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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the right and as his truck crosses lanes and smashes through the concrete, he is ejected, free falling independent lif his multi-ton truck for three awful seconds. >> he definitely has -- is very passionate about the work that he perps on a daily becauseis. that's whyhyt's shocking for us to see something like that take place. >> glenna: snathe 13-year veteran with. with a solid satisfactory work record. he spent two weeks in the hospital and comes away with this for ticket. >> for careless driving and not wearing a seatbelt. >> neki: and that's the spot where the truck fell in the park in sort of a parking lot area. the park is now open by now. people have come to understand what a miracle this was, the word everyone is using. no kids were in the parkhat day, february 15th. no one else was hurt. the city of miami is still looking into its employee's actions, risk management and the
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but the video clearly shows he was not speeding and was not texting and driving, and so the city of miami in its statement is using the word "miracle" as well.i'm glenna milberg live in miami tonight, local10 news. >> laurie: breaking news right now a crash on beads loews boulevard right in the heart of fort lauderdale. let's get to -- >> victor oquendo: this involves a bicyclist hit and pinned underneath an suv under sluice. thisloews. a local10 viewer tells us when she was on the scene she saw in bicyclist pinned underneath is black suv being pulled out by firefighters and paramedics. they had to prop that suv up on wooden blocks and they were able to get him out, and the good ne is she said he looked like he was in good condition and police said he woos definitely lucky as well. he was however transported to a hospital, said to be good shape, alert andesponsive. this viewer did mention that he was on one of those city bikes,
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possible he was a tourist. no confirmation on that just yet.we're waiting word from lauderdalepd and fire on exactly what it has that happened. you just saw video of that rescue. this bicyclist schmitt pinned underneath that suv. >> calvin: new at at 6:00 now a mother is under arrest accused of driving drunk with her two-year-old child asleep in the back seat. local10 news reporter carlos suar live now off the highway with more on this dangerous decision. carlos. >> carlos: calvin, we are on i-95 just south of sunrise boulevard and according to that weems arrestform another driver spotted the 43-year-old driving on the rims of one of the tires she had clearly gone blown on i-95. she was apparently as far south as hollywood when that driver noticed she was without basically one of the wheels. he said finally come a stop some six miles north of here way past sunrise boulevard, and that's where fhp caught up with her and noticed that the two-year-old
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43-year-old coleen lofman found herself in court monday after spenenng the weekend in jail, accused of being anything but motherly and a highway patrol troopery arrests her perp fh p say they were on i-95 when she blew a tire and owled perfect in the ergency lane. a trooper pulled up behind her and noticed the tire was g ge and the rim badly damaged. according to fhp it soon became clear lofman had no business being wind h.p. behind the wheel. "the female lof hadn't in slurred speech, bloodshot and blosy eyes, her appearance was very disheveled and her front zipper was also down. the interior of the vehicle was also disheveled, paperwork, food,ogurt poured all over." perhaps more troubling is that lofman's two-year-old son was asleep in the back seat ofar.. lofman admitted to knocking down two beers, two xanax and sole
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it would take three law enforcement officers to get her in cuffs. >> i think alcohol treatment would be a great idea and there's not from stopping her from wetting that on her own >> carlos: we're told part of that arrest as well as her resisting police at the time as that celebratory test was caught videos. she was charged with dui, resisting arrest wells child abuse. as for that white hot heat two-year-old son he was turned over the to his father. we're live tonight in fort lauderdale, i'm carlos swars, local10 news at. >> laurie: from that would a tragic accident. a teenager badly hurt after being truck by an suv and pinned to a utility pole. the 14-year-old boy was walking with his mother along northeast 56 street and north dixie hawaii highway in oakland park when they were hit. police say the driver struck the utility pole near a bus stop. a witness was so shaken by what he saw.
