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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  June 15, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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. >> good morning, 7 can mean., june 15 -- 7:00 a.m., june 15th. nydia is off, i'm eva pilgrim along with alicia vitarelli. >> septa rail trains are back up and running after president obama intervenes in the workers' strike. >> police are investigating a drive-by shooting that left two people in the hospital. >> a live look from in front of the art museum as hundreds of runners are lacing up this morning. as you can see things are getting underway for the gary pappa 5k run to help fight the battle against prostate cancer. a lot of folks will be out there this morning. we have beautiful weather for
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that this morning, chris sowers is outside with the accuweather forecast. it looks a little breezy this morning. >> reporter: it is, we have a little bit of a breeze, if it were cooler, i would say it's chilly. it feels fantastic especially for june standards. the gary pappa runs begins at 8:30. in terms of running weather this is about as nice as you're going to get. 65 degrees, low humidity levels. by 10:00 a.m., we'll see the temperatures in the low 70s. high pressure sitting over top of us, that means today we'll see a lot of bright blue, a lot of clear skies out here, lots of sunshine. jersey shore looks pretty comfortable, as well. the winds are kicking out of the northwest, again. ship bottom, winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. sales 2 to 3 feet. the officials numbers at the
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atlantic city airport, 58 degrees. on the board, 59. sea isle city, avalon, 61. wildwood, 64. cape may, 65 degrees. the breeze will slacken a little bit later this afternoon. during the morning hours if you're doing boating be prepared for a gusty breeze from time to time. father's day, mostly sunny, 83 degrees. the jersey shore, sunny and nice, 78. the poconos sunny and refreshing high of 75. speaking of the poconos yesterday's day time high temperature, anybody want to guess? 59 degrees was the daytime high in the poconos yesterday. they will do better today, but whew that was some chilly stuff. we have muggy weather on the way as we move into the work weaker. temperatures in the 90s. when i step back inside i'll talk about that, i'll have the the exclusive accuweather'll seven-day forecast. >> thanks, chris, septa's regional rail is back running.
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president obama had to intervene to get the commuter train back on track. the action cam was at roberts avenue in nicetown this morning. the president has the power to step in under a federal law which regulates railroad disputes. all the workers who have walked off the job this weekend have been ordered back to work. kenneth moten has more. >> reporter: nearly 24 hours after the septa regional rail cars stopped running the operators were coming off the picket line. president obama used his federal hand to push the transportation agency and unions back to the table ending the strike that has impacted commuters. >> the sooner we can resolve problems and make compromises to finish the strike, the better. >> reporter: the president's executive order created a three-member emergency board to end the dispute. 400 electrical workers a enengineers went on strike
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should go down 13 train lines. neither the union nor septa wanted the intervention calling it a temporary fix, but tom corbett called in the help. >> we will comply with the law and be given the opportunity to present our best case to the presidential emergency board. >> reporter: the engineers haven't had a contract raise in four years, the electrical workers five years. they want a 3% raise on top of what septa is offering. >> we have 7400 unionized employees and 7,000 have accepted what we're offering the others. >> reporter: commuters anticipating a travel mess on monday morning are relieved. they are hoping that septa and the union can come to terms. >> a long term solution would be better so that it doesn't happen next summer or the
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summers to come. >> reporter: president obama has the power to step in and regulate -- resolve the dispute on railroads which are regulated by federal law. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> trains will run around the clock on friday and saturday for light night travelers, riders will need valid passes or tokens or exact change for their tickets. keep up with the septa situation with the free 6abc news app. you can get it for free with an apple or android device. a drive-by shooting in willow borough new jersey has put two men in the hospital. at least one person in a small brown car fired on a group of
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men walking to their car. one man was hit in the neck, the other in the leg. both were taken to cooper university hospital. there's no word on their conditions just yet or a motive for the shooting. days after the iraqi city of mosul fell to sunni extremists, some iraqis are returning to the city lured by the offer of cheap gas and food and the restoration of electricity. thousands of men are volunteering to fight isis who tricked army iraqi units into withdrawing. forces in baghdad say some elite iranian groups are in iraq, but iran denies that. president obama continues to weigh any u.s. action support of airstrikes and aircraft carrier has been moved into the region along with arab-speaking staff
