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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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greeted each other. >> calvin: after greeting delegations from both countries, the leaders sat down for a private meeting to discuss the future of u.s. and cuban relations. castro calling for the r turn of the land now home to the guantanamo naval base, and an end to the economic embargo against cuba. >> we recognize the position of the presidint president obama and his administration against the block aide, and his repeated appeals to congress to have it removed. the most reason measures adopted by his administratatn are positive but insufficient. >> i've said consistently after more than five very difficult decades, the relationship between hour governments will not be transrmed overnight. we continue, as president
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serious difference including on democracy and human rights. >> calvin: the president wasn't the only person who was busy today. first lady was also active in havana. you can take a look here. she was at the an old peanut oil factory from the 1930s after the revolution, it belonged to the ministry of culture. something very controversial happened there, too. ten cuban girls who were selected, according to white house be were told about a cuban official in spanish to remain quiet and not to cross herr legs. michchle obama spoke the with girls about her lets girls learn initiative with the cuban and american flag right behind her. she told the girls that she is very much interested in education and to empower the girls as to empower their families. i'll turn now to my colleague here, hael vela, who had a chance to see some of the reactions from the people today. yesterday we uncle talked so much about people lining up to
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cade and some people -- motorcade. >> hatzel: we started off in revolutionary plaza, a lot of folks hoping to see the president, and now we were earlier this afternoon just down the street from where we are now -- what is this? -- old havana, right? and a lot of people walk around, as you know, because it's old havana, there's lots to see, lots of folks walking around, and our photo urnal jist was down there and was -- photo journist was able to capture the beast. let's take a look and listen a little bit of the interaction that we heard from folks and people watching. calvin, this is something that cubans have been waiting to see, right? for days this is what they've been talking about, the beast and the president, hoping to get a glimpse for the first day at least. saw a lot of security, a lot of state security keeping people away, but now for the first time we're seeing that folks are able to get closer.
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president was macing his way where he's holding a panel and talking to businins leaders here in havana. what a sight to see. >> calvin:e has really made his mark in terms of trying to reach out to young people. that's really what he wants to do. and he spoke about that at the news conference earlier today, saying that he really wants to reach out to the younger generating, thinking that ten, 20 years from now this will be a normal thingor a u.s. pot president to come to cuba. >> hatzel: that's what he hopes, and let's think about this. he's thinking forward. he's thinking decades in future. not about the immediate reaction that his policy is going to have. >> calvin: he said last night when speaking to the em bears worker that he was so happy about the fact that he brought his children to speak, and he said they will be the ones who will look at this as not an historical event but something that they will see as very natural as having a u.s. president in cuba. so a lot going on here, but also let's show you one final photo
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his day ended rough late 9:15 yesterday. he left old havana after having dinner at a restaurant, but then he took a photo earlier when he was at the cathedral in old havana with cardinal jaime ortega, and we know how important this meeting is because i'm sure the intertion bebeeen if two was a simple thank you for hand-delivering a letter that he wrote in the white house to raul castro. >> hatzel: and it's a change in policy, kampf, that affects both sides. it had affects the president we'll be right back affects his legacy, but also it affects cardinal ortega because as we know the church has gained new ground here in cuba in the last couple of decades. francis, pope francis now playing a new role in that relationship, not just between the church and cuba but also between the united states. >> calvin: the church playing a very critical role, in fact, holding some of the secret meeting going back 18 monons before the announcement on december 17th of 2014 where the president talked about
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after some 550-plus years of animity and acrimony. but right now we dmit president is going to be headed t t if not already in old havana meeting with cuban entrepreneurs to talk about chef employment, to o lk about the growing private sector here. there have been a number of people who have been able to have their own businesses, throroh the government. so the president is hoping to speak with them at a panel discussion. then after thaha the at time he will go to the chief of missions home where for a couple of hours he and the first lady will be getting dreads for their state dinner tonight. >> hatzel: maybe a nap. >> calvin: and right now you're looking alive pictures where the president is going to be talking with cuban entrepreneurs. he's hoping t talk for about half an hour but we can't speak enough about that newews conference that happened earlier today. that'll to be moment, though t he president would like to think of that wreath-laying ceremony and the playing of the national anthem to be big moments, but certainly the news conference
