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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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local 10 news krisreal-time closed captioningprovided by u.s.captioni the fbi making an arrest right here in south florida in connection with the gold heist thatappened more than one year ago in north carolina. in fact, millions of dollars in gold were stolen during that robbery last march. >> constance: now there is a break in the case. local 10 news news reporter todd details on t t arrest. >> reporter: kristi and constance, neighbored were startled and awoken this morning when they heard a loud bang and federal agents storm into this quiet residence i i opa-locka in this quiet opa-locka neighborhood.
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are combing over theackyard, the inside of the home, even the vehicles outside of the home looking for evidence. in a joint law enforcement investigation, the fbi raided adalberto perez. he was arrested at 6:00 this morning in@ connection with his alleged soft in a daring gold heist in north carolina in march of 2015. federal agents searched the opa-locka property as an older man and woman sat a a backyard table. the fbi said perez was involved in the gold heist in wilson county, north carolina. a tracacr-trailer carrying 4.9 million in gold bars was heading to boston when police say it was held up by two spanish-spspking men who took off with the loot in a white van. one man has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for trying to fence one of the stolen gold bars to a miami pawnshop. the fbi doesn't believe he was involved in the heist but was
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perez has a lengthy criminal record including charges for grand theft, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, arson and trying to sell a stolen vehicle. he will make an appearance in federal court this afternoon. and police are saying that they do believe this is possibly an inside job. they have been following up on that lead for this past year as agents continue to comb over the evidence here at this home. we are learning there may also be a second suspect that has been arrested. of course, we're going too have much more on local 10 news beginning at 4:00. for now, live in opa-locka, todd tongen, local 10 news. >> constance: all right. the search is on for a man who bailed out of a car during a traffic stop near the goalen glades interchange. police say they're not sure why he left his car and took off running. you can see the black dodge charger pulled off to the side of the road with the driver's side door open.police searched in a warehouse in miami gardens for him. no other details were immediately released.
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marco rubio casting his ballot early. he voted today in west miami one day after super tuesday. meanwhile democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump, they are celebrating today after racking up some big wins on super tuesday. each won seven states getting more delegates as they inch a tad closer now to nominations from their parties. >> constance: so sheer is a look at the latest numbers. hillary clinton has an estimated 1,055 delelates, bernie sanders at 418 delegates in total. 2,382 are needed to secure the nomination.. donald trump has an estimated 315, cruz trails behind at 205, rubio with 106. 1,237 are needed for that nomination. with super tuesday results it looks increasingly like the november election will be a match-up of llary clinton and donald trump. >> kristi: stephanie ramos tells us what the candidates are focusingn next for the race to the white house.
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over with both frontrunners in eaea party cementing their lead. >> thank you all so much. >> if winner took all, this thing is over. >> reporter: with these results, the november election will likely be a match-up of hillary clinton and donald trump. trump sweeping up big wins in seven states making it much harder for his rivals to catch up. marco rubio winning only in one state, minnesota. ted cruz grabbing the most v ves in oklahoma, alaska and his home state of texas. >> we've done something that almost nobody thougug could be done. >> reporter: democratic frontrunner hillary clinton also snagging big wins in several delegate-heavy states as super tuesday wrapped up. and with her commanding lead in the delegatat count, taking on trump. >> instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> reporter: after a landslide inis home state of vermont, clinton's democratic competitor bernie sanders singing the same tune.
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>> reporter: sanders not showing any signs of ending his campaign. >> this is not a general election. it is not winner take all. >> reporter: after so many vote, the g.o.p. field still has five candidates including ben carson and they also say they're staying in this race. on the@ democratic side, hillary clinton is so much closer to that nominee status but her competition, bernie sanders, says he is staying in this race until the democratic national convention held in july. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> kristi: thank you. of course, very important primary right here in the state of florida now just 13 days away. early voting is alreadynderway in both miami-dade and monroe counties. prepared to be seeeeg a whole lot more of the candidates in our area in the coming weeks. be sure to make local 10 your election headquarterer we are bringing you always the very latest results and analysis on air and online >> constance: developing at noon a disturbing discovery after remains believed to be human were found in oakland park.
