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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> he just was the life of the party. that's all i can say about junior. junior as the life of thearty. >> hatzel: at dorothy i north-day middle school where friends say both teens attend. rhodes killed saturday afternoon in miami gardens. police say he was at his grandmother's house playing with two friends when one of the boys pulled out a loaded gun, accidental firing off a shot, hitting rhodes. we're not identifying the 15-year-old accused shooter because he's a minor. but his mother spoke with us. >>e's been crying. he say he's willing to, you know, do whatever to show that he's hurt by that. >>atzel: two families brokenhearted, finding ways to cope with this loss. >> routine we praying for my american and hoping that everything gets better. >> hatzel: -- my mother-in-law. >> hatzel: that5-year-old alleged shooting will be back in court tomorrow facing charges of manslaughter and possession of a
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for now reporting live in miami gardens be with hatzel vela, local10 news. >> hatzel: thank you. five students gere injured when a broward school bus crashed in ranches. we're told the fifth was taken memorial hospital west. there's no word on that student's condition or what exactly cause this had bush to crash. this is not far from west broward high, and we're talking about griffin road east of us-27. >> calvin: who had we are hearing from relatives of a fort lauderdale woman arrested for allegedly kidnapping her cousin's two-month-old daughter setting off a statewide amber alert on saturday. local10's terrell forney live now with exactly what happened in court today. terrell. >> terrell: and, calvin, many of us hereeceived that amber alert over the weekend on our cell phones. th baby, though, was eventually found safe andound. everyone tied to the story is related, and those same relativities are now asking why.
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augustin's face, an emotional also felt by her loved ones who filed piled inside of the courtroom. >> you're charged in count one with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the i ient to kill. >> trent: the kidnapping happened friday night spark awning statewide amber alert. the baby was found safe saturday abandoned in a home near orlando and cops say the 23-year-old woman, a cousin, enlisted another 14-year-old relative to carry out the armed baby snatching snareio. >> honestly there are so many mixed emotions. we're still trying to figure this out, trying to wonder why, and it does hurt. it's bittersweet f f us. we're happy the baby's back but we're sad. >> terrell: we were theres the baby was reunited with her mom last night, and again today whenthe health infant girl returned home from ari soffer doctor's visit. the baby's aunt speaking on the family's behalf.
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it's look a blessing to have her around with her parents and they're like getting back together, bonding and loving. >> terrell: and a judge today ordered a mental health screening on 23-year-old stephanie augustin. she's being held without bond in jail, and as for that 14-year-old alleg accomplice he's being held in a juvenile detention center. we are. >> laurie: trell, thank you. today we're seeing new video ofa couple of brander brandsmart robbers before taking off in their truck. local10's michael seiden is live with more of this new video. michael. >> michael: some of the witnessesedescribing this as terrifying. there were shots fired, even a newborn baby sleeping inside of that home. see these twormed robbers, when they stormed inside the home they didn't realize there was actually surveillance cameras. tonight the search continues for this pair of brandsmart bandits. it was around noon on
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surveillance captured these armed men storming not a due plexed in northwest miami-dade, holding a half dozen victims a gunpoint before fleeing in the delivery truck. >> i was maidens was look, wow. >> michael: this mother was next door with her kids when the crooks robbed her neighbors. she cames multiple shots were fired but no one was injured. >> what -- i was just feeding the baby p. it was crazy. i was thinking with, oh, my god. >> michael: the ever investigator say the robbers toward delivery men and four people inside the home to the ground before robbing them of their money and cell phones. the men got away in the delivery truck and -- get this -- it's still missing. now homeowners in the 2100 block wf northwest 42nd street or high alert, showing us how they're beefing up security just in case these crooks strike again. andgain that struck still missing tonight. we are being told by investigators it's a white 1997is use eau ftr with the
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license plate eab l97. it's unclear if there was anything left if that truck when it was stolen. live at live tonight in northwest miami-dade. >> laurie: and we do want to give. a closesup look at these suspects. if you know who either of these men arere kive give a call to miami-dade crimestoppers, 305-471-tips p. >> calvin: now to vote 20 extent last day to campaign ahehe of supertuesday. tomorrow millions of votots head to polls putting hundreds of delegates up for grabs in the race for t white house p power janine stanwood is in the newsroom with more on this. >> janine: the candidates will be campaigning late into the night and all day tomorrow as voters in a dozen states head to vote, and on the republican side the name-calling continues between donald trump and marco rubio. today the jabs flying. >> in florida where he comes from, this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher. >> janine: in the the last-minute push before super tuesday.
