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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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burning victim while others douse the fire on the gym room floor. >> he was running ar trying to put out the floor his face was the first thing that caught fire so he was trying to just eyes hands to try future it out. >> what went wrong? >> good question. >errell: today employees of that company inferno challenge quis pembroke pines based company, say that they are embarrassed over the incident. they've been doing thisame routine for 20 years problem-free but now the company appearance ri carried charles is in the hospitawith the most serious of injurieie and the only one to be burned. these are photos from past performance acts. >> it was just a little bit of fire. he went to put on it and i guess he got caught in the phoom, he went to pat himself down. >> terrell: and we're told that that very many ricardo charles never lost conscious list but he does have serious burnover his arms, hands and face but he is well enough to be speaking right now to the fire marshal from his hospital room as well but all of
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the hospital, we're told that thth are expected to be okay. that company wants to stress thato students were burned because of this. they were just breathing in some fumes, likely from this fire issue question are that were used to put out the fire. we are live in delray beach, i'm terrell forney yank a car fire stopped traffic on the florida turnpike this afternoon, the car going up in flames near griffin road in day ofy. traffic was slowed for a while as crews put that fire out. now word if anyone was hurt engineering ever. >> janine: take a look at this surveillance video o o an suv crashing right into a pizza place in oakland park up. see a couple sittingng right by that front window where that suv slamming into them. it happened along northeast 62nd street east of i-95. last night. fire rescue officials say the driver slammedhrough the glass window of downtown pizza grill ter losing control of her car. >> basically i'm standing next to my car here waiting for a
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just flat out go full speed ahead, and i watched this car just go through the window never tried to stop never hit the brake. >> janine: thankfully nobody in that pizzalace was seriously injured. that driver was not injured suspect he sheas seen sitting in the back off the deputies south africa the trash. all new at 5:00 we are taking you live to thecene where they're college up. and also cor looking for an armed robber who hearted targeted anthoho auto show in in miami-dade. it happened in january. surveillance video released today. that crook held up at least one employee and got away with $600. if you think you know he is call police or crimestoppers. >> eric: now to a safety alert in deerfieldeach, a mother and daughter-in-law at gunpoint outside their home. now cops hot on the the trail of the crooks. >> jeff: 65-year-old barbara sutton said she is always alert,
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gas pump weeks, and when she's out walking. she said she never thought she would be a victim in her own backyard. >> my reaction was i started screaming. this was the a kid with a gun that didn't belong in my yard, and i just kept screaming. >> jeff: 65-year-old barbara sutton in her backyard tuesday morning, 6:00, reading before she had to go to work when all of a sudden the gate opened. >> he pushed past me into the house, put the gun to my mom, and i was screaming like a unit lick. >> jeff: she says the suspect was young, didn't staih a word, demanded he shush. >> he just scanned and snatched my purse off the k kchen of counter. >> jeff: as she said also in thehe house her nun-year-old mother, the suspect putting the gun t t her as well. 91-year-old mother. he fled with both purse >> you want this man --
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this is -- this is unbearable. >> jeff: sutton has lived in this this house her late husband built for 25 years. >> the only place i've ever felt safe since he died, and i the won't let him make me leave. my memories, i just won't, and this is a safe neighborhood. we have all been here for years and years and years and we take care of each other. >> jeff: agaga this happened in deerfield beach. the incident happened in the neighborhood north sample road east of dixie highway. if you recognize the suspect in that stech sketch you're asked to call the broward sheriff's office. >> eric: he ever one more look at that sketch police are using tow entry to find this man. take a good look. if you think you know who this guy is call broward crimestoppers. 954-493-tips. >> janine: and now to historic change. united states is resuming direct mail to cuba for the tis first time i i decades. president obama hasy taken the opportunity to write a letter too a 76-year-old cabana other. re's a picture of the president signing that letter fm. it was part of the first batch
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in more than 50 years, and it was sent yep mr. obama sent the letter after writer el yawn yarcea sent him a note last monthaying she was excited excited for the pretty trip to cuba. u.s.e postal workers shared in that moment of excitement. >> eric: we turn now at the senior politicalaleporter michael putney as the president prepares to make that voyage to cuba this weekend.. >> janine: and reaction from the cuban community has been mixed but not from that gup that visited the will the the other day. >> michael: they are pumped up from that visit yesterday, janine and eric, 16 cub americans almost all of them from miami visited with president obama said. they came home, more optimistic than ever about what this trip may achieve. thousand dollars the white house yesterday after the two-hour meeting with the president, these cuban americans were pumped up, and they sill are today. >> very, very likely lively discussion with a good rangegef different points of views and different suggestions, and
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on the issue, so he heard, he listened attentively, he engaged minister for years he was a hard liner on cuba, but changed after the visit there of pope john paul 17 years ago. > cuba is no longer a monolith, so it was important that he carry forth a message to both the cuban people and those in government that change ispossible. >> michael: attorney ralph persistent pitino is a recent convert. >> what we want is great engagement with the people of cuba if cuban government so as to c create a better w way of live wife, better of quality of have quality of life for people in civil society in cuba. >> michael: ralph pitino told me he vised the 50 a tear dowow this wall moment when he gives that speech in havana o tuesday and we will, of course, be there. our crew led by calvin hughes, and we'll find out what the president says. big speech. >> eric: you are vere much a part of our coverage.
