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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 11, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, political earthquake. one of the most stunning primary defeats in history. >> obviously, we came up short. >> majority leader, eric cantor, the second-most powerful man in the house, beaten by an unknown tea party rival. the ground shaking for the republicans right now. got a report of shots fired in the locker room. >> national crisis. another school shooting. this time, a 14-year-old freshman dead in a high school locker room. a teacher injured by a teen gunman. president obama saying the country should be ashamed by the growing epidemic. going to extremes. flooding across the u.s. this dramatic rescue of a 10-year-old girl, swept away by a fast-moving river, caught on tape. as this vacation mansion near dallas, dangles on the brink.
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♪ all by myself anymore ♪ were you trapped in an airport with nowhere to go? the lip-syncing on the wait for a flight to las vegas. he made it himself. and he joins us live, on "gma." maybe it was a rain delay. rain drops we saw on our cameras with that passenger, facing the dreaded cancellation, the last flight out. can't get it. >> you will not believe how she was able to do this all by himself. just him and his ipad. just incredible. that's one way to pass the time. >> that is. we will talk to him later this morning. we have a lot to get to. beginning with the stunning election rocking washington. eric cantor, beaten by a
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long-shot tea party candidate. the first house leader to lose a primary like that. abc's jon karl is following the fallout. good morning, jon. >> reporter: this is a political earthquake. eric cantor was widely considered to be the next speaker of the house. now, she stands defeated, beate by a virtually unknown tea party challenger. >> thank you. >> reporter: a stunned eric cantor, one of the most powerful republicans in washington, and one of the most conservative, never saw it coming. >> obviously, we came up short. i know there's a lot of long faces here tonight. and it's disappointing, sure. >> reporter: the man who defeated a political goliath, dave brat, a college economics professioner. almost no one in washington or even in cantor's district, knew before now. >> we won this campaign and
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that's within reason. dollars do not vote. you do. >> reporter: eric cantor is fighting back. >> reporter: cantor spent 50 times more than brat. $5 million in slick campaign ads. while brat spent barely $100,000. instead of ads, posting simple videos on his website. >> i am more conservative than eric cantor across the board. >> reporter: the biggest issue was immigration. brat told voters that cantor would support president obama on immigration reform. cantor denied it. but at a campaign event last month, primary voters weren't believing him. >> i hear the inaccuracies. my family is here. >> i think this election is an anti-washington, anti-wall street signal to the republican party. this gives a new energy, i think, to the tea party. and what they stand for. >> reporter: there will be much fallout from cantor's defeat. but the thing that will most
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affect the white house, will be immigration reform. the president had hoped to get it passed in congress this year. now, it is almost certainly dead. george, after watching cantor go down in flames, republican leaders in congress are not going to want to touch that issue. >> that legislation is not going to happen right now. that's going to put more pressure on the president to act on his own, to do something about the undocumented immigrants and the deportations. >> reporter: he had been holding back doing something with executive action. he didn't want to upset the possibility of passing in congress. now, there's no reason to hold back, i'm sure. >> eric cantor was next in line to be house speaker. this will have huge implications for the house leadership for the gop and the primaries in 2016. >> reporter: yeah, it will. the first thing, this greatly increases the odds that john boehner will continue as speaker of the house for another term. cantor was the only person seen as a potential challenge to him. and for the 2016 election, don't look for immigration reform to
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be popular with those candidates. >> jon karl, thanks very much. now, to the latest fatal school shooting, leaving one student dead and a teacher injured. this is the 74th school shooting since the tragedy at sandy hook. you see the map there, showing the locations of each incident. unthinkable nationwide epidemic. president obama, visibly angry, calling for national soul-searching about gun violence. abc's david wright is in troutdale, outside portland, oregon, for us, this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this was supposed to have been the last day of classes today before summer vacation. but now, instead of celebrating the start of summer, this community finds itself in the midst of a much more tragic american tradition, grief. and yet one more fatal campus shooting. 8:05. high school's urgent call for help. >> got a report of shots fired in the locker room. >> reporter: within two minutes, police arrive on campus. >> i was really scared.
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i was like -- this is happening. this is real. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say the gunman, armed with a rifle and body armor, walked into the locker room and took aim at a 14-year-old freshman on the soccer team. emilio hoffman, killed instantly. >> he was such a sweet and genuine, and caring guy. >> reporter: inside those locked rooms, they heard it unfold. in horror. >> our friend, tate, was banging on the door, there's a guy with a gun. let us in. we let him in. >> i'm in shock. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunman shot football coach todd ripsler. >> he was running after one of our teachers, our p.e. teacher. >> reporter: who, despite a bullet wound, managed to run to the office and initiate the lockdown. you can see his shirt is ripped by the bullet. >> reporter: parents bogatherin at a nearby parking lot, waited for news. >> i wanted to get here as fast as i could. >> reporter: 9:15, the coast
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finally cleared, police lead students to safety, hands up. this mountain of backpacks left behind. then, tearful reunions. except for one family, whose son won't be coming home. emili emilio's family, surrounded by students at a vigil overnight. president obama shared the community's grief and outrage. >> we're the only developed country on earth where this happens. and it happens now once a week. we should be ashamed of that. >> reporter: police at this point not identifying the shooter who was also killed. authorities found him slumped in a bathroom stall in the locker room. his wounds, apparently self-inflicted. george? >> okay, david. thanks very much. we're going to turn to the latest, now, on former american p.o.w. bowe bergdahl and the deal with the taliban that brought him home. chuck hagel will be in the hot seat today. the target of krits who say bergdahl's swap will make america less safe. martha raddatz covering the controversy from washington. good morning, martha.
