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tv   Action News  ABC  June 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this friday, june 20, i'm tamala edwards. walter perez is in today for matt o'donnell. we're following breaking news. >> fire crews battle a fierce blaze inside a business in south jersey, a live report coming up. >> a raging inferno rips through two new jersey homes we'll show you that video. >> a health scare at the cdc, how a dangerous lapse in the handling of an "action anthrax t
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many in danger. >> reporter: we have bright sunshine, hardly a cloudy in the sky, just a little bit of a breeze out of the north/northwest. picture perfect. let's look at satellite and radar we have clear skies over philadelphia, maybe a cloud or two trying to stream into the region. you can see the clouds to the west to the south, but that's staying there. it's not going to impact us today. 63 degrees in philadelphia. in the low to mid 50s in the lehigh valley. 62 in millville. 60 at the airport in atlantic city. 9:00 a.m., 70. noon, 78 with bright sunshine low humidity, by 3:00 p.m., 84 degrees staying dry and pretty and that's your high for today. 6:00 p.m., 83. the weekend is looking up, we have a little bit of a change in the forecast i'll give you the details coming up with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when i drag myself back
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inside, matt. >> reporter: no, karen, i'm happy to be in here, this morning i might come out there and join you in just a second. but first we're heading to south philadelphia via chopper 6hd which has arrived over this water main break on oregon avenue between second and third. the water is bubbling up out of the ground water flowing through the neighborhood as we watch live from chopper 6. oregon avenue blocked off at this point between second and third close to the oregon diner to get around the blockage this morning, if you're heading westbound stay on shunk eastbound stay on porter, or stay to the south on packer. the water continues to come from the ground in south philadelphia between second and third streets. we'll keep watching this, but for now let's head to the maps. we have those downed wires from yesterday afternoon's dump truck accident by penns landing blocking the right lane by
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columbus boulevard. you're not getting by the warehouse fire katherine has been telling e telling us about in camden. ferry avenue is shut down. belmont avenue headlights are coming westbound, no big delays. main street in manayunk will be blocked because of the arts festival. peco is repairing is partially downed pole at concord road. use dillworth road instead. firefighters are battling warehouse fire in camden, new jersey, katherine scott has the details. let's check in with her, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam,
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fire crews have been on the scene for several hours, no reports of injuries, we're standing at the police line, as you look up the road the fire hoses extend up the road. there are quite a few crews here, looking up above, you can see firefighters are blasting water at this fire. there has been a bit of an improvement from earlier, but we still see smoke coming up. an "action news" viewer sent in the cell phone video from earlier. you can see how fierce the flames were. thick films were billowing out of the roof of the pcm company it's a plastics company. there were reports about explosions and the roof collapse. there's no word of any indication of what the cause of the fire might be. of coursement concentration is extinguishing all the flames. you do see smoke coming up, but nothing like the heavy flames from earlier.
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so far we haven't been told if there was anybody in the building at the time. no reports of injuries from the firefighters, we're live on the scene and we will bring you updates. >> smoke and flames engulfed this twin home on the unit block of colonial avenue. fire spread to the upper floors damaging both houses. so far no reports of anyone being hurt. new this morning, a cook at a philadelphia bar was shot while leaving work early this morning. the action cam was on the scene at rising sun avenue in the lawndale section of the city where police found the man lying on the street and put him into a ambulance. else in stable condition with a gunned shot wound to the left leg. the victim told police he left the bar when he heard someone yell don't shoot that's when he herd a shot fired. the bullet hit him.