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know need to know about the visit this weekend. >> janine: anchor calvin hughes will be joined by hatzel vela p. we'll also h he live coverage of the president's rival tow cuba on sunday at 5:0:0. >> eric: now to isn't wean end satisfy campaign trail. setor marco rubio received a standing ovation. senator rubio returns tois office today. he stopped. you can see smiling and waving before heading into his suite. he suspended his campaign on tuesday night after finishing second in the florida primary to donald trump. >> janine: and michigan's governor getting grilled on capitol hill overr the flint water crisis, the rick snyder admitting to mistakes that created this contamination. stilil he received a tongue-lashing from members of congress. >> and i'm not buying that you didn't know about any of this until october 2015. you were not in a medically induced coma for a year. >> let me be blunt, thisas a
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levels, local, state and federal officials. wewell failed the families of flint. >> i have had about enougugof of your false contrition and your phony apologies. people who put dollars over the fundamental safety of t people do not belong in government, and yoy need to resign, too, governor snyder. >> janine: the water crisis started after the city's switched its water source in order to save money. the move led to high level of lead and an outbreak of legionnaires' disease. and hundreds ofy protesters took to the streets in brazil's capital. demonstrators angry their former president being sworn in as new chief of staff. local10 news reporter christina vazquez in the newsroom with the latest. >> christina: protestors out there in brazil to speak out against a controversial move by the president on who appointed former president desilva to her cabinet in what some say is an effort to protect luol raw from
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you see protesters gathering in the why i's capital. lula desilva is under investigation fopossible corruption. he was expected to be sworn in today, sparking those protests. in the latest twist a brazilian judge issued a injunction discuss pending the swearing in. the president is accused of a separate escaped to begin the impeachment against her. also venezuela shut doing as the government struggles 2 the deepening electrical prices. president muhammad extend maduro. slashed utoutput at hydro electric dams. >> janinin coming up all new at 4:30, the ultra music festival is this weekend. thousands are ready to rave, and the party organizers are getting ready for all of them.
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>> eric: and it's the end of an a at world is. the currently generation workers will be the last. >>anine: and all new at 5:00 an alleged school burglar busted.
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>> janine: it's the beginning of the the end off an era at world is. the theme park officials making a big announcement about what to do with its orcas. >> eric: did company ending its york a breeding program. -- yorks a breeding program. these killers whales will be the last to live in captivity wor is. >> current orcas under our care will be the last generation a world is. we're going to phase out our theatrical shows we have had in the past. >> eric: the entertainment company announcing sunday it's been listening to growing criticism. >> boycott world is! >> eric: after years of mounting
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trainer dawn bran cho and the scathing documentary black fish, world is is changing with the tide and even teaming up with its longtime critic the humane society. >> this is something that every animal advocate e the nation can celebrate as progress. >> eric: as for t 29 killer whales now in captivity, that's where they'll stay. world is said it's for their own safety. the company now building them larger, more natural oc everrca disclosures for guests to observe. >> the best placece for them stat world. no whale born under human care has beeee released successfully. >> eric: world's currently theatrical shows will end here and in california next year. its parks in florida and texas willollow suit by 2019. the miami mallory square with local eleta reacting. the miami mallory square releasing a statement saying "marine mammal shows at miami
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evolving in order to incorporate deere >> janine: right now it is 4:16. no, not 4:16 in the morning. eric yutzy is -- >> eric: if we had done this on monday it would haveve been a bruteaylight savings time. >> it would have been but we're glad to have you. it was hot outsise today. another day of sweaty weather. >> eric: i think that will continue but the answer for sure, betty davis. >> betty: you're absolutely right. we do have more hot weather on the way. eric, welcome to daylight. this iss how we do it around 4:00 in the afternoon. through the lens our mount sinai medical center tower camera it looks a little hazy out there and at times it seems as though the clouds want to gather but there's no rainfall to talk about. the numerous are ruling. pembroke pines at 84. miami yup. pompano beach, mid-80. look at marathon at iii and even 80 driver's key west right now.
