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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  June 6, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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moving ahead. they will vote on tuesday on a move that will seal the deal after two years of negotiations. again, mayor michael nutter says he has not heard anything officially, he would be disappointed. he is aware of how aggressively the state of new jersey has been moving to lure the practice facility there. >> the state of new jersey literally throwing money at the 76ers and, you know, sometimes that might be a little tough to turn down. >> sources tell "action news" the sixers and the state of new jersey reached a deal to be announced next week. one source said they made the sixers an offer they could not refuse. not just to build a new practice facility on the waterfront but to pay for 85% of the cost. for camden it is an incredible boost. and in philadelphia mayor michael nutter says they would be disappointed with the move, the sixers will still be playing
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their games here. >> what i do know is that all home games will continue to be played, no matter what happens with the practice facility, all home games continue to be played at the wells fargo center. they are under contract for a long time. >> and here is a statement we received a short while ago from the sixers c.e.o., scott o'neill. "we have officially filed an application for a site along the new jersey waterfront in camden. we understand the new jersey economic development authority will be voting on an incentive for a possible facility at their upcoming meeting. we will have more to say on this matter after the e.d.a. vote." we said earlier that is scheduled to take place on tuesday. there have you it in the nutshell and more on that later. >> dann one anything, as we remember one philadelphia 76 saying, it is practice, just practice. thank you. >> that's right.
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>> let's go on. before speaking about the sixers mayor nutter made news. the city of philadelphia filed a bid to host the 2016 democratic national convention. >> we are the big convention city in the united states of america much we do big events and do them very well. we look forward to the opportunity. >> philadelphia last hosted the 2000 republican national convention. former governor ed rendell the chair of a nonprofit group hoping to raise $50 million to bring it to the well fargo center. the group meant in march and said hosting the convention could bring $300 million to the region's economy. the dnc is expected to announce the 2016 host city in november. bad news for 90,000 motorists using the i-95 bypass already wilmington. cracks in two of the support columns for the tilting write over the kristina river.
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and david henry is live where it splits and how is the closure of the bridge affecting the preweekend traffic? >> it has been snarling traffic all weekend long much it is the first weekend the shore traffic is heading down to the beaches and so forth. and i-95 is top-and-go at this jumping tour and all that way through wilmington. the beaches may be a bill further away all summer long because of the cracks, and the shore traffic and commuters alike will be sweating it out. >> i wake up two, three hours earlier just to make it somewhere 20 minutes away. >> getting around has been a nightmare in delaware since the bridge over the river was closed monday. four of the support cool will you pleases were found to be leaning dangerously. engineers now discovered further damage after digging the he recollect away from the base of the columns.
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they found large cracks, indicating a sideways shift. they haven't pinpointed the cause yet but expect that the heavy piles of dirt that have been dumped near the columns and they are leaning in that direction. >> what we know, that dirt pile is exerting a downward force. we want to remove it as quickly as possible. you can't just pick it up and dump it somewhere, you have to find someplace. we have been doing that and working around the clock. >> and deldot with a design center. and u.s. senator chris coons viewed it today. >> i am happy to say that federal funds have been initi initially made available for traffic control and the beginning stages of the engineering work. >> the best guess is the work will take weeks, if not months. that's bad news for those who already suffered through a week of jammed traffic.
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90,000 vehicles a day use 495 around wilmington and now they are clogging the city streets and i-95. >> 95 is just a bear. but it is a good 45 minutes added to my commute minimum. >> and i have to take 295 to go anywhere north like philadelphia. it is taking forever. yesterday it took me 3 1/2 hours to get home. >> and traffic slows as it approaches 95 at a complete stand still through wilmington. no end in sight for the nightmare in delaware. it will be possibly a long summer as they continue to try to rectify the situation with the bring. >> thank you. david. the platt memorial bridge will shutdown tonight until 5:00 monday. drivers detoured until i-95 and penndot puts a sealer other than
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the bridge's check. one of the last items of a $43 million project to keep the bridge structurally sound. what can be more creepy than having your doctor arrested on charges of child pornography? that is what happened for the patients of quentin parker of levittown arrested for allegedly downloaded images and videos of young girls engaged in sex acts. and eva pilgrim is live at the aria health system in torresdale where doctor parker works. >> dr. parker part of the if a situations training program in the aria health system. and he was arrested and caught with child porn on his home computer. police say he was a medical resident doing rotations at several area hospitals. 36 year old quentin parker behind bars tonight after police found child pornography on his xu
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computer. >> he was surprised and upset. become his profession he realized the ramifications of the charges. >> the internal resident downloaded 58 images and videos depicting 9 to 13 year old female children engaged in sex acts. from april 18 to june 3. >> the question was asked, did he know what he was doing was illegal? and he said that he did. >> the police tell "action news" they found i.d.s for several area hospitals in parker's home. and he told the police that he completed or was completing row dayses at area with a torresdale, bucks and hanneman. and they reliease add statement say immediately after receiving the information they placed the individual on administrative lead. at this case there is no indication there were inappropriate activities in regularship to aria patients. and he had a st. christopher children's hospital parking permit on his car. we learned from the hospital that he participated in a