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yes. and at the end, i mean, everybody is going to talk about what hapns at the end of that news conference. mr. castro abruptly ends the news conference, and then the whole thing about pitical prisoners, him saying, show me the list, and as you know in south florida that list is circulating all throughout email and social media. >> laurie: i think if we have the moment at the end of the news conference where mr. castro and president obama will were about to shake hands but it didn't quite turn into a handshake, it turned into more of a salute. not sure what happened there but it was a very awkward motel between the tworesidents where they were together amber alert day, they shook hands, everything went fine, but those things are very choreographed at the revelation palace but when mr. castro locked he was unhappy with the question hoo he was asked by andrea mitchell at abc, soon after he gave the president a nudge, they walked off-stage
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salute, not a handshake. >> hatzel: i'm still trying to furrinin that one out. >> calvin: an awkward moment between an old revolutionary and a testimonily elected president in president obama. so aftft that we will have a lot more coming up at the top of the hour, we will have a comprehensive look at the days' event from the wreath-laying ceremomo to the event dealing with the cuban entrepreneurs with the president and, of course, leading up to the state dinner tonight at 7:00. for now for my legal hatzel vela i'm calvin hughes liven havana. >> janine: day two of the president's trip in havana.a. we'll check in but later. >> laurie: let's bring in our senior political reporter michael putney with his perspective on today's most surprising events. >> michael: surprises and also unforgettable images from havana today, and i would say that program and president castro made news today simply in the first place by standing side by side, taking questions at the news conference. that hatzel and calvin just mentioned. this is something raul castro never does. he did however today.
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in fact, castro got irritated, short tempered when he was asked by cnn's jenna costa who is a second generation cuban american why does cuba still have political prisoners and why don't you set them free? castro snapped back saying, if you think there are political prisoners, give me their names, so me list and i will release them by tonight. clearly raul castro is not used to being confronted by reporters. i don't think he handled it very well. he got defensive, defiant. finally he said, that's enough questions, and he tried tow octavia stage but again there was that awkward moment at the end where he grabbed president barack obama's arm. it was very awkward. bottom line raul castro looked old and crotchety and unused to being asked questions in a very direct way, and i think president obama looked presidential. i thought he looked pretty good.
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list of political prisoners, here'she third one i have received by email. this is from the cuban american national foundation. they say that cuba now has 47 political prisoners, and if you don't think so, here are their names. the prison wherehey're being held, the sentences that they are surfing, and the cuban american national foundation has it. so if raul castro needs a list -- >> janine: i'm sure they would be happy to share that list. >> laurie: if only one of the reporters could have had that list to hand to him on life television broadcast around the world ask he said he would release them if he had that list. >> janine: pharmaceutical molecule, thank you. we want to take you to a story you saw first on local10 this morning 1, three people shot in key west. >> laurie: it's a horrible story story, a effect disputed turning right now and innocent bystanders hurt when they tried to break it. amy is live at jackson memorial hospital where two of those victims are being treated. >> amy: one of those victims
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hospital bed. he said he is was on a firsts date just you can was down duval street when those shots came out of nowhere. and he learned unfortunatelythat bullet grades add a bone in his fororearm. as a result he goes going to be stuck here three more days getting antibiotics through an iv. this surveillance video shows the violent fight leading p to you a shooting early monday morning. police say derek david is seen dragging a woman on duel street before people rush not help. during t fight david gets out a gun and sarts shooting hitting three men who weren't even involved. >> it was pretty scary. >> amy: 27-year-old reid ogden is recovering after one of thosal bullets went through his arm. he spoke to us from his bed at jackson memorial center ryder trauma center. >> i thought fireworks were going off or something, a little i celebration, and i ended up seeing a guy run past me, and then i hrd another pop, and that's when my forearm wentnumb.
