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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  March 1, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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from lauder hill. carlrl? >> reporter: calvin and laurie, police were after four people in two stolen cars. one is in the hospital and we believe the other brought to lauder hill police to be questioned. and as you said, two others still on the loose. determined to get away. the driver jumps a curb and floors it. conds later the traffic forces them to slide down and make a hard right off the back of the back bumper. it's here where spspation sets in. the car ditches behind the shipping container and makes a run for it. it's here where sky 10 hd loses sight of part of the group. mimites later police say 2 of the 4 people end up behind the wheel of another stolen car and that getawayuls short lived. the driver and passenger jumped out of the car and sprinting across backyards before going their separate ways. one of them jumps the fence and tries to hide near a garage only to poke his head out. a short time after that, the sight of e police canine
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over for the guy. police force him to crawl and jump one last fence before he's arrested. back at the scene of the second bail out. a second arrest was made. authorities searared the car well into the knight as neighbors were finally allowed to leave their home. >> my neighbor said a guy bumped into her and she was scared. >> if she was walking the dog and then ran up to here and said police told her get inside. >> reporter: all right, the good news in all of this the woman was not hurt. police have no u not released the names of the two people arrested but believe they might be minors. if you have any information on the two people still out there, call broward crime stoppers at the tip line. >> calvin: and a man caught on camera pleasuring himself outside a home and then
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andrew perez now live with the andrew? calvin. this video is so disturbing and so graphic we can't even show most of it on tv. police say they believe this man is unstable and that is what makes him daifrnlerous. they're investigating to see if similar crimes. >> he was looking through the frnt door. only gets worse. this guy at a house that's not his. he keeps touching himself and rings the door bell before walking to a car in the driveway. he gets in and makes himself at home. >> we don't know what his sbentionzes are. we don't -- intentions are. we don't know if he's just a burglar. he obviously has some sort of mental illness. >> it happened on 12th avenue near church and a school in miami. the homeowner says he ran out and confronted this man. his cameras rolling on the entire incident. >> crazy on the stayer and
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he got out t of the car and said to me this isn't my car? this isn't my house? i said no! >> reporter: he just takes off as soon as police are call out. we posted his picture online. almost immediately we saw viewers on our facebook page on wplg and say that i have seen him walking ararnd -- say thth've seen him walking neighborhood to neighborhood before. th uncovered more than expect body this. the homeowner hong the guy is caught and those in the community call police. and again, police are checking right now to see if he's connected to thoughthose cases of peeping toms and if you recognize him and see him on the way to work tomorrow, give crime stoppers a call. that number as ways 305-471-tips. live in miami, andrew perez, local 10 news.
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caught on camera two delivery men and this video shows the men as they enter the miami-dade duplex. brand smart employees were deliveringmerchandise to the home. that's when police say the suspects robbed the victims of the cell phones and money and shot at the victims as they left. crime at the courthouse. broward sheriff deputy are looking for the man that broke in the north reef regional courthouse. he used a bat to smash a glass door on sunday morning and then walked through the building for roughly 45 minute before leaving. apparently without taking anything or vandalizing the premises any furthe this man seen clearly in surveillance photos is described as bearded with a stocky bell. you see his -- build. you see his face there. hand? a distinctive characteristic. call. >> calvin: the mother of the teenager accused of
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killing his 14-year-old friend is defending her son tonight. he accidentally shot rhodes outside of the miami gardens home along northwest 172nd terrace. it happened on saturday. they say the minor was spending time at his grandmother's house with two friends when he pulled out the loaded gun. >> and crying and saying he's willing to do whatever, you know, to show he's hurt by that. >> the teen faces several charges including manslaughter. 5 students recovering after the broward county school bus crashed. the driver heading west on griffin ad swerved into the eastbound lanes causing the bus to go off the road. 4 of the injured students were treated at the scene and the fifth taken to memorial west. that student expected to be okay tonight. the driver in the crash given a citation. >> a woman given a ticket after