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forney is live with the latest on thi investigation. terrell? >> reporter: detectives have since confirmed that the remains found in this field are human. detectives are still out here working the area. this is just southof oakland park boulevard and just to the west of i-95. the broward sheriff's office first got a call around 30 this morning. a man walking in this field apparentl\ stumbled across the skeletal remains which is adjacent to ament a building. the field isacant and residents say they rarely see anyone in this wooded area, but they say they are certainly surprised about what was found here. we just spoke with the man who made the discovery and he tells me it is very obvious that the body had been here for quite some time. >> the skeleton as scattered, you know. the more we looked around, the
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had debris on it and marsh. so it was there for a whilele >> at this point we have not yet been able to determine if it is a male or female that died out in the field. >> reporter: the mededal examiner's office right now is collecting the remains and all of the debris around it. it is unclear though how long those remains have been here in this field. we know that it will take just a little bit of a long time for detectives to try and come up with some answers as to that information an also the identity of the remains found here in this field in oakland park. we will keep you posted. for now that's the latest in oakland park, i'm terrell forney, local 10 news. >> kristi:hank you. you saw this first on local 10 news. the search for thieves who stole several pricey birds in miami and this is jt into our newsroom. one of the birds has now been found. local 10 news reporter kentucky ben kennedy is live in miami. where did they find the bird, ben?
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bird newspaper a tree across the street. he was chirping. he got away. six other birds were not as lucky. a 33-year-old parrot was taken from the cage behind me. >> taken my heart. >> reporter: this woman is in tears next to an empty cage where her parrot and six other birds were stolen. [crying] >> been with me 33 years. we heard the dogog barking. my husband went outside. >> repororr: the bird is a yellow-naped amazon parrot worth $2,000. her name is baby and has been part ofhe family for more than 30 years. >> she is like a kid to me. i used to grab her, kiss her. she sings, she calls everybody's name, my mom's name.
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one of the tree stolen. the guy got away from the crooks and hid in a tree. tail feathers were ripped off.three parkettes were taken. a total of seven birds swiped by two men from a home off southwest 44th court and 5th terrace. it is there miami police dusted for prints and talked to the owner's husband who saw the men takeff. >> he opened the door and he sees the guy running. he went inside the silver optima. >> reporter: these are some feathers actually ripped from the birds. you can tell these guynot handle them nicely. still no sign of that nissan altima. it has been about eight hours and police continue to look for the two men. reporting live in miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> constance: thanks, ben. caught on camer first breaking into a car in southwest miami-dade. this is actually some surveillance video from january 2.
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unlocked car through the driver's side. this happening along 147th avenue and 22nd street and then just taking off. also in southwest miami-dade burglars caught on camera stealing tires off a car. surveillance video shows the two men approaching the car, removing the tire sockets sockets and taking the tires off. if you know anything about either of the crimes call crime stoppers at 305-471-t-ts. >> kristi: indonesia has been hit with a massive earthquake a few hours ago. it was a 7.8 magnitude quake striking about 400 miles off the coast triggering a tsunami warning there. here are some pictures after that quake hitit residents were evacuated to higher ground as a precaution. so far no reports of any damage nor injuries. we have an update on zika fears this noon. cuba has now announced it has detected the first case of the zika virus on the island. officials sayay a 28-year-old
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february 21 and a day later that person came down with a highfever and a rash. they say the virus was imported, it was a travel-related one from venezuela. the mosquito-borne virus is said to have a connection with microcephaly. the latest number of cases in the sunshine state. two new cases were confirmed yesterday in miami-dade county bringing the total number of patients to 19, again all travel-related. there are six cases of zika in broward, all travel-related. we are told only five patnts are still having any kind of symptoms of that virus. >> constance: right now sports authority has filed for bankruptcy. e company announced it will be closing 140 stores over the next three months. that is nearly a third of their locaons. the company currently spends about $6 million to have its name on the stayedoh that'some to the denver broncos. a lot of red in the stock market.
