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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  June 11, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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protest the funding shortfall. a protest that was planned before city council today. they marched on to city hall and then that governor corbett's office. it changed them making for a tough year. >> we don't have enough resources and libraries the councillors cut. it's a struggle for me to graduate. and to focus on college and what i am going to do after i graduate. >>reporter:the district is looking at a $96 million shortfall. it needs $41 million to return where it was last year before laying off 3800 employees. the district counted on $51 million from selling buildings. it was short of that goal. they went to a stopgap council. the council refused the full amount. derek clark left the money on the table last year instead of
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allowing the city handle the school sales and reimbursing the district. >> they decided to give us a $27 million loan meaning we will have to look for $28 million in dosts next year. >>reporter:how much more can you cut? >> there is no more to cut. >>reporter:superintendent william hite and chairman gill green are in harrisburg trying to squeeze more money out the state. they are hoping to have more success there then they had here with city council today. live at city hall. david henry "action news." thank you, david. a first check with the accuweather forecast. it's a gray day today. mostly cloudy. >> it's on the chillier side. the sun-included line i-cloud le south of dover and richmond
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counties. we are looked in the cloud cover. the clouds are not going anywhere any time soon. the double scan on the radar mode we have tornado watches in pittsburgh. and severe thunderstorm watches in the virgins. it's going to bubble up the downpours and thunderstorms. the covered is way to the west. until that pushes through that particular area of downpours and storms will rush back starting in tomorrow. 68 in philadelphia. 68 in millville. 770 dover. 66 in beach haven. the clouds are locked in with the chilly air with the east-northeast winds. 16 in million dollars. gunshots up to 14 miles-an-hour in lancaster. the evening planners as you head out this evening. 8:00, 67. as you go keep their the night
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the temperatures don't drop much. remaining in the mid 60s. there could be patches developing with the wind coming off the water. we'll talk about a couple of active days ahead. a hook to the weekend where changes will be pushing in. the full cafeteria cafeteria coming up in a bit. thank you, adam. sky6 is looking live. the officials tweet thad arriving flights are delayed for an hour because of loat-lying clouds. -- low-like clouds. you can use the double scan radar on your smartphone or tablet to find when it's going to rain in your area. it's free for your apple or android device. the walmart truck driver entered a not guilty plea.
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kevin roper appeared in court. charges death by auto and assault by auto. he had not slept more than 24 hours before li his tractor-trar slammed into a bus. it killed one of tracy morgan's comedy writers. we'll have the full story at 5:00 tonight. phillies bucks county are looking for people that broke into cars and stole two of them. it was partly a crime of opportunity? >> that is right. it's a beautiful community. keep say this stuff never happens. but it did. over a course of one hour thieves made away with thousand was dollars and cash and items.
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not including the two vehicles that were actually stolen. it was early yesterday morning when morgan mcdermott and the reps of her family realized that her stepfather's car had been stolen. >> i didn't think it would ever happen. it's scary. have you to be alert. >> between 1:30 and 2:30 in the morning a group of thieves took itemitems from 30 vehicles and e two of the vehicles in washington crossing. >> the vast majority were unsecured and unlocked vehicles. a lot of personal possession were left out in plain view for people. cash, cds and lap stop purse. >> my son's car he had the cash that he made from the night before. so they had broken into the car
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and stolen that. >>reporter:the neighbors say that the most disturbing part the thieves know what they were doing and where to go. >> it is more sophisticated. it's going that is planned out. people have a strategy or something. i don't think it's random. it's not the first time that something like this happened in the last six months. >>reporter:in fact, the same development was hit in the same fashion back in january. they are urging people not to leave their valuables include hearing that keys inside the vehicles at night. if you have any information call the police. reporting live from washington crossing walter perez. thank you, walter. a woman that shot her husband in the delaware county home has died. carol anne perroli shot her
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multiple times in the head in glen olden and then killed himself. police in eastwick are looking for a nan robbed a convenience store. it shows the suspect walking into the 7-eleven on elmwood avenue. they are asking that if anyone has any information to give them a call. one person was badly burned in a fire in north philadelphia. it started a after 7:00 on the 11700 block of north 31st 31st street. they have not told us the victim's name. they have 75% burns on their body. the red cross is helping the family with food, clothes and a place to stay. one person was hurt after
