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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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of a moving suv. the news at 4:00 starts. now rightff the top at 4:00 the race for the white house is heating up. today voters from 12 states are heading to the polls for super tuesday. >> calvin: also a new hypothetical poll pting donald trump unagainst hillary clinton and bernie sanders and in both casethe democratic cancel would beat out the republican frontrunner. sanders scoring 55% support in had a hypothetical head-to-headmatch-up against trump's 43%. clinton also tops trump in the poll 52% to his 44%. >> laurie: also developing, rumors are swirling that governor rick scott will endorse donald trump tonight at the real estate mogul as resort in palm beach. >> calvin: we have live team coverage for you this afternoon. janine stanwood is in the newsroom. hats it's is in southwest miami-dade where a marco rubio hal rally is going to be held. >> laurie: glenna milberg is live in miami a we have carlos suarez live in palm beach for
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>> janine: clinton and trump have had the most success so far but their rivals are hoping to catch up and they need to start doing it today. momentum is on the side of hillary clinton and trump. both their parties' winners in first of the first four contests, both poised t pick up the bulk today aesis delegates. voting inermont bernie sanders said no matter what happens 911 his campaign will still be going tomorrow. >> we're very proud of what we are doing. we're proud of what we're goinged to continue to do. this is a campaign that's going to the philadelphia convention in july. >> janine: also in his home state today republican ted kruse. texas is seen as a must-win for the senator who put southern states at the heart of his strategy but stumbled in south carolina. >> i speak to unity for republicans, let's come together andnd sta together behind the conservative principles of, the free market principles and constitutional liberties that we believe in. >anine: cruz entered super tuesday as the only republican with a win over donald trump
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he's also looking to bat marco rubio who launched his strongest attacks yet on traumatic there is' debate and hasn't let up. >> cod the frontrunner ate least according to the national polls is someone whohos preying on your anger, isman who is preying on fear. >> janine: trump is already looking beyond today's contests campaiaiing in ohio. clinton meanwhile making stops in minneapolis, wouldn't say outright she's planning to face him in the fall. >> he could be on the path.maybe else someone else can intervene and rise above that. but i'm going to wait and see who they nominate. >> janine: tonight's result could move the race closer to that november matchchp. and the fra florida primary is in two weeks.florida matters. it's why they aral here today. calvin: jan gen in our newsroom. >> laurie: let's get to hatzel vela live at tropical park in southwest miami where aally for marco rubio is happening today.
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for senator marco rubio. afterall it is this is his home state and he will be here waiting for those primary states because if he doesn't win in florida we'll be right back could be the end of his campaign. not far from where he group, the setting senator marco rubio is using to talk to the country, and from this stool he will also be talking to florideans who hold a decisive role in this ongoing primary battle. some could say if he doesn't win florida, rubio's campaign will be in trouble. rubio has go changed his tone, now constantly throwing jacks trump telling reporters the media doesn't care about the issues, only about the back-and-forth. so far the in delegatee game rubio has 17, trump is way ahead with 80. what rubio says and does here tonight will be closely watched by the political world. the senator is expected to have another rally tomorrow in michigan. that state awards 59 delegates. for now reporting live in
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local10 news. >> calvin: now let's head north to palm beach, and that's where we find local10's carlos suarez at a rally for donald trump. carlos. >> carlos: calvin and laurie, the trump campaign is hoping for a big enonoh win tonight that the candidate can effectively make the case that he is starts to pull away with this nomination. thee campaign is so that of the caught up is countries crons the state making stops in places vovors aren't even heading to the polls tonight. krull was in the swi state of ohio where he was joined boy new jersey governor chris countries tip. voters there don't go to thepolls until march 15th. the campaign is confident he will sweep a majority of states tonight and, of course, they're poised to take a majority of delegates. of course, the big question still looming out here with whether or not florida g. rick scott is going to endorse frump we know the governor was alt an event in pinnelles county earlier this afternoon where he said he has yet to hiccup up his
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donald trump is supposed to be here at 9:00 tonight. it's whether or not support are going be on hand and that's because the ballroom inside is incredibly small. so it doesn't seem like the candidate is going to have a lot of supporters in there. we're told by the exon that he's most likely just going to give a news conference, of course, we will be here for it all. for now live in west palm beach, i'm carlos suarez, local10 news. >> laurie: and from palm beach let's take it south to miami. our own glenna milberg is right there where they are expecting a hillary clinton event later. glenna. >> glenna: laurie, the secret service actualal just arrived here. we're at a production facility the edge of overtown. they are insnse. the setup is underway, the volunteers are here but the secret service kicked everybody out for their sweepep hillary clinton due here at 9:00 tonight. she should be feeling very confident. all polls in all the super tuesday states show her welell ahead except for a couple, but she has s sd she is taking nothing for grand and that is why shes was crisscrossing the
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minneapolis where she w w last, and from where she will be h he, she was at a market, talking to people about hoey hard they've been wororng. p the double digit lead she has in most super tuesday states is going to garner her a tremendous amount of delegates but bernie sanders leads in his home state of vermont today, close and slightly ahead in massachusetts and oklahoma, and so the clinton campaign is hard at work. she will be here at aut 9:00 tonight. no surprise she is in florida. but you should know that hillary clinton has little rallies like this in every big market state in florida. florida is absolutely on the radar, and we willbe here for you tonight. i'm glenna milberg in overtown in miami tonight, local10 news. >> laurie: so much action in florida. thank you. our live team coverage continues again at five and well into the evening. our own suspect michael putney, he'll of his expert insight into how all of these races play out. a courtroom outburst as several sa accused arjacking teens face aid judge in juvenile court this afternoon.