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down david and police quickly took him into custody. ogden ran for cover to a nearby bar with his date where staff helped until medics arrived. >> he told me to cope my eyes open, the guy ended p getting a tourniquet, rapid it around my arm, keppretty tight. really crazy. was not expecting by keys trup to end up like this for sure. >> amy: and a medical helicopter lifted object den and another of those victims here to the trauma center where both are expected to make a recovery. a third man was treated at a local hospital and released. as for@ the suspected gunman, he is pains several charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. live at ryder trauma center, amy viteri. >> janine: still ahead, president obama and first lady michelle obama getting ready for anotherhistoric first. we're talking about their first state dinner in havana. our live team coverage of the president's historic visit contues all throughout the next half hour. we'll have another live report from calvin in havana coming up at 6:00.
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are serviced to help disabled citizens to lead product of lives, but do those services go r enough?own viewer reached out to our consumer advocate ristina vazquez. find out what christina was able to do for these students in today's "call christina" report at 5:30. owe to get down and booingy?
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judges of know that music, "dancing with the stars" is back on local10 tonight. >> laurie: the 22nd season features three football player. a grammy award winger singer, the former wife of a presidential candidate and our own ginger zee. bradi hit has the latest. >> reporter: the final rehearsals are under underway behind me. this stars have only had a couple of weeks to lers before they v vy first dance on live testifying. television. 12 new celebrities are ready to king their heels for season 32 of "dancing with the stars." and it's game on for super bowl m center of thep von miller. >> he's got lucca natural groove so all of the rhythm are going to be fun. >> reporter: he's taking on steelers antonio brown and '80 quarterback nfl i don't recall doug flutie.
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blasts from the past. full house's jody sweeten all grown up. there's the oc's mischa barnett. donald trump's former wife marla maples and the facts of lives kim fields. >> there's a little muscle right back here that is going wants happeving out there? >> reporter: don't forget boyz 2 men. and journalist her auld a rivera promising nothing. >> i'm the only puerto rican american that can't dance+ >> reporter: america's next top modelen and there's abe abc a's own ginger zee, meteorologistand brand new mom to son adrian. >> it's a dream come true. the show, i'm a huge fan of it. i hope by the enen of i. of this i just mauk them proud. >> reporter: julian huff is out this season and len goodman is back. in los angeles, brandi hit, local10 news. >> laurie: the toughest judge is back. don't miss the season premiere
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starng tonight right here on local10. >> janine: and julie, you had a chance to talk to ginger zee. she needs our support. >> laurie: she must be nervous. >> meteorologist: i have the chills for here but we all here in south florida have to vote town. we all need to vote, vote, vote for ginger zee to keep her on the show and keep her doing. she is just amazing in everything she does, and sets a role model for allf us women. can i tell you a lot of you have been out there enjoying, inc. spring break today. i noticed some of you flying kites. it's windy enough, appropriate weather forecast for is. i mideast that blanket of cloud cover in case. those strat so coupe list clouds have kept gray. the clouds will linger a little bit longer until the each hours. tomorrow we are expecting a lot re sunshine in place. starting to see peeks of sunshine over f/rt lauderdale before we approach sun settlement we have temperatures right now in the mid-60s. doesn't it feel nice and refreshing out there all thanks to thatold front that cleared
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in the wake of it a strong northwest breeze provide p for our temperatures to be below average for this time of year. 64 in kendall. 66 in brooks. he thank there marathon be with 66 and 67 in pompano beach about y're definitely feeling the wind as you walk out the door, the wind speeds between 12 and 17 miles per hour, but it's the wind gust, that's a big concern as we go into the overnight hours. that's going to elevate rip current risk for swimmers and boaters you have advisories as well. so you can see the cloud deck heading toward the gulf of mexico and the bahamas. it's drying out all the wayay down to south florida where it's located with that nice north breeze. we'll enjoy it few days and then we're watching next front from the pacific west coast. by the end of next week we will notice an increasing chance of showers because of that system. currently temperatures nice and mild across the south,