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con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> janine: candidates carvings much ground as they can. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump is us. >> janine: to reach voters before the biggest day of the primary, with voting in 12 states with 1610 delegates at stake. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. >> janine: hillary clinton hoping to maintain her harry reid bernie sanders. >> we can win the democratic nomination. >> janine: while on the gop side our are are 595 delates up for grabs. trump lounge to surgege ahead with the latest poll showing 49% of republican voters would support him. >> get him out. >> janine: the frontrunner today brushing off protesters and the controversy sparked by these comments on cnnbout his endorsement from former ku klux klan grand wizard david
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>> would you just say unequivocally you condemn them and you don't want their support? >> well, i have to look at the group. i mean, don't know what group you're talking about. >> janine: so trump claimed this moing that he didn't hear the question and says he does disavow the k k. meanwhile, he is actually polling behind in the biggest super tuesday state, texas, where senator t cruz hopes his constituents will bring him a much needed win. sweel. laurie. >> laurie: such a big day tomorrow. thank yo and there's speculation today that florida governor rick scott could be on donald trump's short list for possible running mates ifif trump wins the republican nomination. the spec laws was sparked last month when governor scott wrote to a favorable column about trump in usa today.we caught up with the governor. >> i've to get a great job already this is a great job being governor. there's an opening in 2018. i've got three more years left in this job. we have a lot left to do. we have added 25,000 jobs but i'm making sure is is the number one state or jobs, the
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the number one state to stay safe. >> lauaue: meantime after months of being closed to traffic for renovations and repairs the venetian causeway-time reopened today and traffic reporter jenise fernandez tells bus the changes made to the causeway. >> jenise: for nine months bicyclist like harry gottlieb were forced to find another route to mime while beau till veneer causeway was under construction. >>he mac arthur causeway is very dangerous for cyclists. the cars are traveling 60 miles an hour. there's often debris on the side of the roted. >> jeff: the venetian causeway reopened with a ribbon cutting on monday. the>> we're thrilled yont beyond belief. >> jenise: on average 8,000 cars and 1,000 bikists use the venetian causeway game it's known for being a floor slower
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but it was desperately in need of major overhaul. built in 1987, the bridge was worn out and covered with rust. the stretch was completely reconstructed. a majority of west brim was removed and made an artificial reef. the approach to the bridge was redone and lights installed along the bridge. the 12. $4 million project was finished on time and on budget. >> i wanted to make sure the delay was as little as possible, done right, give us 60 mere years of life to these bridges, maintain the character of bridge, the historic nature of it, and so i think that's all been done. >> jenise: jenise fernandez, local10 n ns. >> calvin: to washington now, an emotional ceremony today at the white house. president obama giving a navy seal the medal of honor. edward by a recess was taken cued ameriran hostage in act of in 2012. biers and his fellolo seals engineered a dearing rescue of an american doctor bei helel
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biers is the 11th living service member to receive the medal of service in afghanistan. panic a greek border example thousands of people stride t storm a barrier fence into macedonia, a nation that has all but sealed it border allowing on a few hundred people to crossover the weekend but more than 7,0 people are waiting to pass, terrified they won't be allowed to p ph further into europe. >> laurie: it's ten minutes after 5:00. the jenise fernandez just showed us how track of is moving been on the venetian causeway. thank goodness. let's check with her for the rest of the afternoon rush. >> jenise: i. i think a lot of people are smiling now that the causeway is back open but on i-95 northbound you're probably not smiling right now. again this is i-95 northbound, this view from northwest 54th street. you canny s zee the heavy congestion. there is an accident at northwest 52nd street. you can see that the express lanes are moving which is great but speeds are right now
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have an accident on i-75 northbound. this is right around royal palm boulevard. those delays are starting from griffin road would be going to last for about a mile and speeds right now are at 32 miles per hour. i-95 northbound at griffin road there is an accident there as well it. does look like speeders starting to pick up a bit here, clocking in at 44 miles per hour. laurie. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. crime at the courthouse. coming up new at 6:00, wood marks the spot where a man armed with a bat came smashing in. >> calvin: plus, multiple local businesses are allegedly in violation of t t american with disabilities act. and now they're being sued, so what are they exactly doing wrong? dot miss today's edition of "call christina" and it's all new coming up onn't local10 news at 5:30. >> laurie: first we're going do give you a look back a oscar night and how host chris rock
