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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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so just off to the northwest of coral springs there is some rainfall. your skies will be opening up, some light rainfall it seems now around pompano beach, down toward fort lauderdale as well but this weather, it is not severe. we're still not going to rule out that potential for a gusty shower or storm. in fact wants we loo at what the main threats are expected to be for today, wind gusts 40 to 60 miles an hour and then a low risk for tornadoes. hopefully we won't have this happening but at this point i don't necessarily want to rule it out until we can push the line through. there's a cold front approaching. this model showing that between now and 7:00 showers crossing our area, and as i mentioned won't raoul out a gusty storm, but by 10:00 tonight we should be in the clear and we'll be looking ahead to drier, cooler weather. stay tuned for the seven-day planner. a temperature change you'll want to know about. guys. >> laurie: betty, thank you. >> this is a tragic crime, and something that we will not tolerate in miami-dade county.
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carlos gimenez condemning a shooting that killed a six-year-old little boy after police arrested two teenagers today, and more arrests are expected soon. we haveim live team coverage for you with neki mohan who spoke with the victim's family. >> calvin: first let's get the ladies on two teens who were arrested r. from hatzel vela live in doral. >> hatzel: these suspects are pretty young, the one 18-year-old lender adams and 17-year-old irwen pressley both being charg with first degrees attempted murder. pressley had a gun on him this morning when police arrested him. he told them that was the gun used in the shoot-up. he also had an ainge el bracelet to trackck him to the crime scene. >> right now it appears that there was some type of beef between 2 two rifif factions. >> hatzel: a feud that starts on social media ends wiwi a precious little boy losing his life. investigator say 18-year-old
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you are went pressley were in a social media battle with a guy named ju ju. so ty get in a car, drive over to the blue lake village apartments in northwest miami-dade, find the guy, and algedly start shooting at him. during the shootout, six-year-old king carter who was walking through the parking lot to buy candy, was hit in the chest by the bullets. police say pressleyy and adams got in the car and took off. >> you will live with this guilt for the rest of your days. knowowhat. the most heinous thing you can do is to kill a child. >> hatzel: cyberbullying has become a new normal among gangs and guns are used to solve the problems. >> onhe facebook saying derogatory comments to each other and starting a feud of hater. >> hatzel: in this case outrage, community involvement and good old police work is what led tow these arrests. miami-dade mauer carlos gimenez said we have to get guns off the streets, prosecute these criminals, and intervenor in the ves of young people.
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>> every shooting weigh going to track you down. >> the truth of the matter is yesterday it was little kining carter. tomorrow it could be someone se. police this afternoon still looking for an early 2000 model lexus black in color with bullet holes. if you know anything you're asked to call miami-dade police. by the way, we're also being told pressley was out on on probation`ln an armed robbery and battery charges. the state attorney's office is now trying to f gure out how he fell through the cracks. for now reporting live in doral, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> calvin: and we'relso getting reaction now from king carter's dad who says thehe teen targeted by the gunmen called h'm to apologize. >> laurie: neck joins us now with more on the family's reaction to today's arrest. neck. >> neki: laurie and calvin, the father heartbroken talking to that teen today in tears. the mother and father of this little boy calling for better parenting in this community and more more accountability, this
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a little boy who necessity cherish hnd tried to protect. >> it starts with us, parenting. we got to do better. and as parents of these kids, it's easy for anybody to get a gun. >> neki: king carter's mother reacting toted to the reaves two teteagers arrested in the murder of her six-year-old son. carter was killed while playing outside his home last saturday. king's father getting a call from one of the young men being questioned in his son's murder. >> he's so har sorry. he was crying, yelling to the top of his lungs, hs so sorry. >> and he was turning himself in. >> you're a nice guy. all i hear is mog good about you. i know people yoy help. you do not do anything but help the community, do thing for otr people's kids. i'm sorry it happened to you. >> we hurting. we thomas cotton really ripped my farmer part. we've got god. we t tst in god. >> neki: a child's death sparking commumuty outrage and marches, a movement that the family of a little boy hope will continue. monica smith says that casing
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compassionate child who she will miss dealer. >> he had a big personality, a real big personality. he don't want nhing to happen to them. he wouldn't. but i just hope that they get, you know, get what they deserve. >> neki: here is the information for the viewing of the memorial for king carter. the viewing will take place friday, february 26th a friendship missionary baptist church from 2:00 to 7:00. there will be a memorial from 7:00 to 8:00. his home going service is saturday, february 27th at new birth cathedral of faith at 2:00. you can see outside the family's apartment here off 103rd street that there are coolers outside. so many people stopping by to lend their sympathies. they say that they haven't slept. they're up all night. they're hurtin you heard them say they are hurting for the loss of they are six-year-old son. live in northwest miami-dade, neki mohan, local10 news. >> calvin: neki, thanks s lot, now back to those deadly storms that slammed the south. 27 tornadoes reported in five
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two people were killed when a tornado tore through a trailer park in louisiana last night. at least 30 people were hurt as the twister tossed trailers from one side of the park to the other. that same storm system also injured several people i pensacola, and the national weather service confirms a tornado did touchdown. this video shows the power of those gusts as they blew these doors wide open. the twister also brought down trees and power lines leaving thousands without electricity. gov rick scott held a news conference in tallahassee this morning where he declared a state of emergency in escambia county. >> the most important thing that the sheriff will say, emergency management teams will say, the mayo will say is we're here to make sure everybody gets back to living a normal life as quickly as we can. the city, county and state are going to do their job and we're going to mauk sure any resources we can get from the federal government we mauk that happen. >> laurie: closer to home take a look at this video of a funnel included a viewer sent from us vero beach pap.
