tomorrow the humidity definitely kicks in and we have the chance of some drenching showers, maybe even a couple of thunderstorms. details coming up from accuweather. >> ♪ all the chicken in your grocery store
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hormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. >> new video this morning, a tornado sheered the roof right off a home in brunswick, ohio. tornado sheered the roof right as the twister rumbled across town. no serious injuries reported thankfully. elsewhere parts of minnesota are still under water. many rivers and lakes in minnesota are rise to go historic levels following drenching rains. flooding is also a concern in iowa and texas. >> yesterday as you said was pleasant but changes today. >> yeah a-little bit. today could be a tad more humid. tomorrow we're definitely going to get humid and we're also going to see the chance of some showers and perhaps a thunderstorm. storm tracker 6 live double scan right now shows you that we are dry and as we take a look outside we've got a mix of clouds and sun. i think that we probably will start out with a fair amount
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of sunshine across most of the region. as we take a look at sky 6, but as we get later into the afternoon, there's the chance of additional clouds start to build in. a couple highlights to today's forecast. the first involves today. it's still going to be fairly decent out there, maybe a bit more humid than yesterday but not oppressive and you can still get out there and get things done. on wednesday there is the chance at times anyway during the afternoon of some drenchers developing, okay. so let's starter with today. 68 degrees this morning as you head out the door. dewpoints for now are still below that humid thresholds of 60 degrees which is nice. winds are light out of the southwest at three. of course that southwesterly direction is where you tend to dig in a little bit of additional humid air. there are some more clouds across pennsylvania today, so even though we'll see some sunshine early i think as the day goes on there's the chance that it gets cloudier and cloudier. a little sprinkle activity and shower activity in western pennsylvania. not really expecting that to be much of an issue for us today, maybe late tonight somebody gets a stray shower. 85 is your high this afternoon at the airport, 70 degrees by 8 o'clock.
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so, we'll already be starting feel a bit warm by 8 o'clock. by 11:00 77 that will warmer. that high of 85 probably around 4 o'clock and then back to about 84 degrees by 5 o'clock with perhaps a few more clouds digging in during the afternoon. high temperatures pretty similar away from the shore. 82 in millville, 84 in allentown, 85 in reading. right now at the shore perhaps a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. still not a bad day. sun probably giving way to a few more clouds as the day goes on, maybe a bit humid but of course right down on the beach that usually doesn't bother you much. if you're leaded to the ball game tonight a-decent flight for baseball, might feel a little stickier than last night, i think you at any stay dry, 80 degrees for the first pitch, 74 in the ninth inning phillies taking on the marlins. tomorrow more clouds in the morning. by lunchtime there could be a couple showers filtering in and as a cold front comes in from the west we'll be on the lookout for some scattered but drenching downpour producing thunderstorms and showers later in the day and at night,
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okay but you could start to see some shower activity as soon as about lunchtime tomorrow. 85 degrees ishigh and your exclusive accuweather 7-day a mix of sun with a chance of some increasing clouds. i think we're probably dry for both the phillies tonight and the union who are at home continuing their hopeful march toward the u.s. cup. and then on wednesday, humid, eighty six degrees. a lot more humid. you'll definitely feel it in the morning and then in the afternoon you'll get some showers and perhaps a couple drenching thunderstorms t and then on thursday, it now looks like there could be a lingering shower in there morning but then some drying in the afternoon with a high of 87. friday still warm, 88 degrees. wow. and then on saturday, looks like we ease back to 85 and on sunday 84. both saturday and sunday there's a slight chance of a pop-up shower, perhaps a passing thunderstorm here or there. probably a better chance sunday than saturday. but neither day looks like a washout. >> okay. thanks so much, david. >> thank you, david. >> yup. >> new this morning a young man staggered for help after he was shot. the quarterback killer opened fire with an assault weapon possibly an ak-47 in
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philadelphia's hunting park section. the gunfire erupted on the 400 block of glenwood around midnight. the victim clinging to life managed to get help on the 3300 block of north horn key. police found a weapon lying against the fence. they have video of the incident and they're talking to witness. >> secretary of state john kerry is in the kurdish region of iraq today to try to broke area deal that will end the bloodshed spreading in that country. jester kerry gave iraqi leaders a blunt warning. if they cannot broker a deal with their sunni minority their government will collapse. meantime the brutality in the country is increasing. there are new reports that isis-led sunni extremists have butch cherried 15 civilians including women and children the. shiite backed iraqi police officers are reportedly shot to death dozens of sunni prisoners. >> a robber is dead because he decided to target the wrong wrong philadelphia store owner.
