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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  June 14, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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june 14. here's some of the stories we're following for you on "action news." an strike, hundreds of workers for septa's regional rails hit the picket line after negotiations breakdown. we'll have the latest in a live report. federal money is being made available to correct the problem that led to the closure of 495 in delaware and finally, clear skies the rain has moved out of the area giving way to beautiful sunshine. meteorologist chris sowers is outside in that sunshine with a look at the accuweather forecast. finally the clouds are burning off this morning. >> reporter: they are just about gone now, at least on the terrace. for locations west of philadelphia. we're waking up to sunshine. jersey shore hanging on to cloud cover, over the next couple of hours we'll see sundown there, as well. 58 degrees right now in fleetwood as the cold front continues to push east across the delaware valley. quakertown, 62. warrington 62. chester, 63.
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across south jersey dew points are a little bit higher. so it's a little bit muggy. over the next couple of hours you'll notice the humidity drop like a rock. vineland, 68. glassboro, 66. cherry hill, 64. sea isle city, 68 degrees. the cold front that swept through during the overnight hours produced quite a bit of rainfall for parts of the area yesterday evening we had numerous flash flood warnings and numerous severe thunderstorm warnings all that is out to sea what we're left with is that right there. mostly sunny skies and breezy conditions and less humid. millville, 79. dover, 80 and cape may, 78 degrees, so what's ahead looks like a sunny weekend. this looks to be the 5th weekend in a row where we'll have nice conditions out here with comfortable temperatures and low humidity levels. that humidity creeps back up there, though, next week, we could make a run at 90 degrees by tuesday maybe even wednesday
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and there is a good chance at least some of the area hits 90 degrees by midweek. when i step back inside in just a few minutes i'll talk about the potential heat on the way and have the seven-day forecast. >> the big story on "action news" saturday morning is developing news hundreds septa regional rail workers went on transcribing after midnight, this after talks between septa and two unions failed to reach a contract deal. wendy saltzman joins us live at the 30th street station with more on the work stoppage, wendy. >> reporter: eva, be trains that service 13 regional rail lines have been parked. 400 septa engineers and electrical workers have walked off the job. that's when negotiations broke down at 12:01 and they officially went on strike. here's what that means, there are new trains running on the 13 different commuter rail lanes
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affecting 60,000 passengers these are the lines that go to places like newark, the airport and trenton. service on the septa buses and trolleys and the broad street line and the el are running. those services affect 85% of the riders and will be available. septa is pushing riders to use alternative forms of transportation. union representatives have pushed for binding arbitration, septa declined saying they can get a better deal in negotiations. the next step is for governor corbett to step in and ask the president to force a federal mediation that would force workers back on the job for 240 days. >> it has been very frustrating the last four years have been frustrating. we've been talking about these issues and we're ready to settle them and move on. >> someone in the governor's administration has contacted us and made the request that we
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make an extension and told us it there would be consequences if we didn't accept their offer. >> reporter: septa said they do not advocate having that federal mediation because all that does is push back a strike for another 240 days. the union said they would be willing to go back to the table if septa will make substantive moves. however, septa has contracts with 7800 employees, they say it is these 400 employees are asking for things that are out of line with what other employees are being paid. unless governor corbett steps it seems indefinitely these employees will be on strike and the railroad lines will be shut down. live at the 30th street station, i'm wendy saltzman channel 6 "action news." >> keep up on the latest on the septa situation with the 6abc
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news app. we'll have a link for the constituency plan while the strike continues. our traffic map will help you get around the roads while the religion -- regional rails are unavailable. usk get the 6abc -- you can get the 6abc news appear fore -- app for your apple or android device. a car collided with a police car at the intersection of k a lot ofaign avenue. thousands of children in pennsylvania are victims of abuse every year. last year pennsylvania's child abuse hot line received more reports of neglect than ever before. 53% of those calls had to do with sexual abuse, 80% of the victims were girls. overall authorities were able to confirm 13% of the claims. agencies from five counties