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day it's going to be warm but you probably already figured that one out. between now and 6:00 a few clouds, winds light from the south-southeas around 10 miles an hour. here's the doppler radar. broward, miami-dade and the keys, we're painting dry skies so no rainfall out there to talk about. high pressure is still in control of the weather over south florida, and that essentially squashing the opportunity for rainfall to really get going here. showers and storms having a tough time bubbling up even with daytime heating. but the rain is definitely going for places like jacksonville, big bend of florida near the emerald coast a few showers, and then look at the severe thunderstorm watch in effect from just north of new orleans toward jackson, mississippi and shreveport with louisiana. these storms are capable of producing damaging winds and hail, and they'rehappening along a cold front, a front that's starting to slow down as itas started to get just a little closer to north florida but it's slowing down so it's going to take a little while
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front down here and change things up. so on the short term it's about the dry weather, and also out the heat which brings us to the forecast for tomorrow. friday we're expecting another hot day with mainly dry conditions. an then by saturday we'll start to see our rain chance going up a bit as the next cold front finally starts to enter this statat and then by sunday an even better chance for showers and storms in the f fecast. so for tomorrow we are planning onainly dry conditions with morning lows in the lower 70s, and afternoon highs in the mi mid to upper 80, winds light from the south-southeast about 5 to 10 miles an hour. there could be some peach fog early on and then during the afternoon -- patchy fog and the by saturday 40%. i know you're heading out to jazz in the gardensut you need to plan on some rainfall. sunday a 60% chance for showers and storms. once we push the front through, we should stata to dry out oh
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cooling down, sew too. check these temperatures. morning loads lower 60 and afternoon highs lower 70s monday and how about mid to upper 70s come tuesday. so there is some cooler weather in the offing. eric. >> eric: thank you very much. right now, of course, rush our getting started. let's get a check on your traffic. >> janine: jenise fernandez is all over it. what do you see? >> jenise: a few things out there. looking at the mac arth causeway no issues for y y heading to the beach. this is right around parrot jungle where tre is an accident that is causing a bit of a backup. as we zoom on in to our maps this accident right as you're onthe macarthur causeway heading into miami beach with speeds there at 12 miles per hour. and we're also watching this accident on i-95 southbound. this is right around hallandale beach boulevard, and those delays are startingg to stretch into dade county is speeds 30 a 16 miles per hou now, staying in broward county, we do have an accident on i-knife northbound. that accident right around sample road with speeds there clocking in at 29 miles per
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janine. >> janine: we have breaking news out cuba. it is big 911 news. let's get back to christina in the newsroom. >> christina: today the cuban foreign min ser said that they would be riling wog tow get rid of this 10% penalty when you exchange dollala at a cuban bank or money exchange, the idea being it will obviously make at a little consumer friendly to cuba. all of this is conditional. he said that he would make that change only as they work out this process as the u.s. implemented some measures to allow cuba into the international banking system. i want to tell you on our digital reporter andrea a torres just wrote something about this and it's a really interesting interactive graphic there about know your currentsy, so you'll have more on this and that interact of feature right now on in the newsroom,m,hristina vazquez, local10 news. >> eric: ahead for you at:30 a wild crash and a shooting. an arrest has been made but police say there are still suspects on the run right now. we'll bring you the very latest.
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one of the biggest games of the heat's schedule want least so far. i'm will manso live at the american airlines arena. charlotte is in town. it doesn't sound like much of a match-up but wai until we update out standing of why tonight is so sponsor.
