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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  June 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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with humid conditions out there. "action news" meteorologist adam joseph in for cecily at the big board with the latest from accuweather. adam? >> and rick, the summer super soup back on the menu, the higher humidity causing the storms to turn extreme at times with the rain falling from them. double scan showing most of the area dry, but right along the pennsylvania turnpike we are seeing some downpours. and one or two thunderstorms pop up. and you look at the pennsylvania turnpike, which is basically this white line here, it is on either side north and south of there that we are seeing some of the flare-ups near route 100, malvern, norristown, up towards lance dale. and that is the last part of the down pour coming through and what prompted the flash flood warning that still remains in effect continuing until 8:15 tonight. that is basically from
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montgomery county between upper dublin, abington and cheltenham. and a small section of philadelphia county as well. many roadways saw a lot of water quickly flood, but then once the storm passes, the floodwaters quickly recede. and a flood advisory in effect until 8:30 for lancaster county, also seeing downpours bringing some flooding to area roadways. what to expect this weekend, basically a carbon copy from today to tomorrow through friday. warm and humid and downpours and thunderstorms likely. they are all hit and miss, not one day a wash-out. and that's some good news as we move forward. rick, when we come back we talk about the seven-day where there is a brighter future april he head -- future ahead for the weekend. and this afternoon heavy rains flash flooding in
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montgomery county. how it looked at route 202 near the dekalb street bridge. all lanes closed after it blew up several manhole covers. and flooding on east lafayette street. and the floodwaters have since receded. i do and remember, always track the rain in your neighborhood giving you access to radar, the hourly forecast and audio alerts for weather warnings. the app is free for the apple and an droid devices. to big changes and big headaches for drivers who use a portion of i-95. penndot about to begin the next phase of a major construction project north of girard avenue. it is south of the girard avenue interchange to allegeny avenue. and more on that is david henry live at the girard an on-ramp in fishtown. and penndot pushed back the
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start of the project until wednesday? >> that's right. the weather delay, can't paint lineses on the road, so holding it off until wednesday. the construction zone about a half mile long. wednesday expanded another mile and a half northward, also bringing with it the positive bill of even longer delays. >> an hour delay from here to academy road. >> and maybe crazy when they shift barriers and paint new lines from columbia avenue up to allegeny avenue. the potential for long delays further annoys already aggravated drivers. >> it is going to be a mess. it is a mess. i go to my moms, and i have to go around to get here. >> and built in the 1960s, penndot says it is long overdupe for a major face lift.
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ment phase kicking in tonight is the fourth and biggest of the six rebuilding projects. the first started almost three years ago and the entire three miles of new high way not finished until four years from now. it is a long nightmare already for people living near the construction zone. >> now i have buses coming down my street 24 hours a day. and the traffic, especially during school mornings, kids trying to cross the street, it backs it up. at night it is backed up. >> and penndot encouraging them to take alternate routes. and they usually come to a stand still in rush hour in the construction zone. average delays now 30 to 45 minutes. it's ache -- aggravating but they learn to live with it. >> and you have to be patient.
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it is not that like of like it is that long of a stretch. >> almost three years old now and not even at the half way point. and penndot says hang in there, when it is done we will have one of the best highways that $1 billion can buy. live in fishtown david henry for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new developments tonight about a possible stalker hon a running trail. they say a woman thought she was stalked by a man on a bicycle. it happened on the same part of a path where a woman was attacked last month. and they found the man matching the description and say there was no connection to last month's attack and at this time no charges filed against the man in today's incident. if a teak m-- fatigue may have been a factor in the accident with tracy morgan. and keven roper slammed into the
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limo bus, and morgan remains in critical condition. and roper will be in court on wednesday. philadelphia police arrested christopher fields in new york in connection with a murder on the roosevelt boulevard yesterday. the 34 year followed riding with the wheels of soul motorcycle club and the bikers surrounded the car driven by 43 year mold todd riley. filed got out of the car and an argument ensued and fields allegedly pulled a gun and shot riley several times killing him. his girlfriend suffered gunshot wounds. and fields faces murder and weapons charges. the authorities in chester county on the look out for a man causing a serious prank. a phony 911 phone call sending swat teams and emergency personnel to a home where there was nothing going on. and they call it a case of swatting. and following the story, we have