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wile police pursuit yesterday across broward county. >> calvin: local10 news reporter terrell forney live now in fort lauderdale with disorder in court. terrell. >> terrell: calvin and laurie, just like adults, when kids are charged with serious crimes they, too have to appear before a judge, and that's what happened here today at the broward cououy courthouse before that big courtroro disruption. but first, let's take you back to yesterday to sort of set the scene for you. sky 10 certainly highver the scene during that high speed police chase through broward county. we do know that at least two of those suspects eventually bailed out of the car. you can see some of those suspects rung through the streets as sky 10 was overhead. two suspects, both 15, were reually arrested of a bailing out of a stolen car in lauderhill and, of course, running through backs yards homes in the area. a third suspect was arrested
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on tv and turned him in. that teen is also 15 years old. now let's take you inside of the courtroom this afternoon because thosehree 15-year-olds all appeared before a judge, two of them are charged with grand theft, the third is charged with burglary. things were going as normal in this court proceeding until some people who were there to sort of support one of the defendants decided to lash out. listen up. yelling ] >> hey, hay! >> terrell: as you can see, a number of broward sheriffs deputies had to move in to sort of put some calm on this situtuion. eventually six people all juveniles, we areold, were placed into handcuffs before being scolded byy the judge. two of those individuals are found to be in direct contempt
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before any juvenile detention center for the next five days. the other four were eventually taken out off those handcuffs and allowed to leave the broward county courthouse. certainly some wild moments here in crowder today. we'll have more on that coming up -- broward county today. we'll have more coming up at 5:00. forrnow that's the latest in fort lauderdale, i'm terrell forney. >> laubie: terrell, thank you. >> calvin: let's take you live now to a rally in louisville, kentucky where donald tmp is about to speak or, rather, speaking right now at the podium. lease listen in for just a moment. >> if we don't win anymore, we're going to start winning a lot, folks.get used to it. we're going to start winning. so it sort of began, and it takes guts, you know, running for president. i'm a business guy. i've created a lot of jobs, a lot of great developments, a lot of success, great statements. we're starting -- wait, you have to hear this. so we're doing one right now on pennsylvania avenue. >> calvin: normally we are
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he's on the campaign trail and typically he is givinghots to marco rubio but right now he's talking about something totally different. if he changes course and begins taking jabs a marco rubio, of course, we're going to join hip once again i i louisville, kentucky, ahead of the kentucky primary that's coming up later tonight. >> laurie: and staying with politics we're going to turn to an historic change with cuba. the rolling stones are rolling into cuba later this month announcing that they are going to perform a concert there. >> calvin: local1010 victor oquendo is in our newsroom with the details on this one. >> victor: the rolling stones say they will play a free concert in havana on friday, march 25th. it's the biggs act to play there since is start of revolution 57 years ago. the stones will play in havanan the concert is expected to draw a large audience in the country where the government once persecuted young people for listening to rock music. that has since changed with the easing of diplomatic relations with the u.s. here's a port of for the concert.