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>> reporter: three, key questions on the hill. did bergdahl walk away willingly? how can we be sure that the taliban leaders release won't return to the battlefield? and why didn't the administration tell congress about the deal? this morning, chuck hagel faces heavy fire, for handing over five taliban leaders from guantanamo bay, in exchange for sergeant bowe bergdahl. >> there's going to be cost, lost lives associated with what came out of this. >> reporter: secretary hagel, a vietnam veteran and president obama himself, have staunchly defended the decision to bring bergdahl home, despite the controversy over his disappearance. >> we still get an american soldier back if he's held in captivity. period. >> reporter: hagel will be answering to a house panel, still furious about not being notified the swap was happening. the administration, saying bowe
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bergdahl's health was a concern. and citing fears the deal may get leaked. >> only very, very few people knew about this operation. >> reporter: but the administration acknowledged in a classified hill briefing, that 80 to 90 people knew about the deal. and it's not just republicans upset with the exchange. >> it's still a bad deal. i can't explain it back home to my fellow west virginians. >> reporter: and it appears many americans agree with that. a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows more americans disapprove of the swap than approve. george? >> martha, thanks. now, let's go to cecilia vega. she's in for amy today, with the top stories. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a dramatic rescue. a family swept downstream by a fast moving river. watch as this 10-year-old girl struggles to stay above water as she's pushed down the south platte river in denver. firefighters throw her a rope twice before she can finally grab on. her parents had been rescued
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just moments earlier. meantime, in the south, extreme flooding. seven inches of rain fell in parts of louisiana, stranding some drivers. and in orlando, 70 people have been displaced after lightning struck this apartment building near orlando. more on the extreme weather in just a few moments. overseas, new worries this morning that iraq is on the brink of civil war. 500,000 people have now fled mosul, one of the country's largest cities, after fighters linked to al qaeda stormed government buildings. and new attacks are reported south of mosul. iraq's american-trained soldiers have been dropping their weapons and deserting. that's fueling concern that iraq's government won't be able to stand up to al qaeda's growing influence in the region. a court ruling in california could have major implications at public schools nationwide. a los angeles judge has ruled teacher tenure is unconstitutional, saying it harms students, especially poor and minority students who get
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stuck with bad teachers. a disaster waiting to happen in texas. take a look at this. this luxury home is now teetering on the edge of this cliff, after a chunk of earth crumbled and fell 75 feet to the lake below. fortunately, no one was inside. the cliff could collapse any minute. and toyota is recalling nearly a million vehicles because of a faulty part that could cause the air bags to deploy incorrectly. the cars affected are right there on your screen. we have the list on our website at on yahoo! a record night in the nba finals. the spurs hit 75% of their shots in the first half, dominating the heat. and winning game three, 111-92. game four, tomorrow night, right here on abc. that's my favorite story of the day. finally, proof that a slip and slide isn't just for kids. take a look. during a rain delay in
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philadelphia, the san diego padres decided to hit the tarp, slipping and sliding their way across the field. they had so much fun. even that notoriously tough phillies fans cheered them on. i don't know. when all else fails, get the slip and slide out, right? >> no doubt. >> thanks. >> world class slip and slide. >> thanks for that. now, to the deadly highway crash that put comedian tracy morgan in critical but stable condition. one of the other passengers on his limo bus is speaking out this morning in an exclusive interview. while the truck driver, who caused the accident, is due in court today. abc's gio benitez has that story for us. >> reporter: tracy morgan remains in critical but stable condition after that dramatic and deadly accident on the new jersey turnpike. one of the other survivors in the overturned limbo bus is speaking out. in an exclusive interview with abc station wabc, comic harris stanton remembers the moment
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police say a walmart truck rammed into the limo carrying him, morgan and five others. >> we were tracking jokes. we weren't able to brace ourselves. and next thing i know, crunching metal all around me. >> reporter: the trucker, 35-year-old kevin roper, is scheduled to make his first court appearance today. prosecutors say he hadn't slepted in more than 24 hours before the crash. and he only noticed the slow-moving traffic ahead, before it was too late. suaving and hitting the limo. >> the car flipped. it's on its side. >> i'm in an accident. and i was trying to not like die. when it stopped, tracy was on top of me. and i didn't see anyone else. and i was saying, help me. get me out of here. >> reporter: stanton broke his wrist. but most frighteningly, he said morgan wasn't moving. >> he was moaning and groaning. but i was the only man screaming. >> reporter: one man did not survive.
7:14 am
morgan's long-time writer, james mcnair. walmart does not believe roper was working more hours than are allowed by law. but police have charged him with one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto. and stanton says he was wearing his seat belt. but wasn't sure if anyone else was. morgan could be in the hospital for several weeks, after broking his nose, femur, leg, and several ribs. it will be a long road for him. >> on the road to recovery. gio, thanks. terrifying new details ont the break-in at sandra bullock's home. this morning, we're learning how close the stalker came to the superstar. police say a terrified sandra bullock protected herself against a crazed intruder by locking herself in a room. he allegedly scaled the fence surrounding bullock's home, when
7:15 am
she slept. corbe corbett, who reportedly kept a diary on bullock, made it into the home, despite the barbed wire and surveillance cameras. 911 was not called nt 6:30 a.m., leaving authorities to believe that corbett may have been in the home for at least five hours. she was found outside the house when police arrived. corbett, who lives 30 minutes away from the superstar, did not have a machine gun when he broke into bullock's home. and cops would not reveal where they found the weapon. and they have not said whether bullock's son was at home at the time of the break-in. bullock was dedicated with the hotness award. they needed someone quickly. and they know i'm home on saturdays. >> reporter: tmz reports that corbett's motive was just to meet the superstar, the criminal complaint states that corbett is a threat to bullock and her immediate family. bullock has filed a restraining order against corbett, with the
7:16 am
judge ordering him to stay 200 yards away from the star. >> so unnerving. bullock's rep said she is unharmed and fine. we're going to turn to the world cup. more trouble in brazil, the day before the world's biggest sporting contest kicks off. deadly flooding, as brazil plans to put down protests and prepare for the games. bob woodruff has the story. >> reporter: this morning, more bad luck for brazil. flooding near sao paulo tuesday, claimed the lives of nine people. and this, subway workers hitting the streets monday, demanding health care and housing. police and armed guards, patrolling sao paulo with riot gear and tear gas. and in rio, teachers protest, too. >> we are fighting for better conditions. >> reporter: while the government has spent billions of dollars to host the world cup. but an even bigger problem may be that brazil is not completely
7:17 am
prepared. workers in sao paulo stadium are wushing. toilets when we were there, were not even installed. many brazilians are excited about the games and are showing their team's colors, everywhere. there was good news on tuesday. jennifer lopez, announcing she would, in fact, be performing at the openinger the monies after days of rumors saying she would not. >> i believe that we -- >> i believe that we will win. >> i believe that we will win. >> i believe that we will win. >> reporter: americans' spirits are running high. celebrities, celebrating. fans, even flying thousands of miles to brazil to cheer on their team. >> i always wanted to experience the world cup. and to be able to go to rio. >> reporter: the u.s. team practicing, focusing on what it will take to win the first game against ghana on monday. >> it's going to take a huge effort. we're going to have to be together. we're going to have to watch each other oes back.
7:18 am
>> reporter: imagine the pressure on the brazilian team. they're ranked number one. if they don't win tomorrow, many believe there will be a political and psychological disaster for the people here because they want to win this all, george and robin. of course, we would love to see the americans win, too. >> no question about that. thank you, bob. espn will air that opening match tomorrow at 3:30. let's get the weather. ginger on her honeymoon right now. glad to welcome back scecily tynan. >> we had flooding in maryland. there's more stormy weather on the way. looking at two areas of severe weather. from d.c. up into the ohio valley. potential for flooding rains and strong winds, hails, isolated tornadoes. and more severe weather in the plains. winds, hail and tornadoes. your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds.
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>> hey everyone, david murphy with an update from accuweather. showers pushing into berks county, chester county, some of these in new castle county delaware will probably jump the delaware bay and get into cumberland county. they're slowly pushing towards the east. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies with patchy fog. otherwise drizzle on your windshield here and there and temperatures around 70. 77 is the high, warm and humid, mainly dry after these morning showers are done and then tomorrow 81 with a better chance of showers especially in the afternoon. back to
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coming up on "gma," the latest on the shocking slender man case. the 12-year-old girls charged with trying to murder their friend, in court today. and the olympic gold medalist hospitalized after a terrible atv accident. thankfully she is on the mend. what you need to know before you head out on vacation. and the usa contestant stole the show. celebrated for looking like a real woman. and the lip-syncing sensation, stranded all by himself. creating this epic video. how did he do it? we're going to find out because he is going to join us, live. meet brady. brady is ready to upgrade his samsung... 4 days, 8 hours, 22 minutes and 4 seconds... 3 seconds... 2 seconds... but does brady know where he should get his upgrade? actually, no. we got you, buddy. luckily for brady, there's a place where he can trade in his old phone for credit toward the latest samsung devices. the samsung experience shop, only at best buy. trade in a working smart phone and get up to a $200 best buy
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grilled chicken flatbread from dunkin'? take notes, people! it's delicious! grilled chicken is now at dunkin'. try the delicious new grilled chicken flatbread with ancho chipotle sauce today. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> "action news" is brought to you by the pennsylvania housing agency and by kennedy health alliance. >> hello i'm matt o'donnell. 7:26 on this wednesday june 11th. they're still cleaning up from a crash in atlantic county new jersey. let's go to karen rogers and an update. >> a horrible accident scene taking so long to clean up because it's two dump trucks three on your side collided head on. someone was entrapped in a vehicle.