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the latest on the investigation. walter? >> rick, as you know swatting is a trend commonly involving young people who simply do not realize how danger and stupid it is. >> it is a pafrng but she is not laughing. >> hopefully she find out who it is and they have serious charges because it is not funny at all. >> starting before sunrise, dunbar outside feeding her horses. and a swat team surrounded her house with the team leader informing down -- dunbar of the reports. >> somebody called and said they killed our entire family and were overdosing themselves on heroin. >> if the end it turned out to be a prank and the d.a., tom hogan is not laughing either. he wants to make an example of
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the people responsible so everyone gets the message that swatting is more than just a bad idea it is dangerous. >> if somebody who sees a swat team, a bunch of guys with automatic weapons about to make entry into a house and grabs a gun, they are going to get shot. they are going to be killed. and it's going to be the fault of these idiots who are making these swat calls. >> and meredith dunbar says she has no idea it is but seems they went to the length to cover their tracks. >> i think it is somebody from x dlsx xboss live and skype. >> and it is fuelish, extraordinary little dangerous and illegal. >> and the d.a.'s office is working solid leads in the case. when they are caught, the people behind it face very serious charges including risking a catastrophe and fines exceeding
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$10,000. reporting li live, walter perez. and one person dead after hit by a train in east falls this morning. and the police are still not sure why the victim was on the tracks. the service on the manayunk/norristown line were suspended while the police were on the scene. and much more to come on "action news" monday night. the highest ranking officials in governor chris christie's administration testifies to lawmakers investigating the bridge scandal. and a big task tore a big eagle's lineman. spending $17,000 hon -- upon dinner. and so far some areas not seeing a drop of rain and others saying shut the faucet off. and an unsettled week in accuweather. and talking to the phillies g.m. about the state of the season when "action news" comes right back.
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>> the highest ranking official in governor christie's administration testified about the bridge scandal. christie's chief of staff said he had no previous knowledge about blocking traffic across the bridge. and the focus on bridget kelly who was fired after emails show she set it in motion writing "time for some traffic problems." and kelly first told him she had no emails or text related to the plot and he believed her. >> bridget kelly is someone that i had worked with and known for
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four years. someone who i thought very highly off. hard working, energetic, loyal. someone who i believed and trusted. >> christie's nominee to the state's attorney general. and pushing for legislation on the heels of the just-released v.a. hospital audit. case y visited no discuss the bill and today's audit say 1,000 waited 60 days or more to get an appointment in philadelphia, that's the most in the state. and casey shows the doctor's shortage is the top challenge to addressing the wait list problem. and veterans exploring career options in new jersey, and dozens of local businesses and organizationings handed out information at the south jersey veterans job fair. it was an initiative of the go
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fund. and police and troopers and others looking to hire. and the program to prevent deer over population is working. new numbers show the deer density dropped to 50 per square mile. when the program started four winters ago close to 240 per mile and they want to see the ratio drop to 30. mile and they want to see the ratio drop to 30. 160 deer killed this ♪(themstan! ! !om cheers) hey guys! stan the man! hey, how's it goin stan? can i get $55 on pump three? you got it, stan! gas stations. just that. where nobody knows your name. the chevrolet cruze eco. with an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon highway. it's the new efficient.
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>> here with sports, predicting the phills will not lose tonight. >> you have got that right. you know why? the phillies are off. in more ways than one, if you know what i mean, oven seven games out of first in the n.l. east but little to make you optimistic. ruben amaro knows what the problems are, starting with hitting. the pitching haven't been great
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either. sobering numbers losing eight of the nine games. they are 10-22. amaro, a popular topic on talk radio and sometimes feels like he is the only one. >> how are you aware of the criticism? >> i don't live under a rock. but at the same time, that's part of it. we had great expectations of this club. when they don't come through and don't do the things we hoped they would do, i know where the criticism gets thrown. at the same time i believe in the people that work with me. i believe in what we do and what we're about to do and what we will do in the future. >> what assurances have you gotten about your position? >> those are discussions you have p that you have to have with david. i haven'ted that discussions about any of that i am happy and fortunate to be the g.m. of this
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club and i expect to be the g.m. of this club moving forward. and i believe in the ability of my group and the people who work with my to move this forward. if we have to make tough decisions and a transition, those are the things we have to do, we'll do them. >> the phillies underachieving on the field and the gate. attendance dropped steadily since 2011. the on pace for the lowest attendance since 2003 and you have to believe ownership concerned about these as well. and the eagles have smith to a four-year deal. and garnering a lot of attention, the tackle tweeted out a $17,000 restaurant tab. he wanted to take his fellow linemen to dinner and instead his wallet taken to the cleaners. and he saysed it all good. >> it is kind my idea.
