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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  June 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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tavern in delaware county goes up in flames. and the big story is a flash flood watch for 2:00 in the morning, we are expecting pockets of heavy rain that could drop an inch or two per hour. just like earlier in the week, it depends on your location. so what we need to do is check in with local radar and cecily tynan. what is the latest from accuweather. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan show that in philadelphia it's not raining right now but we have heavy downpours in parts of cheffer and lancaster county. as we zoom in, we see this one band of heavy downpours moving through honey brook and crossing route 41 and route 30 as well. we zoom in a little bit more and another band out of kirkwood and oxford, if you put the rainfall rates on, some of these pocketed falling at the rate of 1 inch per hour than is really
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torrential rain, than could cause problems if you try to drive through it and cause localized flooding. there is plenty more on the way, a much wider view showing a cold front in the ohio valley and all of this moisture ahead of it, is being pulled up straight from the gulf of mexico. and there is plenty more that is moving in through the overnight hours and through the day tomorrow. the cold front is sweeping through the region and drying us out tomorrow night. a flash flood watch for the bulk of our viewing area and all the counties in green until 2:00 tomorrow morning. what this means is heavy downpours, that could cause flash flooding and you do want to be careful, do not try to drive through flooded waters, not everyone sees the downpours and they are scattered, they could get the rain falling at the rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour and we have fog developing and that could cause problems
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for the morning commute, that is coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily, can you track rain in your neighborhood with the 6 abc storm tracker app, it gives you access to live radar and the hourly forecast and audio alerts for weather warnings, it's free for apple and android devices. a teacher from a private music school in malvern is a rested and charged with sexually abusing three children, live at district court in westchester is "action news" reporter david henry, the police chief said that this man allegely violated an ultimate trust. >> he was a trusted and respected piano teacher whose students have been successful in high level competitions and now 44-year-old an ton foeman is behind bars, charged with sexually abusing some of those children. >> he had a position of trust in that school and unfettered
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access to these children. >> anton foeman taught piano and a 6-year-old girl told her mother he was touching her inappropriately. >> and police started questioning other parents and two others, said he had done to the same thing again and that he exposed himself to the children and made them look at make people including those on his computer. >> we recovered images off his computer consistent with what the children have told us foeman is a self professed nudist and have run the school since january and he was often home alone for lessons behind closed doors at his home and the owner of the foeman school says he was
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dismissed once the allegations surfaced. >> i feel so deeply, the focus of this school is nurturing children and i feel profanely sad for them. >> he had little to say as he left court. >> you have anything to say for yourself? >> talk to my lawyer. >> foeman is held on $300,000 cash bail and investigators are urging parents to talk to their children because they believe there may be many more victims out there. live in west chester, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you david. a medical examiners office in florida say that birdie africa was drunk when he drowned aboard a cruise ship last december, that the 41-year-old also known as michael moses ward died of acute alcohol intoxication, one of two people to survive the
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mood bombing in philadelphia in 1985, he was just 13 at the teem. the siege killed 11 people including ward's mother. a fire early this morning, fire officials say that a grease fire started in the kitchen of the toll house tavern on chester pike before 12:30 and the flames jumped to the eaves and the ventilation system. everybody was able to get out safely. philadelphia city council has given final approval to the bill that will give the school district $120 million in sales tax revenue, while more is welcome and that is welcome, this doesn't come close to solving the district's money problems, vernon odom is liveality school district's headquarterers. >> reporter: jim, it is late spring and as usual philadelphia school budget crisis is in full
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bloom. begging an arm twisting and playing itself out in the opening. >> a band of school children and parents from southwest philadelphia march on the governor's center city office this morning to call for increases in government funding for the philadelphia cash starved school district. >> it's really easy! >> earlier they poured into city hall, moments before city council gave a pro fusion of $120 million generated by a sales tax. >> we want more, we are asking our good friends in general assembly, to give us authority to enact a $2 a pack cigarette tax. >> emergency funds in the $50 million range are needed to finish out the school year. they need a total of 440 million to get back to the level that
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bore last year's draconian budget cuts. mayor nutter says that it's time to look the state lawmakers and the governor for salvation. >> we need the jenna assembly even at times of budget crisis, we need them to look at the possibility of adding additional dollars, philadelphia would increase with education funding right now. >> we find quarters in couches to take care of our children and it's time for the state to help us out. >> reporter: jim, the philadelphia school district expects to bring in an additional $25 million next week by closing a deal to sell the old university high school building to drexel university. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." all the rain this week hads delayed the start of the next phase of construction along i-95, that project from girard avenue to allegheny avenue was
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suppose to begin this past monday night and now penndot says it has pushed the start of construction to this coming monday night at 10:00. >> buck county community college is expanding, they broke ground today on a 34,000 square foot science building on the new town campus, it includes 11 science labtories and a student lounge area and the building is heated and cooled by geo thermal systems. word tonight that one ticket matched last night's $250 million jackpot, sold in tennessee but there was a million dollar winner in montgomery county. the ticket matched all five white balls, but missed out on the red power ball. coming up on "action news" tonight, the joy of sports will be played out in knowledge this weekend. thousands of athletes will
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converge for the special olympic games and counties are on alert after a number of bear sightings. i am tracking showers and thunderstorms on the way and i'll have details on the timing and the return of sunshine in the preview for accuweather. >> phillies afternoon action can they win three in a row. ducis rogers has that story when "action news" continues tonight.
