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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  June 19, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> we got rid of the heat and now the showers, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing nothing more than some lingering showers along the coast. yesterday's high was 94 in philadelphia, and the high came after midnight, 81 degrees, you can see all the heat pushed well down to the south, with the cold front that continues to push from the north to the south and this is bringing us a breath of fresh air, dew points show how much moisture is in the air, the dew point in philadelphia, that is slightly humid, looking to the north binghamton, 46 and that is very dry air, this continues to push down to the south as we head through the overnight hours, tonight is a good night to open the window and turn off the air conditioners, you will not need them tonight. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we had violence thunderstorms overnight and a
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lot of homes struck by lightning set on fire and wind damage, the focus of severe weather is well down to the south, in parts of southern virginia, in the carolinas, what is happening high pressure is building in, this brings us beautiful weather tomorrow and this front sneaks back to the north and haunts us over the weekend and i'll talk more about what areas will see showers and when coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. the rain did nothing to keep people away from dover international speedway for the firefly music festival. lets go live to "action news" reporter, chad pradelli, this has become one big-time event. >> big-time event jim. 80,000 people daily and the gates opened earlier, look at all of these people, thousands making their way into firefly, they go through the scaffolding
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and go into the festival and then seven stages are erected and listen to the many bands, jack johnson, imagine dragons, beck and outkast. thousands streamed in to the firefly festival that has triple in side since it started three year ago. >> we are looking at 80,000 for the fest that is among the big of the in the united states. you see tent after tent, camper after camper. more than 50,000 are camping out for the entire weekend, they began arriving yesterday. >> it was horrible. a lot of lightning and setting up to do. >> we got here earlier enough and we had an rv we cruised in. >> traffic is touch and go in delaware and the weekend beach traffic added to the mix tomorrow it's only expected to
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get worse. but for those here it's a weekend of music and good times. >> delaware is small and we don't have a lot to do around here, to have something this big in our little town, it's pretty amazing. >> and severe weather is always the concern for organizers of this festival. they have contingency plans in place they need to evacuate people and they have on site meteorologists to check the weather. i'm live in dover, delaware, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> silly, just call cecily. whether you are going to the firefly music festival or down the shore, the 6 abc storm tracker app can keep you updated on the forecast any time, it is free to download right now for apple and android devices. we have a developing story in atlantic city tonight. the owners of revel casino hotel say they will shut down this summer if they can't find a buyer.
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>> staff received the news shortly after the hotel filed for bankruptcy for the second time after it opened in april of 2012, revel operated at a staggering loss, employees were told they could be outs of a job as soon as august 18th, a malvern music teacher accused of child sex abuse, faces new charges tonight and the chester county da's office says that fuhrman sexually assaulted three children and today prosecutors announced that new victims have surfaced and that fuhrman showed inappropriate photos to children. this was a busy day at philadelphia city council, a day that focused on money and marijuana, "action news" reporter david henry is live at city hall, david please explain. >> jim, thanks to a bill passed
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by city council today, getting busted for a small amount of weed in philadelphia may no longer mean another night in jail and council came up with more money to bail out the school district. >> today's funding, additional funding package illustrates one again the city council is standsing firmly on the next generation of leaders. >> both heap praise on city council for authoring a bill of $27 million in loans this year and another $30 million next year and they called on harrisburg no reinstall funding that was cut off the past four years and council passed north bill to help young people. making a possession of a small am of marijuana a summary offense, a $25 ticket instead of