7:27 am
debris all over the roadway and they're trying too clear it up right now. this is what the scene looked like as todd tweeted us early on. route 50 shut down in both directions at south county boulevard only a half mile from the a.c. expressway in new jersey so take 50 to get near the 50 you can use cologne avenue as your alternate for that one. we've got a downed tree causing a problem in conshohocken. arden street blocked near south gulph road. stick to upper gulph road as your alternate to avoid that downed tree and obviously some slow speeds out here on the schuylkill. let's go outside live and take a look. this is the schuylkill at 202. eastbound traffic you can see it's pretty heavy in this direction the 202 and really slow all the way down to center city. a good shot of road conditions in this area looking pretty clear and dry and an accident in delaware causing a problem in wilmington. southbound 95 at route 3 marsh road. what for that matt. >> let's go to meteorologist, david murphy for the forecast. >> a lot of cloud cover
7:28 am
around. storm tracker 6 double scan showing you there are showers pushing through berks county right now in through a good portion of chester county and a little thin line crossing the delaware bay into southern salem and cumberland counties. temperatures are mild, 68 degrees in philadelphia, 71 in wilmington. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high of 77 today, warm and humid conditions. once we get rid of this chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm after that.
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can you count to four in an english accent? >> i suppose. one. two. three. four. [ laughter ] i don't know. i think i sound like i'm in harry potter. >> i thought that was pretty good. >> that was pretty good. kobe bryant with jimmy kimmel. and looking at michael jordan there, as well. trying to palm a honeydew melon. and a bowling ball. this could be the toughest one yet. that's the globe. having a tough time with that one, as well. where's the frozen turkey. there it is. no problem whatsoever. >> that was fun to see that, the night before the game. also this morning, the very latest on the slender man case. the 12-year-old girls charged
7:31 am
with trying to kill their friend. well, they are back in court today. and the atv accident that put six-time olympic gold medalist amy van dyke in the hospital, like lly pa ll ll lly. >> that was so nice, of her sending out that photo of her sitting up. and miss indiana, the breakout star of the miss usa contest. she did not look like the other contestants. >> not superthin. >> pretty darn good. >> yes, she does. still a size 4. let's keep that in mind. what is the message we're sending out. not to just young girls but to all of us. >> that's coming up. first, the trial of the former college football player, accused of dragging a man out of a bar and throwing him in front of a moving car. kenny gay took the stand on tuesday. broke down as he delivered emotional testimony. mara schiavocampo tracking the
7:32 am
case. >> reporter: the former college football player, turned defendant, taking the stand during his own trial. kenan gay, telling jurors he never wanted to find another man. and was trying to protect his girlfriend in an overly aggressive drunk. >> he's nervous. he's a 25-year-old kid who is on trial for second-degree murder. >> reporter: over two days of tearful testimony, gay who has pleaded not guilty, said he didn't mean to push, 38-year-old robert kingston out of the bar, where he fell into the street and was fatally hit by a car. >> i just ran over somebody. >> reporter: when it looks like kingston was going to force a kiss on gay's girlfriend, now his wife, gay said, quote, i just wanted to get him away from her. gay claims moments before the fight, he heard kingston say, watch this, before approaching elizabeth gay. and gay said, quote, that's when i took off.
7:33 am
for four hours tuesday, gay also narrated surveillance video, inside the tavern, explaining the split-second decision that ended kingston's life. he pushed him out of the door, quote, because it was there. and demonstrating the shove on a sheriff's deputy. >> he took both hands, on the back of mr. kingston, and got him outside of the bar. and he says he released kingston. and then, immediately turned back. >> reporter: after gay's testimony, jurors left the courtroom and went to ed's tavern. >> i spoke with mr. gay's attorney this morning. and he told me he hoped that the jury would be able to visit the bar. i think he wanted them to see for themselves what it really looks like. >> reporter: a visit to the scene of the crime, after one man's emotional account of it. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. and abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams, joins us now. a long time on the stand. did he help himself? >> pretty well. there were inconsistencies of his account. he doesn't need to demonstrate he was telling the truth.
7:34 am
all he needs to do is convince them maybe he's telling the truth. or it could be that he's telling the truth because that would be reasonable doubt. >> that's why the site visit to the bar was so critical. >> often, need to go to the crime scene. this is one of the cases where you do need to go to the scene. why? you need to be able to see that 41-square-foot area of concrete. to answer the question, is his story plausible? is it possible that he was just pushing him out. and then, he released him and he kind of stumbled into the street, as opposed to literally carrying him into -- >> that's all he needs to do. to make the story plausible. >> that's right. possible. possible. that's all he needs here. remember, he has his wife backing him up. other witnesses, offering different testimony. conflicting testimony, if the jurors are confused, that's not guilty. >> thanks very much. now, to the latest on those two 12-year-old girls accused of nearly stabbing a friend to
7:35 am
death, driven by the fictional slender man character. they're due in court today. and alex perez is tracking this for us from waukesha, wisconsin. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. those two suspects are expected here at the courthouse a little later today. and we're learning more about the young girl they're accused of attacking. they say she's recovering faster than imagined. a judge could decide if they're case will be sent to juvenile court. the two 12-year-olds are charged as adults, with intentional homicide. allegedly luring so-called friend in the woods with a game of hide and seek. and then, stabbing her 19 times. allegedly carrying out the attack in hopes of meeting a fictional online character named slender man. weier allegedly telling investigators, you need to kill a person to show you dedication to slender man.
7:36 am
>> the girls are in adult court because this is such a serious crime. on the other hand, most crimes committed by 12-year-olds, even if they're very serious, are handled in juvenile court. >> reporter: at today's court hearing, defense attorneys could request to have the suspects' $500,000 bail reduced. both have been behind bars since the alleged attack may 31st. as for the alleged victim, she managed to survive the brutal attack, crawling out to this road, gasping for air and catching the attention of a bicyclist who called 911. >> is there any bleeding going on? >> her clothing has blood on it. >> reporter: she's recovering at home. her parents say her physical wounds are healing. boxes and boxes of purple hearts have come from around the world. purple, her favorite color. many wearing purple in waukesha, tuesday, as well, to support the young girl who survived the unthinkable.
