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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  June 9, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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she decided to exit the trail, go through the woods a little bit, and then come out into the development itself. no words were spoken, no assault took place. it was suspicious activity. >> that's because the police say the man followed the woman briefly as she left the trail. just last month a man resembling this attacked and tried to sex wom sexualyy assault a jogger on the trail. and the police are treated the incidents as related and it has the area women on edge. >> it makes me nervous because i have all girls and we walk. so it does make me very nervous. >> it is a frightening thing to think you are going throughout and leave yourself wide open for that kind ever -- of things. >> both incidents the man appeared hispanic. and he was wearing blue jeans, a gray hat and t-shirt and riding a silver mountain bike.
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>> the bicycle had what looked like a windbreaker wrapped around the handle bars. >> and the different police are working on a composite sketch from today's incident. it has not been released yet but they are hoping it will bring tips leading to this alleged attacker. chad pradelli, channel 6 news." >> thank you. it is time for the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist adam joseph live at the big board. warm, but gloomy start to the workweek. >> we had such a beautiful weekend with the sunshine and low humidity. but the humidity returned pretty much full force last night and early this morning. and that has prompted some downpours and thunderstorms to erupt. and double scan live, nothing severe. they are very hit or miss that the point. where they are popping they are rather heavy. no thunderstorms or lightning strikes with any of this throughout chester county, especially through downingtown and north towards 100 and
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pottstown. and malvern and phoenixville heavy downpours and heading towards lansdale. between lancaster avenue and north springville road, heavy there but no lightning and going north of villanova near the conshohocken curve as well. and one more zoom east, the state of new jersey, showers and downpours in parts of burlington county and now entering the southern part of mercer county. and trenton. no lightning, nothing severe but gusty winds pulled down by the heavy rain. and the dewpoints are high, 67 in philadelphia, 71 wilmington. 65 in allentown. that means it is extremely humid when you go out. the humidity is basically water droplets in the atmosphere. when it rains it literally pours. this week, it is warm and humid
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through friday. more clouds than sun every single day and daily chance of downpours and showers are likely. but not one day is a watch-out. and -- wash-out. and talking more about the forecast in a bit. >> thank you. remember, when rain is on the way be the first to know with the stormtracker app. we send you an alert, and the app is fee to download. about to get more congested on 95, north of girard avenue tonight could mean headaches for drivers and those who live near the work site. and david henry is on the girard avenue on-ramp and more on the impact. hi there, david. >> hey. the construction you see behind me along i-95 has been going on since 2011. for a long time already. but now it is going to get much worse. this is just one of six major
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rebuilding projects. the fourth and largest phase begins tonight. it will spread from just south of the girard interchange over there. a mile and a half north, just south of allegeny avenue. >> a lot of construction. >> and soon to be a bigger pain. and it will expand the half-mile construction zone to almost two miles from columbia avenue to just south of allegeny avenue. drivers say it's bad enough as it is. >> it's a killer, yeah. the main changes are -- the way they have the lanes laid out, they are confusing. >> and it will be shifted around again in two phases beginning tonight. commuters will see a new pattern tomorrow morning. some abandoned i-95 all
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together. >> i usually take the turnpike the other way to 676 to go down into the city. it's a much smoother road. i don't have all of this traffic, all of the trucks and everything else and the pot-holpot-hol pot-holpot-hol pot-holpot-hol pot-holpot-hol pot-holes are killing my car. >> and it started almost three years ago and won't be finished until late summer 2018. not welcome news for drivers. >> it gets us commuting earlier in the morning and gets us home late tonight. >> can't wait to finish it up. >> yeah. >> 2018. it is discouraging for those living near the construction zone. >> guess what it's going to end? >> two years? >> 2018. >> this part of the project? maybe i'll move between now and then. >> the finish line is way too far down the road for some people, but penndot says this
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highway built in the 1960s is way overdue for a major face lift. you can find updates and all of the progress through a link on life in fishtown, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> david, thank you very much. penndot crews also out inspecting brings throughout philadelphia today. workers inspected bridges every two years and today started on the platt bridge. closing lanes on eastbound 281 and the bridge itself. will be out performing inspections all week long and it is different lane closures at different times. so keep it here. the bridges are likely to get extra scrutiny this week. like 495 in delaware, the bridge now closed a second week because of a problem with the support columns that hold up the span over the kristina river. over the weekend a man came forward saying he called 911 in april to tell them about the problem. and "action news" obtained the