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nasdaq down 19 points to 4,670, s&p 500 down a aut five points. >> kristi: a south floridateenager accused of pretending to a doctor is arreste again. >> constance: we remember this story. the new charges he is now facing when he appeared in court this morning. plus astronaut scott cay is back on earth after a major journey. the record that he set for nasa while traveling in space. >> julie: south florida we have a lot of events this weekend, walk for the animals on saturday. the forecast looking good. 67 degrees at 9:00 with a nice breeze, 72 by 11:00 and in the afternoon hours we will be warming up to the upper 70s. i have the details on this on and i have more details on your wednesday forecast coming up. and today at 6:00. cyber criminals holding your computer system hostage. >> i call it express kidnap. >> should you pay the ransom to get your information back? >> the crimes on the internet.
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"hacked" today a a6:00.tt2w`tkfd* bt@qzj tt2w`tkfd* "a@qjfd tt2w`tkfd* bm@qamh tt4w`tkfd*" dztq =$h tt4w`tkfd*" entq m ( tt4w4wkfd*" gzt& t'p tt4w`tkfd*" hnt& d)< tt4w`tkfd*" iztq .@d tt4w`tkfd*" jntq
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palm beach where the teen just appeared in court. >> reporter: good afternoon. malachi love-robinson facing charges of fraud and grand theft. detectives with the palm beach upon further investigation it was revealed the teen took about $35,000 from the victim using that money to pay for credit card bills and his car loan. please. >> reporter: a 18-year-old who gained national notoriety for posing as a doctor is facing new charges and made a bond appearance before palm beach county judge today. malachi love-robinson's attorney arguing these latest charges of grand theft and fraud stem from a previous case where his client ready posted bond. >> these are the same -- these facts and circumstances align with the other case could have all been brought at the same time. >> reporter: the judge agreeing. >> i'm going to release him on supervised release. i want no contact with the victim. he is not to practice any sort
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>> reporter: love-robinson turned himself in late tuesday night after a warrant was issued for his arrest. the teen first made headlines last month after he opened his own medical clic and was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. >> this story was broadcast everywhere, like on some insane maniac that's out here doing crazy things. >> reporter: he was initially charged with selling a 86-year-old woman fraudulent natural vitamins and forging stolen checks. tectives say the woman who hired the teen to help her with severe stomach pain noticed more was missing from her home than she originally thought after love-robinson made house calls. part of the supervised realized love-robinson will have to submit to random alcohol and drug testing and have a mental health evaluation. the teen is expected to get out of jail at some point today. we will be here and keep you posted. reportjng live from west palm beach, local 10 news. why.y&
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defense certification charges have been dropped for the plantation dad accused of kicking his son out of his car during an argument in december. he was charged with unlaw pholes certification of a child. police say he kicked his teenage son out of the car and drove away. the teen has not returned home. detectives do not think there is foul play in the disappearance. sky 10 was over the scene of a possible home invasion hollywood. you can see a whole lot of police activity in the area of joson streetet and 28th avenue around 6:15 this morning. no other details were immediately released. >> kristi: the manager of a south florida restaurant has been arrested after a mother made a very disturbing discovery inside that e`tery's restroom. hajime maruyana is charged with resisting arrest. the mother found hidden camera attached to the sink in the restaurant facg a toilet
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street and 136th avenue. police say the woman and her husband confronted the employees as well ashat store manager. according to the arrest report,& he became very nervous and began pacing around the restaurant. >> constance: take a look at this car rolled over on its side on miramar parkway. sky 10 was over the scene between cobnty line road and miramar parkway earlier this morning. you can see rescue crews on the scene putting the driver on a stretcher. it is unclear what caused the silver s.u.v. to crash or if the iver was seriously injured. >> kristi: wild weather rolling through alabama as voters headed to the polls on super tuesday yesterday. storms caused some rain, a lot ofheavy rain to fall over that state. in some areas there were reports of tornadoes touching down mike mccullough. in tornado has been confirmed by the national weather service but there isp significant damage left behind by lots of strong winds ere. in fact, there could be more storm rolling through that state again today. >> constance: a slippery situation at chicago's o'hare airport.