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have performed in many special places during our long career, but this though in havana is going to be a landmarar event for us, and we hope for all of our friends in cuba, too." this concert will be held three days of a president obama's hick historic visit to cuba march 21st and 22nd. p the president said while hehad meet with president raul castro he will not meet with his brother if i hadel. they will talk about human rights issues and also meet with dissidents. >> cvin: don't forget local10, ever will be covering president obama as historic trip to the island nation. >> laurie: we're now hearing the 91calls from a fran tuck mother after shest say someone kidnapped her baby at gunpoint last friday in fort lauderdale. >> someone kidnapped your baby? >> i don't know. they came, they put a gun to my face and told me -- they just took my baby. >> laurie: that woman's cousin 23-year-old stephanie augustin is being barack obama for that kidnapping, she is being held
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the two-month-old was returned safely back to her mother. >> calvin: protests marching in port a prince to march the 12-year anniversary if u.s.s.acked military coup to forced the president into exile. aristide was an leaked president bubuleft at left haiti a u.s. plane a condo by u.s. military personnel. today the country is working through an election crisi after the last two dates were postponed over allegations of voter fraud. an unt i represent government is running the country with the new election date set for april 14th. >> laurie: coming up the at 4:30 for you, a break the in day after a man was caught on camera fondling himself in front of a home. he's facing shears charges. >> calvin: caught on camera, a toddler falling out of a moving vehicle and. >> laurie: also a rotic dog playing with a real dog. it's a unique friendship. you have to see more of this coming up. >> announcer: and lymphoma right now at 11:00 wiy deadly killer
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government is stuck in gear. >> the car companies have stalald they will from doing anything. >> announcer: with lives at stake are you at risk? >> nobody should of to lose a loved one.
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if your pill isn't giving you the controyou need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. >> calvin: victor ask in the video port with this amusing video. >> victor: google's spot has appeared in a number of videos but this one, it's n goioi viral. [ barking ] [ laughter ] >> victor: so there's spot prancing around doing what spot does. meantime that real dog, that terrier is having a lot of fun with spot. it's barking. itit playing around. and this is all take can place in a parking lot there. a lot of p pple -- you can't see them on camera -- but t ty're call walking and take this all in.
4:17 pm
i guess, laurie and calvin, these brilliant scientists andengineers come up with a robot and do exactly what we would do with it. play around. >> laurie: you feel so for sorry for hum. he's anything what is going on? this is not normal. >>alvin: dogs can make friends with just about anything and anyone. that's pretty clear. >> laurie: as long as he doesn't have nightmares at night. too funny. look at this shot. that is nothing of nightmares. that's of dreams with folks. look at that, if anything it's pretty daymond john warm out there. >> calvin: and carbon copy from yesterday. let's find out how many degrees off or on we were. >> betty: we are right on, right where we were yesterday about this time, looking good a a around from mallory square to miami, we are stepping into a great evening. this is the view through the lens of our mount sinai medical center tower camera, not too many weather issses out there whatsoever. miami is at 76 degrees, kendall and home stet 77, pembroke pines 77.
4:18 pm
if you're hanging out around key west right now it's 75 degrees. no sweater necessary this afternoon as temperatures are seasonable. the forecast for the rest of the evening, check it out, mainly dry conditions a aund 6:00 tonight. if the kids have payable baseball practice, 8:00 tonight partly cloudy decide skies, maybe your yououe going to throw om meat on the grill and cook out. why not? because it's march 1st and the weather is oh spar. winds are light from the east-noreast near 10 miles an hour. that's a mild wind flow for us. high pressure still in control of florida. high pressure, though, losing its control over areas of southeast and the ohio valley where we see this area of rainfall moving through. frontal system on the move, so that's certainly helping to bring some wet weather to some serious areas. that front nears u us tomorrow but it's going to be so weak we're barely even going to notice that it's having an impact on our forecast because we're expecting more of the same kind of weather. so for tomorrow we'll call our winds light and variable.
4:19 pm
lower 80s. thursday more of the same. friday, saturday looking seasonable. and the rain chance staying low all week long. let's get a check on traffics now. here's jenise. >> jenise: for those of ou watching on your work computer getting ready to hit the roads and head home, want to let you know about this accident on the macarthur causeway heading west trying to get to i-95. looks like that accident is blocking three lanes and we are seeing hef delays as a a result. again on the macarthur causeway league of miami beach trying to get onto i-95, three las blocked. speeds hardly moving at all. you're looking at 2 mileser hour. want to let you know about some emergency road work going on in th express lanes on i-95 southbound. that is right around the golden glades so we are seeing some delays start at miami garden drive with speeds there at 25 miles per hour. but as you pass that emergency road work, it look like speeds do start to pick up at 39 miles per hour. we've also got this broken down tractor-trailer on the palmetto expressway as you're heading
4:20 pm
the on-ramp is closed while they work to move that disabled tractor-trailer. with speeds wint right now at 24 miles per hour. >> calvin: me emotional testimony today from erin andrews about the fallout o@ being videotaped by stalker while she was naked in her hotel room. andrews is now suing the national marriottp chain and michael david batter in a civil lawsuit. data has been criminally convicted for taping and posting that video online. andrews testifieieabout how it has hurt her with her young fans. >> i think the thinking that hits homom for me and hurts me the worst is when girls, high school, college, they tweet me and they say, i want to be on the internet except for marriott stalker thing, and i can't control that, and that's every day. >> calvin: andrews said that the hotel should have notified her out barrett specifically asking for the room next to hers. andrews is now suing for $75 million.
