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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a dangerous drive in two stolen cars leading to a chase and takedown, but two suspects are still on the run. a man staring in strangers windows. what this man was doing caught on camera. it's super tuesday. candidates prepared to vote. good tuesday morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it's cold again. i feel like we're riding this ride with the weather. >> it's the roller-coaster i can deal with because the afternoones have been fantastic. meteorologist julie durda, how do things look this morning? >> temperatures right now in the 60s. we are seeing the 60s across the board. 62 miami. 61 in ft. lauderdale. now we are expecting to stay in the 60s and continue to warm up. highs today will be reaching the low 80s, a few degrees above wherer we are this year as we
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a little bit cooler inland because of a land breeze that'ss occurring that happened overnight. 60 degrees pembroke pines, hialeah, kendada, 67 in marathon and 61 for you in pompano beach. overall warmer as we get through the morning hours. temperatures rapidly warm up to the low 60s by 8:00. as the kids head to the bus stop it will b b mild. highs in the lower again. above average was we start the new month. i'il have more on the forecast coming up. now to that dangerous drive in broward county. deputies going after a stolen car in what would be a wild chase. >> one suspect caught and cuffed after splitting up from the group, the other crawling as he surgeon representedders. this case is not closed yet. >> investigators say there are two people out there hiding. carlos suarez has more? >>reporter: determined to get away. the driver jumps a curve and floors it.
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forces himim to slow down, taking out part of the bumper. the group ditches behind a shipping container and makes a run for it. it's here where sky 10 loses sightht of part of the group. two of the four people end up behindhe wheel of another stolen car and that getaway is also short-lived. the driver and passenger get out of the car and once again run for it. one of them jumps a fence and tries to hide near garage only to poke his head out. a short time after that, the sight of a police canine scares off a cat and it's game over for the guy. lice force him to crawl and jump one last fence before he's arrested. a second arrest was made. authorities searched the car well into the night as neighbors were finally allowed to leave their home. >> my neighbor called and said the guy bump into her and she got
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walking the dog and then he ran up to her. >> he said police told her to get inside. >>reporter: that woman was not hurt. police have not released the names of the two people arrested but we believe they are minors. if you have any information on the two others still out their, you're urged to call broward crimestoppers. i'm carlos suarez, local 10 news. now to a safety alert in miami. police looking for a man who was caught on camera touching himself outside of a home and then this guy ransacks a homeowners car. andrew perez has all the details. >> he was looking through the front window. he continued to masturbate. >>reporter: believe us, the video oy gets worse. it's 4:30 in the morning and this guy is at a house that's not his. he keeps on touch himself. he gets in and makes himself at home. >> we don't know what his intentions are. he obviously has some sort of mental illness.
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southwest 12th avenue close to a church and a schooin miami. the homeowner who spoke to us by phone ran out and confronted this man, his cameras rolling on the entire incident. >> gotten out of the car. he said this isn't my car. this isn't my house? and i said no. >>reporter: he takes off as soon as police are called out. authorities went around passing out these flyers right here trying to identify him. we posted his picture on-line and almost immediately w w had viewers on-line identifying him. the homeowner hoping this guy is caught, hopinghose in the community call polic. let me put it to you this way, it was so grgphic, so disgusting, we couldn't show most of
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if you think you know this guy, you are encouraged to call crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. i'm andrew perez, local 10 news. caught on camera, let's gl ahead and show you what police say are two men responsible for an armed robbery during a delivery. it happened last month at a duplex on northwest 42nd street as two brandsmart delivers, the men are still on the run. another search for a man deputies say smashedthrough a glass door to get into a court house in deerfield beach apparently just to walk around. the man spotted on surveillance video spent 45 minutes inside but deputies say he didn't take anything or have any damage. he's described as a stalky build and one hand. five students recovering from their trip home from school after their broward county school bus
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that's what caused the bus to go off the road. four students were treated there at the scene, a fifth taken to memori hospital west but a fifth is expected to recover. a woman accused of kidnapping an infantwhich triggered an amber alert is behindarar this morning. she and a teenage suspect are facing serious charges. local 10 news reporter victor oquendo has the update. >> we're very happy she's here. >> monday night baby taraji kemp is home safe, sound and healthy following a visit to the doctor. >> she's healthy, she's smiling, she's beautiful. she's been cooing and babbling all morning long. as soon as she saw her mom, she jt lit up. >>reporter: the baby's aunt says it's bittersweet knowing her cousin was responsib for the kidnapping. >> and that situation ever occurs and wt should happen will
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fo her as a family member. it's hard. she made her mistake and she has to go through it. >>reporter: 3tephanie cried during her bond hearing aporns. the baby was found abandoned in orange county. stephanie would be arrested in fort pierce. >> count five you're charged with kidnapping. >>reporter: detectives say she even armed another relative, a 14-year-old boy, to help pull off the kidnapping. family members listened to every detail. some say stephanie hadan odd obsession trying to figure it out. meanwhile the 14-year-old accomplice is being h held at a juvenile detention facility. in ft. laurdale, victor oquendo, local 10 news. the family of a murdered woman is increasing the reward for information about her death. precious jackson was killed outside her home.