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911 tape and that man's story does check out. the delaware department of transportation is investigating what, if anything, was done as a result. and now though a story we are following from our new jersey news room in trenton. police found a body near a club today. they say they got a call around 8:30 this morning around a man who was shot. they found him dead in a small park behind the candlelight lounge. and they have not told us his name and they also say they are not sure when he died. the police in vegas just gave an update about the couple killing three people in an ambush over the weekend. two victims were police officers. the police say the attackers were motivated by their extreme government views. and live with the latest on the investigation, mary? >> good afternoon. well authorities believe this brazen attack was carried out by a husband and wife team who targeted law enforcement and
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claimed they were starting a revolution. investigators say the suspects came to this las vegas stopping center looking for officers to kill. >> believing that law enforcement is an oppressor and associated with the nazi movementment >> and jerad miller and amanda miller walked in and ambushed two officers on the bunch break, alyn beck and igor soldo were killed. and by the bodies they placed a swastika and a note declaring the start of a revolution. >> told me it was a revolution. >> they weren't done yet. the killers allegedly entered this wal-mart across the street killing a man inside and exchanging gunfire with the police before retreating to the back of the store. there the investigators say they carried out an apparent suicide pact. amanda miller shooting her husband before killing herself.
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and they were known as militant white supremacists and bragged about the plan to kill police. >> they were going to kill as many as they could and then do away with themselves. and they believe the government, the feds are the problem and want to get rid of as many as they can. >> now the two officers who were killed were both husbands and fathers. one had three children, the other leaves behind a newborn baby. live in los angeles, channel 6 "action news." >> so sad, thank you for that. a lack of sleep may have played a role in the accident starred involving comedian tracy morgan. a court document says that the wal-mart driver, keven roper, hadn't slept for more than 24 hours. he failed to slow for traffic smashed into the limo bus. and they released 911 calls from passing motorists. >> there is a terrible accident.
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the car flipped, on its side. >> were you involved or calling it in? >> no, i am just calling it in. >> the vehicle is turned whoever? do you know if anybody is injured? >> two vehicles and -- >> comedian james mcnair killed, morgan critically injured. and roper face as hearing on wednesday. the highest ranking official in governor chris christie administration appeared before lawmakers saying he knew nothing about the plot for traffic trouble. and he told the legislative panel he had no advanced knowledge of the plan to block the traffic near the george washington bridge. and what he might have said to kelly. >> the governor asked me if bridget kelly had anything to do with closing the lanes. asked me to ask her that question.
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>> up didn't ask why? >> i did not ask why. >> and the panel is investigating who knew what about the plot and when they knew it. and he is also the governor's nominee to be the next state attorney's general. and to business stocks on a positive know. dow up 18 points. and the s&p up just about 2 points. the appear -- apple stock getting more affordable. people who already invested in apple will get additional shares to make up the difference. the split is a way of luring more investors to the table. and it is apples first split in nine years. it could pave the way for the company to be one of the 30 stocks traded in the dow jones. and the cost of a gallon of
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whole milk up 7.5% compared to this time last year. it will set you back about $3.69 on average. that is the highest price since september of 2011. analysts say a bigger demand from china and other asian countries is driving the increase. vettans in south jersey got help finding a job today. the g.i. go fund with a job fair if he mount laurel hotel today. and a chance to meet with employers and support agencies to help themselves transition into life at home. and focusing on helping veterans from iraq and afghanistan. and breaking news out of center city, philadelphia. the scene outside of the union league in philadelphia, a significant protest is underway as we speak. these are labor and school activists holding this protest to coincide for a fund raiisrai
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for tom corbett. and he is facing a challenge from tom wolf. many activists and leaders are supporting tom wolf and opposed to what they call are governor corbett's education cuts during his time. and it may have traffic complications. >> and we bring in matt pellman with the traffic report -- or autumn, how about that. >> hi brian and shirleen. looking down in center city, there police on the scene guiding traffic around that, but it is not slowing traffic down or blocking traffic at that time. moving over to 422 we go, the weather however causing us problems. the heavy downpours that adam mentioned. going to some camera shots, and clear roadways, however it is not the case here.