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two trucks collided head on in talleyville, delaware. it happened on woodlawn road near the concord mall. one of trucks ended up on its side. a person was trapped before the medics could get to him. the other driver is expected to be okay. a new jersey-based trucking company is set to go out of business. that decision could leave 1500 people out of a job. new century transportation announced it's shutting down after 14 years on the road. the closure comes after the company's lender decided to drop funding. the executives say they tried to find another source of money. but they could not do so. the company has not said when it will shut its doors. >> to business now. the dow is setback from the all-time high. it dropped 100 points on the day. o botboth the nasdaq and s&p iso
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down. there was a recall because of a problem with airbags. the recall was first announced last year. it included 1.8 million cars. of the passenger airbag inflators were made with shoddy parts. they have not given them a list of effective serial numbers. the recall is expanding just to be safe. amazon is not letting people pre-orders dvds. they have been in public fight with hachette over ebay sales. spokesman for amazon and warner bros. both decline to comment. here at big boarderic cantor announced that he is stepping
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down as house majority leader. the decision is coming after men call the stunning loss in the gop primary race in virginia to a relative unknown. >> obviously we came up short. >> a major political shocker. an upset in very few saw coming to the pundits to cantor himself. >> there is a lot of long faces tonight. it's disappointing for sure. >> he was crushed by this man, david brat a relative unknown. >> this is the happiest moment in my life. >> brat an economics and ethics professor pulled off a huge upset. now that he won the primary is he is looking for november. >> dollars do not vote. you do. >>reporter:cantor spent a lot of them. $5 million in campaign ads. 50 times more then brat spent.
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and brat accused cantor of representing obama on reform. cantor fought back not enough to win back some voters. >> i hear the accuracy. my family. >> and dave brat, we know who he is now the republican party has been paying too much attention to wall street and not enough attention to main street. that is the truth. that doesn't take a lot of analyst. >>reporter:cantor is stepping down expecting to make a formal announcement at the meeting with the rank and file today. he plans to stay in office until july 33. july 31st. a lot of surprised people in washington today. a bit of a shakeup. >> the biggest political
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surprise in a lot of years. thank you very much. it's time for the traffic report. and live with autumn. high autumn. >> we are keeping the key the schuylkill expressway westbound at the konstantinoat the consho. we have at fire and ambulance truck on the scene. the eastbound lanes an accident cleared half-hour ago. we had a delay of an hour. the eastbound lanes are looking better now. going over to the big picture. we have slowdown 12 miles-an-hour on the westbound lane was schuylkill expressway to the vine street expressway. slow downing both lanes of the vine street expressway. from 95 to the schuylkill right now.
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showing you the boulevard. update to broad street you can expect to tap the brakes. westbound valley forge off-ramp they are doing a spill cleanup right now. use caution in that neighborhood. moving to burlington township. kingsbridge drive there is a downed tree. it's causing power outages. and woodline road and thompson and 202 we have an accident too. thank you, autumn very much. thousands of people take to the ben franklin pea t parkway to ft prostate cancer. i was there for the gary papa run. we got to meet a lot of viewer and some plan to run this weekend. the run is underway first thing
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sunday morning. we love to see you there. you can register to take part in this fight against prostate cancer on an amazing cause. some septa employees soon to walk off the job. humidity is in the newsroom with the story. hi, monica. >> hi, shirleen. it involves engineers and electricians on the regional rail line. we'll tell you about it. they have a few days to reach an agreement before the wildcat takes place. we'll explain the potential impact. plus, what if a website could ease your anxiety or depression? how about that. next at 5:00 ali gorman will show us the online treatment that is now tested in our area. those stories and a lot more coming up on "action news at
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5:00". and floating oasis has arrived. they had trees and outfitted with a boardwalk and bar. they make up the spruce street harbor park. they are going to be surrounded by floating gardens once its complete today. you will notice that the beaches are looking a lot cleaner. it's thanks to these sews. volunteers. it's the cleanup day marking the fifth year of this program. great work by them. the end of this gloom is in sight. speaking of beach weather we are going to have that soon adam joseph. >> in 27 hours.
