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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  June 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. saturday june 21 here some of the stories we're following for you on "action news." an overnight house fire sends one person to the hospital and leaves 6 people without a place to live. major commuter headaches i why a popular bridge in montgomery county is suddenly closed and how long it will be before drivers can use it again. open for business, pools open up across the philadelphia today. today, summer rolls in. a lot of people will be heading out to the pools and the beaches
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to get away from the heat and humidity this summer. >> reporter: today it's officially the first day of summer it's not going to feel like summer you'll not see that much in the way of sunshine, either. with that said it will not be a bad day, we'll see a lot of clouds and brief passing shower. that's the view of the philadelphia international airport. you'll see the clouds rolling in, and you'll see plenty of that this afternoon. with cooler temperatures, highs are expectedded to top out in the mid to upper 70s. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing a light batch of moisture pushing through harrisburg making it into our suburbs. it is running parallel to the pennsylvania turnpike all this continuing to push east/southeast at 15 to 20 miles per hour. if you're north of the pennsylvania turnpike today with the system centered here pushing to the southeast, if you're north of the pennsylvania turnpike more than likely you're staying dry, even there there is
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the chance of a brief shower later on. lots of clouds today and cooler temperatures. millville, 63. 56 in allentown. 62 in trenton and upper 60s for the jersey shore. 70 degrees by 9:00 a.m., mostly cloudy skies the whole way through, lunchtime, 72. 3:00 p.m., 77 degrees, there could a brief passing shower from time to time. sunday looks much brighter and milder with temperatures up into the 80s and then the humidity returns next week and temperatures get a lot warmer as well. i'll have the details in the seven day when i come back in just a bit. >> new this morning, a fire overnight lands one person in the hospital and others in shelters. "action news" was in philadelphia's lawncrest section as firefighters put out hot spots. the fire started in a home on the 7100 block of rut handle -- rutland street. a neighboring home had smoke and water damage. the red cross said 6 people were
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offered shelter and other help, investigators are searching for what started that fire. police in bucks county quickly arrested a duo in a deadly hit-and-run accident. they are accused of trying to hide evidence in an effort to get away with the crime. dann cuellar has the details. >> reporter: rachel do you have anything to say for yourself. 32-year-old melissa rachel and stephen pagano had nothing to say as they were going to their arraignment in bensalem. rachel struck and killed vincent perry junior. >> we received a credible tip one of our officers was able to follow up. >> reporter: pagano why did you try to hide the car. bensalem police say he helped concoct a plan to hide the pick up truck and take it to a
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location in northeast philadelphia. >> they hid the vehicle and took to the a location in philadelphia. >> reporter: at this point, police have no idea how rachel managed to strike the victim without seeing him and whether she was driving under the influence. >> at this time we have no evidence to approve there was narcotics or alcohol related to the investigation. >> reporter: judge brown noting the severitity of the charges ordered rachel held on $750,000 cash bail. pagano was charged with tampering with evidence he removed the license tag and washed the truck he has been ordered held on 75,000 cash bail. at bensalem police headquarters, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> osha is investigating a demolition site in south jersey. chopper 6 was at the site of a
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former block buster. a worker was crushed when a concrete wall fell on top of him. two people are dead including a 4-year-old child after a crash on the atlantic city expressway yesterday morning. the child dialed at a nearby hospital. james dennis was pronounced at the scene. the two were among the four thrown from a pick up truck when it hit a guardrail. the driver is in critical condition. three others suffered serious injuries. the graterford road bridge in perkiomen township montgomery county is shut down and it will be for a while. just last month inspectors found damage on the beam and the concrete reinforcement bars. benefit dot closed the -- penndot closed the bridge as a
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precaution. repairing replacing the bridge may take a year or more. drivers will face a 2 1/2 mile detour. >> that bridge is out. >> that's bad news. >> it's going to be a mess and nightmare for commuters. >> reporter: last year penndot change the the weight on the bridge. tracy morgan is out of the hospital and has been moved to a rehab facility where he will continue his recovery. a spokesperson for the actor said he is showing signs of improvement, but has a long recovery ahead. morgan broke his legs and ribs, his friend james mcnair was killed when a tractor-trailer slammed into their limo bus.
