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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 8, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight, the breaking news. the deadly shooting spree in las vegas. at a busy shopping center, reports of a pizza shop, then a walmart. officers targeted. investigators on the scene right now. the severe weather hitting tonight. several reported tornadoes touching down near denver this sunday alone. the pictures coming in. and this from new mexico. the swirling storm, all part of a system bringing heavy rain and fierce winds. caged. new details tonight about bowe bergdahl's captivity. kept locked in a cage by the taliban. why he's not ready to talk to his parents. and our team in qatar tonight, in the luxury neighborhood where those taliban detainees are now living. brian ross, knocking on the door of the taliban. what he found. and, the belmont backlash tonight. the cinderella story with the stunning final chapter. the rant from the owner of
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california chrome, angry with his wife, too. why he says it wasn't fair. what do you think tonight? good evening and it's great to have you with us on a sunday night. sand we begin with that breaking news. two police officers shot in a las vegas restaurant. authorities say it's believed they were targeted by two shooters, a man and a woman. that restaurant was in a crowded walmart shopping plaza. authorities putting up the police tape late today after the gunmen entered the walmart itself, reportedly killing someone in the store. during it all, witnesses say they were shouting, "this is a revolution," later turning their guns on themselves. abc's bazi kanani leading us off tonight. >> reporter: dozens of police officers surrounding a vegas walmart after two gunmen terrorized customers at a local shopping center. investigators say the shooters walked into a cici's pizza restaurant, where our
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local affiliate kntv is reporting they shot two police officers. >> i saw the gun in their hand and he just told me to tell the cop that it was a revolution. >> reporter: the gunmen then crossed the street and entered a walmart, where more gun fire erupted, killing one. police say the two shooters went to the back of the store and carried out a suicide pact. both gunmen are dead. police are still investigating tonight. the motive for the shootings is still unclear. david? >> all of this unfolding right now. bazi, thank you. we'll have much more throughout the night at and of course more tomorrow morning on "good morning america." now, to the breaking weather headline tonight. several tornadoes touching down near denver this sunday. this is just one of them. you can see the rockies there behind it. along with the tornadoes, huge hail. and look at the map at this hour. you can see the weather on the move. the bright red there, the most dangerous winds and rain. abc's linzie janis with the pictures coming in now. >> reporter: dodging disaster. in colorado, another four tornadoes just today.
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the twisters keep coming. nine of them in the state since friday. in aurora, colorado, a june hailstorm blanketing the ground with ice. and more twisters in the south. debris sent spinning by a tornado near st. louis, missouri, as a plane flying dangerously close. >> that plane just flew through that tornado. >> reporter: in northwest alabama, lightning sparking fires. the texas panhandle drenched with fears of flash flooding. and residents near roswell, new mexico, called this their spaceship. a severe type of thunderstorm known as a super cell, swirling in the sky, producing baseball-sized hail and winds strong enough to topple this tent at an outdoor festival. >> horrible. horrible wind. >> reporter: linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> linzie, thank you. we'll be tracking the threat throughout the night, shifting from the south to east from dallas to nashville.
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nearly 30 million americans in the threat zone as we start another work week. tonight, we're also learning more about that crash that left comedian tracy morgan in critical condition. this video taken by another car driving by just moments after the horrific crash. tonight, we've learned of morgan's injuries and what we're now hearing from walmart, after the arrest of one of their drivers. abc's gio benitez on this again tonight. >> reporter: tracy morgan's rep telling abc news this afternoon the comedian is still in critical condition, but is more responsive. we're told he broke his leg, femur, nose and several ribs. this, after getting our first look at the man police charged with causing the accident that left the "30 rock" star and three others in critical condition. morgan's long-time writing partner dying at the scene. police sources say 35-year-old kevin roper rammed this walmart truck into morgan's limo bus and later turned himself in. the driver of that limo remembering the moments right before the crash. >> i would say we were probably
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at about 5 to 6 miles an hour, just like steady coasting. >> reporter: the new jersey turnpike is known for other accidents like this. this stretch of i-95 is known as "the black dragon." it's straight and fast and police say one of the most dangerous roads in the northeast. morgan and six others were on the way back to new york from a stand-up comedy show in delaware. we're told the truck swerved to avoid the limo bus carrying morgan, but instead, hit it. morgan's limo lost control, spinning into two other cars and overturning. >> it felt like an explosion. i just remember the impact and the vehicle going by, seeing a little bit of the walmart truck go by. we didn't know which way was up, which way was down. >> reporter: mogran's limo driver kicking the window through to get out. >> then i climbed around and i heard tracy screaming for help and i heard jeff screaming for help. >> reporter: roper has now been charged with one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto.