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controversy for a lot of laughs.tt2watv# -4 bt@qq> i'm here at the academy >> i'm here at the academy white people's choice awards. >> request that joke oscars host chris rock set the ton for the night. his opening monologue took on the so white controversy and he never let up. a thoughtful film about a newspaper, swept sex abuse by boston's catholic priests took
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picture. >> if they noem nated host, i wouldn't even get this job. >> laurie: but it was oscar host chris rock who really owned the night, addressing the academy diversity controversy right out of it. >> i'm the danish girl. >> laurie: placing black actor in pare difficulties sever nominated films. >> you should get me. >> don't worry, black astronaut. we will links even calling hollywood racist. >> hollywood isy sorority racist. it's le we like you, rhonda, but you're not a kapap. >> laurie:fter five acting noop nominations leonardo dicaprio's losing streak finally end help his gritty perfofoance as a wind frontiersman seeking retribution wning him gold for the revenant. his impassioned acceptance speech. >> climate change is r rl. it's happening right now. it's a most urgent threat facing our entire species. >> laurie: best actress as
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larson. thee biggest upset the supporting actor to bridge of spice markery answer.& and the darin girls' alyssia vikander took home best supporting actress. but the most award film of the night not the sensitive serious films that nom dominated the awards but instead mad max: : fury roadway six-win oscar haul. and the biggest moment on social media last night was when leonardod dicaprio won for best actor. that generated more than 440,0000 tweets per minute. the most tweeted moment of an oscar telecast ever. >> calvin: wow. twitter hasn't been around that long but he reel did give a mag fief sent speech. >> laurie: commanding and made an important comment about climate change and he is so passionate about it. >> calvin: and years in the making. some thought that should have come a whole lot sooner. let's check in now with betty davis.
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betty, for that forecast. >> laurie: leading weather. >> betty: thank you. looking good out there tonight from miami to rt lauderdale. maybe you're watching from hialeah. i hope you had areat day. this is the last day of february, and what i way to close out the month. miami making it up to 78 grees this afternoon after starting the morning in the lower 60s. so ptty much the norm for this time of the year. no rainfall measured out there. temperatures right now running in the mid-70s all around. homestead at 75. pembroke pines, we see you at 73 and pompano beach 74. watching out for the keys as well, 73 degrees for key west. the forecast for the evening is pretty quiet. mainly dry and partly cloudy skies by 9:00 tonight, and by that hour r me of your neighborhoods may be dropping off to about 70 degrees. still running pretty comfortable out there. our winds are fairly light from the east-southeast about 5 to 10 miles an hour. that is generally a milder flow
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mass not terribly humid, and things are just really, really nice and quiet. high pressure still has hagood handle on the weather situation fofo the southeast. that high pressure being in control not just for the rest of the day but into tomorrow as well. so we're stuck in the flow around that high and that means good things for us weather-wise. winds light from the east-soutmeast southeast on tuesday. clouds mix the with sunshine ki of like today. there will be a cold front marching toward south florida and dipping down on wednesday but it's going wean so by the time it gets here not a whole lot left to it which means there wouldn't it lot of changes in our weather once that front passes or fizzles just to our north. so we stay. we next several days. temperatures pretty close to average for this time of year. we expect to start tomorrow morning in the low to mid-60s. highs make that climb toward 80 degrees. winds from the east-southeast 5 to 10 miles an hour. mar 2nd more of the same. march 3rd mores of the time
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high temperatures into the lower 80s and even into the weekend the weather looks great as we look ahead to carnival on the mild. temperaturesear 80 degrees and overnight lows in mid-60s and the rain chance staying low. kampf. >> calvin: we're following now breaking news. it aears a judge has said that apple does not have to give up the phone, apparently belonging to the san bernardino shooters, in fact, what the fbi would like to do is to break into the phone with some sort of code but apparently t fbi ran out of chances. there are ten chances, as you know, to get into your phone to try to get information out but apparently the fbi was not able to get the information out and they weresking apple to give up a code to get into that phoho but now a judge apparently ruling that apple will not have to come up with a code to get into that phone. we'll havethat at the bottom of the hour. >> laurie: meantime a university of miami football star is hoping to take his skills to the nfl. >> calvin: but after a series of personal tragedies there's so much more riding on his shoulders.