4:21 pm
man now naysing serious charges after he allegedly beat a roommate he met on craigslist. details on his latest court appearance. >> calvin: also ahead, a tododdler falling out suv onto a roadway without the driver ever even knowing. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they'reore engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
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>> calvin: let's talk sports now p if heat hosting the bulges at the american airlines arena. what it's continues to be a double-double machine off the bench for thth heat and has extended his range. the hassan jumper was on display several times against the new york knicks. let's talk football now. the miami dolphins have given defensive end oliver, the fins will pay him $13 million next season. if another team makes an offer,the fins have a chance to match. last year the dolphins put the same dag go that on charles clay and lost him to the to the buffalo bills. concern for miami marlins receceer carty caps. according to the miami herald
4:25 pm
his elbow. caps he's expected to compete fore the closers job. y. and panthers are on th ice tonight a 8:00 against the winnipeg jets. the cats have dropped two straight games on the road. hopefully they can turn that around. >> laurie: we want it the other way. we like it when they had that series of wins. >> calvin hughes: they love it, too, i am sure. victor andnd janine in our newsroom with what's ahead at 4:30. >> janine: here's what's coming up all new the at the bottom of the hour. >> victor: a break i i the case after a man was caught on camera touching himself in front a home. a suspect is now in custody. >> janine: local10 news investiges, a man taking his truck in for service at a dealership and the unwante surprise when he was alerted someone had taken it on a joy ride. >> victor: and wild video as a child tumbles out of a moving suif and the boys a grandfather drives away without realizing it. >> janine: those stories and
4:26 pm
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>> victor: right now on local10 news at 4:30, a break the in the case of a man was caught on camera touching himselfized home. >> janine: 60-year-old recollectiony per met. er is shown here is face burglary and voyeurism.
4:29 pm
is live with our top story. >> neki: judge, imagine being one of these homeowners seeing the available video outside your home and seeing someone not only vandalizing your property but doing something that's, quite frankly, disgusting. 60-ear-old ricky permenter is no stranger tohe law looked on the in the mild jail today for burglary and voyeurism charges, peeping in people's doors, then pleasuring hills. >> we are thrilled if this is the guy who paid us a visit not last weekend but the weekend before we are so happy for everyone in the community. >> neki: neighbors in rode mmunity of miami are relieved. the homes terrorsed in the area of the southwest 28th road and and 7th avenue. in the wee hours of morning this suspect would be sn peeping in peoples homes, then masturbating.
4:30 pm
doorbell, then breaks into a homeowner's car. >> i ran down the stairs a a confronted him, at which i'm time he g g out of the car and he said "this isn't my car? this isn't apply house?" and i said, "no." >> neki: per meant ser expected to be booked into the turner guilford knight correctional facility here in west meade. he'll go before a judge tomorrow. live i west miami-dade. >> janine: a one-handed man is being charged with burglary after police say he broke into a daytona beach courthouse. police say 35-year-oldld joel who then broke into the building with a baseball bat on suny. they say he used the bat to senator through a glass door. after a news release was put out yesterday, police say he turned himself in. >> victor: also at 4:30 a man accused of brutally beating a roommate he met on craigslist was back in court this afternoon facing seriousus charges. >> janine: local10 news reporter michael seiden has the story from miami. >> michael: this morning in court a new felony charged for bryon mchell, also the judge
4:31 pm
details. >> i think that someone that starts off with choking but then moves on to bashing of the head four to five times on the floor has made had a conscious decision ha they are seeking to terminate a life. >> michael: despite a series of argument coming from the defense -- >> so having held from now until next thursday would be illegal and unconstitutional. >> michael: the judge agreed with prosecutors finding sufficient evidence supporting a charge of premedicated attempted murder for bryon mitchell. 35-year-old was denied bond. investigators say he wept on the attack valentine's day, brutally beating his craigist roommate, trying to cut the lips and eyelid off a 23-year-old danielle jones. today she remaink in a coma, her family, including her mother in court today sitting just feet away from the man accused of committing this heinous crime. >> i get nervous.