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helped hand out 467 warrants in bucks county yesterday. the action cam was in doylestown as the suspects were hauled in for operation friday 13th. deputies were warmed with 90 warrants for back child support. deputies from montgomery, philadelphia, delaware and chester counties assisted in making the arrests. the suspects arrested owed close to $250,000 in back child support. a new report said the crew of the private jet that crashed and killed philadelphia businessman lewis katz and 6 others did not perform a flight control check before takeoff. the national transportation safety board released its preliminary findings yesterday and focusing on the gust lock system. the tail flaps were locked when they examined the wreckage, but the control handle in the cockpit was in the unlocked
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position, without tail control the jet could not get airborne. the final report could take months to complete. the state of delaware is getting financial help to fix the tilting bridge along 495 in wilmington. the u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox get a first look at it yesterday. chad perdelli has the details. >> reporter: the transportation secretary called the situation a lambty. he said it not only affects residents of the first state, but people up and down the eastern seaboard. crews have been taking soil samples doing their work to repair and they have been working 24/7. anthony fox called fixing 4955 big deal and the federal government is in to repair. the estimated 20 million-dollar price tag to temporarily fix it is coming from federal coffers. >> the work that is happening is the product of aggressive work on behalf of the teams i want to thank all of you for the
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work you're doing. >> this bridge was closed last monday and our engineers and design team have been working around the clock. we have come up with a temporary solution that will be corporated in the final solution. >> reporter: dell dot officials say 30 minutes are being added to commutes. >> a good portion of that traffic is moving 35,000 car range to 95. >> reporter: drivers say naamans roads and secondary roads have been gridlocked for 24 hours. >> it's a problem. >> i have a shore place in bethany and the only way we can manage it to leave at 0300 to go down. officials are asking drivers to car pool or use mass transit or travel during off peak hours.
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sacrifices most drivers country cannot or unwilling to do. taking the road less traveled in delaware will be a long one. >> four months, 6 months, god knows when it will open up. >> reporter: deldot said there's a phone application where drivers can get real time traffic conditions or tune into the department's radio station at 13:80 a.m. chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> next, there's a reason his nickname is money, the new accolade for boxing great floyd mayweather junior. a crumby week after numerous downpours hours showers and thunderstorms, we clear out in time for the weekend, only to see them return next week. i'll have the details from accuweather when we come right back. ♪
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>> fierce winds in texas caused a grain silo made of metal to collapse and 1 rail cars flipped over due to the force of the gusts. the mayor said thursday night's storm tore through two miles of that city. it's unclear if a tornado touched down at this time. managers at the grain farm said the mangle mess of metal will cost millions. beautiful weather shaping up for us here. >> reporter: they have a lot of work to do out there, but for us in delaware valley we have a lot of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. let's get you outside and down to cape may. there's the view on the beach. we're seeing sunshine. yesterday was awful. we had fog and also muggy, and uncomfortable. today you'll see a nice sky and nice breeze out of the northwest and comfortable temperatures a dramatic change on the shore. you'll notice the waves coming
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in on the water 2 to 4 feet, so the surf is rough, other than that it's all right. 69 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 56 that's the key number right there. that's what made it feel so uncomfortable over the last couple of days we've had dew points in the low 60in' and 70s. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. pressure reading under 30. 58 in allentown, that's the dewpoint. 56 in philadelphia. everybody east of the delaware river still feeling i should say a little bit of humidity, north and west of the delaware river it's comfortable always the dewpoints continue to drop off. they will continue to do so throughout the course of the day. by 2:30, 53 in allentown and 53 in reading. millville, 61.