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raised $4,000 for information leading to an arrest. if you know anything about this shooting, call pole. now to vote 2016, the polls open for super tuesday in just a few hours. the candidates spending monday crisscrossing the country trying to rally last minute support. this iss the war of words heats up. trump faces tough questions about an endorsement from a former kkk leader. janine stanwood has the latest. the only campaignthat can beat donald trump is us. >>reporter: a slug fest on super tuesday with a little humor. >> it says my boyfriend prefers trump. i'm m ngle now. >> in florida where he comes from, this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher. >>reporter: at a virginia rally for g.o.p. frun per, donald trump, tensions erupting. while student protestors are marching out, a photographer for time magazine in a tussle withecret service. they are still investigating.
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controversy over trump's endorsement from former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke. trump disavowed him on cnn. >> i don't know what duke you're talking about. >>reporter: lating claimingg he wouldn't hear the question. >> we can win, no questionere in minnesota. >>reporter: but he has an uphill battle. hillary clinton is hoping to sweep the south and win super tuesday saned's got momentum. her sights squarely on trump. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we needo do now is make america whole. >>reporter: clinton, rubio and trump, they will all be in southh florida later today, florida the state with the most delegates up for grabs after sun tuesday. i'm janine stanwood, local 10 news. several candidates will finish off super tuesday continue south
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local 10 has it for you. glenna millberg will have the latest from hillary clinton's camp and her supporters in miami as the results come in. janine stataood will be at marco rubio's rally in tropical park in northwest miami-dade as he gets results of the votes and michael putney will have expert insight into how all the races play out. and todayay marks two weeks until florida's primary but early voting has already begun in parts of south florida. people line up to cast their vote in downtown miami on monday. early voting will last for the next two weeks in miami-dade and just under two weeks in monroe county. if you live in broward or palm beach counties you can vote starting on saturday. for information about where to go and what to bring, head to our website, we've got you covered, at a man who dropped off his truck for service gets an alert. his car is speeding away. >> who was taking it out for a joy ride while it wasupposed to be fixed.
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only on local 10 next. we are waking up to showers in the south shore. we could see showers move into the area throughout the morning and afternoon. i'llave more details on this coming up after the break.tt2watv# -4 bt@qq
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant toise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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a south florida man says he's outraged after discovering a mechanic took his car for a joy ride. >> jeff weinsler has the story. so i was at my office doing my work and my phone gives me a text. >>reporterthe text was coming from a device mounted in steve's toyota tacoma, a device he installed to keep his eye on his son's driving habits, a device the mechanic didn't know was on
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records the truck's every move. >> so i look in my phone and it says at that my car was speeding at 48 miles in a 30 miles an hour zone. >>reporter: he had taken the truck in to replace an ignition. >> i'm saying how cany truck be speeding when it's at the dealership. >>reporter: sow went to his computer to track the truck. a mechanic at toyota of hollywood had taken his vehicle to lunch. >> he's driving my car. he could have wrecked the car and stuff like that. he could have ran a red light, could have hit another car. >>reporter: he called the dealership. >>reporter: i explained to the manager what was going on. he said what do you want me to do? i need to look into it before i give you an answer. >>reporter: the general manager of the dealershipalled the incident the actions of a rogue employee and says toyota of
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policy that states mechanics are not allowed to use customers' vehicles for any personalreasons. he says his toyota was taken off the lot without permission. the mechanic was terminated. >> had i had had this device, i would not know what happened. >>reporter: to make sure your car hasn't been driven in the wrong direction, expects say note the mile and of you drop it off which should also be on your paperwrrk, and you can also zero or reset the trip computer. in hollywood jeff weinsler, local 10 news. >> my husband taught me that one. smart move there. the general manager claims this is an isolated incident. good morning, south florida. beautiful start on this tuesday. we are waking up to dry conditions, nice mild, comfortable air s stling
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low 60s in miami. 61 degrees ft. lauderdale. a northwest wind at 3:00 miles per hour in miami. 67. it is warm down byby the keys. we have 6 in marathon and key west. overall this morning we have a lan breeze that's providing for the comfortable conditions but uortunately that won't be sticking around. by the afternoon a sea breeze will start to develop and that east breeze will start to warm us up. currently we have scattered showers developing, more like light rain. those showers will continue to stream off an east breeze. dealing with some cloud cover. we still have some lingering cloud cover in place as well. remember high pressure is our fair weather friend. warmer than yesterday but beautiful. up the road we've got a couple systems we're watching. one system broughtome severe weather right now. watch boxes in effect over oklahoma city. as you can see those showers stretch up towards the great lakes where it's turning into snow because of how cold the air is behind that system.