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>> will: with just 15 games left in the regular season, the miami heat opened tonight as the third seed in e eastern conference one game ahead of tonight opponent the charlotte hor nets who are the sixth speed. this game so important for so many reasons. that tops our local10 sports shot. the good news for the heat, they will get a a shot in the arm as they get everyone tonight that they normally expect to play, including dwyane wade in the line-up, and how about the two youngsters, rook one, rook two justise winslow, josh
4:24 pm
superb the more other innate in the one against d dver. they will noted them tonight. the wait almostver for the miami hurricanes and their fans. they take on bowlof in the ncaa tournament. in practice jed the 'canes seemed to be practicing their alley-oops. hopefully they will get the win. tip time a little bit before accepting from providence, rhode island. bad news for the dolphins they continue to search for a running back. they announced that chris johnson visited can then shortly after that espn claiming the cardinals running back is going back to arizona. remember the dolphins also miss on out veteran c.j. anderson to replace lamar miller. and on the ice the panthers are in action tonight against the toronto maple leafs. the cats picked up big win against the canadiens on monday night. puck drops tighten 7:30 which
4:25 pm
tonight against the hornets. should be a playoff atmosphere. much more coming up on the 5:00 and 6:00. that's the story live from the arena, i'm will manso. >> eric: that does it for local10 news at 4:00. >> janine: here's what's ahead at 4:30. two bandits on the run. police tracking down two others after a wild crash and a shooting. we are live. >> eric: we are getting ready for ultra this weekend. thousands prepare p to party. organizers working tow keep the entire event safe. >> janine: and a secon chance for a young man who got the book thrown at him by a judge, a 60-year spence sentence fer a suspended license. how things are turning around for him. >> eric: the big announcement for safe driving features.
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every >> eric: right now at 4:30 bandits run in opa-locka. police say they're looking for two people after a crash and a shooting. two people are why custody in custody. >> janine: one man is in custody.
4:29 pm
malone live 1 update. >> shyann: we are learning there are two people in custody and i am right here the scene. let me walk you t tough what happened at this intersectiony of opa-locka boulevard and northwest 22nd avenue. now, the camera is going to pan to the left a little bit. the car was heading southbound right here on northwest 22nd avenue when someone, a group of men pum and just start unloading several rounds. it started here in opa-locka butended in a neighborhood in north miami. >> it happened about 5:15 this morning. >> shyann: david ross was not expecting this wake-up call thursday morning. >> i was messing on my pne the in morning, walking to the bathroom, and the next thing i know a car i is crashed cite into our side of theouse. >> shyann: it turned out to be a white f250 escaping a criri keen. police say four men who were in the truck when bulletstarted flying. the target, a man driving this black bmw. after dozens of shots the driver
4:30 pm
causing a three-car collision. the bad guys make a u-turn and come back to finish the job, shooting at the black bmw several times more. >> it crashed right through the bushes, it's a pretty thick hedge. they smashed our neighbors mailbox which is made out of cement so this guy members of going 60, 70 miles an hour. >> shyann: officers tracked them down in this neighborhood. >> it's too close forful. i think it was just one guy. somebody jumped out and ran around in the dark. i didn't realize what was going on. >> shyann:hback out here live, now, this street was shut down for a few hours hours while the officers got the incident under control. we did obviously go out to the neighborhood. we talked to one man who says e shooters were actually hiding out in his backyard. we'll hear from him coming up on fluently at 5:30. as for the men, two are still on the run, two in custody, and that victim is still in the hospital.
4:31 pm
shyann malone, local10 news. >> janine: now to an update eye 7-eleven bandit who was been caught on camera robbing several stores. jeff weinsier has more on this. >> jeff: we've been telling you about this 7-eleven bandit for weeks now. deputies say he always target those convenience stores. he has now hit seven times. deputies now releasing a new piece of information. it appears this guy works with his girlfriend. in the last three robbers which all happened on thursday the same woman appears in the video around the time of the crimes. in all, the masked man has has hit seven stores from fort lauderdale to sunrise from february 23rd until thursday. in some robberies he is harme armed with a begun, in other a machete. and here's a look at the crook and the woman deputies are calling his girlfriend. if you have any information call crimestoppers. we're live in the newsroom, i'm jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> eric: we've got a situation to keep an eye on, a tffic alert on i-95.
