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tv   Action News  ABC  June 11, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. >> ♪ june 11th. here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking the chance of showers today and what's coming up later on today. >> a passenger in the crash that injured tracy morgan speaks out about surviving that traumatic incident. >> there won't be any lights in the sky on the fourth of july in one south jersey community. find out what prompted officials to pull the plug. >> right now let's go on over
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to meteorologist, david murphy taking a look at your accuweather and karen rogers of course letting you know what's going on with your roadways. good morning to both of you. >> you didn't think i was going to get here, did you? storm tracker 6 live double scan let's take a look at the big board. we have thunderstorms out to the west of us. these are inching their way past harrisburg now but moving towards the east very slowly and there's a chance they start to diminish a little as they head closer to our area. if you're in lancaster county, berks county or chester county this is something we're watching over the next hour, hour and a half to see whether or not it makes it all the way in. satellite and radar in the meantime shows that you we have some cloud cover out there certainly. there could be some sunny breaks. once again it's warm and unstable but with more of an easterly flow coming in atop of a front beneath us. we're not going to see as much action in terms of rain and especially the heavy downpours today. there's a slight chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. 70 and dry across most of the region then as you step outside, still a little bit muggy in philadelphia. 70 in allentown, 71 in both reading and wilmington, still 67 in sea isle city.
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as we catch the bus this morning between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. expecting cloudy skies and patchy fog and temperatures in the upper 60's much as we roll through the rest of the day looks like we'll be a little bit cooler than we were yesterday getting up to 77 this afternoon. that's still on the warm side. that is your high at about 3 o'clock. probably still be sitting thon about 4 o'clock and through the day some sunny breaks, a lot of clouds and an cable spotty shower or thunderstorm. karen when i come back we've got a better chance of rain tomorrow and friday, okay. >> all right, day. let's head on outside right now and show you the big picture and what your traffic looks like this morning. this is the blue route, schuylkill, 95 and these speeds showing you for the most part we're traveling in the 50's. no big problems out there. i know coming in from south jersey roads are a little bit damp with that misting out there. other than that you're good to go right now. let's switch to our camera view. this is 309 near the pennsylvania turnpike in fort washington. although we're watching for patchy fog not seeing it at this point. looking clear on 309.
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let's switch over to the blue route and see what it looks like. we've got a shot of blue route near the mid county tolls a-good shot of the road conditions, no problems here, we're dry and looking pretty good. northbound traffic right now and light volume as you head towards the northeast extension with no issues there this morning, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. new this morning, police are questioning a driver who lost control and smashed into three parked cars. this happened on the 4800 block of roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia just before 3:00 this morning. the driver was not seriously injured. and also happening today, the truck driver charged in the fatal crash on the new jersey turnpike that also injured comedian tracy morgan is due in court. we're also hearing from the first victim to leave the hospital. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live in our sat center. she's got more on the story. good morning erin. >> reporter: good morning, tam. considering just how serious this crash was harris stanton is extremely lucky. he escaped with a broken wrist an bruised ankle. he says that the crash happened in an instant and because the vehicle that he
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was in did not have a back window, he could not see the tractor-trailer barreling towards them. now kevin roper the driver of the tractor-trailer is due in court. it's been reported he hadn't slept in more than we are hours and in an exclusive interview stanton said that one minute the group of friends was cracking jokes and the next minute they were being thrown around inside that limo bus. he said the impact of the crash made him feel like he was in a metal box that was being crushed around him. stanton said comedian tracy morgan who remains hospitalized was unconscious after the limo bus was hit. >> it happened so fast and when it stopped, tracy was on top of me and i didn't see anyone else. just metal and i could see stars from outside 'cause the top was ripped opened and i heard a driver cursing out the other driver and i was just saying help me, get me out of here. i just was trying to get out.