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he staggered away from the scene for about a block when he fell to the ground. they hope surveillance cameras in the area will lead to an arrest. health alert at one of the most dangerous labs in the country. dozens of cdc staffers are being monitored for exposure to the anthrax material. they say there is no threat to the public. >> summer travel will cost more for visitors to the delaware beaches. we begin with a survey that doesn't fair so well for a fast food giant. maribel abers is live at the nasdaq. my son calls them happy boxes, he refuses 0 to say happy meal also. not so happy for mcdonald. >> reporter: they ranked last in the survey of the fast food
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changes. pop pa johns and pizza hut was first. s&p 500 sprinted to a new record posting high thursday over the federal reserve commitment to keep interest rates low. futures are higher this morning. markell administration plans to raise tolls on route 1. of the toll is $2 now it will jump to $3. the weekday toll will stay at 1 dollar. google is trying to encourage girls to take up coding. google will spend $50 million to promote computer programming for girls. today is take your dog to work day it started in 1999. it celebrates the great
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companions that dogs make and promotes local adoptions for dogs from rescue groups and shelters. this is my barny, proud to make his second appearance. give barny a treat else so cute and clearly he loves you. >> lick on a cheek right on cue. >> my dog would destroy the place. >> reporter: let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar around the region. you can see we're dry we're not tracking any storms or showers we're looking good. let's start the day, let's see what it looks like. it's a pretty one as we look at the center city skyline sky6 live hd in hd we see lots of blue, a couple of clouds out there, it's a beautiful start. the temperature right now in philadelphia, a comfortable 63 degrees. look at the dewpoint, 48 degrees. yesterday it was in the upper
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60s. dewpoint is the measure of the moisture in the atmosphere. yesterday it was way humid today it's way down. low humidity unusual for this time of year, actual. the winds out of the north/northwest at 7 miles per hour. the pressure 30.01. temperatures around the region, 60 in ac. 63 in the city. in the mid 50s in the lehigh valley. feeling night to start you off. satellite and radar shows we have clear skies maybe we'll see a cloud or streaming through with mostly sunny skies. you can see the clouds to the our west and south, this is a frontal boundary stalled to the south this doesn't impact us. we're looking good staying clear today. here's how the day unfolds, sunny skies, less humid, 48 degrees for the high. 8:00 a.m., 67. 11:00 a.m., 76. 2:00 p.m., 82. high today 84. high -- today sunny less humid,
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77. saturday, cooler, 74. looks like clouds and sunshine only a chance for a shower, i think most of us stay dry. saturday, sunshine and clouds, you're dry on sunday, 76. the weekend is looking better, the front that's down to the south will stay to the south. the farther north you go from the front, the better off you are. more sunshine in the poconos. friday, sunny and pleasant, 755. saturday, clouds and sun, 3. sunday, sunny and nice and 77. ers here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny less humid, 84 degrees, mostly sunny skies. showers down to the south, 77. sunday, nice 82.
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monday, 84. tuesday, it turns more humid, the flow is out of the as well as. chance of a shower tuesday. wednesday, warm and humid, chance of shower or thunderstorm. 87. thursday, mostly sunny skies, the front clears and 84 degrees. today it is beautiful and the weekend be looking better. >> >> top of the line security is about to become standard on new model cell phones. >> reporter: walter no delays yet on cooper road, could it be one of those summertime mornings when the volume is not that bad. a new crash in montgomery we'll check 42 in "action news" continues on this friday morning.