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to slide right off the runwa the first was a corporate jet making a landing, yikes. take a look at that. another one happened right before an american airlines flight was scheduled to take off for new jersey. no one was hurt on the runys and they were shut down for about an hour. y roads causing a major mess on the roads in buffalo, new york. three separate pilots were reported in the area all involving more than ten vehicles. the worst chain-reaction crash happened on a highway with up to 33 cars. at least four people including three children wereaken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> kristi: we just have a lot of pushing and shoving as we try to make our way to the beach. >> constance: nothing to complain about, right, julie? >> julie: not at all. we are so blessed. believe ix or not, that storm system is going to be moving into central florida but it is weakening as we speak across northern florida and in towards lake okeechobee. it could have been a lot worst for our forecast if thesis tell
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what we saw with the video and pictures for friends across the great lakes and you and down the south and the northeast. for us, we will embrace the sunshine thank you mother nature. it is beautiful outdoors. it is warm though and it is humid. we have humidity level 50% in miam temperature of 80 degrees. you factor in the humidity to the air temperature and it feels like 81 with a west, northwest wind at 6 miles per hour. lots of sunshine in ft. lauderdale, 79 degrees. but it feels like 80 once you factor in the relative humidity. notice the winds moving in fromthe west, southwest at 7 miles per hour. the winds are variable right now as that front is starting to make its way closer to us. again, one thing you are only going to notice once the front starts to@ slide into south florida and diminish tonight while you are sleeping and youwake up tomorrow morning will be the shift in the wind direction. right now you are enjoying sunshine in mallory square, temperature of 77 degrees but it feels like 79 with that humidity. so we keep the mid and high-level clouds around but they are not producing precipitation. opr atmosphere is relatively dry. the front moving into northern flora pushing off the east coast.
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pressure continuing to bring lake effect snow across parts of kentucky in towards ohio and up towards the northeast. we turn our attention to another front that is moving in towards nebraska and the dakotas. that will be the next front that is expected to move in by friday night and into saturday. so this one that will move into central florida in the next few hours into south florida by tonight you won't really notice. it just going to dissolve and we will only notice a shift in the wind direction tomorrow morning. for the rest of ire afternoon it will be warm and mostly dry and a lot of sunshine. it will definitely be warmer than what we are used to as we stt the month of march. it has been above-average temperatures. tomorrow high pressure will build and we wait for the secondary boundary to move into south floroda. it will move in by friday night and saturday morning. we won't see a big relief in the heat with this but it will bring our temperatures back to wre they should be this time of year for all the festivities outdoors this weekend. until we get to the weekend forecast, we get through the next two days warm, humid conditions. that front moves in by friday
12:24 pm
of showers slightly, going into the overnight hours into saturday and then you can see carnival saturday and sunday. get out and meetur local team and we have the walk for the animals. lots to go on this weekend. you can get the details on on chief certified betty davis will have more on this and she will be out there this weekend just like you, right, kris it? >> kristi: yes. we talked about the campaign trail. republican frontrunner donald trump is now responding to one of them from marco ubio. jeanne moos explains what he had to say. >> reporter: you'v got to hand it to donald trump. he sure uses his hands a lot. >> they bend like a pretz. they are such liars, the worst. >> reporter: but these magnificently@ expressive hands are what marco rubio had the nerve to call small. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> reporter: trust tmp to
12:25 pm
>> i've always had people say donald, you have the most beautiful hands. >> reporter: we try to maintain a hands-off attitude about this story but when the donald jumped in, so did we. >> he said i had small hands. they're not small, are they? i never heard that one before. >> reporter: oh, yes he did, says the editor of "vanity fair" who once described trump as a short-fingered vulgarian. >> he received envelopes from trump with a photo which he circles his hand to highlight the length of his finger with a note saying see, not so short. >> reporter: the editor wrote back to trump. a website called posts what seemed to be real and photo shopped photos emphasizing trump's hands.