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keep the tradition going. and i got help from todd and evan, to something i did for them. it ain't no big deal with me. >> were up surprised with some of the responses that you got in return? >> i probably should have gave it some clarity. and i got pressured into doing it, but that's all right. >> do you want to take us out to lunch? >> yeah, i will after this. >> over $1400 in tax. and lebron james has critics coming out of his ears but now they are all quiet. game high 35 points and the heat the 2-point victory over san antonio. and you may remember cramps forced him to miss critical moments of game one. tied 1-1. game three tomorrow in miami and coverage here on 6abc. beginning at 8:30. and you can see the game on the mobile device downloading the watch abc app and logging in with your provider. and the yankees, a drive
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down the right-field line and the ball boy retrieves it and gives it to a youngster. oops. that was a fair ball! oh, boy. the next inning a fall ball has its way. a foul ball mind you. my man is not moving an inch, nope. better safe than embarrassed again. somebody else pick that ball up in sports. >> that's how you learn, thank you. students who exsem when it comes to numbers receiving has been end of school year recognition. youngsters from 20 schools picked up awards in upper darby. everyone honored including teachers ranked nationally in the
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>> well if you tuned into "good morning america" today you saw a familiar face, our own cecily tynan joined robin roberts and the others on the set this morning. filling in for meteorologist ginger who got married over the weekend. seeing her the next two mornings and then adam joseph picks up the duties on thursday and friday. join the conversation on twitter using #6abc on gma. wondering if you would get better weather. >> the umbrella needed the rest of the week. and double scan live around the area, most of the region has yet to see a drop of rain today. but a very small section of mainly southeastern pennsylvania seeing downpours and a thunderstorm or two. nothing on the severe side, but what was severe was the flooding and response to the at that
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representation -- torrential rain. and this is a downpour south of the philadelphia turnpike sitting over the same location and that's been a big problem. going to the west in parts of hun hunnybrook and this area seeing a wet afternoon. unfortunately the areas seeing the rain, it is too much. other areas that haven't seen it are saying hey, maybe give my lawn or garden a drink. fortunately moving over the same location. some of the highlights, dealing with flash flooding in particular locations and the muggy stretch through the rest of the week. with the flash flooding, it is one example of one area seeing between 2 1/2 and 3 inches of rain.
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and this is west of women -- willow grove. and a lot of water on the roadways during the evening rush hour. and the mucky stretch a highlight this week. and threw friday dewpoints between 65 and 70 degrees. that's why it feels humid how the, and it is a lot of water vapor sitting in the atmosphere. if you get a thunderstorm or downpour to pop up, it rings the atmosphere out. 73 in allentown, 80 in wilmington, 83 in dover. temperatures kind of all over the place, but everyone, it feels uncomfortable no matter where you are. a lot of cloud cover in the eastern half of the country and not one some lid -- solid area of rain. and the jet stream to the west,
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we have a kind that is a humid, warm wind, and it will bring the scattered thunderstorms around the region. the next two days not a wash out but bring an umbrella in case you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. the four different models, everyone saying a quarter to half inch of rain. but if you have get in a downpour that does not move much you can get 2-3 inches of rain. and a spotty thunder shower this evening, 62 to 67. and tomorrow the pop-ups, 65. and wednesday humid and some sun, 81. less of a chance for pop-ups on wednesday, but they will still be around. and then a chance on thursday a warm front and humid at 85. and the most active day is friendship, a cold front comes through. 85 degrees. but the cold front will push the humidity april way and chance
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for the storms for the weekend. saturday and father's day looking good with sunshine. 84 degrees. low humidity and that will continue into monday of 86 degrees. >> all right, thank you. finally tonight, school's out in an annual tradition continuing in center city this afternoon. they do it every year the ladies of the catholic high school making quite a slash in logan square. and the last bell rang and they headed to the fountain. each year the juniors take part in this rite of passage marking the start of the senior year and the underclassmen join in on the fun. and "world news with diane sawyer" is next, and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl. and then join us for "action news at 11:00" right here on 6abc. now for jim gardner, cecily tynan, adam joseph, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice evening and we will see you right here at 11:00. ♪
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. welcome to "world news." tonight the abc news exclusive. one on one with the former secretary of state, hillary clinton. public and private. from the uneadvocating fire storm over benghazi. >> i wonder if people are looking for a saying from you i should have, i should have. has she really not made up her mind? and marriage crisis and what she says about forgiveness and survival. hillary clinton, nothing off limits. deadly rampage, going inside the world of the couple behind that shooting spree in las vegas. hollywood surprise. the


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