4:32 pm
back with the details. >> jenise: we're talking about pompano beach. this is i-95 southbound at sample road. i'm going to step outside so you can take a look here because we have have we've got two left lanes blocked as a resulul of this crash and only two lawns seem to be getting by. we have emergency crews, looks like they're working to clean up that acccdent. in the meantime we are seeing pretty heavy delays along i-95 southbound. that accident is on sample road and speeds there are just 10 miles per hour.zooming on out to get a better idea here because those delays areetarting ate glades road and it it looks like they're going to last for about six miles. you may want to secretary taking us-us-441 as well. alal on hallandale beach boulevard i-95 southbound, those delays are stretching into dade county with speeds at 15 miles per hour. we're also still watching this crash in the m marthur causeway, this is as you're
4:33 pm
that crash right aroun arnott jungl >> eric: a school scare in cooper city, lockdowns for two schools have beeny lifted an police arrested two suspected burglars. the pioneer middle school was on lockdown. police were looking suspects earlier today. now, to southwest miami-dade where sky 10 is life boof the scene of a police prim per. you, see two cop cars. police say ty were serving a warrant when one person took off. >> janine: today sky 10 was back above the scene where a plane made an emergency landing in the everglades. that jet touched down just east of us-27 about three miles from the sawgrass expressway. the faa is still investigating to see what exactly went wrong out there, but we're told there was an engine issue as the plane lauderdale executive airport last night. neither of the two people onboard was hurt. , and a hazmat situation in deerfield beach. a gas leak along ocean drive and northeast 2nd street.
4:34 pm
a1a was also shut down while crews worked to cap it. >> eric: preparing to party in a big way this weekend, not nor st. patrick's day. no, ultra setting a a stage where thousands will be feeling the beat. organizers want to mauk sure this event is a safe and fun one as well. let's go to local10 news porter liane morejon. don't hear the beats yet, liane. >> liane: hey, yea. eric. it's a beautiful day out here. >> janine: i think we may have lost liane and all the craziness. >> eric: we'll get back with her soon. a new top cop in the the city of miramar. interim chief dexter williams a has been promote to chief. police williams has surfed the people of miramar, was assistant chief in 2013 before workingis way up to the top p job. and the man wanted in connection with the death of his estranged wife face a judge today. police say joe padgetting
4:35 pm
her mother's home on sunday. they say there wasn't argument and padgett pulled out a gun and began firing. he is bng held without bond, his wife's was shot multiple times. she was pronounced dead at the scene. he has been charged with first degree murder. >> janine: a several children left sick after swimming at a community pool in orlando when they reportedly rushed out complaining of stomach pains. at least six kids aiming four to eleven ended you throwin up. one was hospitalized. >> i did see like a bunch of fire trucks over there and ambulances. they put a whole bunch ofiel tape so i guess we're about aned for now. >> janine: officials say the chlorine level was double the norm. the pool was closed for the day while crews ficiconed the problem. now to vote 2016 and univision anchor jorge ramos with strong wordsor the republican frontrunner. >> i. .t is very dangerous that i potential caped attacks aneth nicks group.
4:36 pm
get out of here, one of his reporters told me "get out of my country." that's preciseately kind of hatred that donald trump has been promoting since june 16th. >> janine: ramos was famously tossed out of a tru news conference last year when he asked about his immigration polioy. ramos is currently promoting his new book "take a stand" in which he addresses political and cultural issues. the no word if it adults his encounter with trump. and speaking of trump, he may have won the missouri primary butted there is at least one person making his dislike of the donald clear. vandals s ft nazi images on his campaign signs outside a support's home in springfield. they left othersigns or other candidates untouched. >> if you don't like mr.rump then put your signs in their yard and support the opponent because everyone has their right to the freedom of speech but not to deface 9 someone else's sprout.. >> janine: police say think don't deal with this type of vandalism often because there's
4:37 pm
person is caught they could be ticketed. >> eric: preparing to party in a big way. we're talking about ultra. we're going back to liane morejon. thousands will be feeling the beat this weekend. liane, you can hear me now. what's going on out there? how are they going to make ultra safe this year? >> liane: well, there's a lot of plans in place, and right now it's a beautiful day, it's going to be a great weekend for ultra, so sunny in fact i need my ultra shades. right up the fence is already up. you can see the logo here on this fencing. no doubt g/ing to be a huge weekend out here. in fact, we've got some vid. if you've never seen this scenene pen feast your eyes on one of the biggest events in electronic dance music. you said it,t, eric, thousands upon thousands of people maketheir way to downtown miami bayfront park for this event. this year of course fire rescue and miami police, there a huge part of the public safety here. some implementtations were put in place a couple of years ago to make sure that this event is one of the safest in south florida. they're going to have water
