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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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local 10 news at >> begin with a developing store emergency through the ever everglades a jet goingdown. two were on board that aircraft. >> crews bringing them to safety a task made difficult by smoke and flames. angela is working the story for us livwith more. andrdr? >> reporter: >> you know the passengers telling me this was a tricky, dangerous operation trying to land this jet. they were rescued but crews responded to two situations going on in the same area and same time and theysaved the
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>> fire coulde seen east u.s. 27. crews unsure how it started no lightning or storm clouds to think of. forrest officials moved in and so diddeputies, agencies responding to the same area for different calls. >> there was a jet. it was verer low. 200 feet to the west. >> he was fishing at theime when he saw what the faa identified a jet similar to this one flying low. authorities say it landed on a levy way out there around the same time as the fire. it is two miles away from him. >> making a sound lik a siren from a police vehicle. i was wonderg, are they in trouble or showing off? some people like to make a lot of noise. >> reporter: pilot and passengers were rescued and uninjured talking with officers
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officials are working to determine if the emergency nding and the fire are connected in any way. >> reporter: just to be clear this is not just some plane that land third degree is a jet from what i saw used as a military fight are jet trainer. it is popular for private pilots. we are told the pilot had engine trouble. now reporting live, i'm andrew. local 10. >> reporter: thank you. a police officer accused of crossing the line by slapping a hopeless man is not guilty of battery charges. we have the story for us tonight. >> reporter: on that the bus terminal where it went down a bistander catch its on cell one video. because of that thehe officer was facing serious charges. >> we the jury find the follows the defendant is not guilty.
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heart verdict come down in his favor wednesday night. >> i'm always concerned people are quick to draw deep conclusions from a snippet. >> reporter: the cell phone video landed the police officer in this position in the first place. in it he is seen pushing and slapping bruce. a homeless man sleeping at the bus terminal. he says he was trying to get him to leave but he became violent. >> i wanted him to stop. this is the second time he showed gaegz. he just turned on me. >> no expert in training police cadets explained he was doing what he was trained to do. >> it is reactionary gap. there is a danger zone where the officer has toouch the subject. if necessary for him to be in harm's way. >> reporter: he didn't have much to say after the verdict.
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>> reporter: seems to be doing better and wants to put it hind him. >> it has been a long journey and -- i'm glad it is over. >> reporter: ramirez has been suspected suspect suspended without pay. i asked him if he had plans of getting his job back? he did not comment. reporting live in fort lauderdale. >> reporter: thank you. a story you saw first on 10 a home break in ending with the suspect shot dead. after face-to-face with the homeowner who happepe to be a police officer. it happened at 6:00 this morni on gantlet hall lane in davy the officer was in with his kids when he sought alleged intruder forcing him to open fire. >> i say at least five-six shots they were fast. >> i saw a flash of light and less than five minutes later i saw police and emergency people show up.
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attempted break in was reported in that neighborhood. police a a investigating if they corrected. >> reporter: more on the chae forlans on the u.s. and cuba and thepresident's trip. president will travel with big names from the cuban/american community. nicky is live in miami with details for us. nicky? >> reporter: i'm waiting in the american airlines terminal for e milliohe got off a plane and met with the president today. thentire first family will be traveling with the president to cuba including his wife, two daughters and mother in law. when they get there, they will get there on sunday. the obamas will walk around old havana at the cathedral where the president's family will meet with the cardinal. on monday the president will lay a wreath at the memorial and meet with cuban president castro. tuesday is the big day on his
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speech to the cubean people and meet and attend a baseball game with the rays and the cuban national team. he will not be meeting with fidel castro. today the president did meet with 16 cuban/american leaders at the white house. manynyrom miami. one we caught up in dcas e millioeffan. >> in the end i oning the door great for the future of cuba as long as we recognize freedom. they want a way to live in cuba. i think this is for him. it does not make sense if you go and nothing happen its is good that cuban people will decide and in order to decide they will have to have preelection or a new -- people deciding about the cuban people. that is the person i would love to see.