4:32 pm
my heart races. and tn i calm myself. i feel numb.& >> michael: outside the courtroom, hugs and tears for afamily refusing to give up with hopeful their loved one will@ pull through. bryon mitchell is claiming self-defense. as far as danielle's family, i know right after the hearing they went straight to the hospital to check on the 23-year-old. we're in miaia. i'm michael seiden, local10 news. janine: sky 10over the scene of a crash on i95 in daytona beach earlier today. all swownd lanes are opened after unwith you lane was blocked approaching griffin road causing major track of delays. that silver car sustained a aot of damage the to front and there were no serious injuries. >> victor: a deadly discovery bso deputies say there is nothing suspicious about the death of a person found floating in the water in p mpano beach. sky 10 was above the scene year palm aire drive earlier today. ap autopsy is being performed to
4:33 pm
death. no other details have been mel released. the right now rush hououis about tow get underway. >> janine: jenise fernandez is he. hi, jenise. >> jenise: for those of you trying to leave mature you could run into problems on the macartr causewayeading west on i-95. that accident is blocking a right lane. still seeing slow speeds as you're approaching i-95. hardly moving the at all, 6 miles per hour. and a heads-up here wi avoid the express lawns on i-95 sououbound all due to emergency road work going on right around the golden glades the southbound express lanes are closed while they workn those roads. speeds are at 31 miles per hour but the good news is as you pass the golden glades it really does start to pick up with speeds at 44 miles per hour. and we're still watching this broken-down tractor-trailer on the palmetto expressway, this is nortrtound at northwest 74th street. that on-ramp is closed and we're still seeing some delays as you're heading north on the palmetto with speeds at 25 mis per hour. but for your southbound drivers
4:34 pm
speeds there 63 miles per hour. janine and victor. >> janine: caught on camera, scary moments when a toddler falls out of a moving vehicle right in the the middle of traffic. >> victor: let's get to calvin. >> calvin: the buys grandfatr was driving at the time but did not rile what had just happened and ended up driving away. dash cam video capturing that moment that the toddler falls out of the suv and onto the rhoda couple of days ago in china. luckily the driver behind that susu immediately stopped, preventing the little boy from getting hurt. the driver also managed to return the little boy to his grandfather. the boy as grandfather said that the young boy had climbed over a seat when that door opened, which was damaged from a previous crash, and it suddenly popped open. it is a miracle, a miracle that that little boy was not hurt. oh, my. >> janine: and amazing to see that litite boy just gets right up and starts -- thank goodness. >> victor: never seen anything like that.
4:35 pm
my car and that was enough to give me a heart attack. cannot imagine. >> calvin: both are resilient. >> victor: for the second time in a month extreme weather now cutting a royal caribbean cruise short. anthem of seas is heading back home to new jersey after being caught in a severe storm, and on top of that rufflela ten people onboard record symptoms of neurovirus. just a few weeks ago the ship was caught t a i storm. >> janine: the batate between apple and fbi has moved to capitol hill, both sides testifying in front of congress today. the government is ting to compel apple to remove security features that would allow the fbi to access a phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple has resisted that order, sailing creatingg the necessary software could compromise the you security of normal citizens' phones. and the search for a missing ski instructor is over after his
4:36 pm
of snow. carson may disappeared january 15th while skiing. some believe may might of gotten caught in an avalanche. despite the harsh conditions, scores of people helped in search effort. >> we had a ski circle at the end of the rescue upn the top of sugar bowl, and different friends and people showed up that we didn't even know and spawnsly told stories about carson. there was a lot of common threads. he was different. he was brilliant. >> janine: the 23-year-old's body was found at the very spot her his cell phone was last pinged. >> victor: charges most likely won't be charged against a person who shot and killed a dog belonging to salma hayek at her ranch in washington state. investigators say hajek's two dogs ran off her property and entered a neighbor's open garage when they started fighting with the dogs who l led there. so the owners fired a pellet gun, but that pellet nicked the aorta of one of hajek's dogs
4:37 pm