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security officials say sunni militants have taken control of a crossing on the border with syria. the victory over iraqi troops allows enemy fighters move weapons and equipment to different battlefield. prime minister is facing the call to a more exclusive government. in 2006 then u.s. senator joe biden suggested given each independent regions of the country. george bush rejected that idea, most iraqis did, as well. the general has told his troops to cease military operations against pro russian
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troops for a week. moscow dismissed the peace plan calling it an ultimatem. summer starts in less than an hour, the start of summer means the opening of city pools as the temperature rises. annie mccormick has more on the first pool that officially opened for the summer. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: the official first dip never felt so good kids jumped backwards and forward and didn't want to get out. especially after waiting a near and a long wait this morning. >> i was waiting with my friends. we couldn't wait to get in the pool. >> i came here and wait in line with my cousins and we came in and we started swimming.
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>> very happy that my friends are here. >> reporter: the pool at the cruz recreation center in philadelphia is the first of the city pools to open. nine playgrounds will -- nine spraygrounds will operate throughout the summer. parks and rec staffs make sure tall kids arrive with proper swim ware. kids under 6 years old an short than 45 inches must come with an adult. every hour kids have to get out for a brief break and guards remind them of rules. >> no running! >> reporter: on the scorching hot summer days to come, don't worry everyone gets a turn. >> especially on the hot days, we want to get everybody in here so everybody can cool down and have a great time.
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annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> well there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, a rain delay doesn't dampen the phillies battle as they take on the cardinal's in saint louis. homes fall victim to a raging five-alarm brushfire raging in california catch. >> reporter: we climbed into the 90 all week for the first time this year and today summer officially arrives we're stuck in the 70s with scattered showers. i'll have the weekend call from accuweather when we come right back.
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>> a brushfire ripped through a neighborhood outside san francisco. the inferno destroyed at least one home as you see there. two other homes were damaged. residents evacuated safely. a firefighter suffered a minor injury. i-680 and 80 were close in that area until firefighters got a handle on the blaze. flames devoured a multimillion dollar yacht in california. the boat was dry docked. the fire burned for five hours, no word on what sparked the blaze. damages are estimated at 15 to $18 million. that's a big boat. >> reporter: it's not going to be a good first day of summer for them.
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for us it's not too bad. lots of clouds, temperatures are comfortable, there's a plus there. let's get you outside, talk about mother nature getting it backwards, we're up in the 90 earlier this week and today summer officially arrives, now we are stuck in the clouds and temperatures in the 70s. there's the view in cape may. lots of clouds expected down the shore, gentle breeze out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. but that wind off the ocean will keep the numbers cooler right there on the sand. we're expecting highs in the mid 70s for the purpose of the shore points today. that's the view presently in cape may. 68 degrees in philadelphia. on the boards in atlantic city we're up to 69. you're only climbing 4 or 5 degrees from that point. sea isle same thing. lang, 64. they are in the 50s in the lehigh valley and the poconos. no complaints in the humidity department, diewrmts are in the 40 -- dewpoints are in the 40s and 50s. that's comfortable exb air we'll
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see the northeasterly breeze drive the dewpoints down. lehigh valley will be much brighter today than areas south and east of city. the poconos will see a fair amount of sunshine. you get into the city points south looks like you're stuck in the clouds with a maybe a few sunny breaks from time to time. there will be a couple of showers out there, as well. you can see the shades of yellow that would indicate heavier moisture falling with these showers. the systems the center is over the delmarva. this is acting similar to what you would see with an alberta clipper during the winter months, one the fact that it is moisture starved, and it is diving to the south, it's bringing cloud cover to the area and brief showers. high pressure firmly in control as we get into sunday that will force that system to the south,
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skies will clear. temperatures will moderate a bit, we're up in the 80s we get into monday, same thing high pressure dominates the pattern. winds shift into a southerly component and temperatures in the mid 80s. today will be the coolest day. lots of clouds udz -- from start to finish. the lehigh valley will be the brightest area with the poconos. a brief shower, they will last 20 minutes and then they are on their way. the mountains, saturday, sun, clouds, 72. cooler saturday up there. jersey shore, ocean temperatures close to 70, not as nice today as perceives vows weekends. with that said -- previous weekends, with that said it's not going to be too bad, either.