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toward the northeast a bit of a chill. our fries across that area will continue to see cool evening hours. spring. it will feel more like winter for us tomorrow morning as lows will be dipping down into the 50s. highs will be in the middle 70s. we'll be breezy and warmer as this high pushes offshore and our winds start to push in from the south going into wednesday. so tomorrow get ready you. need those sweaters and jackets. we'll dry out going into wednesday as well and then warm and increase that chance of showers as we begin the holiday weekend. >> janine: the roller coaster we're getting use that that. >> laurie: it's true, but just enjoy this nice breath of cool air js police said we have exclusive video froro a big-time u.s. gust. a long time public works employee being busted for cocaine. >> laurie: and thihi isn't how the easter bunny is supposed to act. we'll tell you the story behind
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viral on social media. >> laurie: first on 10 an armed robber attacks a man. police say a man with a knife tried to rob a man while he was pug out money a page of america atm. >> janine: now the search is on to find that robber. local10 news reporter ben kennedy has the latest. >> ben: this driver fought back after a man holding a knife tried to rob him at the atm behind me in fort lauderdale. the victim did get cuts on his
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surveillance cameras record the viim of an append robbery race inside a gas station, bleeding and looking for help. >> i asked him, what happened? he just say, call 911 because i'm dying, he says. >> ben: the man was attacked as he took money out of an atm next door off the bank of america offsouthwest 31st avenue in fort lauderdale. it's there that just before 3:00 mopped morning police say he tried to fight off the robber who was armedith a knife. >> he was bleeding from his neck and from his hand and from here, and they cut him from here. he was bleeding too much.( >> ben: in the video you see the victim clutch his arm ass people nearby wrapped the wound a they wait for paramedics who place how many a stretcher as officers searched for the robber. police have not released the victim's name. right now they're working to get their hands on that atm video
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exactly who to look out for so they can catch the robber. reporting in fort lauderdale, ben kennedy, local10 news. >> laurie: we have a lot more news coming your way at 5:30. re are some of today's top stories. president obama and cuban leader raul castro meeting today, but there are protests on the streets of hillman we'll have a live report with glenna milberg. >> janine: we have new information at a deadly shooting at a packed house party in plantation. >> laurie: and new at 6:00 we'll have another live report from havana ahead of tonight's state dinner.
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>> janine: right now 5:30 you are looking lying from havana where e esident obama is wrapping up an entrepreneurial event where he was taking questions from small business owners. as you know, there have been loosening of restrictions in commerce between the united states and cuba. >> laurie: these small business owners so excited to learn about the big u.s. companies that will be doing business there, and the president, even thoughe was running about an hour behind schedule, not shortchanng this group, spending over an hour now with these small business owners, both from miami, from all over the country, other cuban americans as well as local
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>> janine: and a little bit earlier cuban president raul castro and president obama held an historic joint news conference this afternoon in havana. >> laurie: and earlier in the day the two leaders met and shook hands at a photo op. >> janine: and back here in south florida, some in the cuban american community continue to protest the restoring of relations between the two countries. >> laurie: many older cuban manners are angry with the presidenens visit, calling it a betrayal. >> janine: and some who we spoke to say went to the watch a minute of television coverage mr. obama's historic trip. local10's jenise fernandez has more. >> jenise: earlier today this senior center was pack with dozens of people watching coverage of the president's visit to cuba. now, this, of course, was the topic of discussion for the past few days. many of the people here are cuban exiles. they're not happy with the president's visit, and they had a lot to s s. heated discussions going on inside this senior center on
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many here are cuban exiles intently watching president obama's visit to the island nation. this woman telling us the president will have his hands stained in blood by shaking raul castro's hand. and this woman telling us she feels the president is disrespecting the cuban exiles. while many here are watching this historic visit, others le an a medina chose too look away. she knitted while the tvs continued to show the president in cuba, visibly upset. >> right now i saw them shaking hands and shaking hands and shaking hands to criminals. what happened to change in cuba? nothing. >> jenise: anna said she left cuba when she was jt 21 years old with her two children. her son was sick and in n ed of medicine the government couldn't provide. >> i don't want my kids live in a communist country. i said at the moment i wanted to vote.