>> janine: police in the philippines are investigating after a mummified bodies was found in an abandoned ed boat. fishermen say at the found the boat 60 miles off the coast with a body t tt appeared mummified. results aren't expected for another couple of of weeks. the medical examiner said the man had been dead for at least four daysal thought the it could be even longer. a man who dropped off his car for service caught a mechanic taking it out for a joy ride. how he caught it and whaha happened afterwards. it's a story you'll only see on local10 news. >> kristi: coming up, researchers are looking at new ways to treat esophageal cancer. i'll show you the they canthroughs happening right here in south florida in my healthcast. >> victor: a dangerous explosion at a gas station when a bus cahes fire, and this was all you caught on c cera >> announcer: and tonight at :00, a deadly killer lurking in your garage, and the government is stuck in gear. >> the car companies have stalled them from doing anything. >> announcer: with lives at stake, are you at risk? >> nobody should have to lose a loved one. >> announcer: amy viteri shows
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>> victor: now tie one and only exclusive, a florida south florida man said he is outraged after discovering a mechanic took his truck for a joy ride. that truckas at a dealership for services when that owner was leopard it was speeding down the street. >> janine: it's something many ofs don't think about when he drop our car off for service. and tonight jeff weinsier takes you for a ride. >> so i was at my office doing my work, and my phone gives mee a text. >> jeff: the text was coming from a device mounted i steve kasimow's toyota tacoma, a device he installed to keep an eye on his son's driving habits, a device a mechanic at toyota of hollywood didn't know was on the
4:42 pm
records the truck's every move. >> so i looked at my phone, and it says that my car was speeding at 48 miles an hour miles in a 38 malison. >> jeff: kasimow had taken this trug in to replace a window ask an i iition. >> i'm saying, how do wy car be speeng if it's dedealership? the cars going down 45141, eastbound on sheridan through wendy's. >> jeff: a mechanic had taken his vehicle to lunch. >> he was driving my car. he could have wrecked the car. he could have run's red light, hit another car. >> j%ff: he called the dealership. >> i explained to the manager what was going on, and he basically said, what do you want me to do? i need to lookit into it before i can give aun answer. yes local10 news contacted the toyota. they called it the actions of a rogue employ and said toasty it's toyota of hollywood has a
4:43 pm
mechanics are not allowed to use customers' vehicles for any personal reasons. the general manager says the tacoma was taken o the lot without permission. the mechanic was terminated. >> had i not had this device, i we never know what happened. >> jeff: while some services do rare test drive, this one didn't. to make sure your car hasn't been driven in the wrong direction, experts tell local10 news when you take your vehicle in for service, note the mileage what you drop it off which should also be on your paperwork, and you can also zero or reset the trip computer. in hlywood, jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> janin and the general manager of toyed of hollywood claims this is an isolated incident. a high-speed chase caught on camera in mitch after a driver takes off in a sunil you u -- in a stolen u-haul.
4:44 pm
or it for equipment voices but then it never stopped. the chase bent on after the truck's tires were desesoyed. police managed to run that driver off the road and arrest the driver [bleep >> victor: a dangerous explosion caught on camera aer a bus goes up in flames at a california gas station. the bus driver pulled into the station after his engine started overheating and smoking, and that's when it exploded. a gas stationorker had shut off the gas just in time. a firefighter d suffer some minor injuries but no one else has hurt. nasa is investing in the potential revival of a super fast jet travel. the space agency has granted a $20 million contract to lockheed martin to develop a passenger jet that can three faster than the speed of sound. nasa says the plan is intended to make flying safer, greener, and quieter. >> janine: cuba's annual cigar festival is underway in havana. the 18th annual cigar festival attracted buyers and cigar
4:45 pm
while severe weather is shrinking the country's tobacco crop, cuban leaders expect the festiv to be extremeately lucrative. right now want to go to key west? here we are. looks pretty good. >> victor: y people probably smoking some cuban cigars there. >> janine: they probably are, drinking a little mojito. checking out the sunset. >> victor: do people drink in key west? >> janine: they might. i've heard. >> victor: especially on a day like this, betty davis. how long is it going to, hang out? >> betty: all week long we are expecting more of the same. today is march the 1st. it is the start of meteorology string so that means meteorologist winner is over. oh, by the way it diagnosis down as the wettest on record. all those days of rainfall really did add u for mime 22.24 itches besting the old& record of just over 19 inches. that standing from 1905. so we are stepping into a new month with some dry weather.