7:37 am
and the family of the young victim has received more than $40,000 in donations from around the world to help them with medical costs. the two suspects are due in court early this afternoon. robin? george? >> thank you very much. she's back home. she's back home. >> thank goodness for that. >> yeah. time, now, for another check of the weather. and cecily tynan from wpvi. we have to say your name very carefully. we don't want to say cicely tyson. >> i would not hold it against you if you did. a wet morning commute for chicago. we have a live shot compliments of wls. this is i-90, arlington heights. the roads are wet. and unfortunately, between now and friday, i'm tracking two more rounds of rain for the midwest and the east coast. we're looking at the potential for more than four inches of rain, could cause more flash flooding. in the meantime, the west coast, it's the opposite problem. low pressure bringing
7:38 am
>> thank you very much cecily tynan. doing a great job up in new york. we've got cloudy skies a-little bit of mist and as you take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan there are showers to the west of philadelphia that aren't going to be building in from the wes >> and this weather report has been brought to you by g.e. robin and george? >> thanks so much. coming up, the latest on the olympic gold medalist who severed her spine in an atv accident. and what you need to know to protect yourself, as atv season kicks into high gear. so well that amy is doing as well as she is. and medical miracle. the twins born 24 days apart. how it happened and how they both kirvived.f your d study you, what would it learn? what improvements would it make? at ge, you've inspired us to reimagine the kitchen. with innovations like the first dishwasher featuring 102 spray jets. the kitchen is now thinking --
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we're back, now, at 7:42, with the latest on six-time olympic gold medalist, amy van dyken. she remains in the hospital after crashing on an all-terrain vehicle. clayton sandell has more on her condition and important information on atvs. >> reporter: this morning, amy van dyken is facing paralysis, recovering in the intensive care unit at a scottsdale area hospital, after her spinal cord was severed. the six-time olympic gold medal swimmer crashed riding an atv. the 41-year-old posting and removing this photo to instagram tuesday, with the caption, making progress.
7:43 am
first day i sat up. thank you all for the thoughts and prayers. van dyken's ruined atv launched over a curb friday night, tumbling down an embankment. she was found conscious but with no feeling in her legs. she is an avid atv rider. in this instagram photo last year saying, this is how everyone gets around. police ruled out alcohol as a factor. but say, she was not wearing a helmet. >> wearing all of the protective gear when riding an atv is important. but most importantly, is a helmet designed for riding offroad. >> reporter: in 2012, there were more than 107,000 injuries preted in emergency rooms. and more than 12,000 atv-related deaths between 1982 and 2012. accidents peak in june. in just the last ten days, reports of at least five people dead and six injured. experts are urging riders to remember the golden rules of the
7:44 am
offroad. >> staying on the trails. and that you're riding the right sized atv. and never combining riding atvs and alcohol or drug use. and never ride passenger on the back of your atv if it's designed for one rider. >> reporter: as for van dyken, her family says she is a fighter. optimistic and ready for the challenge of a life-changing battle. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> so glad she is going to be okay. doing much better. and coming up, the breakout star from the miss usa contest is speaking out this morning. sparking a lot of talk about body image. and she has a message for women everywhere. plus, the lip-syncing sensation, who made this epic airport video. yes, he did it, dare we say, all by himself. he's going to join us live. come on back. .
7:45 am
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7:48 am
very serious moment here. >> it is. we head to the social square because we want to show you the video that is truly an overnight sensation. a man who found an ingenious way to kill time waiting at the airport. he shot a video of him lip-syncing to celine dion, "all by myself." 3 million plays in just three
7:49 am
days. we'll let you check it out for yourself. ♪ all by myself anymore ♪ ♪ all by myself >> very creative, with some of the shots. joining us from his home in canton, richard dunn. >> good morning, everybody. how are you? >> we are great, thanks to you, richard. you have put a big smile on our faces. you have done things like this before. but 3 million views. never something like this, right, richard? >> this is incredible. i've been a video hack for the past ten years.
7:50 am
there's been a steady stream of this stuff crossing my computer. and friends and family think, oh, that's nice. that's nice. and i thought this was another one of those. i figured i'd crank this out here. get a couple of my friends to think it's pretty fun of it. and now, i'm talking to you. >> you make it sound so easy. how do you get that shot right there from the top of the escalator? >> first of all, when i got bumped from the flight, i thought, okay. i need something here. so, i borrowed a roll of luggage tape from one of the mechanics that was out there on the concourse. and i had a ruler in my bag. i had an extended handle on my laptop. i grabbed a wheelchair. i was taping the phone to the ruler, the ruler to the wheel sha chair. i thought, this is gold. i put the wheelchair on the moving sidewalk. and i'd have to run and get in
7:51 am
place. lip-sync. the song was playing on my ipad. and at the end of the sidewalk, i had to catch it before it knocked over. all kinds of stuff. and same thing with the escalator. i put it on. >> that's my favorite shot. >> i wanted to get the angle. and started the music. was singing along. holy crap, it's hitting the top. i have a clip that i need to pull off. >> so good, richard. >> how long were you in there? really quick? >> about two or three hours to shoot it. and four hours to edit it. >> thank you, richard. >> we love it. >> you're awesome. thank you. ♪
7:52 am
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7:55 am
still ahead, sara haines and a cast of hundreds about to break a guinness book of world records jump.
7:56 am
>> ♪ >> good morning everybody, i'm matt o'donnell. 7:56 on this wednesday june 11th. our main traffic issue is in south jersey. let's get an update with karen rogers. >> route 50 is still shut down because of it. the action cam was on the scene with this one, an accident involving two dump trucks that collided head-on. there was debris all over the rod way. someone was entrapped in one of the vehicles and there was a fuel spill as well. you see the amount of emergency workers here on the scene. hazmat was called to the scene. this is what they're in the process of doing, picking up all the dirt that one of the dump trucks was carrying and picking it up off the roadway putting it on awaiting second dump truck to try to get trod reopen this roadway. as we go to the maps this is only a half mile from the
7:57 am
atlantic city expressway. the accident happened on 50 northbound at south coventry boulevard but they've shut it down if both directions. stick to cologne as an alternate. the 30 bypass wet jammed, eastbound track heavy from approach throwing 40 to past 113. a quick look at 422 showing a similar situation, very slow traffic at 29. we're looking at that eastbound traffic with the wet roads, matt. >> we have a little bit of rain. let's get details with meteorologist, david murphy. david. >> all right, cloudy skies across the region right now. still a little bit of mist coming out of the low clouds here on the terrace, matt but as we check out storm tracker 6 live double scan most of the rain is to the west and north of philadelphia and it has diminished into just light showers at this point but enough to show you down. there's also a cluster of thunderstorms south of baltimore pushing into the eastern shore of maryland and that may be an issue for the southern tier of the region especially southern delaware later on this morning. 67 right now in philadelphia, 71 in wilmington, 67 in sea isle. and this afternoon we're going to go for a high of
7:58 am
77 degrees, warm and humid, clouds, some sunny breaks, mainly dry this afternoon, matt, just a slight chance of a pop-up shower. >> david, thanks. up next. cecily tynan continues to fill in for ginger zee. adam josep
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's wednesday. and she was in the running for miss usa. but it's miss indiana's body type that has everybody talking. we'll hear from her just ahead. and medical miracle. twins born 24 days apart. their rare and risky story this morning. and xoxo. you know you love her. the high schooler just revealed as the anti-gossip girl. and the new movement she's sparking. and -- get ready to believe. the world cup, about to kick off. let's go, team usa. all ahead, as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
let's go straight to sara haines in central park. look at her right there. a few hundred of her best friends today. she's towelling off after getting ready to try to help break the guinness book of world records record for simultaneous trampoline jump. it will take 303 people to do it. they are ready to go there. we're going to watch them break a record in just a little bit. >> who knew it was a record. but we're going to break it. sara's resting up, just in case. >> she has to get up. also ahead, the father factor. the new research revealed about dads' affects on their children. what they're teaching about setting boundaries. >> everybody likes to rough-and-tumble with their kids. >> we'll find out. shonda rhimes has created massive tv sensations. "scandal," "grey's anatomy." but her comments for working
8:02 am
women on whether you can do it all and about working hard. we'll get into that coming up. got to get news first. cecilia vega in for amy today. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a stunning upset in politics. house majority leader eric cantor, the man considered by many to represent the future of the republican party, has lost his virginia primary race to tea party newcomer, dave brat. cantor's loss is seen as a major backlash against immigration reform, which analysts are saying is all but dead in congress. chuck hagel is on capitol hill this morning, testifying at the first congressional hearing on the prisoner swap that freed bowe bergdahl. lawmakers are furious they were left in the dark. even stop commanders in afghanistan were reportedly unaware of the deal. our new poll finds just over half of americans disapprove of the deal. and no word on a motive in tuesday's high school shooting in oregon.