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a saw a vehicle go right into the wall. also i seen this woman in the street, and i was in shock. >> laurie: the mother was taken to the hospil. we do not know her condition yet. police say the driver of the other vehicle was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> calvin: and right now three people are facing serious charges in the abduction of a little boy that triggered an amber alert over the weekend. that little boy was later found safe. and among those arrested, the little boy's caretaker and the buys mother is alsoanted, accused of starting it all. local10 news reporter neki mohan is live now at details for us. neki. >> neki: calvin, this little boy is in the professes being transferrere back here to florida. when he is he will be held in e custody p department of children and families because his mother is wanted for this abduction as well as the people who live in the home here with him. they were all arrested for alleged conspiracy for all of this to happen. 21-month-old logan hernandez is
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services in texas after his mother, 29-year-old leydibet hernandez apparently took him to texas on a because violating a custody order, her parental rights had been revoked. last night rebecca rodriguez, hernandez eats boyfriend's mother, told us that she had temporary custody boy when he went missing. now she has been arrested along with her son j jn pablo mesa and leddy betted hernandez's mother lazaro ortiz is all charged with interfering with a child custody order and filing a false police report. local10 obtained exclusive video of this silver mazda suv that learned was believed to be driving test logan's disappearance. that is now in a miami police impound lot. >> it's in the chihi's best interests to be placed in dcf foster care. e. the current caregiver as reported has been arrested. >> neki: and logan hernandez returns to south florida, he will be placed in dcf custody
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mother ran and who helped her. leddy better hernandez is not in police custody because when she was stopped in texex, they said they did not have an extradition let her. protective custody there. the department of children and families. the next hearing in that matter is march 18th. live in miami, neki mohan week local10 news. >> laurie: we do want to let you know about the safety alert out of broward county. a man is behind bars after allegedly offering a five-year-old candy and then exiley assaulting her. lamont mayweather you see here is accused of trying to lure the little girl with candy, then touching her in the laundry room ofof an apartment complex in pompano beach. >> calvin: the legal fight to free a emerge teenager accused of murdering a rabbi ahead ofhis trial is now over. local10 news reporter terrell forney joins us live now with the court's decision today. terrell. >> terrell: calvin, that hearing
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but it wrapped up without a decision, so it means that for now this 14-year-old accused of murder will stay in jail at least for the foreseeablefuture. three months after his arrested, deandre charles is still in jail, prosecutors say it's right where the 15-year-old belongs charged with first degree murder, but his attorney has been fighting non-stop to free the teen. >> we're not just pleading not guilty. we know he's not guilty. >> terrell: todada another process in deciding if charles should be released ahead of his upcoming trial. the teen is accused of killing rabbi joseph raksin in offing 2014, the rabbi in townisiting his family was walking to temple near nor miami beach when cops say he was fatally shot in a botched attempted robbery. >> we do know that mr. charles is the one who can identify as leavininthe area right after the shooting..& if investigators have an
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the scene on that day. cell phone records which put h'm in the arere and dna evidence on the murder away, a .40-caliber glock. its mag teen was dropped at the crime scene. and then there's the suv that police later processed that witnesses saw speeding away right after the murder. >> the dna that came off that door handle is the result of the defendant, the victim, and an unknown individual. >> terrell: so both the prosecutor and the d dense attorney in this case have the judge. it will now be up to that judge to make his decision. he's given no time window on when that decision will be made and if deandre charles should be released on bond but he does sayit will happen ate least over the next few weeks or so and we will certainly keep you posted when the judge decides on that bond issue. we areive in miami, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> calvin: police have ready two
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used hoverboards to ambush their victims. 20-year-old keon cunningham and 17-year-old john williams allegedly robbed three pple at a boca raton library last month. flay they rolled up on their hoverboards before stealing their stuff and rode away, and it turur out the hoverboards were also stolen. >> laurie: funer arrangements are set for former first lady nancy reagan. as we learn me about herring credible love story with iv president ronald reagaga we actually have a look at a their private letters coming up. >> calvin: plus, peyton manning if his own words tonight, why he's retire frequent the nfl, all coming up on "world news tonight" at i 6:30. >> betty: temperatures reaching the upper 70s this afternoon. d the weather not looking too shabby for the evening. i'll have t forecast you coming right auto. >> laurie: but first want hear from a man who says he knows the real donald trump. that story right after the
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>> laurie: a stinging saturday night spoof targeted donald
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>> he's going to take our economy from here to here. [ laughter ] >> why doo i support frump? three words. good act business. good at business. >> a message from racists for donald trump. >> laurie: last week trump failed to denounce statements by a former kkk grand wizard who is urging people to vote for trump. and trump has since said he rejects support from such groups. meantime right here in south florida, there is one man out there who says trump is not the bad guy. his contradicts making him out to be. >> calvin: local10 news investigator bob norn sat down with him to get the other side of trump. >> trump ia phony, a fraud gorgeous the attacks on donald trump be coming from e everyone from his fellow republicans -- >> whyo i support trump? three words, good at business. >> bob: -- to "saturday night live." the deerfield beach attorney said he knows trump like few others and that people are getting it all wrong.