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up a little later in in hour. >> laurie: now we tike live pictures as sportscaster aaron andrews is testifying in tears a times about being spied on in her hotel room. we will hear so of that testimony in a $75 million lawsuit against a hotel chain all because her stalker was able to film her, videotape her right through a peephole. we'lg have more of her tearful testimony coming up. >> will: also, a south florida man is getting national attention for kougl sports experts. meet the man who was bringing a
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the sports media, next. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next presidentneeds a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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go. >> will: social media has changed how reporters do their jobs. it's also given people outside of traditional media a much stronger voice than they ever had before. as local10's clay ferrero shows us, one local man is using that voice to keep sports media members in line, and have a little fun in the process. >> he's going to force john elway to cut him. >> clay: this is what much sports media has become. hot takes spoken loudly and sometimes not even about sports. >> i hope they become a couple. >> they will not become a couple. >> clay: when they're right, there's plenty of back slapping. >> you were ahead of the curve. >> clay: but when they're wrong, people seem to conveniently forget, that is, until fred siegel came along.>> this is a business they chose
5:25 pm
to annal had criticism. >> clay: siegel who lives in coral springs started the twitter account freezing cold takes exposing bold and loud predictions wy sports media types that go horribly wrong. >> when somebody posts a tweet i remember it. because of a high explicit mem rip. then when something happens it triggers nee right a ay. this guy said this at this time. >> clay: what started out with fun with friends has, the account has jumped to more than 16,000 followersrs and in the the last week it's been featured in sports illustrated and on espn radio. some big names like jason whitlock of fox sports of handled getting cold take pretty well. others like seth davis of cbs sports gave a little pushback. >> he makes very good points about basketball but he can be defensive and he can also be defensive about being defense sufficient. >> clay: none of us e immune to getting cold take.
5:26 pm
of mine from back at the super bowl. tell me. >> broncos in the danger zone. they can't run up the middle& against the panthers front. >> i guess he got me. nice jobob wait. did you just send that? even siegel himself isn't immune to getting cold taked. take this tweet from over the weekend by his wife. >> i vowed to do the dishes and make the lunches every single night. i haven't really met expectations there. >> will: i'm sure siegel to find plasty manages takes i made. he enjoys going back and forth with these guys. he said precincts them i. high said it is all in fun. you can see he whose no problem making fun of himself either but he's got quite a thing going with over 16,000 follow ores twitter. >aurie: if he can make money on it, that's a fun career. hold us all to the fire. >> calvin: still to come, the family of a murder victim desperate for answers is now asking for your hetch. >> laurie: victor and janine are working that and more for you at
5:27 pm
one was gunned down last small falling and police still haven't made an arrest. they're hoping someone will come forward and do the right thing. >> janine:n emotional day in court for the family ofof a woman police say was savagely attacked by her roommate who police say she met on craigslist.
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>> janine: rant 5:30 a plea for precious. the fami of a young woman shot and killed on the streets of south florida now asking for yoyr help. 24-year-old precious jackson was murdered last august. >> victor: but investigators yet to make an arrest and now her loved wonders hoping are in any information that could help lead to her killer. local10's neki mohan live now with their plea. >> neki: issuing victor and janine, six months ago precious jackson was gunned town down right here in front of her home but s sll police have no leads to her killer. now her mother is hoping that an additional reward about help spk the minds of someone who knows something. no one have stepped up in b of a of behalf of her murder, and i really would like to findwho killed my water. i'm not going do rest until that happen.
5:31 pm
additional $1,0000 reward money will help find whoever shot her daughter precious jackson in offing last year. >> i cry all the time. i'm not going to sit@ herend say i don't. i do. >> nek jackson was killed outside her home nasty 84th street and 24th avenue on august 15 with 2015. surveillance video shows' car leaving the scene shortly after the shooting and people running after shots were fired. green says the bullets were meant for a foster child she was taking care of a a not for her daughter. >> on her way through life, you know, managing her job, doing the right thing, everything that her mother taught her. that was precious. >> neki: now green is working with other matters who lost children -- mothers who lost children to violent crime to help stop the killings. >> it really has to be a change because it doesn't make@ no spence instead of peopling loving each other and helping each other and doing what god would want us to do, it's like they're shooting each otherer more and more. it's not happening by the years or the months.
5:32 pm
every day. >> neki: that additional $1,000 reward will be added to the crimestoppers reward that's already $3,000, making it a total of $4,000, and, of course, any tips will be kept anonymously. the number to call is 305371 tips. i'm live in northwest mild, neki mohan. >> victor: let's hope somebody comes forward. a man accused of brutally beating a roommate that he mete on craigslist went before a judge. the prosecutors of refiling the memo. the 31-year-old is counting at least one count of first degree murder. mitchell accused of shooting cutting her and attempting to cut her lips ask eyelids off. >> right now it's stay 16 and shs still in a coma, still in critical. we're looking for any little glimmer hope.