4:46 pm
right now around hollywood beach, a little swat in palms. the rip current risk low. winds flowing in from the east-southwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. temperatures holding in the mid-70s. the eveveng is looking good, just eye few clouds on our sky cast model and it does not peer those clouds will be big rainmakers fours temperatures generally lower 70s for our evening out. by 10:00 tonight 70 degrees along miami beach. doppler radar, hardly a drop of rainfall for found. in fact, i don't see anythingg over broward, miami-dade and the sees keys 6 so odoor activity are definitely a go for town. noting high level clouds working in just off the gulf of mexico. high pressure still the am dominating 15 of for us, keeping the weather very, very nice. we are noticing, though, showers sneaking in around jackson, over toward atlanta. those are happening ahead of a cald front. that front is going to continue to work its way toward the southeast but it's going to be
4:47 pm
here, won't do much to change up our temperatures. so the colder air that we see across the mil of the country, colder still way p to the north, that kind of cold air is not goingo pay us a visit. notice chicago at 25 degrees, still wearing a coat there. there's minneapolis at 25 as well. for us, more of the same on the way whichh is seasonable weather for our beach day tomorrow, rhaps. so the rip current risk is low if you are going to be heading out tote beaches. temperatures rising toward the upper 70s along our beans. if you are taking the boats out no advisories on the waters. light chop on the the baste bays. when you get up in the morning you may want a sweater. the mentiony morningets off with temperatures in the 60s. that's comfortable to some of you. by the afternoon no sweater necessary with our highs getting into the lower 80s. about 80 degrees for a high on thursday as well. upper 70 friday. seasonable is the word, and mainly dryt another two words for the rest of this week. let's get a check on traffic now.
4:48 pm
listening to us on the local10 app so you know about the i-knife express lanes at the golden glades they are closed to due to emergency road work, and as a result we are seeing slow speeds in the regular lanes, you still want to avoid the ebbs press lanes on the i-95 southbound right around golden glades, again those press lanes arelosed with speeds right now at 24 miles per hour. as you pats t golden glades things start to pick up with speeds a 56 miles per hour. still waiting for this accident to clear up on the macarthur causeway heading west approaching i-95. there's a right lane blocked but speeds are still pretty coloat 15 miles per hour. you may want to consider your t mat the julia tuttle causeway or the newly opened venetian causeway wouldlde a good alternate as well. want to also choate let you knowy about this broken-down car on i-95 northboundorthwest 1 twisted street. we usually see the orange and red at this time but we want tolet you know about that broken down car and speeds right now at victor.
4:49 pm
television's longtime icon don francisco is now taking his talent to tell mindo. his real name is mario berger will serve as a special senior news correspondent on the telemundooetwork. this comes six mods after the anyone ally of his saturday night show on univision. >> janine: err year in thiscountry nearly 1,000 americans are diagnosed with cases of cancer of esophagus. south florida researchers are looking at a new p on shon to open the esophagus and treat the cancer. kristi krueger chris has more. >> kristi: the standard treatment for esophageal cancer is by planings a melt mesh stint in this cancerous area but these extents carry a whole bunch of complications including bleeding, chest pain andndore tumor growth in the mesh. so working with the national cancer institute and the national institus of health researchers right here at florida atlantic university inin
4:50 pm
biodegradable polymer extent that would avoid those cocolications. along with opening up the esophagus the extent would be automobile to cliff anticancer drugs right to the diseased area which metal extent can't do. >> we try to use the idea to develop inn new polymer extent to open that -- stent to open up the esa gust. >> kristi: also in today's health cast the centers for disease control and prevention is issuing a big warping about drink and pregnancy. ladies, listenp. a big warning. cdc estimated mates over 3 million women in u.s. are at risk forks posing their developing babies to drinking, because they're drinking, sexually active and are not using birth control. data from the cdc indicate that half of all pregnancy in u.s. are unplanned and even if you are planning, most women don't know they're pregnant for about four to six weeks when they still could be drinking. p alcohol use during pregnancy even within those first few
4:51 pm
physical, behavioral, and intellectual problems that can be a lifetime of problems. come up for auto 5:00 i'm going to show you a brand new vision test for your baby, giving parents a lot of peace of mind. >> i i don't know where he's taking me. dude, can you stop? the door is open. because he won't stop. >> victor: this is pretty scary. caught on camera, a lyft driver refusing to stop and let his passengegeout of the car in are the was dc. that woman says at all started when she asked the d dver tow change her drop-off location. desiree taylor said she begged to get out of the car for 15 minutes when she jumped out when he finally stopped at a stop sign. >> we were just rerouting him so he could still make to it my destination. ewas speeding if the dr was open the satire entire time. i want to press some sort of charge because of what i wasn't through. >> calvin: -vehicle the company issued a statement staying the driver's access to lyft has been permanent removed. >> janine: have you heard about this? a rhode island high school teen
4:52 pm
excitement as they celebrated a division iii basketball championship. >> janine: this woos just one problem. there was still one second left on the clock. there's the burrowville broncos player steal the ball. he throws night the air. the broncs begin celebrating a 1 point win or so they thought. they are opponent actually called a time out after a player caught that ball. so with one second left, down by one, the challengers make that basketball. channelingers score on a miracle lay-up. this time the chargers celebrate after they won the game for real 60-59. >> janine: that hurts. i don't watch the clock i guess. >> victor: you got to do something like that. in football you sometimes seesome running into the end zone and they drop the ball or right before they get in there. it stings. >> janine: don't celebrate until the end, kids. >> victor: we have an update. you might remember the abandoned kitt that had a mustache i can.