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severe weather, marginal to slight over the mississippi valley in towards the tennessee valley today it. we have the 20s and teens. it's downright frigid from the dakotas down by kansas city. that's because of high pressure bringing in the heat from the gulf of mexico. for us we'll have a mix ofun and clouds in the forecast. that east breeze will continue. it's going to be a beautiful tuesday. great day to head to the beach. you'rer doing any boating as light winds are in place. very similar forecast going into wednesday. that front will eventually move into central portions of the state. with that said we're not expecting a big change in the forecast because the front's not strong enough to make it to south florida. basically it's going to fizzzz out over central florida. 10% thursday. we'll have yet another front move in by friday and into the weekend finally bringing our temperatures back towhere they should be
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before we get to that point expect a very warm workweek. as you can see, we're starting march with highs in the lower 80s throughout the afternoon. >> julie thanks for that it. you have another option to get it miami and miami beach. the venetian causeway reopened for the first time in nine months. the project finished on time and on budget. >> on time and on budget is pretty impressive. >> it's a a beautiful thing, isn't it? >> yes, it is. now to teen behind bars because he opened fire in a school cafeteria. >> several students hurt.
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what happened next. a 14-year-old in custody after two students were shot in an ohio high school. four students were injured. all of them are expected to recover. police say the teenagesuspect ran from school, dropped the weapon but was later caught. a driver has minor injuries after nearly driving his truck into a denver river. you can see it right here hanging over the side of the interstate barely slipping into a river. he was cited for careless driving. and strong winds are being blamed for collapse of an historic church in west virginia. it was built in 1850 before west virginia was even a state. the current owners have tried to renovate the building. it has to be immediately repaired or unfortunately demolished. a north carolina couple are dead this morning after a pick-up truck slammed into propane tanks near their
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massive explosion. the couple both in their 70s when the crash happened. they were taken to the hospital where they died miami-dade fire crews are being credited for rescuing an injured pelican. he had a broken wing and some ripped skin but thanks to those crews the bird is being cared for at a bird rescue cility. >> nice work. >> thanks, guys. the heat make a move to help their roster situation. >> what dwayne wade says
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heat next in sports. >>reporter: good tuesday morning. i'm will manso with your cal 10 morning sports wrap.
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released injured guard. signing with the hea and playing that first game on sunday against the nicks. at least a first shot. looking three and getting it. sunk that one, the bench. also getting the teammate andood friend dwayne wade. d-wade with a layup on the pass fromohnson. he described d-wade's pitch to bring him to miami. >> he told me it wast just short-term. and he just told me, just told me about the family and that's pretty much it. that's pretty much all. the heat played chicago tonightht honoring black history month on the final day.
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ricece were on hand. continue to rise up those polls after beating louisville this weekend, canes up to number seven in both. canes traveled to notre dame onn wednesday and then virginia tech on saturday. latest projections have the canes as high as a number two seed. and are you ready for babe? here's don mattingly's first lineup. fish will take on miami hurricanes later today in jupiter. has him in the number two spot. for now until opening day. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. a suspected peeping tom on the run this morning. what he did oututde one man's home prompting a safety alert. > we have the details for you and the surveillance video you need to see to help police track him down. a live look from our miami tower cam. we are knocking on 5:00
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> ght now at 5:00, what home surveilnce plans caught a man doing that has them desperate to catch him. and it is super tuesday. many candidates will be in south florida by the end of the night. one of them have all but wrapped up the nomination. apple getting support in their legal battle against the f. a federal judge striking down a new ruling. what it means for your phone. hi, south florida. good morning.i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it is march first. weren't we just exchanging christmas cookies? >> it feels like it. >> march first, can you believe it?
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this morning but it feels nice. the cooldown, i think it's been a welcome change. >> it's been a fewdegrees -- okay. whatever you're feeling is good. 64 which is exact what we woke up to yesterday. 62 ft. lauderdale. 67 key west. it's definitely going to be warmer today. had temperatures yesterday in the upper 70s. we'll see a high today in the lower 80s. right now 62 in hialeah. 60 in mpano beach. we will continue to warm up throughout the morning. we'll see the low 70s by 9:00 with a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. highs will be in the lower 80s. these numbers are above average with an east breeze in place. the national weather service is indicating there isishat possibility of some water spouts developing for you boaters.. i'll have more on the forecast you don't want to miss coming up. good morning, constance. >> good morning, julie. south floridagood morning. accident-free at this point at 5:01 in themorning. we do have construction crews out that can slow you down just a little bit.


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