4:38 pm
they have fire rescue on sort of mobile crews to make sure they can get to where they need to go. police will be closing down the street here, so folks, wheheer you're going to ultra not or not this is going to fang we did speak to miami police. hear what some of what they had to say simple biscayne boulevard is closed at 9:00 p.m. but there will be several serious on officers on every korb to be sure if you need to be rerouted, you will remember row routed from the right direction. >> liane: you heard it. all t tse cars are not going to be able to get through starting at 9:00 tonight. traffic will be reduewerth. we know that 300 officers are going wo be inside of bay front park making sure that everything is going well, that nobody is engaging in any illegal act@ of. if our next hour we'll bring you a lot more about the events coming up as part of this years ultra music festival. that's coming up ahead at 5:30. for now we're life in miami, liane morejon,ocal10 news. >> eric: we'll check in with you
4:39 pm
>> clearly you were still udonis haslam there leading the thug life. >> just unbelievable, 60 years for driving eye suspended license. >> janine: a young man getting a second chance after a judge throws book at him for a probation violation. >> kristi: and then coming up in today's health cast, drugs meant to protect you dependency bone loss, now they're raising fears about fractures. i'll explain. >> speakerc : and all new at 5:00 a fiery fright at a high school pep rally. a performer sets himselfn fire. students watching and recording. we are live. >> eric: a live look from the miami fair ready to go in southwest miami-dade. things are opening up today. a green shirt gets you $2 off for admission. some elephant ears. i love the fair. >> janine: love the food. love the rides. good times. >> eric: everything you need to know. we've got you covered with tickets, scheduling, everything
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when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters?
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>> eric: what unded like a minor crime, a probation fer driving eye suspended license but a broward jud threw the book hard at 25-year-old herbert smith. >> janine: smith received 60 years in prison. u. now due to a couple off community heros smith has a entirely new chance at light of. >> eric: here's bob norman was story you will see only on local10. >> i have been trying to save you, herbert smith, for the past three years. >> bob: judge matthew des entry was fed up with herbert smith whom he cut a break in 2012 sips he was a youthful offenderor burglary and strong-arm robbery. >> clearly you are still out there leading the thug life. >> bob: smith violated probation last year by driving on a suspended license.
4:44 pm
stolen jewelry and a box of butin it but des entry's accidents for the probation violation was shocking. p 60 years in prison, 47 years more than even the prosecutor asked for. heouldn't get out until he was over 80 years old. >> it didn't feel real. i didn't sleep for like six nights. i stood under the sink with my head down. all i canan do is cry. it's just unbelievable, 60 years for driving on a suspended license. >> bob: but then he got some unexpected support from more than 25,000 people an online pesk,nd a hearing was held for des entry to reconsider the sentence in dember. >> i'm here to say that 60 years just does not seem fair and reasonable. >> bob: pastored allen jackson who had never met smith promised to help the inmate if he was given a break. >> good people.
4:45 pm
smith, keep you out of trouble. >> bob: then judge destry made another announcement. >> i have decided to suspend your sentence borgrg he let him go. >> he was a small military presence the best feeling in the world. >> bob: but des entry made it clear that if smith vioioted his sentence again, that 60-year ntence would be reinstated. >> which path will you choose? >> bob: and one of his top conditions was that smith needed tow get a job. here is smith today working as a full-time fertilizer for cutting edge industries in pompano beach. >> i'm actually working now. i can't believe it. i'm living the regular life like everyone else. i actually feel like, you know, it feels good. >> this is had a new life. he needs to move forward, not worry about the past. remember that that 60 years, 60 is hanging over his head. >> bob: jumping jackowski is the
4:46 pm
>> there's no programs when they get out. >> bob: he knows this firsthand. he spent two years in prison a burglary charge himself as as 20-something. >> what happens whwh he comes out? there's nothihi to show anybody the guidance of how youou live. >> bob: when he got out jankowski started mowing lawns in a business that has 30 employees like smith. >> herbert is like a sponge. you show him and tell him what to do once, he picks it right up. very smart man, and he was unlimited potential. >> bob: smith is embracing is chance but he also knows the incredible stakes. >> if you make a small mistake, your life is gone just like that. i think about that every day. every morninin i get up, 60 years on my h hd. >> does that help you stay on the straight and narrow? >> yes. it does. and god does, also.