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>> welcome back we have breaking news coming to us from south philadelphia. have not such a nice morning here. this is third and oregon in south philadelphia. they are dealing with a water main break, you can see the water bubbling and flowing there. police saying it's getting to be pretty high. this broke out at 5:30. we know that the water department emergency crews are in the area also that the police have requested that the streets department crews come out. we know that two houses ive affected by all -- have been affected by all this. it is interrupting the flow of
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traffic on some of the surrounding streets. let's go over to matt pellman and find out about that. >> reporter: i'm hoping you can find your way to the oregon diner for your eggs and potatoes. oregon taffy is blocked at third and second. i see a car heading eastbound on oregon avenue. westbound completely blocked off stay on shunk as an alternate or packer. the water is bubbling up out of the ground here in south philadelphia and police and fire crews are on the scene. at this point it looks like some eastbound traffic is getting by, but westbound traffic is not along oregon avenue. watching a new crash in lower pots grove montgomery county one injured along the scene at charlotte street. perkiomen traffic they found
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structural deficiencies in the greaterford bridge over perkiomen creek. it is shut down indefinitely. worcester township they are closing potshop road. white hall the alternate around that. you'll be dealing with a lot of the traffic in dover because of the firefly festival this caused delays yesterday. they want you to cruise exit 95 off 1 if you're heading to the festival. if you're shore bound, so far, so good on 42 southbound. >> a cadaver dog got the scent of a body in a colorado the home exploded outside of denver. debris rained down on vehicles
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and homes. it is not known what caused the explosion. >> two tech giants are targeting thieves from steal your smart phone. >> reporter: cell phone thefts over the past year have dropped dramatically thanks to the kill switch. reuters says apple expects to ship 50 million smart watches in the first year. customers are offered to test drive an i phone 5s for five days. avatar app works with the cruiser smart phone to create a
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character that mimics the cruisers speech and movements. i'm devon dwyer. >> the robbers should have suspected as much, they were caught on camera stealing cell phones that take pictures. >> reporter: it is 63 degrees right now, and heading heading up to 84 degrees. if you're heading to the firefly festival in dover, 83 degrees, sunny looking good. tomorrow not bad, a chance of a shower, sunday, sunny and nice and 80. we'll breakdown the hi. i'm henry winkler.
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for the goose is not good for- everyone else. they set up beacons to scare away the birds, they are deterring visitors by blocking traffic. if the beacons don't work they will bring in wildlife experts to help out. >> don't mess with those geese they have personalities. >> yes they do. >> reporter: as you head outside you need the shades this morning. and windex, too. a lot of things going on this weekend, summer stroll for epilepsy tomorrow starts at northwestern avenue and forbidden drive. it's the 25th annual arts festival. main cottman and leaverring and
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grape are closed. >> reporter: it's mostly sunny skies, 9:00 a.m., 70. noon, 78. 3:00 p.m., 83. and 6:00 p.m., coming down from a high of 84. summer sole stills arrives tomorrow morning -- solstice arrives tomorrow morning when the sun's direct rays are over the tropic of cancer. it will be the longest day, the shortest night and the sun is at its strongest. it's a quick look at the forecast, 84 degrees, less humid, tomorrow in the upper 07 lings, clouds and sun -- 70s clouds and sun chance of a shower. >> the phillies face saint louis cardinal's tonight they are gunning for their 5th win
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in a row. ryan howard drove in 3 runs last night. the slugger knocked in 38 runs in the 27 games he played in saint louis. the phils won 4-1. they are four games out of first place. >> meet the man gaining a lot of attention for the mug shot. >> but first this morning world cup update!
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>> new video on "action news" caught an camera crooks smashing their way into a cell phone store and taking everything they could get their hands on in texas. four men drove into the store and grabbed two dozen phones and emptied out the cash register. the car was stolen and set on fire and put in a bayou. a man from stockton california is getting a lot of attention online. jeremy meeks mug shot has received 30,000 likes on facebook. one woman posted i'd go 50 shades on that man. another said bring him to me, i'll lock him up. one woman wrote criminals are not sexy.