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having heavy downpours. and you can see it is taking 20 minutes to do that. and closer to the city, we are seeing the storm move through closer to the city. a few minutes okay no wetness on the roadways but here at the boulevard southbound going slow making your way to the schuylkill expressway. and the schuylkill expressway very slow, 9 miles an hour eastbound and westbound lanes. slow going there. the nobody lanes of 95 slow, too it and remember, down in center city around broad street because of the protest out there you might want to stick to market to get around that. moving along and showing you the pennsylvania turnpike we have a road closure to tell up about in the northbound lanes of the northeast extension. 309 to get around the closure. back to you, shirleen. >> autumn, you look nothing bike matt pellman by the way. >> thank you guys.
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he looks really good, too. >> yeah, he does, just no resemblance there. >> and the school year is winding down and the official start of summer fast approaching. a local mother using a personal tragedy to teach students an important safety lesson. and anchor monica malpass in the newsroom with the story. >> hi, shirleen. as the temperature climbs, rivers seem like an appealing place to swim in the summer. one mother wants to make sure that students resist the temptation to dive in. her own 13 year old son, brandon, died last summer in pennypack creek. and today returned to the middle school with a message trying to help students learn from his tragedy. and that emotional plea up next at 5:00. plus, imagine arriving at your house and it is surrounded by the swat team. that is what happened to a local family. the police say it was actually a prank and those stories tonight on "action news at 5:00."
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those stories in a little bit. we will see you then. >> thank you. one of philadelphia's great end-of-school traditions lives on tonight. the action cam at logan circle making a dash for the fountain. next year's seniors in red the first in, and then followed by the juniors and sophomores. and this celebrates the last day of school and the tradition goes back 50 years. and accuweather and more what looks like unsettled. >> you don't need a fountain to get wet outside. adam, it looks like a touch-and-go situation. >> not as fun as the kids are having, especially if you drive on the roads this evening. and looking at double scan, most of the region is dry. the downpours that are hitting are heavy, but very scattered at this point. in fact, if we go to street level anything anywhere from the schuylkill expressway especially
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to the conshohocken curve, it is red. and especially the blue route south and northeast extension north of norristown, and the same near king of prussia. and looking from the rainfall mode this is how much is falling per hour. looking at two inches of rain per hour west of norris noun and 1-2 inches between flowertown and radnor. and as we head into new jersey, trenton about to get hit by a downpour here. and no lightning. it is not severe across the region as it heads towards east state street. and also 95 downpours in florence also seeing set roadways here for the evening rush. temperature-wise, 78 in pottstown, near 80 in oxford, chester mild at 75 degrees.
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and warmer to the south, 83 dover, 78 vinenland. along the shore temperatures near 70 degrees. and you are seeing no 90s, and we haven't talked about a 90-degree day yet this year. in fact philadelphia in the last 15 years, 93% of the time in those 15 years we have already seen at least one 90-degree day. since it is so delayed this year this is going to be the latest that we have seen 90 degrees in our region since june 23 of 2003. let's keep pushing back. 90s, don't want to rush them in. looking at satellite and radar most of the area dry to the north of the schuylkill expressway. and to the south dry. one general area west of philadelphia. if your heading out this evening, to a local playground, keep an i'm to the sky in case it is turning darker and some
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heavy rain pushing in. temperatures in the upper 70s. and futuretracker, 10:00 tomorrow morning just scattered showers. again in the afternoon some scattered downpours. not a wash-out tomorrow, much like today. and the 4day at four humid with a thunderstorm likely at times. tomorrow, a quick downpour and 85 degrees. staying humid wednesday, thursday into friday with temperatures in low to middle 80s. wednesday looks like somewhat of a drier day. and the most active day is friday. and we will talk about what the cold front will do to us on saturday and sunday in the next half hour with the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. >> if you watched "good morning america," and we hope you did, then you saw this friendly face. cecily tynan filled in for ginger today and in addition to giving the national forecast, she also talked to some phillie natives who made the trip to moshg. -- new york.