4:47 pm
norman, local10 news. >> janine: and that 60 year's sentence will be looming or smsmh for the next 15 years when his probation is scheduled to end. >> eric: our betty davis chief meteorologist, undegrees. >> janine: almost 5:00 and almost the weekend. we like to call i friday even. >> eric: a lot going to this weekend with betty. how do things look? >> betty: we are stepping into the weekend on i a dent note. it's areat day to be outside if you can stand the heat. let's take you out to the miami-dade fair where things appear to be going strong. people are out having a good old time, maybe looking for some ece cream or maybe a funnel cake or d you about elephant ears? i could go on and on with this. we see the flags are blowing a little bit there so there's a slight breeze but certainly we want more of a breeze, and a cool breeze would be nice. we do have that in the forecast for early next week. but i do want t t start by talking about an event taking place this weekend, jazz in the gardens.
4:48 pm
well, by saturday we're seeeeg a better chance for rainfall in the forecasas so if you are going to be heading out there, it will be warm, it will besteamy during the afternoon, and then between 4:00 and 8:00 saturday thereould be some showers. so plan on the umbrella, ting it with you. hopefully you won't need it but there is that chance that you will. so now you're in the know about saturday. let's talk about right now. temperatures in the lower 80s. hollywood beach is looking great. a south-southeast breeze 5 to 10 miles an hour. mainly dry conditions expected for the evening. by 10:00 tonight that's when we'll start to see some mid-70s out there. it's going to be a warm evening, either way you slice. it nice and quiet on the doppler rarar, high pressure in control here. there is a frontal system, a cold front droppin down towards the gulf coast, and that is triggering showers and storms, in fact, some strong storms around louisiana nudgingng toward the panhandle of florida. that is where we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect.
4:49 pm
over jacksonville but the forecast model indicating that's going to die down. then come friday afternoon there could be another round of rain and storms r ring across the panhandle and heading over places like jacksonville but notice we're going to be on the quiet side of things, so tomorrow is another one of those days where we focus mainly on temperaturesesecause we're not seeing much in the way of rain in the forecast for friday but that is going to change on saturday. so for tomorrow you could make at a beach day. afternoon high temperatures mid-80s, lower 80s near our beaches. the rip current risk is low. we'll start the day wh the numbers in the lower 70s, could have some patchyp fog out there early and then here comes the sunshine heating it up to about 86 tomorrow in miami. and then saturday, sunday it's going to be warm and muggy, rain and storms finally by monday we get the cold front through. northwest wind kicks in, and look at these temperatures. we could actually have our temperatures running below normal if you can believe that from above to below. so by saturday morning 62 degrees.
4:50 pm
and a high of just 73. janine.. >> janine: we'll take it, betty. topping today's health healthnews continuing concerns about fracture recollection betray group of drugs intended to protect against bone loss. kristi krueger criss has mor >> kristi: the drugs called biofoss phone at its often prescribed toreat osteoposes have been associated 1 an increase of osteonecrosis of the jaw, that's when your jaw bone doesn't heal or deteriorates you have dental work. perio do nottist says cases of osteonecrosis have also been reported from new medications to treat cancer when, and while this risk appears to be fairly small the doctor says there are steps that you can take as a patient to lower your chances of a problem. >> if you're having dental care, if you anticipe having debility care, possibly do that dent care before you take the bifoss fen at its. they are areat job. don't just stop using them.