12:26 pm
fingers resemble cocktail wienes and someone said chris christie's hands are smaller than the donald's. one commenter suggested russian leader vladimir putin also has short fingers as if all tough guys have a small hand complex to make up for. but trump supporters are more interested in shape than size. specifically the "v" for victory and maybe your hands might seem smaller if they got this much exercise. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> constance: we love jeanne moos. speaking of hands, wisconsin governor scott walker created a lot of buzz online after posting a photo of his hand on twitter with the caption of the photo, my hand before signing 58 bills into law today. guess what? of course people started posting pictures o o their hands making fun of the governor. then the governor decided to join in on the fun and then he decided to post a picture a few hours later and his response
12:27 pm
feels like after signing 58 bills into law. i guess that means his hand feels dead. >> kristi: funny politicians. chick-fil-a wants you to put down your cell phone. >> constance: the challenge they are offering families and the prizes you could win after the break. helping you plan your day. meteorologist julie durda only on local 10 news, your weather authority. today we are bringing you an easy family-style spread. mario is making incredible stuffed short ribs. carlos and i are whipping up a
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the >> kristi: a railroad alert this midday to let you know about. whole foods is recall maytag raw milk bleu cheese over a possible listeria contamination. the recall does invnvve cheese sold in packaging that looks just like this what you see onyour screen. maytag dairy by the way has
12:31 pm
well as production while the contamination is investigated. so far no real illnesses havebeen reported. chick-fil-a is challengingng its customer to enjoy a meal without looking at your phones. the chain has set up boxes calling them cell phone coops where diners can drop off cell ones before they sit down. families have been challenged to eat their entire meal phone free. the reward if you cleat this challenge? a free ice cream cone. that's'sorth it. more than 150 chick-fil-a locations are taking part in this one. no word if any of the locations are in sout florida. >> constance: what if you eat by yourself. >> kristi: put your phone down. >> constance: there are more body types and the apple, pear and banana. not sure what the banana would be. dr. oz tells us there are new ones out%there and what to eat to lose weight. >> turns out your body type is related to the hormones in your body. if youou have stress hormones you get belly fat.
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you end up with love handles, estrogen causes the bottom to get big andh bat wings is often because you don't have the right amount of testosterone to build muscles to soak up the extra space. by lookina at body types based on hormones out of whack we begin target solutions to help more effectively. people have too much stress they get belly fat. eating omega 3 3 3 fatty fatty acids help you better. find out what's wrong with you if you have a problem and target it accordingly. >> constance: don't miss the dr. oz show every weekday afternoon at 3:00 and local 10. >> kristi: what if you are an apple, pear and bananaa at the same time? >> constance: you are a fruit salad. >> kristi: the annual carnival miami festival kickingff and local 10 and news team will be
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>> constance: stop by the local 10 booth on saturday from noono 2:30 to meet christina vazquez, terrell forney, carlos suarez. max mayfield and betty davis wiwi be there and from 2:30 on catch calvin hughes, jeff weinsier and michael seiden. hatzel vela and victor oquendo will be there during that time. >> kristi: on sunday from noon to 2:30 join me, clay, neki mohan, toddongen and eric yutzy we are all going to be there. from 2:30 on catch glenna milberg, jennifer karaa and laurie jennings. >> constance: i hear you are giving out free hugs? >> kristi: yeah, maybe, for the right price. oh, free. not free if people have to pay. new at noon, possible wreckage from a missing malaysia airlines flight number 370 has been found. >> constance: where it was for
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it after the break. tonight at 11:00. wrong-way crashes on the rise. 100 deaths in florida last year. no end in sight until now.
