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tv   Action News at 1130 P  ABC  June 21, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> nll announces boston will open -- eagles are less than two months away from preseason opener. birds wrap up mini camp this week. don't expect them to be disappearing into the summer night. the training camel will start in a month that doesn't mean it's summer vacation. veteran linebacker demeco rinz about to turn 30 says it's time to take care of his body for a long, gruelling season. >> i feel great been taking care of my body well. great to have coach kelly and the guys here. and i feel great don't feel like 30. they have a great work ethic
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and thirst them officials for improvement and i think that's what we're looking for a bunch of guys that love football not with what football cot got them. >> trying to lockp a trip to second round with win over portugal and christianne renaldo is expected to face americans despite knee injury. ument sa will be without josey altidore. >> back to st. louis with where a 10 1-year-old cardinals fan throws out the first pitch. what a birthday for her. underhand 10 1 miles an hour what do you think that's better than 50 crest first pitch. she's been there for all 11 world series titles. >> living had theory right there. >> tens of thousands of people are he can whiching out 25th annual manayunk arts festival this weekend.
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they're carefully ep selected for the two day long event on main street. brian taff, ducis rogers and chris sowers were busy there signing autografts. more to come in the next half hour of "action news" a rescue operation is underway. a mountain ran ear goes 71 missing. >> doctors are calling it a miracle birth mom deliveries >> doctors are calling it a miracle birth mom deliveries during open heart surgery saturday night i'm walter
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perez. police in lancaster country are looking for pens of interest in a murder investigation and a mother pleaing for information that would lead to the arrest of the person that killed her 22-year-old son. that's in tonight's crime fighter's report. first a rally including 20,000 iraqis marching seats of baghdad if a powerful show of force in the wake of sunni militants taking over a iraqi town increasing fear a full scale civil war is how this crisis will end. strength of isis fighters seem
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to be growing and troops reason masking their forces as we speak. richard ccantu had the latest. >> reporter: i look amarching into sext ctarian show down. 20,000 shiite fighters parade through baghdad. vowing ta take on the soupy up rising. they're showing their numbers and other strong holds and growing resfons isis and guy hadists who today advancing on two more towns and opening up the valley leading to baghdad and entire brigade of iraqi solders killed and north of baghdad some of iraq's trained soldiers are maintained to the oil retyperys. and the u.s. wants to stop this is escalating but limit its own involvement. u.s. officials meeting here with
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iraqi officials are sending in up to 300 military advisers to assist and violence have growing and drivering humanitarian crisis and thousands more forced from their home each day and angry curds are protesting gas start amounts and that is sending food prices through the roof and hive saving medications are now in short supplych the conflict tag a toll with no relief in site. richard canto, "abc news" new york. "good morning america" weekend will have the latest own crisis in eye oak. tune in tomorrow morning 8:00 after "action news." police in philadelphia are looking at surveillance video of a sexual assault of the female dar in rittenhouse air scare. she was followed by a man of the bike and attacked in her apartment. the victim called 911 after the suspect fled her apartment.
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>> now investigate towards say there is surveillance of the suspect following the victim however authority have not yet made that video public. >> please in manheim township lancaster county have clear pictures of two men named persons of interest in murder investigation and they say the victim got into a verbal at case with the pair at the turkey hill mini mart new holland avenue overnight. minutes later the 25-year-old man was shot walking -- avenue and it was fired from a street for possibly a car. >>. every year since her son's murder this nrorj north eeingtd philadelphia has not been shy about her efforts to find the person responsible. once again she's asking for your help. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighter's report. >> he was a humble kid and loveable. >> she remembers her son's
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strong spirit and love of sports and making music. >> i have a whole c d full of his music and two or three videos of him too. at least i have that. stus, september 28, 2010 the 1-year-old told his mother he was going to a freptd's house for a cookout. just before 11 p.m. shots rang out 7200 block of rupert street in northeast philadelphia he was in the car with friends when someone in a mavrk approached them. >> they said they wanted to try toy fight whoever it was when he got out of the car he tried you to fight him. he killed my son. >> he was hit multiple times and died and low pedestrians's mother knows something knows something. >> i know somebody knows something whether they don't want to come out or are afraid i don't know but someone has to realize they sdopt that.