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and we're told morgan had surgery on his leg today, but david, he could be here for several weeks. >> all right, thank you, gio. we're going to turn next here to those chilling new detail office that american soldier, bowe bergdahl's captivity. you'll remember when that video was released, bergdahl blinking in the sunlight in that trick waiting for u.s. special forces to arrive. many wondering at the time if the blinking was the result of years of captivity, perhaps being held in the dark. tonight here, abc's chief foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz on what she's learned about bergdahl's attempted escape from the taliban and what they put him in afterward. >> reporter: it was after he tried to flee his taliban captors he was put in a metal cage in the dark for weeks at a time, bergdahl has told staff helping his recovery, according to a senior u.s. official. an official saying it is no surprise that the taliban would beat and abuse the soldier. and "the new york times" is reporting he has asked not to be called sergeant, saying he didn't earn it. he was a private when he
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disappeared, but he was promoted on schedule, which always happens when a soldier is taken captive. and while he is recovering physically, walking, talking, his mental health remains an issue. a senior official says the 28-year-old solider is still not prepared for a reunion with his family and he has no idea the firestorm his release has created. just over a week ago, bowe bergdahl's parents were celebrating his freedom. tonight, they are facing threats against their lives. the threats so serious, the fbi has been called in. one saying, "i'd be ashamed to say he is from your town, needs to be shot and his dad right along with him. taliban lovers." it's a backlash fueled in part by the results of an army investigation done at the time of bergdahl's disappearance, released this week. it backs up what his fellow soldiers have already said, that bergdahl walked away from his base willingly. >> he was not forcefully taken off the base. he left on his own accord.
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>> reporter: the obama administration has fiercely defended the deal that freed bergdahl, but another investigation is being launched. when bergdahl finally does come home, he will not go directly to his hometown of halley, idaho. he will go to brook army medical center in texas to continue his recovery. david? >> martha raddatz with us tonight. martha, thank you. and of course, the other image that went global when those taliban detainees were exchanged for bergdahl, the pictures of them being embraced when they landed in the wealthy nation of qatar, where they will now live in villas, their families allowed to come live with them. but also in that doha neighborhood tonight, abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross, asking how closely will those detainees be watched? brian? >> reporter: good evening, david. it's been a week now since the five senior taliban leaders arrived here, for what will be a year-long, all expenses paid stay for them and their extended families, amid the luxury of this tiny gulf country. qatar has the highest per capita income in the world. and all the trappings of wealth
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and prosperity to prove it. the government here says it will provide the five former detainees with their own private villas for their stay over the next year. much like this compound in a top residential neighborhood that it already has given the taliban for its headquarters here. hello? abc news! no one answered when we went to the door of the taliban office today. an armed police guard told us it was not possible to speak to the taliban without an appointment. the government says it will keep a close eye on the five former detainees. but the chairman of the house intelligence committee told george stephanopoulos on "this week," the deal allows them too much freedom to communicate with other taliban leaders. >> it allows them to prepare for what's next, and that's going to be join the fight. >> reporter: but secretary of state john kerry said on cnn today that qatar won't be the only ones monitoring the five taliban. >> i don't think anybody should doubt the capacity of the united
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states of america to protect americans. so, these guys pick a fight with us, in the future or now or at any time, at enormous risk. >> reporter: in a statement this weekend, the taliban said the five former detainees will comply with the agreement, not to return to afghanistan or to the battlefield over the next year. but 51 weeks from now, they apparently will be free to do just that. david? >> brian ross in qatar tonight. brian, thank you. and next here, to the diane sawyer exclusive with hillary clinton. tomorrow night here, one hour, no question off the table, and the interview comes just as a new abc news/"washington post" poll reveals swelling support from democrats in this country. 7 in 10 democrats say they would back clinton as their candidate if she runs in 2016. and this number tonight, across party lines, 67% of americans polled see clinton as a strong leader. and so tonight here, a preview. diane asking, when will we all know if she'll be candidate clinton again? >> reporter: when are you going to decide whether you're running for president?