5:33 pm
lived together for about a week before that attack. mitchell claims he aacked jones in self-defense and he's expected to appear in court ain tomorrow. we're fom wreaking news. a judge in a new york drug case has ruled the governor cannot phenidate. this follows a excision from a california judge that would require the apple to give information to the fbi on the phone used beau the shooters. apple said it would put all iphone users a risk. you. now we want to turn to the peephole spying triales by erin drews. she was fiddle while she was undressed. she testified just moments ago about the first time that she saw that video online. >> i flipped it up on. open. and you know your body, and i saw you the for two seconds and i was like, oh, my god, and i shut it down. i had to call them back, and i called minorities.
5:34 pm
your parents? >> i was just screaming. i was naked all over the internet and i didn't know what it was, and my dad, he thought i had been inin car accident. he said, why are you screaming? i'm like, dad, i'm naked all over the internet and i don't know what it is. and i don't know where i am. and, yeah, i even got a call from the hotel thaha i was staying at because they wanted to know if everything was okay, i was screaming so loud. >> victor: clearly very difficult for her to talk about. andrews is now suing the national marriott, legioning they allowed michael david barrett who the room next to her where he drilled a hole and recorded andrews. barrett was stones two and a half years in prison. >> janine: getting towed is never a good experience but in the city of miami they are adding insult to injury after an audit found several towing companies consistently overcharging customers. those charges, in the thousands of dollars, and those companies, failing for pay the city tens of
5:35 pm
and they are sti not changing their policies. local10 investigator amy viteri explains why customers are owed a big refund. >> they can charge whatever they want to charge. and they're getting away with it. >>[ speaking in spanish ] >> amy: customers ripped o o by towing companies who had no idea until we t td hem. we looked at through an audit by the auditor general. in a one month period they found companies overcharged customers more than $8,000. >> so it's highway robin. >my: disbelief from this customer named mary. when kippes record towed her car, her grandson should have id $68. instead they charged $130, ininuding a bogus fee with no explanation simply understand that everybody ha have have to making a living but you do not have to rob me to make money. >> amy: five months after the report we visited the towing companies @o see what's changed.
5:36 pm
rates here on the signs? what's the $134? >> amy: at kings wreck were the worst offender corning to audit, we saw this sign still posted with illegal rates. >> but do you charge people that? >> i got nothing tolls say. >> amy: same issue at new way towi. when we asked about this sign outside, an employee said this. >> you have we've got this one. >> the audit found towing in ea case they charged for towing the car more than several hours. the problem no paperwork showing if cars were there that long. >> actually, according to the city for the first six hours there's no charge. >> amy: so who checks on these businesses? that's the miami police department record dail but the audit found mpd personnel did not monitoring towing company operations. >> did miami polole drop the ball on throwing enforcement? >> i think drop the ball might be a harsh assessment. i think theepartment could
5:37 pm
>> amy: major sai they've made changes beefing up the record detail from two officers to six and working to get new software for towing records. he says officers have been doing random checks. >> if you want to do business with the city you have to do it right. >> amy: the audit found over the one-month period the companies failed to p the city over $150,000 in fees. fees they were charging customers. >> we could be talking about millions of dollars that were never paid to the city. >> that's true. obviouy, taxpayers are on the hook for a lot of things, and we don't want them to be on the hook for things like this. >> everyone out to make money. and some of them don't care how they get it. >> amy: in ear january i requested a copy of any docuntation of checks mpd has done on towing companies since the opted so far we have not received that paperwork. i also learned city l l requires towing companies refund customers three times the a an overcharge. if you need help with a refund,
5:38 pm
mpd's record detail and that information on our website, amy viteri, local10 news. >> janine: and this was first time that towing companies were audited in 11 years. they have now paid most of the money back this they owed he city from the period the audit reviewed. >> victor: now to disturbing dash cam video from texas showing a dump truck slamming right into a car that was stopped at a traffic light. several cars were waiting at that l lht. focus your attention on that silver honda out right. it's getting ready to turn right when out of nowhere a he red dump truck could also speeding right behind it and pushes you theinto that busy intersection. the dump truck also barrels through concrete barrier and down into a creek. the driver that of dump truck and four others had to be taken to the hospital. no word, though, on what caused that driver to lose control. and rightow it is 5:38. time for us to get a quick check on afternoon rush with traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise:e:ictor, no accidents like that but we do have a few things out there thats not going to be helping your monday commute starting with i-95 northbound.
5:39 pm
this view from northwest 54th street. there is an accident at 62nd street. and as we zoom on in we can get a better idea of those delays. good news those northbound express lanes moving smoothly but speeds right now at i-95 northbound 12 miles per hours. 's we cruise onto broward we're waiting for this accident on clear up at i75 southbound at paul royal palm boulevard, speights are hath 36 miles per hour. checking out i-95 northbound this time on sterling road a left lane blocked with speeds there clocking in at 32 miles perour. gentleman neen. >> janine: still ahead, he was a star here in south florida but can he make the transition to the proro coming up, we're speaking with um star artery burns about his envelope dreams and why soap more is riding on him now. >> vicr: violence in the streets of anaheim when the kkk tries to stage a rally at a park. >> janine: first, local10
5:40 pm
vazquez addition into a series of lawsuits against local businesses accusing them of not complying with the ada.
