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tv   Action News  ABC  June 7, 2014 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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>> we are talking about practice man, what are we talking about, practice? >> yup, that's what we're talking about allen. your old team wants to practice on the camden walt her front in beautiful new practice facility in executive office buildings and their games will be played at the wells fargo center in philadelphia. friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight may be just about practice but for camden it would be another piece in what is becoming major water front development. that's where "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live tonight. dap, camden was competing for philadelphia for the sixers new
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facility and camden wins. >> reporter: that's right, jim, its with a two-year battlele and ultimately they won. chalk is up for the state of new jersey. tired of playing second fiddle to keystone economic zones the state moved aggressively to lure another major sports franchise to move the practice facility across the river this time to camden water fronts long seen as diamond in the rust. >> great news for camden city and camden county. camden is moving forward in the right direction and this is a stein that businesses are looking at camden to do business. >> reporter: new jersey officials were beaming over the news that six areas announced they are moving full speed alead to build a practice facility in camden. the team applied for state's highly cherished tax credits which are designed to lure businesses here and compete with keystone economic zones. >> years ago pennsylvania created keystone zones which stole business from new jersey and other states we're trying to
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compete the best we can with other states. >> mayor nutter said he had not heard anything official he would be disappointed but is aware how aggressive the state of new jersey was in trying to lure the sixers practice facility. >> if you have tens of millions of dollars thrown at you just entice you to do something that's a business decision. that's something someone has to make and at some point you might not be able to overcome that particular challenge. >> the mayor down played the development saying the sixers would be playing basketball in philadelphia. >> the philadelphia 76ers are under long term contract to play their basketball games at the wells fargo center it is where they will play their games no matter where they might possibly practice. >> well it means a lot us to. we'll have the 76ers practice facility we have the flyers practice facility in voorhees. we're happy that in kem den county there's two practice facilities which employ a lot of people and result in construction jobs when the facilities are are build. we're thrilled.
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>> reporter: get this sources tell us the deal closer was new jersey's offer not just to build the 100,000 square foot facility but pay for 58% of the costch the voteen the deal is set for tuesday and if flies as expected construction would start in october. we're live on the come den water front in new jersey i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news."" >> thank you, dap, meanwhile, philadelphia entered another big time competition hoping to become the host city for the 20 16 democratic national convention. the city made what it described as a very competitive bid today. and today was the deadline for submissions of course, philadelphia, staged republican national convention in 2000 and got very good reviews the d.n.c. will make a decision. >> a cold case of more than 45 years has ended in a coroners office in berks county. today officials confirm they have the remains of sandy stiver
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and sister-in-law martha stiver last seen frank ford and kensington avenues in 1968. last october, the coroners office exhumed the bodies of two murdered women buried at potter field in coupleroom township and dna proves it is the sivert girls. >> it means the world to reunite the remains with their families. >> they believe the girls were murdered around the same time and their remains will be turned over to family members. a doctor from bucks county was arrested on charges of child pornography. 36-year-old quintin parker of levittown a residents in internal medicine alliedly downloaded 58 pictures and videos of young girls engaging in sex acts. authorities say parker was completing rotations at aria torresdale and ar rrhea bucks and hahnemann hops and engineers digging up base of i-495 bridge
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support columns found rack cracking like this on 8 footers. the good news is no damage was found to another set of pierces examined which makes officials believe the incident is isolated. he wishes the otion would act more quickly to inspect the bridge it took three days if not longer. deldot is worried the massive dirt pile is responsible for shifting soilch the pile is about 100 million pounds. the federal government is pledging to pay 90% of repairs and already approved 2 million dollars. >> don't plan on using platt hem memorial bridge in southwest philadelphia over the weekend. it's closed to traffic right now. penndot will be putting down sealant in one of the final faces of the year's long 4 3 million rehabilitation project. traffic was steady before the bridge closed 8:00 tonight and will reopen for the morning rush hour on monday at 5 a.m.