8:03 am
a 14-year-old freshman was killed. and a teacher was grazed by a bullet, before the shooter was found dead. an angry president obama said the nation should be ashamed of the rise in school shootings. there have been 74 since the tragedy at sandy hook in connecticut. and there is word of another major credit card security breach. this time, at p.f. chang's. information may have been stolen from thousands of customers who used their cards at the chain's restaurants. the card numbers popped up on the same website linked to that breach at target. and for the first time, the government is recommending that pregnant or breast-feeding women eat more fish because of the health benefits. officials say women can eat up to three servings a week. mercury, though, is still a concern. so, women should avoid certain tuna, swordfish and mackerel. a new battle is brewing over cheese. the fda is threatening to crackdown on cheesemakers here at home and abroad, who rapen cheese on wooden boards because
8:04 am
they say it harbors bacteria. cheesemakers say it's a centuries' old tradition and good bacteria is what makes cheese. and finally, one little deer thought he could swim like a fish. apparently not so much. this little guy found himself stranded in a flooded creek in kansas city. firefighters made two attempts to rescue the exhausted fawn, with no success. >> go, bambi. >> but good ending. luckily, after about an hour, the water receded just enough for rescuers to run in and grab the deer to take him to a local nature center. happy ending. but moral story, you can't swim if you're not a fish, fawn. oops. >> a lot of adrenaline there at the end. >> he tried to run it. "pop news" is coming up. we want to get weather now. ginger zee is on her honeymoon. we want to welcome in cecily tynan. >> what i like about new york city is you find somebody you know here.
8:05 am
i'm from philadelphia, but i'm born and raised in newtown, connectic connecticut. and we've known a long time, haven't we? >> since we were toddlers. it's great to see you. >> i won't say how long that is. but nice to see you. prayers for newtown. let's talk about the weather. the southeast, it's going to be stormy and cool in atlanta. 78 degrees. more scattered showers and thunderstorms with potential for heavy rain. the pacific northwest, the last sunny, dry day thanks you cecily. david murphy on the terrace under cloudy skies. a little bit of mist in the immediate region from some low clouds. and some showers north and west of philadelphia. warm and humid today, accuweather says a high of 77, clouds perhaps a couple of sunny breaks and once we get rid of this off and on rain during the morning, it looks like the afternoon and evening mainly dry. tomorrow humid, 81 and in the afternoon a much better chance of showers, maybe a thunderstorm. and showers and thunderstorms at times on friday, too.
8:06 am
>> and look at this. i found some friends from philadelphia. love it. back to you, lara. >> thank you so much. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu" -- in "pop news," why the secret to your success may all be in your eyes. and miss usa contestant, sparking a confers about body image. miss indiana's message for women everywhere. sara haines and hundreds of her closest friends, attempting to break a record. the most people on trampolines simultaneously. who knew? we're doing it. it's live on "gma." don't go anywhere.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
>> i mean, that just gives you chills, every time you see that. great video from our friends at espn. so many american soccer fans. kevin costner, jimmy kimmel, it goes on and on. hundreds of thousands of people are clicking on this overnight. the cup, it gets going tomorrow on espn. in brazil. >> i like that. >> look how excited you are. >> your whole family, just going all night, all around. >> hard-core, die-hard soccer fans. can't say which team they're rooting for. >> i believe that we will win. that's so good. "pop news," everybody. let's do it. they're dumb and dumber, than ever. the trailer for "the dumb and dumber" sequel are trending like crazy.
8:11 am
harry and lloyd go on many adventure. if you saw the original, you can imagine those adventures. none of which i can really describe. kelly and i, my producer, were trying to pick a clip i could describe. there's just not one. the craziness continues when the film hits theaters november 14th. they have done it again. >> i think they top it. >> i'm sure they have. also in "pop news" this morning, it turns out -- brown eyed girls may be the better athletes among us. i knew that already right here. a new study links that color of your eyes with certain traits. research from the university of pittsburgh suggests that blue eyes help you absorb study material. but brown eyed people are better at testing because of a quicker reaction time. that's why brown eyed people are better at hand/eye intensive sports like tennis. women with green eyes can make
8:12 am
more pain, when a brown eyed girl kicks my butt. and finally in "pop news," this morning. the movieland museum in canada, it advertises it has the most intriguing collection of celebrity wax figures. and intriguing is one word for it. creative. some might say unrecognizable. also. this is -- you didn't know it. that's george clooney, julia roberts and brad pitt from "ocean's eleven." >> julia is close. >> that's meant to be miley cyrus, back in her hannah montana days. and how about this handsome devil? that's don imus, right? no. it's clint eastwood. >> got you. >> and finally, i dare you to guess who this is. >> colin farrell. >> very, very good. >> i know the movie. "phone booth." >> the phone booth gave it away because the face wouldn't. >> that hair. >> look at the hair.