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if i die here or in the ocean. >> jenise: he has never been back to the island and has no desire to. >> i don't feel i can give like giving any kind of money to those criminals because there is no respect for the human life there. >> jenise: as you can see, a lot of mixed emotions today, even though man are upset, they are hoping the president makes mention of the hewn human rights issues going on in hugh who was booked, although they don't believe there will be any change there any time soon. reporting in sweetwater, jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: and we have alsoy been watching some protesters magnificent outside of versailles restaurant in littled havana. many are cuban exiles who say president barack obama i i making a big mistake. local10's glenna milberg is live to continue o o team coverage. glenna. >> glenna: i would say, janine, all of them out here, and there were fewer than 20 doing this big protest, but all of them are what we call cuban exiles who
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of loss and worse, and this is such a traditional street corner for them to come out and do this protest because this is where they've done it for decades, although today was muchmaller. the numbers and the noise todayay belong to the decreasing but determined generation of cuban exiles whose pain and loss is personal. >> our inches aftetea one paid& for by us, he have manybusinessmen. they are looking for money. they don't care about the suffering g my people. >> do you see what happened in havana yesterday when threads the lady in white, many dissidents in havana? they proved again that they are going to repress any opinion different. >> the small protest was all spectacle and symbolism, not unlike the president's'srip to cuba. the passion is less personal for
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for whom the president's unilateral steps toward travel and commerce opportunities signal progress, though the pace of that progress is uncertain. >> i think they'll come eventually. it's just somebody has to take the initiative, and i mean, you know, i think that's the better part if we'rere there first. >> glenna: some of the people who protested for decade against the castro government here turned their anger now toward president obama, and what they consider a surrender and betrayal. >> i don't like our president going there with such a nice face, trying to cover up for something, for ugly reality. >> glenna: you know, there was a time when people who had a lot to say about anything cuba, especially if the united states president went there, would stay here all day. they would talk, they would debate, they would yell, they would protest, they would engage in this political coffee talk. today, quite frankly, everyone
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i'm glenna milberg reporting live in littleavana tonight, local10 news. >> laurie: and we are lrning more today about a deadly shooting at a house party in plantation on saturday night. one man was found dead inside the home. police have yet to make an arrest. local10's terrell forney is live at the scene with the new details tonight. terrell. >> terrell: laurie, those four surviving shooting victims are still recovering. some of them alreaea back at home. but this is that property with where that big party got off the control, 400 people packed inside, and we're also learning that a ministry groupwns this home. the aftermath of the wild party is still evident at this plantation home where five people were hit by bullets. one of the victims would not make it out alive, the body of 28-year-old serge pierre document as duma significance. >> he wanted to be known as aa musician first and foremost and
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about uplifting everyone around him. >> terrell: cell phone video shows a girl would you be walking out covered with other people's blood. there were four gunshot wound including three teenagers and one 20-year-old man. these flyers will be circulatingon social media days before the event, advertising the party at a home that local10 has learned is owned by boss group ministries. >> we had nothing to do with that over there. >> you had nothingngo do with that over there? >> i had nothing to do with it. >> terrell: and state records show that group is registered to this address in northwest miami-dade, and a principal owner is maurice simonet. a man known for his controversial messages at times, his connections to the hip hop world and who is also known to throw big weekly parties. >> we dote know what's going on over there. we weapons at the party. we wasn't at the party. >> terrell: he certainly did n
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northwest miami-dade, and there's been hohn no sign of anyone at this property that neighbors consider abandoned in this community. we've also touched base with defect. they tell us that they are still interviewing a lot of witnesses in this case, but so far no arrests have been made. we are l le in plantation week i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> laurie: a juvenile is facing charges after leading authorities on a chase in a stone systemement truck in minneapolis. state troopers were trying to stop that truck for speeding. local police officers joined in the pursuit p the case ended whwh the truck ran over stop sticks and one of its tires came of. several law enforcement vehicles were damaged during this chase. rah what a grew sh discocory near the hollywood sign in los angeles. a pours of a humansexual was found. hikers on saturday afternoon. they -- parts of of a human excel was f fnd.