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severe storms is expected to hit south florida later tonight. she'll bring us any updates on timing as she gets them. >> calvin: you. >> to the latest on vote 2016. it's a contest this weekend for democrats in south carolina's primary. >> laurie: hillary clinton is sitting on a a big lead but bernie sanders, he's already looking ahead to surp tuesdsy. our own glenna milberg has traveled to columbia, south carolina, to bring us up to speed. hi, glenna. glenna: it's true, laurie. sanders is out of here at the moment. he's in missouri, a supe super 'tis stata. he's also rallying in oklahoma today whose primary is on march 1st. kind of a nod to this huge double digit lead in the polls that hillary clinton has here with democratic voters, but both light doing a town hall meeting which was eventually the last televised attempt that they had to make their case to south carolina's democrats. secretary hillary clinton risked on income disparity, a signature theme for senator bernie
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>> there are b briers that people are encountering that i think we need to be owns about. >> glenna: and sanders defended president barack obama, arecurring clinton movov of late. >> we have been dealing in the last seven years with an obstructionism against president obama. >> glenna: south carolina's primary saturday, democrats first in the south is a far different lay of the land than in iowa or r w hampshire or their caucus in nevada they both have good points of views. >> glenna: secretary clinton leads a double digit lead never poll here, a result latest in part of south carolina's democratic primary electorate that is more than half african-american. issues involving race are already front and center for both candidates. >> there is something very wrong when african-americans in south carolina and around the country get nervous about walking down the street or going into their car and being stopped by a police officer. >> glenna: some of the themes
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south carolina in these next couple of days as both candidates try to make their case in advertising, there are millions of dollars of ads right now, featuring afran-american celebrities. each candidate has a line-up of african-american endorsements and political leaders. and this is t time that hillary clinton wants to sort of remind her base who she is and bernie sanders is trying to sell voters here on who he can be. i'm glenna milberg live in columbia, south carolina today, local10 news. >> calvin: thanks a lot. stay with local10 for more live reports from glenna in south carolina as we get closer to primaryay this upcoming weekend. in nevada last night, though, it wasn't even close. donald trump was the big winner. taking the republican caucus by more than 20 points. trump picked up 46% off the vote with marco rubio and ted cruz both in the low 20s. nevada was the final state to
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week when a total of five states ll cast their votes in day. >> reporter: a judge said a man accused of throwing his daughter from a tampa bridge still 90 competent to stand trial. this makes the third time since, jaf 2015 that john turchinhuck has been declared mentally incapable of standing trial for daughter feeny. john chuck is receiving treatment at a state mental hospital. authorities say he dropped the little girl more than 60 peete feet off a bridge on the approach to the sunshine skyway which process tampa bay. what a dramatic update to the steeka cases here in florida. we've learned today- zika cases, there are three new cases in florida, all pregnant women. state health authorities, they will not reveaea at this point where those patients live but we do know the three new casesake for a total of 32 cross our state and all are travel-related. >> ca`vin: 11 minutes after the hour right up and let's get a check on traffic with traffic
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commute this wednesday. not a whole lot out there. i-95 northbound we do have this street. you can see that it is off to the shoulder, though, and it looks like the regular lanes and express lanes are moving nicely. again this cident northwest 95th street as you're heading north on i-95. speeds right now clockckg in at at 29 miles per hour. there's also this broken-down car on i-95 southbound. this i right around miami gardens drive. doesn't louk this is really impacting your commute too much. speeds there at 38 miles per hour. and broward county, no major accidents to report. calvin and laurie. >> laurie: and we have details now to a bloody ya'll involving valets a swanky south beach moment take a look at what the lobby looked like after the fight. yuck. the story all new at 6:00. >> calvin: have you ever order something only to find out it's all wrong when you receive it? that's exactly what happened tie local10 viewer who got thinks golf cart and it turns out he's
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about this company, is on he called local10 consumer reporter christina vazquez and she got to gig dugging. >> laurie: and we continue to follow this act of scene, breaking news out of hollywood where this small plane has crashed, the fuselage coming to rest right up against a home. we'll bring you another live report from our crew straight ahead >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, pot or not? >> this has no side effects. >> announcer: pot or not?? >> most people don't know what they're getting. >> it just relaxes you. >> annououer: local10's michael seiden investigates this new product quietly being sold all across south florida.