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she is there the next few days and adam joseph will finish up in new york. and if you are going to be in the big apple there, dress in your phillie finest and stop by and you may end up on television. >> i watched her this morning, phenomenal. and president obama makes a move to help students struggling with college debt. and a rash of burglaries in center city and they say the same man is behind all of them. asking for your help to track him down. how would you like to get paid for driving around. how to find out if you are eligible
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>> pakistan is on high alert today after a deadly attack left the country's busiest airports in flames. ten members of the taliban dressed as security guards stormed into the airport in karachi over the weekend. they had machine guns, suicide vests and grenade launchers and put up a fierce fight. it took the military five hours to gain control of the airport. 28 people died, including the ten attackers. the taliban says the attacks were revenge for a u.s. drone strike last year. president obama signed an executive order for those struggling with student debt. people who cannot pay for than
4:24 pm
10% of the income for those. and it covered those who started borrowing in october of 2007. this extends that benefit to millions of people, and also calling on congress to pass a law letting college graduates
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>> it is time now for "the buzz." sandra bullock had a close call inside of her california home over the weekend. someone broke in while she was sleeping. police came to her house in los angeles just before 6:30 in the morning yesterday and arrested 39 year old joshua corbett. bullock was not hurt but most certainly shaken by that experience. and the former bachelorette emily maynard shocked her family with a surprise marriage. posting this picture, her family and friends thought they were showing up to an engagement
4:27 pm
property but tied the not to johnson. and the fourth time she was involved, one to a bachelor consist ant, and another when she was "the bachelorette." and four times engaged, hopefully one time married. >> thank you very much, and still to come today, three words for you -- iced coffee cake. the up in business delivering java on demand. and a maryland father smacks
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♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot, and brian taff. >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with lebron james' mind games, bouncing back last night. >> money for commuting. >> the easiest money you will make. >> why some companies are paying you to drive and how you can get in on it. and an "action news" follow updays after showing you video of two gunmen terrorizing a local churches chicken employee, video of the robbery showing how violent those men really were. beginning in center city, police looking for a serial burglar accused of hitting three
4:30 pm
businesses in the last month. and 13th in center city, what the police are calling a crime spree. >> that's right. the suspects hit at least three times here in center city, including the headquarters of spring board media. and in every case this guy is caught on surveillance video. now the police need your help identifying him so bring this one-man crime spree to an end. this is the suspect using a crowbar to break into the offices of spring board media. he made his way around the building and stole. and on the second floor of the building on 13th and samsung, the police believe this guy knows exactly what he is looking for and where to find it. >> it appears this individual is going to these locations and knows what he wants.