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he landed here. we're waiting to talk to him to ar about that meeting. also miami businessman mike fernandez and father aria from the catholic church. quite a group of cuban/american leaders many from miami. we will talk to him and bring you the latest tomorrow on local 10 morning news. live at mia international. local 10 news. >> reporter: nice work, thank you. local 10 will be in cuba for the president's visit. i will be joined by victor and a live coverage from cuba starts friday. and live coloneling after of the president's arrival in cuba on sunday at 5:00 p.m. >> reporter:pnow a shocking robbery caught on camera in miami. two armed men held a gun on a baby while robbing a convenience store. surveillance shoes the gunman at register. they wanted to purchase chips as
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a man pointnt a gun at the woman and her baby. police say the clerk feared for her life and handed them money. this was at the grocery store on northwest second avenue. mom and baby were not hurt. thieves are still on the lolse. report report now we catch up with marco rubio following a disapointing performance in the florida primary. >> good morning, marco. >> i'm not doing anything today. everyone thattings for comingut. >> reporter: debbie shuttle had this to sayn where rubio failed. awe then tipip ityity guess with voters they're want someone to counto when you echo trump one week and the next you do a one 80 thevoters see through that the voters are smart. >> governor scott says he is endorsing trump following
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hold his endorsement until ever the state of floriri voted. skol called for republicans to come to support trump. final republican debebe before the convention is canceled. trump will not attentive. fox was hosting that debate on monday. he has a scheduling conflict. his decesion to pull out come after he once again trashed@ moderator megan kelly callg her crazy megan. >> reporter: president's peck for the supreme court is merrick garland. the republican senate vowed not to confirm a judge this president nominates a s snce the president pushed back on. >> to go down thatath would be wrong. it would be a betyal of our best traditions. >> president's right to nominate a supreme court justice@and the september's right to act as a
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and with hold its 81consent. >> reporter: power to nominate a replacement should go to whom wince the election. >> reporter: yacht in paradise in flalas turning a theme to a nightmare. this video is later. >> reporter: almost 90 degrees today and pepbrook pines. hi, i'm betty davis. i will let you know how long a warm spell will last. forecast is next. >> you were out there leading the -- unbelievable. 60 years of driving. >> a man gets a second chance after a judge throws the book at
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local 10 investigates, next (vo) making the most out ofevery mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> violating probation for driving on a suspended license a judge through the book at 25 year old smith. smith receiving 60 years in prison a punishment that drew support now william help of community heros smith now has a
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>> here is a story you will see on local 10.& >> i have been trying to save you smith for the pasteur three years. >> judge matthew was fed up with herbert smith cut a break the youthful orbit fend are two years in prison for burglar and strong armed robbery. >> smith violated probation by driving on a suspended license in the car he was in had stolen jewelry and box of bullets. he sentenced for probation was shock. 60 year in prison. 47 years more than the prosecutor asked for. he would not get out until he was over 80 years old. >> it did not feel real. i did not sleep for six nights strachlt i had my head down all i could do was cry and unbelievable. 60 years for driving with a
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>> he got unexpected support for 25,000 people on an online petition the hearing was held to reconsider the sentence in december. >> never at&t if he was given a break. >> theymented find you a job, they w wt to keep you out of trouble. >> then another shocking announcement. >> i have deced to suspend your sentence. >> he let him go. >> he was awesome. the best feelegligent world. >> he made it clear if smith violated the probation that 60 year sentence would be reinstated. >> which path will you choose. >> top conditions was smith needed to getet a b. >> here is smith the day work
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kuth edge industries. >> i'm working now. i can't believe it. i'm living the regular lifelike everyone else. i feel like -- it feels good. >> this is a new life he needs to move forward not worry about the pasteur. he spent years on a burglar charge. >> what happens when he come out. well is nothing to show anybody the guidance. >> reporter: when he got out he mowed lawn i in a business that has 30 employees incncluding smith. >> herbert is like a sprong.
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smart man. he has potential. smith is embracing the chance and knows the incredible stakes. >> if you make a small mistake your life is gone like that. i think abo that every day. every morning i get up. >> that help you stay on the straight and narrow? >> yes. it does and god does, also. >> reporter: bob@norman, local 10 news. >> reporter: that 60 ar sentence will loom over smith for 15 years when his probation will end. >> keep it going herbert you are the man. >> like second chances. betty? talk weather. it is hot. it is steamy and i don't think it is going anywhere. >> reporter: mother nature deserves a a second chance. >> reporter: we will do the same thenning all over. now we have 70s. this afternoon we were ithe
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almost touching mind in pembroke pines. we s low to mid 70s. wind are light and skies are clear. we are likely setting the stage to have fog forming by tomorrow morning. our fog tracker showing there could be areas of dense fog out there. primarily through the interior and western are and may be patchy fog in our east coast metro. julie will be here to tell you about that. by the afternoon ample sun and back to more warm temperatures across the area. high pressure is the dominating feature for florida. clouds. we will get through the night with dry conscience. drdr will be the theme tomorrow as well. and hot times ahead. ththe is a push of cooler air coming through the southeast. leading edge of the cold front will get hung up over northern
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being tap that cool air a hot day on the way. friday tell be warm. may be a shower with the heating of the day. the better chance for rainfall is going to come this weekend. saturday and sunday. so another l lk at temperatures for tomorrow. low are 70s is where we start the day. bite afternoon upper 80s possible. we are forecasting 87 for miami in the morning fog. through the day wind light and variable and rain chances low. tomorrow is st. patrick's day. go out and have green beer. friday slightly better chance for a shower. by saturday/sunday. jazz instead gardens and the rain chance from 40-50%. take the umbrella out. cold front moves through. next week the lows in the mid 60s afternoon highs in the upper 70s. tell be nice out there. weather authority is always watching.