6:27 am
meeks arraignment is scheduled for later today. >> i guess they like the bad boys. >> i don't think he is the marrying kind. >> check on weather coming up. >> katherine scott is on the scene of breaking news in camden, new jersey. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam a fire was blazing this morning at a business in camden we'll have all the details c
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>> breaking now on "action news," fire erupts in a south jersey factory we're live on the scene. >> new this morning, police in philadelphia investigate a wrong-way crash involving one of their own. >> a upstairs worker asks what can brown do for me. police say a sneaky delivery man confiscated $22,000 of cargo from his own company. good morning, 6:30, june 20th, matt o'donnell is off, walter perez is here, karen rogers is in for david murphy and matt pellman is looking at a for the most part what's about a good traffic day. >> reporter: good morning, it's a day you can open up the windows. we have mostly sunny skies through the region. the showers from yesterday are
6:31 am
long gone. just a couple of clouds that will spill in with the sunshine. the bulk of the cloud cover will stay to the south and west. 54 degrees if allentown, 63 in philadelphia. low 60s in the suburbs dover, delaware, millville, new jersey and 60 degrees right now at atlantic city airport. here's how the day is going to unfold. 9:00 a.m., 70 lots of sunshine. noon, bright sunshine, 78. 3:00 p.m., 84 degrees that will be the high for today, mostly sunny skies, low humidity we're staying dry. 6:00 p.m., 83. we've got the weekend call for you the shore, the poconos wherever you're heading that's coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment, matt. there you still see the forecast. >> reporter: there we go, good morning to you, karen rogers, luckily no water coming from the sky this morning. but we've got water coming from the ground instead in south philadelphia. chopper 6hd still live over the scene of a water main break at
6:32 am
oregon between second and third street, this is third street by the oregon diner. you can see the westbound lanes of oregon avenue is still closed as fire crews remain on the scene. eastbound traffic is getting by from time to time. if you travel westbound on oregon stay on shunk or packer as the possible alternates. we'll keep tabs on this situation. let's go to the maps, the dump truck accident along penns landing the right lane is blocked because of downed wires. you're not getting by the warehouse near the new camden cemetary ferry avenue everything is blocked of a mount ephraim avenue. collings a possible alternate. 663 disabled vehicle at
6:33 am
charlotte street in pottstown. elsewhere in chester county it's camera time along the 30 bypass, 340 eastbound headlights, going to be a slow go, because of sun glare, but at this point, at least we're not parked. >> we continue to follow the breaking news in camden, new jersey where crews are on the scene of a two-alarm fire. katherine scott is at the scene along ferry avenue with the latest. >> reporter: tam, a fire marshal arrived on the scene, crews continue to work here, they have been at it for several hours. we're at the police line. this is as close as you can get. they are working to blast water at the flames. they are working at it from different angles, there's a bunch of equipment down below. it's a big improvement from
6:34 am
earlier. let's go to video send in by an "action news" viewer. thick flames were billowing from the roof of the pcm company. the fire broke out at 4:00 a.m. on ferry avenue. part of the roof collapsed and reports of explosions coming in. no word on the cause of the fire, of course it is early yet and the fire marshal has arrived on the scene. the flames were shooting up above the building earlier. now you see smoke rising from the building, no reports of injury. we haven't heard of any evacuations necessary in the area, but this remains under investigation we'll bring you more updates as we get them, we're live in camden katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> new 0 "action news" a delivery man in the lehigh valley is out of a job after cameras caught him stealing shipments. managers say former employee
6:35 am
daniel devitt of palmer ton admitted to steal $22,000 worth of good. he reportedly hid the items inside an empty warehouse in lehigh county. he posted bail after his court hearing this week he'll be back before a judge next month. >> new this morning, philadelphia officers are questioning a driver involved in a crash with a police cruiser. the action cam was there as patrols surrounded the 3700 block of stanton street in east falls. the officer said he accidentally rear ended this pick up truck that was going the wrong way down a one way street. no injuries were reported. two people are in custody after a shooting at a new jersey apartment complex. chopper 6hd was over the scene in westville gloucester county. the shooters hit a man at west wood manor.
6:36 am
police caught up with the suspects after a brief pursuit were picked up. frank schaffer will appear before a church panel in baltimore to argue that his stripping of his license is not affected by church law for marrying his son. the school reform commission approved a sale of former william penn high school property in north philadelphia to temple university. the deal will bring in $15 million to philadelphia's cash-strapped school district. >> let's turn to karen rogers for a great friday. if you have the day off, you picked a good day to hang
6:37 am
outside. >> reporter: if you have to go to working brown bag it and hang outside for a little while. storm tracker 6 live double scan, no showers looking good and we're staying dry. checking out the window, why not go down the shore. cape may, a quiet scene, i think people will be flocking there before you know it. let's look at the current conditions, 63 degrees, that temperature nice and low, significantly so is the do you want. yesterday in the up -- dewpoint, yesterday in the upper 60s, today in the 40s. satellite and radar showing we have bright sunshine hardly is he clouds out there. you see the clouds and showers buildings to our west and our south. that's a frontal boundary that's staying out of the region today.