4:31 pm
when he gets inside of the location, every single one, he is taking personal electronic equipment. >> thursday may 8 he was captured upon surveillance around the intersection of 16th and spruce. at some point he broke into this thai restaurant through the back, took a nikon camera and loose change. and be look at this picture from the camera next door. then he struck again at the same building, 13th and samsung this time targeting the offices of chatter blast, taking has been apple macbook pro and tablet and this time he tried to conceal his identity. >> we want to get him off the street and hopefully somebody will be able to identify him. >> so far they made off with
4:32 pm
$4200 worth of electronics. if you know who he is or where to locate him contact the detectives right away. sarah bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new this afternoon a north jersey man has been formally charged with murder in connection to a deadly road rage shooting on the roosevelt boulevard. 33 year old christopher fields arraigned this afternoon. the police say the newark man was riding with the new york chapter of the wheels of soul motorcycle club saturday night. the bikers allegedly surrounded a car driven by 43 year old todd riley on the boulevard and riley got out of his vehicle to confront the group, the police say that fields pulled a gun, shooting riley several times. his girlfriend was also wounded. she is listed in stable condition. officers were right behind the motorcyclists and quickly made an arrest. looking at the violence of an armed robbery last monday. two robbers stormed into
4:33 pm
churches chicken in the 5800 block knock hag wo -- knocking worker to the floor demanding cash. the terror continued in the back as the robbers both dressed in hoodies and sneakers assaulted another worker. one held a gun to him while the other took money from the safe before taking off on foot. if you have any information about this pair, please call philadelphia police. a delivery truck got a little too close to a plane at philadelphia international today. the airport officials say the driver accidentally clipped the wing of a southwest airlines jet before 7:00 a.m. no one was hurt here, but the accident remains under investigation. meteorologist adam joseph joining us now. dreary weather out there, but we had a great weekend. >> it was a perfect weekend. but the week starting not so nice, especially with the
4:34 pm
humidity. and you look at sky 6 live and it is dry in center city now. the dark skies looking westbound at 79 degrees, and the dewpoint has jumped from the 40s and 50s back into the upper 60s. and that is why it feels uncomfortable out. and winds out of the south-southeast at 8 miles an hour. and double scan live, most dry but one strike trenton through norristown, malvern, basically along the pennsylvania turnpike. it is wet now and the heavy he is downpours, not is a severe, no lightning, moving north of the turnpike near 309 and also route 202. heading towards horsham and jamison. and talking about the pop-up downpours that be will be with us throughout the week and which day can see the most activity in the seven-day forecast. >> as long as it is out of here for the weekend we are ok.
4:35 pm
>> i think of i can promise that. >> oh, thank you. i do and math scholars earning recognition. students from 20 archdiocesan and other high schools recognized in first in math. and the program that tests math skills in teams and individually. and less than 24 hours after the miami heat stomped the san antonio spurs on 6abc, lebron james revealing how he got his name back in the mind. he came roaring back after his subpar performance in game one. how did he do it? magic and meditation. the superstar athlete said he snuck out the night before to catch a movie, no body guards, just himself. and he continued the solo activities the next morning going to yoga class with two total strangers. apparently it all worked because the series is now tied 1-1.
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and melissa li-- still ahea on demand. and the lucky ones getting iced coffee delivered to the offers. and ways you can make money simply by driving. forget white wedding, one having a wildfire wedding. >> dramatic pictures. and adam joseph with the full accuweather forecast when
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>> a 12 year old wisconsin girl police say was nearly stabbed to death by two classmates going home from the hospital. it will take time for the 19 stab wounds to heel and even longer to heel o'll motionly. a site elected depen$40,000 for expenses. and the two girls were playing character to character "slender man." and they were surprised not to meal remorse half the attack. manhunt for three inmating pulling off a helicopter escape from jail in canada expanded into the u.s. officials say the men believed to be connected to hell's agengels jumped on a
4:40 pm