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police in camden county are
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wubs again warning residents about bears, this video show a black bear in atco, and it ran into the nearby state forest. they believe the bears are different because their particular markings are different. opening ceremonies are this weekend for special olympics, athletes are on their way from all over the nuts. and where there is olympics tlrk say olympic torch nora muchanic has more. >> the flame of hope made its way to the campus of td bank in mount laurel, one of several stops in seasonal, the torch is heralding the start of the usa games kicking off this weekend in new jersey. >> it felt great and awesome. >> 43-year-old antonio bowe
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carried the torch. >> people will disabled but they can do basketball and do what they want to do. >> the games here in new jersey are for year in the making and organizers say they are ready to go. >> from transportation to meals to awards to ceremonies. >> think about it, 70,000 spectators, 3500 athletes. >> some of these athletes are training for months and their heart and guts and desire to compete is an inspiration. >> feel happy and proud and i like it because i want to do a good job and go for the gold. events are in mercer county including rider university and the national guard is willing to help. >> an opportunity to help do something for the special olympics. >> national delegation of
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athletes coming from all over the country will housed here at rider university for the special limb pings. >> they don't get to excel and win at some level, for them to have this opportunity the life changing. >> athleteds arrive on saturday and opening ceremonies are sunday. clean water is the topic, of a meeting today along the schuylkill river, nancy stoner, the top water watch dog spoke during the sixth day of the annual schuylkill river sojourn, the canoe and kayak trip that ends tomorrow at boathouse row in philadelphia. state and local officials are celebrating at the rush street park in philadelphia, the projects are two years in the making and there are new hiking
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had the phillies won three in a row before possibly today. >> i will tell you in about a minute. you know what i'll tell you in the leadin. one is the loneyest number, the series sweeps they pulled off this season but that changes today after a rainy matinee. don't be ashamed if you have a big head, embrags it. >> jimmy rollins drives in ben revere to make it 2-1 and with that hit is he one away from tying john schmidt. and he was the hero last night and here he comes in as a pinch hitter and doubles in a pair of
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run and the bench players continue to contribute. john mayberry jr. among the group making the most of his opportunities lately, a three run homer in the seventh and the phillies win 7-3 to sweep the padres. >> that is what we are looking for and all we can do did create momentum from that and we had good starting pitching and the bullpen was good and we had some base runners, and some clutch hitting. it's big for somebody to step up on a different day, that is what makes good ball clubs and someone picks up the theme that day. and someone picks up the team and that is how we have had it on teams i have been on. >> the cubs visit tomorrow. we are approaching father's day, gift wrapped ugly ties and
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the u.s. open. at pine hurst. this is where mickelson finished second in 1989 and there are a handful of golfers tied for the leave including kevin na. that is an eagle on the number nine. the big of the event in the world and it kicked off today, world cup opens play with brazil versus croatia, brazil's nama one of the best players in the world, scores twice today and oscar splits the defender, they looked impressive in this 3-1 victory. game four is tonight in miami, the spurs lead 2-1 and the heat know they cannot afford to lose another game on their hom court. >> we owe it to ourselves and
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the organization to play better basketball and we are going to have to if we want to beat this team. we are in and the script is flipped and we are in the driver seat, if we want to make it a series. >> every game can be seen here on 6 abc, tonight's coverage begins at 8:30, you can view every game on your mobile device by downloading the watch abc app. philadelphia city council recognized the little flower high school swim team at city hall, the team recently won the
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meteorologist, adam joseph took over weather duties on "good morning america" and cecily and adam are filling in all week for ginger zee, on her honeymoon and can you catch adam joseph again tomorrow, and tweet him using #~ 6 abc on gma and i know you had a lot of fun in new york but there is no place like home. >> i was happy to come home, i missed you guys, the network people are awesome but no jim gardner and adam did great this morning. all right lets talk about the weather. >> glad to have you back. >> it's nice to be back and adam is doing great.