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the baby safe and sound while the suspect and teenage accomplice are facing serious charges. local 10 news reporter victor akimbo is work thanksgiving live in fort lauderdale with the update. >> it turns out that suspect is no stranger to the family. she's actually a cousin and tonight is held on no bond. >> we're very happy she's here. >> monday night the baby is home safe, sound and healthy following a a visit to the doctor. >> she's healthy and smiling and been cooing and babbling all morninlong. just lit up. >> reporter: the aunt says it's bittersweet knowing their own cousin, stephanie augustine, was allegedly responsible for the kidnapping. >> and that situation, happened will happen. we just pray for her as a family member and it is hard but she made her mistake and she has to go through it. >> reporter: stephanie cried in
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she's accused of snatching the baby and heading north. the baby was found abandoned in orange county. stephanie would be arrested in fort pierce. >> you're charge wide count one of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill. in count 5 the charge of kidnapping. >> reporter: detectives say she even armed another relative, a 14-year-old boy, to help pull off the kidnapping. faly members listened to evevy detail. some say she had an obsession with becoming a new mom. >> we're trying to figure out why. >> and the judge ordered a mentnt health evaluation for stephanie. meanwhile the 14-year-old accomplice is at a juvenile tention facility. ? fort lauderdale tonight. ctor akimbo, local 10 news. >> and the candidates are criss-crossing the country with hours left until the polls open on super tuesday. voters in a dozen states will cast their baots and the war of words is heating up between republicans donald trump and, of course, marco rubio.
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facing tough questions about an endorsement from a former kkk leleer. janine stanwood is in the newsroom to run down the latest. >> reporter: calvin, laurie, hillary clinton wants to maintain her lead over bernie live pictures. her husbanan bill clinton, is stumping for her. look at these live pictures right now from massachusetts where his campaign event just wrapped up. it's a really huge crowd right there. for the republicans marco rubio and ted cruz are doing what they can to chip away at donald trump's g lead. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump is us. >> reporter: a slugfest with humor. >> it says my boyfriend prefers trump. i'm single now! >> in florida where he comes from, this guy couldn''t be elected dog catcher.>> reporter: at a virginia rally for gop front runner
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while student protesters are marching out. the photographer for time magazine in a tussle with secret service. they're still investigating after controvers over trump's endorsement from former ku klux klan leadererdavid duke. trump disavowed him over the weekend but not on cnn. >> don't know what group you're talking about. >> later claiming he could not hear the question. for the democrats, bernie sanders packed houses at his campaign stops. >> we can win, no question, here in minnesota, if we have a turnout. >> reporter: but he has an uphill battle. hillary clinton is hoping to sweep the south and win super tuesday and she's got momentum. her sights squarely on trp. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. >> reporter: marco rubio and trump and clinton will all be in florida tomorrow. 's the state with the most candidates up for grabs on
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>> laurie: thank you, janine. we'll haha live team coverage with the candidates stumping for super tuesday. carlos suarez will bring the live report from donald trump. another reporter with hillary clinton and her supporters as results come in. janine stanwood at marco rubio's rally at tropical park and we'll have insight into how all the races play out. florida's primary is just over 2 weeks away but early voting has already begun in parts of south florida. people are lining up to cast their vote in downtown miami ju this morning. early voting will last for the next 2 weeks in miami-dade county and just under two weeks in monroe county. if you live in broward or palm beach counties youcan vote starting saturday. we know the florida primary is held march 15th. for information about where to go and what to bring, headadto our website. we have it all laid out for you on >> calvin: and the family of a
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upping the reward for information about her death. precious jackson was killed in august in a drive-by shooting outside her northwest ma'am day home at northwest 84th -- miami-dade home at northwest 84th street and 28th avenue. the family already offered a $3,000 reward but are offering an additional $1,000 for information. if you know anything about this shooting, give police a call right away. >> laurie: a frightening crash caught on camera. a dump truck hits a car pushing it clear across the busy intersection. the wild wreck straight ahead. >> the last day of february was
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relateteto south y >> calv: and a man is outraged after discovering a mechanic took his truck for a joyride. it was at the dealership for service when he was alerted it was speeding down the stre. >> laurie: it's something we think might happen when we drop it off for service but tonight we take you for a ride. >> so i was at my office doing my work and my phone gives me a text. >> reporter: the text was coming from a device mounted in steve cass ammo's toyota tacomma. a device he installed to keep an eye on his son's driving habits. a device a mechanic at toyota of hollywood didn't know was on the truck and it's a device that records the truck's every move.