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>> they said good-bye tonight to the south jersey man who was in the cockpit when lewis katz's private plane crashed last weekend killing 7 people. 45-year-old man was the copilot on gulf stream jet. the marlton father is survived by widow shelly and daughter morgan. they held a memorial service tonight at the bradley funeral home. 70 years ago today 155 allis soldiers staged military invings coming ashore on beaches of normandy france and while there were more to be fought and many allied soldiers yet to die historians say the invasion really spelled doom for hitler and third night europe. let's go live to "action news" reporter sharee williams at the big board tonight. >> the third rite is the tirm used to refer to germany during the nazi period of 190s and 19
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40s day was pinnacle battle. it happened on the beaches of france it was that time troops with the u.s. and soviet union and great britain launched a massive assault to take on hitter there's regime. that was 7 0 years ago. for those who survived it's an every day memory. today the world gathered on the beaches of normandy for the 70th anniversary of d-day some of the aiming veterans returned for what could be their last major commemeration. june 6, 1944. more than 150,000 allied troops stormed beaches and the largest sea-born invasion in history and turning point in world war ii after europe was liberated from hitler and nazi forces. >> it still gets me can i feel it right now. i don't care how tough you are it gets you. it gets you. >> president obama is among a number of world leaders on hand for the 07th an veryy.
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>> these men waged war so we might know peace and sacrificed so we might be free and fought in hopes of a someday when we no longer need to fight. >> among the brave men there that day 91-year-oldelmer deimperial of pemberton, new jersey and an army private among allied troops jumping into the ocean off omaha beach turned red with blood and bodies. >> we had probably 50, 60 pounds of equipment on our back. we wanted to get to a spot we would be safe. >> over 4,000 allied soldiers were killed on d-day an epic battle 70 years ago that undoubtedly propelled nations to the freedom so many enjoy today. and here on us soil there were a number of ceremonies marking bravery and service of d-day. in new york helicopters flew over the statue of liberty showering the power of freedom.
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a spectacular display that was never done before. jim. >> thank you, sharee. and still to come on "action news" tonight, investigative reporter wendy saltzman has a special report. >> we investigate philadelphia's lost children on the street cutting class. we discover alarming statistics on the number of students dropping out and skipping class. plus we go to school officials for answers. >> plus we're learning much more about the allied shooter at seattle pacific university and student who stopped him in his tracks. and a sword fight breaks out at religious temple you won't believe the reason why, cecily. >> today we're on the cool side, 77 degrees. but 80s heading our way. i'll have at the tails open the weekend including shore and poconos and when we'll next see storms in the accuweather forecast. >> ducis rogers of phillies looking like you have not seen them in a while. looking like you have not seen them in a while. "action news" continues tonight.
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>> storms dropped tornadoes across the state of colorado today and this twister formed in fort mouring an northeast of citizen very. weather spotters in the date reported six twisters today. they don't appear to have caused any significant damage. a sworld fight at one of india's holiest sights sent six people to the hospital today the violence erupted when two rival political groups came face ta face at the golden temple the chic's most secrete grime and in addition to swords some brand dishd spears and sticks chasing one another throughout the building and ironically it started over who would speak first at memorial event marking 30th anniversary ever a bloody massacre that same temple. a shootout at a georgia courthouse left one man dead and deputy wounded today.
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officials say dep us marks tried to drive into the building before opening fire with assault rifle. he went as far as to lay down spiked strips to slow responding officers. marks was scheduled to appear in court on drugs and weapons charges and police say he came equipped to take hoingtage tajs. marks was cleared at the scene. >> seattle university held a vij imfor the one person killed and two others hospitalized in yesterday's shooting very. police say it could have been worse if not for this man! john mees pepper sprayed the gunman when he pawsed to reload his gun. police say that allowed other students tackle aaron ibar oo to the ground. he appeared in court today on murder charge. police say the 6-year-old has admitted he want toed -- 26-year-old admitted he wanted to kill as many people as he can before killing himself. >> ban on same-sevrmd marriage in wisconsin was truck down this evening an a federal judge ruled
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the law unconstitutional clerks in madison and milwaukee begun marrying today. the attorney general vows to appeal. >> the u.s. economy recovered all the jobs lost during the great recession. though it's a milestone economists point out it's not truly getting back to even because the population has grown during the last 7 years. wage growth has been below average. the labor department says employers did add 217,000 jobs lation month and unemployment rate stayed steady 3.6% that is a five year low. >> "action news" is investigating the scope of the true answery and dropout problem in the philadelphia public school system. investigative reporter wendy saltzman discovered the dropout rate doubled in a period of three years and statistics from the state showed almost one in ten students dropped out in a single year.