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an overnight in jail and an expensive court. >> it's $40,000 in police costs and $37 million in court costs. kenny says that philadelphia is the only municipality in the state that locks up suspects instead of sending them on their way with a summons. it could send them on the way to ruin. >> she spent the night in jail and lost her job. >> i had to call a sick day, now i have to pay $200 and make an appearance in court or i'll go to jail. >> two other represents on council cast the only no votes and that council -- it should be
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done in harrisburg. >> mayor nutter will consider the ramifications of bill over the summer before vetoing it or signing it and councilman kenny will ask for an executive order putting the new policies in affect immediately. >> thank you david. former philadelphia mayor, john street was one of several people protesting outside of city hall today. the crowd is upset about the mayor's plan to sell pgw to li holdings corporation. saying it would mean job cuts and higher rates. >> the deal would keep rates flat and generate much needed revenue according to mayor nutter. the legislature still needs to approve the deal. bear sightings kept police busy today in buck county, one was spotted near the burger king
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in richland and it apparently went through a number of parking lots in the area. what may have been the same bear came into the same yard in cloverville lane and a "action news" viewer snapped this photograph. there were reports and package tours of a bear some miles away. coming up on "action news" tonight, super heroes and comic book villains are taking over the convention center, "action news" is live with a look insides of comic-con and septa is celebrating its golden anniversary with a throw back. >> dry air is moving in tonight and get ready for a beautiful friday, showers for our region during the course of the weekend. coming up on the accuweather forecast. and ducis rogers with news of a potential draft disaster for the sixers. that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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he remains in the hop following the accident on june 7th that killed his friend and mentor, james mcnair. the driver of the truck, kevin roper was going 65 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone, it was reduced because of construction, he pled not guilty to assault by auto and relick lar homicide charges.
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that is the word from the new report from penn environment. it's second in the country for the direct release of toxic substances and the report did not include fracking chemicals that may be getting into the water upstream. police detective mike braxton got a warm reception coming back to work. he lost his leg in a motorcycle crash. he put in a lot of work getting used to the prosthetic leg. the wizard world of comic-convention or comic-con came to the contention hall in philadelphia. and amy buckman was there today. >> reporter: you never know who you will see at comic-con, from
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super heroes to children that dress up like their favorite characters. >> this is from final fantasy, adjuvant series. >> it's for the ones that are die hard comic fans and for him that loves to watch it on tv and loves to see the costumes, and great for everyone. if you want to come and meet your favorite celebrities, come and meet your comic book artists and great exhibiters, that is what comic-con is. >> you can do things you always want to do -- to the bat mobile! i also got to try out the hover board on the back to the future del oran, the couple that built it donates the proceeds to michael j. fork's parkinson's charity. >> the fact that they support me
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in the box office and watch my tv show and every generation embraces the hulk, i enjoy it when people walk away with a smile on their faces. >> james has been visiting places like this since the 1990s, this is great because it's my home town, and spend time with you and it's the questions and answers and they ask questions about the business, and you can check out the characters i met today. as we walk around that, this collection of super heroes, and big batman, medium size batman and little batman and power rangers and you name it and today isn't even the costume contest. that doesn't happen until the weekend, today we'll have members of "action news" team signing graphs and great
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give-aways and a virtual view 6 abc scavenger hunt going on. bring your smart phone and go to and we'll explain how that works. who knows you might meet a whole bunch of super heroes. i'm amy buckman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you amy. >> throw back thursday was in full affect on market street in center city philadelphia, septa showed off buses in honor of the 50th anniversary, and they were called new looks because they were new. today people were able to board the buses and take pictures and there was septa memorabilia on
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eagles players finished their work for the time being.