8:13 am
that's crazy. >> it's remarkable. and trending online. we thought we would share that with you for a little smile. >> thank you. i'll meet you on the tennis court anytime. anytime. first up on "the "gma heat index."" miss indiana may not have won the miss usa contest but she was all the buzz, setting twitter on fire. sparking a conversation about body image. and abc's juju chang has her story. >> nevada. >> reporter: miss nevada may have won the crown at the miss usa pageant on sunday. but it was miss indiana, mekayla diehl, who stole the show. rather, her curvy figure stole the show. there she is, the buxom brunette, confidently strutting her stuff in stilettos and a tiny bikini. the internet responding with a flood of flattery. since sunday, there's been 10,000 tweets. one person tweeting, finally, a
8:14 am
contestant that's not a bag of bones. and another writing, dear miss indiana, thank you for looking like an average woman. were you surprised at all by the twitter reaction that you got? >> i was blown away. never in my right mind would i imagine this would blow up to what it is. >> reporter: just how normal is the beauty queen's body? while she may not be supermodel skinny, she is certainly thin. diehl is 5'8" and wears a size 4. while the average american woman is 5'3 ifth'and wears a size 12 to 14. is it a little back handed compliment? you're being called normal when normal in this country is quite a different size than what you are. >> i didn't take it as a backhanded compliment at all. i wasn't being called fat. i wasn't being called out of shape or ugly. in this regard, normal is a good thing. >> reporter: diehl, even getting emotional talking about this experience. >> i never imagined to be competing in miss usa would do
8:15 am
this. and it's so warming. it warms my heart to know that i can just by 30 seconds on stage, has touched so many girls' lives and boys, as well. >> reporter: the self-proclaimed tomboy who played volleyball and ran track and field, said she didn't go overboard preparing for the pageant. >> i didn't starve myself or go to crazy extremes to get ready for the pageant. i lived a healthy lifestyle and trained just a little harder, like an athlete, to get ready for it. >> reporter: what's the message to young girls who aspire to be miss usa someday? >> you can't worry about the girl standing next to you because you'll never be that girl. your body is a gift. and you have to love it and have that confidence because that's the only thing you can do. you can't worry about being somebody else. you have to be yourself. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> there's a message there. i like what she said at the end. it's true. we're so concerned about the person next to us and how they look, comparing ourselves to
8:16 am
them. but to see that real emotion, and know she made a difference for the 30 seconds she was there on the stage, whatever that is. wow. >> and we played it a lot more than 30 seconds since. it's going out and out. >> thank you. next up in "the heat index," a piece in "the wall street journal" just in time for father's day. it looks at the interactions between fathers and their kids. we know how the interaction between moms and kids, what difference that makes. but this shows that roughhousing teaches kids about different things. it teaches kids about risk taking and boundaries. and it's a good lesson for dads who play with the girls. >> how are you with the girls? >> we play a game called hunger games. that's not as bad. >> we're not supposed to take that the wrong way. >> not as bad. all it is -- >> who are you? in the games? >> i get on the bed. and they try to get over the bed. >> oh. okay. that's good. >> i don't know why they decided
8:17 am
to call it hunger games. but that is the game. >> yeah. >> that's roughhousing. >> yes. >> i have such fond memories of it. it's so fantastic. i love this story. and i love that image of you doing that. that's amazing. >> we put so much -- we put so much emphasis on the mother's impact. it's good to have the study. especially father's day, coming up on sunday. burning up "the heat index," shonda rhimes gave the commencement address at dartmouth college on sunday. speaking out about the notion that doing it all is not a great thing. the "grey's anatomy" and "scandal" creator talk about the inherent challenge working moms face. here's a snippet. >> if i am killing it at work, i'm probably missing story time at home. if i'm sewing halloween costumes, i'm probably blowing off a rewrite. if i'm accepting an award, i'm missing my baby's first swim
8:18 am
lesson. >> you should go online and hear about the 20-minute speech. she's okay with the bargain that she's made. it's about showing her three daughters that women can work and be successful. she believes it makes her a better person and a better mother. and i know i've often said this about my mom and said, you can have it all. just not all at the same time. that's the thing. that's what she was trying to say, too. you can have different things. but it's too difficult to do it all. >> and she's figured out how to balance it all. >> and we say it over and over. it's one that i have to remind myself. give yourself a break. you do the best you can. you choose your battles, so to speak. >> good point. >> and i recommend you go and listen to that. >> shonda really hit it out of the park. >> just a brilliant woman. and an inspiration. this is interesting. some heads turn a little on "the heat index" today. it's an online craze that has women baring their beauty to the world. it's called the topless tour.
8:19 am
it's encouraging women. this is serious, to share topless photos. but always with their backs to the camera, in outdoor settings, wherever they feel it. the idea being to feel free, to feel liberated. sharing your beauty with nature. it was started by three students. given a boost by buzz feed. and instagram has 25,000 followers. young women, eager who embrace who they are. we did a story on the contestant. this is a different way of saying the same thing. and catching a nice breeze. >> becoming one with nature. >> that's another way of putting it. >> namaste, ladies. >> i'll stay out of this one. we're here to inform and share what's happening to the world. we turn to this. another turn. and this is an incredible story. twins, except they were born 24 days apart. it's a rare and risky event. and the mom calls them her
8:20 am
miracle babies. twins by nature are born on the same day. but these two little boys, alexandre and were conceived at the same time and born 24 days apart. >> my water came down. >> reporter: she was rushed to tufts medical center in boston, where doctors did everything they could to delay the births. almost half of babies delivered at 24 weeks do not survive. four days later, alexandre was born, just one pound, ten ounces. >> the doctors brought him to me. that was my first word. he's too tiny. >> reporter: then, something shocking. her labor stopped. no more contractions. and her cervix closed back up. >> sometimes, we have the opportunity to wait on baby "b." we would consider it when it was
8:21 am
so extremely premature. >> i didn't know it was possible. >> reporter: it helped baby number two grow. and 24 days after his twin was born, ronaldo came into the world at three pounds, three ounces. healthy, happy, and almost twice the size of his brother. >> thank god mother nature take care of this. >> i cry now than before. >> they are different. but they shared the mom's belly for six months. >> reporter: today, three months later, the twins weigh over six pounds each. the boys are getting stronger every day. and their proud mom and dad, getting ready for their big journey home. >> we are ready. >> yeah. they are. >> beautiful, little boys. and now, the anonymous high school tweeter who has been teaching her fellow students a thing or two about kindness. all the years, she has been a big mystery, until now. and gio is back and has that
8:22 am
story for us in social square. >> reporter: i just love everything about this story. take a look at her profile right now. if you look closely, you can see that backdrop. all you need is love, right there. get ready, america. you're about to meet the girl behind this positive message. >> this skull and bones stuff is a bit much, don't you think? >> maybe. but it works. every time. >> reporter: in the show "gossip girl," high school teens celebrate people's worst moments, with cruel and hartful gossip. but in real life, there's an anti-gossip girl. a kentucky student with a heart of goal. using a twitter account to celebrate the best of people. the mystery account created in january, with this. my mission, it's simple. to spread positively around boyle county high school. first compliment goes to -- she's a sweetheart. your smile and positive outlook doesn't go unnoticed. after hundreds of nice messages,
8:23 am
the whole school wondered, who is behind this? on graduation day, they found out. >> this young lady is a great leader, a great student, and even better person, who has billed herself as the infamous bchs anonymous, tweeting about various students throughout the school year. it's miss taylor stewart. >> it's crazy to think how one positive thing can pull someone back from the edge. >> reporter: now, off to college, taylor is passing the torch to another anonymous tweeter. >> i think if we use our words in the right way, there's no telling what we could accomplish. >> reporter: absolutely. class of 2014, you did it. go do good. and she also wrote this -- thank you, guys so much for all of the encouragement and support these past few days. still showing lots of grace.