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the countdown is on for the weekend. we have no downpours that are drenching the area. no thunderstorms tracking presently. as we look at numbers it's rather chilly. 66 in allentown. 65 in reading. 68 in wilmington. 68 in sea isle city. it matches many of the air temperatures inland. 24-hour change. 9 degrees cooler in philadelphia. 12 degrees cooler in the poconos. it's all because of the easterly winds. as we look at numbers a warm front is draped to the south and west. you flip the numbers here.
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our temperature is the reverse for washington. with a warm front in place we have tornado watches and severe thunderstorm watches to our south and west. that will not push into our region overnight tonight. thankfully it's held at bay to the south and west. 2500 lightening strikes in the last 15 minutes in the mid-atlantic. they mean busy to the south and west. it's a dry game. cloudy and cool. bring a light jacket. it doesn't move that much to the ninth inning at 66. future tracker 6 with an easterly wind there could be patchy drizzle to start tomorrow morning. otherwise, it's mainly cloudy. then in the afternoon as the front progresses from the south and west, we will see the eruption of the heavy downpours like the last couple of days and thunderstorms approaching from
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the southwest. they wilthey will work to the nd east for thursday. but tonight 64 for philadelphia. 64 for cape may. patchy drizzle and fog developing. four day at 4:00 is unsettled. it could being 1 to 3 inches of rain at 80 degrees. the numerous downpours and numberless with the cold fronts that positioned in the ohio valley at 83. that front pushing everything off of coast. the humidity drops and saturday 82. father's day sunny and warm 84 degrees. that is weekend number five in a row that it has been flawless from start to finish. we'll have the rest of the seven-day forecast coming up. welcome back speaking of flawless are you ready for tomorrow morning? >> yes. this is what i am talking about.
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cecily tynan spent her last day on "good morning america." she has been there all week filling in for ginger. she is going to pass the baton with adam joseph. he will be with the crew first thing had the morning. tweet him let him know you are watching. and we have seen a lot of folks from philly gear stop by throughout the week. if you are in new york be sure to head to times square. you too could end up on television. we know that adam is going to be fantastic. he'll get some rest and be ready for the morning. we'll be watching. a driver slams into parked cars in a philadelphia neighborhood. what one state just did that has an impact across the country. and what the creator of "scandal" has the social media world buzzing. the news app is free at the
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world buzzing. the news app is free at the apple and google app store hall: oh oh, here she comes, world buzzing. the news app is free at the apple and google app store hall: she's a... oates: scary lady oates: she's an angry tiger hall: she's a mangobbler oates: eater hall & oates: she's a maneater ♪ oh oh, here she comes ♪ watch out boy, she'll chew you up ♪ ♪ oh oh, here she comes
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that's powerful. internet and phone that make you small business ready. after she slammed into three parked cars early this morning in northeast philadelphia. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. in the outer lanes of roosevelt boulevard. the police have not told us the name the driver. she was not seriously hurt. as you see, there was serious damage to some of the cars. a court ruling in california
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has thrown out the states ten-year protection for teachers. they sided with nine students and saying that ten-year laws led to an unfair system that makes it too hard to fire bad teachers driving away new ones. it could have ripple effects across the country right here in philadelphia where teacher layoffs are based on seniority. they will face confirmation hearings on monday. chris christie and steve sweeney struck a deal. it paved the way for radnor to reconfirm and solomon to be available for a seven-year term. one celebrity is making a cute and clever announcement on instagram.
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it is time for "the buzz" and the writer of the "scandal" gave a speech. for "the buzz" rhymes the mother of three. you can have it all but you will be makes sacrifices. she told them "if she is killing it on a scandal script for work she is probably missing story and bath time at home." she wants to show that balance is possible. her personal juggle makes a better person and a better mother. a lot of people talking about that today. kelly roland made a big announcement in a cute and clever way. posting this picture on instagram. two sneakers on the left. tim witherspoons and a tiny pair to the right.