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that could direct any airstrikes. ukraine president declared today a day of mourning. pro russian separatists shot down a transport plane. none of the 49 troops on board survived. it is the deadliest incident to date involving the 4 month conflict. the u.s. is confirming it's support for ukraineian sovereignty. a 4-year-old boy is in the hospital in critical condition after he was hit by a car in south jersey. it happened along the 1600 block of pine street in camden. the car hit the child when he ran into the street from between two parked cars. the driver stopped and remained on the scene. police say the case is under review, but they do not think any charges will be filed. >> this was the smoky scene at the springfield mall in delaware county, always three cars went up in -- as three cars went up
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in flames. police say one vehicle caught fire around 3:00 p.m. the fire quickly spread to two other vehicles. nobody was hurt, no word on how it started. this weekend we had yet another bear spotted in south jersey, this time in evesham, burlington county. there were bear sightings in winslow and waterford township. the pictures were sent to us by "action news" viewers yesterday. the 300-pound black bear has turned up in the king's grant neighborhood of marlton. police are reminding everyone to keep their garbage cans covered and do not feed the bear. if you see it, call 911. >> it was a big send off in south jersey for military men and women. 34 members of the national guard were honored at a going away party. it was held at the vfw post 2174
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in westville, gloucester county. the soldiers are partly of the 114 infantry battalion. we have a new miss new jersey sierra taylor jones was crowned in ocean city. her platform is youth arts education. this year marks the 50th anniversary of miss new jersey pageant. the world cup was cause for celebration in northern liberties. the world town festival featured soccer matches on the big screen and plenty of food and fun all day. schmidts piazza hosted the events. it was time to share in the community's wonderful cultural
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diversity. happening today the gary pappa run to fight process state cancer takes place at eakens oval at 8:30. hundreds of runners and walkers including a big team from 6abc will take part to raise awareness and raise funds for prostate health international. the group works with cancer experts torched new ways to stop -- to find new ways to stop prostate cancer and help for men who can't afford it. >> in "healthcheck" a virus that has sickened tens of thousands of people in the caribbean is starting to trickle into the united states. >> new york city is preparing for a major disaster with an urban version of fema trailers. in sports, the phillies have a new franchise record. >> reporter: it's nice and
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comfortable around the delaware valley, how long does the nice weather last? i'll have
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nefarious. >> it is 7:13 this sunday, it is father's day. you're taking a live look sky6 live hd cape may, new jersey. it is shaping up to be a gorgeous beach day. so if you have plans to do that with dad whatever you're doing today. >> reporter: a little fishing. >> a little fishing? >> reporter: nice weather for that, we'll see sunshine out there, don't forget theer for sunscreen, the uv index is high. the action cam is in front of the art museum. the gary pappa run starts in about an hour, the 5. k kicks off at 8:30. you can see some folks out there already, some of them are wearing longer sleeves. we have temperatures down in the 50s this morning and the fact that the air is so comfortable, the humidity is so low it brings
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that coolness or that crispness to the air today. it feels a little chilly out there this morning, but temperatures rebound nicely later this afternoon. storm tracker 6 live double scan we have nothing going on, we actually don't have a cloud in the sky. no worries today. tomorrow there's the slightest chance of a thunderstorm very late in the day, more like in the evening. i think for the most partly all that weather holds off until tuesday. 62 degrees presently in philadelphia. dewpoint, 48. winds are calm, pressure reading slightly over 30 inches. 61 in wilmington, reading, 56. dover, 61. trenton, 58. all locations significantly cooler than yesterday at this time anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler to be exact. again, you factor in the winds which are whipping pretty good across the jersey shore makes it feel cooler than the numbers you just saw there. satellite and radar composite, high pressure over top us, anytime you have a high over top of us, the air tends to sink so
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that means no cloud cover. we'll see bright blue skies from start to finish. a nice looking day. this next system opens the door to heat and humidity that's gathering across southern tier states. as this travels across the u.s./canadian border, it punches through late in the day tomorrow and winds shift out of the southwest and it turns muggy. jet stream climbs to the north along with the muggies comes the heat. we'll see temperatures in the 09s by wednesday. tuesday we flirt with 90, 91. wednesday, 92, 93. some locations hotter than that. our first bout of 90s on the way here this morning. poconos, sunny, pleasant, 75. yesterday's afternoon high was 59 in the mountains.