8:24 am
robin? >> thank you. pay the positivity forward. tweet us your favorite positive message at "gma" #socialsquare. gio's on it. >> reporter: this is for you, robin. >> go do good, people. >> great to see those all come in. and another guinness book world record about to fall, thanks to hundreds who showed up to central park in new york city, on trampolines. hey, sara. how is it going? >> right now. we're at asphalt green. it's a nonprofit that supports health and wellness and fitness and sports. today, we're trying to set a record. so, the guinness world record guy is here to make sure it's official. the last record was set in 2012, with 302 people. today, we have 307 people. and we're about one minute into
8:25 am
our jump. the sport is called urban rebounding. you can find it in gyms across the country. the makers claim that you burn about the same amount of calories as you do on the treadmill. i've been jumping all morning. you definitely burn more. a really healthy workout because it engages your core. but it's easy on your joints and muscles. you can see behind me that people of all ages, participating today. and it's a lot more fun than a treadmill. but that's my personal opinion. are you guys having a good time? are you? all morning long. we have a little longer before we set the record. but when you come back to me, guys, we're going to be world record holders. >> keep it going, sara. how about that for degree of difficulty. two minutes straight. that was great. mario batali coming up. he also has surprises. special surprises. stay with us.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> 827a past moving house fire in north. on the 1700 block of 21 s street. one person suffered second degree burns over 45 percent of their body and is listed in serious condition. let's turn to karen rogers for a look at that schuylkill expressway. karen. >> yeah, we've got a big accident matt just happened on the schuylkill expressway eastbound past the boulevard here and i know it's hard to see right here with the bridge but you can kind of see the police and emergency workers on the scene i was watching, saw another ambulance come up to the scene. we have fire crews and penndot. they're kind of forcing everybody off to just shoulder at this point eastbound on the cook intermittently blocking all lanes at this point. traffic is really jamming up
8:28 am
as more emergency workers come to the scene. let's go to the big picture, eastbound schuylkill backing up from 202 down to scene and at times westbound traveling about 7 miles an hour so heavy delays. >> thank you karen. now to the accuweather forecast and meteorologist, david murphy. hi, david. >> all right, matt, right now we've got dry conditions in philadelphia but as you take a look at storm tracker storm trae double scan a couple light sprinkles and showers in the suburbs diminishing but making things wet in bucks county. heavy showers and lingering thunderstorms out of the eastern shore of maryland into southern delaware, anywhere about the southern two-thirds of delaware, i'm keeping my eyes on those for the next couple hours. 67 in philadelphia right now, 71 in wilmington a little breezy. not too bad even though it is on the humid side. as we go into the afternoon, a warm high of 77 degrees, clouds, some sunny breaks and after the morning rain passes through there's not much chance of anything else pong, maybe just a slight chance of a shower or a thunderstorm in a couple corners later today and tonight. >> thanks, david.
8:29 am
all 6abc all week on "gma," cecily tynan standing by with the national weather, adam
8:30 am
♪ there she is. sara haines and hundreds, they're still going. they went through the commercial break. still bouncing on those trampolines. they're trying to break the guinness book of world records for the most people on trampolines at the most time. urban bouncing on trampolines, that sara was talking about. you're looking good, sara. looking good. >> i think we're about to pass -- we're about to pass the world record now. thank you so much, george. it's not that i'm trying to be a world record holder. but let's check with our guy. have we done it? yay. we did it.
8:31 am
finally, i can stop jumping. i've been jumping all morning. >> you can stop, sara. the world record is broken. and you are forgiven for thinking that robin and i sound exactly alike right there. she is working hard right there. >> we get that a lot. >> go, sara. go. she's earned it. >> congratulations, sara. congratulations to your 303 friends. way to go. we have our friend, mario batali, from "the chew." >> come over, mario batali. we can all -- a number. mario and i will pick five numbers out of the fish bowl. the winner will get a chance to taste your dishes, as part of your father's day edition. when mario calls your numbers, put on your special chef's hat. you're going to take a seat in
8:32 am
our barbecue oasis. and i wish you all luck. the first number. would you help me out with this? >> number six. >> six. all right. get your chef's hat. second number. >> i got another one. >> number one. one. >> okay. >> third number -- number four. where is number four. >> all right. >> i don't know what number we're up to. four or five? >> the fourth number is in your hand. >> the fourth number is, number five. and the final, five, is -- drumroll. >> number two. >> number two. all right. so, you guys know what you need to do. you're going to get some great food with mario batali. and more from our lowe's oasis barbecue.
8:33 am
most of us with pets think we can explore the moods of our friends. they can get anxious just like us. dan harris has discovered we can learn a lot from their experience. >> reporter: this adorable little wisp of a dog named frisbee is completely normal, most of the time. but then, sometimes, seemingly out of the blue, he'll go on a fierce growling and tail-chasing jint. his owners brought him to the vet to treat his outbursts. >> a huge number of pets are on the drugs. >> reporter: a fascinating and overlooked truth. >> animals are capable of losing their minds in ways that are similar to the ways that human beings lose their minds. and we can also find them again, thankfully. >> reporter: in a new book called "animal madness," dr. braitman says e animals have ocd, anxiety and depression. like this chimp, named bobby,
8:34 am
traumatized by his years of a research subject, has made a huge turnaround, thanks in part to psychiatric drugs and treatment from human doctors. >> i knew he wanted help. you could see it in his eyes. >> reporter: as with humans, a major factor in psychological recovery for animals, is love. even if it's from a different species, entirely. look at this goat, after being rescued from an animal horder, where he lived squalor for a decade, the two animals were sent to separate shelters. mr. g refused to eat or go outside for six days. but look what happens when jelly bean finally arrived. mr. g perked up and ran outside. he gave jelly bean a kiss. and for the first time in days, he eats. one of the interesting things you point out is that animals can recover with love, even if it's the love of an entirely different species. >> absolutely. social animals tend to do better
8:35 am
in the presence of other creatures who are emotionally healthy or who they know. >> reporter: an interspecies love story that should give pause to anyone who doubts the emotional complexity of the animals we share with this world. >> dan will have more about animal madness tonight on "nightline." now, a final check of the weather. cecily tynan from wpvi in philly. >> we have a different animal weather-wise. yesterday, it was warm and humid in new york city. but a back door front is bringing in an ocean flow. so, boston, only 64. new york, a cool 72. my town of philadelphia, 76 degrees. lots of clouds and rain. meantime, dry weather in the pacific northwest. more severe storms in the plains and the mid-atlantic, with the potential for more flash flooding. >> thanks cecily, looking good in new york. david murphy on the terrace under clouds. we have a couple showers around the region.
8:36 am
warm and humid today, 77. slight chance of a spotty shower or a thunderstorm. a better chance >> this weather report has been brought to you by valspar paint. >> this is it. >> it's humpday. >> thank you very much. you're going to leave us in good hands. >> adam josephs from philadelphia. my colleague, my friend, my little brother, will be here tomorrow and friday. >> thank you for helping us out. as ginger is enjoying her honeymoon for another week or so. channing tatum and jonah hill are about to jump back on the big screen for "22 jump street." amy sat down with phil lord and chris miller, also known for "the lego movie" and "cloudy with a chance of meatballs." >> welcome. >> jonah hill and channing tatum, some are saying they're the new starsky & hutch.
8:37 am
would you agree? >> yeah. i think that's true. >> true-ish. >> true-ish. >> they're sort of -- wilder and pry pryor. >> that's a good one. >> bogart and bacall. >> and you share a friendship that dates back to dartmouth. >> i talked chris into going to an animation class. >> we have a clip of the movie for everyone to look at. this is a great scene. >> same identities. same assignment. >> we're going back to high school? >> you look like you're about 50. you're going to n.c. state. somebody's out there. they cooking up a new drug. it's adderall. wi-fi. >> it stands for work hard yes. play hard, yes. these kids get laser focused for about four hours of studying. and then, they party like it's
8:38 am
1999. >> we're going to college, for real? >> why every time you speak -- infiltrate the dealer and find the supply. >> it's dramatic action scenes. those are incredible stunts you pulled off. >> you have to make it bigger and louder and crazier with more explosions. we try to make it as loud as possible. >> everyone imagines what the mood was like behind the scenes. is it just a huge party? >> yes. a huge party. >> yeah. no. yeah. crack open the keg at call. and start drinking. >> it's a lot of fun. and we like to keep it loose. those guys have a natural chemistry together. and they're great at improvising and playing off each other. it was a lot of fun. >> and "22 jump street" opens this friday. coming up, a very special father's day edition of ""gma's" "improve this." with mario batali. [ joel ] i'm billy joel, and new york is my home.