6:38 am
we'll have a good one for you with mostly sunny skies, 8:00 a.m., 67. 11:00 a.m., 76. 2:00 p.m. 82 degrees. bright nine all the way through, we're staying dry. high of 84. 5:00 a.m., this is showing clouds, we'll see sunshine, too, cruel see the showers popping through pretty quickly. we're watching for a chance of a shower, what looked like a dreary day is looking like clouds with a shower around. the forecast for the shore, 69 degrees, the ocean temperature still a little chilly. tomorrow, clouds and sun, a shower around, by no means a washout. sunday sunshine clouds 76 degrees. the day is going to look better over the weekend the farther north you go from the city. the poconos looking good, friday, sunny and pleasant, 75.
6:39 am
friday, clouds and sun, -- saturday, clouds and sun, 73. sunday, 77. today, less humid, dry, 84 degrees. tomorrow, clouds and sunshine, 77. especially a chance for a shower south of the city. sunday, sunny and nice, 82. murnld, -- monday, 84. starts to get sticky on tuesday, 86. wednesday, warm and humid, a couple of showers or thunderstorms, 87. thursday, mostly sunny skies, 84 degrees and looking good for thursday. today is gorgeous and the weekend not bad. >> okay, like that. thank you, karen. 63:89 up next more news stories you didn't see last night including the sweet score for airport security during a drug sweep at newark international. >> mail men in north jersey
6:40 am
claim defeat when it comings to rival salary with -- rivalry wie family dog. >> reporter: coming up the latest on the water main break in south philadelphia and changes coming to i-95. >> later coming up, a '90 sitcom favorite gets it's very own tell all special. we'll tell
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>> welcome back, everybody, 6:42 on a friday morning, sky6 live hd taking a live look in
6:43 am
high definition at the peco building right there. today is the last full day of spring. it's going to feel like spring. 64 degrees, lovely conditions. we said before normally in these parts we get a week's worth of spring weather, we're enjoying the last couple of weeks. >> enjoying the traffic today. >> reporter: unlike winter we'll be sad to say goodbye to spring. but summer is on the way, who doesn't like summer. as we head outside we don't like this. a water main break at oregon avenue. chopper 6 is over the scene. looks like they are getting a handle on things, looks like they have the water turned off. i don't see new water bubbling up out of the ground. you can see the diner on the eastbound side as a point of reference. eastbound traffic is getting by, if you head westbound on oregon
6:44 am
avenue stay on shunk or parker as the alternates. packer. southbound of i-95 is crowded only from allegheny to girard. the delay not as heavy as normal. i think some people may be making it a long weekend. speak of the weekend i-95 there will be a new traffic pattern at girard on the southbound side. graterford road bridge is closed over perkiomen creek it is close indefinitely. head-on collision blocking char lot street. 663. church road worcester montgomery county and the other church road
6:45 am
in montgomery county both good scenes to avoid this morning. >> you could say a u.s. custom agent caught a man from gault guatemala smuggling cocaine with a street value of $50,000 baked into cookies. president obama is sending 300 military advisers to assist iraqi forces and urged the president to create a more inclusive government or descend into civil war. >> he as prime minister or any other leaders aspires to lead the county it has to be an
6:46 am
agenda in which sunni, shi'a and kurd all have the opportunity to advance their interests through the political process. >> the u.s. is holding off on airstrikes against the insurgents until there is better intelligence to prevent civilian casualties. >> u.s. mail men are refusing to step foot into a neighborhood in ros hevment -- roshell park who is attacking the mailman. >> he took off and went after the mailman. >> reporter: residents have not received a mail delivery in over a month. max has attacked employees three times in the past year and continues to pose a serious threat. mail delivery will resume soon
6:47 am
as the pose office is confident they can delivery the mail safely. >> a preview of "good morning america" is next. >> reporter: we have 63 degrees, sunny skies and the dewpoints in the upper 40s, feels good out there right now. your travel forecast is next. >> and we always want you to know if you're hitting the road this weekend, you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app store [ tune resumes ] [ tune resumes ] ice cream! ice cream! it's ice cream time anytime! enjoy dunkin's baskin-robbins-inspired iced coffee flavors. america runs on dunkin'.