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this is a nice, pleasant change finally as the cold front continues to sweep on threw. this is the water vapor imagery, everywhere you see these bluish green shade these are higher dew points. that's the cold front it's marching east across the delaware valley over the last 12 hours. as that continues to push east it is shoving all that humid air out to sea. we have high pressure behind so that means nice, quiet weather. the high plain states if you're traveling to the west, west of the mississippi river valley there could big storms developing later this afternoon. everybody else east of the mississippi it looks nice and quiet. breezy conditions, winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. lots of sunshine, though, high pressure over top of us tomorrow, warm front to the southwest it's a comfortable
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day, no humidity just yet. lots of sunshine, but once we get into monday that warm front starts to close on in. winds shift out of the southwest again, it will feel like orlando by tuesday, warmer and humid, high temperatures close to 90-degree with feels-like temperatures or heat indices in the low 90s. the for the poconos, 68 degrees, combination of sun and clouds, gorgeous day for father's day 76. the jersey shore looks nice, as well. other than the fact it will be a decent breeze 78 degrees lots of sunshine by afternoon. sunday, sunny and nice, 77. a sea breeze kicking in later on. philadelphia the immediate surrounding suburbs, sunny, breezy, comfortable, 79 degrees. le that's the forecasted high. day planner looks like this, lots of sunshine, 79 we're down a notch to 75. overnight tonight clear and temperatures dropping into the 50s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows another comfortable day for tomorrow. father's day mostly sunny,
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84 degrees, low humidity levels. monday, mostly sunny, the humidity starts to crank up there, again. 88 it will feel like 90. we get into tuesday, it's oppressively humid, very warm high of 89 feeling like the low 90s. wednesday a good chance of thunderstorms, hazy, hot and humid, 90. thursday we clear out and neck weekend believe it or not could be the 6th weekend in a row where we talk lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. >> people are going to love you. >> reporter: yes, they are. >> don't forget you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. >> this week's art of aging report, lisa thomas-laurey has the story of how one man reinvented himself by helping other seniors doing the same. >> reporter: after a rewarding career writing for tv, films if the theater, dick goldberg was ready to retire, but then he saw
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an ad that changed his life. he become director of a nonprofit called coming of age. we help people over the age of 50 figuring out what their next steps will be in their lives. >> reporter: they engage adults by becoming volunteers. >> it's incredibly gratifying. >> reporter: i've seen so many people who have gone back to something they wanted to do in their youth and find i want incredibly satisfying because it's a dream they deferred and now we can catch up with it. >> reporter: there are new frontiers out there, for more ideas go to slash art of aging. ♪
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>> here's a look at what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. the third annual pa-hometown his or hero walk will be held in lansdale at the lutheran church on west main street. $20 for adults and $10 for children. everyone will receive a t-shirt and flag for the walk. this year's mission is donate all money raised to veterans in pennsylvania. >> the folks in gloucester county will celebrate the rich legacy of a can americans today it's a free event includes performance and african rug weaving and art an food vendors happening today from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. you can help find forever homes for the animal welfare
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rafting in the adirondacks, surfing on long island, or getting your heart racing at watkins glen international. come discover your favorite part of new york. plan your summer vacation at there's something for everyone. >> reporter: welcome back everyone, 7:23 saturday morning we're looking at temperatures across the jersey shore hanging out in the upper 60s, a little bit of humidity, but over the next couple of hours you'll notice the humidity dropping. chop on the ocean front. the winds are out of the northwest, blowing from the
7:24 am
marsh to the beach. the gnats don't like this, maybe you're dealing with the gnats this morning. cloud cover giving way to sunshine, ocean city, 68. sea isle and avalon 68 degrees, can cape may, 70. ocean temperature off the coast of cape may, 71. waves 3 to 4 feet. weekend kickoff in the city, 79 degrees. for the jersey shore, morning clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine. lowering humidity levels high of 78. the poconos look at this, 68 degrees, combination of sun and clouds very low humidity levels. >> there's a new king of the stanley cup and they to earn it in double overtime, the nhl title came down to this. [ cheers and applause ] oh, yeah alex martinez slapped in the goal. the double ot game five was the
7:25 am
longest in the king's franchise history. now for the other top sports stories here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning, were rolling through the phillies. three state victories, last night they welcomed in the cubs as j. ro fridays -- tries to rewrite phillies historical. hernandez is hit, doubt was intentional. when ryan sandberg comes out to protest, he gets run, too, synchronized rejections. jimmy rollins tries to hit mike
7:26 am
schmidt's all time hit list. there it is. >> to reach 2,000 hits in cincinnati. i told my wife i didn't care where it hams, but when the hit comes up, i like being at home, i was raised here professionally, i played every single game in a phillies uniform and something i want to share with the people of philadelphia. >> it will happen. >> reporter: the flyers will have veteran leadership next season. timo -- will be back for the 16th nhl ocean. one golfer is blowing a u.s. open difficult -- u.s. open
7:27 am
championships 65. saddler on 785 yards away it will drop in for an eagle, he makes the consult a at plus 5. raining champion spain facing the netherlands. wow a beautiful goal. we're up at 1. spain is stunned by the dutch 5-1 the final. >> the programming reminder game five of the nba final is tomorrow on 6abc, coverage begins at 7:30. san antonio leads the heat, 3-1. you can download the watch abc app on your mobile devices. that's a look at sports, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a wonderful weekend. >> floyd mayweather junior has
7:28 am
blocked his way to a new list, forbes has released it's list of highest paid athletes. may weather is number one. second on the list star soccer player for real madrid $80 million. labron james $72 million in earnings.