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four-week rotation to the hospital's emergency department in 2013. but has not had access to their facilities since that time. neighbors in the doctor's normally quiet neighborhood surprised to hear the news. >> get out of here, there are kids all over the place. >> there are a lot of that age group children that play afternoon here all the time, every day. >> not only do children play in the area, but feet from parker's home is a bus stop and that has several neighbors on edge tonight. >> very uncomfortable. >> all of the hospitals where parker did his rotations have said that while he was part of the physicians training program he was not employed at any of those hospitals. parker's bail set at $150,000. he will be back in court on june 18. in torresdale eva pilgrim, channel 6 hakz. >> thank you. >> remains discovered in berks county have been identified as two philadelphia teenagers who
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went missing more than 40 years ago. 14 year old sandy stiver and they are 17 year hold sister-in-law, marsha stiver last seen at kensington in 1968. and they identified them as the two bodies found in berks county. and they believe both victims were murdered at about the same time. a social media picture helped the police capture the students who allegedly brought weapons to school in new castle. officials at william penn high school saw an instagram photograph of two students posing with guns and a search revealed a pellet good and unloaded 9 millimeter hand gun. and there was many
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-- ammunition in the back president obamaibackpack. and a fire killed edward liberto starting at 2:00 a.m. on egg harbor road. and they found him in a bedroom and carried little out but he died. and his brother last week was killed being struck by a car. >> and governor corbett on the campaign trail, support from chris christie. and a fundraise are brought christie to pittsburgh where he greeted voters and had lunch on 18th street. corbett's democratic challenger, tom wolf, accepted an endorsement picking up support from the service employees international union, which represents 80,000 workers across
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the state. the latest poll show wolf a double-digit lead over corbett after his landslide win in the democratic primary. coming up, a burgton county veteran remembers d-day. how he is marking this 70th anniversary. i do and honoring a perfect record in west philadelphia. >> we have a near-perfect start to the weekend. plenty of sunshine and warmer weather on the way. i am also tracking storms and details on when they arrive in the accuweather forecast. and the phillies are beginning a weekend series in cincinnati and ducis rodgers with that story when "action news" continues tonight. hey, i lost my debit card.
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>> police released video of a video injuring a bystanding in camden. two exchanged gunfire may 11 and one bullet struck a woman walking nearby. she was hit in the arm. the police are trying to identify the man who fired his gun and then ran away. the second suspect, 19 year old kevin owens is arrested and charged with attempted murder. today the 70th anniversary of d-day. in this country and britain, surviving veterans who took part in the normandy invasion are remembering their brothers. and nora muchanic spending a day with one. >> he is there that day, an army private among 155,000 allied troops storming the beaches in normandy, jumping into the ocean off omaha beach turned red with blood and bodies.
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>> up to the neck. and we had probably 50 or 60 pounds of equipment on our back. there were bodies laying around. all we thought is we want to get to a spot where we will be safe. >> over 4,000 allied soldiers killed on d-day, the legendary invasion of occupied france a turning point against hitler and the nazis. >> it is a long time. it's a long time. >> elmer is grateful that he lived through d-day. 70 years later he still grieved for those who didn't. >> you think back and you say my god, how many people had been killed so many soldiers killed and families suffer. >> after world war ii he returned to the states, married and fathered two children. he settled in pemberton hospital and was mayor twice. and decades later he is proud of his service. >> we had our hands full doing
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what we were doing, but we had to do what we did. and to preserve the freedoms we have. the greatest in the world. >> and he always keeps a flag hanging outside of his house much he says he and the other surviving d-day veterans know more than anyone what it stands for. more than anyone what it stands for. in pem they're great. went right to bed. come on. i'll drive you home. ♪ ok. it's $40 right? umm? (music playing) $60 introducing the all-new chevrolet tahoe. it's the new premium.
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>> phillies in cincinnati to start the weekend series, and they just want to win. >> it's been awhile since they have won. over a week, that's for sure. they can't be this bad forever, right? the phillies take their shaky show to cincinnati tonight to begin a three-game set. and cole hamels starts. 9-0 against the reds in 12 starts. and the losing stand six games, it is a season high. going further back, they lost 12 of the last 16 games and were swept right out of washington. the phills were out scored 19-6
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in the three-game series. the eagles' rookie receiver, matthews, has not played a nfl game yet but already developing a reputation. a represent p -- reputation as hard worker. >> just about every team passed on matthews but he hold no, sir grudges about dropping to the second round. >> you can't play the game of football angry. it is a blessing to play here and i just want to be the best eagle i can be. >> and he means it. the speedy receiver is not driven by the fact that he was overlooked coming out ever college or high school. the 21 year old is driven by the fact that he wants to be the best. >> you never know when it is going to be your last catch or chance to be on the field, you are making the most of it. into and he prides himself on the work ethic. and during the predraft interview he studied game stipulate of chip kelly's offense. but he is not just happy to now have this job. after every practice he stays
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late, all by himself out on this field catching extra footballs. >> some people may say does it really help you get that much better? i know for a fact it is not making me worse. >> and you like a guy who is hungry like that. >> and he gets his work ethic from his parents not his cousin, jerry rice. and he was one of the hardest working. and the rookie not afraid to put in time and see if it pays off. >> i think will be a good one. how many cliches can you come up with that happened to the heat. and game one of the nba finals. lebron james carried off with cramps and the air conditioning in the at&t center was not working and the temperatures in the 9090s. and the spurs were not affected.