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>> reporter: comedian james mcnair did not survive the crash. stanton says his father was actually a truck driver for more than 30 years and he said that driving on no sleep is just unacceptable and that he is angry with that truck driver but right now he wants to focus his energy on hoping that his friends recover. i'm erin o'hearn, live in the sat center. matt back to you. >> erin thanks. police in new castle county delaware are investigating a triple shooting that left one person dead and two others injured. it happened at the foxwood apartments in newark yesterday. police found three people with gun shot wounds to the upper body. two of them, a man and a woman, were rushed to the hospital and a third died at the scene. police had originally responded to a burglary in progress at that scene. >> it is five:05. the steve trenton has a new mayor. eric jackson won in last night's runoff election by a 12 percent margin. after campaigning against paul perez jackson came out on top and is ready to take over the
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reigns of the troubled city. the 55 year old has held numerous municipal positions in the city over the years and is the public works director in plainfield. jackson will become trenton's first elected mayor since tony mack was ousted on conviction of corruption charges. >> this is our time. this is a great capital city. [cheers and applause] >> jackson will be sworn into office next month. >> a fourth of july tradition in south jersey is ending after nearly 30 years. officials in cherry hill have canceled the township's fireworks show. the big display draws thousands to cherry hill west high school but the crowds have grown too big. at the advice of the police department township leaders decided the facility could no longer handle the celebration and keep people safe. funds reserved for the fireworks will go towards restaurant week in august and extending the free music under the scars concert to five weeks.
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>> time now to turn to david murphy. the last couple days we've seen a lot of heavy downpours. what about today? >> today less of a chance although as you take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan early it almost looks like that could change a little bit later this morning. as you take a look out to the west there is a heavy shower and thunderstorm on its way in. i'll go ahead and give you that two dim next mention in view. this is still slowly inching its way past harrisburg still yet to get to lancaster and not too far to the east of baltimore but as we go through the next couple of hours we'll keep our eyes on this. most of the indications are that a lot of this is going to kind of break apart and fall apart a bit as it pushes towards the east but some of it may survive into places like reading and maybe wilmington before the rush hour is done. we will keep our eyes on it for you. as we take a look, we have cloudy skies over the region right now. sky 6 currently outside over the airport and there is that gray cloud cover. might be a little bit of patchy fog developing here or there as we roll through the next couple of hours but we're not seeing any indication of that at the airport right now.
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70 degrees in philadelphia, 71 in wilmington, 67 in trenton, 70 in allentown and 66 degrees in sea isle city. we are humid out there. not as much rain around today as the last couple of days, though. there again is future tracker 6 showing that you stuff to the west kind of falling apart but making it into the western suburbs. by noon doesn't look like a whole lot going on. while we'll allow for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm as we roll through the day it doesn't look like it's going to be all that much action today. partly because of front down to our south and we've got an easterly flow which is settling things down a bit. 74 is your high in allentown, humid, shower possible. down the shore we'll go for a high of about 70 this afternoon at 3 o'clock. 66 by plan to. a spotty storm can't be ruled out but probably mainly dry at the shore, especially once we get past the early morning hours. and in philadelphia, a high of 77, mostly cloudy skies with some sunny breaks. humid today and we'll allow for a spotty shower or a thunderstorm probably not a lot of that out there today.
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68 degrees by 8 o'clock, 72 by 11:00 and then we're in the mid 70's by 2:00 to 5 o'clock and then we get into tonight and the phillies. looks like mostly cloudy skies likely dry, 73 for the first pitch and 70 in the ninth inning for the phillies and pads. phillies won last night. see if they can do it tonight. 77 is today's high, warm and humid. accuweather says a slight chance of a spotty shower or storm. tomorrow humid 81 and a better chance in the afternoon of showers and thunderstorms because of a warm front coming through and then a cold front on friday gives us a high of 83 and there's an even better chance of some downpour producing showers and thunderstorms on friday. it does look like this whole system is out of here in time for saturday, though and saturday afternoon we'll feel the humidity lower. sunday looks great, warm, comfortable and a lot of sunshine for dad's day. >> shaping up really nicely. thank you david. 5:09. new developments in the search for the vending machine vandal. philadelphia police have a new clue in the case of the exploding soda machine.
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>> a ruling on a landmark case out west could change the way teachers are hired and fired. karen. >> we're looking live in new jersey. this is the 42 freeway. northbound traffic at creek road not bad just yet. we have a new closure in new jersey to talk about. details coming right up. >> in the morning buzz, is it art or an eyesore. debate is raging over a new 30-foot statue in new york. we'll tell you a little bit about it coming up
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so you can score more cash. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. >> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here out across penn's landing over to the ben franklin bridge. a little fog it seems like is out there this morning, that's the case in a few areas here and there. it's 5:12.