5:37 pm
additional bones included cadaver dogs and prepsics teams. investigator dope know how long the skull had been in that areaa and there is no information on the person's aiming with sex or cause of death. >> janine: it's time are for us to get a check on our afternoon rush with our traffic reporter jenini fernandez. >> jenise: no need to postpone your dinner plans tonight because ings are looking great on this monday. i-95 northbound the view from northwest 119th s seet getting reports of a accidental though you can see from our camera view track of is getting through. 119th street with speeds at 29 miles per hour. we've got a broken-down car on i-95 southbound right around ives dairy road. there is a left lane blocked with speeds there clocking in at 17 miles per hour. and in broward county we are watchingngn accident on i-95 mound. that accident is rht around griffen road. looks like you'll see some delays as you approaoh that crash with speeds at 33 miles per hour. janine, laurie. >> laurie: thank you.
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president ama in cuba. he just wrapped up a historic joint news conference with cuban president raul castro and then a meeting witit local business leaders. we'll have more life team coverage ahead at 6:00. >> janine: and we are speaking with some architecture students who are visiting havana at the same time as the president. what they are hoping to achieve with their visit. that's coming up. >> laue: plus, the bunny getting into a brawl at the mall, and was all caught on camera. >> janine: first as we head to break, a life picture from our mount sinai medical center camera in miami beacac
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howhill it's going to >> laurie: a brazen daylight jewelry ir stow robbery was all caught on camera in atlanta. u can see the five robbers dressed all in b ack with a gun, threatening employees with that gun and shattering a display case. the heist happened thursday at atlanta's cumberland mall. no one was injured but police later found the thieves' vehicle abandoned. so far no arrests. and two las vegas where a man pulled a gun on a convenience store clerk after refusing to pay for a tray of nachos. the manager said the thief walked out with the nachos and the clerk ran after him. there was a physical confrontation outside the store, and the man pulled a gun out and chased the clerk back inside. hehe fired one shot behind the counter as the clerk sprinted
5:43 pm
police later did catch up with that gunman. he is facing particularly, assault and g g charges. >> janine: and then from new jersey this wild videoopping up on social media on sunday showing a man dressed in an easter bunny costume getting into a fight with somebody at the new port mall in nears city. no word on what started the fight but you can see the guy in the bunny suit throwing punches as several people try to stop him. yikes. and then there's this. take a look at this ten foot alligator foundized christian school in lake lapd last week. staff and students were shocked to see such a big gator on@ campus. police kept the angry reptile in one spot until a professional trapper could trap it. a huge fire broke out a truck stop in indiana sunday drawing dozens of firefighters to battle the flames. the smoke was visible for miles, reported ri showing upn prepared the fire began outside
5:44 pm
to truck stop and caused $2 million in damage. thankfully for this, too,, the gas pumps were far enough away from the building not to be in danger of igniting. people living in new england, they are still dealing with this. look hat this winter weather. this is snow that started falling last night. some parts of massachusetts, it could get up to ten inches of snow. snow is ao in the forecast today for parts of connecticut, new hampshire, philadelphia, and new york city. >> laurie: so there's first day of spring. it's 5:45 p.m., and julie durda is here when it would normally be 5:45 a.m. >> janine: our world is upside down, julie. >> meteorologist: you're telling me. this poor baby boy is saying, mama, what's happening? i'm supposed to be going to bed. i'll be filling in for chief certified meteorologist betty davis. she is learning a lot to get us prepared for the 2016 atlanta hurricane season to brings information with also max yfield.
5:45 pm
i'm happy to bring you good news, too, it is the first full official day of spring butt's not feeling like it. we've got lots of sunshine starting to break throughl some gloomy conditions u. in place due to a the stratus cumulus mass of cloud cover that's wonted to settle across the area, and it's been pretty dreary looking throughout the afternoon. don't worry, these clouds are not producing precipitation. the atmosphere is r relatively dry in the wake of that front that moved through earlier this morning. current temperatures in the upper 60s. it's comfortable. open up those windows, turn off that ac. this may be the last time you hear me say this for quite some time. 63 in fort lauderdale as well as key west, 66 in pembroke pines. now, the wd is helping to usher in some cooler, drier weather. wind speeds in the 20s, that is, and the gusts. the big concern for beachgoers and boaters for spring break time we are elevating that risk for rip currents tonight.