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tomorrow look absolutely stuny, high of -- stunning, very high high -- 77 degrees, very comfortable humidity levels. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 77 today, 83 tomorrow, you can see we keep it dry over the next several days, more sunshine monday, 85. tuesday the humidity starts to make a comeback. the 86 feels uncomfortable. wednesday it's warm and humid, showers and thunderstorms late in the day, 88. thursday, mostly cloudy, 86. friday, sun and clouds, and 85 degrees. most of the seven day is dry. >> especially tomorrow we have to play a golf tournment. >> reporter: you do in avalon. >> and it's not too hot.
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don't forget you can -- you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. >> arrested signal village hosted a recognition barbecue in gloucester county. the seniors wanted to let all the firefighters
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>> reporter: welcome back, everyone, 6:25 saturday morning, time for the boat report. what you will notice is that the clouds increase from the west, we'll set it in motion, you can see the clouds lowering and thickening. unless you live in the lehigh valley and the poconos that's the cloud line in through here, it is dropping toward the south. it will get only so far, and then it will put the brakes on so to speak. lehigh valley you're looking at sun and clouds, everybody else cloudy skies with a passing shower. waves on the delaware bay, one foot. wildwood and cape may, we're closing in on 70. look at the water temperature, 76. waivings are light, about 2 feet. eva? >> thanks, chris. the phillies have won five in a row for the first time this
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season, they are as you as you y only 3 1/2 games out of first place. phillies pitcher a.j. burnett did it in saint louis with his bat and his arm. burnett complete game, rain delayed the start of the game, but did not stop burnett. phils won 5. here's ducis rogers with the rest of the sports. >> reporter: chip kelly found a few diamonds in the rough while he was a college coach in new orleans. he hopes he found another one at the nfl level. he spent 3 tours of duty in afghanistan. he was a captain in the u.s. army. while the coaching staff is trying to measure his
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intangibles, he is confident he can make the team. >> for me it's up hill, it's the only way i have to look is up, hopefully with the work i put in the off season it will pay detective dendz. >> did i dividends. >> he is a guy who has a work ethic, his is second to none. >> reporter: the sixers have two picks inside the top ten, number 3 and number so. they know they can not afford to screw this up. >> it's critical that we get it right. it depends on how you define get it right and what it means, for us getting it right means being and sticking with the plan. this is a plan that will take sometime. this is a piece. puzzle, is the draft important? it's critical. if you look at the great teams around the league several have
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been built through the draft and some through free agency. there's different ways to build a team we'll explore all ever them. world cup, he he can with e ecuador
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>> philadelphia police are searching for the man who forcedded way into a center city -- forced his way into a center city apartment overnight and sexually assaulted a woman. workers walked off the job for a unified stance for better
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wages. the summer solstice starts officially morning, mother nature threw us a curve ball. it was scorching hot last week and she cools it off today. >> reporter: we're stuck in the 70s and we have 20 minutes left in spring and then summer officially arrives. we need a countdown clock behind me. there's the delaware river, we have cloud cover, we'll have a few sunny breaks, we're not expecting a completely cloudy day, but with that said, the clouds will win the battle this afternoon. there could be a brief passing shower. as a matter of fact as we switch over to storm tracker 6 live double scan we have the showers in places like quarryville and lancaster county, the harrisburg area. this is the leading edge of the showers, which are quickly diving off to the south and the
6:32 am