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>> sitting idle septa's regional rails are not running this morning afternoon hundreds of workers go -- after hundreds of workers go on strike. >> white lighting up in a public place in new jersey may no longer be a criminal matter. goodbye rain hello sunshine after a week of dreary weather we're in in store for a beautiful weekend. let's go outside to chris sowers at a look ahead of the accuweather forecast. looks like it's winds out there, chris. >> reporter: my friends in south jersey, this is heading your way feels like we went from orlando two hours ago to new new england that's how nice the air mass is rushing through the delaware valley. we're on a weekend winning streak, get a load of this, this
7:31 am
is five consecutive weekends where we've seen a lot of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. we started may 16 -- 17th and 18th, may 4, 25, and may 31 and june 1. and today we're having mostly sunny skies and father's day comfortable high of 84. so it continues. we're temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. pottstown 64. fleetwood 68. south jersey the muggies hanging on for a couple of hours that will work out to sea. glassboro, 67. geappedz -- gandys beach, 68 degrees. if you're heading to citizens bank park, the phillies taking on the cubs 3:05 start time. moosly sunny and -- mostly sunny
7:32 am
and breeze. by the 9th inning they will see temperatures in the mid 70s with very comfortable humidity levels. we have a comfortable one for you today and the heat and humidity returns in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> the big story this morning developing news the regional rail lines are at a standstill now thousands will have to find another way to get around. hundreds of septa workers went on strike, more than a dozen trains that carry commuters to suburbs and philadelphia international are no longer running after talks between septa and the unions failed to reach a new deal. wernd -- wendy saltzman joins us from 30th street station. >> reporter: trains have been parked and workers walked out at 1:01 this morning.
7:33 am
400 -- 12:01 a.m. septa engineers and electrical workers went on strike. the rail lines have been shut down indefinitely for 60,000 passengers who take trains to newark, trenton and the airport. the buses and subways are still operating they service 85% of septa's customers. they posted an interruption plan online. the next step is for governor corbett to step in maybe to ask president obama to point an emergency board to mediate. the stand still has been part of a long-standing wage dispute. the unions have been pushing for binding arbitration, septa has refused saying they feel they can get a better deal in negotiations. >> we have friends and family in this community we're from
7:34 am
this community we did not want this to result in a stoppage. work. which is why we have repeatedly offered to settle the dispute in a binding manner. >> we have 7400 unionized employees, and 7,000 have accepted what we're offering. there's nothing more than we can do. >> now, septa says that the unions demands are completely out of line with the wageses they are playing. 7,000 other employees they don't want the governor to call in a presidential mediator because they say that will delay a strike another 240 days. the young said that they received a call from the governor's office and said a member of his office has threatened them if they do not stop the stop work order there will be re repercussions.