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>> you know, i'm going to decide when it feels right for me to decide. because -- >> reporter: still by the end of this year? >> well, you know, certainly not before then. i just want to kind of get through this year, travel around the country, sign books, help in the midterm elections in the fall and then take a deep breath and kind of go through my pluses and minuses about what i will and will not be thinking about as i make the decision. i will be on the way to making a decision by the end of the year, yes. >> reporter: but probably not an announcement until next year? >> i -- i'm not positive about that, but i think, you know, the way i make decisions, that's probably likely. >> reporter: i know it's a personal decision, but if you can do that -- if you can do it, you see the path and can do it -- do you have to do it? >> i have to make the decision that's right for me and the country, and -- >> reporter: but is the party frozen in place, waiting for you to make it? >> no, i mean, no, people can do whatever they choose to do on whatever timetable they decide.
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>> reporter: but are they disadvantaged waiting for you? looking in your eyes every day? >> no, i mean bill clinton started running for president officially in, like, september or october of 1991. so, no, i -- i just don't think that that's a -- you know, a real concern. people will do what they think is best for them and whether they choose to seek the presidency or not is very personal, for everybody. >> reporter: and ultimately it has to be for you too? >> right, absolutely. and tomorrow night, much more. diane asks about benghazi, about clinton's marriage, and if she has anything to say to monica lewinsky. and grin gets a tour of clinton's moment. it is rare access. diane sawyer, one-on-one with hillary clinton, public and private, tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. eastern. and it comes on the eve of her new book, "hard choices." that's tomorrow night here. in the meantime, we move on tonight and to that stunning end to what many thought was a
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cinderella story. california chrome falling short at the belmont stakes. but what came next, a blistering rant from the owner of the horse, saying it wasn't fair. tonight, we team up with our partners at espn, lindsay czarniak is as the racetrack for us. >> reporter: a crowd 100,000 strong holding its breath. a collective gasp as california chrome crosses the finish line. >> and california chrome in his quest for a triple crown. >> reporter: and then, a shocker from the horse's owner. steve coburn enraged by california chrome's loss to a horse that only ran in the belmont and not the derby or preakness in the hunt for the elite triple crown title. >> it's all or nothing. because this is not fair to these horses that have been running their guts out for these people. this is the coward's way out. >> reporter: not even his wife could calm him. >> i don't care! >> reporter: his comments have now created a firestorm. >> steve coburn went on a sore loser rant postrace. >> reporter: social media lighting up. a prom innocent race writer
6:44 pm
tweting, steve coburn needs to learn that if you win with grace, you need to lose with grace. in the last eight belmont races, six of the winners skipped either the kentucky perdy or the preakness. why is it so difficult to win the triple crown? >> the last quarter of a mile gets all of them. if they ran hard in the derby of the preakness. it's a very, very tough thing to do. >> reporter: but it has been done before. the last triple crown winner, affirmed, in 1978, beat out horses who only ran in the belmont race. california chrome did suffer a minor injury to his right foot, but his trainer art sherman tells us he expects the horse to make a full recovery. art sherman also told me after california chrome's brief rest, he will be back out on the track this fall at the breeder's cup. david? >> all right, lindsay, our thanks to you and the team at espn tonight. there is still much more ahead on "world news" this sunday evening. the great escape tonight. we've learned of three prisoner breaking free like out of a scene of a movie. they had a helicopter waiting. how they pulled this off, and the big question, where are they now?