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>> kristi: a piece of the malaysia plane 370 that vanished about two years ago may have been found. officials say a piece of d dris was found washed ashore over the weekend on the coat of mosan beak. there is no record of any other boeing 777 missing other than the malaysia airlines flight 370. the newly discovered debris is on its way to malaysia for more examination. >> constance: crews are working to contain a leak from an ethanol tanker. that was one of 16 cars on a freight train that derailed in southwestern new york last night. no one was hurt and there was no fire there. 30 peoplplwere evacuated from their homes as a precaution. a truck stuck on a bridge causing some traffic trouble in
12:38 pm
the vehicle w w found wedged between a guardrail and concrete barrrrr on the sidewalk. the driver and the keys were both gone. the sidewalk and several lanes were blocked as crews removed the truck. police later located that driver who sd she got stuck while following the wrong path.>> kristi: royal caribbeans troubled "anthem of the seas" cruise ship is back in new jersey this morning. a severe storm forecasted forced it to@ turn around again cutting a trip short for passengers and a reported norovirus on the ship but royal caribbean says that is not what affected the decision to return to port. three weeks ago passengers on the ship were rocked by 30-foot waves and strong winds. >> constance: another day in the erin andrews trial in nashville. she has filed a $75 million lawsuit against a man to took nude videos of her and posted them online. she is also suing the manager and owner of the marriott where
12:39 pm
recorded back in 2009. the sportscaster took to the stand again yesterday saying the san cal has caused her to overcompensate in other areas of her life. >> i feel like if i can do the top and work the world series and pass out the trophy then people will forget. >>@constance: the hotel says they feel terrible about what happened but they say the stalker is to blame, not the management. andrews says her reputation was ruined after the videos were leaked but the attorneys for the hotel claim her career thrived after the vid went viral. mission accomplished for astronaut scott kelly. >> kristi: how long he spent in space breaking the nasa record and how he was greeted when he finally got back to earth. today at 6:00, cyber criminals holding your computer system hostage. >> i call it express kidnap. >> should you pay the ransom to get your information back? >> the crimes in real life related to the internet.
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threats on the next >> constance: astronaut scott kelly is back on eartp after spending a consecutive 340 days inrbit setting a record for nasa and becoming the american who has spent the most time in space. >> rate of 80-meters per second. reporter: mission accomplished. >> scott kelly back on mother earth. >> reporter: commander scott kelly back on solid ground pumping his fist giving two signs up and telling reporters the air felt so good. >> fresh air was amazing. nothing like new cold air coming into the capsule. >> reporter: the r%ssian spacecraft landed overnight. kelly and his russi counterparts returning to earth to a hero's welcome. >> i felt like i had been up there my whole life, you know,
12:44 pm
>> reporter: he spent 340 days in space. during that time completed nearly 5500 orbits, two sunrisess and two sunsets each time. that's almost 144 million miles equal to the moonn and back, about 300 times. >> gng to mars one day it will make things better here on earth. happy to be part of that. >> reporter: one of the purposes of the mission, measure the effects of space on the body by comparing him to his own twin, retired astronaut mark kelly. so still a lot of work ahead for this american record holder who admits being home is bittersweet. >> i have been there a long time so i look forward to leaving but at the same time, you know, it is a magnificent place and i'm going to miss it. >> constance: kelly is expected to arrive home in houston later tonight and he will be reunitetewith his family and greeted by his nasa bosses. >>risti: check out the video
12:45 pm
deadly crash in massachusetts. rescuers say a s.u.v. slammed into a crowded pizza restaurant killing two people who were inside last night. several others including the driver were hurt. the crash is under investigation. many are now questioning a school patrol officer's use of force after a version video was made public. it shows him repeatedly slapping a young man in the face even cursing at him as well t is unclear if this is a student or not. baltimore citit police have called the video appalling and unacceptablele the officer has been placed on administrative leave as well while police investigate what happened. >> constance: a scary moment during the houston rodeo when a man falls off during one of the chuck wagon races. take a look at this. the audience looked on as the driver tumbles off the wagon and falls to the ground. the horse loses control and then crashes as the medics run to help. i think it is shocking for people up close because when you see an event like that up close
12:46 pm
make you even shocked. >> constance: officials say thth driver was awake and alert when taken to the hospital for evaluation and the who, horse was looked at by a vet and expected to b okay. can you imagine the chuck wagon races? extra special bond for a mother who just gave birth to her@ son. >> kristi: what the woman born on leap day is sharing with her baby boy. that story is coming up. >> constance: first a look at your winning lottery numbers. local 10 news will be right back. tonight at 11:00, wrong-way crashes on the rise. 100 deaths in florida lt year. no end in sight until now.
