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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 10, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- exclusive interview. hillary clinton talks first to abc news, breaking her thoughts on benghazi, a possible presidential run and monica lewinsky. murderous plot. new details about the two accused of killing two police officers. the chilling final facebook message. caught on camera. gamers come to the rescue of a fellow player after witnessing a armed robbery on camera. sharks sightings are shutting down beaches. one swimmer already nursing a serious bite.
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good tuesday morning. the interview that had millions talking overnight. hillary clinton's wide-ranging sitdown. >> she sat down with abc's diane sawyer, she answered everything. abc's tahman bradley has the latest reaction. >> reporter: with her new book out today, hillary clinton is talking about a possible run for president in 2016 the former secretary of state told abc diane sawyer that the constant republican criticism on the attack gives her greater incentive of seeking the presidency. >> we got to be in the majors. a diversion from the hard work that the congress should be doing about the problems facing our country and the world. >> reporter: the ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed. diane asked clinton if she could
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do anything more to stop it? >> where the reinforcements need to be. i take responsibility. but i was not making security decisions. >> reporter: clinton caused a political flap when she said in the interview when she said she and president clinton were dead broke when they left the white house. >> we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages, for horses. for chelsea's education. >> republicans pounced saying they're now millionaires. the interview also touched on monica lewinsky. >> i department with at the time. i have moved on. >> reporter: and political dynasties. did missing the notion of too many clintons or bushes. clinton says she wants to travel and help in the midterm elections. reena and john. >> tahman bradley live in
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washington, thank you for that. later this morning, we'll hear much more from hillary clinton, she sits down with robin roberts on "good morning america." breaking news overnight, five u.s. troops have been killed in a friendly fire incident in afghanistan, in a southern part of the country yesterday, the names and hometowns of those who have died have not been released. also breaking overnight, the militant group that kidnapped 300 school children has strike again, they're being blamed for kidnapping 20 women from the same town where the girls were abducted. the kidnappers forced the women into cars at gun point. also, breaking now, a new airport attack in pakistan, gunmen attacking the karachi airport security training center, after a bloody and fiery attack inside the country's
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busiest airport. the death toll has risen to 300. all right, we're learning new chilling details about the husband and wife terror team who went on a shooting rampage over the weekend. >> two civilians. a profound sense of guilt. abc's ryan owens has the latest. >> reporter: faces of hate. she was 31. he just 22. police said they were heavily armed and hello bent on murdering police. >> we believe that they equate government and law enforcement >> reporter: at 11:22 sunday morning, the young couple entered this pizza restaurant and ambushed two police officers as they ate lunch. they killed both men, draping their bodies with a "don't tread on me" flag, pinning a swastika on them and a note that read,
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"the revolution has begun." they took the officers guns and ran to this walmart. five minutes later at 11:27, an armed civilian confronted them amanda miller shot and killed him. then as police moved in, the couple carried out a suicide pact. some of the couple's friends say they actually talked about killing cops all the time. but no one bothered to call police. >> i should have called the cops. >> reporter: in april, the mirls joined the standoff at the cliven bundy cattle ranch. here's jerad talking to nbc affiliate. >> i feel sorry for any federal agents that want to come in here and try to push us around. >> reporter: his son says jared miller was very radical. his final facebook post -- the dawn of a new day, may all our coming sacrifices be worth
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it. the real sacrifice, three innocent people murdered. joseph wilcox and police officers alan beck and igor saldo. both husbands and fathers. ryan owens, abc news, las vegas. all right, an internal va report shows the scope of the scandal plaguing the department, more than 57,000 new veterans have been waiting 90 days or more for the first medical points. 13% of scheduled they were told to fix records to show shorter wait times. the va acting inspector general say it could lead to charges. donald sterling has decided to go ahead with the lawsuit against the nba, he's polled his support for the sale to microsoft ceo steve ballmer. sterling said he would drop his lawsuit and work to finalize the
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sell of the team. his attorney said that sterling reversed the lawsuit. thousands of homes outside of bend, oregon, remain threatened right now by a pair of out of control wildfires, about 50 homes remain under evacuation notices. the fires have ripped through 5 square miles. cooler weather in the west helped firefighter s including damaging winds and hail and floolgd rains. thunderstorms will ramble across the upper plains. through the midwest, 80 in the south. phoenix should hit 110 degrees. all right, angry protests in brazil are showing no signs of stopping. just two days before the start
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of the world cup. they're angry over brazil's lack of spenlding over education and health care. police in sao paulo fired tear gas. they could walk off the job thursday zblrjts meanwhile team usa is right there in sao paulo ready for their first game. the first match is against the african nation of ghana. coming up -- new rules for infant foods. also, after the suspect grabbed a rival and raced to a roof top. and white house mishap, a basketball player is left red-faced after taking the wrong step in front of the president.