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that's just not happening. sheehey doesn't think that way. >> bob: and trull i was a captain at the all male new york military academy in 1964 where he was named ladies' man of the school tickton was his pla ton sergeant literally living and working with him. >> we had the first african-americans come into the school in our senior year. >> bob: tickton said desegregation didn't come easy to the. >> i'll was disgusted by some of the people, the way they behaved towards them. it was horrible and donald tolland was just a gas and disgusted by the as i was. >> bob: yet remains rerely sometimes indicate otherwise as did his failure to con dome the kkkn cnn last week. >> believe me, this man is not a bigot. this man, he has disavowed the k confidentk. >> bob: tickton wroro a recent took post that's going viral with nearly 25,000 shares already. >> he doesn't take defeat as an alternative that's acceptable.
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he's doing some of the things he's doing? he'll do whatever it takes to win? >> no. your misunderstanding him altogether. he is doing what he's doing because he just is going to say it the way he says it. >> bob: in deerfield beach, bob norman, local10 news. >> calvin: tuck-to-be who last spoke with trump at a party last year took offense of comparisons of trump to hitler. she had the only thing the two men have in common is the ability to work a crowd. >> laurie: it's women's history month, and right here in south florida we are honorinin the legend, the queen of salsa. the city of hialeah and the miami urban and contemporary experience have partnered up for this special exhibit in her name. , so it is celebrates salea's life, some of those ek electric dresses and, of course, the fun shops puck visit the exhibit through march 31st at the my lender center for arts and entertainment on palm avenue. >> calvin: he was one of a kind. >aurie: and she makes us
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she was one of first queens. the king is andy garci >> calvin: i can't wait to see the interview. he's the guy. >> laurie: so bring on the good weather until then. >> betty: counting it down, laurie. we can hardly wait. we are looking great, fantastic or town and tomorrow and the day after the seven-day planner. wait until you see it. i think you're goinggo like it a lot, especially if you're here today on vacation. 7878he high in miami. we were just a little bit below normal but it was pretty comfortable out from the grand scheme of thing and now we're settling into a beautiful night. look at all gorgeous people gathering out at mallory square getting ready to watch the sun go down. it's going to be great to see. temperatures are now in the lower 70s. kendall at 71. pembroke pines 72 degrs. dry skies out there and mainly dry for the rest of tonight. we will tend to have a few clouds out there, so by 10:00 tonight if you're out late, partly cloudy skies and the temperature should be around 70 degrees. and, oh, yes, that east breeze
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long, that is not going to die down. that wind is going to stay up. right now the breeze from the east is staying sustained 10 to 20 miles an hour. at times it has gusted a little higher than that. we're getting that wind direction around an area of high pressure around the carolina coast. clockwise flow around the high pressure. that's responsible for the east breeze. high pressure has been keeping the weather really nice, nice and dry, i should say, for a lot of the southeast and the mid-launching, too, it's in control for now. on that breeze there's the outside chance for a shower on the breeze. we're not going to get a shower on the breeze tonight i don't think but just is slimmest chance for that happening the next couple of days. meantime we'll continue to watch moisture return into the lower mississippi river valley tuesday and wednesday, stormy weather there. not here. we are still talking the flow around the high pressure fortuesday. and also for wednesday. so the breeze will be bsk and some clouds will continue to mix with the sunshine.