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for the jersey shore, ocean temperature, right now 67 degrees. you can see lots of blue skies we're expecting down there today. sunny and nice, high of 78 breeze. winds out of the northwestly early on we'll eventually shift in a easterly direction that will bring a sea breeze on the sands. philadelphia, 83 degrees is the forecasted high. clear and comfortable overnight tonight, 52 outlying suburbs, ten better, 62 for the city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows the heat and humidity, 88 degrees monday, sunshine, turning noticeably more humid by afternoon. tuesday, hazy hot and humid, that 90 will feel like 92 or 93. you'll need the air-conditioners running again. thunderstorms late. wednesday uncomfortable, 92 with a feels like temperature around 95. cold fronts punches through
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thursday evening. 87 thursday, friday and saturday looks really nice, highs in the low to mid 80s and low humidity levels and the return of sunshine. >> we have a nice one today, and it gets sticky next week. enjoy it it. new york city city officials are looking for a prototype for temporary housing. they are designed as 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments which will serve as temporary housing for families displaced by natural disasters. these units are designed for an urban environment. they can be placed together and stacked as many as four stories high. they can be installed in two days which can be key in emergency response.
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>> on "healthcheck" this morning, a virus carried by the mass -- mosquitoes has made it to the u.s. there are 41 cases in the u.s. overall. the virus causes severe flu-like symptoms. experts say american tourists are bringing it home from the caribbean where there is a major outbreak. well, most twins are born
7:21 am
within minutes, one set has birthdays that are 24 days apart. linda was 24 weeks pregnant when she went into labor. doctors in boston tried to stop it and four days later she delivered the little guy at 1 pound ten ounces. her labor stopped when 24 days later she delivered his little brother 2 pounds heavier. >> i didn't know it was possible. >> be grateful for everyday that you're pregnant and get you as far along as we possibly can. >> reporter: well, now, three months later, the boys weigh more than 6 pounds each. she -- he has a few medical problems because he was born so early, but both babies should be well enough to go home this week
7:22 am
which is close to their original
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 7:24 sunday morning, time for the boat report we'll start with satellite and radar. we've got clear skies. just like yesterday morning, high pressure in control. winds out of the northwest, it's a land breeze for the folks at the jersey shore. the bay was rough yesterday, today it will be easier if you're doing boat. we'll see waves 1 to 2 feet, yesterday was choppy. bay57 degrees. wildwood, 64. cape may, 66.
7:25 am
ocean temperature, 72. winds, again, out of the west/northwest 10 miles per hour. avalon, 62. sea isle city the same, seas 2 to 3 feet. >> the phillies are hoping for another win this afternoon against the cubs. jeff skeverski has your sunday morning sports. >> reporter: jimmy rollins says he started thinking about breaking the phillies all time hits record in spring training. his only wish he would do it at home in front of you. jimmy rollins steps up to the plate against the cubs in the 5th inning one hit shy of breaking mike schmidt's record which stood for 25 years. here it is and schmidty comes running out of the dugout with the bat jimmy said he was shocked to see schmidty.
7:26 am
he did it quicker than the hall of famer and gets a standing "o." [ cheers and applause ] jimmy rollins stands alone in team history he has come along way sins his big league dreams started at a kid. >> teachers would say what are you going to do, i would say i'm going to be a baseball player. they would tell me the percentages and i would say i am one of those in that small percent. it's awesome being able to accomplish what i have accomplished, but i'm not done. i would like to bring another championship to the city. >> i said congratulations i'm honored to see you break the record. i appreciate your friendship. >> schmidt strikes up a friendship with dom brown.
7:27 am
as soon as he was done congratulating jay row. brown comes up to bat and it's out of here. ru kidding me, they are -- are you kidding me, jimmy rollins said he wants to hang around and finish here as a philly. he said he would consider waiving his no trade law if there was a fire sale. >> it would depend on if everything was blown up. i would have to take into consideration, but fortunately i don't have to worry about that right now, if that time does come and it is time to go, people move on. >> let's hope they can make a run, series finale against the cubs later this afternoon. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day. >> we've got more "action news" just ahead. >> including a look at some of
7:28 am
our top stories, and checking the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll be right back.