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city of philadelphia is offering $20,000 leading to arrest and conviction you can make anonymous call at 2 15-546-tips or call the police hot line at 2 15-686-tips. rameoo says she'll keep fighting for justice. >> i'm never going to stop. hopefully one day i pray it's bri die. for "crime fighters", rick williams, "channel 6 action news."" >> rescue crews are spipding a third day mount rainier serve fogary well known writer. karen psyches has not been seen since wednesday. she and her hiking partner encountered snow. she continued to climb and her friend stayed behind. that was the last time psyches was scenech the 70-year-old had at quit gear to survive one night in the mountain. they continue to search for her through ground and air. a bartender was killed yesterday when a two level tractor-trailer of cars snroomd
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a restaurant inith ka, new york. four others were rushed to the hospital. investigate towards say the driver was questioned and ticketed for having inadequate brakes. above the restaurant it had to be evacuated because of sense of damage. until nears are working to determine if the building can be salvaged. >> a hospital in min happen list tlaept end by a mudd slide was deemed structurally southern. it will show late thursday night after heavy rains. they surveyed the movie. an emsti not kensington has been transformed to a place for children to play tonight thanks to hard work of many volunteers. kenneth moton checked out the fruits of their labors. >> ready? >> they were sound of community at work. liftsing, create, transforming this temty tlot something special for children in kensington community.
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>> i lived in the naishd in 15 years and it feels good to be able to give back to the neighborhood and community and build somebody for the kids. >> dozens of volunteers were busy saturday building state of the art playground for community alliance on north mascher street. important work. 6abc decided to lend a hand. >> it's one of those you actually have something physical at the end of the day that's this is something that will be here forever. >> with the generous help of disney the station parkerd with kabo om to do heavy lifting with those cause. disney voll ears and tee shirts on we saw photo journalist from "action news" there she grew up blocked from her and today she's back with the xhirn. >> we're supposed to do this as a community, find the time. we all live busy lives. but i think we have to every once in a while slowed down and give to other people that decent have as much. >> the efforts here will benefit
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hundreds of children in programs provided by norris square communicate take lins and found three decades ago for mormz that want aid safe place for the kids to play. and an empty space is a beautiful garden and vaik captain lot has a jungle gym. >> we help build a playground. >> yes they d just a few fades of 6abc there and we'll be broud of them. they can enjoy the playground wednesday and to learn more about the work in the alips and ka moon head to our web site at reporting in kensington. kenneth moton, "action news." >>/all right. mean time friends at wmmr rolled up sleeves again at the philadelphia convention centsner oaks. this wasth annual i plead for press ton and leaf across bloody of. and this year the i believe drive collected is 20,000 doe
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maitions the woman that broke the record breaking was guvrp a 7-year-old he. >> ramos returned to the baseball field to throw out the first nip north east philadelphia. the capper happened to be his brother. tj had a heart attack whilz playing at his game. philadelphia officers on the scene helped leave their life. organized he's warranted to give tv a prize as he continues to recover and he received a signed phillies jersey from cliff lee. >> more to come on "action news" while students keep books and heads, which one has loans this fall and a woman goes in for open heart surgery and comes out a new mom. dramatic trip to the er at that point saved her and baby melissa. walter it's partly cloudy across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. those klouth we had to the south ever city tonight will continue
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to despite and more sun returns for the second half of the weekend. those details coming up next in weekend. those details coming up next in the accuweather forecast
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>> student at university of south florida will have access to a new kind of research tool this fall namely drones. starting next semester they can check out unpaned flyers from the library to use it for school projects. training it a must and if anything happens to the drone you break it you bought it. they cost $1500 sgreech can i only imagine what they'll be used for. >> meteorologist melissa magee first day of summer and first full day tomorrow. depending where you work today,
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reflected what you got. >> yeah it was all about location. you had cloud. for philadelphia, areas to the south and more sun to the north. it looks like everyone will break newspaper some sun as we get to tomorrow afternoon. stormtracker 6 double scan okay rar. it's way eight cross the region though earlier today so they showers and lights drizzle for jersey and delaware all that is pushing south. we'll show you the picture outside. this is a cool shot. logan's square and you'll also see city hall in the distance there. we've got a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky on the ray for the rest of tonight and it's 70 degrees outside in philadelphia. and wilmington 68. millville 68. up in the poconos 65. along the coast and beach haven 68 at the boardwalk today and 71. across south jerz and i delaware more in the way of cloud cover and more in the way of moisture. when you look at the dewpoint temperatures across the region
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for the most part it was pretty comfortable. nice and pleasant. you can kind of die stekt our viewing area in half. lancaster, philadelphia, accuweather, we were okay. but you notice these dew point temperatures millville and wildwood and dover he in lower 60s. we had moisture overhead today and looks like the moisture cop didn't to sink down to the south. >> here's sat lights 6 and action radar clear through new england and areas of north jersey and northern pennsylvania and khaking the goptal boundary straight across the region. more in the way of brighter skies returning for those that did not have the majority for the day today. however we're tracking week disturbance from the west that slowly creeps east ward tomorrow afternoon. here's the setup for you sunday. second half of summer weekend here is nice finish. high temperature in philadelphia, 3. high pleasure moves on in.