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i will be stumpin' like my daddy. i had to practice that word. welcome back you nailed it. >> there you go. a little pair of the sneakers to add to the house. very cute. thank you, alicia. a berks county mother sentenced t to jail after her ks skipped school never made it out. a man stopped to save a child on the way to school.
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>>announcer:"action news" continues with adam joseph, alicia vitarelli and brian taff. there is a saving shocker. the $2 nail polish that beat a $27 hands down. yes you saw that have you been trapped at an airport due to a canceled flight. this guy feelless your pain. ♪ all by myself anfeel -- feels. ♪ all by myself >> he created this video all by himself. >> later my daughter my right. that could work for parenting conditions. it's not working for this mom. what she is trying to justify straight ahead. two philadelphia teenagers in the news for all the right
4:30 pm
reasons. meet michael and isaiah. they washingtoned into the home trushed into the home tosave a . and after that they continued on to school. and eva pilgrim has more. >>reporter:shirleen, you try to figure out how to get out of school. they saw fire in this house. instead of running away from it they ran into this home next door to make sure that they could save a kid. and then they went to school like nothing happened. >> can be get a real jaguar's welcome fork michael eugene and
4:31 pm
isaiah,. [ applause ] >> i don't come in late. once i came in late. it was bizarre for her. why are you coming to school late. michael eugene and isaiah palmer was 20 minutes late. >> i walked into the office. i smelled smoke in. what were they coming from a barbecue. that is when she found out where the boys had been. >> the first pop was gunshots. the second pop -- the house was on fire. >>reporter:they went into one of the homes. they noticed that the neighbors were not outside. >> that is when we got the grandfather and grandchild out. and we quickly ran outside. the two came to school as if nothing happened. >> it's like a normal day. >> the principal johnson thought it was a big deal. she made sure that the boys were
4:32 pm
checked out at the hospital and today the school honoured the two heros. >> i am very, very proud of them. >>reporter:now when you look at debris from the fire it's hard to believe that no one was hurt in the fire because of the heroic actions ever four neighbors including the two high school boys. michael is going grat graduate s year. he has plans to be a lawyer. and isaiah will either be a engineer or study culinary arts. motivation high living up to its name. thank you very much. it was captured on camera. this is the thief as he walked into the m & m deli on markle street. he walked behind the counter, armed with gun made the employee empty the cash register.
4:33 pm
then he beat the worker who fell to the ground as the suspect got away, if you have any information about this crime or this suspect, please call northwest detectives. a swat team had to responded to a kensington neighborhood during a standoff early this morning. the police say that man barricaded himself inside of the home on the 2500 block of masher street at 4:00 a.m. it's unclear why he locked himself inside. the negotiators were called to the scene. the man surrendered after 90 minutes. he was taken into police custody and no one was hurt. officials in berks county a woman found dead in her jail cell this weekend was serving time because her children skipped school. eileen demino was serving 45 days behind bars due to unpaid
4:34 pm
truancy fines. her death is not suspicious. they are not sure how she died. the police have identified the gunman behind the shooting near portland, oregon. jared used a guitar to smug an assault rifle and a handgun on ammo on campus. emilio was killed. he initiated a lockdown that likely saved many lives. >> this is real lockdown turn the lights off. stay quiet. >> they encountered police in the hallway. they ran into the bathroom where he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. it's the 74 school shooting in the united states since sandy
4:35 pm
hook in 2012. a head-on collision between two dump trucks and two men. the crash happened at hamilton township at 3:30 am. the trucks were traveling to and from a construction project when they collided. one drivers rescued from the wreckage. the accident shutdown route 50 for five hours. now to the accuweather forecast. the middle of the week means the end of the clouds off in the distance. >> yes there are breaks in the next couple of days the downpours are back in the forecast. on the weekend it's spectacular. the clouds, as brian was mentioning they are locked into place. in cape may 63 dewpoint. the wind off of ocean. it's a chilly wind at 13 miles-an-hour at the ocean. other numbers 60. dover is 70.