east. if they stay on their current track it will take the moisture into new castle county and delaware, let's say southern portions of gloucester and salem and cumberland counties in new jersey. a lot of this activity is brief, we're not expecting it to last all that long, 20, 30 minutes tops and then it's on its way. 77 in philadelphia. 73 in wilmington. millville, 75. cape may, 74. and dover, 74. speaking of dover, the firefly festival continues down there this afternoon. here's the forecast for dover hour by hour by noon, 72 degrees, mostly cloudy, maybe a brief passing shower, still that shower threat by 5:00 p.m., 75. 10:00 p.m., 66 it will not be a much. don't be surprised if you feel a few drops falling on your head from time to time. >> police are investigating a home invasion and sexual assault
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in center city. we're told the attacker followed the alleged victim home and forced his way into her apartment. she lives on the 1900 block of spruce street. a security camera is equipped nearby, police are looking at that. they are talking to the woman. so far no arrests have been announced in the case. detectives are working to piece together exactly what happened. an alleged hit-and-run killer is under arrest in bensalem, bucks county, as is the man who tried to cover up the crime. 32-year-old melissa rachel was drive winning a suspended license when she hit and killed vincent perry junior when he was walking along bristol pike. >> they hid the vehicle from our site that night and took it to a location in philadelphia where they did some other things we can't get into right now.
6:34 am
>> reporter: pagano why did you try to hide the car. >> i didn't do. [ bleep ] i don't know what you're talking about. >> reporter: he said he washed the truck telling investigators he watched a lot of crime shows and knows how it works. an 8-year-old was hit at 26th and ridge avenue at 8:30 last night. police say a car went around a stopped septa bus and hit the boy. he was taken to children's hospital philadelphia where's in stable condition. making sure in south philadelphia are buzzing about some unwelcomed company near their front doors. it seems like a long group of bees thought they would move in on the 2200 block of mif lynn street. the did not attack anyone, but
6:35 am
their presence caused worry. >> i'm scared i'm going to have to chase bees out of my house. >> reporter: good news the beekeeper came to the rescue. he scooped up 1300 insects and told residents there is likely a colony nearby. >> chestnut hospital workers are planning to stage a one-day strike. the healthcare workers are calling on hospital management to negotiate a contract with fair wages. workers say they are a for profit hospital and spend lesson wages and benefits compared to the average hospital. we reached out to hospital officials, but have not received a response. >> jerry sandusky legacy is helping catch child preld torresdale. a special -- predators. a special team of investigators and attorneys created after his arrest has led to the arrest of
6:36 am
dozens of pedophiles. john rawlins looks at what the unit is searching for and how parents can help. >> i'm a 53-year-old man who poses as a 14-year-old girl or boy a lot of times. >> reporter: the 14-year-old version is constantly massaging strangers. the 53-year-old version is targeting predators. >> we know that the person on the other side has a full intention of exploiting the child that they think we are. >> reporter: predators trol social media looking for prey. it starts innocently. the ultimate goal for some a meet-up. the goal of those in the room to stop predators because child porn destroys victims.
6:37 am
>> in 2012 the a.g.'s office made 19 arrests. in 2014, 114. this career 70. this year, 70. in a world where element school kids carry cell phones, parents must get involved involved. the a.g.'s office has a program directed at young kids to learn what their doing online. >> instagram, facebook i monitor everything. don't worry about invading their privacy. >> reporter: there's a link at to the a.g., do you know your child's password video. >> ted cruz is sounding off about immigration concerns and he is pointing a finger at the
6:38 am
would you also. else frustrated to -- he is frustrated by white house's am necessity that is fueling the unflux across the border. judge -- pope francis said the problem of drug use is not solved with drugs. he blasted legalization efforts. his comments carbon dioxide with a movement -- coincide with a movement to legalize marijuana in the u.s. and south america. the latest on the revel casino hotel bankruptcy firing. a lawyer said the resort is a melting ice cube that needs immediate help to stay open until a buyer can be found.