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. welcome back. new report is calling cyber crime is growth industry, cyber attacks cost the global economy $400 billion a year, the report also estimates it cost the u.s. economy up to 200,000 jobs. cyber attacks follow a simple rule -- go with where the money is. sam's club will soon be offering a high-tech smartcard. in about two weeks, the first national retailer to offer credit cards that use both a magnetic strip and a chip to
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verify a transaction. manufacturer churches will help to prove their formula supports normal physical growth. mandatory test for bacteria. the new rules go into effect in september. all right, a new concoction for foodies who need gelly when you can fill a gelly doughnut with spam. the spam-filled treat to its menu. man oh man, they cut a regular doughnut in half and filled it with pork. customers, apparently, love it. count me out. >> try it tomorrow morning. >> if you dear me i will. when we come back, a decorated olympian is seriously injured in an atv accident. showing the marks left
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parts of california got so hot yesterday you could literally see the temperature rise. walnut creek east of oakland, at 1:06 in the afternoon it read 103 degrees. luckily, it should be cooler today, calling california's coastal areas reaching only into the 70s and 80s. a look at the morning road conditions, thunderstorms will create wet and even flooded roads across the eastern half of the u.s., from missouri to maine, down into florida, rain will also wet roads across the upper plains. if you're flying, airport delays are possible in houston and new orleans. five-hour police chase and standoff in california ended
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peacefully. >> police tried to arrest a 41-year-old on an outstanding warrant, perez took off and ld d police on a high-speed chase, armed with a rival, perez rolled from house to house. triggering a lockdown of a half a dozen schools. >> when i turned around i saw him fumbling in the car and come out with the rifle. that's when i ducked. >> perez barricaded himself inside a house. s.w.a.t. teams smoked him out with tear gas. watch what happened when a woman in arizona was playing an online game streaming worldwide, robbers were seen on her web cam. one team watching in europe, called police, at least one man was taken into police.
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a climber on the road to the recovery, took eclimbing about 9,000 feet up, she suffered serious injuries. her friend called 911. gutsy winds kept rescuers from reaching them. she says it could have been much worse. texas teenager is also recovering this morning after a shark attack, the 14-year-old was in waist-deep water when the shark chompd down, she could hear the shark exhaling before the bite. >> i felt something on my back. i didn't feel the teeth, just something knocked into me. >> i felt so lucky, i said you're fine, you're fine. >> if you can believe it, the teen didn't go to the emergency
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room, the doctor staying with the family just used an antiseptic on the wound. sharks are also keeping swimmers out of the water in alabama, on orange beach, police put up warning flags to alert beachgoers. some were jumping in anyway. a former olympian swimmer champ, amy van dyken won golds in sidney. she suffered a severed spine, since then she's undergone surgery to stabilize her spine. the heat and the spurs play game three in the finals tonight. >> as for the stanley cup finals, we get details from last night's game from our friends at "sportscenter." the last time the stanley
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cup final game was played inside madison garden mark messier lifted the cup. game three against the kings monday night, here we go, jonathan quick, grew up a rangers fan in connecticut. first period, rangers had opportunities, but they were denied by quick each time. mats zuk real owe had a chance at the doorstep. this is a back-breaker. late first period, i'm talking very late, jeff carter, scoring with under a second to go. the kings can wrap it up wednesday at madison garden. cleveland's lonny chizen haul, in 17-7 win over the rangers. 5 for 5 on the night and came just a triple short of the
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cycle. in the nba, phil jackson and the knicks have found a coach, former thunder guard and laker guard, derek fisher, fisher won five titles in l.a. playing for jackson with the lakers, now they'll try to turn it around in new york. good luck with that. the knicks have zero picks in this year's loaded draft for more, check out a live "sportscenter" on espn at 9:00 a.m. eastern. up next, the pulse. female football player making history in college football. feel great on your skin?n'tn actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer. nothing outperforms it. nothing feels cleaner. its helioplex formula provides unbeatable uva uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer. all with the cleanest feel. you won't believe you're wearing such powerful sun protection. it's the best for your skin. ultra sheer®.