7:35 am
at 30th street station, i'm wendy saltzman channel 6 "action news." >> keeping up with the latest on the septa situation with the 6abc news app along with a link for the constituency plan. also, our traffic map will help you get around the roads. you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at the apple and google app stores. >> the crisis in iraq continues as fast-moving rebels set their sights on seizing baghdad. fighters from the united states of iraq and syria known as isis are looking to take the capital. propaganda video surfaced yesterday showing the rebels at
7:36 am
a abandoned headquarters in iraq. >> it's up to the iraqis as a sovereign nation to solve their problems. >> vice president joe biden spoke with turkey's minister vowing support for the turkish diplomats kidnap. there's an active search in the west bank for three missing teenagers in israel. the trio vanished after leaving their jewish seminary thursday night. it is feared they may have been abducted. this is the first serious incident to strain relations with israel. meanwhile, ukraine's interior minister said they tanks have crossed into ukraine
7:37 am
with other armored vehicles from rushy and attacked by military forces fighting pro russia separatists. the president said he told vladimir putin it is unacceptable for tanks to cross the border. he said he he is willing to negotiate, but not with what he calls terrorists. army sergeant berg -- bowe bergdahl is in an army hospital in san antonio. he has spoken english and is in good health. but he has not seen his family. >> it is up to him when he wants to engage with his family. >> the controversy surrounding
7:38 am
his release will be addressed once bergdahl completes his rehabilitation. military veterans in pennsylvania have the opportunity to sound off on the va scandal. governor corbett met with advocacy groups in williamsport. he sent a letter to president obama pressing for veteran healthcare reform. he called the alleged coverup of alleged services totally unacceptable. this time va audit result brought a whistle blower. shea will bees has a secret -- secret --wil ks has a secret wait list that shows mental
7:39 am
illness patients went two years without services or treatment. a public smoking ban in new jersey will become a civil versus a criminal fine. the senate delayed a vote that would ban smoking at beaches and public passion in new jersey. ahead, roads in york county turn into streams following yesterday's storms. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see the sunshine in it, "action news" saturday morning continues in just a mom
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>> quick downpours caused flash flooding in york county. this is in dillsberg, the name appropriately named water street. the water receded and the sun came back out. in baltimore county, maryland, heavy rain left two vehicles stuck underneath a bridge. rescuers were able to get the vehicles and drivers out safely. the flooding very high, as high as ten feet in some areas. it is 7:42.
7:43 am
thankfully we didn't see anything like that here. >> reporter: we had ponding on the roads and minor flooding, but nothing like that. that's a lot of water up sky 6 we'll show you what's going on down the jersey shore. flags whipping in the wind. that's the only fly in the ointment. the sun beating down on you that's going to feel good. but every now and then you'll be picking up a gusty breeze, if you're on the sand you may get sandblasts from time to time. storm tracker 6 live crystal clear we don't expect to see anything on the radars for the next several times e 1e6r8dz -- several days. there's a slight chance of a pop-up thunderstorm monday, but it will probably hold off until tuesday. 65 in reading, dover, 66. wilmington, showing 67. the cold front is in the process of pushing through, temperatures feel almost fall-like behind it.
7:44 am
pittsburgh, 54. binghamton, barely in the 50s, some locations are in the a 40s, thrtion the front pushing east. the temperatures continue to fall and dewpoints continue to fall, as well. of this is the way you measure the amount of moisture in the area. 40s feels incredible almost crisp like in western pennsylvania. bits piths burger 49. we're down to 56. south jersey muggy at this hour, even there you'll drop rapidly here over the next couple of hours as well. there's the front that continues to push east, high pressure builds in from the great lake states and provides us with a gorgeous looking day. future tracker 6 sun and clouds later on. mostly sunny skies throughout the evening. this is 6:30 we'll be sunshine at this point. clear and overnight high temperatures, high pressure rolls in, the energy that the
7:45 am
sun provides today will be allowed to escape to the atmosphere. that's a cooling process. overnights tonight we could see temperatures in the 40s low 50s, north and west, and 58 or 59 in center city. speaking of 60s, poconos look at this, only 68 degrees for a high temperature today. combination sun and clouds, gorgeous for sunday, father's day 76. jersey shore ocean temperatures closing in on 70. there will be a good breeze at your back. otherwise it's nice, mostly sunny skies, sunday, father's day, delightful high of 77. the uv scale is 1 to 11. it sounds odd, we're forecasting a 9. apply the sunscreen. philadelphia, sunny, breezy, 79 degrees, very comfortable winds out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. overnight tonight mainly clear, comfortable, 50 degrees places
7:46 am
like allentown, 40 for the poconos. 50 for the suburbs and 59 for center city. 84 degrees father's day, the gary pappa run looks fantastic temperatures in time 50s. mostly sunny, monday, 88 degrees, tuesday, the muggies return warm, 89 degrees, there will be pop up showers and storms. some of those could produce drenching downpours, wednesday, humid, 90 degrees, thursday and friday we clear 87, 86. the longer term looks as nice as this weekend. we keep it rolling. isn't that how it goes. you don't watch football. never mind. keep it rolling. never mind. the streak -- next. >> all right, thanks chris. >> this is all fyi philly, 6abc, here's a preview. >> reporter: i'm karen rogers.