5:46 pm
a lot of you are on strange spring break. tomorrow use causingnd be smart. as we look at the composite we will keep that -- you notice the radar on this imagery not showing any rainfall. that's because the atmosphere is dry thanks t thigh pressure, and where high pressure is locate in for a north breeze this afternoon and into the evening hours we will continue that north breeze. that will usher in even cooler weweher tonight and into tomorrow morning. so here's that snowfall. we've got that nor'easter continuing to bring snow across parts of the northeast, and i want you to enjoy today and tomorrow because this high will eventually push towards the east. it will be pushed away from us due to another fronthat's moving in from the of it pacific northwest that will evevntually affect our forecast by the end of the week and the holiday weekend. currently we have temperatures across the south comfortable and mild in the 50s and 60s.. chilly across the northeast and by the great lakes. and we are expecting the jet stream to continue to stay to the south for tonight into tomorrow morning. that's going to spill in some
5:47 pm
kes. look at this. washington, dc, will have a teteerature of dunn degrees. we're talking 20s and 30s across the great lakes and the northern half of the northeast of the united states. for us the northern half of florida we evenet down to the 40s. so we're going to need those sweaters and jackets tomorrow morning, and then we will see our temperatures rebound going into wednesday ask thursday. we'll increase chance of showers for the holiday weekend. >> janine: ich brush researchers are asking the pububc for help in naming this brand new state ard $300 million research ship. the name with the most so far boaty mcboat face. it has more than 26,000 votes so far. voting is open until april 16th but as you might imagine officials don't have to pick the name with the most votes. that boat is scheduled to set sail for antarctica in 2013. >> laurie: it looks like -- that name. >> janine: to a group of college students from ohio, they're visiting cuba at the same time
5:48 pm
>> laurie: could they have picked a busier time but they are learning about the architecturef havana amid all the excitement as well as the history. connor wollensevere and samanthaa are among the ten kent state iversity architecture students trading in their classroom for hands-on experience in havana. >> i wasn't able to study brood in my undergrad. it's super exciting. now i amble to visit another culture instead of a northeast site. >> laurie: the group left early sunday m mning for five days of learning, exploring and look at historic architecture,. >> so the students be going to be working on a site in havana harbor that will soon be vacated, be a potential development site right across from the most historic part of old havana, and so the students will have five days to learn as much as they can about the site and then they'll come back here and work some design concepts
5:49 pm
>> laurie: instead of 62ing cuba, its culture and historic buildings from the u.s. -- >> being this first round of people being able to have an experience and study there is really, really interesting, and being able to make connections and hopefully future connections, maybe even future job opportunities or anything like that can come from this interaction. >> laurie: the students will see cuba up close. they are visiting at the same time a president obama, and because of the president, they're even having to switch hotels, but they are taking it all in stride, looking forward to the opportunity that might only come arod once. >> hopefully this once in a lifeti opportunity will branch off into more opportunities for maybe even kent state to have a study abroad program in cuba. >> laurie: they have four more days trip. those students are scheduled to return to ohio on march fifth. >> janine: this just. the jury in the hulk hogan sex
5:50 pm
punitive damages above with $115 million already award ever quartered last week. and a lococ10 newsroom is already hard at work on the news at 6:00. here are some of today's top stories. president obama is about to wrap up his first full day in cuba with a state dinner. >> laurie: a longtime public works employee busted for dealing cocaine and we have one and only video of that d dl going down. >> janine: and consumer investigator christina vazquez is investigating the limits of transportation services for the
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
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local10 news will be right back. >> laurie: in today's "call christina," investigativiv reporter christina vazquez looked not a call for help from the dibbbbd florida university staff member. he complained of long and kevin commute times using para transit services. >> janine: and in her investigation christina explores if stepping broward county surfs includes a stop at fau is even possible? i entrepreneurship summit spend about three to four hours a day traveling somewhere. >> i leave work at 5:00 and reach home at 7:30, 8:00. and that's a good day. >> christina: disabled broward county residents are talking about their travel times using para transit services to and from florida atlantic university or fau in boca raton. the day starts with using broward county's topps para transit but bause fau is not a topps drop-off point they of to off at meisner park, the route's most northern point. >> you just of to hope they're