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could be some strong to severe storm breaking true the middle of the country, mississippi river valley. i'm you'll be here traing those. we don't have to worry about that type of rough weather here for wednesday, thursday or friday. if you have something planned outside for tomorrow let's go get it. upper 60s morning. highs in the upper 70s. winds from the east 10 to 2120 miles an hour. that r rn chance is low at just 10%. one of those days where each afternoon the kids come home from school, they do the homework, they're hitting the door ready to get outside. by wednesday, thursday high temperatures in the low 80s. by saturday here comes a frontal system. that could bring as y y i few showers. hopefully behind that we dry out on sunday. calle ocho day. temperatures won't be cooling down. it looks like we could still see 80s on sunday. >> will: well we'll be about trip meanwhile dolphins on the edgefter you dig bug at any rate.
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looking for work.tt2w rm8v'`:o j# m/, tt2w rm8v'`:!!*n =/d tt2w rm8v'`:4!j# k90 tt2w rm8v'`:x#*&`:l7d tt2w rm8v'`:t#t#`:x7 tt2w rm8v'`:t#j)`:swd tt2w rm8v'`:p#j*`:dlx tt2w rm8v'`:p#j,`:%68 tt2w rm8v'`:l#*.`:,?4 tt2w rm8v'`:l#*0`:7)\ >> will: miami dolphins are on the verge of making a big move. corning to mult reports the fins are timizing a trade with the philadelphia eagles that would ing back quarterback aaron maxwell. he struggl times last year after getting a big contract. it would also include linebacker alonso. they do get maxwell it could meanhe end of brent grimes time with the fins. if the pro bowl cornerback doesn't take a pay cut, the dolphihs will cut hum. nfl leyland peyton manning maki it a career today.
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the broken organization including john elway. cyst stats were 18 years, 266 games, over 9,000 passes this and over 71,000 yards. 557 touchdowns. that's n to mention those two super bowl risk and five mv p awarding bad news forhe panels. slugger giancarlo stanton did not play in today's spring game, didn't play in the last one, either, and congress to the mile herald stand topp stayed backh in jupiter because of soreyness in his right knee be, the same knee he had surgery on in 2012. the miami hurricanes won fife straight games. the heat. hassan whiteside look 34 years young. the heat won the game 103-98. now they hit the road for the next tree this weeks starting in milwaukee on wednesday. the hurricanes took a minor dip in the new polls. u won 7 to 11 in the ap poll
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over the weekend. miami focused on the acc tournament. the 'canes will have the third seed. partisack on home ice tonight when they host the bruins. florida will face the senators in this home game home stand. with the miami open two weeks away, maria sharapova saying she failed the drug test at the australian open for some sort of a performance enhancing drug. no word hor status for the tournament here in south florida but it's something a left people will keep an eye on. >>alvin: she's a pretty sizable woman already.
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st text1 italics cc1 test message we have several breaking storie this monday night. the race for the white houke. michael bloomberg says he will not run because it may help donald trump win. trump, and his message for ted cruz. and hillary clinton, what she just asked of bernie sanders.
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the $55 million verdict. after suing her stalker and a major hotel. deadly storms tonight, powerful winds, flash floods, and lightning strikes. and the system moving from the south to the east. one of the most famous athletes, her secret vealed, and her apology. and what they're now planning to do for mrs. reagan. good evening. we'll get to the $55 million verdict in just a moment. but first, michael bloomberg saying he will not run. his reason -- he says a bloomberg campaign will help


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