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of the gang to get you ready for friday. >> i love it. no green beer for julie. >> reporter: green beer sounds pretty good. [laughter]. >> >> reporter: may be after the shoechl >> reporter: fire racing through a stable a dozen horses killed. we are hearing from the grieving ordinance. >> reporter: a look what is coming up after the news on jimmie kimmel live. >> what is the name of the show? it is called, harry. >> we thought of different names. >> what were the other names? >> dwayne. [applause]. good evening upon contans here with your traffic alert. between dixie highway and first avenue all lanes will be closed. instead take pembroke roochld
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>> reporter: firefighter has been arrested after an altercation with his live in girlfriend. two got in an argument at their home when he alleged 3 choked her and locked her in a room for two hours. he was arrestd and charged with battery. placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigatatn. >> reporter: now tragedy in lake worth where a dozen horses were killed in a fire at the south florida trotting center. the fire was so intense, two firefighters who responded were treated for exhaustion. the owner knew things were bad. >> i saw from up the road the place loyalty like a fourth of
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sirens and police and smoke. >> i tried to cheng on the people and the horse i want to be -- my heart is broken. >> reporter: 11 horses were rescued two are in critical cannot fire is an accident. appears an electrical malfunction is to blame. >> reporter: officials investigating what caused a yacht to go up in flames you seat smoke coming out of the yacht near st. toms. they arrived on scene to battle the blble. it was contained no injuries. clay? report report nt the heat at two new members and how far will the her capes go. the president weighs in on that, next. >> reporter: first cash 3, play
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>> reporter: match madness is just about here. we had the first four games at ncaa tournament. tomorrow the action really heats up with 32 games including the her capes and buffalo bulls. the the president fills out a bracket every year this time he is pick the sweet 16. jayhawks win itting all. the hurricanes getting practice in on the day before their opener in providence getting ready. the third seed will take on the 14 seed bulls on thursday night. don't forget to enter t local
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win a 65 inch hd tv from usa. and have a chance to go against local 10 reporters and anchors i will guarantee who will not win. that is me. congratulations to chris and his wife on the birth of their 20s. chris post thanksgiving picture with the names of his boys phoenix and len ox. dwayne waded he spoke to him and joked said he has five kids he can coach a team of borns. >> he has his team at home his legacy lives on. you know he has three boys now and two girls. >> i think they would lead that to happen. we showed you the heat on the practice floor getting ready for tomorrow night with the hornets.
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guilty play-off guilty play-offs. look for an answer at rung back the latest brings in chris jobs rushing 2,000 yards for the titans in 2009 and the official signing of andre branch. a nice third option there. andd the marrins held a team homerun derby. that derby feet urd all of their heavy hitters the three 25 million dollars sg are job stanton. who won? look behind me you know the answer. 51 year old barry -- >> reporter: [laughter]. he is the indiana jones of baseball. >> reporter: speaking of time of how much we have a few how are we looking tomorrow?
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live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- harry connick jr. from "dancing with the stars," erin andrews. and music from 2 chainz and lil wayne in austin, texas. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as far as i know, re's jimmy kimmel! [ eers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm the host, jimmy. thank you for watching.
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welcome to hollywood. a suburb of f s angeles. los angeles, part of lifornia. california, part of the united states of america. which according to the annual world happiness report is the 13thappiest country in the world. we might have just dropped to 17th, i don't know. you know what the happiest country in the world is? denmark. [ cheers and applause ] danish people are the happy. of course they're happy, they have a pastry named after them. the top ten weredenmark, switzerland, iceland, norway, finland, canada, the netherlands, new zealand, australia, sweden. basically all the countries represented in the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. of course the numbers are subject to change when president trump takes office and makes us great again. [ laughter ] donald trump is pretty darn happy right now, i'll bet. i feel so bad for his wife. i was thinking about this. could you imagine getting into


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