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>> seeing much fog out there karen. >> it's not too bad as we're looking around the region. we've got one or two spots where it's noticeable but that's about it. we're watching for that to develop during the morning. could have some patchy areas with that. as we look at the suburbs, that's what we're watching right now why don't we talk about a flew problem. we-- a new problem. route 50 closed in both directions at south county boulevard because of this accident. stick to cologne avenue as your alternate to avoid any problems there. overall as we look at the south jersey overview seeing speeds mostly in the 40's and 50's at this point. i know we're seeing some yellow on the new jersey turnpike but it's not too many problems out there with speeds mostly in the 50's. over the ben franklin or walt whitman bridge you're not going to have any problems either at this point. let's show you what it looks like outside right now. we've got a camera view here of 202 at route 29 live in malvern this morning. that's your northbound traffic right here as you head towards the schuylkill and a good shot of the road conditions looking pretty clear.
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we've been talking about patchy fog. not seeing any issues with that. we can pull in our visibility reports around the region and you can see 7-mile visibility, no problem at philadelphia international airport. maybe a touch of fog you can see the area of gray and in around the reporting sites near burlington and ocean counties, 2-mile visibility in beach haven but just .3 of a mile in mount pocono. it's spotty in nature at best at this point and owner that you're looking pretty good with just a chance for a shower or a thunderstorm today, tam. >> thank you, karen. the fbi has joined in the search for a missing alaska family. a man, a woman and two girls ages three and five were last seen at their apartment on may 27th. authorities have expanded the search but so far there's been no sign of them. the last physical evidence police have of the family is surveillance video. it shows the woman and the children at a local business on may 18th. a california court case could have major effects nationwide. a superior court judge in los angeles has ruled teacher tenure is unconstitutional. in what's considered a
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landmark decision the judge ruled tenure harms students especially poor and minority ones by saddling them with bad teachers who are almost impossible to fire. the california teachers association says that it will be filing an appeal. a final decision could take years. teacher tenure is an issue in districts all over the country. >> the stanley cup finals could end tonight in game four at madison square garden the rangers face elimination trailing the los angeles kings three to nothing in the best of seven series. santonio is now up two games to one in the nba finals. the spurs put on an incredible shooting performance in the first half of last nights were win over the heat in miami. the spurs made 19 of their first 21 shots and fired at a 76 percent clip in what is now the best shooting half in finals history. if i'm score 111-92. game four tomorrow night on 6abc. coverage begins at 8:30. you can watch the game on your mobile device by downloading the watch abc app. when the phillies win
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these days it is news. they return from a one in five road trip that left them tied with the chicago cubs for the worst record in the national league and open up a six game home stand. a.j. burnett throwing just over seven innings. marlon byrd hit a three run homer. i think that's scott rowland. phillies win five to two. did i say scott rowland? chase utley. how far back am i going? >> it's 5:16. coming up a popular restaurant chain is investigating a possible nationwide credit card breech and two companies are teaming up to make car parts out of catch up by products. >> new research indicates married men listen more than single men when it comes to decisions. >> we'll be in the 70's probably mid to upper 70's later in most neighborhoods so shorts and t's probably work. maybe they get caught by a shower but that's a real small chance today. we'll have your day part forecast and get you to the
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grilled chicken flatbread from dunkin'? take notes, people! it's delicious! grilled chicken is now at dunkin'. try the delicious new grilled chicken flatbread with ancho chipotle sauce today. america runs on dunkin'. >> a source close to shellie sterling says her attorney is heading to probate court today. she wants a hearing to confirm her authority to sell the los angeles clippers. shellie sperling brokered a $2 billion deal to sale the team. donald sterling is suing the league for $1 billion.
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>> time to check the traffic out there this morning. what do you say we look at the ben. >> let's do it. >> ben, good morning to you. we're looking live on the ben franklin bridge and we're watching for a touch of patchy fog here or there not causing any problems this morning on the ben. looking okay in both directions right now. we do continue to have construction eastbound blocking the right lane. let's go ahead and look at your overview. tacony palmyra betsy ross walt whitman commodore barry no major problems on your area bridges dave. >> on the big board the main rain is well out to our west trying to inch closer to lancaster. really a slow mover and it may fall apart as it tries to head east but we may see some showers later in the morning, maybe toward the end of rush hour in places like reading and wilmington. we'll keep our eyes on that. karen also mentioned she had a little mist on the windshield on the way in from south jersey earlier this morning. there is a little patchy fog around that might be producing that. 69 degrees by 9 o'clock. by noon 74. 77 is your afternoon high at 3 o'clock and then 75 at 6 o'clock. some sunny breaks but a lot of clouds today and a spotty shower possible at times.
