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tv   Action News  ABC  June 20, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning. >> reporter: it's friday, we have gorgeous weather. the weekend forecast is looking up. 60 degrees in chester. comfortable temperatures, dewpoints are way down, it's very comfortable out there right now. the humidity has dropped. it's 64 degrees in vineland, new jersey. 62 in wood wine. temperatures are comfortable, satellite and radar showing we have mostly sunny skies, you can see the clouds that are out to our west and that's because a front is draped to our south. it will stay to the south, so that really helps us for today. let's plan the day he'd as you head out the door. -- is you head out the door. 6:00 a.m., in the 60s. a look at the day ahead. 84 degrees for the high. we'll have details on the changing forecast coming up in just a few minutes, matt. >> reporter: we like it when things are looking up, karen
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rogers. the speeds are looking up on i-95 even in the work zone at girard avenue. no big delays. overnight they had the ramp of the northbound to girard blocked off, that's reopened. we have a new traffic pattern on the northbound side guess what they will give you a new pattern on the southbound side by girard avenue. on the big picture, speeds across the board are looking good so far this morning. they are dealing with the down wires at penns landing, columbus boulevard. we have aware house fire in camden stay on collings avenue to get around that. city avenue construction crews are auto out of the way, but they did milling overnight. it's a dusty, bumpy ride at
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money meant road. pole is leaning on wires street road east of concord road. use dill worth town road as the alternate there. >> we're begin winning breaking news in camden, new jersey, where crews are on the scene at a two-alarm fire at a manufacturer. katherine scott is live along the scene at ferry avenue with the latest. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, so far we haven't heard any reports of injuries, but when it comes to fighting this fire, looks like there's there's a big improvement. but crews are still at work, the road is closed off. there are number of crews at the base of the building. look up above you can see firefighters are blasting water at that building. you can see smoke smoldering up, but nothing like the flames we saw earlier. let's go to a viewer video sent in by an "action news" viewer. you can see how heavy the flames
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were earlier. thick smoke was billowing from the roof of the pcm company, a plastic manufacturing company. the fire broke out at 4:00 a.m. on ferry avenue in camden. part of the roof collapsed, there were reports of explosions coming in. no word on the cause of the fire, but it's early yet. looks like the firefighters made a lot of progress here. the flames were shooting up earlier, now you see the smoke coming you mean, this remains a breaking story and we'll bring you updates as we get them, as you can see crews remain at work in camden, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> new on "action news," a delivery man in the lehigh valley is out of a job after cameras caught him stealing shipments. it happened at the upstairs freight facility near bethlehem. managers say daniel d. he vitt -- devitt reportedly hid
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the items inside an empty warehouse in the lehigh valley. he posted bail and will be back before a judge next month. >> philadelphia officers are questioning a driver involved in a crash with a police cruiser. the action cam was there before 1:00 a.m. as the patrols surrounded stanton street in east falls. the officer said he accidentally rear ended the pick up truck because it was going the wrong way down a one way street. it is unclear what charges, if any, will be filed. no injuries were reported. two people are in custody after a shooting at an new jersey apartment complex. chopper 6 was over the scene late last night. the shooter hit a man at west wood manner. police caught up with the suspects in camden and made the arrest. the victim is in the hospital this morning. >> philadelphia city council
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has earmarked more money for public schools. approving $27 million loan and 30 next year. they aproved the william penn high school property in philadelphia to temple university. the deal will bring in $15 million to the cash-strapped school district. >> the search is on for a buyer for will also revel hotel. it filed for bankruptcy since it opened two years ago. if it does not find a buyer by august 18, 3200 workers will lose their job. industry experts say the casino was a shaky bet from the start opening in the middle of one of the country's worst recession and doing too little to attract
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gamblers. united methodist church stripped the pastor of his license because he married his son. gles leaders in the presbyterian church voted to allow pastors to marry same-sex couples in states where it's legal. the church voted to change the way marriage is worded in its constitution from quote a man and woman to two persons. >> the 4th of july is two weeks from now. >> this year it's flying by. >> summer officially arrives on saturday and it's going to feel like spring. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region we're dry and we're staying dry today. we've got a good looking day for you. let's start it together and see what it looks like outside.