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(music) defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. calcium citrate plus d. highly soluble, easily absorbed. tonight, the great escape here and the manhunt now three prison nerls who broke out of jail in quebec, whisked away by a helicopter waiting for them. sounds like a scene from a movie, but this is real. and abc's mara schiavocampo, with what they pulled off. >> a daring prison escape in quebec. >> reporter: three inmates with reported ties to the hell's angels biker gang are on the run after a dramatic helicopter rescue. they are considered dangerous. >> yeah, this is a massive hunt, as i said, in canada and the states, so, everybody eeshgs 's know, giving a hand to find them as quickly as possible. >> reporter: officials say saturday evening a green helicopter landed in the courtyard of a quebec detention center, quickly scooping up the
6:48 pm
prisoners before flying off and heading west. much like a scene from the classic movie "breakout" starring charles bronson and robert duvall, based on a real escape. >> let's go! >> reporter: it's not the first hollywood-style prison break. in 2013, arkansas inmate derrick estell fled the big house through a very small window, just one foot tall. several weeks later, two florida inmates simply walked out the front door after forging release paperwork. in all cases, the inmates were recaptured, making an escape, but not a getaway. now, in this case, all three men were in jail awaiting trial. police say the key to finding the inmates is finding the helicopter and, david, they say they're working with local airports to do just that. >> look for the green helicopter. all right, mara, thank you. when we come back here tonight, clear skies at ginger zee's wedding. the photo and your well wishes tonight. and a piggyback ride to remember. one brother's gift to another brother. it will make you smile here on a
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sunday night. the "index" is next. sfx: car unlock beep.
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our "instant index" here, what's trending on a sunday night. tennis champ rafael nadal clinching his ninth french open title. he beat novak djokovic three sets to one, becoming the first man to win nine major titles, the same title ix times, i should say. tonight here, one very tired teenager in michigan. one of the best big brothers ever. 14-year-old hunter gandy walked 40 miles this weekend with his 7-year-old brother braden on his back. all to raise awareness for cerebral palsy. braden suffers from the disease and has a hard time walking. but with his brother and a lot of support along the way, they finished the journey. braden tonight saying, my brother, is, quote, awesome. we agree with that. and tonight here, a personal note. a big congratulations to one of our own. meteorologist ginger zee got married this weekend back home in michigan and we just wanted to share you this stunning image of her and her new husband ben. many sending her tweets today and they are beautiful inside and out. when we come back here on a sunday night, you remember this image, the tie fny twins holdin
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twins we showed you back here on mother's day and what they did moments after birth. tonight here, the milestone just in time for father's day. it was the image an ohio mother and so many now around the world will never forget. her identical twins holding hands, just seconds after birth. >> it was so awesome and they were both holding hands and it was so great to hear them both cry. >> reporter: sarah and bill thistlethwaite's daughters jenna and jillian were already a triumph. a rare set of identical twins, mono mono twins. during pregnancy, they shared the amniotic sac. and were in constant contact in the womb. their mother, on bedrest for weeks at akron general medical center in ohio. the twins constantly monitored. doctors knew they could easily become entangled in each other's umbilical cords. but they were born healthy, at 33 weeks. and just before they were lifted up to be shown to their mother, the two newborns reaching for each other's hands. >> what was going through my hind? i don't know. i couldn't think. i started tearing up immediately. it was just -- it was beautiful.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: after seeing that image, so many of you leaving me messages on facebook. william writing, "one placenta, very rare. mono mono and in this case, mano a mano." another writing "that gives me goose bumps." and this viewer that wrote, "holding hands, and i hope they will always hold hands throughout their lives." 118,000 likes, just on our facebook pages alone. but this went all over the world. >> one of my high school friends lives in australia and she sent me a message, just told me she saw me on her television in australia. >> reporter: and tonight here, a week before father's day, they sent us this. look at the smiles as they walk out of akron's children's hospital. both in their car seats, their headbands in different colors to tell them apart. jillian on the left, janna enna the right. mom peering in for their first trip home. and before they left, a kiss from jackson, who will now have his sisters at home. for weeks now, mom and dad had been driving an hour and a half back and forth every day to be with them.
6:58 pm
>> i am absolutely ecstatic to have our whole family under the same roof. >> alert the neighbors. the whole family's coming home. "good morning america" in the morning, grin back with another week of "world news" tomorrow night. good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live" game night. presented by zzzquil and subway restaurants. tonight, psy and snoop dogg. plus, jimmy plays one-on-one with demarcus cousins. and now, in the paint, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> jimmy: thank you for coming. thank you for watching. i'm jimmy kimmel. this is our nba game night special. tonight, game two of the finals between the miami heat and san antonio spurs. this is exciting for us, because it's one of very few sporting events here at abc that doesn't involve dancing judges waving paddles at urkle. there's a lot on the line this year. the winning team not only gets the larry o'brien trophy, the winning team gets to drive a tank through donald sterling's


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