7:47 am
>> reporter: and i'm melissa magee. >> a beautiful piece of art. >> the manayunk arts festival is right around the corner. >> we'll show you around a philly men's shop. >> we'll spend the day at a luxury spa. and we tried some rolls as
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>> good morning, again, it is now 7:49, 68 degrees outside, sky6 live hd taking a a bumpy look into old city, the wind knocking our camera around, you can see the flag flapping on top of independence hall. american teenagers are smoking and drinking less, but they are texting behind the wheel and spending a lot of time on video games. that's according to a government study of worryisome teen behavior. teens are wearing bicycle helmets and seat belts more as well. the results come from a study of 13,000 high schoolers. there's a new way to help people battling anxiety and depression. it's a therapy you can do at
7:51 am
home. ali gorman has more on the innovative pilot program caught beating the blues. >> reporter: like many people cynthia struggles with anxiety and depression. she went through the city's beating the blues online program. >> it's important to remember that our thoughts are not fact. >> reporter: jake shows us how it works. there are 8 # minute session they are user friendly and can be done at home. >> i think it's a great way of reaching more people who don't want to seek treatment or may be they don't need traditional mental health treatment. >> reporter: the issues the program treats low self he estem and depression and anxiety and you don't need an official diagnosis. it uses different characters to show common themes and thinking
7:52 am
errors that can lead to feeling down or anxiety. >> sometimes we jump to conclusions about things or magnify things more than they should be. >> reporter: bowling said life will always have set backs, but the goal is to give more people the tools to bounce back quickly. >> our goal is that people live the fullest and the most successful life in their communities that they can. >> reporter: ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> coming up next, meteorologist chris sowers will take a final look at the accuweather forecast stay with us with us we'll be right back.
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>> in a single bound people lept into an illinois town to celebrate the 36th annual superman festival. it features a variety of superman themed music and games. actor billy d. williams will attend the event as special guests. a lot of superman fanatics out there. >> reporter: now i've seen everything. [laughter]. forecast ford today, -- for tody it looks spectacular. it will turn noticeably less humid. sunday, 84. the gary pappa run is tomorrow and temperatures look similar to what we're seeing right now. we'll see temperatures in the 50s, about 58, 59 and quickly climbing into the 60s.
7:56 am
65 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., 72. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows after the comfortable weekend we get back into the muggies next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we'll have temperatures close to 90 degrees. >> thanks, chris, it is 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." here's dan harris with a preview. >> reporter: eva, good morning, coming up on "g.m.a.," new concerns about the spread of a virus carried by mosquitoes. there are cases down south and it is spreading up to the northeast. a homecoming steeped in controversy. sergeant bowe bergdahl back on american soil for the first time in five years, why won't he see or speak with his parents. we'll have the latest on the puzzling rip.
7:57 am
"g.m.a." taking you into the center of the soccer universe, with there's intensive world cup fever and a gigantic upset. we're live from the beaches of rio coming up on "g.m.a." "action news" continues at 9:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, don't plan on taking the septa regional rails, the union workers are on strike. today is flag day, we'll show you why some folks in bucks county planted 65,000 american flags for this day. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim, have a great saturday. it's spectacular. we'll be back here at 9:00 a.m. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files.
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it's kinda fun to make a splash. keep on scratchin'.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, the virus spreads. new cases of a mosquito-borne bug with no known cure. for the first time, it's hit the northeast. why health officials are so worried. >> there's no vaccine for it. >> and what you need to know to protect your family. also new overnight, severe storms. large hail pounding the plains with supercells, shooting off dangerous lightning. who is in the line of fire today? special delivery, part two. just days after twins in boston were born, 24 days apart, meet the babies from kansas who beat that spread by more than two weeks. and fun, sun and soccer. brazil is party central for world cup fans from all over the planet. >> usa. usa.


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