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>> happening this morning an "action news," septa's rail service has resumed with a new plan to mediate the labor dispute. >> president obama issued a call to action on climate change and he does so during a commencement address. a local graduate had more
7:30 am
than just her diploma to celebrate when she walked across the stage this weekend. >> first let's head outside to chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. another beautiful day shaping up. >> reporter: it's very comfortable out here, eva. although the wind blows it feels chilly. it feels like the end of april, early may. temperatures down in the 50s and 60s. the poconos got down into the 40 os this morning. we're -- 40s this morning. we're rebounding nicely now. quakertown 58. pottstown, 59. saint davids 54. chester showing 60. across south jersey, same thing. vineland, 60. glassboro, 61. dover, 61 and sea isle city 62 degrees. not too much to talk about today, should be a nice quiet afternoon with high pressure in control. unlike yesterday we won't seep the puffy cumulus clouds in the sky today. good day for baseball.
7:31 am
it's been an impressive home stand for the phillies. they have won four out of five. maybe they can keep the winning streak going today. citizens bank park, start time, 79 degrees, are -- in the 9th inning, 83 degrees. if baseball is not your cup of tea, backyard barbecue temperatures getting into the 80s, mostly sunny sky. i advice everybody to do the barbecue today because come tomorrow the last place you'll want to be is in front of a grill. the heat and humidity returns this week. it starts tomorrow and it gets worse each and everyday until we get to friday. a taste of summer is on the way. tonight is comfortable, tomorrow the muggies return i'll have the details in the seven-day
7:32 am
forecast. >> septa's regional rails are running again do to federal intervention. president obama issued an memoricy order creating an emergency board to mediate the contract dispute. 400 engineers and electricians reported for duty barely 24 hours after walking off the job. the first trains pulled out of the yards this morning that shut down effective 13 lines connecting the city and suburbs and airport line, of course. the order bans a new walkout for 240 days. >> the sooner we can resolve problems and make compromises to finish the strike, the better. >> reporter: the rail workers union want raises of 14.5% over five years, that's 3%age points more than septa offered. keep up with the latest on the septa situation with the 6abc
7:33 am
news app. there you'll find the latest information and our traffic maps will help you get around. >> a 14-year-old boy is in the york county prison charged as an adult with criminal homicide. leonard dreen iii is -- green iii is accused of killing a 17-year-old as he sat in a parked car i long east king street last night. the so-called great marijuana debate took place at the university of pennsylvania. state rep anthony williams held the conversation including reps from the law enforcement community. the president at the
7:34 am
seattle university announced that the engineering scholarship will be given in honor of john mees. he was given a standing ovation after pepper spraying and tackling the gunman before he could hurt any more people. one person was killed and two others wounded after at tragedy back on june 2. >> the president obama argued that denying climate change is saying that the moon is made of cheese. he said developing nations especially need help. >> we don't deal with this problem soon we'll be overwhelmed. these nations have some of the fastest rising levels of carbon pollution they will have to take action to meet this challenge. they are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than we are. they are waiting to see what
7:35 am
does america do? >> the president announced andreas 1 billion-dollar fund to rebuilt and prepare for the impact of extreme weather. $130 million will be for places affected by super-storm sandy. the rest will be distributed nationwide. several astronauts in -- restaurants in the seattle area are reaching out to families dealing with dementia. they are opening up alzheimers cafes. it's a chance for ailing loved ones to get out and enjoy a great meal. >> we have a chance to hang out and socialize. >> alzheimers cafes have become welcomed havens for families who are dealing with daunting issues that come along with dementia.