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>> calvin: we now of an update for on you this breaking news from the city of hollywood where this small plane has crashed coming to rest against this fence and the sidewalk. >> laurie: let's get live to derek shore. it's hard to imagine how this even happened. >> derek: not sure. we're still waiting on a briefing from hollywood police at this hour. but what we can tell you is the pilot appears to have walked away from this crash without any major injuries. we saw hum a little bit earlier with some bandages. want to get you to street video of this plane. it appears to be a cessna single engine plane that came to rest right in a driveway. we are looking at the plane, and on the left wing it appears to have been clipped, but why it went down and why it couldn't stay in the air is still unclear.
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nearby nether perry airport, and as we -- north perry airport, and as we take a look at sky 10 video you can see the scene of how close this plane came to crashing into had a home, possibly even into the roof of a home or perhaps somebody on the street who was walking along. we also have some shots of that pilot or who we believe to be the pilot who has some bandages. we saw hum bandaged on his head as well as his arm but that's the extents of the injuries, not being transferred to the hospital was which is incredible considering the scene we're seeing at this hour. as we come back out here live as he mentioned we are waiting for ay briefing from airirrt police to tell us what went wrong here, and the next step will be to figure out how to get this plane out of this person's front yard. we're going to stay here and bring you the latest as we get it-for now live in hollywood, derek shore, local10 news. >> calvin: when you think about what could have happened, derek, thanks a lot for that. it could have been so muchh worse, no doubt about it. >> laurie: betty, take ittway
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>> betty: very warm, indeed strange and unusual. we made it to up 86 this afternoon, south florida, at least that was the high for miami. everybodyeaking in the 80s. of course, we've got to talk about that threat for severe weather. it looks like the threshold for tornadoes is low. ife get anything at this point, it look like it could be a damaging windd gust but to be honest with you, right now we're not seeing any strong storms necessarily racing toward us. so as we're going to out farther in time, the likelihood for seeing severe weather probably is going to listen but we're still at that point where we don't want to rule it out. so between now and 9:00 we'll be watching the radar, may have some gusty shouse moving through. those -- showers moving thrhrgh. those breezes have definitely been up. if you have been outside the winds are blowing sus tapped 15 to 20 mobles, blowing in f2om the south-southwest a ahead of e main line of rainfall. by 90 tonight upper 70s and probably showers in the area about to exit the area by that time.
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looks like right now. so far broward county, you're that one place getting a a least some scattered showers. so around fort lauderdale there is some rain up toward pompano beach, around coral springs a fewhowers moving in over the sawgrass expressway, and then check this line of showers extendndg back into extreme northwest broward, that going back out over intnt the gulf of mexico waters. no lightning really showing up along this line as it continues to move off toward the east, but we will be keeping an eye on it and we'll see if it gets any stronger as it eventually crossesover into more of your neighborhoods.& but so far the news is good. we just don't want to let our guards down as all of that continues to head off toward the east. so let's talk about what else is going. for the keys not a whole lot happening for you but here, too, we'll be expecting wet weather between say 8:00, 9:00 tonight. this all happening ahead of a cold front, a front that gets closer and closer to us as the
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behind the front, air behind the front, it's going to be schooler drier and the weather will be much improved and feeling a lot better, too, come tomorrow. but at least for tonight in forecast model showing between 7:00 and 9:00 some showers crossing across south florida, broward wiwi miami-dade and the keys, and then at 10:00, listening the drier air starts to move in on a west-northwest wind. tomorrow it will be cooler. there will be a noticeable difference out there. no 80s in forecast. rather, forecast highs in the 70s. 50s come friday morning. and then afternoon highs lower 70s. so you will definitely be reaching for the sweaters again. toda was a tank top day but we're about to say bye-bye to that. laurie. >> laurie: betty, thank you and our countntwn to the academy awards continues. hollywood's biggest night is just four days away. look on the entertainment section who to take an oscars challenge. and check out this years snubs and learn more about the diversity donate our red carpet coverage beginnings at 7:00 p.m.