8:39 am
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there's no place like it in the world. my favorite place is long island. it's an endless beach, from long beach, to montauk, to long island sound. with incredible fishing, teddy roosevelt's home, and the first port in the u.s. come discover your favorite part of new york. ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ plan your summer vacation at there's something for everyone.
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so, our great pal, chef mario batali is here for a father's day edition of "improve this." grilling parties go hand and hand, with dishes just right for dad. i love this steak sandwich.
8:42 am
i'm not going to lie. i might have tasted it already. before we tell everybody how to make it, tell everybody about your new show on hulu. >> tonight at midnight. >> it's called "the high road." >> it's a love letter to new york city and new yorkers. it's fascinating people in fascinating places. we have a conversation. and we play a little game. it's a blast. >> i remember you telling me about it. i'm really looking forward to it. we're cooking a delicious steak sandwich on this char broil grill. thanks to lowe's. and our outdoor oasis. this furniture is provided by lowe's for our world's best dads. and you guys do deserve it. they are sampling what we're making. tell us how we do it. >> we're making that steak sandwich that any kid could make with their dad or any dad could make for their kid. we take skirt steak app salt and
8:43 am
pepper on it. throw it on the grill. i grilled some corn. and i took the kernels off. and i mixed it with caramelized onions. i like dijon mustard. this is a little shredded romaine. a little extra virgin olive oil. a squeeze of lemon. it is. it's kind of fancy. but it's nothing you can't find in a grocery store. then, you cook the steak until you're happy with it. and then, what's really important, when you cook the steak like this, you let it rest for a couple seconds. and then, you cut it against the grain. >> why is that the best? >> it keeps it much more tender. you go like so. you cut it all the way across, in thin strips. and you take your toasted bun,
8:44 am
like so. and you slather a couple of pieces of tomato. a little bit of the corn relish, like so. tomatoes like so. here we go. and -- >> it looks so easy. >> and a couple of slices of the steak. and ladies and gentlemen, you have a dad-happy sandwich. would you like to try it in your fancy dress? >> i would be more than -- >> there we go. >> delicious. >> you like it? >> side dishes, real quick. >> side dishes, from my restaurant in san diego. just near the headquarters. pickled shallots. that's what we have. >> we'll give the recipes to you on i know we told you were just going to be eating with mario.
8:45 am
you know that grill from lowe's. you like it? each of you are getting one. congratulations. world's best dads. very special celebration. the big daddy of all surprises. we want to thank lowe's so much, for the grills. and the furniture. and mario batali, for one of the most delicious steak sandwiches, i've ever had. go to on yahoo! and catch mario on "the chew," weekdays, 1:00 p.m. eastern, 12:00 central. coming up, we have more. i have to eat. ♪ this time, i'll be bullet proof ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
this wonderful crowd that we have here in times square. and we are delighted to have grammy winner, la roux here this morning. you may know ellie jackson from her hit, "bullet proof." she's back from with a hot, new single from her album, "trouble in paradise" that comes out july 8th. wonderful to have you back with us. love your music so much. you've been working hard on this new music coming out in july. long hours. long days, right? >> that's correct. >> how is it different from what you've done before? >> i don't know. i think it just, i wanted to do something different. and required a little more effort and attention.
8:49 am
that's what we did. >> that comes through. you've been touring and getting out. everybody is happy to see you on stage. >> it's been a great response so far. yeah. very good. >> we're so delighted to have you here. >> you're making me feel very short. >> i don't mean to do that. >> you're unbelievably tall. >> it just -- well, i cheat just a little bit. just a wee bit. nothing bets past this woman right now. time to hear that new song. here's la roux, with "up tight down town" from the first single, "trouble in paradise." ♪ the streets alive with people the people who want to move ♪
8:50 am
♪ move, move how could all these people ♪ ♪ have so much to prove, prove prove ♪ ♪ i can only ask myself oh, where were you all going ♪ ♪ and i won't you take me with you, too ♪ ♪ where all the sirens are blaring ♪ ♪ uptight downtown i'll prove that's how you make the ground ♪ ♪ and now, i know the temperature is rising ♪ ♪ is rising ♪ uptight downtown i'll prove that's how ♪ ♪ the make the ground ♪ and now i know the temperature is rising is rising ♪ ♪ the streets alive with people
8:51 am
with nothing left to lose ♪ ♪ lose, lose when did all these people ♪ ♪ decide to change their shoes shoes, shoes ♪ ♪ i can only ask myself oh, where are you all going ♪ ♪ and won't you take me with you too ♪ ♪ where all of the sirens are blaring ♪ ♪ uptight downtown i'll prove that's how you ♪ ♪ make the ground ♪ and now i know the temperature is rising ♪ ♪ is rising uptight downtown ♪ ♪ i'll prove that's how you hit the ground ♪ ♪ and now i know the temperature is rising is rising ♪
8:52 am
♪ uptight downtown uptight downtown ♪ ♪ uptight downtown uptight downtown ♪ ♪ all the fighting with the crowds ♪ ♪ i know the temperature is rising ♪ ♪ is rising
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
i love that little move you had going. >> oh, yeah. >> our thanks to la roux. >> so much fun. big day tomorrow coming up on "gma." "deals & steals." and josh groban is going to be live. >> i'll just dance by myself. >> you are never alone. >> have a good day, everyone. world cup coverage tomorrow, as well. >> that's all right. >> usa.
8:56 am
>> ♪ >> hello everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. karen rogers has more on that
8:57 am
lingering problem in atlantic county new jersey. karen. >> action cam was other scene of that matt. a mess of a situation that has taken hours to clear. route 50 shut down. looking live at the schuylkill expressway and you can see how heavy this traffic s we talked about an earlier accident blocking all lanes at one point eastbound near the boulevard. that has cleared but look at this travel time eastbound, a 53 minute delay from the blue route to the vine. jammed solid even though the lane is back opened, damage is done. taking awhile to get that residual day out of there. i-95 a new accident coming in, it was off to the side -- there you could see the vehicle involved right now facing right now you can see it blocking the center lane southbound on i-95 past the walt whitman bridge. you want to watch for that. looks like a disabled vehicle kind of stuck there in the middle. i know the camera is shaky but be careful it's a you're headed out and be prepared for that as you're heading out. >> rain getting picked up on storm tracker 6. >> little drizzle on the
8:58 am
terrace. >> little drizzle on the scan shows you light showers in the northern suburb, some pushing into the western portion of philadelphia right near channel 6. down south heavier rain pushing through southern delaware and in toward areas closer to southern new castle county. some of this is thunderstorm activity, looks like it's beginning to paul apart a bit but i can see rain pushing into south jersey over the next hour. 66 degrees in philadelphia right now and your seven-day shows a high this afternoon of 77. we are looking at warm and humid conditions. matt, this afternoon is mainly dry. >> all right, thank you david. coming up on "action news" at noon new charges filed in connection with that heroin elementary school. hear about the accusations a mother and her boyfriend now face f live with kelly and michael next on 6abc, aretha
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from "how to train your dragon 2," america ferrera. and the newly crowned miss u.s.a., nia says. also, a performance from the legendary aretha franklin. plus, anderson cooper joins kelly at the co-host desk. ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and anderson cooper! [cheers and applause] ♪


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