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get any large pizza up to 5-toppings for just $9.99. online only. at >> constance: to breaking news in coral springs. you are looking at live pictures of a car accident off university drive and the saw grass express which northbound. there we go. we are hearing two lanes of traffic could be blocked i i this location. your best alternate is flamingo road if you are traveling in that spot. a traffic alert off the saw grass expressway northbounun in other news, the fiu women's basketball coach has been suspended by the school after allegations of sexual misconduct involving the team's captain.
12:50 pm
coaching at fiu. the herald is reporting he sent the playernappropriate text message and loaned her $600 which would be a violation of naacp -- of naa rules. the teams captain destini feagin filed a complaint and complain toed to the school administraon. >> kristi: action from heat stororscoring. they've scored 1000 plus points in ten of their last 15 games. ing lots of numbers there. last night was the tenth game against the chicago bulls. third quarter we go. joe johnson with a three. the heat's newest member put up 24 points. then on to the fourth we go.d. wade throws it off to whiteside for a slam. whiteside put up 26 points on the night.
12:51 pm
>> yeah, we want to take advantage of every chance we get. we l l the one in boston get away. it is a learning experience. we've got joe johnson. ready to pick up heat. he is an amazing player and glad he's on o side. >> kristi: you bet. the heat stay at home for a tch-up against the suns tomorrow night a 7:30. >> constance: a fan at the knicks trail tremendous placers game lost it. he lost his beer. he is all red all over. it happened when a ball was thrown out of bounds into the stands there. that fan tried to block it but apparently he forgot he was holding a beer. beer flying everywhere. that drink flew into the air and landed straight on his shirt. >> kristi: today is a good day to pick up the book. it is national read across amerera day. this initiative was started by the national education association and also coincides with dr. seuss's birthday. the goals to encourage
12:52 pm
there and read. an illinois woman is getting quite the surprise when she gives birth on her birthday. >> constance: there is a little something extra to make@ this delivery special. it happens to be a leap day. mom and little six-pound levi will share their birthday celebrations every four years. something she says her husband joked about but never really thought it would happen. >> it will be interesting explaining to him as he is growing up how he has a birthday every four years and explain how that works when he gets older. i went through the same experience. it was kind of fun. it is unique. >> constance: very unique. indeed the chances of being born in a leap year is about one in 1400. the odds of family members sharing the same birthday are even smaller, one in 2 million. they are a special family. >> kristi: she should play the lottery. take a live look outside right now. our hollywood beach cam. tomorrow look at this picture.
12:53 pm
i have a day off and i'm headed to the beach like all of those today, you can click in walk in, or call in to world class care. because cleveland clinic florida is here for you. anytime, anywhere.
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>> constance: they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. >> kristi: were you looking at me when you said that? of course not. turns out you can. these four dogs were rescued off the streets and trained to work in a brazil open tunement. their job, to retrieve out of bounds tennis balls and give
12:56 pm
the shelter did it to raise awareness of animal adoption in brazil. cute. >> julie: mine brings it back and wants to throw it again. today is a great day to take the pups to the beach, for a nice walk. temperatures warming up already the lower 80s, miami, ft. lauderdale, 78 in key west. lots of sunshine. we already said that we are envy us of everybody at the beach because they are enjoying a beautiful beach day. look how calm the waters are in the distance. palm trees barely blowing in te wind. humidity is established and feels muggy. mostly dry east, southeast breeze and highs continue to warm up a few more degrees. we stay above average today and into the end of the workweek. you know who will have more chief certified meteorologist betty davis will be back at 4:00. >> kristi: thank you. that's it for now. remember you can always get the very latest breaking news all day long by checking out our website >> constance: "the chew" is next. have a great day.
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