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chris rock is hosting and betty and calvin and i will be with you afterwards to talk news, dresses, winners and all things oscars. we do hope you will join us. >> calvin: the good, the bad and the and the ugly. >> laurie: it's always good. >> calvin: still to come, a family desperate for ancestor absences after yet another hit-and-d-n on south florida proposed the victim was headed heading to work and he was hit boy a driver who just kept on going. i oi our the one and only exclusively a new at 6:00. >> laurie: plus, a weston doctor accused of molestation his babysitter catches a big break at court. >> will manso: the champs are in town. i'm will manso livat the american airlines arena. the heat ready for these warriors will be quite a deja for goran dragic and a shorthanded team. but next in sports we're going to compare how does this are warriors team and their am do
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>> will: the golden state wars ever warriors are in town, the defending stated champs. the best team in the nba. they are led by the most dominant player routine in the nba steph examiner. the era of am do nance for the heat followed straight appearances. how do these two teams compare, that big three team and this current warriors team? our clay ferrero has more. yes they are the nba's new "it" steam. stephan kir and the warriors running over everyone as they chase records. dwyane wade knows t t feeling. it wasn't long ago that he and the heat were that team. >> there are so many different memories, especially when you have teammates and, you know, you all are on o page like that, it's easy. it's easy to play the game. but notot a guy having an temperature like a motive. it's fun. we had a great time with our group of guys away from the game
5:25 pm
>> clay: while their success is similar, there is a big difference between these warriors and those heat teams. the heat were largely hated outside of miami. the nba's version of the patriots or the yankees. the warriors, on the other hand, seem to be universally beloved or close to it. why is that? warriors' coach steve kerr said it's because kir loooo like he's 12 years old but wade has a different take pointing at how the teams came together. >> the teams make a decision free agency, et not as it's not really popular, so they didn't really do a lot of that. their team kind ce together through the draft and all these kind of things, and this is a team that people love. it's a different beast. >> clay: although the big three era heat faced boos in just about every road game, wade didn't seem to mind that too much. one big rean is. >> we were just good. well were better than a lot of people. we all want to be good.
5:26 pm
>> will manso: that was clay ferrero reporting, and right now the bers these golden state warriors. some of their players on the court right now but weave yet to see their super starr stephir and the other guys. we expect them on the court fore warpups. we'll be back a 6:00. we'll show you some of the stuff kir does pre-guam if e catch him. >> calvin: we really does have's great warm-up.thanks a lot, will. >> laurie: he never misses. >> calvin: he we'll doesn't. >> laurie: the father of a missing plantationeenager could soon get out of jail. >> calvin: janine stanwood with that. >> janine: bruce jorgen seasons son hasn't been seen since just after christmas. towed the judge drastically lowered his bond from $1 million to just $5,000.we'll have a live report. >> victor: and we have new information about the two teenagers arrested for murder of six-year-old king carter and the other suspects police are still looking for. >> janine: and all new at at 6:00, a bloody scene in lobby a south beach condo after a guest got not a brawl with a couple of valets?
5:27 pm
after this. but first -- >> victor: and we're also following this breaking news from hollywood where this small plane was crash landed, the fuselage coming to rest against the fence of a home.
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and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. >> janine: right now 5:30 we continue to follow this breaeang news, w. a small plane making ab emergency landing coming to a rest on the fence of a building righted there in hollywood. >> victor: a news conference is just getting underway right now. updates story. >> the propellor struck the asphalt on the street, maybe marked it up a little bit, and it looked like the -- t wing of the aircraft may have clipped a light pole but beyond that no other damage that we can tell. >> did it land pretty much right where it's at? >> that's under investigation. it looks like again he attempted to land the aircraft on the street before it looked like it might have struck something on the ground, probably a telephone le, pirouetted and came to rest in front of the residence. >> was anybody inside the house at the time?