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why not we've got a beautiful city and sunshine to go with it as we look live. isn't that pretty shot over the ben franklin bridge. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. it will be nice and comfortable. the temperature, 64 degrees, way down from the past few days, the do you want 49 degrees. the dewpoint is the measure of the humidity in the atmosphere. twert yesterday it was in the upper 60s, dramatic change for you. the winds out of the north/northwest. it's that northwestly flow that's helping with the change at 5 miles per hour. satellite and radar showing we've got clear skies and abundant sunshine. you can see the showers to the west and to our south. is that going to hit us? it's not. we're dry today and looking good. as we look at the day ahead, 8:00 a.m., 667. 11, 76. 84 by 5:00 p.m.
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we're dry partly sunny skies looking beautiful. it looks like a it's a good weekend to be at the shore. we had this front stalled to the south. we were worried it would encroach us on saturday, but things are looking better. at the shore, clouds and sun, maybe a in one or two isolated areas. not a big problem. 74 degrees, sunday, sunshine and clouds, 76. in the poconos you get a better chance of sunshine, you're farther away from the front. sunny and nice, 75. tomorrow, clouds and sun, 73. sunday, 77 degrees. good looking forecast. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's nice, less humid, yesterday we broke the heat, today we break the humidity. 84 degrees, mostly sunny skies, tomorrow, clouds and sun, maybe a shower in one or two spots, especially to the south. most of the area stays dry. 77. sunday, partly sunny skies and
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nice. 82 degrees. monday, mostly sunny skies, 84. we start to add the humidity in the picture exit gets warmer organ tuesday, 86 degrees. just a chance for a shower at the end of the day. wednesday, warm and humid, 87. it will feel sticky we'll get a few showers or thunderstorms around. thursday, mostly sunny skies and 84 degrees looking good today and the weekend not bad. >> all new this morning, police at an airport in new jersey confiscated a batch of cookies with a street value of $50,000. >> return to sender an unruly mutt has blocked mail to one neighborhood for weeks. we'll explain. >> reporter: 611 at limb -- lime kiln road traffic is moving well, but an issue in chester county and montgomery county
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>> check this out, first up, the ben franklin bridge, the sun coming up there, at 5:00 had 2:00 a.m., let's keep going and see how beautiful it is. the platt bridge it's going to get up to 84 degrees the sun out there, looks like san francisco in cape may.
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looks beautiful out there, it is national flip flop day today. that cape may shot, we're definitely thinking flip flops. good morning to you tam and walter, good morning everybody, it is friday. we're happy about that. as we head to the burbs things are looking good on most area roads. route 100, exton, chester county. we had some overnight construction in the area, as you can see we have construction no longer. route 100, close to the target, tail lights heading westbound. we're looking better on the roads with overnight construction zones clearing. in westtown, chester county peco is on the scene of an overnight crash. a car ran into a pole street road east of concord road in westtown township. 202 between delaware and up
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toward exton looks good. speeds in the mid 50s. perkiomen township montgomery county they found instruction turl deficiencies with the greaterford road bridge, they are forced to close the bridge stay with us on plank road or 113 as alternates. it's a big deal if you're heading to the delaware beaches maybe to get some grotto pizza along highway 1 you'll have a lot of company because a lot of people are heading to the firefly festival. exit 95 is the way to go. time for commuter report, bordentown burlington county, object on the road along 295 southbound you don't want to hit that, we'll check the traffic again in just a few minutes. >> thank you, matt. you could say that u.s.