chopper that land. it is the second time in two years they inmates escaped from a quebec jail and it was seen flying west on saturday. and big talkers, in maryland the police say a father had a violent retooks -- reaction to what he found on his girl's cell phones. a series of what the parents see as inappropriate text messages tweener and her 40 year old teacher. and they did not charge the teacher that showed up at the girls' house. >> there was an altercation between him and the father. the father struck him with a baseball bat. >> the teacher, who suffered minor injuries, declined to press charges. and the police are still investigating. all right check this out. this is called the body guard blanket. and its creators says it does what the name applies, a
4:41 pm
bullet-proof barrier. it was the brain child of the man who toured the deadly devastation in oklahoma and wanted to find a way for people to protect themselves in a storm or calamity. and it blocks them from debris or a bullet from a .9 millimeter gun. runs about $1,000 per blanket. and in new york, making cappica tapping the keg an acceptable thing to do. the brothers wanted to bring the concept of a beer tap into the office in a productive way. and the keg contains 320 servings, apparently pretty popular because the brothers now have 15 employees and are expanding to san francisco and no doubt far beyond after that. and so, shirleen, happy hour
4:42 pm
just got started at 9:00 a.m. >> i think adam is actually there. it is coffee, adam. it is coffee, ok? thank you, brian. and now to oregon, a pair of newlyweds say they have the photographs of their dreams thanks to a wedding nightmare. check it out. this is not photostopped. real flames towering behind michael and april. the couple was just hours away from tieing the knot this weekend when a small brush fire suddenly exploded into a giant wildfire. still the wedding party thought they were in the clear. that is until the bride started walking down the aisle. >> and that's when the fire trucks, sirens going. >> i call it an all-time low. it was announced we were being evacuated. >> he said you guys have to be out. >> the entire wedding had to be moved no a park several hours away. they were good sports about the near disaster saying that the wildfire showed everyone what
4:43 pm
really mattered. friends, family, love and a fabulous picture. >> i guess so. now the pictures are national news. beautiful pictures. and another check on the roads today. >> and autumn is in for matt pellman and has the "action news" traffic report. >> we have slick roads on the schuylkill expressway. right around conshohocken, the westbound lanes at a crawl right now. speeds in the single di dickit -dickit -- dickit -- digits in both directions. and 95 from the vine street up to wood haven, very slow going now taking you 45 minutes to do that commute. and over the pennsylvania turnpike an accident, and in the northbound lanes, slowing on the side and the wacars are moving,
4:44 pm
but no longer needing to use the alternate. and we have speed restrictions of 50 miles an hour because of road closure. and maple shade, an accident on the off bound ramp and keep it in mind. and looking at the ben franklin bridge we have the eastbound construction because of the right bound line and three lanes getting by. the other areas bridges, clear can on all the bridges except the construction on the eastbound lanes of the ben. mass transit experiencing delays on route 11 regional rails because of weather. keeping an eye on things and bringing you an update in the 5:00 hour. and breaking developments now and some good ones certainly the possible stacker along a jogging trail. the police now tell us that a woman on the trail this morning thought she was being stalked by a man on a bicycle.
4:45 pm
and it was along the same part of a trail where a woman was attacked last month. the investigators tell us they tracked down the men and now say there is no connection to last month's attack. to the clear, the suspect in that attack remains at large. but the man we tracked down this morning on the trail is not facing any charges at this time. > what's it like paying for internet
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>> the accuweather forecast. and you're not going to like this one. >> well here's the thing. you are not going to like this week much we can make kick it out in time for next weekend. >> i don't mind that. >> it is all about timing and looking now at double scan live, there are some downpours and one thunderstorm in southern parts of montgomery county. most of the area is dry. nothing is severe at this point, but where it is raining it is literally pouring out there. with the increased humidity that we are wringing out the atmosphere especially norristown, along the turnpike. and this is the first thunderstorm of the day moving towards 611 doylestown and south of lansdale. the edge of this thunderstorm near horsham and then warrington two minutes before 5:00.