5:31 pm
i understand there is a homeowner there but nobody was injured. >> one person inside the house? up. >> person inside the home. >> the pilot? the date of birth of pilot is april 1963. >> [ not audible ] >> i'mot sure what the ownership of the plane is. >> victor: in hollywood you just heard that there was somebody inside the home at the time that it camam down. thankfully mobe nobody was seriously hurt but as we imagine he did rye try toed land on then street. we have a reporter listening to that. also at 5:30, the father of a missing plantation teenager was back in core today where a judge made it much easier for him to gift jail. the judge reduced bruce jorgen zen's bond from $1 million since $5,000. >> janine: his son has been been seen since december 25th and we're hearing from other familymembers about that boy. >> shyann: after spending the
5:32 pm
judge has decided to reduce bruce @orgensen's bond from $1 million down to $5,000. bruce bjoern zen was arrested on january 26th, and because of of a hefty $1 million bond, he's been in jail ever since. >> it's crazy. >> ridiculous. i mean, bruce has devoted his life to this child. >>hom: the 58-year-old a accused of desserting his child after boarding a plane to new zealand. >> a round trip ticket. >> shyann: producing jorgen seasons return flight ticket arguing he was traveling for work and all along had plans to come back home. december 27th. >> i think it was just disciplinary act this a father had to perform based on his father. >> shyann: the son ran off after an argument with his dad and theyeyver returned, something his grandparents said hapapned before. >> he's a good little boy but he
5:33 pm
even when i went walking with m. i don't know why. >> shyann: jorgensen left his notes, money and an extra key at his plantation home hopopg his son augie will some day return. >> we have people looking for him. i think when dad gets out he will be able tohelp us with that because obviously his son still loves him. >hyann: plantation still maintain there is no foul play involved in this case. >> victor: a mistrial has been declared in the case of weston doctor accused of molestation his 15-year-old babysitr. the trial of dr. augustine bollo began just yesterday but today prosecutors played a portion of an audio recording that was not supposed to be played in front of a jury. the defense asked for a mistrial which the judge granted. state will now have to retry that case in front of a different jury and the state has yet to be set. a somber anniversary today in cuban exile community. it's been 20 years since the ooting count of brothers to the rescue planes. family members and activists gathered at the opa-locka
5:34 pm
four men flew from to r rember and also remind that justice has not been served for their deaths. they say that they will not forget or forgive and are disappointed by the obama administration set to make a visit to cuba next month. president obama will be the first president to visit cuba a nearly 90 years next month, and local10 news will be there. look for our coverage live of the president's historic visit let by calvin hughes in march. >> janine: now for af update on today's top story, the arrests of two teenagers for the shootings death of six-year-old king carter, but police say these two teens are not the only ones they're looking for. they say more arrests may be coming. local10 news reporter terrell forney life in west meade with more. terrell. >> terrell: janine, defect in this case are pretty adamant that the two teens being held here at tgk went to that apartment complex to kill. they never hit their target, ough, but a six-year-old first-grader wound up dead. the patch on the neck for a
5:35 pm
graze wound from a gun battle that ultimately left six-year-old king carter dead who was just an innocent bystander. >> what our youth is doing, which is the real issue here thate all got to work together to stop, is they're going to guns to resolve that issue that's happening on the social media. >> terrell: also 17-year-old irwen pressley. cops say they drove to the northwest apartment complex on saturday firing bullets a someone named ju ju involved in a feud on facebook. ju ju also was armed and shot back as pressley and adams sped away p a stray bullet fatally hit the first-grader the in chest sparking community outrage. today no one was hematpressley's apartment in opa-locka where cops arrested the teen and served one of several search warran this morning. neighbors say the street was shut down for hours as dozen of bags of evidence was hauled out, including a 9-millimeter handgun that detettives now say was involved in the child's murder.