7:36 am
♪ the 5th annual woodbury juneteenth was held at wicker park. it marks the end of slavery. re-enactors were on hand in remembrance of the event. in addition to the crafts and foods it includes a focus on education and self improvement. >> receiving her high school diploma seems like a minor accomplishment compared to the physical journey completed by a teenager from northeast philadelphia over the past four years. annie mccormick was there as she walked to get her diploma yesterday. >> reporter: gianna maria blows a kiss to our frofer --
7:37 am
photographer before she goes up on the to the stage to graduate. her major accomplishment is not graduating. this is, walking across the stage to receive her diploma. >> i'm thinking about how far i came from, where i was four years. >> reporter: four years ago an out of control car pinned her against a shopping center she lay in the coma for four days and lost the left leg above the knee and wears a brace on her right leg. >> she cried a little and said what do i have to do to get out of this bed and never looked back after that. >> i practiced therapy so i could walk across the stage. >> reporter: 6 months after the accident, she learned how to walk. she spent her freshman year at the hospital of philadelphia. and sophomore year at home.
7:38 am
>> i've seen everything from a different level. >> reporter: at chop she became a cheerleader for other patients and found her calling. >> i want to help people, i want to be a doctor. >> reporter: there's a lot of to celebrate, they have a graduation planned for a week before they send her off to college in august. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> what an inspiration that young girl is. more to come on "action news" this sunday. celebrating summer solstice with an evening of entertainment at the kimmel center. we'll have a preview of what's on tap. >> new jersey has made a decision on whether the virtual snow day will count. we'll have a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, more coming up.
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>> a north jersey school district decision to have students log onto a virtual school day during a winter storm earlier this year, may have been innovative, but it won't count as a school day. it can't count because facilities must be made available. all the district stafferrers logged in from home on february 13. the district has already made up the day. >> so they had to log in on
7:42 am
their day off and still have to make up the day. snow day seems fun until you have to make them up. >> reporter: i can't believe all the snow days the school districts had. five or six? >> reporter: you get into june the last place you want to be is in school. we're getting ready for the gary pappa run in front of the art museum. the weather is cooperating it's very, very comfortable out there. almost feels like the end of april, early may. cool with the breeze blowing, humidity is nice and light, the folks are out in the short sleeves very enjoyable sunday morning, father's day around the area. 62 degrees that's the actual air temperature in philadelphia. dewpoints are in the 40s, that's very, very comfortable for june standards. winds are calm, presser 30.13. 58 in trenton, 58 in allentown. poconos 54. you got down into the upper 40s
7:43 am
during the overnight hours. millville, 60. dover, 61. sea isle city, 62. these are the numbers we'll be watching over the next several days. dewpoints the way we measure the month of moisture in the air in this matter we're under 60 degrees with the dewpoints it's nice and comfortable. watch what happens over the next 72 hours, this is monday evening dewpoints are closing in on 70 in the city. that's up there. that's a very humid afternoon. and then we get into tuesday evening and tuesday night. the dew points are in the 70s south anne -- and west. that's air-conditioning weather. it will feel like a steam bath come tuesday night. we get into wednesday it will get worse. the dewpoints will be in the 70s for everyone. it's nice and comfortable out there right now, but it will get very summer like very sticky over the next couple of days. future tracker 6 nothing going on, high pressure in control.
7:44 am
tomorrow looks nice, at least to start, we'll have sunshine out there tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon lots of bright sun. tomorrow evening here comes the warm front knocking on the door, trigger showers 'thunderstorms well we also of the city. some of these could be heavy. as we advance this some of this falls apart before it gets into the city. this is the warm front punching through opening the door to all the heat and humidity. today is an an enjoyable one. lancaster. 82. kutztown 82. not as breezy as yesterday. philadelphia, 83 degrees today. glassboro, same thing. berlin 81. sea isle, 78. atlantic city on the beach, 78. millville, dover, both locations topping out around 82. as far as a sea breeze it will be somewhat cooler only the
7:45 am
sands, but not by much. 80s in philadelphia, upper 70en 0 the beach. wildwood, 74. millville, trenton, reading, all temperatures 80 degrees give or take. overnight tonight clouds are possible, comfortable mainly clear, 52 degrees outlying suburbs, 62 center city. the big story over the next couple of days will in fact be the humidity. the temperatures climbing in the upper 80s and low 90s. thunderstorms around tuesday, 90. 92 wednesday. this is the first time this year we have air temperatures in the 90s. 87 degrees on thursday, still on the muggy side. we're not expecting thunderstorms at least the models are not showing thunderstorms for thursday. cold front punches through thursday, and that sets up a gorgeous finish friday and saturday, 84 and 83 degrees and low humidity levels.