4:36 pm
lehigh valley double 66s on the board. we have tornado watches and severe thunderstorm watches in parts of the virginias and carolinas. all the severe weather is held at bay. you see which are in a void as we expected this today. all that to the west is pushing in our direction. we'll let you know when the threat moves back in and the timing of it when it moves out. remember, you can keep track of the accuweather profit by downloading the free app. it gives you access to live radar even weather laters posted for your area. th-- alerts posted for your app. and paper clutter. they donated their time to help norristown's engine company
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number 2 get organized. it was a full days work digitally scanning the documents that have piled up over the decade. still ahead a surprising savings experiment. see the drugstore nail polish that beat a pricey one hands down. and he was not sure whether it was illegal for priests to have sex with children. plus, that is not mud this politician was slinging. now he's apologizing. what the mayor of one california city has to say about an embarrassing caught-on-camera moment. and ad
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a california mayor is a little red-faced today what he was caught tossing in his neighbor's yard. that is denis nyer throwing dog poop in his neighbor's yard. he thinks that the act is not innocent. he's and outspoken critic of the mayor. it's embarrassing but unintentional. he was cleaning up someone's else's mess. >> i should have, either when i
4:41 pm
saw a bag of dog waste. you know what i mean i didn't test it. [ laughter ] , i should have left it there. i am not that kind of person to leave things sitting around. >> good thing he didn't test it. >> the neighbor is not buying that explanation. the san marino place are investigating. a disaster waiting to happen. that is what they describe a luxury lake house teetering on the cliff. that is incredible. the homeowners moved out the $700,000 mansion two weeks ago after a inspection revealed that danger. they moved out in time. my child my right. that is how a north carolina is responding to charges that she faces for tattooing her 12-year-old daughter. this is 29 anna yates. she was arrested last week after
4:42 pm
someone spotted a heart tattoo on her daughter's arm and reported her to social services. yates says the whole thing is unfair. >> there are other kids with tattoos and piercing. they had parental consent. i am her mother. i give consent for it and i give to my daughter. >> she is charged with tattooing a person un18. she plans to appeal in court next month. they are kids are picky eaters. they will not eat vegetable ors try nevegetables ortry new food. think like a kid. her food therapy program is based on having youngsters to explore foods before they eat them. what does it looks like or how does it smell? >> a child will touch something
4:43 pm
and put something on their mouth. we see it happen in the first or second time. >> big says that kids should not be asked if they like the new food rather to describe the flavor and does it remind them of food that they do like. the parents should build positive intersec interaction. they may try food ten times before they like it. the archbishop of st. louis karl robertson says he was unsure in if a priest having sx with a child is a crime. he never went to authorities when the priest engaged in sexual contact with a minor. >> archbishop you knew the crime for adult engaged in sex with a
4:44 pm
kid? >> i am not sure whether i knew it was a crime or not. >> well the archdiocese responded that the archbishop's response was taken out of context. what he was referring to was the fact that he did not know the exact year that clergy became mandatory reporters of sexual abuse. he was "all my children" by. richard was stuck there at the airport overnight. the lonely hours with the now viral video to the tune of celine dion's version of "all by myself." ♪ all by myself. ♪ i don't want to be all by myself. ♪ any more.