5:36 pm
because for past charges of strongarmed robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. adads, who just turned 18, also has a lengthy and violent rap sheet with past arrests for crimes like armed carjacking and grand theft with a firearm. and today both teens have been charged with attempted first degree murder and second degree murder. we can tell you that the state attorney's office is looking into the past of both of these individuals to determine exactly the insensitive why they werey even out on the streets since both of their criminal histories are both violent. we can also tell that you pressley has an ankle monitoring device and detecves say that information from that deviceco puts thumb e. him at the scene of the murder around the time of the crime. more arrests are e eected down the road. we are live in west miami-dade, i'm terrell forney. >> victor: a florida man says the golf cart that he got wasn't what he ore pd frustrated, he called local10 consumer investigate of christina vazquez
5:37 pm
the "call christina" team hit the road for this viewer traveling hours to try to get answers. >> janine: and what they found might surprise. you here's christina's report. >> when he sold u was not actually what he told us. yes when gary of key west dropped more than 6,000 dollars to a government cart with the golf cart warehouse his contract stated it would be street legal. the technical term iss a low-speed vehicle meaning it is capable of going up to 25 mullins. >> it ware goes 16. one of the things you purchased for was a black plastic top. he took a tan top and just spray-painted black. >> christina: and when it arrived -- >> you're listening to the fender well rub the on rear tires. >> christina: just two laps around the parking lot with two people aboard and take a look. >> you can see where the plastic actually molted tire as well as melted on the fender. >> what w wt through your mind? >> that this guy was ripping me off coral springs it is a sentiment shared with other
5:38 pm
abouo the company to state regulators. he said the headlights don't rk, the brakes lock you. the front tire shakes. another the government are cart was the wrong color paint, a rip in the -- three different said their carts had trouble minutes after use. the "call christina" team drove companies headquarters west of tampa. we were told the owner -- >> is in georgia. >> christina: -- was off the town. this 2006 mug shot of the owner courtesy of the pun eles county sheriff's office. this guy has a rap sheet dating back to 199 finance. he upping has charge ranging fromy cocaine possession and grand theft toy unlicenseed roof contracting. heed plead no contest. 2011 labeled him the palm harbor golf cart con man, and the better business bureau said it has received complaints regard
5:39 pm
he accused gary of w wanting spa parts. the company also stated that his golf cart has been inspected by d.o.t. and passed inspection. we checked. the d.o.t. odepartment of transportation tells us don't inspect golf carts. the florida departmentf highway and motor vehicles does, but explains how the inspection process involves the owner's self-certifying that everything is in working order as part of the application process for registering and titling a low-speed vehicle. we also lenderr lender that the year the-month-old year of a golf cart, it's the year it was registered with the state as a low-speed vehicle. knowg the difference is important so you know exactly what you're getting. that's why we go into detail on that n. on the "call christina" page of in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> janine: there is some track of trouble for drivers on i-95 in oakland park so let's get right out to traffic reporter jenise fernandez with an update. >> jenise: broward county was
5:40 pm
bute do have this broken-down tractor-trailer. can see the blinking lhts there, blocking two centet lanes on i-95 southbound on oakland park boulevard. we are seeing heavy delays as you are approaching that broken-down tractor-trailer. speeds are clocking in at 16 miles per hour. good news as you pass it, speeds start to pk up at 53 miles per hour. staying on i i5 southbound ghost this crash right around state road 84 with a left lane blocked. speeds there are clocking in at 28ops. as we cruise on down to dade county cheing out the payment expressway heading north right around northwest 58th s seet there is a crash here. no roadblocks but heavy delay with speeds clocking in at 14 miles per hour. victor. >> victor: a brawl involving valets leads tie bloody ness in the lob of a beseech condo and here is what that lobby looked like after that knock-down, track drag out the fite. >> janine: first at 5:30 we have
5:41 pm
crash in california, the pilot putting it down in the middle of a busy intersection. >> and we're speaking with a boxing phenomenon none, a nine-year-old girl who can already punch and dk like the pro ps >> announcer: and tonight at 11:00, pot or not? >> t ts has no side effects. >> announcer: pot or not? >> most people don't know what they're getting. >> it@just relaxes you. >> announcer: local10's michael seiden investigates this new product quietly being sold all across south florida. pot or not? tonight at 11:00. >> janine: y and we continue to follow this breaking news from hollywood where this small plane has gone down. we have learned after having
5:42 pm
ahead. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tappingound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> victor: take a look at this point pint sized powerhouse. she's turning a lot of heads with her boxing skills in the ring. her coach saidy that she is destined to become a champion. she may only only be nine years old but jesse lynn silva has more heart and ambition than boxers twice her age. >> i like the sport. when my dad asked me do i want to go to the jimmy always say yes. >> victor: her dad took up the sport to lose weight. she begged to put on a pair of gloves, and once she did her gift was undeniable. >> i noticed when she started spicing up things quicker than me. i was surprised.