4:49 pm
and jamison at 5:06. and not severe, but releasing a lot of rain and ponding on roadways, especially throughout montgomery county with that area of rain lifting north and east. temperature-wise, 71 in allentown, 75 reading, near 80 if not above 80 the northern part of delaware to southern part. millville 78 and the shore communities, refreshing but extremely humid no matter where you are. satellite and radar, the eastern half of the country pretty much littered with cloud cover and the spotty downpours and thunderstorms. all wait from buffalo, pittsburgh, roanoke to richmond. and the pattern really won't break until we get into the weekend. so for at least the next two days, it's very muggy, unsettled. the jet stream is carve across the valley with an upper-level low. and it buckles to the north and under a highway out in the atlantic bringing up the heat,
4:50 pm
humidity and chance of downpours and thunderstorms around. looking at the next two days as a whole, four different forecast models that we tend to look at, you and see in general between a quarter and an inch of rain. and one outlier 3 inches. it depends on if you are in the wrong place at the same time. some won't see any and others can see more if you are hit. and most of us marm and muggy 62 suburbs, 67 center city. tuesday, the flavor of the day, clouds and sun and muggy. 72 at 8:00. and 11:00, 80 degrees. and the afternoon keeple umbrellas handy. 83 to 85 in the afternoon hours. and humid with pop-ups tomorrow, 85 degrees. and humid again with sun on wednesday with a lot of clouds,
4:51 pm
81 degrees. still humid and warm, kind of a repeat pattern on thursday, 85. warm front comes in thursday afternoon with a better opportunity of downpours. and the most active day with the cold front on friday of 85 degrees. but that cold front moves out in time for fathers day weekend. both days lower humidity, sunshine, 84 degrees. and staying dry monday, 86. that would be the fifth weekend in a row with sunshine and low humidity. i tell you, keep this pattern going. >> keep it going. >> through next year it if we can, thanks. where there is smoke there is usually fire, right? but in this case it was fake fire. the proposal stunt gone viral. he works for the fierre departmt and she stayed a fire in the direct so when pay rifling on the scene with no idea it was a
4:52 pm
hoax, jesse arrivals with "marry could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w...
4:53 pm
...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
4:54 pm
>> it is time now to save with 6 action. and today we are talking about something that sounds too good to be true. getting paid to drive, but it is for real. there are several legitimate companies who will pay you as much as $500 a month to work as a moving billboard called wrap advertising, involving letting a business place their logo on your car. right now advercar paying at least 25 drivers in wisconsin
4:55 pm
$100 a month to advertise for mcdonald's. all they had to do is maneuver a few road blocks. >> the first thing they have to have is a car that is 2007 or newer, and work in the area where they are targeting. if it is a match we run a background check and do safety training. >> it is easiest money you make. they pay $100 a month and drive your car has you normally would. that's it. >> and drivers must use a g.p.s. monitoring system. and most companies have a one strike you are out policy as it goes to fender-bender or road rage. and the industry is popular, it has been an easy target for scammers. in addition to a list of legitimate companies, we also put a link to the better business bureau, as well as a car wrap review site helping you to read out those.
4:56 pm
and can you i am major when sir mix allot invades. >> and the rapper teamed up with the orchestra for a classical version of "baby got back" and it turned into a present massive party on stage. something i never ever thought that i see. >> a lot of twerking going on. >> something like that. that will doing it for "action news at 4:00." for alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot and adam joseph i'm brian taff. shirleen and i and adam and ducis rodgers back for "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> and you can get "action news" and accuweather any time if at the apple and google app store. and now to rick and monica with what is ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next at 5:00, a
4:57 pm
prank in chester county. and the crash that hospitalized tracy morgan and killed another. and a
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jamie apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> after a picture-perfect weekend, the skies are changing out there tonight. looking live at stormtracker 6 double scan you see several systems of pop-up storms making their way over the area. the chance of storms over the delaware and lehigh valleys. and looking live at the philadelphia airport, lots of clouds out from as we move further into the evening. that could be the theme all week long. meteorologist adam joseph live at the big board with the details. the weekend was nice. >> the weekend was nice, and the coming weekend looking pretty good as well. it is the in-between we are dealing with now. and double scan showing most of the area dry, but along the pennsylvania turnpike. if you live north or south of there you are seeing some
5:00 pm
scattered downpours and thunderstorms erupting in that general area. and the heaviest with five lightning strikes is pushing away and this is exactly where it is moving north and east. newtown at 5:25. and again not severe, but releasing a lot of heavy rain in a short amount of time as it passes north and east. it is moving extremely slowly. in fact we look at sky 6 in the region that is dealing with it the ben franklin bridge, we move on from there. and a shot showing -- there it is, norristown. at the intersection of 202 and main street we have some offici officials you can see on the edge of the road. the roadway of 202 is under water.


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