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
report right after the villarreal small business owners have been calling consumer investigator christina vazquez asking for help.p. they were being hit with lawsuits claiming they violated the americans with disabilities
5:44 pm
by a man they havey never met as long as i. >> janine: it is turns out florida businesses have been hit with a wave of lawsuits.s. others argue with ada on the books since 1990, those businesses should know better. >> christina: he businesses lawsuits. >> a summons. >> they seed sweed were being sued for nob compliance of ada. >> christina: auto spitz, ross auto repair it all located in oakland park in violation of the americans with disabilities act or ada, each filed by florida based attorney mark cohn. the plaintiff tally hillson. >> did you ever meet tally hill zopf? >> no. >> no. >> he said he personally came to this business in this lawswst. >> he has never been in this building. >> christina: some of the describing the property in the lawsuit didn match what we saw once we visited the business. >> it says we have no access,
5:45 pm
property is wide open. >> he felt there w w no protection from moving cars. we're quite a decendant from the street. >> absolutely. >> we put in stripes and all this things we needed to do. >> christina: the manager with international auto parts who is handicapped himself said ty did make the necessary changes but wonders if what compliance was what hill zopf was seeking, why slap a business with a lawsuit asking for attorneys fees, expenses and c cts? why not just contact the company first. >> if somebody was out there in a wheelchair, there would have been two, three people republican out to help him. it's a scam looking for money. >> there are going to be a few of these investigations whereaeauts feel like they're under attack. >> kristi: i. >> calvin: she last been tacking a surge of ada lawsuits nationwide. florida is second in the nation with the most. many of these, the result of what are called serial filers. >> we see the same ones or and over again.
5:46 pm
2015 tally hill zen i it was a plaintiff on 136 cases. he is described as a tester. >> a test ser a person who says "you i'm going to go out there and test businesses to see if they're compliant with the law." >> christina: attorney mk d. koehn filed 280ada suits last year. >> i i florida marco zen a regular, he files a lot of these lawsuits. >> the spirit of the law is to get the complnce. q. breaking hews, a police pursuit in broward county, testament coverage comininto the newsroom. >> victor: this is unfolding right now. let's get do calvin. >> calvin: it looks like you're lining at the end of this chase. this is a footthase that began as a police pursuit on i-95 southbound butut we're just going to watch this play on the here as police have been chang this gentleman here for quite some time on the streets as he was driving through in and out of track of with running red lightstsbut it looks like he's running out of gas, running out of energy as he is running what we were believe in oakland park. he was in oakland park and
5:47 pm
you can see the gentleman. it looks like he is running through a parking lot in a commercial area, and other people are pursuing hum as well. not a police officer it looks like unlesshat's a plainclothes police officers there, running into a building. running into a begged. not sure if this gentleman is armed or not bought we've been watching this for you as he's been running and andout track of of a car,hat looks like a hundai sonata. he was in oakland park going southbound going into incoming track of, running red lights and there it that police pursuit. he ran innd out of what looks like an apartment building, and it looks like he's trying to getinto another vehicle here. and with another person. it may be his accomplice there, getting into that other ar car as they're about to try to take off. we understand police were chasing this man on i-95 southbound. we believe he was in a stolen car, and it looks like he's in another stolenar driving out of that parking lot. someone is trying to block him
5:48 pm
found his way out. we under this is an in oakland park once again. and we don't see any police vehicles around him anywhere. but we know bso chopper is high above watching this person as he is in this stolen vehicle after going on a police pursuit getting out of a stolen car, running by foot into another area here in oakland park, and then driving in this car here, what appears to be another stolen car with another person in the passenger seat and what looks likhe is going into incoming traffic. once again, very dangerous as he has been driving here with high speeds right there, going through that intersection, blowing through that intersection. and once again, bso chopper high above up. do not see any police vehicles right behind this car, victim but weave been following this for you as this person, we don't understand why he's runningut we do know when the police
5:49 pm
southbound that he was in a stolen vehicle but once again as you can see there we put up the bayne. he is in oakland park going in and ouw of neighborhood track of there, a residential area at a very high speed here. thankfully a lot of children are out of school but after-school act of taking place, so a lot of children may be in the streets here waiting for parents to come home. >> janine: calvin, that might be a stolen car or he might have stopped in oakland park because this is somebody that perhaps he knows and that was a car he knew was available. we don't know yet. >> victor: maybe it could be his car as well and it mighturn out he knows this area because he wept right for that car and i'm thinking there's a good chance thahathis is either the other person's car or his car. either way he is making a desperate attempt as east through these residential streets doing whatever he can to get away from police. no word on exactly what it is he's wanted for but he has come to a stop here. let't' see what happens. they bailed out once again, making a run for it.
