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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  June 11, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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the details. chad. >>reporter:rick, the arraignment lasted five minutes. kevin roper pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide and assault by auto in a crash that hurt morgan and killed his friend. kevin roper was silent as he walked out of a courtroom today. he was driving a big-rig for walmart on the new jersey turnpike when he came upon slow traffic. he avoid cars and slammed into a limo carrying tracy morgan and a half dozen others. harry stanton was inside. he spoke about the accident in an exclusive interview. >> we were talking and cracking jokes. there was no window in the back. the next thing i heard was crunching metal around me. he had no idea that the limo
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flipped.g metal around me. morgan suffered broken rigs and nose. he is in stable condition. >> i remember thinking oh, my god i am in an accident. oh, my god i am in an accident. roper claims he not slept for 24 hours before the accident. walmart has reportedly said it believes that he was in compliance with feral safety regulations. a man claiming to be roper on twitter refutes that claim that he has not slept for 24 hours. he makes other statements. neither roper or his attorney would confirm his twitter handle. chad pradelli "channel~6 action news." >> thank you, chad. dozens protested the funning shortfall. it happened on the same day as they made a school budget
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proposal. there was a 27 million loan that the district was hoping to get through a 1% extension of the sales tax. and david henry will have more including top officials in harrisburg found out as they were looking for state funding as well. the police have charged a mother an liver-in boyfriend after a child broke heroin to school. hunter and christopher white were charged. the 6-year-old daughter showed off bags of heroin to other students. a teacher spotted the child chewing on one of the bags. the child is okay in d.h. custody tonight. septa commuters may need a new way to get to work. if the talks don't go well, there could be a strike. "action news" vernon odom live at 30th street station with that story.
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good evening, vernon. >>reporter:good evening. a septa strike that could well happen. ate firm maybe. not for the riders of the city of philadelphia but the suburban riders on the regional rails. the septa rail lines are running on time in and out the center city today. that could be disrupted at 12:01 a.m. on saturday. strike fever is in the air. it halts the service for 60,000 riders a day. >> it's 45 minutes. when you are driving it's an hour or hour and a half two hours. you never know with the traffic. >>reporter:it's an impact on you. >> huge. it's a lot cheeper. >> they have been working without a contract for four years. the leaders are prepared to walk off the job this weekend unless an agreement can be reached on pension benefits and retroactive wage hikes after the contract
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expired in '09 and '10. we are going to strike at 12:01 a.m. saturday morning. >>reporter:in some cases up to 11.5%. the union rejects that without a deal. he could ask barack obama to intervene. as the drama builds before friday night the region the riders are calculating the impact that they will feel. >> we have to do it because it's faster. >> the impact of the cars that are going to drive. the cost of the gas, the time it's going to take me and time to get home. it will be 6:00, 7:00 at night. >>reporter:last ditch
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face-to-face negotiations are on friday morning. the septa city division workers are continuing to work without a contract. live at 30th street station vicvernon odom, "channel~6 actin news." thank you. vernon. a fire erupted at 7:00 in the 1700 block of north 21s 21st street. a person in the home suffered second degree burns over 40% of her body. three families were displaced. one the families is getting assistance from the red cross. and turning to the forecast a little more than a week away from the official start of summer. can you believe it? today it felt like early spring. as you look live at penn's landing it's cool and cloudy all day long. it's dryer than yesterday. we could see more rain tomorrow. adam joseph is at the "action news" big board with the full story. >> rick, the clouds were a good
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thing. it's suppressing the storms to the west. it shows the cloud cover is in place from morning to new england to the atlantic. it stops pennsylvania border and maryland. we have a void in any rain off to the north and off to the south and west. they are dealing with severe weather in the carolinas. and virginia is getting decent-sized hail the size of golf balls. tornadoes to the south and west. the temperatures at 57. 68 in millville. 70 for dover. 66 right you in lancaster. the wins have been out of the east northeasterly direction the entire day. speeds are sustained at 12 miles-an-hour. 13 in wilmington. 12 in dover. it's sending in the chill.
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it's a stabilizer to suppress any of the downpours from popping. 7:00 with a lot of clouds. the clouds stick around for 8:00. same for 9:00 and 10:00. the temperatures are slowly dropping from 68 to 66. when we come back we'll talk about the downpours moving back into the forecast but a brighter future ahead for the weekend. father's day is looking good right? it is. updates on the forecast where you go with the storm 6:00 app. it free to download for the apple and android devices. >> more to come. we have traffic news for you to see what is going on at the roads. hi, autumn. >> hi rick and monica. we were alternating accidents from the westbound to eastbound lanes all afternoon long. we are finally clear. we had an accident at gulph
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mills as you approach 202. ful the speeds in the 30, 40 miles-an-hour. taking you 30 minutes to go from the blue route to the fine. we ar-- to the vine. as you approach of the schuylkill expressway it's slow as you approach bear avenue to you the vine street expressway in the westbound lanes of schuylkill expressway as well back to you rick and monica. thank you. the defeat of eric cantor is feeling a new shakeup in washington. for potential fallout coming up. a website is offering new hope for people that battle anxiety and depression. the treatment that is tested in our area. >> checking back in with adam joseph and accuweather. "action news" will be right
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male announcer: during the 150th anniversary of the war between the states. order our civil war trails guides at and download our new civil war mobile app. maryland. land of history. depression. eric cantor will resign his post after losing a primary election in a major upset.