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stormtracker 6 live double scan, showing we have rain and some of it is heave dwri and the heavy esteban right now is stretching from reading to west of coatesville over oxford and it's all moving up to the north and notice there is no lightning strikes with this, this is not severe weather and this is falling an inch per hour, and some heavy downpours and meantime in south jersey, some light rain moving in and we'll be stuck in the soggy weather pattern through the day tomorrow and through tomorrow afternoon we get into the warm sector, and that can trigger thunderstorms, certainly not warm today, 75 degrees and the high today, normal high is 82 and millville 72 and allentown 70 and wilmington 73, and trenton 73 degrees, with these cool temperatures we will not get the thunderstorms tonight but tomorrow as the warm front moves to the north we'll pull in warm, humid air and that could fire off thunderstorms and the actual cold front that will sweep all of this out to sea, it's
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currently moving into western pennsylvania, can you see that clearing line and once this sweeps through we'll finally see the return of sunshine and that will happen over the weekend. until then keep the umbrellas on hand, at 11:00 lots of clouds south of philadelphia and strong downpours developing into the morning rush and plenty of clouds again and spotty showers and of at noon we get the warmer air and breaks of sunshine and the weather pattern, we don't want the sunshine and that has the rising air that do trigger thunderstorms, and at 5:00 a line of thunderstorms could be rolling through the northwest suburbs, very unsettled tomorrow even down the shore. if you are headed there take an up brel a, and it gives way to sunshine and sunday is beautiful mostly sunny skies with a high
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of 77. gusty thunderstorms on the way tomorrow and 74 degrees and saturday low humidity and comfortable and on the cool side and 72 degrees and plenty of sunshine and a pleasant 76, the call from accuweather, showers and downpours again, the flash flood watch is in affect at 2:00 in the morning, areas of fog developing, 66 for center city and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, unsettled tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms and the best chance in the afternoon a high of 83 degrees, it will be very humid and on saturday, our winds shift out of the northwest, this brings us low humidity and sunshine and 80 degrees and sunday nice for dad. father's day will be beautiful, 82 degrees and timing out the day at 8:00, plenty of sunshine and comfortable for a run and 65 degrees, by noon 78 degrees and by 4:00, 82, very nice. we warm up to 86 degrees and tuesday the muggies return and
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88 degrees and wednesday could hit 90 for the first time this year. with showers and thunderstorms and we keep the chance of pop-up thunderstorms on thursday with a high of 89 degrees, unsettled and father's day weekend is just beautiful. >> if you want to know the truth, i don't like you hanging out with george for three days. >> george stephanopoulos? he was very nice. >> she is back. >> finally tonight, some friendly competition showcased the serious brain power of local high schoolers teams from landsdale catholic and mount st. joseph and wissahickon high school demonstrated their robots, they were tasked with catching and scooping up a giant red ball, they demonstrated for an electronics competition earlier today. world news is next, and for th
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a subaru. welcome to "world news." tonight the situation out of control. that fast moving crisis in iraq. extremists taking control of city after city. what danger do they pose to the united states? and could america be drawn back into war? near at home more than 25 million people threatened by storms and this mess is marching east tonight. game on. the world cup. half of the planet is watching. and you'll meet team america hoping for a miracle. and 90 years young former president george h.w. bush. a hard landed but sealed with a kiss. good evening to you on this


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