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says that my car was speeding at 48 miles in a 30 mpmpzone. >> reporter: he had taken the truck in to replace a window and an ignition. >> i'm saying how can my car be speeding if it's at the dealership? >> so he went to theheheputer to track his truck. >> the car was ing down 441 eastbound on sheridan. through wendy's. >> a mechanic at toyota of hollywood had taken his vehicle to lunch? >> he's driving my car and could have wrecked the vehicle. he could run a red light or wrecked the car. >> he called the dealershsh. >> he said what do you want me to do? i need to looklinto it. >> we contacted toyota of hollywood. in the e-mail the general manager of the dealership called the incident the actions a rogue employee and says toyota of hollywood has a very strict policy that states
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ususcustomers' vehicles for any personal reasons. the general manager says his tacoma was taken off the lot without permission. the mechanic was terminated. >> had i not hah this device, i would never know what happened. >> while some servicesdo require a test drive, this one didn't. to ke sure your car hasn't been driven in the wrong direction, experts telllocal 10 news when you take your vehicle in for service, note thmileage when you drop it off which should also be on your paperwork and you can also zero or reset the trip couter. in hollywood, jeff, local 10 news. >> laurie: good advice. the general manager of toyota of hollywood claims this an isolated incident. >> calvin: stay on the road now. and closed for reivations and -- renovations and repairs the causeway is re-opened today. it was closed for 9 months while undergoing major reconstruction.
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did finish on time and d on budget. on average we're talking 8,000 cars and 100 bicyclists use the nation causeway on a daily basis. >> laurie: and the water is so beautiful out there. >> calvin: betty, we want a carbon copy from today. is that possible? >> reporter: it almost seems like spring is in the air.r. there were a lot of 70s this afternoon across the south. not just in florida but also other areas with georgia and louisiana and other states making the run into the 70s today including san antonio and houston which made it up to 78 and fort lauderdale not too far away from what's normal for this time of the year. right now it is 67 in miami. showing clear skies with winds light at 5 mph. kendall the coolest spot at 63. won't be a terribly chilly
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most areas will start the day indeed in the 60s. we have our winds from the east slrn southeast and the calm over homestead and that will tend to keep temperatures on the milder side. and one other interesting thing popping up tonight on the doppler radar, do you see the dots over the atlantic? a few showers out there and keep an eye on them and even if they make it in towards beaches, it won't amount to much but won't rule out a stray shower.the rain chance in the forecast is really, really low. high pressure is in control of the weather still tonight for florida and a lot of the southeast. we are starting to see some changes, though, over the plains. particularly as we look out around oklahoma, severe thunderstorm watch going here. weather system starting to get its act together and ahead of it noting the line of thunderstorms forming there. we're not concerned about thunderstorms head headed in our direction. as mentioned high pressure is in control and expect that to be the case, too, as we work
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march and that means mainly dry weather and stable conditions expected for our tuesday with the light breeze flowing in off the atlantic. so the e clouds mixed with the sunshine on march 1st. wednesday, march 2nd we'll be tracking the approaching cold front and it appears that front is pretty weak by the time it gets here and not going to be a game changer as far as our weather is concerned. when you see the 7 day planner you'll say really? really, betty, is that how it's going to go? because not a lot t of change in the high temperatures over the next several days. beach h recast for tomorrow. the rip current risk is low and we'll start tomorrow morning with the temperatures in the 60s. forecasting 65 for the low in ami. and then the highs make that climb towards 80 . that light atlantic breeze out there should be a nice day at the beaches. and then check out march 2nd and third.