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tonight wendy is turning to public officials for answers in the "action news" exclusive investigation. >> back in 2008 mayor nutter vowed to cut the drpout rain in half but we discovered those numbers are of monthing in the wrong direction. with more students disappearing from the district's rules and others still considered enrolled, missing 75 days or more of class. >> they mark you as cut. you don't really get in trouble for it. >> gabrielle diaz was a student at south philadelphia high school where 34% of students will drop out before the end of the year. >> and i missed over 100 some days. >> contrell alexander dropped out because he was helping his mother care for his little signatureer. >> there's lots of reasons people stop going to school. probably something at home or school. >> these two students tell stories similar to others. in 20094% of student dropped off
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philadelphia rolls and in 2011, the dropout number jumped to astonishing 8.96%. >> it's not our duty and responsibility to educate the children. if the school district add indicates the responsibility i will assume the control. >> judge kevin dougherty heads family court and has head of d hs tracking down student and placing them in alternative learning environments. >> only if it's a student skipping. >> it's not rare to have a youth coming in and have 30 to 50 unexcused absences. >> statistics show more than 100 students at bartrum missed on average 75 days of class out of 11 school days last year. >> how are those kids supposed to learn. >> it's hard to learn if you miss 70 days of school. >> numbers released so far show
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a school district whose attendance numbers are moving many the strong direction dropouts on the rice and average student still enrolled now missing three weeks of class in single year. >> and we're hopeful we're hope pull those numbers turn around sdmri hope so. >> had this is not rocket science or a mystery. you don't need a study. it's lack of resources. >> school district and mayor nutter pegged that future partially on more money. >> we at the city and folks at the state all have a responsibility to put additional financial resources on the table to educate young people. >> one forget we're talking about the life of a child. when we say we lost track or we don't have sufficient staff or there's not appropriate funding that does not mean that that child does not exist. >> battle over how to and how much to fund the school district has been a contentious night in city council or state level. while statistics show the dropout rate is going up mayor
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nutter said they are encouraging signs more restaurants gouting from high school and in some cases those include students chosen to leave the district and attending charter schools. wendy saltzman "channel 6 action news."" >> america's spies are getting social. today cia joined twitter and covert agency's initial dispatch we can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet. the twitter pier enjoyed snark with ci a gain are 275,000 followers just tonight. privacy advocates and diplomats joke the cia follow many people around the world for years. a checkup reveals that the first black-footed cat to every be born at the philadelphia zoo are not doing well. three kit eps managed to stay adorable while getting their anti-worming medicine. it may be big cat falls but thee
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are the smallest species in the world. fans of game of throwns will appreciate their ferocious us in. they are named d rogan, ragal and rosario. >> man, they're cute. >> excuse me? >> man, they're cute. >> but they're also pretty cool. >> very cool. >> accuweather forecast. >> not too cool nice and warm, perfect. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing rain free conditions out there and the action cam taking a look at center city sky line over the delaware river from the camden water front. and really a very comfortable night. tonight for drill grilling outdoors and sitting outside philadelphia 72. mild in allentown and reading. dropped down to 63. millville always cool 57. along the beaches, mild, sea isle city 68 and trenton 6. satellite 6 and action radar showing a whole lot of nothing going on here. high pressure in control of the
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weather and this will keep skies pretty sunny through most of the weekend. future tracker showing 9:00 tomorrow morning not a cloud in the sky. so if you're heading out to the links the golf forecast showing really nice conditions. put on the sun screen. plenty of sunshine. 9:00, 70. and by 3:00, 84. so it will be warming up through the day with temperatures in the mid 80s. saturday night ppl park for union game clear skies warm evening beginning of game 81 degrees. by 90th minute when the gauge ends dropping down to 72. so a warm saturday night. folks heading to the shore i think a lot of people will be. the ocean temperature 64. tomorrow it'sa breeze picking up. at the shore not quite as warm. comfortable, 76. lots of sunshine and sunday also plenty of sunshine and nice with a high of 79. pocono 400 sunday lot of folks headed to the poconos and wl