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the eagles have broken camp and we'll see training camp a month from now. this three day mini camp was a quiet affair. it's a 35 day break between camps and the player i may be looking forward to it but not their football obsessed head coach. >> don't look at this from taking a break from what we have just done, it's a life choice, it's not fred flintsone, yaba daba do. >> you can't allow yourself to get out of shape. we spend a tremendous am of effort offseason getting into shape. and we have done a lot of hard work and it would be foolish to get away from football completely. >> the nba draft is one week
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away from today. kansas big man was expected to go number one to cleveland, and they revealed a stress fracture to his foot, and he already have questions about his back. that leaves jabari as number two and wiggins at three but that could change now. the phillies begin a four game stretch and buchanan is on the mound and the phillies are on the uptick as they won 7 of 9. >> clayton kershaw, threw a no hitter, the it's the seventh this season and the first was by his teammate josh beckett. the u.s. was hopeful but now reality has set in and the americans will not have one of
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its best players, for sunday's match against portugal. >> he is ruled out because of that hamstring he suffered against ghana andure -- wayne rooney this is his first ever world cup goal and ties the match at 1-1 and then he gets behind the defense and suarez gets his second goal of the match and they win 2-1. >> when you were 11 years old you probably thought of golf as par twos and windmills, the miniature kind of but 11-year-old lucy lee is the young of the qualifier at the u.s. womens open. this sixth grader golfed a 68
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and her playing partner, cathy o'donnell, says she looks 11 and talks like she is 11 but doesn't hit the ball like she is 11. >> is it was fun and great. >> yes, that was ice-cream she had in her post match conference. >> she is 11 shots off the lead now. >> coming up the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. ♪
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improving night. >> it looks better, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows the rain moved out and nothing more than a couple of sprinkles near cape may, sky 6 is taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, what a difference a few hours makes, the clouds are clearing out and we have blue skies and sunshine and we got rid of the heat, the front that rolled through overnight that brought us violence thunderstorms in the wee hours of morning was a heat buster, tuesday and wednesday, highs in the 90s, the official high is 81 degrees, it came shortly after midnight and temperatures stuck in the 70s. philadelphia 75 and mill shrill 73 and allentown 75 and wilmington 74 and trenton 73 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing we continue to push the moisture down to the south and clearing skies are moving in from the north to the south in the overnight hours and the evening hours really and drier air moving in and much
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lower humidity tonight than last night. clearing skies and the humidity is dropping and a good night to turn off the air conditioning and opening the windows, philadelphia 62, and reading 54 and allentown 53 degrees, this opens the door for a beautiful friday, the last day of spring. we have low humidity and the front falling to the south, as we head into saturday, a wave of low pressure develops along this. what this means the farther north you are the better chance of seeing sunshine and showers across virginia and a few sneak into delaware and areas south of delaware, the better chance of seeing showers on dark the whole front washes out on saturday and
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melissa magee is down the shore, you put the order an hour ago, is that for adam or for you. >> adam wants steak or salmon, but i ordered him a diet coke. >> we have ahi tuna. and a great forecast down the shore this weekend, on friday, much better and sunny and less humds with a high of 77 as it's front dips to the south, on saturday however we are tracking the front with a piece of energy along it with clouds and showers and a high temperature of 74, on sunday looking good with a high of 76 degrees, having a good time, and i'll munch in a bit. pan the camera that way and you guys wave and say hello. we are getting ready for the unofficial start for the summer season and it's starting as we get into saturday, however with the summer solstice, set cecily
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have fun down the shore. >> bring back that food, are you making me hungry. >> if are you going to the poconos take a sweater, overnight lows in the 50s, 75 on friday and 73 on saturday and sunday nice with a high of 77, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we bring in the sunshine and low humidity tomorrow and 84 degrees, saturday some showers south of philadelphia, 77 but look at this on sunday, the sunshine is back and 83 degrees, temperatures are climbing into the mid-80s by tuesday with a possibility of a few showers. looking into the weekend, the better of the two days is sunday, saturday north of philadelphia you could see sunshine. >> abc's world's news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rogers, and please join us he
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welcome to "world news." tonight the breaking news, the anthrax scare, tonight what happened inside one of the most dangerous labs in america, the action being taken right now to protect workers, and those labs sealed shut tonight. dr. richard besser is right here. the crises in iraq, what the president now says, military action now possible and who he's sending in. the fighter jets tonight already soaring over iraq. martha raddatz is there. if you have bought a lottery ticket, how to know when to believe the store owner when they tell you, you didn't win. the eye opening headline. and hot pursuit, the stunning sight on a golf course. when did the chases go too far and the one thing the


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