5:50 pm
he is underneath trees the in a backyard. >> calvin: they're uk running into a residential area in someone's backyard. you can see both people from that vehicle are n running together, and at least one police officer right behind them. bso has been tracking this person, both people. we understand for at least the last 20 minutes. but right there going around in circles and they've split up. the officer having to make a decision which one to go after, and it looks like he's gone after one of the suspects, but both of them have run away and the officer trying to go after both of those suspects. what a dramatic scene playing out. as you can imagine, neighbors inn this residential area are obviously, and we apologize for this picture goingng out, but sky 10 live above this, as one of the suspects jumped over that fence. and can you imagine only one officer, we understand, was chasing them but now you can see more officers have arrived. >> janine: and you can see right there we just saw a second ago it looks like the officers did
5:51 pm
custody, and so now their goal is to look f f that second person who is, it looks like he is trying to appear, maybe take a sweatshirt off, hanging his mind, of course. he is on the side of a housewhere there are people standing in the front of house t. house. is he hiding? >> victor: it looked like a second he was thinking about jumping into recycleling bin to hide but people are outside of that house. i doubt they know what's going on but this guy ask running around right behind their house at this point. >> calvin: this is just a matter of time before this person is caught and he is probably making up his mind that this is probably not a good move. he seems to be trappedn this backyard. once again, bso chopper is right above and they're watching this person as he is climbing over fence after fence going into peoples backyards in oakland park. >> victor: it's tough to say if he is armed or not but it looked like he had something in his left hand. can't make it out just yet. he is going from backyard to
5:52 pm
>> janine: according to light house point spokesperson from what they were telling us, ty had a stolen car that the come into the city. police did not chase vehicles, and so they had b b kind of monitoring the situation from above, and it's sort of come to at least one-half of it came to an end here in oakland par this other suspect is now drying to get away, he's jumping fences, kind of going in and out of different peoples backyards. deputies it appred had one person in custody but now he is walking around these people's. >> hiding by the swimming pool in someone's backyardum gen fence after fence. he seems to be going in circles as she is trying to make a getaway somehow in neighborhood. as you can imagine, the people in in neighborhood are probably just frightened as the they are watching this playut, and if you know someone who list of in in neighborhood, it's probably a good idea to call them routine and tell them to stay inside aspolice are swarming this area, looking for this person here. there e re two people who were rung on foot away from police officers, but at first they were
5:53 pm
neighborhood, bailing out in neighborhood in oakland park and then one has been taken into custody by police but this one here jumping fence after fence going into this neighborhood and once again on the ground there doing the s sead eagle, waiting are for police officers to come and possibly arrest him and maybe just a matter of time or he may be just trying to hide once again. >> janine: and we see a lot of these houses have pets in the yard. >> victor: it also louks there is a police officer with a k-9 unit right in front. if it's notla k-9 unit it could just be a neighbor with a very largeog but there's somebody on the other side of that fence and he just t awled right to it. it looks like he is now surrendering. he's going to jump that fenen. let's see. he goes right to the ground, spreads his l ls apart there and now being ordered to put his hands behind his back. that would appear to be a police k-9 there. and there's an officer about to cuff this guy who made for one wild afternoon here in oakland park. >> calvin: a very wild afternoon
5:54 pm
what appears to be this person here with another person who was dean into custody just moments o, they were in a stolen vehicle, they were riding down interstate 95 southbound when bso officers said they were going to get hem nothing light house pot and allow the bso chopper to follow them around and not pursu them in a high-speed chase. but then it turned into a foot chase when we tuned in to this in oakland park, and this car was going into and out of traffic before beitel and then this person ran nigh parking lot and jumped into another vehicle. not sure if that was a vehicle waiting on these two people or@ in fact it was a vehicle that he stole, but those two perpetrators there jumped into that week, vac off, and started going, weaving in and out of traffic. was mainly the city track of, and then they jumped into what appear to be -- jumped out of that vehicle and appeared to be rung into this 9-under ever neighborhood before jumping over
5:55 pm
taken in custody. >> it does not look like those are sheriffs deputies based on their uniforms. these might be light house police officers that are taking this young man in custody because from what they were telling us, they had gotten a call initially about a stolen car, and then they, along with the broward sheriff's office, then pursued these two suspects. now ultimately getting both of them in custody. again, like you were saying, victor, making for a pretty wild afternoon. >> victor: absolutely. and police were able to catch up with them pret quickly considering how many fences these guys werejumping over, especially that last one. looks like a phone may have fallen out ofis pocket. tough to tell what it was that he was carrying but he was holding onto something as he was jumping throuou these backyards. moments ago you watched this unfold. both of these men police were after in oakland park now in custody, under arrest in police cars. good to have them off the streets. >> janine: and on the right-hand side of your screen you can see,