5:46 pm
works out for nearly two thunderswers hours four days a week. with very few female boxers her age, he usually sparse with older boys like the ten-year-old in this video. she has only had one sanctioned fight. her chaionship belt hangs in the police athletic league boxing gym where she trains. >> when i won my first match, it ld good when they put up my hand because it was my first match and i won and i was undefeated but it was only one fight. >> victor: jestee is training for a fight in march. her coach says he's never seen a talent with jessie l!nn's discipline at this age. >> i don't have to ask her to do anything twice. sometimes she's right on me, coach, what do i do next? she has that desire tl be different. that's the uniqueness, at nine years old to want to be different now. >> you're a role model to a lot of little girls. >> i know. ii have a lot of little girls following me on instagram it. feels good that i'm inspiring a
5:47 pm
i love howow her coach has to bend down to do the workout with her. >> victor: did you see how she beat up that little boy? >> janine: take a look at this. were now seeing surveillance video from a dramatic plane crash in california on monday. that pilot managed to put the damaged aircraft dowright in the middle of busy intersection. with a broken wing this pilot skid to a stop. later in the video you can see that pilot getting out of@ the plane. he was the only one in to that four-seater and he was not hurt during monday's crash landing.that pilot had to dodge homes, train tracks and even power lines to bring it down. five cars were damaged in that crash. these new surveillance images show us what the suspected gunman in the kalamazoo rampage was doing just hours before the shootings. police say this is jason dalton inside of gun store. he reportedly bought a tactical jacket which is designed to hide
5:48 pm
he did not buy any weapons. police say three three hours later the uber driver began that shooting spree that killed six people and wounded two others. meteorologist betty davis. it was nice all day but i've got a feeling it's starting to get a betty: there is rain already showing up in some of your neighborhoods but we're looking far we're on the drier side of things and still oat warm side, too. some of your temperatures stilll running in 80s. 82 in miami. fort lauderdale at 83 degrees. showers and storms in the forecast for this evening, so between now and 10:00 we could have some of those showers crossing. our s cast model definitely painting that picture. this is what the doppler radar looks like. we've been paying attention all day to this band of showers and maybe a few storms embedded in here extending from the west coast of florida out toward the gulf of mexico. but even out ahead of that we are noticing just a few showers
5:49 pm
so let's say around sunrise a few rndrops here. these storms are not severe, so that's the good news so far. none of this weather has been too tough to take. bubu definitely enough to be a nuisance if you have to get out in it. so a little,bit of rainfall between sunrise and markham park. also watching those skies off miami-dade county not aot happening. most of the action back into collier and maybe light raindrops over mainland monroe, finding hardly anything at this point for mild county, but all this action that we see off to the west is making that transition over toward the east. therefore, we still have to mention that we have that chanc for more showers moving through, including for the keys. so the overseas highway could be getting dampened up tonight. this all happening ahead of a cold front, a cold front extending from a vigorous area of low pressure. the's the warm side to this system which is producing the rain, the storms, the tornado outbreak for the middle atlantic, and then there's the cold side where we see that snow flying from parts of canada back
5:50 pm
the united states. now, the bigger threat for tornadoes, the mid-atlantic today, but for us tonight we're at least on this marginal end for seeing damaging winds. so as our showers comes through i think that's going to be the main thing for us to watch out for. but soar the storms don't look terribly strong so maybe we get through the night with a few passing showers, and that's it, and it could indeed play out that way but i just have to mention that we are still watching things out there. small craft advisory for tomorrow, if you're taking the boats out, moderate chop on the bays. it's going to be cooler. we pushed the front through tonight. cooler, drier air coming through on a northwest wind. yoyoll be reaching for the sweaters as we're rounding out the week. more more 80s. >> victor: we have an update on the commission crisis in ceral america. the first of three airplanes traveling from panama to mexico carrying stranded commission cuban migrants.
5:51 pm
and tomorrow to help them cross legally on foot from juarez to el paso, texas. yesterday's flight carried 98 men, 44 women and three children. >> janine: do you remember this video of a gainesville therefore playing hoops with a group kids? itit even got the attention of heat star shaquille o'neal, and now it's a triangle another. harlem globetrotters helped start a hoops not crime. blakes played a game with the kids and gave them some le advice. >> you have to pay it forward. so, you know, you got to remember all thehe little things in life, no matter how successful you become. >> janine: that video went viral after the officer decided to play a game with the kids after a neighbor complained about noise. >> victor: there is still a lot more news ahead at 6:00. here are some of today's top stories. a man is now in the hospital after a bloody brawl with valets a swanky south beach condo building.