6:39 am
the $2.4 billion casino is back in bankruptcy court for the second time in a little over a year. it will shut down and fire 3100 employees if a buyer can't be found. a lawmaker in new jersey is trying to stop scrap metal thieves from destroying the city of trenton. police say people are stripping metal from old buildings and stealing from gravesites. one assembly has introduced legislation to ban scrap metal dealers from buying grave markers and historical signs or religious military memorials. there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. ♪ >> it's a story we all know, the story of frankie valli and the four seasons comes to the big screen. we have a preview of jersey boils. >> delaware national guardsman
6:40 am
receive high military honors again for his exceptional service. meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast as spring goes out and summer rolls in. "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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>> hello summertime. >> reporter: too bad we're not saying hello sunshine. let's get you outside and show you what's going on this morning. we have a lot of cloud cover out there and gray conditions. temperatures will be lower this afternoon saturday we're not talking about a wash, we could have a brief passing shower,
6:43 am
we're not talking about a bad day, it will not as nice as previous weekends we've seen around the delaware valley. that's the current view in penns landing. we're at 68 degrees in philadelphia. allentown, you have a clear sky, that's allowed temperatures to drop pretty rapidly. 56. trenton, 62. millville, 63. dover, 65 and wilmington showing 68 degrees. jersey shore waking up to a lot of cloud cover this morning, a light breeze out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. we're seeing a little bit of a chop. waves are calm only 2 feet. the official numbers at the atlantic city airport, 63. on the boards, 67. ocean city, 69. sea isle city, 69. cape may, 70. look at the water temperature now, that is very nice. the ocean temperature off the coast of cape may is 76 degrees. lots of clouds out there this morning, a couple of showers racing on by out of the west. you can see lancaster getting a little wet. all the activity pushing into
6:44 am
western portions of chester county. coatsville reporting a little bit of spotty drizzle that will increase over the next half-hour or so if this batch of moisture continues to dive south and east at 15 to 20 miles per hour. one thing you'll note there's not a tremendous amount of moisture with this is an organized area of low pressure that will push off the coast in the 6 or 7 hours. if you're loving north of the pennsylvania turnpike, you'll see nine out there. south of that line, you'll see more in the way of clouds. it's all about location this afternoon. aerials that do see the clouds you run the risk of a brief passing shower from time to time. it's not going to be a wash. this high right here this will be the dominant feature in the forecast over the next several days, this high will force the low to the south, that's the reason we're seeing a brief passing shower today as opposed to a steady driving rain. it's forcing the low to the
6:45 am
south. sunday it completely takes over we'll see lots lots of sunshine. we move into monday, that high dominates the pattern and the return flow out of the south starts to warm things up, we'll see quite a bit of sunshine. speaking of warming things up, on the backside of this high, temperatures get nice and toasty. winds blowing in in a clockwise fashion we drive all the heat march east on the backside of that departing high over the next 72 hours. there's forecast models that have us in the 90s by wednesday, but others keep us in the 80s for a majority of the week. future tracker 6 lots of clouds, brief passing shower it's not going to be a wash. not heavy enough to cancel any plans. jersey shore, shades of gray, ocean temperatures around 70 degrees, we'll call it a
6:46 am
50/50 weekend for the shorepoints if you're trying to work on your tans. tomorrow, 79 and comfortable humidity levels. today, 77. 6:00 p.m., 73. temperatures warm up a little bit it turns more humid by the middle of next week. 83 tomorrow, 85 monday, tuesday a muggy 86. wednesday, that's the day where some of the forecast models have us in the 90s. for now we'll go 88. clouds increasing during the day, a couple of showers and thunderstorms are possible late. thursday and friday look good, mostly sunny skies, 86 and 85. summer officially arrives in about 5 minutes. >> 5 minutes. a delaware hero accepted
6:47 am
one of the military's highest honors for the third time he was award his third bronze star medal in new castle. he was in charge of a force that found and located ie d. >> i had a great bunch of guys who go above and beyond who do the dangerous jobs. they would go out there and that's what they like to do. >> the major served beyond afghanistan with five other deployments in saudi arabia and iraq germany and
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>> two oscar winning actors have been honored by queen elizabeth. angelina jolie was named an honorary dame. she was honored for her humanitarian work. daniel day lewis is on her marge city's horns list. he is sir daniel after being granted a knight hood. frankie valli's story is coming to the big screen. alicia vitarelli takes a look at
6:51 am
jersey boys. >> reporter: music, comedy and romance awaits you at the theaters. think like a man ii. >> i don't know why women can't have as much fun as men. >> you're whores. i don't have to worry about that behavior with you. >> you're much too old for that. >> much too old. >> all the couples return for a wedding in las vegas but plans for a romantic weekend goes awry when their misadventures threaten to derail the big event. >> reporter: jersey boys is oscar winning clint eastwood.