5:56 pm
they were in initially before ditching and then this isideo of -- keep in mind -- recorded earlier but this is the car i think that they were in before ditching it, running and thenn getting into another suv and, boy, it really just went on a a wild ride driving erratically in some industrial areas. >> victor: it looks like that was the first bailout. there were a number of people inside that car, much more than just two. so our chopper can only follow so many people one time here, so got to believe that police have either found the other people or they're still looking for the other people who were inside that car. that hundai, it looked like the back bumper had been ripped off as they were driving, looked like it was pretty beat up and in bad shape. we're waiting to hear from police what happened and how many people they have in custody. from what we have seen, two team now in custody. >> janine: and of cose you can see on the right-hand side of your screen video from earlier. boy, they really ran around in this neighborhood in this oakland park neighborhoodefore
5:57 pm
it i i not clear if that suif was a stolen suv or if that was an suv that possibly belonged to a friend or a family member and they knew how to get to it. >> victor: looked like they knew what they were doing. they ran into the entrance an building and right for that car. it was unlocked. they took in once again before bailing out another time, and again, police were able to catch thankfully, as far as we can report right now, it doesn't look like there are any injuries, no serious accidents, eieier, just an incredibly dangerous scene and a wild afternoon here. we're waiting to get a lot more information, official word from police as to exactly what it is that happened here. what we know right now is that initially they were in a stole car. >> janine: stolen car at light house point that made its way into pompano beach and then into oakland park and really taking police for a wild ride. on the right-hand side of your reen those are live pictures right now. at least two people in custody. that's the left-hand side of your screen.
5:58 pm
screen, that's video recorded earlier. again w wre showing you several people getting out of that allegedly stolen car and giving police quite a chase. >> victor: i counted four right there. they gute but it's tough to tell for sure but it looked lik four people jumped out of that car. a story we are going to continue to follow. for nowlaurie and calvin, we'll send it to you. >> laurie: thank you both. >> calvin: we are going to continue following this story here. you can see these are live pictures you're looking at from sky 10 of oakland park where a police pursuit has come to an end and a foot chase as well came to an end. at least two people taken into custody after what w believed to be a stolen car that led to that police pursuit. >> laurie: and what's been fascinating is all the neighbors thqt came out and pets and dogs that were barking at these suspects. no doubt it helped officers expo exacy where this were. families comings out even with they are chirp and pointing out where these two suspects were, apparently young men, twtw of them. one caught first and within
5:59 pm
taken down. >> calvin: what a dramatic scene played out as one of the suspects was jumping over fenceafter fence after fence in this verbal area in oakland park, and once again sky 1 over the scene on aftermath of what was a police pursuit that ce to an end that led to a dramatic foot chase, but two people taken into custody. >> laurie: and jeff weinsier is jojoing us now from the newsroom. jeff, what are you learning about all this? >> jeff: as we look at this right now, again a developing ststy which started originally between 5:30 and 6:00 in the light house point area, as you look at this, police were originally, the broward sheriff's office originally pursuing a stolen, what appears to be a stolen hundai sonata out of light pous house point. at that point the suspects alledly got on i-95, got off in the oakland park area. we have some video, if we can roll the video,, the suspects jumping out of hundai sonata, then two of the suspects running into an apartment complex, then getting into what appears to be
6:00 pm
so they ditch one car, they run away from that car with police pursuing them. they get into car and lead employs a second chase in this car. we don't know how in the world they were able to jump that car so quick and get out of there. again, this is in the in oakland park in an apartment complex. the florida highway patrol and an unmarked suv was quickly, quickly behind this car because the broward sheriff's office had their chopper up above. again, two suspects were in car, originally four people got out of that hundai astronauta. they went all separate wades. astronauta. two males got into this week that you see right here and pled police on a chase through residential oakland park. here you see that unmarked suv right behind them. you see the two suspects. they fled with that officer on foot chase in separare directions. originally both together, but then they went in separate directions with that one police


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