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for just 99 cents from 2 to 6 p.m. share your story. #mydunkin >> okay time for a preview of "good morning america." >> george stephanopoulos is joining us with a look at what's coming up. you have a big concert at the end of the show, but a a lot more to kick it off at 7:00 a.m. >> reporter: we have news on the crisis in iraq and the scare at the center for disease control. after the anthrax leak got out, we'll have dr. richard besser with the latest. we have more on the lottery scam store owners in florida cashed in on their customer's winnings. we'll go to central park it's sold out, jennifer lopez is
6:51 am
there. we'll hear from first love and more from her new album, ack. >> absolutely amazing she doesn't age. >> she definitely give some 20-year-olds run for the money. >> reporter: j.lo is back in the park and traffic is back on the schuylkill expressway. it's busy both ways. it will remain busy throughout the weekend, it's the 25th art festival weekend. 422 northbound -- 42 northbound we have a gathering crowd. southbound no delays if you're shore bound. if you're heading to delaware, expect delays on highway 1 southbound because of the firefly musikfest val. >> reporter: philadelphia looking good at 63. boston no problems staying dry.
6:52 am
chicago you've got rain pulling in and 70. charlotte, atlanta, newark, new york city no delays. if you're staying here, let's talk about the forecast, 9:00 a.m., 70. good amount of sunshine, great day ahead. noon, 78. 3:00 p.m., 83. the high today will be 84 degrees, we'll hit it 4:00 or 5:00. 83 degrees at 6:00 p.m., good amount of sunshine, good looking day to enjoy, tam. >> save by the bell fans lifetime will be airing a tv movie revealing behind the scenes of the '90s sit come. it will reveal the lives of the young actors of hollywood growing up and dealing with the temptations of
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>> welcome back here your top stories, veargts -- investigators are looking for the calls of a fire that ripped through a factory at camden, new jersey. the blaze at pcm plastics manufacturing company broke out at 4:30 a.m. there were no reports of injuries. a cook in the lawndale section of philadelphia was shot after leaving from work.
6:56 am
he is in tape condition with a bullet wound to the left leg. revel hotel as filed for bankruptcy for the second time since it opened two years ago. it will shut down if it doesn't get a buyer by august 18. that would mean 3200 workers would lose their jobs. >> reporter: oregon avenue by third street looks like they have the water turn off at a water main break. westbound lanes of oregon are blocked. >> reporter: clouds to the west and south, today is gorgeous, those clouds will impact us tomorrow. 64 degrees in philadelphia. the upper 50s in the lehigh valley. mostly sunny skies, 8:00 a.m., 67. 2:00 p.m., 82. 5:00 p.m., 84 that's the high for today. that's a good one. >> great sleeping weather great
6:57 am
playing weather you can't ask for more. for matt o'donnell, david murphy, karen rogers, walter perez, matt pellman i'm tamala edwards. we'll be back in 30 minutes for updates. have a great weekend!
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good morning, america. breaking right now, flooding emergency. torrential rain falling at 3 inches an hour in texas. the ground giving way in minnesota. this mudslide right under a medical center. roads turned into waterfalls. 1,000 hopes flooded out and the worst isn't over yet. new details this morning on that anthrax exposure at the cdc. 75 workers being offered treatment to prevent the deadly disease. how this leak happened at one of the most secure medical facilities in the world. team usa winning over believers as it prepares for its toughest test yet. do our soccer stars have a leg up with one of the most famous players sidelined. today jozy altidore is here only on "gma" telling us how america


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