5:52 pm
the fight. >> janine: and we are hearing from a man who was badly injured lie hit-and-run driver on his way too work. it is a one and only exclusive. >> victo on and we have all new information on the arrest of two teens for the murder of six-year-old king carter. >> janine: and we continue to follow this breaking news from hohoywood where a small plane has crashed after having some engine trouble. amazingly only the pilot had minor injuries.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
ahead. >> victor: there are more than 100 million act of iphones in the united states, but only one
5:56 pm
over secury versus privacy. >> janine: local10 news anchor eric yutzy has more on the inscription fight in this week's hacked. . >> e2ic: it's a bite of the opinion apple many can't resist tasting. >> i side withth the fbibi. >> i side the apple customers. >> eric: as the fbi demands they unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists, citing an 18th century law, ceo tim cook refuses saying doing so would required the creation of special software o o a back door that would put the security of every single iphonee at risk. >> not in favor of creing back doors because back doors are easily exploit by criminals as well. >> e ec: dr. leveey is a cybersecurity professor who also consults the fbi cyber task force. he is currently working to build a bram at to have ev nova south earn where cybersecurity students can a his the government with active investigations. >> people see their mobile
5:57 pm
that's okay. until it gets to the point where you cross the line to condu crime. >> eric: fbi, correct james comey writing an article this week saying "the relief we seek the lilted. we don't want to breaknyone's infection or set a master key loose on the land." not belving access will be limited to this one phone provosts supporting amy in the security battle. dr. levee thinks milled ground is where apple creates a controlled access to the device. >> this is where apple will come forward and sime not creating a back door but i'm assisting sociciy in solving a very high level criminal cases because i'm ethical. >> eric: with hacked, i'm eric yutzy. >> janine: and that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30. >> victor: here are laurie and calvininack for news at 6:00. >> calvin: off the top at 6:00 we continue working breaking news, a small plane crashing nigh hollywood neighborhood. >> laurie: arrests after the murder of six-year-old ng carter. the accused killers just teenagers.
5:58 pm
family receiving word but still in disemployee of. we have live team coverage. >> laurie: twisters tearing through the treasure coast and we're on lert for severe weather here. >> calvin: a local family in pain after a kendall man was hit and left for dead. >> laurie: also exclusive south beach brawl. a fight at a posh condo leaves glass and blood everywhere. >> calvin: plus, better than lebron? the maybe who many say is now the world's best basketball player in town tonight facing the heat. the news at 6:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: and we begin with this developing story we have been following are since 4:00 today. a small plane mke a rough landing in hollywood. >> laurie: local10 news reporter dere shore is live in that neighborhood with an update for us. derek. >> derek: guys, i'm going to mel step out of the way here because you can actually see that plane making its way down northst 76th obvious on a flatbed being towed back to the airport. this all happened just a few minutes ago, they were able to get it on the back of that truck
5:59 pm
neighbor's frond yard. let's take a look at some video from sky 10. according to hollywood city officials, this plane with one pilot onboard took off from north byener perry airport i maintenance flight when that pilot started tow experience engine trouble on the cessna 152 single engine plane. he would radio back but told that's right plane was not going to make it, and he was going to have to put it down in this nearby neighborhood. we're told that plane camam down on the street but the left wing would clip a utility pole and skid into a driveway. we're also told that it would actually invert and end up fence. the pilot only suffered minor injuries, we saw bandages on his ad, on his hand as well. but he was not transported to the hospital. and hollywood investigators say the pilot worked very hard not to hit anyone. >> i think he clipped a pole because it might have pushed him down or something. but thank god he's alive. >> he told our officers, our investigators that he did make
6:00 pm
land the aircraft they at the airport. unfortunately, due to engine trouble, he couldn't make it. he did makak a valiant attempt to try to mauk sure that nobody on the ground was injured. obviously, by all accounts he actually did a pretty decent job it looks like in makina sure that he landed the aircraft as best he could without injuring anybody on the ground. >> derek: as we take a look at some video of crews trying to get that plane out of that front yard, that is something really to commend this pilot for. he did not hit anyone or any of the houses in this area. we are told one person was actually inside that home where that plane landed in their front yard, so this could have been a lot worse. the pilot again not transported to the hospital. the investigation now underway as to what happened. that lawn now on its way back to north perry airport to be looked at, and trying to see what happened, why that engine went out. that's the latest now from hollywood. i'm derek shore, local10 news. >> i'm sorry it happened up to


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