6:52 am
where you from? call me we'll set up a meet. >> reporter: the film is based on the tony award mining musical of the same name. it tells the story of four young men from the wrong side of the tracks who came together to form the iconic rock group the four seasons. >> i'm afraid i took your robe earlier. >> so you've come to return it. >> yeah, i felt bad i thought you might need it in the morning. >> there were two. >> there are? now i feel foolish. >> the film follows three interconnected love stories of three couples in three cities, rome, paris and new york.
6:53 am
liam neeson is in paris. now you can find out where any of these films are playing all you need is your internet-ready cell phone if you download the free app go to for channel 6 "action news" i'm crit could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:55 saturday morning, time for the travel forecast we'll start out with satellite and radar. we had a couple of watch box i should yesterday evening. now, as we set it in motion there's not much going on. things have gone nice and quiet across the country. area of low pressure up here,
6:56 am
high pressure in new england. the clockwise fashion around the high versus the counter clockwise fashion around the low will draw heat from the south. this partly of the country will get nice and toasty that could cause storms. you get into the heartland of the nation there will be thunderstorms out there later this afternoon. there could delays in the smaller hubles. in the meantime -- smaller hubs. in the meantime, the large err hubs are quiet. philadelphia, 68, boston, 58. chaig o'hare, 60, charlotte is quiet, 70 and atlanta 73. knock it off has a great way to bring texture into the room.
6:57 am
check out this savvy money saving trick for planks. whenever i think out west, cabin there's wood tones in it. the problem is it's expensive, we want to give you a look. we're going to use mds, that's the cheapest on the block. what i have done i have prepainted it in the same paint color of the wall, what we'll do, here's an 8-inch plank we'll skip 8 inches and go down, the eye will think there's wood in both spots, but it's the wall. use this, pull the gun. where they meet there will be a seam, cock it and paint it you'll never know it's there. >> i think it works well. anything that looks good and saves money is okay with me.
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>> if we planked the entire wood with wood it will be a thousand dollars. but our trick cost us a mere 80 bucks. go to live well and knock it off. tune into knock it off on the be live well network. >> custom upholstry can cost bundles, the designers have a way to get that look for less. >> reporter: copper and metal theives are picking the city apart for quick cash and one assemblyman has said enough is enough. i'm nora muchanic in the capital city. >> we
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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on this saturday june 21. here's some of the stories we're following for you on "action news." an overnight house fire sends one person to the hospital and leaves 6 people without a place to live. major commuter headaches why a popular bridge in montgomery is suddenly closed and how long it will be before drivers can use it again. open for business, pools open up for the summer season across the philadelphia region. chris sowers is outside as summer has officially rolled into the area, but not feeling like summer. >> reporter: that's right, summer officially arrived ten minutes ago, figures today will be the coolest day in the entire seven-day forecast. we'll see clouds out here, as


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