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lebron couldn't take the heat, and now he is feeling the heat. >> you should know me by now. i don't care. i really don't. i don't care what people say me, i really don't care. >> and the coverage begins here at 7:30 and see the game on the mobile device downloading the 6abc app and logging on with your satellite cable pri provid. >> thank you. some of the best basketball players in west philadelphia high school history returned to the hardwood today. current students and faculty with a pep rally for the 1977 team. it was a legendary team. that season the team earned a perfect 33-0 record, and a national championship. the players went home with personalized jersey today and new banners were put up in the gym.
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>> the very important, all-important weekend accuweather forecast. >> i'm smiling. >> you're always smiling. >> especially when it's friday and the weekend is going to be beautiful. it is a nice one. stormtracker double scan, showing dry conditions out there. as i get hooked to the chair. everything is ok. where the action cam was today this is one of my favorite places in the world. this is lake harmony, specifically in the poconos this is a view just to the right of lake harmony, a great place to go and take wakeboarding lessons. and i love the poconos and a lot of people will be heading there this weekend for the pocono 400. the weather will be perfect of the weather highlights showing a splendid weekend. things are changing as we head to monday. saturday, sunshine and 84.
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sunday, 1 degree warmer, a few clouds, 85 degrees. but monday you can put away the sunglasses and take out the umbrellas. and showers and thunderstorms are moving in and much ever next week unsettled. and it is beautiful out there, philadelphia 76 down from the high of 77. millville 75, sea isle city 72, allentown 74, wilmington 76. satellite 6 and action radar showing unsettled weather to the deep south. there is possibly tornadoes across the plains states. what's going on for the weekend? the broad area of high pressure over the ohio valley it is protecting us from any of the n unsettled weather of the only problem, you need sunscreen. and 8:00, 6. by 11:00, 76. and 2:00, 81. and 5:00, 84 degrees. if your heading to the shore the ocean temperature pretty comfortable.
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65 degrees. loads of sunshine with the sea breeze, it is cooler on the beaches than inland. 76. and sunday looking really nice down at the shore, with temperatures in the upper 70s. the poconos for the pocono 400 tomorrow, sunny and gorgeous, 78 degrees. even better for race day, bright and warm with a temperature of 80. the call from accuweather for your friday night, clear and comfortable, great weather for friday night. 52 in the suburbs and 62 for center city. and winds out of the northwest 4-8 miles per hour. the exclusive agoing a seven-day forecast with the high pressure over us tomorrow it will be beautiful. loads of sunshine and perhaps a few fair weather cumulus clouds in the afternoon. warm today but low humidity, high of 84. and sunday the humidity up a little bit, but comfortable and increasing clouds late in the day. 85 degrees. monday is when things begin to change. clouding up, it is humid with a high of 80 degrees. and scattered showers and thunderstorms are rolling in,
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especially in the afternoon. staying with us tuesday with potential for heavy rain early. 82 degrees. wednesday, still a shot of a lingering shower, but getting a little bit of a break with some dry weather, 81 degrees. before another system rolls in on thursday, mostly cloudy, 80. and friday, still stuck in the clouds. still a possibility of more showers with a high of 80 degrees. so the weekend will be beautiful, but next week looking very unsellingsed. not a washout but needing an umbrella most days. >> thank you. and "world news with diane sawyer" next on channel 6. and "action news" continues tonight at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you will join us for "action news at 11:00." ♪
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welcome to "world news." tonight, on the scene. a deadly plot foiled today. the deadly shootout, the heavily armed gunman carrying explosives. what was his plan? and who stepped in to stop him? the severe weather tonight. fierce lightning and wind. the reported tornado in denver. 30 million in its path and tonight, this image emerging. lightning hitting a pickup. the abc news exclusive. the first look diane sawyer one-on-one with hillary clinton. and the tough question -- should the president have exchanged those taliban prisoners for that american soldier? >> did he make a deal with the devil? >> plus, the candid moment about hillary clinton's health. the scratchoff scandal. if you have ever purchased one of those tickets, you have got to see what we've discovered tonight. and, d-day, 70


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