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i love that song. time now for the pulse and we start with a young lady bringing girl power to the gridiron. come this fall, she'll be college football's first-ever female defensive back. >> osbourne has signed on for the team campbellsville university, a small school in kentucky. >> she's just 5'6" and 140 pounds. high school coach says she's taken some shots but always gets up. former uconn women's basketball team. both the women and the men's teams visited the white house to celebrate the ncaa championships. stephanie taking a tumble off the right there. >> the president quickly came to her aid there. the former huskie is now in the nba with the washington mysetic. she lost her footing in those
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heels. >> the president, oh my goodness. earlier the president pulled off another one of those regular-guy stunts. >> he decided to slip out of the white house in the middle of the afternoon for a little starbucks run. the president picked up a little tea. >> he calmly strolled back to the white house with secret service in tow. at the concert over the weekend. >> he's playing along, he tossed a frisbee on stage without missing a beat. >> he seems pretty multitasking there. >> i think you can do that, reena. >> no, can you throw me in the middle of a newscast.
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. >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's tuesday, june 10. we're following a breaking story. home invaders get in a woman's home and tie her up overnight. hear what they stole coming up. two young boys in south jersey are facing animal abuse charges after a neighbor's pet turns up dead. storm tracker 6 double scan radar is tracking a line of storms and that kid is really cute but we're going the talk about some storms and some fog coming in. meteorologist, david murphy has the updated accuweather forecast on what you can expect later today. also we'll have video of the pennsylvania bus driver caught on camera texting behind the wheel. "action news" is on in two. of the eastern u.s. and finally this morning, a young artist whose work has been seen by millions and millions of people, it's never hung in a gallery. instead it was right there on
4:28 am
google's home page yesterday, the work of 11-year-old. >> just started drawing the google sign, the g-o. >> reporter: three times seemed to be the charm, she's been a finalist in the google for doodle contest in the past. but this year, she won with her back to mother nature artwork. >> the first one was light. there wasn't that much color. >> reporter: the second one? >> it had more color, but it was still too light. >> reporter: so this time, she focused on incorporating more color, it took just a week to create this paradise, this is audrey in the purple with a friendly dragon. she spent a day at google animating her design which is on the google home page all day monday. in her picture, everyone is clapping for clean water. >> it said that did you know
4:29 am
that 3 million people died of diseases from polluted water. >> she's been so busy today with her schoolwork and talking about her design, she's only had a chance to go to google twice. she gets $30,000 college scholarship. her school gets $50,000 to upgrade their computer lab, but the best part for this socially conscious 11-year-old, that $20,000 will help provide clean water for 10 different schools in bangladesh. darl ya miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> that was really beautiful. animated, too. that's what making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great tuesday.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's tuesday, june 10th and we're on a breaking story you did not see last night. bound and robbed, two suspects are on the run after breaking into a woman's apartment and tying her up. we have new video. >> a gruesome case of animal abuse in south jersey. police say a family's beloved pet died at the hands of two young boys. >> a shuttle van explodes into flames shutting down a road into philadelphia international airport. >> good morning, everyone, it is 4:30 on this tuesday.


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