4:51 pm
professionals will about finding a temperature or ke a drug holiday, going off and then going back on them. >> kristi: so the risk appears to increase withp these larger doses of medication and among those people who have been taking these biophofenate is p. a new fight in the fight against gingivitis. a gel is a recent study found is two and a half times more effectivity cleaning plaque than your usual toothpaste. >> it's non-abrasive and it has ingredientshat can prevent plaque from in the teeth so you have less plaque buildup a`d as a result less chronic inflammation, no just orally but in the system, systemicay. >> kristi: again for that reason the doctor says beating back plaque isn't just good for your teeth. it's gd for your heart with
4:52 pm
and 90% of americans, by the way, in the u.s. do have gingivitis and 47% are living with periodontal disease. coming up at fitchet why painkillers may actually be the cause of pain for some patients. i'll have that for you. >> eric: coming up all new at 5:00, a pep rally emergency. here it is caught on camera. ray man sets himself on fire and he was not the only one injured. we are live with the story behind that video. >> janine: and crash on camera, a car slams nigh pizza place while customers werenside. >> eric: up next, new safety standards coming over the car in a matter of years. automakers are literally putting
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
eric today a major auto safety nowment. a new system will can about standard all cars. >> janine: the technology expected to save thousands of lives and prevent thousands of car crashes. it's an action all drivers hope
4:56 pm
and now this new technology called ault emergency brain is a new feature transportation and safety agent say will echt from some 28,000 accidents on our roadways. >> today's equipment means that safety isn't just for those hoch afford it. all of these vehicles that get aed technology will save lives. >> janine: here's how it works. the system us on vec sensors to detect an imminent crash. i warns the driver and applies the brakes automatically if the driver doesn't take sufficient action quickly. >> this could be a very important step in finding new ways and new models oforking toward more safety and fewer fatalities. >> janine: some 20 automakers representing 99% of the auto industry have made a written commitment to make it standard equipment in virtually all new cars within six years. >> the car will react, will react for you. it will see a situation.
4:57 pm
to come, and really the future of auto safety. >> janine: the insurance institute says that auto braking on all vehicles could cut rear end collisions by 40% and front end crashes by 23%. the standard technology now setting the stage for the creation of autonomous driving. and carmakers have agreed to make braking standard on cars ananmidsize suvs by september of 2022. for large suvs and picic ups, those vehicles will be fully equipped by 2025. >> eric: right now local10 news at 5:00, a pep rally emergency of a performer suddenly catches fire at a south florida high school. >> janine: and we are now seeing the j-dropping surveillance video of a suv slamming not eye pizza place with no time for customers to g. oat of the way. >> erica: a safety alert in deerfield beach. police on the hunt for this armed robbery. >> as the tampa bay rays get ready to play the cuban national team i'll show you the long time
4:58 pm
tampa and cuba. >> eric: i'm eric yutzy inor havana coups camp hughes. >> janine: and i'm janine stanwood. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> eric: right off the tonight at 5:00 high school students shocked when a performer suddenly catches fire during a pep rally. it happened this morning inside the gym nays autonomy atlanta high school in delray beach. >> janine: several students were taken to the hospital along with the performer who was burned. terrell forney has the latest on this shocking scene. terrell. >> terrell: 20 people in all had to be treated because of what happened at that high school. most of them students, and a handful of them were brought here to the delray beach medical centererhere that performer, that fire breather is also recoveringngfter that stunt went horribly wrong. not long after students crowded into a school's gymnasium for a pep rally, something wentt terribly wrong at atlantic community high.
4:59 pm
kind of like a joke, like the guy had some type of of repellant on him. >> terrell: act was you the cut short when one of the performers caught fire. >> everybody was pretty much panicking, running around and screaming. everyone doesn't know what to do. they were shocked. i was completely shocked. >> terrell: jn the midst of the panic 20 people injured mostly due to breathing ditches the adult fire breather ricardo chars was the only one to be burned. he actually owns the pembroke pines-based company called inferno's challenge. >> it jt happened. >> what went wrong? >> good question. usually when he spits the fire, he puts it out. >> terrell: late this afternoon ricardo's right-hand man told us it's the first time something hike this has helped in the company's 20-year history. light oil is vacant accelerant. >> may be a spritz went out.
5:00 pm
that's where it came from. >> terrell: their bold acts are usually a big hit but aftft today's incident the pablo school district is now lookingng whether combustible acts are a good fit for school performances. >> it was something i've never seen before. it really opened my eyes. >> terrell: and from his hospital bed here at the hospital, we understand that ricardo charles is already up and speaking with thehe fire marshal, though he has some serious burns on his head, h h arms and his hands. thth company maintains that all of the students who were treated and taken to the hospital, suffered from some type of breathing difficulties was it was not because of smoke, they say. they say it was because of the fumes from those fire extinguishers that were used to put out the flames. we are live in delray beach, i terrell forney. >> eric: we have some incredible surveillance video of an suv right there slamming right into a pizza place in oakland park. there was actlly a couple sitting right by the front


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