4:53 pm
place that she can call home. y you see, must stach cat was left outside of israeli donation central in central california. dozens applied to adopt her. her new name now is mustacheio. >> >> victor: appropriate. >> janine: very cute. would d u like to own clothe forecast oprah winfrey's closeet? she is auctioning off smear in her clothe os eeb to help a school she find south africa. starting today more than 200 item will be available in that online auction. >> victor: all new at 5:00 we continue our live team coverage of super tuesday. voters from 12 states heading to the polls today. look for all of our live reports at 5:00. >> janine: and a horse in needof help after getting stuck in a river. we have more on this dratic rest view. >> victor: plus, a woman stopped
4:54 pm
why they wouldn't let (donkey soun (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidateses enough talk. give us a plan. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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4:57 pm
>> victor: fire rescue crews pulling a horse to safety after it got stuck in a river in oregon. rescuers say that the horse slipped off the riverbank and fell 15 feet into very chilly water. teams launched a life raaf and shipped the harness around the horse it. took rescuers, a dozen rescuers from two different counties to pull that horse out of river. >> the horse is tired but she's fine. waist deep for me. it's a three-quart size horse so she was basically u to her stomach. >> victor: uzcategui cruise. >> janine: woman was forced to leave au pair stilettos at a checkpoint before boarding her flight in baltimore because of what they looked like. tsa detectives detect the gun-themed shoes and bracelet. the agency said they don't permit the, gig her no chohoe to leave those stylish shoes behind.
4:58 pm
your gun shoes behind. can't travel with those things. >> janine: i it. i talked to folk with the all the things. grenade-shaped lighters. >> victor: feitz fits right in. folks. that's going to do it for local10 news at 4:30. >> victor: laurie and kampf back at fight of. >> reporter: shows are shoes in go figure. >> calvin: right now on local10 news at fight of it is super tuesday, the biggest day of presidential primary with we have live team coverage. >> laurie: the biggs names in theeace will be watching the returns from right here in south florida and local10 will be there. >> vicior: and disorder in court. the courtroom has to be cleared when three teenagers lead police on a whiled wild chase. >> laurie: and coming up historic change and mounting the first ever concert in cuba later this month, the rolling stones. right off the top at 5:00 a huge day in the race for the white house. voters in a dozen states casting their abilities for presidential
4:59 pm
>> calvin: republican presidential candidate ted cruz cast his ballotn houston earlier today.bernie sanders in burlington, vermont a state he is expected to win and where he is serving his second term as senator. vermont is one o o the 12 states taking part in super tuesday. >> laurie: senator marco rubio is campaigning in andover, massachusetts before headink ba can to south florida. >> calvin: we have live returns at rube yeast party on the tropical park in southwest muled and carlos suarez at donald trump's event in miami beach. laurie: and we have hillary clinton in miami. >> glenna: super tuesday still hours from closing but hillary clinton is looking forward to super duper tuesday which is march 1515, and that's why she is going to be in the biggest county the in biggest swing state. that is florida. that is why she is here. but today clinton's team countries cost crossed t state.
5:00 pm
she heads here to miami. if the polls hold true, super tuesday is expected to be a clinton sandeep in most states. more significantly, a delegate count that'll be so big that it will be very difficult for bernie sanders to overcome if that holds true by this time tomorrow. the c cnton's camp is confident but taking nothing for granted. that is the theme. if you come back out here live, i will show huh love it people waiting outside because the secr sererce is doing a sweep inside. the candidate herself expected to show up at about 9:00 tonight. i'm glenna milberg in miami today, local10 news. >> laurie: and from miami let's head north to palm beach and carlos suarez. >> calvin: that's where he'll be watcng returns with the trump campaign at mar lago, carlos, darn good afternoon. >> carlos: donald trump is poised to sweep tonight and the campaign hopes that the remaining republicans in the field won't of much of aath forward.


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