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customs gave a drug smuggler his just deserts. a man from guatemala was caught trying to smuggle cocaine into the country in chocolate chip cookies. it sunday out to be 3 pounds of cocaine with a street value of $50,000. president obama authorized 3 hunn military advisers to assist iraqi forces and challenged prime minister to create a more inclusive government or risk descending into civil war. >> if he aspires to lead the country it has to be an again in which sunni, shi'a and kurd all have an opportunity to advance
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their interests through the political process. >> despite deteriorating conditions on the ground, the u.s. is holding off airstrikes against the inas your honor he wantses to avoid civilian casualties. >> a dog attacked a letter carrier, and overweight chocolate lab you see him there, named max is aguilty of attacking and biting the mailman. >> he took off and went after the mailman, and boom on his arm, i don't know why. >> residents in four homes have not received a mail delivery in over a month. the postal service said max has attacked its employees three times in the past year. he continues to pose a serious threat. mail delivery will be resumed as soon as as the post office is
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confident they can deliver the mail safely. >> the southwest is pounded with another wave of violent weather. >> news on the number of veterans waiting for doctors at va hospitals. >> reporter: this is how it feels, nice and comfortable with dewpoints well below 60 in fact they are below 50 at this point. details in the exclusive accu
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>> it was a great turnout for the police athletic league of philadelphia scholarship lurch on. it gives pal recipiants a chance to pete supporters and tamala
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edwards served as emcee. >> that was this morning and she got here so fast. >> the kids were outstanding. the thing that they want to do, thanks to pal and the police officers who are involved. >> the station has such a good relationship with them. always trying to help out. >> reporter: speaking. wonder. the weather is wonderful out there. you gave us showers yesterday today we're redeeming yourself. it's nice and dry along woodhaven road. the dry conditions means construction that caused huge delays on the northbound side. they are scheduled to work between woodhaven and street road 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. restrictions because of a new water main break in south philadelphia along oregon avenue at second and third, chopper 6 is heading to the scene we'll have some pictures for you shortly. we have downed wires from the crash along columbus boulevard southbound near spruce street that's taking out the right
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lane. the trains are on time. so far on this friday morning. karen rogers. >> reporter: it's friday if you're flying out of the town for the weekend our travel cities are lieu be good. philadelphia international no problems no delays. 64 degrees right now with mostly sunny skies. you can see in boston, 63. chicago no precipitation, but clouds. char lot, 68 nice and clear. atlanta, 74. 65 in newark, new york city 66 degrees. we're welcoming the summer sole stills when the sun's direct rays are over the tropic of cancer. when summer arrivals tomorrow morning it will feel like spring. 84 degrees is the high today. tomorrow, a better day with clouds and sunshine, just a chance for a shower, most of the area dry, but temperatures hold in the upper 70s are warmth. >> heavy rain swamped a bunch of stills across the country. flooding forced evacuations at this mobile home park in
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minnesota a mulled slide -- a mudslide along the mississippi has a hospital on alert. no injuries have been reported. new this morning, auditors upped the number of veterans who wait a month for appointments to 10%. that's double the numbers released by the government last week. however the new report show actual wait times turn out to be much short than those on waiting lists for pending appointments. president obama said the newest medal of honoree sip -- medal of honor recipient is alive only by the grace of god. he jumped on a live grenade to save a fellow marine. he is the 8th living veteran
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from iraq and afghanistan to receive the medal of honor. music lovers descend on delaware >> firefighters are trying to get a fire under control at a factory we'll have that coming up when we'll be right back. >> you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's f kerri: kerri the sparkle® fairy here.
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>> prosecutors say good
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detective work has led to the arrest of a south jersey man. they say he robbed a string of 7-elevens and shot a store clerk. sheriffs say one of the men in this surveillance video is charles walls in collingswood. he committed three robberies since january and suspected in 6 more. they assume that a sonic with a lot of the traffic violations might be driven by somebody who has little regard for the law and walls' car ended up at the top of that list. >> we narrowed it down to one individual. we had cherry hill surveillance team surveil him and we not lucky he went out to do another job and he got caught. >> beachgoers will be competing
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with concert goers in delaware this weekend. more than 08,000 people are expected for the four-day festival. this is the firefly festival for the third year. the biggest such e on the east coast. peco will give way free fans at senior centers across the region. with the extreme heat earlier this week, peco is reminding seniors to use fans to circulate air through the living spaces and close the blinds during peak sunlight hours. >> chopper 6hd is over a water main break in south philadelphia. when we come back not so happy meal mcdonald gets surprising news about customer satisfaction. >> we following breaking news
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in camden
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this friday, june 20, i'm tamala edwards. walter perez is in today for matt o'donnell. we're following breaking news. >> fire crews battle a fierce blaze inside a business in south jersey, a live report coming up. >> a raging inferno rips through two new jersey homes we'll show you that video. >> a health scare at the cdc, how a dangerous lapse in the handling of an "action


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