4:45 pm
♪. >> epic right. he clearly created the video all by himself. there was no one else there. he taped his iphone to the back of the wheelchair and got the shots using escalators. no word on if he can sing. the airport all to himself. getting a check on the roads today. sending it over to autumn to the traffic center all by herself. >> we are not all by yourself if you are out on the schuylkill right now. lots of people out there. an accident to the right-hand side. this is the westbound lanes approaching 202. we have accident at the conshottocken curve. you see as you make your way to the blue route it takes you only 25 minutes to do that commute to
4:46 pm
the vine. and the whole stretch of the schuylkill expressway up to the vine. westbound on the vine making your way up to the schuylkill you can expect to tap your brakes. westbound valley forge off-ramp there is a tractor-trailer that was, had an accident there. there is cleanup takes place offer to the side of the road. keep an eye out for in. phillys and padres 7:05. fernrock 6:08, 6:18 and 6:28. we have construction in the right lane abuse of th because . over to you brian and shirleen. thank you. for "action news" at 4:00 comi
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well before he heads up to new york city for "good morning america" for the national forecast he's going to give us a local forecast. >> the eastern seaboard is not looking good. and hey, you know what, the weekend is looking good everywhere. that is the positive. as we take a look now on the action cam at the base of it
4:50 pm
near penn's landing. a beautiful shot. it breaks the cloud cover apart tomorrow. as we look at the lineup. a double scan live. chilly temperatures around and satellite and radar showing severe weather. to the south and west for us locally a lot of clouds in play. no downpours or thunderstorms. a nice break. 68 in it philadelphia. the high was 72 in the wee hours of the morning. 71 in millville. 66 in allentown. 65 in berks county. satellite 6 along with action radar, there are the clouds. they held their own in the mid-atlantic. the sunshine broke out in the virginias and carolinas. you see the watch boxes with severe weather. up to washington up to pittsburgh along a warm front. the warm front pushes to the north and west during the day tomorrow. as it drapes over our region that is going to renew the chance of drenching downpours
4:51 pm
and thunderstorms. that is forcing mechanism in the atmosphere to get the atmosphere excited, so to speak. 80 tomorrow with the afternoon downpours and thunderstorms. it turns more humid yet again. future tracker 6 at 3:00, you see the action popping in the afternoon hours. the biggest concentration to the north and west. a cold front comes in the afternoon with drenching numerous downpours. localized flooding on friday given the wet week that we have and 1 to 3 inches in a short amount of time. the cloud late drizzle patchy fog developing. 60 in the suburbs. 64 in center city. the accuweather seven-day forecast, it pops at 80 degrees.
4:52 pm
the active day is friday for most of us as the cold front passes through at 83. it moves out in the time for the weekend. humidity drops. the sunshine is wall-to-wall on saturday. on father's day it's looking great for backyard barbecues. if you are going to join us for the gary papa run at 8:00. 6:00. into the afternoon if you are spending it with family outdoors topping out at 80. more humid 86. muggy 82 on tuesday. the 9 90-degree day on wednesda. who is not complaining? give a shoutout tomorrow. i hope that you save --
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a beautiful man secure a great finishing touch to your look. it loses its glamor when it starts to chip. they checked seven nail polishing all were applied with a base and top coat if the brand
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had one. ten panelists received different polishing checked at seven, 10 and 14 days. chanel is the most expensive tested. $27 for the color and $52 for the base an top coats but it chipped so quickly that most of the home panelists removed it early. >> it chipped the next day with a top coat and base coat. which are the hands down favorite. a $2 polish called sinful colors at walgreens. the polish looks good after seven days. it took slightly more to dry from the others. and vita lux weekly polish lived
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up to its name. it didn't need a base coat. the top coat is $10. and revlon polish promised to last 11:0 11 days. >> i felt like i had a real manicure. >> the base and top coats cost $13. and you will find out more about that on that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today.
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the truck driver accused of triggering a deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike made his first court appearance. kevin roper had not slept for 24 hours. he injured tracy morgan and killing his mentor. a man facing serious charges for a man that injured tracy morgan. he joins us live with all
5:00 pm
the details. chad. >>reporter:rick, the arraignment lasted five minutes. kevin roper pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide and assault by auto in a crash that hurt morgan and killed his friend. kevin roper was silent as he walked out of a courtroom today. he was driving a big-rig for walmart on the new jersey turnpike when he came upon slow traffic. he avoid cars and slammed into a limo carrying tracy morgan and a half dozen others. harry stanton was inside. he spoke about the accident in an exclusive interview. >> we were talking and cracking jokes. there was no window in the back. the next thing i heard was crunching metal around me. he had no idea that


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