7:46 am
>> a highly anticipated exhibit that took years to create opened the doors at the franklin institute. your brain features 71 inter active experiences to get you better acquainted with your noggin. two brothers from king of prussia have been awarded one of scouting's highest honor. ful patrick and james received the metal of heroism. they witnessed a horrific crash last fall without hesitation they used first aid skills to save the lives of a badly injured mother and daughter. >> it was the scariest night of both of our lives, but we attributed our scouting and
7:47 am
training and first aid ability to respond in this emergency. >> we are great to assist them in this drastic time in their family. >> reporter: the national courts of honor cited the brothers of unusual heroism at considerable risk at life. the family who recovered from their injuries was there for the what's with the suit? oh, i had to go to the bank.
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deer b gon, part of the ortho family. >> a new 30-foot statue? west hampton beach, new york has a lot of people talking. debate is raging over the aluminum statue called walking figure 0 by donald bachelor. the centerpiece is in the business district. landscaping around the statue will be complete in a few weeks. >> the summer solstice is fast approaching and the kimmel center will have entertainment lasting into the wee hours, karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: when warm weather returns people want to get out and about, which is why the kimmel center is packing food, fun and the sound of summer into one long night. the summer solstice is back with
7:51 am
a an adult vibe. >> imagine your favorite summer night and you have the window open and you have this kind of music on and you let the wind blow through your hair. >> reporter: there's jazz. >> it will be a great scene, college students who are lover of young i indy rock. we'll be doing the world premiere of highly creative gentleman's projects. >> reporter: solstice wouldn't be complete with bites and cocktails from jose garsis. >> there will be fun games to hang out on the plaza. it's saturday night, come down to the kimmel and have a beer
7:52 am
with me. >> solstice in the city is june 21 from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. go to arts in the or visit for more on this and other area events slicks on the sections tab at the top of the homepage you'll final 6abc loves the arts under categories. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd. i'm d-a-v-e and i have copd. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma.
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>> perfect weather for father's day, and perfect weather for the gary pappa 5k for prostate cancer this morning. 7:54. 62 degrees, the opening ceremony for that run will kick off in
7:55 am
five minutes. and meteorologist chris sowers taking a check of the forecast. the winning forecast today. >> reporter: i can smell the barbecue already, a nice glass of sweet tea, i'm ready. millville, 82. allentown, 81. jersey shore, upper 7. cape may, 78. it turns sticky tomorrow, 88 degrees it will feel like the low 90. tuesday and wednesday the actual air temperatures are in the 90s feels like numbers in the low to mid 90s. friday and start, comfortable, 84 and 83. >> 7:55 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: eva and alicia, good morning, coming up on "g.m.a." three children are hurt after a celebration gone terribly wrong a cannon
7:56 am
backfiring during a parade we'll bring you the details on this terrifying incident. everyone is asking what went wrong. they are calling this a midair meltdown. a pilot makes an emergency language after an unruly passenger wakes up mid flight. take a look at this. we're switching things up. our mom testers give us the inside scoop on the whacky new products on the market. on father's day we'll give the dads a try. that's coming up on "g.m.a.," have a happy father's day. >> "good morning america" is next on channel 6. a mom sounds off against a flight attendant after her young daughter is denied access to the plane's bathroom. >> an ohio dad may be a real
7:57 am
life super hero. how he became ann inspiration while battling cancer. >> for nydia han, alicia vitarelli, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. happy father's day to all the dads out there. we'll see you back here at 9:00 a.m. [ brian ] in a race,
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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- misfire! three schoolchildren injured after a cannon creates a fiery explosion at a parade. >> you could see the kids off to the side, on fire. >> what went wrong here? caught on camera. midair meltdown. a passenger loses it on a cross-country flight, terrifying other passengers. >> [ bleep ]. all of a sudden, this guy who was sleeping, woke up and flipped out. >> what the pilot decided to do next and why this is happening more often these days. ready for action. on the eve of their first world cup match, we go behind the


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