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he remains in office and serve out his term. david brat a college professor and political newcomer he called the win over cantor a miracle from god. it was a shake up after midterm elections a control of the house. there is a new way to help folks battling anxiety and depression. you can do it at home. ali gorman is at the big board with the innovative program. it's at wave of the future in mental health. it's an online program called "beating the blues." it's a pilot program for the behavior of health and the mental health association of southeastern pennsylvania. like many people cynthia butts struggle was anxiety and depression. she went through the city's
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beating the blues online program. >> it's important to remember that -- >>reporter:jake bowling shows how it works. eight, 50 minute sessions. it's user friendly. it can be done at home. >> it's a great way to reach people that don't want to go in to seek treatment or they don't need a traditional mental health treatment. >>reporter:it's universal. low self-esteem and depression and anxiety. you don't need a -- thinking errors that leave people feeling anxious. >> we have feeling black and white or jump to conclusion ors will have setbacks.
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the goal is to give more people the tools to bounce back quickly. >> hour goaour goal is that peoe of the most successful lives that they can in their communities. >>reporter:the program is proven to work in other communities. it's open to anyone on medicaid in philadelphia. if you don't have a computer they also have group classes available in a surface with computers for more information you can call the number (276)507-2990. we have that on thank you, ali. a washington woman is about to hike 250-miles to raise money for the disease algeria. the athlete will hike the trails. she hopes to raise $25,000 that
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make the young children age and look quickly old. two members of the church right there have the disease. tv store, paula deen is planning a comeback. the so yeah, i think we're good. i think that about wraps it up. so... great, i'll send a follow up email.
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twitter had to shutdown its popular application called tweet deck. it allows them to organize their twitter streams. some saw pop-up messages appear. twitter fixed the issue in an hour. it's not the first time that they had an issue with security holes. of there was an outbreak back in 2010. celebrity chef paula deen is launching a new internet-based network in september. it is a paid subscription service. the cooking star lost her contract with the food network after admitted to using a racial slur in the past. >> if you have a consumer issue "action news" is here to help
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you. the call for "action news" volunteers take your calls every day. the number is 18669784232. you can invoice too and look onn sexuaonline. they were treating drivers to free coffee a water bottle and $25 of free gas on oxford road in yardley. it's a promotion for any customer in book as cruise from now to july will be entitled to upgraded and amenities on board. one student is putting her artist talents to use in a musical way.ent is putting her she was involved in the high school choir as a student.
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now all three of her children are musical as well. she painted a mural in the fishing room. it depicts a piano with musical notes that turn into birds flying into the world. her family are lovers of singing. it was at abington high school where the passion was born. very nice. looking outside sky6 hd going down to cape may all the way. adam joseph has
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. are you able to put the umbrella away today.s" big board. don't put it far. >> keep it close to you. the downpours are back. they will remain in the forecast until the end of the week. today we had an easternly wind. we don't see any downpours or thunderstorms on stormtracker 6 live. a little drizzle falling from the sky as well because of the raw easterly winds. the numbers in the upper 60s.
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its ocean is 66. it matches the number inland. it tries to moderate a little bit the farther inland. 70 in dover. even the poconos right now it's a brutal 57 degrees for this time of year. there is warm front draped to the south and west. 86. and pittsburgh at 80 degrees. that front is the dividing line the heat humidity and the severe weather. north of that line we are looking good this evening with respect to the storms. the tornado watches and severe thunderstorm watches south and west to the front. in the last 15 minutes 1500 lightening strikes hail, gusty winds and isolated tornadoes in the western parts of pennsylvania today. 7:05 for the phillies cloudy, cool. bring a jacket. it's going to feel raw out there with the chilly temperatures
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between 68 the first pitch to 66 in the ninth inning. future tracker 6 at 7:00 in the morning a couple of areas of drizzle. low-lying fog. in the afternoon we cook up the downpours and thunderstorms especially closer to the warm front approaching from west late in the day. the downpours could be flooding. it's a concern a quick 1 to 3 inches of rain. tonight clouds are around. they are not moving. patchy drizzle and fog. 61 in allentown. 64 for philadelphia. the five day at 5:00. 80. the humidity is back. sore the pop-ups iso are the po. 83. the front pushes out of here as we get into the weekend. the humidity drops on saturday. father's day is looking good at 84. it turned more humid on monday.
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we keep the sunshine with a temperature of 86. first 909 dre day coul 90-degre. students from the charter school wore matching t-shirts and carrying posters. asked where are you going to college this fall? they opened in 1999 to teach low-income kids. 90% of them go on to college. how about that? that is great. more to come in the next half-hour. on "action news at 5:00". the two young girls accused of stabbing their friend to honor slender man is back in court. and bucks county is getting
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>>announcer:"action news" continue was ji jamie apody and monica malpass. gone in 60 minutes. they are looking for two thieves that robbed an upscale bucks county neighborhood. a man stormed into a high school and started shooting. a mong-long investigation gets thousands of pot off the streets. a gunman that killed a student and wounded a teacher. sharrie williams is live. >>reporter:monica the 15-year-old gunman was armed with a knife and several guns including a military-style rifle. all the weapons were obtain at family home. he hid them in a duffel bag and a guitar case as he rode the school bus that fateful day.
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a deadly school shooting. >> shots are fired in the locker room. >>reporter:jared padgett carrying a duffel bag, a rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammo from her family's home shooting a 14-year-old in the locker room. >> he spent a period of time in the locker room. during that time he murdered a fellow student. we have not established any link between the shooter and the victim. >> a phys. ed. teacher was reportedly targeted in the rampage. >> he was carrying a gun running after rispler. >> todd rispler was shot but they were able to get a lockdown. over the intercom this is a real lockdown. turn the lights off and stay


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