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to sun giving way to clouds. again we're being froming disturbance that will ride to the north tomorrow f you're in allentown or poconos you may find more in the way of cloud cover. all in all looks to be a nice finish to the weekend. down the shore tomorrow. no explanation. brightser day. occasion tell turp 71. 79 adds you head inland at the shore tomorrow. up to the poconos. more of the same for you. mostly sunny however as we get to the afternoon hours we're being froming a disturbance and high temperature 76 the atmosphere dry to support any precipitation. low spots will be mostly dry as we get into the afternoon hours. mostly sunny, 68. pair of 7s, 11 a.m. and we'll be in the 80s as we get to 5:00 in the evening. here's the forecast. sunshine and clouds tomorrow. high temperature 83. warmer on monday, 85. and turning more humid on tuesday, 86.
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and as we get to wednesday a cold front moves into thunderstorms possible by the afternoon and otherwise thursday right through next week temperatures will be in the upper 80s walter. >> thank you melissa. >> got it. >> thank you a mom and newborn baby are recovering from delivery doctors are describing as no, sir short of meerk. 45-year-old anita tracey was resting comfortable. when she was 36 weeks pregnant she nearly died. she had a ortic dissection. they kept a major artery from rupturing and helped deliver her baby girl. >> ai was not aware what happened to me. i think i thought i already delivered. i was happy that i was alive. and that our daughter was alive. i think the baby saved my life. >> wow, it's been six weeks
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waives the monthly maintenance fee. >> no can't do it all phillys
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starter cole hamels worked in the 8th today allowed two earned returns not good enough for the fully todz win. 6 hits in st. louis and hamels responsible for two of them. phils offense asleep in st. louis today. cardinals adam waynewright held two innings and wayneright holds off 7. and phils giv game winning streak over.
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it's their first loss since last sunday. kyle kendrick gets the final knee s louis. >> sixers front office will be in the office tomorrow sixers work out dante and marcus part. jerell will make a big impact on how thursday's draft breaks out. mv was considered possibly first overall pick to cleveland and he could not be available at three or even ten with sixers select. they're also eyeing up andrew wiggins and jabari parker. and noel would love to play with a fellow wild cat. i'm sure he'll be doing what's best with the team. >> we caught one noel atmosphere a basketball kamm in kentucky for kids.
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usa gearing up for second world cup match against ports gal and will be without josey altidore. >> 7 1 minute who else ties it up. nobody scored more world cup goals -- >> finishing a 2-2 draw. you know the pope is watching this one argentina taking on iran. scoreless, 91st minute, lineal messy what a winner. argentina wins 1-0. >> a big hit as philly even though he was in pin stripes for one years. >> he got a standing location and now, not certain so imwrestlinged with hunter pence souvenir. down in san fran.
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hits foul fwhal arizona are into the stands. the fan gets there. walks it over to the little girl. how sweet. wow this is why you don't do anything nice. she throws it over. over board. over the top deck take another look. it could hit someone down there. come on. it's a souvenir. she didn't want it. >> there you go. >> thank you, jeff. >> flutter behind runners at the navy yard today. dozens hit the pavement for the super run. they were invited to take on 1 k or 5 k variety of causes. it was to raise awareness and fund for charities in their own communities. "castle" is next on chapel 6. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, skversky, and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, have a great night
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