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you, not a lot of change in the numbers even as weak fronts approach us. it's still looking like each afternoon we could make the run to the lower 80s. this afternoon carnival on the mile if you're heading out for that and right now the forecast is looking good. the mainly dry conditions and we all hope there. the weather authority always watching and tracking. meteorologist julie durda will get started tomorrow morning at 4:30 with the rest of the gang. laurie and calvin? >> laurie: betty, thank you. >> calvin: tearful testimony fr one of the hosts of dancing with the stars. erin avo: when account lead craig wilson books at avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. avo:so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch.
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>> 5 people are recovering after a terrifying crash in texas. you can see e car sitting in
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truck that speeds through right there and pushes the car right through the intersection. that truck ended up plowing through a concrete barrier. its driver along with 4 others were injured enough to go to the hospital. the driver said he doesn't know exactly what caused him to lose control. a 14-year-old is now in custody after 2 students were shot in an ohio high school. investigators say the teenager began shooting inside the school's cafeteria. two were injured by shots and two others injured by shrapnel while trying to exit the building. the teenage suspect ran from the school and dropped the weapon but was later caught. >> laurie: tearful testimony today with the dancing with the stars host and sports reporter erin andrews. she broke down on the stand in the ltimillion dollar civil suit case testifying against marriott hotels and the man convicted of stalking her. she blames both for a secretet record video of her naked that went viral.
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you were being videotaped in your room? >> no. >> emotional testimony from erin andrews. >> everyone thought that i did it for publicity and atatntion and that ripped me apart. >> did you request a room next to mrssanders? >> yes, di. >> on the same day they heard from her convicted stalker in his pre-recorded deposition. >> it was heher leaving the room. and then i altered the peep hole. >> the 37-year-old reporter and dancing with the stars cohost is suing barrett fofofilming her naked through the peep hole of her hotel room door and the managers of the nashville marriott. >> no one ever told me or asked to be next to me when checked in. >> barrett posted the video online and experts say millions watched it.
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naked all over the internet and didn't know what it was. >> despite her best efforts to remove the video it's still online. >> he just always has that monkey on her back of loss of security, safety. >> reporter: thatawas her mom there. the hotel maintains barrett is a criminal who tricked them into gaining access to erin andrews. they are being sued, though, for 75 million dollars. >> a driver has minor injuries after nearly driving hihitruck into a denver river. that truck hung over the side of the interstate just barely avoiding slipping into the river below. take a look. the driver swerved to avoight void hitting something in the roadway. he was cited @or careless driving. >> west virginia now in pieces. strong winds are being blamed for causing part of the building to collapse. the church was built back in 1850. predating west virginia itself.
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were friends with abraham lincoln. the current owners tried to renovate the building but it's structurally unsound. it has to be immediately repaired or demolished. >> calvin: a north carolina couple is dead after a pickup truck slammed into a propane tank near the home triggering the explosion. the couple in their 70s were asleep when the crash happened. they were t ten to the hospital
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the driver had >> the miami hehe making a roster move to clear up money after signing joe johnson. today the heat released the injured guard. johnson joining the heat for the first game against the knicks in new york on sunday and hifirst shot this and got them. he can do that. hit 3 pointers and on the bench and loved it. johnson also getting to know his new friend dwayne wade. to know each other well and
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smooth pass withtthat layup by d-wade and johnson started with 29 minutes and hahad the 17 point win and describi the pitch to bring him to miami. >> he told me it wasn't just shoro term. and they toll me about the family atmosphere that they had here and that is pretty much it. >> and big hug from his new @ boss. and the miami heat honoring on the final day y the month with the american airlinesa aren a. the 7th annual black history month challenge. this is fun to see. alonzo and others on hand as hollywood hills high competed for grant money and heat prize packs. action tonight lebron james and the cavs hosting the indiana pacers. second quarter and to pop and knock down the 3 and smething
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points for this one. the game high is 94 and driving to tristan thompson with the 96. top of the miami hurricanes, they continue to rise up the polls after beating louisville this weekend and with that coach's poll and the people and then to virginia tech to close out the regular season. and it is going to the number 2 seed. and the ncaa dolphins have to deal with this guy two years longer than anticipated and with that by 2 years and espn and brady signed through the 2019 season. ready for baseball? here's a look at don maddingly's line up. the look at the exhibition game in jupiter.


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