5:55 pm
yes they must transfer to pablo palm tran. >> it's rut frustrating. you are depending on this system that may or may not be on time. >> christina: there's the wait and the worry about missing theconnection. >> everything is very unpredisabilitiable sob sometimes i have no-no control no matter how hard i try to schedulele them. >> if the correction not correctlyy made, one can m ms the ride ask eventually spend hours trying to wait the guy ride rescheduled. >> christina: topps cost $3.50 each with a, palm tran another $3.50, this even though fau is just under two miles from meisner patrick. in tps were to do a stop at fau it would be a shwrter distance from palm beach county than topps currently descends into miami-dade county golden grades. robles a discount and mendaka who works as a debate consultant say disabled university students
5:56 pm
time and money if tops were to add a stop at fau. >> there's policy but there's no compassion. >> why would it difficult to make fau a stop? joe see why it to be difficult. >> is it safe to say what he's asking for is not unreasonable? >> i don't think it's unreasonable. >> and that it's possible. >> absolutely. >> christina: that's broward county commissioner lois wexler who reviewed the para transit service area matches. >> how far into miami-dade. why kent we go that far into broward county. >> christina: in an email they said it is not feasible citing additional time, scheduling and costs. fau told us now that they are aware of the issue they will open conversations with broward transit and palm tran to work toward a solution. we will certainly keep you posted. in if newsroom, christina vazquez remember, local10 news. >> laurie: right now 6:00 a day to remember in cuba ending with a bizarre handshake that locked more look a salute. >> janine: president obama
5:57 pm
companies headed to cuba. >> laurie: only on local10, vio rolling during what cops say is a major coke deal.what it shows. >> jasey: young woman riding on the metrorover is ambushed, she said she's raped. you wop believe who police say is responsible. >> laurie: plus, chaos in key st. a wild shooting on duval street caught on camera. the news at 60s starts right now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> janine: what i day. what a day. >> laurie: the starring spaeled banner played on cuban soil. a handshake shown theorld over, and a news conference l. we'll never forge >> the embargo is going to end. the path that we're on will continue beyond my administers. >> laurie: president obama making a promise. >> give me a list of predictable applicable prisoners and i will releasas them immediately. >> laurie: our team coverage
5:58 pm
historic visit to cuba. right now on local10 news at 6:00 historic visit and local10 news is live in cuba, day two of president obama's historic visit at a news conference with cuban president raul castro but things get a little tense when reporters start asking questions, all of it coming to a bizarre ending, and the president seen lag's wreath at the jose marti memorial. it was a busy and intense day for president obama who made several stops across havana. >> janine: we have live team coverage from havana. let's get to our anchor alvin can't chews and our reporter hants hatzel vela. >> calvin: the president has wrapped up his meeting with the cuban entrepreneurs here in old havana. he is now making his way back to the chief of missionon entz residence which is about 15 or 20 m mutes'. let's take a look at back had the as aeeting with those commune cuban entrepreneurs.
5:59 pm
own businesses, a growing part of the economy, the private sector. the president talked about how he had a dinner at a a family-operated business, another part of the growing cuban economy and the private sector as well, and he talked about several binesses, too, that are going to be coming to cuba. heats take a look at that list if you will. he talked about starwood hotel. he talked about ge as well as kefler tractor, the marriott and carnival cruise lines. he says in may that aumber of goods will be able to bought by cubans here and that cuban americans in miami really do island. let's take you now to the palace of revolution for the handshake between mr. obama and castro, ahandshake of diplomacy after five decades of animosity and democracy. representing two countries who still have major differences especially on the issue of human rights. now to a moment that many
6:00 pm
see, cuban americans certainly. take a listen. [ band playing the national anthem ] >> calvin: the national anthem as the president stood at atteion with his hand on his heart. that marked the beginning of a very long day for the president, what will be an 11-hour day that will conclude with a state dinner with raul castro and his wife and president barack obama and michelle obama at the palace have revolution. hears a look back at the highlights of the president's first full day in omaha, cuba. in havana, cuba. president barack obama was greeted with flags and fanfare as the national anthems of both nations echoed through the& palace of the revolution the president began the day by taking part in a memorial


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