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she's a former city cop and u.s. secret service agent. yesterday afternoon the man walked into the stan's health food store on frankford avenue in mayfair and pulled a knife on sharon doyle and said he was robbing the place. police say when the suspect put the knife up against doyle's chest she pulled out a revolver and opened fire. the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital. last night as doyle closed up shop she said she was grateful to be alive. >> i just did what i had to do. that's it. >> your law enforcement training helped in that acting quick today. >> i think it didn't hurt. i think this helped me the most. >> what she's referring to is a guardian angel pin that her mother gave her years ago. police say the man she shot had a long rap sheet and was recently released from prison. >> thank goodness she's okay. >> yeah. 4:47 now. ahead on "action news" at 4:30, the new report now public in the jerry sandusky investigation. it takes aim at high powered
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officials. >> and new video out overnight of a rescue on a mountain out west. >> and you can stay on top of this hot summer weather that's coming our way with the storm tracker 6 app. get those audio alerts for any heat watches or warnings and of course our live radar when storms start moving our way. available for your apple or male announcer: hit the road with our new maryland scenic byways guide and map to explore all the beauty, history and culture along our 18 byways and other driving tours.
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: >> good morning. let's take a look at some of your traffic cameras. let's take a look at some of construction going on here
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langhorne bucks county route one at route 213, that's maple avenue. the construction crews there still blocking the ramp from route one southbound to route 213 but they should be getting out of there shortly. that sword dry looking good. let's go to 95 nearly a gain. construction crews are also as you see there, those flashing lights to your right working in that area. only two left lanes are getting by. it's caused a slowdown southbound headed towards the ongoing work zone at girard and these restrictions should also be lifted soon but look out again for slight slowing for the time being. david. >> all right, on the big board we got flight tracker this morning. 1368 flights in the air right now across the united states. that's a little bit more than usual. i guess there's a couple of extra vacation flights out there maybe, right? there's shower activity right through the center of the country from areas close to chicago kind of pushing past chicago but in towards detroit a little bit later on. parts of the heart illinois and indiana if you're headed to indianapolis later you may have a problem there and in
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some of the southern states t atlanta looks okay this morning. the east coast looks okay. up by eerie and buffalo a couple light showers. best chance of severe weather is back toward western kansas, the panhandle of texas today and perhaps in toward oklahoma city but delays i would say through the center of the country and perhaps out through areas just to the east of the rocky mountains. west coast is looking good. here in philadelphia, decent weather, clouds increasing a bit during the day but highs in the mid 80's here and elsewhere in the northeast corridor and no big travel delays expected up and down the east coast for it all so looking fairly dry this morning. erin. >> thanks so much, david. dramatic video came in while you slept. firefighters rescued a 16-year-old boy stuck on a mountain in phoenix, arizona. rescuers attacked the hasn't -- attached larnness to the victim helped him rappel down mountain. the boy who was caught on a very rocky part of the mountain is expected to be okay. >> a new report says the jerry sandusky investigation did take longer than it should
4:53 am
have taken. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane commissioned this report. it found no political motives behind the place. the report instead cites a lack of communication between county prosecutors, child welfare services and the state attorney general's office under tom corbett. and it says prosecutors waited too long to search sandusky's home. >> and when the search finally did happen, it uncovered unquestionably valuable evidence. including photographs of sandusky victims and lists of second mile campers with asterisks next to some of their names. >> cane also alleged two children were sexually assaulted while state prosecutors handled the case. she didn't elaborate and prosecutors said the allegations were not true. >> time now is 4:53. we are working to get new details on a rape investigation: only "action news" is there as police took several men in for questioning. we will get a live update at 5:00 a.m. >> up next a police officer puts his own life at risk to train.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look there philadelphia airport, 4:56. 68 degrees right now. nice cool morning when you step outside. today's high will be 85, sun mixing with clouds. tonight's low will be 70 and some storms will move in tomorrow. more news here you did not see last night a texas police officer responding to a report of a woman lying on railroad
4:57 am
tracks got there to save her just in the nick of time. newly released dash cam video shows the officer arriving at the railroad crossing early sunday morning. he pulled up, runs under the tracks and pulls the woman out of the way. moments later the train comes speeding past. the officer and the woman, oh, my goodness, are not hurt. >> more news happening today. the ntsb is expected to reveal the official cause of the deadly asianian in a airlines crash at the san francisco international airport. the board will hold a meeting to vote on what likely led to the crash that left three dead and 200 injured last july. federal investigators have said inexperience in the cockpit contributed to the crash but safety officials will weigh whether plain manufacturer boeing created a system too complicated for pilots to understand. boeing has denied any fault. new video out of los angeles. mexican soccer fans taking to the streets to celebrate
4:58 am
mexico's latest world cup win. police officers city wide were put on alert. at one point officers had to block several ramps to and from the busy freeway. a few people were hauled away for setting off fireworks. >> it was a great game. that's just not the way to celebrate it. 4:58 now. still ahead in the next half hour of "action news" police are looking for the gun plan who opened fire on two people in new jersey overnight. we'll have those new details. >> and an "action news" police raid a home in connection with the center city rape investigation. the latest and a kerri: kerri the sparkle® fairy here.
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sparkle®. the bright way to clean. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning. 5:00 a.m. now on this tuesday june 24th. here's what's happening. >> several men are being questioned and police think at least one of them may be responsible for attacking a doctor in her center city home. the latest in the live report. >> after a number of threats, a group of people in south philadelphia took the law into their own hands. we'll explain what happened.


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