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weather will cooperate. georgous, 78. subbed another bright day and warm for the poconos really nice high of 0. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast nice weather over the weekend sunny and beautiful. 84. sunday still nice humidity will be up a bit and more clouds roll in late in the day for high of 85. and better weather goes downhill pretty quickly on monday. scattered showers and thunderstorms and high of 80 degrees. we keep the showers and thunderstorms on tuesday with form of heavy rain. we got a break in the action. clouds break for sunshine high of 81. then thursday, it clouds up. more showers possible, 0. and friday still a lot of clouds a chance of showers and high of 80. enjoy the sunshine this weekend. next week is looking very unsettled. >> thank you, cecilych the main line main shopping destination is providing free ept painment
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all of this month. >> suburban square in ardmore quikd off june music series on first friday. every weekend in june the center features local musicians at no cost. shoppers can also expect sidewalk sales and family shoppers can also expect sidewalk sales and family friendly
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>> phillies got from cincinnati reds a little medicine what ailz them. >> what ailz them being a bad baseball game. what are these guys? fools gold or glimmer of hope. we'll take it. fourth inning, no score. do not be alarmed. we have domonic brown sighting. he drives 2 fort double and
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phillies lead 2-0. 3-0 in fifth inning jimmy rollings in the leadoff spot tonight he likes it there. solo home run inside the fair ball. 7 in the year. >> cole hamles is dealing a career 9-0 record against reds coming in 7 strikesout and 7 and two-thirds inning two runs. >> wild pitch. fast ball. carlos ruiz and hamels react perfectly. phils win big. big. 8-0. >> mlb draft continued today and phillies span ninth round pick on matt hocken berry he calls is extra special to be drafted by phils st. joe ryan o'keevr with the cardinals. he's highest draft pick since jamie moyer taken in round 6. josh akamai senior newman gerety
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high school in philadelphia is drafted by the red sox. left handed first baseball is compared to ryan howard. >> lebron james is catching slik or dare we say heat for what happened in game one of nba finals. heat left thursday's game in 4th quarter with cramp. the air conditioning was not working causing tem tours to soar into the 90s ment didn't affect the spurs much. lebron at practice today says he's fine. >> i was angry and dispointed in myself. i mean di everything i needed to do to prepare for this game and moment and you know felt like the botdy failed me what everybody ha to say. you guys know me by down i don't care i rally don't care what people say about me i don't care. >> sticks and stones -- sorry: the spurs say ac will be working for sunday's game two. coverage here on 6abc begins 7:30 you can see the game on mobile device by downloading
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watch abc app and logging on with your television provider. still to come get set to go racing nascar hits pocono this week.
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>> belmont stakes is tomorrow. and nascar hit pocono. qualifying was held late this afternoon for pocono 400.
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denny hamlin captures the pole. kind of fast. he's a four time winner at poconos. jimmie johnson is considered the favorite. he won last two races third straight vaik torrey may be in the cards. >> i know we had great runs and usually when we're hot it carries track to track and certainly hope we can keep it rolling this say great place for us. >> see running on sunday that's sports. >> thank you, ducis finally a woman that doesn't know the meaning of the world retire received a big surprise from patrons and friends tonight. katherine palsha arrived at work and found a birthday party in her honor she worked at ernies tavern in mercer county since her family bought the place in 1947. she's now the boss. and is 90. she's still on the job. happy birthday. >> "jimmy kimmel live" on channel 6 followed by night lane. "action news" continues at 5:30
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a.m. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner have a good rogers, the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner have a good night and terrific weekend
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>> jack hannah's "into the wild" is brought to you by nationwide insurance and the columbus zoo, partners in conversation for over 30 years. >> i am jack hannah coming to you from my home, the columbus zoo. join me as we go to south africa. amazing views. wildlife like you would not believe. >> it is tiny, tiny. >> and plenty of local characters. >> i wouldn't sit there if i were you. >> what are you doing? get ready for the adventure of a lifetime next when we go "into the wild."


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