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no big term delays on the big board although out in chicago there is some rain so perhaps some delays building there a little later on. again mainly dry today in philadelphia, warm with a high of 77 degrees and, tam, a spotty shower or a thunderstorm is possible. >> okay, thank you, david. going on to health check a new study shows men are more likely to get their medical checkups if they're married rather than living with a woman. surprisingly more single guys see the doctor than men who have live in girlfriends. researchers are not sure why there's a difference. the cdc survey did not ask why the men did or did not get an exam. now previous studies have shown that married men live longer. researchers speculate it's probably because wives prod their husbands to see the doctor nd look after their health. a new report ranks the top reasons that children end up in ther r but many of the things don't really need emergency care. skin rashes and digestive problems can usually be treated by a pediatrician or at home. diabetes and asthma are more serious but having a doctor's plan can keep kids out of the hospital.
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of course for other issues on the list like poison egg or serious injury parents of course should go to the er first. american children go to hospitals for treatment 25 million times a year. >> yet another nationwide credit data breach to tell you about. abc's john muller has it in america's money. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money another potential data beach. pf chang suspect looking into whether data from thousands of credit cards and debit cards was stolen from its restaurants. they reportedly popped up on the same underground web site lingd to the target breach. united airlines is the latest carrier to change the rules for frequent flyers. instead of earning miles based on how much they fly passengers will be rewarded for how much they pay. subway teaming up with keurig. half of the shops use it to make coffee. customer feedback has been good so far. finally heinz working with ford to find ways of using the
5:23 am
catch up maker's by products to make car parts. ford says it might be able to manufacturer cup holders and brackets from dried tony piazza mate tow skins. that's america's money. i'm john muller. >> interesting. it's 5:23. up next a new clue in the search for the mayfair soda machine bomber. >> a new overnight development concerning the mother of the first grader who brought heroin to school. a live update is minutes away
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and help you get a quote faster than ever. welcome to modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. your help to catch a soda machine bomber. detectives released surveillance video of the vandal walking up to the vending machine in mayfair with a lit object. then moments later an explosion. this happened on june 5th at 10:45 p.m. no one was hurt none other property was damaged. >> in the morning buzz we're talking about the ham tons. it's summer time, high time to head out there if you're living like gats bee. that's where the rich people go. this is what they're looking at and they're not happy. this is near the airport in west hampton and it's a statue 30 feet tall create booed i was local artist. the business community says this is supposed to inspire a sense of freedom and excitement, what the ham tons is all about but residents say they don't like it. one pizza shop owner saying it
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looks like olive oil. i can see. that somebody else says it looks like throw up. a little bit but not so much. at any rate they say that it slows down traffic near the airport. they don't understand what it's all about and it's just called walking figure that they're not really into it. so we'll see if it sticks around. >> looks like it belongs in that mr. bill claymation think. >> police. >> one philadelphia neighborhood about to come alive with fine art and fine food. for this
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>> happening now on "action news," new overnight developments in the case against a philadelphia mother whose child reportedly brought heroin to school. >> hot off the presses, there's a sudden shakeup in the philadelphia inquirer sale just hours before it was to become a done deal. >> a top republican leader's stunning defeat. hear from the underdog who dealt a shocking blow to congressman eric cantor. >> good morning, it's 5:30 on
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congressman eric cantor. th let's go to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> we'll start you on the big board with storm tracker storm 6 live double scan picking up showers and thunderstorms that have been inching in from the west. lancaster still dry, harrisburg has seen this pop through. if you're in lancaster and reading and perhaps wilmington, we're going the keep our eyes on this but it does look like it's going to fall apart a little bit as it pushes toward the east and we'll see something a little bit later on towards the end of the rush hour out of that. elsewhere a little fog here and there that might produce mist on your windshield. satellite shows you there is some sunshine farther to the west but we expect mainly cloudy skies with some sunny breaks today and occasionally a pop-up shower or a thunderstorm is possible. 70 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. it's a little bit mug knee out there. 70 in allentown, 70 in wilmington, 71 in reading. still 67 in both sea isle city and at the boardwalk in allentown. as we -- nor atlantic city, excuse me. and as we head out the door upper 60's between


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